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eldritch s. (GM): Mr.

every fucking time
Space: it keeps happening
eldritch s. (GM): i forget to turn that off
mr. mu
Space: is he igor
eldritch s. (GM): maybe
Mr. Nothing
Space: i like it
but seer i must say a thing
eldritch s. (GM): what
Space: and tat thing is
i'm gonna be doing asumu and tsubasa's session shortly
wanna spectate
eldritch s. (GM): i'll be multitasking but i'll try
Space: god bless you
i think i have the vaguest idea for a character but i'll work on it
eldritch s. (GM): i'm pleased with mr. mu's name
Space: it's mystic
eldritch s. (GM): do you see any flesh on that man
i see no ne
Mr. Mu: Cry, for there is no answer!
Where there is darkness... there are shadows!~
I, myself, am allllll of you humans!
Mobile L: Wot's oll this then
eldritch s. (GM): right so
i'm considering starting up a roll20
where the chars play as the students
Mobile L: u kno I like the hai skle
eldritch s. (GM): look i even named te principal there in honor of hawthorne hig
Mobile L: Ayyyy, nice
eldritch s. (GM): and bad things happen
Mobile L: I like bad things as well
eldritch s. (GM): basically
the party through ~circumstances~ gain powers
themed after a jungian archetype they would fit into
Mobile L: Ooh!
eldritch s. (GM): so when you build the char you give them an archetype
and that will determine what power they get
and this asshole here
is the guy who hands them to you
Mobile L: Don't he look pleasant
Mr. Mu: Magic! Snort snort.
Mobile L: Well shet, I suppose I'd best get reading up on Jung
eldritch s. (GM): actually
i have some quick and easy references
let me jsut fetch them]
Mobile L: Ey, nice
eldritch s. (GM):
Mobile L: so many PRICES AND VALUES
I'm gonna have to think awhile about which archetype
eldritch s. (GM): oh that's fine
try to
nvm i lost that train of thought
mr hawthorne does in fact, have that chicken
Mobile L: Do people often mistake him for a certain Colonel?

eldritch s. (GM): yes

Mobile L: Does this bother him?
eldritch s. (GM): he's offended at the notion that people would assume he'd fry
up his birds
Mobile L: Aww
eldritch s. (GM): we have a creator already, so keep that in mind
Mobile L: Ah, gotcha
I'm liking the magician, explorer and sage
eldritch s. (GM): good
Mobile L: It'll likely take me awhile to come up with something, though. I creat
ively slow-burn
eldritch s. (GM): alright
Mr. Hawthorne: Oh, but I do love my dear chicken. His name is Theodore, you know
. Theodore descends from the Greek term for "God's gift." I feel that's fitting,
for a chicken, you see.
Mobile L: Aww, eheh
Officer Quest: ....................................................
Mr. Mu: If you close your eyes, you can see those spots in your vision. I assume
they can see you, as well.
Mobile L: Oh schet
eldritch s. (GM): hawthorne really likes birds
Mobile L: I don't blame him
I, too, enjoy a good bird
Yo, my sister's gonna watch a thing with me here in a sec. Would you be good for
a Rabbit after that?
eldritch s. (GM): sure, if that's what's going on
Mobile L: A'ight. There's not one running at the moment, but I figured it'd been
forever since I did one
*It's prolly gonna be yet more Mafa and other dumb weird shit
eldritch s. (GM): ok
Mobile L: But I'll def let you know once I have enough of an idea to make a char
acter. I just need to come up with something that's not derivative and gross and
similar to all my other shit
eldritch s. (GM): alright
Mobile L: Sometimes it helps to have a faceclaim first, so I'll probs hit up my
favorite Pinterest
eldritch s. (GM): good
Mobile L: Shit, I already like the cut of this little fucker's gib https://s-med
eldritch s. (GM): that's already charming
Mobile L: God, just lookit her
So fierce
eldritch s. (GM): she'll cut you
Mobile L: Filing under "strongly consider"
Not as charming, but very pretty
Huh, and she's a canon character to some anime? Eh.
eldritch s. (GM): huh
Mobile L: Yeah, nah, I ain't gonna get any better than first gurl
eldritch s. (GM): yeah she's pretty good
Mobile L: Now I just need to spend an inordinate amount of time figuring out WHA
Gonna go watch THE SHOW with Icy. Will PM you a link when I have the Rabbit up a
nd running.
eldritch s. (GM): k
hello space
Space: hello hello hello
there's at least 3 heavy rains here
eldritch s. (GM): they're easy sources of sprites

Space: good
let's plot out my character here
eldritch s. (GM): alright
mobile has a faceclaim for hers already
Space: i saw
oh hello mobile
Mobile L: Hallo
Steph: check out my sick character
Mobile L: Aww. She's cute
Steph: she is a writer and wants to write the Great Canadian Novel
Mobile L: Ooh
Team Canada, yo
Steph: in terms of the jungian archetype shenanigans she is The Creator
Mobile L: Ooh. That's what Eldy told me
Are either of you ninjas up for a Rabbit?
Space: i might have to sneakily vanish in 30 minutes but let me in
Mobile L: Gotcha, kewl
Space: hi
on crap library computer so everything may be slow
eldritch s. (GM): hello
oh dear
Space: these are all white people
eldritch s. (GM): i noticed that, actually, after i did it
Space: i like Other NPCs, that's interesting
eldritch s. (GM): and i thought
Space: well my school is all white people except for like three people
eldritch s. (GM): "no i'm not going back and making people token minorities"
it's canada
my elementary class was all white
except for one first nations girl
eldritch s. (GM): and my high school class was all white except for two south af
rican girls
Steph: lachance...
eldritch s. (GM): look at nurse foxhole, right at the bottom
Steph: my old nemesis
Space: he looks like a character
eldritch s. (GM): Nurse Jamie Foxhole. Womanizer. Generally considered a degener
ate loser.
Space: yea i just quick read all the bios
tell me seer
how are you gonna do traits and stuff
eldritch s. (GM): good uqestion
we'll do them the way you do them with the fate shit
you know, tiers based around a general idea
Space: alright i think i'll use actual tavern tales traits for inspiration
eldritch s. (GM): what powers is steph granted by the creator archetype
Space: i was thinking it could be straight-up she's able to write things into ex
eldritch s. (GM): alright
find a way to make that into five tiers
also for stats
Space: is the first tier something they can do without the ability
eldritch s. (GM): -1, 0,0, +1
not a magic skill
just like a talent

or some competancy
Space: some of these npcs aren't on the journal
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Space: how will you do maps
eldritch s. (GM): i'll me begging mobile
Space: i could give you my school map
eldritch s. (GM): i was thinking doing just one cut and paste classroom map
for classes
granted that doesn't account for hallways
yeah i'll take your school map
Space: alright when i get home
shady man and fat man look ominous as fuck
eldritch s. (GM): which of these chars interets you the most, space
Space: i wonder who is tabitha st marie
eldritch s. (GM): what impression do you get from her
Space: i foresee steph and lilly getting along well i think
tabitha: japanese idol singer
eldritch s. (GM): yeah i wanted fat man and shady man to be ominous
because they are
Space: but norman jayden is a good man
eldritch s. (GM): shady man isn't norman jayden
Space: what if i changed my character to norman jayden
eldritch s. (GM): i'd be forced to hit you
Space: teen detective norman jayden
eldritch s. (GM): too late i like steph
i'm pleased with the token hunting i did
Space: i like these tokens a lot
tell me the stories of their acquisition
eldritch s. (GM): alright
i got most of them from deviantart
fat man was the last one i got from google
tabitha, i think i looked up reporter for her
Space: that is what she is
eldritch s. (GM): ruddman, i looked up, anime middle aged
cold man is a spoiler what i looked up
vlad is adachi in handcuffs
jasper, i actually looked up jasper and found her
i think she was a dude in the pic but the magic of cropping
lilly and anton are from the same pic, deryn sharp and aleksander ferdinand from
Space: they look similar
eldritch s. (GM): jason, i just looked up jason, and it was some yaoi pic i edit
not like porn but there is a guy
whispering into his ear
suzie is fanart of max caufield
i used the same artist for ken, nathan, and suzie
and found naomi in related pictures
Space: i saw some cool art on tumblr of until dawn chars
eldritch s. (GM): good
mrs plumber and ms lachance were by the artist who did the tallis pic
ms. lao was in related art
mr. schmidt was character in a leviathan shipping pic
mr. pink is markiplier because i looked up mr. pink and found it so i jsut gave
ms. g is from the tallispic artist
eldritch s. (GM): mr. rosencrantz is, of course, fanart of gendo
and foxhole was from the artist who did suzie, ken, and nathan

and for Other NPCs

i looekd up drama mask
Space: good
change it from other npcs
to dramatis personae
eldritch s. (GM): it's easier to find a faceclaim
and then write the char
than the other way around
which is what i did
Space: they feel like they fit the faces
eldritch s. (GM): yes
foxhole's song
he sails the seven seas
looking for booty
Steph: hit him
i have +1 finesse but -1 spirit
eldritch s. (GM): and then the song gets pathetic
like him
i wanted a song that sounded chipper and utterly pathetic at the same time
for foxhole
Steph: the -1 spirit won't go away unless certain conditions are met
yeah he is both chipper and pathetic just looking at him
eldritch s. (GM): the outfit
Steph: lessee, 5 traits?
eldritch s. (GM): yes
you know on piano
this song sounds
really sinister
Steph: i cannaught actually hear it r/n
no head phone
eldritch s. (GM): ok
Steph: in about 45 min i'll be home and can do so
eldritch s. (GM): ok
you know karkat's song from homestuck
on piano it souns really evil
Steph: whose theme
eldritch s. (GM): no one's, yet
it's because it's in the minor key
see because normally, despite being in minor key
it's loud and silly sounding enough that it's more exasperation and irritation
rather than menace
but in piano it's just sinister
Steph: ooh
Survival Instinct
You automatically stabilize.
When your life is less than or equal to your toughness, you regenerate 1, have +
5 block, and increase all rolls to escape.
eldritch s. (GM): good
Steph: Describe how you access the mind of a creature youre touching Add or remov
e a memory or personality trait for the target. You cant make the target forget h
ow to do things (swing a sword, read, cast spells, etc).
eldritch s. (GM): i see
Steph: Rewrite Memory
eldritch s. (GM): Kis is a hungarian surname
it means "small"
Steph: test
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Steph: it said my connection dropped

eldritch s. (GM): huh

Steph: Once each session, at any point, gain any other trait as a temporary trai
t for a short period of time. However, that trait is somehow weaker or flawed. W
ork with your GM to determine how. You can only have one such temporary trait at
a time.
eldritch s. (GM): i see
i ve just stumped myself on writing the plot
Steph: hows that
eldritch s. (GM): i don t know i just don t know what shold happen next
Steph: is it what i could help with or is it spoiler
Describe how you convince somebody to change their outlook Reverse an aspect of
the targets personality for several hours (a selfless person becomes selfish, a c
ruel person becomes benevolent, an untrusting person becomes trusting, etc).
eldritch s. (GM): well shady fuck and fat fuck are with the police, apparently i
nvestigating missing persons
thought they are very likely not legit
Steph: Describe how you return a dead creature to unlife The target reanimates a
s an undead slave that you control. It has the same attributes it had in life, f
ully healed. Work with your GM to determine the dire cost (it will try to break
free of your control and betray you, it slowly drains your life essence, its sou
l will haunt you upon release, etc).
eldritch s. (GM): and the creepyplace comes at random so i odn t know what to do
Steph: would the party try preparing for creepyplace
eldritch s. (GM): it s possibly
i just feel so aimless sometimes, writing this
Steph: things will come together in-game
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Steph: in any event i am intrigued for steph s development
eldritch s. (GM): see what i m dojng wiritng this is
with hollow
i built a large world
and i just kind of
couldn t write the story
and here i m trying to write the story with the world as i go
Steph: good
eldritch s. (GM): but it leaves me feeling a bit aimless
Space: just throw anything and everything in there
and hash it out as the game goes along
eldritch s. (GM): who other than the shady fucks do you think might be evil
Space: jasper
never trust social pariahs
eldritch s. (GM): burn the witch
Space: how old is everyone
the class i mean
eldritch s. (GM): i was thinking sophmores
which is 15-16
Space: updated my journal
eldritch s. (GM): karloman
Space: yes
eldritch s. (GM): also the thing she brings back will eventually become a nihili
Space: good
eldritch s. (GM): how would she react to seeing that thing
she d probably
be fairly afraid
i would think
the thing about her fear is

she hides it well

Space: and she s the type of person to go down swinging
if there is a point where she has no escape
otherwise she will, 9/10 times take the escape route when she can
eldritch s. (GM): also normal people
do not stand much of a chance against a nihilist
like just a regular person with no archetype power
a swing from a nihilist could probably like pulp them
Space: what are the archetype people called
eldritch s. (GM): that s up to them
Space: how many people in the orld have these things
and what brings them about
eldritch s. (GM): mr. mu brings them about
it s a very small group that get them
why are they chosen
eldritch s. (GM): that map is jucked up
you d have to ask him
Steph: hey mr. mu why are we chosen
eldritch s. (GM): he ll never tell
Steph: aw
eldritch s. (GM): hello
Mobile L: Squadallah
Sorry for takin , had some after dinner shet
eldritch s. (GM): that s fine
Mobile L: Hoo damn, this is really quite the cast
eldritch s. (GM): yes
token hunting was interesting
Mobile L: You found some quality shit
eldritch s. (GM): thanks
right so some things
stats are -1. 0, 0, +3
and you do traits like how the fate roll20s have been doing it
Mobile L: Cool, I like that system
eldritch s. (GM): so five tiers generally around the theme of the arhcetype
the first tier, however
isn t magic
it s like a natural talent
or competency
Mobile L: Gotcha
eldritch s. (GM): space decided to model his from tavern tales traits
but if you don t want to it s not nessecary
Mobile L: A ight. I ll see if I can do that, and if I get stumped, I ll fall bac
k on ol Tavern Tales
eldritch s. (GM): alright
Mobile L: So, I gots a name and an MO and an archetype and some basic fluffy stu
eldritch s. (GM): good
there s a sheet for you to edit
Mobile L: Ah, sweet
Lemme put some shit in there and maybe we could discuss what s not set in stone
eldritch s. (GM): alright
Mobile L: Oghey, question #1
Can I have mine be a young-ish gal who got into high school early because she s
Not, like, stupid young, just young-ish
eldritch s. (GM): ys
Mobile L: Kewl, thanks

eldritch s. (GM): transhumanism

Mobile L: Tran the transhumanist
s2g she s not a Breen expy, tho
Magician archetype
See, like, what I thought her deal should be is
She s really fuckin smart, but she s also one of those naive teenagers who thin
ks they know everything when they really don t
And she just has this massive crush on Chopin and thinks she always will, so she
wants to grow up, be involved in the technological singularity and bring Chopin
back from the dead so she can maybe date him (i-if he wanted...)
Mobile L: Ahahaha, yas
eldritch s. (GM): chopin s ghost
Mobile L: YEA BABY,,,
Also she was raised by her grandparents, and she worries about when they ll even
tually get old and die, so she d want to bring them back too
eldritch s. (GM): wants to do lots of necromancy
Mobile L: Oh yes, all the necromancy
And she s super fuckin self-conscious about it and is consequently kind of secr
Nihilist: Hey kid
i m going to kill you now
Gabby: Wh...?
Nope. No. Not gonna happen.
Screw off.
Nihilist: shit
eldritch s. (GM): gabby better watch out
she s standing next to nurse foxhole
Mobile L: Oh jegus
Stranger danger
Like, she knows people would probably make fun of her for wanting to shag a dead
Polish man, so she s super tight-lipped about her obsession
She s not tight-lipped about wanting to go into STEM, though
Mr. Schmidt: You want to do what? to Chopin?
Mr. Schmidt: look at his face
Gabby: ...What, uh... Choppin ? Who swho even is that, huh...?
Mobile L: Gawd
Mr. Schmidt is making that face
Mobile L: I would say she probably has pictures of Chopin all over her wall and
eldritch s. (GM): no one understands
Mobile L: Not even Chopin-kun...
Prolly isn t the most friendly gal either. She s just so goddamn serious and has
a very low tolerance for people who get between her and her academics
eldritch s. (GM): she and ms lachance would probably try to murder each other
Mobile L: Oh jegus
They need to have some kinda passive-agressive snark battle
eldritch s. (GM): lachance is more outright aggressive
Mobile L: Oh dear
eldritch s. (GM): she d probably throw shit at her
Mobile L: Gabby would throw it back and then try to verbally tear her down, but
probably not succeed because she s really not the most eloquent person ever
eldritch s. (GM): the police would end up being called
Mobile L: Would they dare arrest a tiny little 14 year old girl?
eldritch s. (GM): they might also have to arrest ms lachance
Mobile L: Let s hope they don t house them together
eldritch s. (GM): and she s also their homeroom teacher
Mobile L: Oh dear...

