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Planting the Seeds:

Together We Can Make A Difference

Title I Family Engagement Program
Charnita R. Clements , Family Engagement Specialist

To enhance current partnerships and establish new connections that will
enhance our students school experiences as well as provide community
and faith-based organizations with information about Hampton City
Schools commitment to strong home, school and community
To outline the appropriate role that organizations can play in
strengthening education, in supporting Lindsay Middle School (6th-8th) to
ensure that our children receive the tools that they need to succeed,
and in making the school and the community a safe place to learn and
To become part of an active two-way partnership with Lindsay Middle

} Welcome
} Introductions
} Presentation
} Question

and Answer

Planting the Seeds

Working Together for Student Success

Everyone can be great because anyone can
serve. You dont have to have a college degree
to serve. You dont even have to make your
subject and your verb agree to serve You
only need a heart full of grace. A soul
generated by love.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr


Introduce yourself
My Name is
I am here as a representative of
From this meeting I hope to

Lindsay Middle School


Approx. 598 students


EVERYONE receives free breakfast and lunch


Mrs. Angela Byrd-Wright: Principal

Mr. Deon Garner : Assistant Principal
Mrs. Carla Montgomery: Assistant Principal
Ms. Nadiyah Murray : Behavioral Specialist
2 Guidance Counselors- Ms. Sutton (Guidance Director) and
Mrs. Parson
1 Family Engagement Specialist
Title I School

Constantinos Five Simple Principles to

Engage Every Family

You are essential to our success

Hampton City Schools recognizes that volunteers and
community partners make a valuable contribution to the
educational program and this involvement in the schools
enhances community support.
} These partners greatly enhance and support educational
opportunities for students that help students meet the
goals and objectives of the instructional program.

Motivational Speakers- Hampton University


Partnership Opportunities 15/16

School Year

Title I District Level


S.E.E.D.S. Family & Community Resource Fair


Kick-off event for the school year

Provide families with information, resources, and school supplies to
prepare them for a successful school year.

Partnership Opportunities 15/16

School Year

Title I School Level: Lindsay Middle School


Volunteers Together We Can Make A Difference Thursdays or

special events.
Guest Speakers
Connections to local groups/organizations/businesses that
will be able to provide in house field trips
Non-perishable Food Baskets to be used in case of emergency
and/or to be distributed weekly.
Clothing Donations
Hygiene Packs for families living in hotels or those in need.
Mentors/Tutors (YG CLUB)
Gift Cards (Target, Wal-mart, Farm Fresh, Food Lion, etc.) to be
used in emergency situations.
Guest Readers
SOL Encouragers

Hampton Blitz Team




Donating School Supplies

School+Parents+Community= SUCCESS

Partnership Opportunities 15/16

School Year

Title I School Level: Lindsay Middle School



Provide opportunities for Lindsay staff and families to participate in an

event with your organization (attend a special service, present information,
volunteer at an event, etc.)
Thanksgiving Food Packages
Adopt a Family/Angel Tree for Christmas
Lunch Buddies
School Supplies
Adopt -A-Class
Afterschool Activities
School Beautification
Provide space for parenting workshops
Book Drive
Coat/Sock/Underwear collection
Parent Appreciation
Teacher Appreciation
Family Empowerment Conference
1636 Literacy Programs

Next Steps


Identify how you would like to partner with Lindsay Middle

School (begin to brainstorm ways you would like to partner
with the school)
Identify a representative from your organization to promote
and support this partnership effort
Schedule a meeting with the Family Engagement Specialist and
Collectively determine the goals and objectives of your

Identify volunteers from your organization

What materials are needed to facilitate this partnership?

Members of your organization will be required to attend a

Volunteer Orientation (complete required forms) prior to
volunteering, mentoring, or tutoring in the school


Volunteers should:
} Complete the appropriate forms and CPS Background
} Always sign in and out of the office
} Wear identification badges provided by the school
} Respect the authority of the school staff
} Not assume the responsibility of instruction and/or
supervision of students
} Never assign grades or disciplinary action
} Be dependable
} Respect the confidentiality of students and staff
} Be objective and impartial
} Be neat and well groomed
Volunteers in the Schools, Hampton City Schools Policy Manual

Plant the S.E.E.D.S.

Strengthen the
Experiences to create
YOU can make a significant impact on the school with
whom you partner!