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1. Assignment Overview
Course Name
Study Program
Academic Year
Submission Deadline Date
Type of Assignment

: Organizational Behavior
: 3 SKS
: Information System
: 2014/2015 Semester 1
: 30th October 2015
: Individual Assignment
: Lina.R

2. Background
Henry Mintzberg, through his extensive research, has classified the activities of managers and
leaders into 3 major different roles, in which each of the role has its derivative roles. In total,
there are there are 10 strategic roles which, if demonstrated effectively, will help manager and
leader function successfully. Those roles are described as follows:

Organizational Behavior-First Individual Assignment

3. Instruction
For each role, give the real example on how a manager/leader performs its role, which may also include
the type of information that he or she must gather, the people who are involved in the activities, or the
occasions/events in which he or she has to demonstrate the role.
The manager/leader has to be real and not imiginative. You may interview one of the managers/leaders
in your organization. Refer to only 1 Manager/Leader.
The information that you should outline the following:
1. Name of the manager/leader
2. Position and the Organization
3. Type of the Organization
4. The example to each role.
The score will be based on the following criteria:
1. Completeness in answering each role-30%
Each role presented in the answer sheet will receive 3 points. If the 10 roles are answered, you
will have obtained 30 points.
2. Accuracy in understanding the questions and description of each role-6%.
How well you understand the questions and the description of Mintzberg definition of each role
will be seen in your answer. The definition of being right in this assignment is if the example or
case that you present matches and reflects the definition of Mintzberg.
For each role, the accuracy will weigh 5 point.
3. Thoroughness of the answer-20%
Your thoroughness and level of thickness of your explanation is valued. If you are thorough and
detailed enough in presenting your answer (i.e. supported by explanation of when the case
happened, who involved in the case, what the impact of the case), then you will get point of 2
for each role.

4. Example
Consider the following case as the example:
Type of the organization

1. Figurehead
2. Disseminator

: Bill Gates
: Co-Founder, 1st CEO, and Current Technology Advisor at Microsoft
: Technology (PC Software Development)

Bill Gates represented Microsoft in the disposition in the antitrust
law case in the 1998, known as the United States vs. Microsoft case.
Bill Gates used to write news memo to the employees describing the
recent breakthough/innovation/challenges took place in the

Organizational Behavior-First Individual Assignment

3. Entrepreneurial
4. Negotiator

Bill Gates initiated the partnership with IBM on the development of

OS/2 Operating System, in 1985.
As part of the partnership with IBM, Bill Gates negotiated an
exclusive contract for Microsoft to be the manufacturer of the
operating systems of IBM home computers.

5. How to Submit?
Submit the assignment to no later than 12 midnight.

Organizational Behavior-First Individual Assignment