Gabby s attitude towards socializing:

She s not, like, mean though, just very single-minded
Wants to be with dear, sweet Chopin as soon as she can
eldritch s. (GM): i m surprised neither you or space commented on gendo
Mobile L: I pinged him, but something else popped into my head
Is this fellow Gendo-esque?
eldritch s. (GM): no
not at all
Mobile L: Ooh
eldritch s. (GM): some of the people have jokes hidden in their names
like Suzie Rain
Mobile L: Foxhole tho
eldritch s. (GM): "A suzerain can also refer to a feudal lord, to whom vassals m
ust pay tribute. "
Mobile L: Ooh
eldritch s. (GM): foxhole s name isn t actually supposed to mean anything
i just thought it was a good name for him
Mobile L: He wants the hole
eldritch s. (GM): he really does
Mobile L: (sorry for being terse, Icy just got home and apparently had several c
oncurrent bad experiences with truck drivers on the way home)
eldritch s. (GM): really
Mobile L: Yeah, she got pretty close to having a horrid wreck because of this st
upid Wal-Mart truck guy
I just gave her an "it s good to be alive" hug
eldritch s. (GM): good
Mobile L: She also did some cool shit with Adobe Illustrator
eldritch s. (GM): good
Mobile L: Ennywhey
Lemme think a lil bit about stats
It s +1, 0, 0, -1, right?
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Mobile L: Kool
Aaaaand statted
Gabby is really, really small
Like, not a midget, but reeeeaaaaally small
eldritch s. (GM): how small
Mobile L: Like maybe 4 3
eldritch s. (GM): i think the line for being a midget is 4 5
pardon me, it s apparently 4 10
Mobile L: Oy
Maybe 4 10, then
eldritch s. (GM): who are her grand parents
Mobile L: Haven t though about them too much, but they re a nice, older Vietname
se couple
I don t think her actual parents are dead or anything, prolly just deadbeats
eldritch s. (GM): probably hang out with foxhol
Mobile L: Oh gawd
eldritch s. (GM): or teddy reinside
they re both bums
Mobile L: They could have a party or some shit
Is this set in Canadia?
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Mobile L: Thought so, cool
Still working out the gurl s personality
I think maybe, deep down inside, she s lonely, but she thinks the cure to her lo
neliness would be Chopin-sempai and not, say, actual friends
eldritch s. (GM): i see

Mobile L: She could probably be persuaded into making friends, but it d take a l
ittle while
eldritch s. (GM): interesting
Mobile L: Her grandparents are decent enough company, but you know how it goes w
hen your only friends are your family, and that s generally not very well at all
eldritch s. (GM): yeah
Mobile L: Huh, apparently the Magician archetype was like, predominantly male? T
his ll be interesting, then
eldritch s. (GM): really
Mobile L: Yeah, at least according to some academic article. I think it s becaus
e girl magicians = witches, and that garners a negative image or some shit
eldritch s. (GM): that s interesting
Mobile L: Yeah, f real
eldritch s. (GM): mobile
would you be willing to make maps for this
Mobile L: Oh yes, certainly
But they d likely take awhile
Cuz I have other maps in the queue
eldritch s. (GM): that s fine
Mobile L: Just let me know if/when you have areas in mind
eldritch s. (GM): i have some in mind already
one is like
the school and school grounds
and its a big building, very close to the beach
and it should have a little place where there s like
a kind of back part of the school
eldritch s. (GM): for like maintinence and shit
and then there should be like
a map of
dilipidated school corridors
eldritch s. (GM): maybe even with some streaks of blood on the floor
Mobile L: Ooh, spooky
Gotcha, can do
eldritch s. (GM): oh
and one more
absolutely vital one
a large-ish room, like maybe with some maintained furniture, but the room should
look like something out of silent hill
very rusty
Mobile L: Gotcha. I have some rather eerie, dilapidated tilesets just for the oc
eldritch s. (GM): good
Mobile L: I am excite already
I really haven t played enough female characters
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Space: disguting
Mobile L: ya face is disgusting ohhhhhhhhhhhhh #SNAP
eldritch s. (GM): while i went to get myself some foods i came up with some answ
ers over worldbuilding that please me and will help me write the plot
Space: good
Mobile L: Fuck yeah
eldritch s. (GM): why do you think i named this third heaven
Space: it s a direct sequel to another heaven
eldritch s. (GM): no
Mobile L: Because you re secretly into Seventh Heaven

Space: what s seventh heaven

oh also one of the new staff at my school this year
his last name is lorenz
Mobile L: It was some kinda Christian drama show that was on ABC for the longest
eldritch s. (GM): and he has a big evil nose
and he likes putting kids in robots
Mobile L: Is he related to anyone named Gein?
Space: probably
eldritch s. (GM): where in the us do you think gein is from
Space: massachusetts
eldritch s. (GM): why
Space: mob is more on the east coast, and he just seems like hed be from around
Mobile L: I say he s from Brooklyn
eldritch s. (GM): i have no idea where s from and so i ll just leave it ambigiou
s, as if i were a japanese man who didn t give a shit
Mobile L: That s prolly the best thing
Space: wise
you are the landlord
so mobile what are gabby s abilities
Mobile L: Ah gahd, I have yet to think of this
Steph: i can literally make things exist or change reality by writing and rewrit
Space: seer
eldritch s. (GM): what
Space: is there a reason
steph is among the strange, non-students
are they, too, archetype fellows
eldritch s. (GM): no it s just where the pieces fall
Space: damn
come to think of it
is anyone besides our player characters archetype fellows
eldritch s. (GM): there s a godo question space
Space: yes
eldritch s. (GM): find your answer
nihilists do have archetypes
some of them just have a special nihilist archetype but others have their own sp
ecific ones
Steph: do i get a combat bonus against nihilists with the creator archetype
eldritch s. (GM): justify that to me
Steph: gameplay vermillisitude
you could set up a rock paper scissors thing
where one archetype hurts another archetype hurts another archetype
and they both deal double damage and recieve double damage to the archetype on t
he opposite of them
eldritch s. (GM): i think the pure archetypes would work that way with nihilists
like on the chart the extremes
so hero, ruler, outlaw, caregiver do extra damage to nihilists
just because i like patterns
Steph: damn... we re out of luck gabby
eldritch s. (GM): unless the third membr
takes one of those
the nihilists do increased damage to those who haven t awakened their archetype
Space: when odes the awakening happen
eldritch s. (GM): when mu gives you the magic
Space: no i mean when will that happen in game
eldritch s. (GM): early
Space: will we have a practice session without tehm

eldritch s. (GM): yes

that would be a good idea
Space: or will we have more than jsut practice without them
eldritch s. (GM): you ll get like a practice without them
we ll see how the cookie crumbles
Space: school
eldritch s. (GM): maybe i ll not give them early
so you can
get used to the chars
make connections
Space: test
Mobile L: Hallo
Sorry, was multitasking
Space: brb refreshing
Mobile L: A ight
Space: hok
Mobile L: Bep
Still need to think about SKILLZ
Space: i just used
traits from tavern tales
progression is like in the fate roll20s
get 5, start with 1 and unlock the others over time
artifice and alchemy and stuff would probs work for magician
Mobile L: Gotcha, that s what Eldy told me. Are we gonna plan all their tiers ou
*like now?
Space: i did that quick while i was at the library
wanna see
Mobile L: Sure, lemme have a sample
Space: Survival Instinct
You automatically stabilize.
When your life is less than or equal to your toughness, you regenerate 1, have +
5 block, and increase all rolls to escape.
Rewrite Memory
Describe how you access the mind of a creature youre touching Add or remove a mem
ory or personality trait for the target. You cant make the target forget how to d
o things (swing a sword, read, cast spells, etc).
Space: Once each session, at any point, gain any other trait as a temporary trai
t for a short period of time. However, that trait is somehow weaker or flawed. W
ork with your GM to determine how. You can only have one such temporary trait at
a time.
Motivation Shift
Describe how you convince somebody to change their outlook Reverse an aspect of
the targets personality for several hours (a selfless person becomes selfish, a c
ruel person becomes benevolent, an untrusting person becomes trusting, etc).
Second Draft
Describe how you return a dead creature to unlife The target reanimates as an un
dead slave that you control. It has the same attributes it had in life, fully he
aled. Work with your GM to determine the dire cost.
Mobile L: Ayyyy, I dig
eldritch s. (GM): ram said no
like i thought
Mobile L: I will probably be doing the same since I m an uncreative bastard
Ah well
Space: who else should be inducted, who would dig this
eldritch s. (GM): maybe fox
Mobile L: Olive, probs
eldritch s. (GM): i d like pyro but time zones

Mobile L: Yes, Fox as well

eldritch s. (GM): gah how do i get the map like it was in hollow night
Space: i think we should do a roll20 with 3 players
gimme the power
eldritch s. (GM): alright
Mobile L: 3 players sounds ideal
eldritch s. (GM): you have the power space
Space (GM): i am the god of this new world
alight lemme open up hollow night quick
there you go
eldritch s. (GM): thank you
Space (GM): remove the power from me
Mobile L: Gonna edit me another PUBLICAYSHUN
eldritch s. (GM): great success
Mobile L: Yus
Space: let the money rollin
*roll in
Mobile L: I applied for a fuckin position at a junior college in the library th
at I am just a little overqualified for and they turned me down really quickly
Space: isn t having lots of qualifications good
Mobile L: Yeah. I unno, they may have found someone with more experience
eldritch s. (GM): how is that even supposed to work
where you are rejected due to lack of experience
and therefore can t get any
Mobile L: I don t even know, it s like being a little ant in an ant lion pit
Still, I do have the freelance thing, and maybe once I ve been at it for a year,
people will give me a chance
Space: you can do it mobile
take heart
eldritch s. (GM): class rum
Mobile L: Hella students
Steph: drunkard
eldritch s. (GM): who
Steph: whoever s drinking the classrum
eldritch s. (GM): i hate you
wow so with ine more pc
we will have
just the right number of seats
Steph: isn t it great
eldritch s. (GM): you want a practuce session to get a grip on your char
Space: i d like that
but mobile has ot work soon
eldritch s. (GM): get a good grip on your big, throbbing char
oh i thought you meant you had to edit that down the line
Mobile L: Supervisor said the files oughtta be here in an hour or so
In the meantime, I m gonna try to do the traaaaiiiiits
eldritch s. (GM): the board
Steph: i wanna hear the traits
this is the best persona 3 song btw
Mobile L: Oh gawd, Ms Lanchance
Ms. Lachance chugs her entire mug of steaming, black coffee in one go
Mobile L: I m not sure if Gabby should be kinda foul-mouthed or just do a lot of
the Mormon swears
Steph: she has the heart and soul of an author
Space: what are mormon swears
Ms. Lachance: mormon swears

Mobile L: "Gosh", "frick", "heck", "crap", etc

Ms. Lachance pulls out another thermos and pours it into the mug
Ms. Lachance: i like the mormon swears
Space: yes
they fit her
Gabby: Frickin A
Space: look at her
she looks like mormon swears
Ms. Lachance: One of you! Who stabbed Caesar?
Mobile L: Tiny, angry girl who wants to bang a dead composer
Gabby hand uuuuup
Steph hand up as well
Steph: the showdown...
Ms. Lachance: Gabriella, your name is first in the alphabet, who did it?
Gabby: Marcus Brutus, and uh...
Gabby ahhhh shit, the others...!
Gabby aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Steph writes something in her notebook
Ms. Lachance: Don t waste my time, good enough!
Gabby relaxes a little
Ms. Lachance: Can anyone tell me why?
Steph is now more focused on writing
Steph crosses something out
Ms. Lachance: ,,,
Gabby then looks down at the several pictures of Chopin she has pasted in her no
tebook for comfort
Ms. Lachance walks over to her
Ms. Lachance considers something
Ms. Lachance pours a bit of the steaming coffee onto what she s writing
Steph: --...
Ms. Lachance: This is English class, not creative writing.
Steph: ....
Ms. Lachance: Be thankful I didn t dump it on you.
Gabby watches with the same look on her face as she has in the pic
Steph: ....
Steph the pencil in her hand snaps
Ms. Lachance chugs the mug again
Gabby exhales
Ms. Lachance begins getting another thermos

Ms. Lachance how does this woman live

Gabby doesn t want to find out, like ever
Steph wipes off her desk with her sleeve
Ms. Lachance: Oh, yeah, detention too, I guess.
Ms. Lachance shurgs
Steph does not even look up when she says that, putting her notebook away
Gabby scribbles a bad little stick-figure Chopin next to a bad little stick figu
re Gabby
Space: i think gabby s picture is the best
Ms. Lachance: Now, what was Shakespeare s birthplace?
roll for intitiative
Gabby: rolling 1d20
= 7
Ms. Lachance: to raise the hand fast
Space: rolling 1d20
= 2
Narrator : rolling 1d20
= 18
Anton raises before either of them can think,
Gabby DAMN IT...
Anton: Is the place with a river and a swan!
Gabby s eyeballs dart over to Anton
Ms. Lachance throws a piece of chalk at him
Ms. Lachance: Wrong.
Ms. Lachance rubs her temple
Ms. Lachance: Peh,,,
Steph: ......
Gabby wonders if Anton is Polish...
Ms. Lachance sits in her chair, drinking her coffee
Ms. Lachance: roll to determine accent
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind

= 10
Mobile L: gaddamn tens
Narrator : Eh, it s vaguely eastern european.
Might be.
Gabby hmmm... Close enough, but he probably can t play piano worth a darn.
Ms. Lachance: Read your copies of...
Ms. Lachance checks her notes
Ms. Lachance: ... The Ravenous Games, or whatever YA trash they re pumping out..
Ms. Lachance just sits there, looking at her desk and drinking coffee
eldritch s. (GM): she s sad
Gabby just quietly simmers at the very thought
Steph gets it out, pretending to read
Space: calling it now
lachance is godot
i was right
eldritch s. (GM): asshole woman godot
Space: godot is asshole man godot
Ms. Lachance looks through her pack
Ms. Lachance: ... Nearly out...
Gabby takes that godawful book for dumb plebs who aren t her out
Space: there s no red in a teacher s world. these must be.... my tears
Ms. Lachance: None of you do anything stupid, or I swear to God, I ll END you.
Gabby of course does NOT enjoy it because she s Not Like Most Girls
Ms. Lachance stands up and goes to get some more
Gabby: ...Frick.
Steph: .................................
Gabby fidgets with her glasses
Gabby: God frickin darn it...
Steph remembers to turn her page once in a while
Lilly: Wow, she s a real bully.
Lilly pokes Steph
Lilly: You alright?
Steph: Not really.
Lilly: Don t let the WO-man get ya down!
Gabby tries to shut out this conversation before it leads anywhere STUPID...
Steph: Yeah. Needed a rewrite, anyways.
Lilly: That s the spirit.
Lilly: I ve never had a teacher who s openly contempted the material and class b

Mobile L: Eehee
Steph: Maybe I ll tell the principal later.
Lilly: IMr. Hawthorne: Or maybe you all can tell me right now?
Gabby: ? Wh
Space: oh dear
Steph looks up from her book
Mr. Hawthorne: How are all of you find young minds doing this lovely day?
Mr. Hawthorne pets Theodore, his chicken
Space: mr. hawthorne: swimming, anyone
hello fawkes
Steph: Fine, thanks.
Fawkes M.: Hello
Mr. Hawthorne: I could not help but overhear the sounds of discontent from this
here classroom.
welcome fawkes, to my sex dungeon
Steph: Well, she poured coffee on my notebook.
Gabby nod nod
eldritch s. (GM): long story short, i shamelessly ripped off the high school por
tions of hollow night and mashed them together with persona
eldritch s. (GM): and i want you to jump on board
Mr. Hawthorne: Now, that, that s not a very good thing for your teacher to be do
I am sure you must be traumatized!
Steph says nothing
Mr. Hawthorne: Now, before you go on and consider legal action, please, pet Theo
dore here.
Mr. Hawthorne offers Theodore
Steph hesitates a bit, but pets the chicken
Mr. Hawthorne smiles, Theodore is a very nice chicken
Mr. Hawthorne: roll spirit to resist smiling at his chicken charm
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Spirit
= 0
Space: jesus
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit

= 19
Mobile L: holy hell
Mr. Hawthorne smiles contentedly as Steph is taken right in and presumably crack
s a nice grin
Steph it s the biggest grin you would probably see out of her ever
Narrator : Gabby is unaffected, actually somewha confused as to why the Principa
l has a fucking chicken on his arm.
Steph: I have a pet parrot at home.
Mobile L well DUH, that frickin

chicken isn r Chopin

Gabby uh yes, that

Mr. Hawthorne: Now that s lovely.
I ll tell you what, I ll talk Ms. Lachance on your behalf, and see if we can t s
traighten out her ridiculous behaviour.
It s the coffee, children, I am telling you.
Gabby: ...Thanks.
Steph: Good. Erm, thank you.
Steph is quickly returning to neutral
Mr. Hawthorne: Good luck with your studies, and all such things.
Space: so the parrot is his special ability i bet
eldritch s. (GM): it s a nice bird
Gabby: Kay, thanks...
Space: fox man
Space: will you be joining this roll 20
Gabby (fricking
eldritch s. (GM): motherfricking
you scared him off
he has exams tomorrow
so i told him we ll handle all the stupidity later
Space: flighty, like a parrot
Ken hums contentedly to himself
Lilly pats on Gabby s desk
Gabby: ?
Gabby peers up INTENSELY
Lilly: You seemed a bit agitated, I wanted to make you were alright.
You alright?
Steph tries to ignore Ken s humming
Ken it

is especially contented
...Yeah. M fine. I just hate this fricking book and that fricking lady.
..Stop that?
What do ya hate the book for?

Steph turns a page

Ken stops
Ken turns to her
Ken wears his ever pleasent expression
Ken: Sorry I bothered you,
Steph: It s fine.
Gabby: I... It s dumb and the characters suck and there s too many cliches.
...I like other stuff that s not this.
Gabby sighs a little smugly
Space: the ghost of frederic chopin appears
Lilly: Oh yeah? Did you like the book Hatchet?
Ken: Do you care for the book?
Steph: It s fine. Genre fiction is like that. Go in with low expectations and yo
u ll do alright.
Mobile L: s-sempai...
Space: would gabby and sakura get along
Gabby: ...I don t think I read that one, actually. I mostly just like biographie
s and science stuff.
Mobile L: Mayhap
Lilly: It was about a boy who gets stranded in the wilderness up in the Yukon, a
nd he has to survive on his own until help arrives.
Ken: I think it s very nice, you can see where the effort just radiates from the
Gabby: ...Huh... Guess that sounds neat.
Steph: Yes, there s a lot of effort in there.
Lilly: I thought so too, it s one of my favorites! It really captures how scary
nature can be.
Gabby: Hm. Yeah, seriously, nature s frickin just... It llit ll kill you. People
forget that a lot.
Ken: Admittedly, I don t read much, so I may not be qualified to dole out critic
ism and praise.
Lilly: I know, Man Vs Nature isn t something people do very much, but it s so re
Mobile L: (yo, I got the file, so I m gonna be here for like, two more FG posts
I think)
Lilly: kk
Steph: You like what you like. That s fine.
Gabby nod nod nod, still looking just so very serious
Ms. Lachance reenters the room, looking pissed off
Ms. Lachance just fumes
Ms. Lachance mutters something
Ms. Lachance: roll if you wish to understand it
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind

