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Acupuncture Points - data base


Shmuel Halevi Ph.D

POBox 159 Kfar Veradim
25147 Israel
Telfax: 972-4-9973480
November 24, 2015
Copyright (c) 1998. Dr. Shmuel Halevi, Israel. All rights reserved.

Please note: this program is only a demo of the full program. The full program
may be purchased for 20 US$ directly from the author, or by transferring the
money to the author's account in PayPal. This account name is:
The full program includes, besides this doc file, two more files in a zipped format:
1. Acupuncture Points.pdb
2. Command Points.pdb

The *.pdb files run under JfilePro, which is necessary to install prior to installation
of these files. Jfile is an excellent data-base program for the Palm, accessible from:
Land-J Technologies
c/o J.J. Lehett
PO Box 677461
Orlando FL 32867-7461
Via email:

Installation of "Acupuncture Points" and Command Points, is just like any other
.pdb for the Pilot.

This shareware version of "Acupuncture Points", is not free to distribute and is

protected by .
Standard Disclaimers Apply:
Although care has been taken to insure a bug-free program, I
shall not be held responsible for any malfunctions as
a result of the use of this program. Still, this data-base has been running for test
under many Palm organizers faultlessly.

About the author

Dr. Shmuel Halevi has a clinical experience of more than 20 years in the various branches
of alternative medicine. He holds a Ph.D degree in Chinese Medicine, and practices both
acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Israel.
Dr. Halevi has published numerous articles in professional magazines worldwide, and is a
co-writer in the "Acupuncture in Practice" (Case history insights from the west - compiled
by Ted Kaptchuk and Hugh MacPherson, Churchill Livingstone 1997).
Dr. Halevi runs two clinics. One in Nahariya which is a tourist town in the north-west
coast, and the other in Kfar Veradim, about 20 km east of Nahariya, on the hilly western
region of Galilee. His patients are mostly the inhabitants of Galilee: Jews, Arabs and
Druse, plus occasional patients from other parts of Israel. The diversity and heterorganic
nature of his patients, has enriched his clinical experience, and exposed him to other forms
of natural and rural ethnic therapies, all of which he takes advantage of.

About "Acupuncture Points"

Based on many years of clinical experience of Chinese medicine, I have come to the
conclusion that an Acupuncture practitioner could benefit tremendously from a computer
program based on the practical aspects of this field of knowledge. There is a vast
information regarding the Acupuncture points and formulae, which is absolutely neglected
in the hectic clinic life by the practitioners, due to the natural limitations of human memory
capabilities. Thus, important potential treatment data is not being utilized, and many
practitioners limit themselves to their memory capacities. This fact definitely bears its
consequences upon the treatments results. This program was therefore designed to be very
practical, not expensive, not complicated and to offer immediate assistance and
information accessibility to the busy Acupuncture practitioner.
The data-base contains 6 fields, all of them editable, in this order:
Name (of the point, includes its Chinese Pinyin traditional name)
Definition (such as a Mu or Shu point, meeting point, He point and the like)
Energetics (dispels Wind, clears Liver-Fire, extinguishes Wind and so on)

Symptoms (a comprehensive list of symptomatology attributed to this point)

Combinations (an illustration of renowned and practical prescriptions)
Miscellaneous (peculiar data or additional information concerning the point)
In order to fully take advantage of this data-base, it is recommended to study the
possibilities encompassed in the Jfile data-base program, or any other data-base program
for that matter. You may add and edit the data in this file to meet your needs and practice
to the utmost. You may perform searches of points, symptoms, or treatment formulae in
various possibilities, and thus utilize the vast quantity of data encompassed in this
program, or your own additional data, from your practice.

About "Command Points"

Command Points is another data-base program that completes the information available
in Acupuncture Points. The orientation in this data-base is from the meridians point of
view, in contrast with the previous one, which makes the acupuncture points themselves as
its starting point
This data-base lists all the meridians of acupuncture, including all the extra-meridians.
Under each meridian you may find all its command points. Five-elements points, Yuansource, Shu, Mu, Xi-cleft points and so on. You may search this data-base by the names of
the meridians, or by a certain definition. In any case it will list for you all the possibilities
of your search.
This data-base is much lighter than the previous one, and will help you to choose the
points in the prescription in accordance with the traditional laws of acupuncture. As the
main objective of the Acupuncture Points data-base is to help you choose a formula, or
suitable points, in accordance with a specific disease or symptoms, Command Points
purpose is different. It will help you device your treatment strategy, by choosing the points
in accordance with the Five-elements law, Mother-Son law, Extra-meridian peculiarity,
Yuan-Luo combinations. And more.