= 14
Ms. Lachance muttered:
Ms. Lachance: ... Bastard should keep his nose where it belongs... should have s
hoved that bird up his ass...
Ms. Lachance sits down
eldritch s. (GM): alright
that was it for a brief little thing
Space: that was neat
eldritch s. (GM): how did you like lachance and hawthrone
Mobile L: Lachance is pleasingly a huge bitch
And I like Lilly
eldritch s. (GM): good
Space: they give off ace attorney vibes
lachance reminded me of the godot, right down to attacking the enemy with coffee
well a pissed off godot
eldritch s. (GM): pissed off lady godot
i wanted hawthrone to give ace attorney vibes
Space: gant
eldritch s. (GM): not even gant just like a chracter who could be in ace attorne
does hawthorne seem on the level
Space: yeah he absolutely has an ace attorney feel, cross examine his chicken
i don t think he s on the level at all
Mobile L: He seems kooky, but trustworthy
eldritch s. (GM): what makes you feel that way space
Space: rolling to resist the bird
eldritch s. (GM): he did say "Before you consider legal action, please, pet Theo
Space: yes that s what set off the alarms
eldritch s. (GM): he doesn t want to get sued
can you blame him
Mobile L: I really can t
A ight, off 2werk
See y all later hopefully
Space: c ya
fox keeps vanishing
eldritch s. (GM): it s the chicken
so what tunes did you listen to in your tenure as gm
Space: i didn t listen to any of them
just opened persona 5 battle song on youtube
eldritch s. (GM): good because certain songs i want to keep secret
i m pleased with the cast
Space: me too
eldritch s. (GM): what do you think about ken there
Space: he s high
eldritch s. (GM): interesting assessment
how about anton
Space: hidden intellect
eldritch s. (GM): he was right, you know
stratford upon avon
did have lots of swans
and was on a river
Space: i had figured
eldritch s. (GM):
Space: epaulet

eldritch s. (GM): Ron DeLite

who of all of these people is most likely to be evil
Space: i ll circle the people that set off warning signs
eldritch s. (GM): hello fawkes
Space: it s done
eldritch s. (GM): interesting
so you trust
shady man
and fat man
Fawkes M.: Hi again
eldritch s. (GM): hello fawkes, my friend
Fawkes M.: I ve been running back and forth
eldritch s. (GM): that s fine
do what you need to
Space: yeah they re too obviously shady
eldritch s. (GM): why does jogn set off warning signs
Space: something in his eyes
eldritch s. (GM): why terry
Space: never trust that man
eldritch s. (GM): fuckin assHOLE
and finally, why ken
Space: you asked me about him
eldritch s. (GM): oh right
Space: so there s somthing going on with him
eldritch s. (GM): no i was just curious
Space: backpedaling
eldritch s. (GM): that s right
ken is the origami killer
Space: you wouldn t be curious... if there was nothing to be curious about!
Mr. Hawthorne: I refute your allegations!
Steph: how?! you can t just say i refute your allegations and not back your ob
jection up! you re slipping, mr. hawthorne, and you know it!
Mr. Hawthorne: Listen here, girlie, I am the Principal of this school, and what
I say goes.
Steph: i m calling my lawyer
Mr. Hawthorne: You don t have that right, not anymore.
Steph: i m leaving campus and i m calling my lawyer
Mr. Hawthorne: No!
Theodore, stop her!
Steph: that s illegal
Mr. Hawthorne: It s legal if I say so!
Officer Quest: Not how the law works.
Steph: even the cop backs me up
book him, gumshoe
Officer Quest: What?
Steph: we ve got enough evidence to go to trial
this man
is the oragammy killer
eldritch s. (GM): this is going to be fun
Steph: yeah i like it
Space: fox are you there
Fawkes M.: I yam
Space: who is your character
eldritch s. (GM): oh we have not talked about anything
he s been tossed to the woofss
Fawkes M.: I am
Drawing a blank
Space: did you tell him about the archetypes seer
eldritch s. (GM): literally nothing

i figured we d talk about this later as he has important things to do

Fawkes M.: I can parse my attention
I ve already done most of the studying
eldritch s. (GM): good
i hope you ace it
high schooler
you are in canada, this is your school
you are given powers based off of what jungiang archetype you fit into (i have r
eferences for that) to fight monsters called nihilists
Fawkes M.: So it s Persona
eldritch s. (GM): except you don t get a persona you get the powers yourself
and its not tarot based
Steph: for instance
mine is the creator
i literally create shit out of nothing by writing and rewriting
Mr. Mu: Also instead of Igor, you get me.
Fawkes M.: Moo
Mr. Mu: Mu means Nothing in Chinese.
Mr. Nothing.
Fawkes M.: Your parents must have hated you
Mr. Mu: They did.
Fawkes M.: Oh
Steph: i m going to write my book about you
Space: Steph is the Creator, Gabby is The Magician
Fawkes M.: I m considering the Outlaw
A delinquent-type character
eldritch s. (GM): i see
how stats work is
+1, 0, 0 -1
Space: ekichi
eldritch s. (GM): and of course, because i really am a thief, the power given to
you by your archetype goes up in five tiers
but the first one is mundane
and you have it at the start
Jaime: Do I come up with it here?
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Space: what i did
used actual tavern tales traits
Jaime: Hmm
What would fit with the idea of rule-breaking?
eldritch s. (GM): hrm
Space: things about escaping bonds
whether literal or figurative
Jaime: I m considering an evolution into an ability where he can disrupt others
But that s for later
eldritch s. (GM): interesting
Fawkes M.: Something akin to Rule Breaker
eldritch s. (GM): i like the sounds of this
Fawkes M.: Would an escape-from-handcuffs ability be a good starting point?
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Fawkes M.: Alright, so
Do I just write that down on his sheet?

Space: on his sheet under traits

eldritch s. (GM): you can if you want but i generally put it under traits
Fawkes M.: Done
Space: i wanna see them
Fawkes M.: Unbound: Can undo any handcuffs, bindings, etc. of sorts on himself.
eldritch s. (GM): now try getting all the traits so you can have them prepared w
hen they come
you know what i mean
Fawkes M.: Mmmmmm
Space: im got to go to phone
eldritch s. (GM): goos luck space
Fawkes M.: Bai bai
I m picturing the end stage as him being able to disrupt others abilities by sc
rambling the rules behind them
We gotta lead into that?
eldritch s. (GM): try to have a bit of a bellcurve yeah7
Fawkes M.: Write them down even if I don t have access to them?
eldritch s. (GM): yes
so you don t forget and so we can get them quickly when the time comes
Fawkes M.: Five, right?
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Fawkes M.: Bah
I can t think of a fourth trait
eldritch s. (GM): hrm
perhaps something combat oriented
like to personally fight
Fawkes M.: But what?
eldritch s. (GM): their motivation is risk and mastery
flip a coin
if you called it right, increase the following roll, if not, decrease it
alright there we go
now just find the poor schmuck a face
Fawkes M.: Alright
I wanna fix 2 and 3 a bit later but eh
eldritch s. (GM): i ll let you edit and tweak them
Fawkes M.: Done
Mobile L: I think I am back, friends
Jaime: Hello
Mobile L: Ayyyy, delinquent guy
I like
Did Eldy died?
Jaime: Probably
And I killed him
Gabby: faq u, gotta hel
Mobile L: If he comes back, I gots a question for him
Jaime: What s the question?
Mobile L: I am putting the cart before the horse and already have a final trait
in mind
I wanna know if it s too OP
and/or derivative
Fawkes M.: I gave Jaime his final trait first
And trickled down
Mobile L: Kool. I just need to clear this since it s literally reanimating the d
And not in the zombie way, like, literally making dead people alive
Jaime: I can die for you and not suffer lasting consequences
Mobile L: Ayyyy, that s fuckin cash
If mine s approved, we will all have death-related traits
Gabby just wants to necromance herself a dead composer using TRANSHUMANISM

Fawkes M.: An RL composer?

Mobile L: Yes
She has a weird crush on Chopin and wants to bring him back to life from particl
es and information so m-maybe he will date her
This is why she wants to become a scientist
Fawkes M.: Just like Bazett and Cu Chulainn
Mobile L: Oh jegus
She s only 14
So maybe as time passes, this will prove to be a phase, but she sure as shit doe
sn t see it that way
eldritch s. (GM): I LIVE
Fawkes M.: Eyyyy
Mobile L: WELQUM 2 DAI
Yo, so
I am thinking about final traits
Is reanimating the dead in a non-zombie fashion too much?
eldritch s. (GM): hm
maybe very riefly
as a ghost
and they may not always be the way you want them, up to my discretion
Mobile L: Oooh. Y know, this sounds like an acceptable compromise
So maybe Chopin
This is the only reason why I ask, mind
eldritch s. (GM): it s fine
Mobile L: Yey
Gabby won t take "no" for an answer
She wants the C
eldritch s. (GM): good
i see james has the weird scruffy teen beard
Mobile L: The token man, and he gruff as heck
eldritch s. (GM): this one is no a sausage fest
Mobile L: It s a taco shack
eldritch s. (GM): mr. mu is nominally male
just because he calls himself mister
who knows what s under the mask
Mobile L: Literally just a vag
eldritch s. (GM): what do you think lies beneath the mask
Fawkes M.: Vag
Mobile L: Another mask
And then a vag
eldritch s. (GM): also
i want you both to circle the people
who seem evil/sketchy to you
Mobile L: Bep
Fawkes M.: Bop
Mobile L: Gabby is somehow partially suspish
Fawkes M.: My circle was big
Mobile L: Lonk, beeg circles
eldritch s. (GM): mobile s has the mpst in common with space s
i ll mark the ones space marked
why do you distrust those teachers, fox
Fawkes M.: They looks vaguely skeevy
And I m zoomed out all the way
eldritch s. (GM): so vlad and ken are both distrusted by space and mobile
Mobile L: Which foreigner is the bad one, I wonder...?
Fawkes M.: My parents were foreigners
Mobile L: #notallforeigners
eldritch s. (GM): vlad and anton are hungarian
Mobile L: Gabby might think this is cute enough to serve as a very slight divers

ion from her Chopin obsession

Provided one/both can play the piano
eldritch s. (GM): anton could possibly maybe
no way in hell vlad could
one look at vlad should tell you all you need to know
Mobile L: He spoopy
eldritch s. (GM): vlad intensifis
Vlad: ...
welcome to hungary
Mobile L: inb4 he s secretly a vampire
Vlad: what
Mobile L: Would the following be too beefy for a tier two:
Pocket Plane
You have a miniature parallel universe about the size of a two-story house (rela
tive to your size). Open a portal to it as an action; store and retrieve items f
rom it as a simple action. Work with your GM to determine your pocket planes flaw
(its smaller than normal, some stored items get lost, you can only access it und
er certain conditions, etc).
Vlad: a bit too beefy
not that s fine
*no that s fine
Mobile L: A ight, cool. Sankyuu
Vlad: a class of twelve
Fawkes M.: How many players?
eldritch s. (GM): three
we could theoretically start the practice session things
Fawkes M.: Theoretically
I gotta get a grip on Jaime
eldritch s. (GM): yes
hence practice sessions
Mobile L: Lemme finish up my schet real quick
eldritch s. (GM): jaime shares his name with foxhole
Mr. Hawthorne: hey there kid
want to touch my chicken
Jaime: No
Mr. Hawthorne: it s not a cock
Jaime: But it s a cock
Mobile L: Bup
Check it owt
Mr. Hawthorne: alright
let s try a practice session
Mobile L: ah m game, hon (paula_deen_rape_smile.png)
Fawkes M.: How long ll it take?
Ms. Lachance: it ll end when either of you want it to
Mobile L: Sounds GUD
Fawkes M.: Sure
Ms. Lachance leaves the classroom, as it is now another class
Anton: The chalk, it hit me in head very hard.
Jaime duncurr, as he looks down at the pencil twirling in his hand
Gabby adjusts her ginormous spectacles and glances at the eww delinquent, then a
t Anto
Gabby: ...Tell the principal, I guess. Maybe also the nurse.


... Not the nurge...

You get used to it after a while. I mean, it doesn t bother me anymore...
...Why? Is he a raper?
You have hard head, yes?

Anton looks confused

Anton: Raper?
Like a sword?
Gabby: ...No, like... never mind.
Jaime: Mhm. And I doubt that you do?
Gabby scrawls what she thinks a quantum computer would look like in the YA novel
Anton: What you say.
Gabby like right on the text
Anton: My head is a soft, like putty.
Gabby: ...Frick. That s not right at all.
Anton: I bruise like peach.
Nathan: I like peaches.
Jaime: Quite a shame...
Jaime twirls his pencil again
Nathan: Who said something about peaches?
Gabby: ...Frickin it s a metaphor, man.
Nathan: Oh, right, that s where you times it!
Nathan nods sagely
Gabby deep sigh
Gabby erases her quantum computer and tries to draw a better one
Gabby can t be more than 14
Ms. Lao eventuaally enters the classroom
Ms. Lao slowly erases the board
Gabby then turns her attention to the TEACH
Jaime is looking down at his desk, not at the TEACH
Ms. Lao: ...
Ms. Lao looks at them all, before speaking
Ms. Lao: ... Take out your textbooks...
Gabby wonders why her neighbor has to be such a frickin retard. Like, why else
are you in school, bluh...
Gabby nod nod nod and takes out the BUK
Jaime goes to take out his textbook, bot opening it yet
Ms. Lao: Yesterday, we covered... The French Revolution...
We just got to the Reign of Terror.
Gabby is just biding her time until math or science
Ms. Lao: Can anyone remind me what that was?

Ms. Lao sits down

Jaime: .....
Ms. Lao: ...
Gabby looks to see if Jaime is gonna say it
Jaime ain t
Ms. Lao is the definition of "not really feeling it"
Ms. Lao: Yes, Gabby...?
Gabby: The Reign of Terror was, uh... a violent time after the Revolution and wa
s caused by violence between the Girondins and the Jacobins
Nathan tosses Jaime a note
Jaime: ...?
Jaime reads it
Ms. Lao: ... Good.
Gabby does not look enthusiastic about this, but nods anyway
Ms. Lao: We ll be covering the Rise and Fall of Napoleon next.
Gabby scrawls a crude picture of Chopin sitting under a tree
Gabby in her notebok
Nathan s note says "You got any peaches? I m realy hungary"
Gabby *notebook
Jaime scribbles something on the other side before handing it back
Ms. Lao: Napoleon was from an Island, does anyone know the name?
Nathan reads the note
Gabby gives everyone else a look like "do I gotta frickin carry this operation
by myself?"
Anton: roll 1d20 to see who raises their hand first, if you intend to raise it
Jaime: "do i look like i have any peaches?"
Gabby: rolling 1d20
= 8
Anton: rolling 1d20
= 15
Jaime ain t rolling
Anton fastest draw in the north
Gabby gives him a very slight, very serious nod and narrows her eyes
Anton: Is Corsica! Or... Sardinia? Very sure is Corsica.

Gabby gosh dang, he s kinda smart, I guess...

Gabby that makes ONE OF TWO IN THIS ROOM
Gabby >:|
Nathan shrugs
Nathan tosses him another note
Jaime reads it
Gabby s eyes dart over to the Nathan-Jaime conglomerate
Nathan s note reads "Does the girl next to you?"
Ms. Lao: Corsica, yes.
Most of what you need to know will be in the text book.
Jaime scribbles and hands back
Ms. Lao: A-...
I ll be right back, read the books...
Gabby fumes very quietly at these infractions
...frickin ...
Nathan reads it
Gabby opens her book
Jaime: "no, and nobody else does either"
Nathan seems depressed
Gabby looks at Jaime
Nathan starts reading his book
Jaime looks back at her
Gabby: ...Can you and him both frickin stop with the frickin notes.
Jaime: He s the one sending them.
I just want to concentrate...
Nathan: Hey!
Don t throw me under the bus, man!
Gabby: Mrrrgh. Well frickin crumble them up or something. Some of us are trying
to get through this dumb class and onto math.
Nathan dull stare
Nathan: ... Man...
Nathan goes back to his book
Jaime: ...Why do you care, anyway?
Gabby: ...Uhhhhm
Anton: ... I is have to use a toilet, what I do?
Gabby: I.
Am going into STEM, when I get outta here.

Wait for her to get back and ask...? Probably be any second.
Jaime: Stem?
Vlad: Do not defecate near me or I will strike you.
Gabby: ...Uh, yeah-huh. Science Technology Engineering Mathematics. S an acrony
Narrator : A low murmur picks up as the class begin to talk to each other
Gabby: Anyway, yeah, this is
...Frickin everyone at once...
...These are my "formative years", so I have to keep doing frickin awesome so I
can get outta here as early as I came.
Jaime: You don t like high school?
Gabby: Nope. I d rather be in college, buuuuut I guess it s a frickin obstacle
I have to... um... a hurdle for me to jump... jump over in the... road of...
...Whatever. I just wanna get to college.
Jaime: Why? It s just four more years of high school.
Gabby chuckles a sardonic, yet somehow girly chuckle
Gabby: ...Oh, honey. S like, soooooo frickin different, cuz you actually get
a dang degree, ya dummy!
Jaime: Is that so?
Jaime sounds a bit disinterested
Naomi: I never want to leave highschool, it s like my favorite anime!
Gabby: Yup. And then you can be a scientist. And then you can change the world,
and guess what, pally? It s even more awesome if ya do it young.
Naomi: It s really cool.
College, that s full of a bunch of gross baras, that s nasty.
Jaime: See, she has the right idea.
Gabby: ...Why the frickin heck do you think th... Baras???
The frick s a gosh-dang bara???
Is that... Ewww, is that a...
Naomi: A big, hairy man.
Gabby: thing...?
Naomi: Not always!!
Gabby narrows her eyes
Jaime smirks
Gabby: ...Whatever, s not like you re gonna marry anyone here.
Naomi: Marriage is ew, too.
Gabby: Everyone s still young and retarded. College is where you get worldly.
Fawkes M.: Also
I gotta move to phone
Naomi: goodby fox
Mobile L: Aww, a ight
Fawkes M.: Bye
I ll still be active there, but not for long
Mobile L: Gotcha.
Ah shit, I like this already
eldritch s. (GM): i was trying to establish all of the students a bit and then h
ave foxhole jump in
because everyone loves foxhole
Mobile L: Fuxwhole
Maybe we can get to him NEX TAIM

eldritch s. (GM): yes

Mobile L: I chuckled at the baras comment
eldritch s. (GM): i m trying to have it be
but not totally
Mobile L: She sugoii
eldritch s. (GM): very error prone
which explains all the injuries
got attacked by a dog last week, she did
eldritch s. (GM): she d probably say it, too
Mobile L: Ahahaha
eldritch s. (GM): see the remaining people
who have yet to speak
are described as either being quiet or detatched
or shy
Mobile L: Ooh, I see
Hence why they haven t spoken yet
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Mobile L: I was gonna re-FG, but I think Space and Norm died by now
Nurse Foxhole: Luke Atmey.
that s sad
Mobile L: Eh, I m starting to get sleppy anyway
Gonna watch the next episode in MUH NOO SHOW and then hit the hay
Nurse Foxhole: what show is this
Mobile L: It s a Netflix original called BoJack Horseman
It starts out kinda like a sadder Family Guy, but apparently it gets both funnie
r and darker as it goes on
The theme song and title sequence are fuckin awesome
I know it s way early, but how u liek Gabby so far?
Nurse Foxhole: i like her a good deal
Mobile L: Yey. She s surprisingly very fun
Nurse Foxhole: mormon swears
Mobile L: Frickin heck
A ight, off to watch hoers show, then sleep
G night, Eldy
Space: there he is
Forge Slow Action
Describe how you create an item Expend crafting materials and work with your GM
to create a magic item. More powerful materials and more cinematic crafting cond
itions (forged in a volcano, named during an eclipse, blessed by a deity, etc) l
ead to stronger items
eldritch s. (GM): i am back
i like this
sorry i tend to put on louder actiony music to keep me working
Space: no worries i have no head phone
Increase all rolls you make to build, deconstruct, and fix.
i think that d be a rank 2
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Space: my final one ought to be a strong one
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Space: Summon Servant Action
When you gain this trait, work with your GM to determine what types of creatures
you can summon, and restrictions (you can only have 1 at a time, the process is
draining, theyre rebellious, etc).Describe how you summon a minion Summon a crea

ture that is your level or lower. It will do whatever it pleases, but it will ob
ey you if your orders coincide with its instincts.
eldritch s. (GM): good
Space: so i have
Survival Instinct
By The Seat Of Your Pants
eldritch s. (GM): good
Space: let s work out the understudy
the flavor is that it s not summoned, but created
the modern prometheus
eldritch s. (GM): elaborate
Space: well she writes them into existence
eldritch s. (GM): what is she writing in
Space: she has several writing utensils and devices
eldritch s. (GM): sorry i meant
what is she creating
Space: life, a person
eldritch s. (GM): describe it
Space: i dunno yet
eldritch s. (GM): look
Space: it s tatsuya
eldritch s. (GM): did you get that brief glimpse
Space: what glimpse
eldritch s. (GM): good
Mobile L: ah dammit I am so late
I am so so late
f u c h
eldritch s. (GM): u was at the airport unfortunately and space is goibg to be on
fone very shortly
Mobile L: Ah, damn
Sorry man
eldritch s. (GM): it s fine
*i was at
Mobile L: I unno if you re still about, and sorry for getting so damn quiet, but
is there any significance to the little markings on three of the students?
Have you... marked them for death?????
fuk i am late even for being late
gudbai for now
Space: stick man
eldritch s. (GM): hail, traveller
Space: hail and well met
fox is online skype says
eldritch s. (GM): i know i m talking to him as we speak
Space: tell him i wish a plague o er his house
eldritch s. (GM): he can do so in an hour
Space: in that case i think i might ck2 after i check my homework status
eldritch s. (GM): look space
Space: lilith
eldritch s. (GM): lot of people with dead parents
ken s dad is make a death, steph, certain others
Space: oh dear
Dr. Hall: Now, I would like to tell you, my dear child, that the purpose of our
discussion now will be to find the root of your anxiety.
i m going to miss the streams
Space: what streams

Dr. Hall: riv;s

Space: oh as i understood he s just putting them on hiatus
Steph: ...
Dr. Hall: to work on a webcomic, which i presume to be a long-term project
Now, I m going to show you three images, and you tell me how they make you feel.
Space: when he gets a better idea of how much work it ll take he ll decide
wform take this
Steph: Okay.
Dr. Hall: what was the objective of that
Steph: gather data for strange things
Dr. Hall: elaborate
Steph: to create an interesting and unusual data set for people to plat with
Dr. Hall: oh i see
Now, here is the first one.
Dr. Hall hands her this pic
Dr. Hall: Do you get any feelings from it?
Steph pauses
Steph: No.
Dr. Hall: Nothing at all?
Steph: ...It looks lonely.
Dr. Hall takes it down
Dr. Hall: Anything else?
Steph: Cold, too.
Dr. Hall: I see...
Here, now take a look at this...
Dr. Hall
Steph: ...The feathers are nice.
Dr. Hall: Is that the only comment?
Steph: Yeah.
Dr. Hall: Very well.
Now, one last picture before we moe on.
Dr. Hall hands her this one
Dr. Hall: What does that make you fee?
Steph: ...
Steph swallows thickly
Dr. Hall: Take your time, but please, answer honestly.
Steph: Why are you showing me this one?
Dr. Hall: I show this to everyone I bring in here.
Your response tells me this hits you a bit close to home, why would that be?
Steph: ...
... I was in a very bad car accident. When I was smaller.
Dr. Hall: I see.
Go on.
Dr. Hall never stops writing in that damn notebook of his
Steph: Well, there s-- not really a whole lot to say about it.
Dr. Hall: Were you injured, by any chance?
Steph: No.

Dr. Hall nods, putting the picture away

Dr. Hall pulls out some cards
Dr. Hall
Dr. Hall: Match these couples up in how best they go together.
Steph: ...
Steph matches the ones in blue together
Steph then the middle two
Steph then the remaining two
Dr. Hall: Interesting.
Explain the reasoning, if you would so kindly.
Steph: Well... these two have their arms crossed. They both look upset. The midd
le two, they have the same body language. They re a little awkward. The last two
are relaxed. Maybe they re in a good mood.
Dr. Hall: You value mood and personality in relationships? That s very interesti
I, myself, would have matched them by getup.
Dr. Hall smiles
Dr. Hall takes the cards
Dr. Hall: Now, this is the second last thing I ll ask from you, at least with pr
Steph: ...
Dr. Hall: I m going to tell you a story.
"Prince Wilhelm is passionately in love with Celestine. But she does not love hi
m. One day, Wilhelm comes to the King and asks for Celestine s hand in marriage.
Celestine begs the king not to marry her to Wilhelm, but the king ignores her p
leas. Royal protocol means he must say yes to the match. They are married and Wi
lhelm takes Celestine back with him to his kingdom. That night, he attempts to c
onsummate the marriage, but the distraught Celestine flees. She runs from the sa
fety of the castle and across a field, ignoring the sign which warns of danger.
In that field is a bull, who, seeing the girl, charges her. She falls under his
hooves and is killed instantly."
List the bull and three people in the order of most to least guilt for her death
Steph thinks on this
Steph: ...Wilhelm, then... the king, then the bull, then Celestine.
Dr. Hall nods
Dr. Hall: I see.
Now, last one.
Are you a private person, Stephanie?
Steph: I don t know. Probably.
Dr. Hall: Does it take a while for people to get to know you?
Steph: Yeah.
Dr. Hall: Do you prefer to spend time with friends over family?
Steph: No, I don t.
Dr. Hall nods, brings out different cards
Dr. Hall: Organize these objects into sexual and non-sexual, if you will?
Space: red is sexual, blue isn t

Steph does so
Dr. Hall: back
I see.
Let me show you something...
A little... change of perspective, if we will.
Dr. Hall flips the cards over
Steph: ...Oh.
Dr. Hall: Now, sex, according to the barest sense, is the creation of life.
But on the other side of life, what is there?
Steph: Yeah.
Dr. Hall: But I believe... your answers still hold true.
The gun and the knife, in a Freudian sense, could be seen as the most sexual of
the items.
Dr. Hall checks his watch
Dr. Hall: But I am afraid...
We are all out of time, Ms. Karloman.
I do hope you come back and visit again.
We re making good progress.
Steph: I don t feel like this is...
Steph trails off
Dr. Hall smiles
Dr. Hall: Everything has a hidden meaning, Ms. Karloman.
The mind is not a realm of obvious connections.
If it were, I think I would be out of the job.
Steph: If you say so.
Steph gets up
Dr. Hall nods, looks out the window
Dr. Hall: Until next time.
Space: that was good
Dr. Hall: what does she think of hall
Space: she thinks he s alright
or at least means well and is trying to help
Dr. Hall: she doesn t find him creepy
Space: not especially
Dr. Hall: fox, sadly, has been exiled to the realm of phone
i had a feeling this would happen, i must admit
Space: it tends to be so for him
Fawkes M.: Hup
Dr. Hall: hello fawkes
whas does johann do for a living
Jaime: He is a debt relief lawyer
Dr. Hall: i
hate you
so much
Jaime: Took you long enough
Dr. Hall: no i got it
the whole time
dead mother
charles dance
but you had to make him a debt relief lawyer

Jaime: At least I don t have a twin sister

Dr. Hall: i would have calld the police
Jaime: I was waiting for you to give a sign that you got it
Dr. Hall: i just silently went along with him, knowing
space is coming, don t worry
Fawkes M.: Maybe Someday
Dr. Hall: alright
Naomi finished talking about how gross college is
Narrator : People in the class murmur and mutter to each other.
Steph is quiet
Narrator : Ms. Lao left a while ago, wonder where it is she went.
Jaime isn t paying attention to anything
Steph waits for someone to say there s a rule that if the teacher isn t back in
15 minutes we can just go
Suzie: ... There s a rule, I think, that if the tNurse Foxhole throws the door open
Steph: ......
Nurse Foxhole: Hey there, kids!
I said hey there, kids!
Hello, children!
Nurse Foxhole pulls down his shades and winks
Jaime: ...Mrmm.
Nurse Foxhole: Your teacher s feeling a bit ill and isn t able to teach right no
w, and I m the best they could find, so I ll be conducting history today!
Nurse Foxhole gives a grin and a thumbs up
Nurse Foxhole: Get ready, because Nurse Foxhole is now...
Steph: ...................
Teacher Foxhole: TEACHER FOXHOLE.
Teacher Foxhole walks to the front
Teacher Foxhole: Alrighty!
NJaime looks up to the front of the classroom, finally
Teacher Foxhole: ...
Who s been drawing dicks...?
Ms. Lao...?
No, that s inappropriate.
Let me, just, ah...
Teacher Foxhole doesn t touch the brush
Teacher Foxhole: I don t want to get chalk on my hands...
Let s play a game, kiddies!
I ask a question related to the...
Teacher Foxhole checks the desk
Teacher Foxhole: French Revolution, and whoever gets it wrong has to clean the b
Jaime: .....

Teacher Foxhole: Allllllllllrighttttttttttttttt... Stephanie!

What government did Napoleon overthrow in his rise to power?
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 7
Steph shrugs
Teacher Foxhole: Alrighty, I guess you ll be taking the Chalk Dick off the board
Teacher Foxhole gestures to the brush
Steph goes to clean the board
Teacher Foxhole: The correct answer was "The Directory."
Alright, someone like...
Tell me everything you know about the French Revoluiton!
Narrator : Steph cleans the board to a sparkle.
If you listen, you can hear it.
Fawkes M.: Are any rolls necessary?
board: sparkle sparkle
Steph: fuck yes
Steph sits back down
Narrator : does jaime pay attention
Fawkes M.: Not at all
Narrator : roll
Space: decreased
Narrator : yes
Fawkes M.: rolling {3d20kl1} + -1 for decreased mind
= 0
Space: holy shit
say something ridiculous
Narrator : Jaime thinks so hard a blood vessel in his head bursts, and the most
ludicrous, insane sentence falls out of his mouth.
Space: a critical failure
Jaime: .....
It... was the first battle of World War 1?
Teacher Foxhole claps
Teacher Foxhole: No.
Space: even foxhole knows that
Teacher Foxhole: Alright, clearly you all need a Revolution in the teaching meth
Space rimshot

Jaime: Mm.
Teacher Foxhole quickly folds some paper into a crown
Teacher Foxhole puts it onto Jaime s head
Space: i just noticed that he s now teacher foxhole
Teacher Foxhole: I crown you, Louis XVI, King of France.
Jaime: Um, thank you, Nurse Foxhole.
Steph "is our substitute making eyes at the thug kid," thinks steph
Teacher Foxhole: Teacher Foxhole, but please, call me Pope Foxhole.
Alright, there s your king.
Jaime: .....
Steph looks up at the wall clock
Teacher Foxhole folds up a fancy hat
Teacher Foxhole puts it on Suzie s head
Teacher Foxhole: She s your nobility!
Teacher Foxhole folds up a bishop s hat
Teacher Foxhole puts it on Steph s head
Teacher Foxhole: And here s the Clergy!
Narrator : not even close to over, steph
the pain has only begun
Steph: ...
Steph the faintest sigh
Steph doesn t wanna be a chaplain
Teacher Foxhole: Everyone who is not clergy, nobility, or royalty, to the right
side of the class.
Steph: gabby doesn t deserve a chair
Teacher Foxhole: Now, Upper Estates, please, enjoy the space.
It s all yours.
Teacher Foxhole roots around in the desk
Teacher Foxhole gets some pencils
Teacher Foxhole gives all but one to the left side
Space: this is not such a bad lesson for
well for foxhole
Teacher Foxhole: These are your rights.
Jaime: This is a pencil.
Space: No, they re rights.
Teacher Foxhole tosses one at the rest of the clas
Steph said that
Teacher Foxhole: s
Steph: Look, I can own land and stuff.
Teacher Foxhole gets some quiz papers
Teacher Foxhole: Alright, Upper Estates, you decide who gets to write these.
Teacher Foxhole puts the papers one of their desks

Jaime looks over at Steph

Jaime: Care to do it?
Steph: That s not the clergy s job.
Suzie: ...
Suzie whispers to them
Suzie: He wants us to make the rest do all the work, I think.
Jaime: Well, if I m the king, then you have to listen to me, right?
Steph: Well, king, why don t you decree that they get the quizzes, and we just g
et an A?
Teacher Foxhole: You can t sass the Clergy, sir, that s sacrilegious.
Steph: or
however they grade
in canada
Teacher Foxhole: percents, 1-4, they also say letters
Jaime: If that s true, then why does she get to sass the king?
Teacher Foxhole: Because the Pope says so.
Jaime: This seems a little unfair.
Steph: Pope, can you excommunicate the king?
Pope Foxhole: ...
What s that, you want to give the burden of the taxes to the lower class?
Good thinking!
Pope Foxhole grabs th quizzes
Pope Foxhole hands them to the right side of the class
King Jaime smiles smugly
Archbishop Steph chortles
Pope Foxhole: F-Y-I, those are for marks!
Narrator : Immediately there is an uproar
Just fucking instantly.
Pope Foxhole: Alright, you kids deal with the angry morass, I m going to get a c
Archbishop Steph: this is the symbol of my diocese
King Jaime leans back
Vlad: This is total bullshit.
King Jaime: This isn t so bad, is it?
Jason: T-tht-this is hardly fair...!
Archbishop Steph gets out her notebook
Archbishop Steph starts writing
Jason: We only h-have one pencil!
King Jaime: I wouldn t mind fighting in World War I if it was like this.
Archbishop Steph: Wow.
Jasper: Recall how the French Revolution ended.
With the beheading of the King.
Narrator : Oh
You may want to do something
The class begin to leer at you.
Archbishop Steph whispers to Jaime
Narrator : They re starting to get pissy.
King Jaime whispers back
Narrator : you might want to do something

King Jaime gets up

King Jaime how many pencils does he have
Narrator : more than enough for the whole class
King Jaime speaks to them
King Jaime: Mind sending one of you over here?
Space: even on the threat of revolt
Narrator : They get into a bit of a tussel as to who goes first
Space: the king refuses to condescend to personally approach the masses
King Jaime is just a lazy fucker
Nathan gets out first, being a strong one
Nathan: Yeah, King-man?
King Jaime: Here. Take these.
King Jaime hands him the pencils
Nathan holds them
Nathan: ...
Man, now I got all the rights!
Nathan seems to gloat the pencils over everyone else
Nathan is then assaulted for the pencils
Narrator : A job well done.
Archbishop Steph: You re some Marie Antoinette, Jaime.
Narrator : You sabed your own hides from the anger of the mob.
Space: they ve altered the course of history
King Jaime: Why, was I supposed to do that?
Archbishop Steph: Well, it s good for us.
Space: what would foxhole have done if he got back
just as jaime was being put into a makeshift guillotine
Narrator : he s be shocked
King Jaime: not the hand NOT THE HAND
Revolutionary Foxhole runs in/ wearing some ungodly tricolor and a fake moustach
Space: mother of god
Revolutionary Foxhole: CITIZENS OF FRANZ!
Revolutionary Foxhole the FUCKING FAKE ACCENT
King Jaime looks back at Foxhole
Revolutionary Foxhole: Onhon, lizz en to me, good Franch pepel!
Fawkes M.: I only realized that Foxhole is a man just now
Space: h
Revolutionary Foxhole: Your raghts ave been oppressed by the Keeng and is pall
ies foh tew long!
Mach em raght ze queez!
Viva la France!
Space: foxhole s bio
Generally considered a degenerate loser.
King Jaime: .......
Narrator : The clas pause for a moment.

rolling 1d20
= 3
Fawkes M.: I only clicked it now
Archbishop Steph adjusts her hat
Narrator : They stare deep at the Upper Estates
And begin walking over
Nathan: You can take these pencils and write them yourselves.
Archbishop Steph: Jaime, I think you ought to make a barricade.
King Jaime: We only have, what - two desks?
Archbishop Steph: Better hurry.
King Jaime grumbles as he gits to barricading
Narrator : you may have time
go, fastly
King Jaime: The king needs help!
King Jaime is tipping over desks
Suzie begins aiding in the desks
Suzie: all of the upper estates must rol lbrawn
Archbishop Steph: I only answer to God or something. Deus Vult and such.
Suzie: Hurgh...
Archbishop Steph helps regardless
Archbishop Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Brawn
= 4
Suzie: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Brawn
= 10
Archbishop Steph is evidently not putting much effort into it
Suzie is not the stromgets
King Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Brawn
= 14
Narrator : Jaime, however, carries them, and manages to stall the lower classes

King Jaime yehhhh

Revolutionary Foxhole pokes his head out into the hallway, and nods
King Jaime turns back to Steph
King Jaime: Now what?
Narrator : quickly, hwo do you repel the dirty peasants?
Archbishop Steph shrugs
Archbishop Steph starts tossing out rights over the barricade
Space: rights
Fawkes M. claps slowly
Narrator : They re not satisfied
Revolutionary Foxhole: Your pettie conzeshons ahr naught enoff!
Space: mrs plumber s name doesn t show up under her token
King Jaime: I m pretty sure that those were all of our rights.
Archbishop Steph: The nobility still have some.
Suzie hands them over, none-too-concerned
Revolutionary Foxhole keeps trying to stir up the class
Space: gabby looks so pumped to revolt
look at her
Revolutionary Foxhole: Dohwn wiv ze vahl bourbons!
King Jaime has an idea
King Jaime: ...You want to take down the king, right?
Revolutionary Foxhole: Ohhon, but of course!
King Jaime walks over to Nathan
King Jaime takes off his crown and puts it on Nathan s head
King Jaime: There. He s your king now.
Nathan: Wh-!?
Archbishop Steph: Long live the king.
Nathan is immediatly assaulted by the entire class, again
Archbishop Steph has been boredly writing
Revolutionary Foxhole: ...
Revolutionary Foxhole tears off his fake moustache
King Jaime chuckles to himself as he walks back to this desk
Revolutionary Foxhole: ... Very clever...
Revolutionary Foxhole claps
Space: i picture him making this face
Revolutionary Foxhole: But Teacher Foxhole has ONE last trick of his sleeve!
Revolutionary Foxhole whistles
Archbishop Steph: ..???

King Jaime: .....

Narrator : What the fuck is even happening
Revolutionary Foxhole is whacked in the head with a wood sword because he forgot
to take the tricolor off
Archbishop Steph sets her clergy hat on Jaime
Narrator : They charge in, screaming "Save the King!"
It devolves into utter insanity.
Archbishop Steph goes over here to write
King Jaime: .....
Narrator : What do you, the only ones outside the singularity of violence, do
Archbishop Steph: ...
Archbishop Steph looks up
Archbishop Steph is the path to the door and out clear
King Jaime nigerundayo
Narrator : If you queeze by the KO d body of Foxhole, yes
Archbishop Steph looks up at the clock
Narrator : Eh, it s getting close.
You could be excused.
King Jaime: You re not going to brave it, are you?
Archbishop Steph gathers up her stuff
Archbishop Steph: Brave what?
Archbishop Steph starts sneaking out
Suzie: Hey, take me with you.
roll finesse
Archbishop Steph: Better hurry.
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 13
Suzie: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 19
Space: have we decided on weapons or would it just be whatever the party has on
Jaime decides to not risk the ball of violence heading his way, and also attempt
s to sneak out
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse

= 2
Space: cause if she ever gets a chance to choose a weapon, steph is going bow h
Suzie: would they keep weapons
would they logically have them
Jaime: I m a knife fighter
Narrator : The girls sneak out without much issue, but Jaime trips over Foxhole
and into the path of Theodore the Chicken s claws
rolling 1d8
= 4
Space: yes and yes
Narrator : then you start with your weapon
as long as it isn t absurd
Jaime: --!!
Steph what... is the next class, if indeed there is one
Jaime tries to get up and scramble the fuck out of there
Narrator : It is Drama.
Roll, fakwes
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse
= 6
Narrator : That fucking chicken is hunting him down like a wild animal
Jaime: AAAAA
Jaime is he being hunted in the hall now
Suzie follows after Steph
Narrator : Yes.
Steph: I would have liked Lao s class better.
Jaime: SHOO
Narrator : Roll to get it off
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Brawn

= 10
Narrator : It is fucking clinging to him
Mr. Schmidt stops Steph
Mr. Schmidt: Ms. Karloman!
Jaime runs into a wall in a bid to slam the chicken
Mr. Schmidt: What the devil is going on in your homeroom!?
Narrator : roll brawn, then
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Brawn
= 8
Steph: Ask Foxhole.
And Mrs. Plumber.
And Mr. Pink.
And Mr. Hawthorne.
Narrator : This chicken is possessed by the devil
It is going to kill you.
Jaime: Ghh...! You re asking for it!
Jaime are his hands free
Narrator : Yes.
Mr. Schmidt is stressed as the dick
Jaime reaches for his switchblade, releasing the blade
Mr. Schmidt: Please, just tell me.
Jaime and tries to stab the chicken in the neck
Steph: Well, he s trying to teach the French Revolution.
So he started a big fight.
Narrator : if you suceed mr hawthorne
will kill you
Jaime is dead either way
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse
= 8
Narrator : It
Jaime: Wow
Narrator : fucking
takes his knife
in its beak
and throws it
The spirit of Satan is in Theodore

Jaime: ---!!
Mr. Schmidt: What...?
Space: i m getting booted off the computer
Mr. Schmidt: bye space
Fawkes M.: No...!
Space: cya
Mr. Schmidt: oh well
Space: well i can t help it
Narrator : the train of insanity will continue into tomorrow
Fawkes M.: Resume when we can?
Narrator : yes
Fawkes M.: That was fun
Narrator : ye
teacher foxhole leads to disaster
Fawkes M.: Does Nurse Foxhole lead to cripplings?
Narrator : he s an okay nurse
spends too much time winking and being pathetic
Fawkes M.: Winking at female students?
Narrator : why of course
and female staff
and female everything
how is jaime going to fend off theodore
the satanic chicken
Fawkes M.: Stay tuned for his master plan
Narrator : because he s the eggman
with the master plan
Jaime: Pingas
Narrator : imagine
him just
beaned in the side of the head
with a wood sword
foxhole that is
Narrator : becaus he didn t take off the tricolor
Fawkes M.: It s like aiming a gun at yourself by pure accident
Narrator : it a thanks to
jaime not knowing shit about history
that this session went the way it did
Fawkes M.: Damn Kingslayer
Narrator : dyslexia
Fawkes M.: World War I
Narrator : close enough
Fawkes M.: God, I love that Mind roll
(also can I tweak his stats)
Narrator : yes
Fawkes M.: Moved his +1 from Brawn to Finesse
Because knife fighter
Narrator : good
how do you like foxhole
Fawkes M.: He s amazing
Narrator : good
Fawkes M.: He and Ryuunosuke teach a class together
eldritch s. (GM): just imagine
Space: is this his voice
dear GOD
eldritch s. (GM): i imagine him sounding more pathetic, but it could work as his
singing voice
Space: i picture foxhole dancing like adachi

eldritch s. (GM): shitty moves

Space: this is the best
eldritch s. (GM):
that s mu
the speculated lost continent
Space: a pacific atlantis
eldritch s. (GM): yes
it is speculated to be the origin of the mesoamerican and egyptian cultures
Space: that s zany
eldritch s. (GM): it really is
Steph: yes good
Space: fox is busy but you could grab the mobile probs
eldritch s. (GM): a pm was sent
Space: o death, o death, consider my age
you know i wanna bring in someone in the fg that literally no one will see comin
an until dawn character
a rescue heroes character
or a discworld character
eldritch s. (GM): until dawn or discworld
Space: what you have no nostalgia for rescue heroes
eldritch s. (GM): 1. is discworld, 2 is until dawn
rolling 1d2
= 1
eldritch s. (GM): i remember it but i never liked it
Space: h
eldritch s. (GM): idk
Space: this is good
this is very good
eldritch s. (GM): good
Space: you know when i was bored in class i startede making a list of various th
emed servant sets
just so that at any point if i needed it for an rp i could quick pull one out of
eldritch s. (GM): i like how in the illustraition you can see atlantis too
Space: i need more spanish servants
only got el cid saber and don quijote rider
i have the dude from crime and punishment as a berserker
eldritch s. (GM): rider cortes, perhaps
Space: that s good
olive has dibs on him i think
eldritch s. (GM): cortes didn t fuck around
Space: or some conquistador
eldritch s. (GM): you know when they got to the new world
he fucking lit their boats on fire when they landed
and said
"We will have victory, or we will have death. There will be no retreat."
Space: wow
that s actually badass, even if he was kind of not a very good person
eldritch s. (GM): yes
everything lined up perfectly for cortes
to do his thing

prophecies were supposed to happen then

of gods sailing from the sea and such
and he just happened to come at the right time
eldritch s. (GM): for people to think it was him
Space: just the sheer coincidence
eldritch s. (GM): yes
he was welcomed into their capital
given all sorts of gifts
and offerings
Johann intensifies
eldritch s. (GM): Luke Atmey
Space: who he
Mobile L: Booooooooop
Sorry for taking
Space: hello i am coming up with a servanto list
Mobile L: Ooh
Dr. Hall: Gabriella? Hello? You must stay connected with reality, dear. This is
your therapy session, recall.
Gabby: ...The frick...?
Dr. Hall: this is legit
Mobile L: Ooh eck
YGV7Q0/edit?usp=sharing check it what i got so far
Mobile L: Do I act as though she intended to be in therapy?
Dr. Hall: well he s the school guidance counselor so just assume at some point s
he was asked to visit him
Mobile L: Ah, gotcha
Gabby nods SERIOUSLY and walks in, notebook at her side
eldritch s. (GM): another arabian caster could be suleiman the magnificent
he s not arabian
so much as middle eastern
Space: that works 4 me
eldritch s. (GM): turkish
Dr. Hall: I believe we were adressing the exact causes of your anxiety.
What bothers you, Gabby?
Space: hold on a second
have you seen or played until dawn
Mobile L: No, I don t believe I have
Space: okay hold on lemme just get you a vid
Gabby: ...Well, uh...
Space: to show you dr. hall s general demeanor
eldritch s. (GM): just look up all the therapy sessions
Gabby inhales
eldritch s. (GM): this man is the fucking
fucking therapist
Mobile L: O dear
he talks directly to the player
Gabby: ... M the youngest person here and I think everybody hates me, probably.
I mean, I don t... I don t give a heck if they do, cuz I m not gonna be here lo
ng, but... Uh...
Mobile L: Oh Jesus he s scary already

Space: he wants to help

mobile tell me can you place his accent because i can t sometimes
Mobile L: He s, like, uh
Dr. Hall leans back, barely even looking at her
Mobile L: I wanna say Tennessee, but I m not sure
Space: that sounds about right to me
Dr. Hall: Why would they hate you, Ms. Tran? (pretend the accent is there on the
letter i m lazy)
Mobile L: ...Well, like, I m not here to friggin make friends and be a "bro" an
d have parties like everyone else is. I m only here to learn and crap.
Gabby: jesus dick I said this
Space: i m not here to make friends
quick suggest a servant theme
Mobile L: The Progressive Era
Dr. Hall: Not being a friend, and being hated are two different things, taps his
pen on the desk.
Dr. Hall taps his pen on the desk
Dr. Hall: fuck me
Mobile L: ok bby ;)
Gabby: ...Yeah, I know. But I think people... people think I m a frickin
because of that, and they don t like weirdos in high school.


Gabby sighs tensely

Dr. Hall: And who are they, Ms. Tran?
Who are these elusive haters?
Dr. Hall smiles slightly as he looks through some drawers on his desk
Gabby is mildly skeeved out, but THINKS
Steph: me
i hate you
Gabby: ...I think Jaime hates me, and probably Naomi, and definitely stupid Ms.
Lachance, and maybe Suzie... I dunno about the rest.
Lotta people are quiet, which is good.
Dr. Hall nods
Dr. Hall: Do you think I hate you, Ms. Tran?
Gabby: ...I dunno... Like, it s your job to not hate me, or at least pretend lik
e you don t, but I haven t seen you enough to know if you re pretending or not,
or if you just straight-up hate me.
Dr. Hall smiles
Dr. Hall: Now, normally, I would perform a questionairre at this juncture. Norma
lly being the key word.
Considering your age, however, and some of the questions, I feel a more friutful
method is a hand...
Space: this is good psychological music
Dr. Hall takes drawing out of his desk
Dr. Hall: Title this picture.
Gabby: ...Hey, is this...? Look, no, I m smart enough for a frickin questionnai
re, okay? You don t have to give me the kid stuff...
Gabby pouting a bit
Dr. Hall: Unless you would like me to ask you about your sexual inclinations, I
would ask that you title the picture.

Gabby: ...Oh... Ew...

...Fine, okay... "Family With House", I guess.
Dr. Hall: Interesting answer.
Dr. Hall takes out a set of crayons
Dr. Hall: Color in the picture.
Gabby small sigh, takes the crayons
Dr. Hall: color it in as she would, mobile
Are you a private person, Ms Tran?
Mobile L: oh jegus, wish me luck
Gabby: ...Yeah, pretty much.
Dr. Hall: We all are.
Does it take a while for people to get to know you?
Gabby: Yeah, I mean, they... Yeah. I don t just go and tell people everything rig
ht away. I gotta know that they re decent and not jerks or stupid.
Dr. Hall: Would you prefer to spend time with friends over family?
Gabby: ...No. I like my family. They re nice, and they re cool people and they r
eally understand me. People who don t understand you are just... It s frickin we
...Dang it, lost my frickin beige...
Dr. Hall watches her do it.
Gabby tries to do it neatly so as to look MATURE, but is definitely no Michelang
Dr. Hall pours himself some water
Dr. Hall rifles through his drawers
Gabby looks up at him from time to time, at this point just trying to get the da
ng thing colored
Dr. Hall sets a gun onto the table
Gabby: !
Dr. Hall watches her reaction
Space: it s time for russian roulette
Dr. Hall: A gun.
Do you know if it is loaded?
Gabby: ...N-no...?
Dr. Hall: Do you believe it to be loaded.
Dr. Hall rifles through the drawers
Dr. Hall pulls out an empty whiskey bottle
Dr. Hall places it on the table
Dr. Hall: What do these two objects say to you?
Gabby: ...Like... Friggin unstable alcoholic with bad life choices... O-or some

Dr. Hall: Such a dim view of things.

Dr. Hall places them both back in the drawers
Dr. Hall: I m going to tell you a story.
Dr. Hall drinks his water and clears his throat
Dr. Hall: "Prince Wilhelm is passionately in love with Celestine. But she does n
ot love him. One day, Wilhelm comes to the King and asks for Celestine s hand in
marriage. Celestine begs the king not to marry her to Wilhelm, but the king ign
ores her pleas. Royal protocol means he must say yes to the match. They are marr
ied and Wilhelm takes Celestine back with him to his kingdom. That night, he att
empts to consummate the marriage, but the distraught Celestine flees. She runs f
rom the safety of the castle and across a field, ignoring the sign which warns o
f danger. In that field is a bull, who, seeing the girl, charges her. She falls
under his hooves and is killed instantly."
Please, list the characters in order from most to least blame for her death.
Gabby: ...Okay, uh... Her stupid dad, and then her stupid boyfriend, and then he
r for being all panicky, and then the bull I guess, cuz it s just an animal.
Dr. Hall: The last one who came in switched the prince and the king around.
Space: and the bull and the girl
Gabby: ...Huh. Well, I mean, I guess you could think about it like that, cuz th
e prince did a scumbag thing and was selfish, but... her dad was supposed to be
looking out for her, and he coulda stopped it. That s just... fricked up.
Dr. Hall places
on the table
Dr. Hall: How does this make you feel?
Gabby: ...Uh... Creeped out, a little.
Dr. Hall: Why is that?
Space: it s interesting to see the differences between steph and gabby s answers
Gabby: It s all weird and it s got blank, empty eyes... I mean, it s also kinda
pretty, but masks are freaky in general.
Dr. Hall nods
Dr. Hall hands this pic
Dr. Hall: How about that?
Gabby: ...I dunno, that looks... That s kind of a neat place. All quiet and stuf
f, even though it s urban.
Dr. Hall hands her this picture
Gabby winces a bit, but otherwise looks serious
Gabby: ...Frick...
Dr. Hall: What does it make you feel?
Gabby: ...Like maybe someone died. Probably everyone. That sucks.
Dr. Hall: One last thing, and then we will be done with today s talk.
Gabby: Okay...
Dr. Hall: I want you to organize these images into sexual and non-sexual.
Gabby squints down at them
Dr. Hall: Please, answer honestly.
Mobile L: Sorry, my zoom fucked up
Dr. Hall: no i meant two categories
Mobile L: Oop, fuck

Dr. Hall: either sexual or non sexual

Space: 1 more than what steph had
Dr. Hall: Now, allow me to show you a magic trick!
Mobile L: ?
Dr. Hall flips the cards over
Gabby had that reaction
Dr. Hall: the other images are on the flipside
Space: what s that in the apple
Gabby: ...Dang...
Dr. Hall: the core
Space: oh so it s just a normal apple
Dr. Hall: rotten, presumably
Gabby: ...Does this mean I want to, um...
...Frig guns...?
Dr. Hall: No.
Space: oh my god
Gabby: ...Good. Cuz I don t. That s gross, and dangerous.
Dr. Hall: Though in a strictly Freudian sense, the gun and knife are the most ph
allic of the objects.
Do you see the theme of them?
Gabby: ...Yeah, I do. I, um... The knife kinda did look like a... dong. Those fr
iggin skulls definitely looked like skulls, though.
Dr. Hall: No, the theme of what they truly are?
Dr. Hall leans forward
Dr. Hall points at the gun
Dr. Hall: The gun fires, you die.
Dr. Hall points at the knife
Dr. Hall: The knife cuts. You die.
Dr. Hall noose
Dr. Hall: The noose breaks your neck. You die.
Dr. Hall rotten apple
Dr. Hall: The apple is rotten. It has died.
Dr. Hall animal skull
Dr. Hall: The poor bull has rotted away. It has died.
Dr. Hall human skull
Dr. Hall: The man s skull is bare. He has died.
Dr. Hall points at the cars
Dr. Hall: These cars have fused at the front. They have died.
*The drivers have died.
How does death make you feel?
Dr. Hall stands up
Gabby: ...Not, um... Not romantic or anything. It scares me and I d rather it di
dn t exist.
Dr. Hall: Why mention it?
Dr. Hall turns to her, a coy grin
Gabby: Because you asked me if the friggin images were sexy, you weirdo.

Gabby unamused
Dr. Hall walks over to her
Dr. Hall stares at her
Dr. Hall smile faded
Gabby stares back, visibly unnerved but still just ever so serious
Space: this session is a fair bit more
Dr. Hall pounds his fist on the table, trying to frighten her
Mobile L: Gabby speaks her mind maybe too much
Gabby: !
Dr. Hall smiles again
Dr. Hall: Just playing...
Dr. Hall looks at her picture
Gabby flinches and looks a lil more scared, but is still trying to hold it toge
Dr. Hall takes it.
Gabby did an okay job. Not like a kindergartener, but not like she enjoys art pa
Space: color in the lines
Gabby: ...I dunno what we accomplished here.
Dr. Hall: I ve learned a good deal about you, Gabby.
You take a very dim view on life, don t you?
Dr. Hall points at his glass of water, partially drunk
Dr. Hall: Is it half-full, or half-empty?
Gabby: ...Half-empty... You can tyou can t know me just from that, though. There
s not enough data in this science, that s why they call it "soft".
Dr. Hall smiles
Dr. Hall: You re afraid.
You wouldn t want me to know all about you.
Paranoia, classic, really.
Dr. Hall opens the door to his office
Dr. Hall: But I am afraid we are all out of time.
Until our next session, Ms. Tran.
... Kay.
Dr. Hall: this happened at some point before that class where we re doing the pr
actice sessions
Gabby adjusts her glasses, gets up and heads for the door, looking SRS and just
a bit grouchy
Mobile L: Ooh, gotcha
That was fuckin cool
Space: these are fun
Mobile L: Gabby, as you might tell, doesn t have much faith in psychology

Narrator : does dr hall give her any faith in it

Space: seer i have a question
Narrator : yes
Space: is it just me or was dr hall way meaner to gabby than to steph
Mobile L: I d say he lessens it because all the death shit weirds her the fuck o
And she doesn t like her view being called dim. She thinks he s low-key calling
her a tard or something.
Narrator : gabby was a bit more combatative and he likes making people squirm
Space: good
Mobile L: She is fierce like the little stoat
Space: i wonder how he would get along with jaime
THAT D be a sight to see
Narrator : we ll see at some point, won t we
are you ready to continue with this, space
Mobile L: I bet he s gonna fight it hard
Space: i petted a stray golden retriever at my grandpa s house today
Narrator : grandpappy
right so what happened while you weren t here mobile
Space: alright hold on
Narrator : foxhole tried teaching a class on the french revolution
in place of ms. lao, who is feeling ill
Narrator : he declared jaime, steph and suzie as the upper three estates
everyone else as the others
Steph: i m the archbishop
Jaime: I was king
I broke the sequence
Narrator : it just immediatly imploded into anarchy
it was chracterized by people going from disinterested
to forced to write quizzes given to them by foxhole by the upper estates
to trying to appease the lower estates by giving them pencils
Narrator : to foxhole running in dressed as a revolutionary
and then summoning various members of staff with wooden swords,getting beaned in
the head with one, and them the clas falling into anarchy
and now jaime is being murdered by a chicken on the way to drama
Steph: me and suzie were smart
and escaped
Theodore: you re going to die here, by my hand
Mobile L: Oh jegus fuck, what a mess
Narrator : now
Jaime fights for his life against this evil chicken.
Steph: Anyways, if that s all, I m just going to...
Steph heads to Drama class
Mr. Schmidt: Wait.
Is that boy being killed by Hawthorne s f-wording chicken?
Jaime is running down the hall, trying to look for a narrow corridor

Steph looks back

Steph: ...Yes, it looks like it.
Narrator : There are none, Jaime.
You escaped the storm of violence.
What now
Theodore: I am your God.
Narrator : did the chicken just talk
Gabby is backed against a wall, thoroughly flustered
Gabby: ...Frick, frick, frick!
Jaime is looking around the hall for his dropped switchblade
Space: the chicken is aggressive
Gabby shivers a little and tries to get her bearings/composure
Narrator : roll spirit to stick through the pain and find it
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 14
Steph: ...I m going to be late for class.
Narrator : He manages to find the knife
Mr. Schmidt scratches his head
Mr. Schmidt: ... Peh. Fine.
Jaime: IF YOU ARE GOD...
Mr. Schmidt: I ll handle it.
Jaime raises the knife
Jaime goes to stab the chicken again
Gabby just starts down the hall, trying to shake it off
Mr. Schmidt rolls up his sleeves
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 8
Steph heads to her class room
Narrator : It flings the knife at Gabby, narrowly missing her head
Gabby: BWAH!

Gabby RUNS
Jaime: GHH...
Narrator : Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are talking, what do you do, Steph?
Gabby is literally just
Steph: Excuse me.
Mr. Schmidt is a frazzeled middle-aged man
Mr. Schmidt winds up for a knock-out punch at the chicken
Mr. Schmidt: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Brawn
= 3
Mr. Schmidt punches Jaime in the side of the head
Space: it cannot be stoppped
Gabby gets over to where Steph is and stops, catching her breath
Jaime: Gack--!
Jaime falls over
Mr. Schmidt is then attacked by the chicken
Mobile L: Yo, check this shit out
Jaime: Haah... haah... haah...
Mr. Schmidt runs off, screaming
Space: is that the same artist and everything
Jaime tries to get up
Mobile L: Yep, it is
As was the reaction pic
Space: whos the character
Mobile L: Someone that this artist named Yewon Park made
Ms. Guildenstern turns to look at the students
Ms. Guildenstern: Oh!
Talk to you later, Phillip.
Ms. Guildenstern walks off
Jaime is catching his breath, looking around for his knife again
Gabby looks like she has seen a ghost/is trying to look like she hasn t seen a g
Gabby: ....
Steph: ...
Narrator : Roll, Jaime.

Steph brushes her ponytail back

Jaime roll whot
Narrator : mind
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 17
Gabby: ...Fricken...
Steph looks back at Gabby over her shoulder
Steph: Are you alright?
Narrator : there is the sound of furious screaming as mr schmidt runs into Lacha
nce s class and is beaten upon by both THeodore and Lachance
Gabby terrified little girl trying to look stoic and hard
Space: poor fucking schmidt
Mr. Rosencrantz: ... Uh...
Jaime: ...Mm.
Mr. Rosencrantz rubs the back of his neck
Gabby: ...Y-yeah, m m fine... There s... Crap s just frickin

bananas andand...

Jaime folds the knife, then starts to hobble over to his next class
Space: Let s all just go to class, okay?
Jaime what is his next class
Mr. Rosencrantz: drama
Steph: i said as such
Gabby: ... Kay... Yeah...
Suzie: Sure.
Jaime to that, then
Mr. Rosencrantz: So, uh.
What, your class, I mean, errGabby tries really hard to get her composure back
Mr. Rosencrantz: Where, ah, no, who is-...
Mr. Rosencrantz sighs
Mr. Rosencrantz just shrugs
Mr. Rosencrantz: Hey, kids.
Jaime: .....
Gabby takes a DEEP breath and STUFFS THE WEAKNESS before looking to Mr. Rosencra
Steph: Hey.
Jaime has an awful lot of fresh scratches
Gabby: ...Hi.
Mr. Rosencrantz: ... Are you all I m getting for Drama?

Steph looks back

Steph: ...It looks like it.
Jaime tiredly, part-zonedly nods
Gabby: ...Maybe?
Mr. Rosencrantz steps inside his classroom
Space: 4-man play
Mr. Rosencrantz: Alaright.
Steph files in
Mr. Rosencrantz: Now!
Jaime winces as he sits down
Mr. Rosencrantz: I was originally planning on doing a cold-read on our play this
year, Utopia.
But seeing as our class is...
Gabby feels just a tiny bit bad for Jaime, but not really all that much
Mr. Rosencrantz: We ll have to think of something else worthwhile to do.
Any suggestions>
Steph: Improv?
Mr. Rosencrantz: Sure.
Alright, stand up.
Steph the stand - man or machine
Jaime pushes himself up, wincing again
Gabby stands up, sighing a bit
Mr. Rosencrantz: Now, I ll set the scene.
You are in...
eldritch s. (GM): suggestions suggestions
give them to me
Space: a grocery store
Fawkes M.: the grim darkness of the far future
Mobile L: A hospital
Mr. Rosencrantz: You are in a grim groecery store, attatched to a hospital.
Jaime: ........
Steph: ..........
Gabby raises an eyebrow
Mr. Rosencrantz: What?
You ve never been to those?
Gabby: ...Never mind... Um...
Space: hey mobile
Gabby clears her throat
Space: find a themesong for gabby
Jaime: ...Urm.
Mobile L: O, I did
Mr. Rosencrantz: Yeah, the doctors get a salary and a celery!
Space: gimme it
Space ba dum tsh

Mobile L:
Jaime laughs at that through the pain of his scratches
Fawkes M.: Bee arr bee
Mr. Rosencrantz: Alright, for real this time, you re in groecery store, maybe ge
tting some homo milk, or a bunnyhug if it s walmart, or a new gonch or something
Gabby slow nod
Steph nods, understanding all these terms as she is a native of canada
Mr. Rosencrantz: Now, who are all of you?
What do you want from this store?
Gabby: ...I m the samples lady.
Jaime: ...I m... I m a patient?
Steph: I came for all the free samples.
I m not going to buy anything. I just want free food.
Mr. Rosencrantz: The hospital was a joke, it s just the groecery store.
Jaime: Oh. Then... I m looking for bandaids.
Suzie: I am the voice on the intercom.
Ms. Guildenstern: Alright!
fuck me
Mr. Rosencrantz: Alright!
And... action!
Gabby: ...Hi! How are you? I m great, thanks! Would you like to try our new barb
ecue pork sausage and a saltine cracker? Only $5 each with our mealio dealio!
Steph: ..Oh! Oh, don t mind if I do!
Gabby aggressively shoves the nonexistent foodstuff Steph s way
Steph mimes taking a sample
Steph: Oh, this is great! Really fantastic. Could you point out where you ve got
them stocked?
Jaime: Uh... does anyone have any bandages?
Jaime is not moving from his desk
Mr. Rosencrantz makes an intercom noise with her mouth
Mr. Rosencrantz: *his
fuck wait shit wrong char anyhow
Gabby: Sure thing! They re right over there by the soda display, and may I add,
if you buy 10 7-Ups, we ll throw in an eleventh absolutely free, as part of our
7/11 special.
Suzie is the true culprit, says:
Steph is covertly snatching the samples as she talks
Suzie: Attention all shoppers. The free samples are all made of unused band-aids
Steph: Neat!
Jaime: Oh... really?
Jaime hobbles over there
Suzie: Yes, I, the intercom, will reply to you.
Steph hears the intercom just as she shoves a sample into her mouth
Jaime and starts taking samples

Steph s eyes widen comically

Steph spits it out
Steph: This is disgusting! I thought you said this was pork sausage???
Jaime: These... are they really bandages...?
Jaime is wobbly
Gabby: ...Well sheeeeesh, lady, my manager didn t tell me it was Bandage Day...
Suzie: The intercom says yes.
Buy, consumerist pig.
Steph: Humph! I ought to sue you for libel and false advertising. Perjury, too!
Gabby: ...Oh yeah? I ll have you know we re a big chain, nationwide and with mul
ti-million dollar lawyers.
Jaime: ...Yeah! False supplies are... are...
Jaime faints
Gabby: We re even opening stores in the States, I hear.

... s he acting that out, or...?

Steph: ...?
Steph looks
Steph roll 1d20
Steph: rolling 1d20
= 17
Mr. Rosencrantz: If he s acting, he s doing a good performance.
Great job, Jaime!
Mr. Rosencrantz thumbs up
Jaime is out cold
Jaime actually has weeping wounds
Gabby nervous spectacle-adjust
Mr. Rosencrantz: It s almost like he s actually bleeding.
Steph: ...I guess he really does need band-aids. That s what happens when you la
bel things wrong.
Gabby: ...Capitalism will crush you all.
All of you.
Jaime kayoed
Suzie stands up and walks out
Gabby: ...Especially him.
Steph: Damned bourgeois scum... I ll go get my free food somewhere else. You ll
all s...?
Mr. Rosencrantz: Hey, wh-...
Steph looks at Suzie as she goes
Mr. Rosencrantz sighs
Mr. Rosencrantz: Keep going, she probably just has to use the potty.
Steph: Right, um, where was I... oh, you re all scum.

Jaime continues to bleed from his scratches

Gabby: Scum we may be, consumer, but without corporations like us, you re all a
bunch of PEASANTS!
Mr. Rosencrantz: I ve got to say, Jaime is a great actor today.
Gabby: Peasants without even a single band-aid.
Steph: Band-aid? Why, I have plenty of bandaids!
Steph shows the free samples
Gabby: Yes! Because the company gives them to you.
Steph: No, no, no. I very cleverly stole them!
Gabby: In exchange. For MONEY!
Jaime x_x
Gabby: !
Gabby GASP
Gabby: ...You...!
Steph: You weren t even looking! Thus is the fate of all-...???
Gabby: ...Uh...
Suzie dragged Foxhole s KO d ass from across school
Steph: ...
Gabby: ...he s not acting, too, is he...?
Suzie: Wake him up, we need the nurse. I mean- Attention all shoppers. Wake the
homeless man up.
Steph: ,,,THIS looks like a job for worker s solidarity!
Steph slaps Foxhole s face a little to wake him up
Narrator : roll for slap
Gabby: ...Aha, yes! I can get his pitiful street earnings and amass a FORTUNE!
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 13
Gabby runs over to help
Steph: Worker of the world, unite!
Nurse Foxhole rubs his head
Steph: And make sure he gets band-aids.
Nurse Foxhole: What se- oh.
Right, well.
Gabby: Hiya, do you want to buy some sausage and also bandage this bleeding man?
Nurse Foxhole: Stitches, one[hundred and te- sausage?
Sure, let me just patch him up quick.
Space: is medicine like
the sole thing foxhole is competent in
Jaime bleedan
Gabby winks at him like "just frickin

go with it"

Nurse Foxhole quickly slaps some bandaids and rum on him

Nurse Foxhole: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 2 for Mind
= 11
Jaime would the rum sting an unconscious person
Steph: Socialist healthcare saves the day again!
Nurse Foxhole did a good patchjob
Nurse Foxhole: yes it would
Steph: No thanks to capitalist assistance, of course...
Gabby: ...Hey, so! As a medical hobo, you get 50% off all deli items!
Jaime stirs in his blood-loss delirium
Nurse Foxhole: Alright, that should do until after I get my delicious german mea
t, right in my m- ...
Steph: Eh? Why, that s blatantly unfair!
Nurse Foxhole: I don t even want to finish what sentence.
Gabby: It s part of our "Honor Our National Heroes" special.
Gabby grins EVILLY
Nurse Foxhole: Alright, where s the food?
Jaime: ................
Nurse Foxhole is genuinely oblivious
Gabby: Why, it s right over there, sir, right by the soda display.
Steph: Don t eat the food! It s bandaids stuffed into a sausage casing!
Gabby points at a wall
Steph: Instead, eat delicious communist worker s rations!
Steph offers him something in her empty hands
Nurse Foxhole: ...
Nurse Foxhole looks at the little flask of rum in his hand
Steph: Will give you strength to dig many ditches, comrade!
Gabby: And may I add, if you buy 10 7-Ups, you get the eleventh one absolutely f
ree as part of our 7-11 special!
Nurse Foxhole: You kids haven t been helping yourselves to this, have you?
Steph has segued into a shitty russian accent at some point
Steph: Eh? Nyet, nyet! I am only drinking of the vodka. Makes strong, like bear!
Gabby: Nope, can t drink on the job! Gotta make a huge pile of living!
A heaping mound of sales.
Gabby is conversely trying to sound American
Nurse Foxhole looks at his flask, longingly
Gabby maybe even Texan
Nurse Foxhole: the texan acent canadians do is always texan
*AMERICAN accent
Steph: Yes, yes, big gathering of monetary oppression, we understand.
Mobile L: awww yeh

Nurse Foxhole: ...

Gabby: You wanna come down to my ranch later on for the capitalism hootenanny, p
ard ner?
Nurse Foxhole: I really wanted that moist me- Gah!
Nurse Foxhole quickly leaves
Steph: Look, the hobo who is of hero was frighten by the capitalist leanings!
Narrator : Is Jaime still concious
Jaime nnnnope
Suzie kicks him slightly with her foot
Gabby: ...Well Iiiiiii ll be an armadillo s grandpappy, that feller just plumb t
ook off!
Dagnabbity fiddle-sticks!
Gabby knee slap
Mr. Rosencrantz is just amazed by the acting his students have been doing
Jaime: ...Mmh...
Suzie kicks him harder
Steph: Is true proof of capitalism s inadequacy! True workers are of communist l
eanings and solidarity. Or they are sent to gulag, aha ha ha!
Fawkes M.: Would he still have all his faculties even after noticeable blood los
Suzie: Attention all shoppers, first one to wake up the band-aid man wins free s
Space: at most he d be a bit woozy
Narrator : yes
Gabby: ...Yew best take that there rhetoric elsewhere, city slicker. We don lah
k yer kind round these here parts, no sir.
Jaime: ... m awake, m awake...
Gabby: ...Free sausages? YEEEEEHAW!
Steph: Out of my way, American pig dog! Stephanozky wants free food!
Steph shake shake shake
Narrator : stephanozky
Gabby: Ah need some of them thar sausages fer muh barbecue!
Space: da
Steph: Sausage is only food hardy enough to withstand bitter Siberian winter!
Narrator : Jaime you are being throtteled and jabbed by two girls what do you do
Jaime: Ghh--!
Jaime qickly sits up
Gabby: Ah m gonna give some t mah bloodhound, Ol Reliable!
Space: :)!!!
Steph: Pet bear, Ivan, must have food to grow beeg and stronk!
Jaime: _!_
Jaime scrambles up to his feet, running to take cover around the corner
Gabby: ...Holy sassafrass, ah think he s comin to!

Narrator : it s two *s to bold it

Jaime: !
Narrator : Jaime, try and remember your mission?
Steph: Store Czar! I was the one to awaken the sleeping beast.
Jaime puts a hand to his head, trying to recall
Jaime: rolling {3d20kl1} + -1 for decreased mind
= 9
Suzie: Attention shoppers. First one to get him back in the class gets two sausa
Gabby: Nuh-uh you wasn t! It was mah strong murrican pokin what woke the felle
Steph: Aah!
Gabby: ...YEEEEHAW!
Suzie is perfectly monotone at all times
Steph rushes out for Jaime
Gabby runs out after the wayward Snake
Gabby mimes throwing a lasso at him
Colonel Theodore: SNAKE
Snake, remember what De Gaulle said.
Jaime: --!
Suzie: ...
Colonel Theodore: The graveyards are filled with indespensable men.
careful, and avoid a fight when you can. Use your skills at CQC!
Steph: URAH

Try to be

Suzie mouthes to herself "What the fuck"

Steph tries to get him in a bear hug
Jaime tries to put Steph in a CQC chokehold
Steph: Gh--!
Space: is he miming it or is he straight up mgs-ing it
Gabby grabs for his ankles with her little noodly Texas murrica arms
Colonel Theodore: Good, Snake. Good... now, eliminate witnesses.
Jaime actually doing it
Colonel Theodore: For your country, Snake. Remember the mission...
Take the knife. You know what to do.
Steph choking noises
Jaime: ...Colonel?
Colonel Theodore: Don t disappoint me, Snake... or you ll be next on the choppin
g block.
Colonel Theodore clucks

Steph: (You re-- actually choking me-!!)

Suzie just stares at this stupidity
Jaime: ...
Jaime just tries to push Steph into Gabby
Mr. Rosencrantz is amazed at the acting potential
Steph: --!!!
Gabby: !!
Steph topples over
Narrator : look at the colonel there
Gabby gets landed on and is TINY
Colonel Theodore: Good... good...
Gabby: ...Ow...
Colonel Theodore: Your country thanks you, Snake... but the job s not done.
While they re down.
Take your knife.
Make it clean.
Jaime tries to flee into an air duct
Narrator : roll finesse
Colonel Theodore: Make them all clean, Snake! Purify them in fire and flame!
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 14
Colonel Theodore: Yes, burn it all! Burn it to ash!!
Narrator : He lithely wrrigles into the airvent
Jaime: Colonel... I want to know something.
Colonel Theodore: For this world is a den of sin and iniquity, a world of utter
wickedness. It is a world of men, not snakes!
Steph: Guh...
Jaime: Have we ever actually met in person?
Steph gets up off Gabby
Mr. Rosencrantz: Hey. are you two okay?
Gabby adjusts her glasses
Colonel Theodore: Snake... listen to me.
Gabby: ...Yeah... Did he frickin hit his head?
Mr. Rosencrantz: I think he must have gotten a little too into it!
Gabby: ...I don t fully understand what just happened...
Gabby stares down at her hands
Mr. Rosencrantz: ... Neither do I.
Jaime: ......
Mr. Rosencrantz: Neither do I...

Jaime starts to crawl through the air duct

Gabby: ...Acting is weird.
Mr. Rosencrantz: roll finesse for stealth
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 11
Mr. Rosencrantz: It can be, the passion can just take you right away!
Jaime: Aww yeh
Colonel Theodore: Snake, something happened to me last Thursday when I was drivi
ng home.
Narrator : He makes it over Ms. Lahance s class without her hearing and butcheri
gn him. He does, however, hear her screaming at Mr. Schmidt
Jaime: ...What happened?
Jaime stays still for now
Gabby: ...I dunno... I dunno if having passion is safe...
Colonel Theodore: I had a couple of miles to go -- I looked up and saw a glowing
orange object in the sky. To the east! It was moving very irregularly... sudden
ly there was intense light all around me - and when I came to, I was home.
What do you think happened to me...?
Steph: Have you done acting before?
Mr. Rosencrantz: Sometimes it can be dangerous, I ll admit...
Jaime: Maybe you were just in a dream.
Mr. Rosencrantz: Who?
roll for stealth again, jaime
Colonel Theodore: ...Even my patience has its limits. I just can t leave it to y
ou any longer. I ll do the fighting! You can just go home!
Jaime: Go home...?
Steph: Gabby, I mean.
Gabby: ...Uh, no, never.
Mr. Rosencrantz: You did a great job, you two.
Colonel Theodore: An anemone or clematis plants juice can cause a rash. When pru
ning them, its a good idea to wear gloves.
Steph: I ve had a little bit of experience.
Jaime: .......
Mr. Rosencrantz: Oh really?
Gabby: ...Thanks...
Colonel Theodore: Actually, I am in really bad shape financially. I pay money to
my ex-wife as part of our divorce settlement, among other bills... I just had n
o choice but to make you pay for lunch the other day. I m really sorry.
Jaime: ...................
Gabby internally wrestles with how fun that was vs. how ridiculous it made her l
ook/how science-unrelated it is
Colonel Theodore: I was a North American Fall Webworm in my past life. Those wer
e the good old days... What were you in your former life?
Jaime: I was a... a...
Jaime furrows his brow, unable to remember
Colonel Theodore: That reminds me, I saw Gubayama the other day in Shibomnigee.
He said to give you his best.
Jaime: ........

Steph: You re sure you didn t have any experience? You were a natural.
Gabby: ...Uh, y-yeah... Really?
Jaime goes back to crawling in the air ducts with wounds that will not heal
Mr. Rosencrantz: roll stealth assdick
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 7
Mr. Rosencrantz: Oh yeah, definitely.
Mr. Hawthorne !
Colonel Theodore: I hear it s amaaaaazing when the famous purple stuffed worm in
flap-jaw space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-Kiri Rock! I need
scissors! 61!
Mr. Hawthorne looks up at the ceiling
Mr. Hawthorne: What s up in the vents...
Mr. Hawthorne the bird crashes through a duct cover
Colonel Theodore: Laugh and grow fat!
Gabby: ...Dang... I don t... I m not gonna be an actress, though.
Gabby brushes her hair back with a hand
Steph: Well, you could always take it as a hobby. Community theater or something
. It s an option to look into.
Jaime: --!!
Jaime pulls out his knife again, trying to lunge at the chicken from his prone p
Gabby: ...Maybe... Guess that d be kinda fun... Hm.
Mr. Hawthorne: roll finesse
Mr. Rosencrantz: It s always an option, like Steph said.
Gabby: ...And I guess you could, too. That, uh... You were pretty convincing abo
ut the band-aid eating, I guess.
Steph: Heh, thanks...
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 12
Narrator : There is one last.
Great clash.
Between good and evil in that vent.
Colonel Theodore: One must die and one must live. No victory, no defeat. The sur
vivor will carry on the fight. It is our destiny... The one who survives will in
herit the title of Boss. And the one who inherits the title of Boss will face an

existence of endless battle. I ll give you ten minutes. In ten minutes, MiGs wi
ll come and bomb the hell out of this place. If you can beat me in less than ten
minutes, you ll be able to escape in time.
Narrator : Jaime caught Theodore, and there was a great struggle.
Colonel Theodore: Jaime, let s make this the greatest ten minutes of our lives!
Narrator : Before the vent gave, and the fell into the classroom.
Gabby nods and... smiles just a tiny bit, before flinching at the noise of the c
Jaime falls, wounds reopening under the bandages
Jaime: ...
Colonel Theodore: ...?
Mobile L: Man, poor Jaime
Steph: me
Mr. Hawthorne: What in the devil!?
Steph: is who did the ...?
Gabby: ...Was that...?
Jaime has a somber look in his face, as he raises his knife against the chicken
Mr. Hawthorne: Wh- Oh no you don t, bou!
Mr. Hawthorne throws his wooden sword at him
Mr. Hawthorne: roll to deflect or dodge or what have you
Steph: ...I don t want to know that much.
Maybe we should call an ambulance.
Mr. Rosencrantz: ...
Gabby: ...Yeah, y know, me neither.
Mr. Rosencrantz: Yeah, uh.
Gabby: ...Yeah.
Mr. Rosencrantz: I ll get on that.
Jaime dodge rolls
Mr. Rosencrantz pulls out his cell and dials 911
Gabby nods
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 5
Steph: Okay, good...
Steph how many more classes are there in this strange day
Narrator : The pain of bending and mvoing with the scratches slows him to the po
int where he gets beaned with the wood sword
Gabby: ...Frickin Grandma and Grandpa aren t gonna believe this, at all...
Steph: Do you live with your grandparents?
Narrator : one left, but since mr schmidt had the snot kicked out of him you mig
ht not be bale to do it
maybe you will get out early
Jaime: Ghh--!
Jaime is sent reeling
Gabby: ...Yeah. They re nice.

Jaime tries to get up, his wounds inhibiting him

Narrator : As Jaime is sent reeling
Steph smiles a little bit
Steph: I live with my grandfather.
Narrator : He sees into Theodore s cold
Evil eyes.
He sees the monster for what it really is.
A fucking asshole chicken.
That he failed to beat up.
Jaime: ...........
Jaime scowls
Narrator : Teachers run to restrain him
Gabby: ...Ooh. Heck, that s neat... Maybe my grandparents have met him?
Jaime attempts to throw the switchblade at the chicken before he gets restrained
Narrator : roll
Jaime finesse?
Narrator : sure
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 8
Steph: Maybe. does the name Ronald Karling ring a bell?
Suzie: ... Today s been really dumb.
Gabby thinks
Gabby: ...Don t think so, no. I d have to ask them.
Steph: Today was tiring.
Narrator : It misses
Gabby: ...Yeah. Frickin nuts, and stupid.
Narrator : He is dragged off by the teachers
Jaime yells in rage and sorrow as he is dragged off
Gabby: ...God, I can t wait until college.
Space: fallen hero
Narrator : Mr Hawthorne summons other staff to take Jaime to the library
Mobile L: Poor, poor Jaime
Narrator : It takes all of their strength to take him
Space: mr hawthorne casts a spell
holy shit look
5 teachers
and Teacher Foxhole
Steph: .ne watches silently
Mr. Rosencrantz: ... What?
Mr. Rosencrantz hangs up after calling 911

Gabby does too, squinting at the spectacle through her GIANT GLASSES
Gabby: ...I dunno, he
*he s weird in the head.
Steph says nothing
Narrator : Eventually, the ambulance arrived.
Jaime was carted off to the hospital, where he was later discharged in a wheelch
air or some shit, it was really cool.
Jaime what is the verdict
Gabby also wrestles with... positive feelings...? Towards a fellow student???
Narrator : Also someone started a fire while the staff was distracted, and smear
ed "TUNNEL SNAKES RULE" all over the bathroom wall in shit
Mobile L: Ewww
Steph is done
Steph is just done
Gabby is pretty done as well
Narrator : Mr. Hawthrone contemplated pressing charges, but decided that tomorro
w he would hold a mock-trail to decide how/if Jaime should be punished.
Space: that sentence i feel
Narrator : School got out early.
Space: sums up hawthorne very well
i think
to keep it in mind
Narrator : yes
Steph takes the bus home
Gabby rides home with her GRANDPARENTS
Narrator : Steph went home, where her grandfather was confused by what he heard
on the news that day.
Gabby went home, where her grandparents were also confused.
Jaime went home.
Space: that s mildly foreboding
Narrator : Where his father was not amused.
Jaime: .....
Space: that s absolutely foreboding
i m scared of jaime s dad just
Mobile L: Spooky
Narrator : and that s where i m leaving it
Space: that was good
and this is a good ending song
Narrator : all of the people have nice guardians
except jaime, really
Fawkes M.: If I had known that you knew about the blatant Lannisterness
I would ve asked to name Jaime s dad Tyler
Narrator : i like johann better
Fawkes M.: Yeah
It s more foreboding
Space: do gabby s grandparents have portraits
Narrator : every time jaime s father appears
people die
Mobile L: Czech em
Space: oh shit that s them?
Mobile L: It them

Space: i thought they were douglas s parents or something

who is douglas anyways
Mobile L: Oh, they are. Douglas is Gabby s bio dad
Space: he looks scary
Mobile L: He s a dumb weeb
Space: on a scariness ranking of the guardians
from least to most scary
eunice, ronald, jasper, douglas, johann
Mobile L: Douglas prolly isn t even a proper guardian because he s a total deadb
Space: what are they like
Narrator : i made it so that the guardian s sheets are visible to the player who
se parent they are the guardian of
and not other people before they are met in the game
Space: good
Mobile L: Ah. Then I will say no more
Space: feh
who is !?! seer
Narrator : i think you can understand the general nature of of them without the
Space: seer do you want a tip for art faceclaims
SMT series npcs
Narrator : i ve been considerign it
sadly i don t think i ll need anymore
Mobile L: I really lucked out on Eunice and Jasper s portraits
Space: woah this is all the npcs we ll need?
Narrator : i think yeah
quality over quantity
Space: i feel like
things are gonna start out all nice and funny
and devolve into darkness and insanity
Narrator : but the johann shows up
Mobile L: I just found it in the old people section of that Pinterest, and son o
f a bitch, they happened to look vaguely Asian
Fawkes M.: Privy
Space: i m absolutely all for darkness and insanity let me tell you
Mobile L: Oh, same
Poor little grill
Space: hey seer here s an ending theme for you
Narrator : what is it
Narrator : foxhole s singing
Mobile L: Oh jegus
Narrator : this is how he tried to find love with song
Mobile L: I bet he got lucky
Narrator : he followed a woman around
singing this
Mobile L: Charming
pick the last one if nothing else
it s the best
Narrator : the other voices are his deadbeat buddies
douglas is probably one of them
Space: yeah you know what i can see douglas and foxhole being friends
Mobile L: Eheheheh
Space: you know
the grandparents are good
but the actual fathers
are bad

Mobile L: That s weird

Space: kindness skips a generation
Mobile L: That wasn t even intentional, either
Narrator : that s an interesting coincidence
where is douglas from in canada
Space: ontario
Narrator : you said that gabby s mother was from quebec
that he knocked up at a renisannace fair
Space: hey i have a question
Mobile L: Yep. I think either he went to Quebec for the ren fair or she went to
Space: where in canada is this set
Narrator : i ve delibrately been dodging around it
Mobile L: She didn t abort because she s a Catholic Girl with Morals
Space: alberta
Narrator : i d say bc
it just has bigger cities
Space: that s true
Narrator : alberta s like the usa of canada
it s the most right wing
oil up the asshole
Space: seer who s your favorite npc so far
Narrator : i like playing foxhole so far
lachance too
Mobile L: I like them too
Narrator : dr. hall is very fun, as well
Space: lachance intimidates me
Mobile L: I also like Rozencrantz
Space: i can just read dr hall s lines in his voice
Mobile L: Oh yes, and Dr. Hall
He s fuckin weird
Space: he s here to help
Mobile L: Gabby doesn t trust him
Narrator : who do you favor
Fawkes M.: Theodore is the best
Space: i like foxglove and hill
for different reasons
johann had great buildup
Mobile L: I like Hall, Rozencrantz and Lachance
Narrator : why hall
Space: oates is better
Mobile L: Hall is just fuckin weird and spooky
And he intimidated a little girl
*intentionally did so
That is intrinsically odd
Does Canada have any Vietnamese, or did I pull that outta my ass?
Space: im sure it does
Mobile L: Like, down here in North Texas, there are really sizable pockets of Vi
etnamese immigrants
And lotsa Vietnamese food markets
I quite like those
They have really good stuff
Space: in wisconsin theres a fairly sizeable hmong populace
Mobile L: That s pretty cool
I d like to go back to the food markets again for those effing wonderful prawn c
Shit, I could eat a million of those things
Space: mail me some

Mobile L: I ll do my best, if there s any left over :P

Space: many thanks... trying new foods is always good
Fawkes M.: Do they have Asian supermarkets there?
Space: not in my neck of the woods but i would imagine so in the larger cities l
ike madison
Fawkes M.: They have an awful lot of them in my suburb area
Mobile L: Oh, to live there
I have to drive to [REDACTED METRO AREA] to get to one
Haven t been since I was an adolescent
Space: well friends i
was supposed to go to bed 2 hours ago
Mobile L: Oh dear..
Fawkes M.: Night
Space: this ll be the point i make my graceful exit
oh it s fine
Mobile L: G night, dawg diggity
Space: fare well
Mobile L: Sheezus, Gabby is really growing on me
Fawkes M.: Jaime ought to interact with her more
Mobile L: F real
I was worried I half-assed her at first
Narrator : it s not that like canada has a lack of vietnemese but i do not beliv
e us to have massive numbers
Mobile L: I see
Fawkes M.: Never the majority...
Mobile L: Cept in Vietnam :P
Ah Christ it s 1 AM already
Fawkes M.: Erryone is sleeping
Narrator : we do have lots of chinese
Mobile L: Ah
I guess I went for Vietnamese cuz of my Texan bias or some shit :P
Fawkes M.: I can t picture the diaspora
I figured that gold rush = hella migrations to California
Mobile L: California was pretty fuckin racist for a long time, right?
Narrator : you know victoria has the second oldest chinatown in the americas
behind only san fran
Mobile L: Whoa, schet
That s cool
Fawkes M.: I believe there was much discrimination, yes
What caused the diaspora to Victoria?
Narrator : it was the gold rush
Mobile L: Damn, gold rush migrations on two fronts
Narrator : Victoria s Chinatown had its beginnings in the mid-nineteenth century
in the mass influx of miners from California to what is now British Columbia in
Fawkes M.: Disgruntled miners?
Narrator : i d assume
Mobile L: Eff it all, I gotta get some sleep so I don t hate myself tomorrow mor
G night, dudes
Fawkes M.: Good knight
Narrator :
Fawkes M.: How exactly is the Canadian race defined?
(Also gonna migrate to fone)
Narrator : idk
One Who Brings Darkness: Fade into shadows...
One Who Devours : FEED MY HUNGER.
One Who Laments : Or submit to despair...
Mr. Mu: These are the fates given to you, my sorry friends.
Perhaps you could reject them?

eldritch s. (GM): hello

i m browing tumblr
i ve found something that while visually is totally okay
it is an audio-reading
of like
the most vulgar usernames ever
eldritch s. (GM): with a professional
paid voice actor
and an ominous musical score
and it s really long
Fawkes M.: Link it here
eldritch s. (GM):
Fawkes M.: These are amazing
eldritch s. (GM): it really is
are you ready to commence sinning
Jaime: Meeeep
Narrator : On the day of Jaime s Mock-trial, the staff insisted he speak with th
e school guidance counselor, Dr. Alber Hall, who has quite the eerie reputation.
Dr. Hall: mobile is coming, do not fear
Dr. Hall stirs the sugar into his cup of tea
Jaime: ..........
Dr. Hall: You see nervous, Jaime. Don t be.
Jaime: Well, what do you expect me to say?
Dr. Hall smiles at him
Dr. Hall: Nothing, just yet.
Dr. Hall sips his tea
Mobile L: Bup
Dr. Hall: You re not here because you want to be, but I don t think that should
mean you get nothing from the experience.
I ll get business out of the way before we go on.
Jaime: ...Business?
Dr. Hall: Were you, at the time of incident with Theodore, in your right mind?
Jaime: ...No.
Dr. Hall grins
Dr. Hall: The insanity plea might be a fine way
However, that will nessecitate you visit me for
Jaime: Until when?
Dr. Hall: Until I deem you are mentally healthy
Now, with this out of the way, I d like to have

these sessions regularily.
once again.
a session.

Dr. Hall leans forward.

Jaime reflexively leans backward
Dr. Hall: Are you a private person, Jaime?
Jaime: What do you mean?
Dr. Hall: I mean what I have asked.
Please, answer with honesty. It will help you get more from the time we spend to
Jaime: ...I like to think that I m social.
Social, healthy, and free from allergies to poultry.
Dr. Hall: Does it take a while for people to get to know you?
Dr. Hall begins writing things down in his little notebook

Jaime: A little while, but nothing terrible.

Dr. Hall: Do you prefer to spend times with friends over family?
Jaime: ...Yes.
Dr. Hall: Very interesting.
Let s play a game, so to speak, of word association.
I will say a wor,d you will tell me the first one that comes to mind.
Jaime: Dead.
Dr. Hall pauses as he writes for a moment
Dr. Hall: Father.
Jaime: Working.
Dr. Hall: Enemy.
Jaime: Fight.
Dr. Hall: Friend.
Jaime: Brother.
Dr. Hall: Life.
Jaime: Love.
Dr. Hall: Death.
Jaime: Taxes.
Dr. Hall smiles
Dr. Hall: Very clever.
You re very driect, aren t you?
Jaime: For better or for worse.
Dr. Hall: Don t worry, I like that in my patients.
How was it that your mother died?
Jaime: ...She died in childbirth.
Dr. Hall: Yours?
Jaime: No. My brother s.
Dr. Hall: Interesting.
I believe that to give me a picture of your home life, we will expand on this la
Now, I m going to tell you a story.
Jaime: What is it?
Dr. Hall clears his throat and sips his tea
Dr. Hall: "Prince Wilhelm is passionately in love with Celestine. But she does n
ot love him. One day, Wilhelm comes to the King and asks for Celestine s hand in
marriage. Celestine begs the king not to marry her to Wilhelm, but the king ign
ores her pleas. Royal protocol means he must say yes to the match. They are marr
ied and Wilhelm takes Celestine back with him to his kingdom. That night, he att
empts to consummate the marriage, but the distraught Celestine flees. She runs f
rom the safety of the castle and across a field, ignoring the sign which warns o
f danger. In that field is a bull, who, seeing the girl, charges her. She falls
under his hooves and is killed instantly."
Please, list the bull and three humans in order of their guilt.
*guilt for her death.
Jaime: .....
Everyone ranks below Celestine.
Dr. Hall: You see Celestine as responsible for her own death?
Jaime: She ignored the signs, didn t she?
Dr. Hall: In distress.
But- It is not my place to judge your answers.
Simply to record and understand them.
Dr. Hall writes this down
Dr. Hall: It is uncommon, though.

Jaime: What do people usually say?

Dr. Hall: My previous patients often put her low.
Least or second least.
Jaime: And I presume that the bull was the highest?
Dr. Hall: Often not.
If Celestine is not the lowest, it will be the bull.
They commonly trade spots.
Jaime: It s just an animal.
Even if it was the one that pulled the trigger.
Dr. Hall: Yes. That is the reasoning.
Mobile L: Fuckin interesting how different these responses are
Dr. Hall: Your response is unique, and so have your previous ones.
You re quite special.
Dr. Hall places a picture on the table
Jaime: ...I
Dr. Hall: Title this picture.
Jaime: "A House with a Family."
Dr. Hall: Hmhm.
Jaime: What do people usually title it?
Dr. Hall: Much the same.
Family with House, or something similar.
Do you think that marriage can really last?
Jaime: ...I haven t looked at the statistics.
Dr. Hall: back i am
Mobile L: Welcome to live
Dr. Hall: This is just how you feel on the subject.
Jaime: I can t really say how I feel about it. It could go either way...
Dr. Hall: Should a couple stay together for the kids?
Jaime: Yes.
Dr. Hall: Do you think it is a good idea to marry young?
Jaime: Not too young.
Dr. Hall: Which do you value more, loyalty... or honesty?
Jaime: ...Loyalty.
Dr. Hall: Loyalty or charity?
Jaime: It all depends on what you re loyal to.
Dr. Hall: Of those two virtues.
Which do you value more.
Jaime: ...
Dr. Hall: Interesting.
One last thing, and then I ll let you go.
Two more things.
Jaime: What are they?
Dr. Hall pulls out a picture:
Dr. Hall: How does this make you feel?
Jaime shrugs
Jaime: I see it in the news all the time.
Dr. Hall: Desensitized, I see.
Dr. Hall pulls out this
Dr. Hall: How does this make you feel?
Jaime: ...
It s okay, I think.

Art, right?
Dr. Hall: A venetian carnival mask.
Now, the final examination for today.
Jaime: I m not afraid of carnivals.
Dr. Hall pulls out cards
Dr. Hall: Organize these into two categories, sexual and non-sexual.
Jaime: ...
Dr. Hall: Organize these images into two categories.
Sexual and non-sexual.
According to Freud, much of the human psyche has its roots in sex.
Jaime: ...Tch.
Jaime just puts random cards into the sexual and non-sexual piles
Dr. Hall: ... Interesting result.
Dr. Hall flips through his notes
Dr. Hall: You did answer honestly, correct?
Jaime: Why, what do those cards say?
Dr. Hall: Well, these results line up with data that would indicate...
You to be a compulsive masturbater and closeted homosexual.
Jaime: ....
Mobile L: Ahahaha
Jaime: Actually.....
Jaime just puts all the cards into the non-sexual pile
Dr. Hall smiles
Jaime except for the vaguely penile one
Dr. Hall: which is that
circle it
Jaime: rolling 1d20
= 15
Jaime actually, he just puts the top one in the non-sexual pile
Jaime: *sexual
Dr. Hall still smiles
Dr. Hall: I can tell when someone fudges this test.
Now, for a little magic trick.
Dr. Hall flips the cards over
Dr. Hall the new images on the flipside
Dr. Hall: When the fog clears, you see the objects for what they truly are.
Jaime: ...Is that a...
Jaime trying to get a close look at the top card
Dr. Hall: A loaded revolver, pointed towards you.
Jaime: ...Are you trying to imply anything?
Dr. Hall: It is meant to ellict a reaction for me to study.
Jaime: ...
Is that it?

Dr. Hall: What is the theme in these objects?

Jaime: Omnes moriuntur.
Dr. Hall: A bit of latin?
Jaime: It s just something on a mug at home.
"All men die." It s pretentious, I know.
Dr. Hall: The irony in that statement is that it was made in a dead language.
But yes, that will be all.
I eagerly await the results of the trial.
Jaime: ...Mm.
Can I ask something?
Dr. Hall: Of course.
Jaime: What is a "mock trial"?
Dr. Hall: An imitation of a trial, not conducted by a real court.
Mr. Hawthorne intends to try you in the school over whether or not to press real
charge for a real court.
Jaime: Charges for what?
Dr. Hall: Presumably attacking his chicken with a knife, having the knife in the
school, as I should remind you that by the Criminal Code of Canada, switchblade
s are prohibited weapons, and crawling around in the vents without permission.
Jaime: ...Well, what if it was all in self-defense?
Dr. Hall: You can say that in the trial.
I m no lawyer.
However, I would assume that Hawthorne will allow you to pick someone to defend
you in the mock-trial.
Jaime: I would hope so.
Dr. Hall: I m not clear on how he will be running.
*running it.
Jaime: Is there a chance that it will be like that one movie?
Where the judge gave him a choice between death and exile, and he chose death, o
nly to receive death by exile?
Dr. Hall shurgs
Dr. Hall: I don t know.
Dr. Hall checks his watch
Dr. Hall: ... But I m afraid that s all the time we have.
Jaime: It was well-spent.
Dr. Hall nods as he stands up, opens the door to the hall
Dr. Hall: Your trial is waiting.
Jaime stands up
Jaime steps through
Fawkes M.: Is this a scene or no?
Dr. Hall: scene
Mobile L: Damn, Dr. Hall and Jaime are on similar wavelengths
eldritch s. (GM): sorry to have summoned you mobile i had not thought i would ha
ve been called a way for so long
Mobile L: Nah, s cool, I enjoyed
eldritch s. (GM): who will defend jaime
Mobile L: Hmmmmmmm
eldritch s. (GM): who will prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law
Mobile L: #jaimedidnothing
Fawkes M.: Who is the most privy towards bribes?
eldritch s. (GM): by privy do you mean liable to except or liable to reject
Fawkes M.: Accept

Mobile L: Maybe Gabby would accept if properly convinced that it would make her
look smart
eldritch s. (GM): lachance, foxhole
vlad, naomi, nathan, suzie, lilly, if students were selected
Mobile L: If not, she could try to be the stenographer like her grandma
eldritch s. (GM): she pulls one out of her pocket
Gabby: step aside, beeyotches, pro stenographer coming through B/
eldritch s. (GM): o canada
Mobile L: Canada ROCKS
Fawkes M.: I m liking the idea of Gabby
Let s see how much it d take for Steph to forgive the strangling
eldritch s. (GM): three hundred billion dollars
Mobile L: Then she would probably force someone else to be the stenographer, jus
t to do her grandma proud
Aww yeh I love jazz eva
eldritch s. (GM): i just recalled those steven universe promos i saw this day
they got me hype for it again
promos that did their job, isn t that something
Mobile L: Ooh, well fuck yeah
eldritch s. (GM):
Mobile L: Ooh shet
Someone s talllllllllll
eldritch s. (GM): yes
that one who turns
they re a character who has been built up
as this big superior figure to the dickhead gems
and hasn t been shown physically until that promo
Mobile L: Oh my
Well she s kinda scary
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Mobile L: I remember listening to this one in the junior college library while w
orking on a computer science homework involving databases
I think it helped a lot
eldritch s. (GM): shit s about to get freudian
Mobile L: Ponoses
Okay, speaking of Freudian
For whatever reason, I have this recurring dream segment where large-ish locks o
f my hair rot off in my hand and it spoops me a little bit
Fawkes M.: Rot off your scalp?
Mobile L: Yeah, or at least in the middle of the hair strand
Last time it was specifically the bit I got highlights in
Which sucked because I really like how the highlights came out
Freaky shit
eldritch s. (GM): highlights cause your hair to rot away, trufax
Fawkes M.: You have highlights?
Mobile L: Yeah, I got them at the beginning of this year
I m blonde, but it s a very dark blonde, so I got lighter streaks done
Fawkes M.: Do those naturally fade?
Mobile L: I think so. Once they do, I think I ll go back and get them redone
I don t think I d like my whole hair to be that light, but the streaks really ma
ke it pop
Fawkes M.: Vibrant
Mobile L: Yep, or so I hope
Ooh heck
eldritch s. (GM): liz rubik
Mobile L: She looks tuff and ruff and like she d hurt some stuff
eldritch s. (GM): yeah but not that One Who Brings Darkness pansy
One Who Brings Darkness: "Not Chaos, not

The darkest pit of lowest Erebus,

Nor aught of blinder vacancy, scooped out
By help of dreamscan breed such fear and awe
As fall upon us often when we look
Into our Minds, into the Mind of Man
One Who Brings Darkness: My Haunt, and the main region of my song."
Mobile L: He doesn t look like he plays around so much
Oh dear
One Who Devours : But see, amid the mimic rout
A crawling shape intrude!
A blood-red thing that writhes from out
The scenic solitude!
It writhes!- it writhes!- with mortal pangs
The mimes become its food,
One Who Devours : In human gore imbued.
And seraphs sob at vermin fangs
One Who Laments : Oer the midnight moorlands crying,
Thro the cypress forests sighing,
In the night-wind madly flying,
Hellish forms with streaming hair;
In the barren branches creaking,
By the stagnant swamp-pools speaking,
One Who Laments : Past the shore-cliffs ever shrieking;
Damnd daemons of despair.
Mobile L: Ooh eck
eldritch s. (GM): gordon knotts is a name with a joke in it
Mobile L: Gordian knots
eldritch s. (GM): yes
like suzie rain
Mobile L: B)
Aww, Animal Crossing
Man, this is a nice arrangement
Oh, BTW, more work on AdEVA today
I think we are coming quite close
eldritch s. (GM): i noticed that the roll20 had recieved occupancy earlier today
Mobile L: I happened to be on early in the day and hit Olive up
Just gotta figure out how the fuck to make city maps for giant robots
And city maps in general
ahahahahaha... ha... kill me
eldritch s. (GM): your suffering won t end until i get my maps
Mobile L: noooooo
Eh, I ll hammer them out soon. I just have to get motivated/some time
I must now sleeeeeep
G night
eldritch s. (GM): godbye
One Who Laments : Do you imagine it possible to combat despair?
How long must you cling to the vagaries of your mortal coil...?
Mobile L: Hup hup
eldritch s. (GM): after i sent you the pm i checked skpe and fawkes had vanished
now space has too
isn t that always fun
Mobile L: Ah man
Hopefully they ll crop up soon
eldritch s. (GM): yes
steven universe is back on the tenth
Mobile L: Shet, that s closer than I thought
Gravity Falls next episode is coming Monday, but I m rather behind
eldritch s. (GM): took me a while to get the joke in gravity falls; title
*gravity falls
Mobile L: Same here

Aaaaa fuck me, I accidentally bit down on a flea, ew ew ew

eldritch s. (GM): that does sound unpleasant
Mobile L: I am, uh, never gonna do that again, no matter what
If it was any other kind of bug, it wouldn t be that terrible, but fuckin fleas
eldritch s. (GM): why were you biting a flea, anyhow
Mobile L: It somehow got in my mouth and I tasted something tangy-ish and heard
a weird crunch when I closed my jaw
Then I pulled it out
eldritch s. (GM): tangy as in blood, yes?
Mobile L: Not quite? It was almost sour. I think it was the flea s own taste
eldritch s. (GM): delicious tangy flea
Mobile L: God, blehhhh
I mean, I honestly wouldn t be terribly opposed to eating other terrestrial arth
ropods, even though I never tried any
They re apparently very high in protein and low in fat and shit like that
They ve been proposed as a future source of sustainable meat
eldritch s. (GM): really now
Mobile L: Yep. Of course, the west is very slow to take this idea due to all the
stigma against bug-eating
eldritch s. (GM): why is the stigma there, anyway
speaking of stigmas, i discovered a health ramification of cannibalism
Mobile L: I honestly don t know
eldritch s. (GM): well see
in papua new guinea
there were certain groups
that would eat their dead
and eventually there was a horrible outbreak of prions
which are esentially strains of protein that turn your brain into sponge
eldritch s. (GM): and this was caused by eating the brains of dead people
and it was shown that in humans
there are genetic indicators
of some level of
developed resistance
very light resistance
eldritch s. (GM): to certain prions
that could only reasonably be caught
by comitting cannibalism
Mobile L: So it was, like, widespread?
eldritch s. (GM): oh the first humans defnitely did cannibalism
they found traces of this in lots of places
ethiopia, and evidence in places in england that it was done to like 0 AD
germany they found evidence from 400 BC
Mobile L: That is pretty fucked
I guess the same principle applies to mad cow
eldritch s. (GM): yes
which is caused by cow cannibalism
cannibalism can give you prions
which turn your brain to sponge
and the strain that happened in new guniea
was 100% lethal, guranenteed
eldritch s. (GM): and incurable
Mobile L: Yoooo, fuck
eldritch s. (GM): with incubation periods from a few years to sixty years
Mobile L: Yiiiiikes
I mean, this is probably my Westerity talking, but if I were gonna eat a dead pe
rson, I d probably avoid anything from the shoulders up
eldritch s. (GM): same here
Mobile L: I mean, shit, I can t even fathom eating an animal s face, hardly

eldritch s. (GM): however unlike one guy i knew

if i were to be in a plane crash in like the alps or wahetver
and there was a dead person, were i starving i would eat them, this friend of mi
ne said he would never resort to cannibalism, he d rather starve
Mobile L: Hmm
I d honestly have to think about that
eldritch s. (GM): better a missing body than another body
Mobile L: I mean, I d like to see my family again, and eating a dead person migh
t help me to do that
But at the same time, i would fear the stigma
eldritch s. (GM): granted
i m not going to like
murder someone
and eat them
Mobile L: Oh, hell no
eldritch s. (GM): i draw the line at murder
Mobile L: Only if they were already dead
eldritch s. (GM): also why would you eat the brain
that requires effort to get at
and its gross
Mobile L: I know, it s fucking sick
I actually have a cookbook with a brains recipe
This is for like, cows and pigs, mind
eldritch s. (GM): now with animals, maybe
depends on how its prepared
and a big part is: is it at least warm
Mobile L: They said to do them up like scrambled eggs
I really don t like scrambled eggs
eldritch s. (GM): i will not eat chilled monkey brain
i like sracmbled eggs so that doesn t bother me
warm food is more palatable to m than cold food
Mobile L: Oh, hell yes
eldritch s. (GM): in 9 out of 10 cases i will like it better warm
Mobile L: Same here
Frozen desserts are always welcome, though
eldritch s. (GM): yes
but savory foods ought to be warm
i don t like cold meats
like even if it s meant to e cold
i don t like it
Mobile L: Me friggin either
Meat s supposed to be warm
So is soup
eldritch s. (GM): cold soup
why would you do that
Mobile L: I don t know, maybe your dad was mean to you when you were young and y
ou hate yourself pathologically
It s just so wrong
So, so wrong
Like beets
eldritch s. (GM): cold soup in a cup
i would vomit
i think if someone gave it to me
and tried to have me drink it
i would vomit
Mobile L: I have seen people eat lukewarm condensed soup straight out of the can
, and I m just like "why"
Why do you hate yourself and decency that much

Okay, speaking of food and shit

eldritch s. (GM): no what the fuck
Mobile L: Fucking evil
eldritch s. (GM): who the fuck does that
Mobile L: Old people, when they don t feel like heating it up
But speaking of food and disgust
Icy wants me to help her clean out the fridge, and I probably had best yield. Th
en I need to watch the next episode of BoJack Horseman
Will be back soon-ish
eldritch s. (GM): bojack
Ken: I want to play a game.
Live or die, the choice is yours.
Mobile L: Ah Jesus, that got sad fast
Fuckin show about animated horse douchebag and it just fuckin
Mobile L: Yo, shet
God, I was told it would get dark, and I think it is just now starting to
Anyway, I am back now
Ken: good
Mobile L: Also the fridge was pretty gross
Ken: the fridge will always be nasty as shit
Mobile L: I made this salad thing out of cucumbers and onions and tomatoes for w
hen our grandparents came over for Hig s birthday
And, like, you put it in vinegar and olive oil
Ken: i did put it in vinegar and olive oil, that s right
you found me out
Mobile L: God DAMN YOU, ruining my life with the vinegar and olive oil
I have PTSD now
Mobile L: Whyyyyy Lisah, WHAI
Fuck, I have a bit of a stomach ache now
Ken: good, my plan worked
Mobile L: youuuuu
Ken: when i first heard this track
i did not expect something this musical to be in eva
and by that i mean like rather than classical music, or generic anime chipper mu
sic, or ambient noise
Mobile L: When did it play, again?
Ken: various scenes
one that i recal lclearly was
with kanji and shinji s guardian, i forget her name, when they were talking out
her issues
Mobile L: Ah, I think I remember that now
Ken: that s the one
eldritch s. (GM): i tried to make the npc names memorable
somewhat so i could just remember them off the top of my head
Mobile L: You did a good job, I think
Definitely a colorful assortment of names
eldritch s. (GM): One Who Brings Darkness is one of y favorite combos of portait
and name
Mobile L: Yeah, shyet, he looks fuckin scary
eldritch s. (GM): what do you think he is
Mobile L: Some kinda supernatural thing that probably has vague ties to the psyc
hological shit
Definitely evil
eldritch s. (GM): just because his skin is black
Mobile L: He s got lava for eyes and shit, man, that s not normal :P

eldritch s. (GM): and then there s one who devours and one who laments
and lady of lethe
Mobile L: Lady of Lethe looks like Tallis
eldritch s. (GM): definitely not alike in personality
Mobile L: Ooh
eldritch s. (GM): if you had to pick
something psychological for one who brings darkness to be tied to, what would it
Mobile L: Hmmm
Let me think about that a minute
I d say, like, the id or something, but that would be better ascribed to the One
Who Devours
God, I m stumped
eldritch s. (GM): his name is important and if you had context could clue you in
to what he is
not psychologically but what he actually is
Mobile L: Ah. I ll keep that in mind, then.
eldritch s. (GM): same with lady of lethe
Mobile L: Hmmm
I kinda want to FG, but A.) I m already getting tired and B.) Dad has to get up
at 1 and God knows if I started now I d be going until then
And I can t stay in my room because Icy likes to get to sleep early
eldritch s. (GM): you tr in quite the pickle
Mobile L: Yep. Fuck it, I think I ll just do it tomorrow or something
I mean, it s labor day
Mom s off and can probably help with dinner
eldritch s. (GM): dinn-er
Mobile L: See, I think I am looking forward to moving out if only because I won
t have to be in charge of such huge meals
eldritch s. (GM): the food tsae
Mobile L: I am the effing tsarest
eldritch s. (GM): autocratic rule of the kitchen
Mobile L: Except when Icy can help on weekends, and that may not be a thing for
very long with her class load
It s actually been going really well, though, all things considered
I was worried I d spin out of control and do a sloppy job without her
But I get everything cooked okay and on time
Same with getting the groceries
eldritch s. (GM): good
keep an iron fist
if anyone asks for cold soup backhand them with afromentioned iron fist
Mobile L: Ahahaha
God, yeah, I would disown them on everyone s behalf
That is an affront
Reading the Bojack Horseman thread on TVT and immediately quitting due to all th
e potholes and pseudointellectualism
eldritch s. (GM): attracts all kinds
Mobile L: I hate it when people obsessively hate on shows for having characters
who aren t 100% sympathetic
eldritch s. (GM): it s like how some tropers label any female character with a s
pine a tsudere
Mobile L: Yeah, God
News, sweetie, but you aren t 100% sympathetic either
You d be hard pressed to find a human being who isn t
And sometimes you just have to laugh at things that are a little dark or mean
Humor can help people deal with dark emotions and isn t just for shit that s on
Sesame Street

./rant before I get rantier

eldritch s. (GM): i agree with you
Mobile L: I just think life is too short to get offended about shit that barely
even affects you. If something s a little "edgy", but it s funny and done in dec
ent-ish taste and not with some BS agenda to push, don t get all huffy and offen
ded, just laugh at it
Even if it s a little dumb
eldritch s. (GM): oh yes i jsut recalled
i meant to tell you this because you asked if we have vietnemese
everywhere does, but the minorities canada has a godo amount of are:
natives, chinese, indians and pakistanis, south africans, flilipinos
*good amount
Mobile L: Ooh. Damn, that s pretty different than what we ve got down here
eldritch s. (GM): what do you have down there
Mobile L: Mainly here in Texas, it s hispanics (predominately Mexican, but there
are a whole bunch from South America, too), and black people, Vietnamese, and t
he rest are just sort of uncommon
I mean, I ve seen several other ethnicities, those are just the ones I see frequ
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Mobile L: I can hardly fathom a place with few sispanics
eldritch s. (GM): come to canada
and you will see none ever
Mobile L: That sounds sad, to me
I mean, I m sure Canada has a lively bunch, but I am just in love with hispanic
culture and delicious Mexican food
I mean, that s probably patronizing coming from someone so whitebread, but I rea
lly do admire that culture
Ooh, Space
Space: oh shit mobile s here
Mobile L: I am
Space: hold on lemme read the chatlogs
Mobile L: A ight
Gonna be a bit sporadic cuz I m trying to draw a crying Julie and I m actually
aiming for making it look half-decent
Fawkes M.: Hello
Donald Trump
Damn, the extension doesn t work in a chat
Space: it s server-side
(To Fawkes M.): I did get your PM, and I was gonna wait and see if we did this b
efore answering, but I don t think I can FG tonight. Dad will be getting up at 1
and I don t want to be seen using the computer :P
(From Fawkes M.): Ah, dang. Alright
Space: everyone ranks below celestine
(To Fawkes M.): Think you ll be free tomorrow? I probably will
Space: thats the opposite of what the steph and the gab said
eldritch s. (GM): i said marked difference
(From Fawkes M.): I ll be golfing tomorrow
(From Fawkes M.): I ll try, though
(To Fawkes M.): Alright. Sorry. If not for that, I totally would have done it
(From Fawkes M.): Tis cool
(From Fawkes M.): You re not conductive to phoneposting, right?
(To Fawkes M.): I am, but Icy can tell when I do it and it keeps her awake and i
rritates her
Space: i m recapped now
will there be like a full-on ace attorney mock trial
please let there be a full-on ace attorney mock trial

eldritch s. (GM): yes

Space: wih the judge s canadian brother presiding
eldritch s. (GM): no just hawthorne
(From Fawkes M.): Ah, I see
Space: jaime s doomed
Fawkes M.: Will Theodore be a witness?
Ms. Lachance pounds on the class door
Steph: .....
Steph gathers up her things
Jaime just dramatically walked out of Dr. Hall s office, last we checked with hi
Gabby does so too, steeling herself for the madness
Gabby: ...Frickin ...
Space: imagine if
was a prosecutor
Mobile L: Oh jesus
Ms. Lachance: sorry i was looking at old photos of my mom with my mom
Mobile L: Aww
Narrator : Jaime is surrounded by teachers.
Mobile L: One quick sec, relocating
Jaime: ...
Jaime is keeping his cool
Narrator : They all wear grim expressions.
Except Foxhole, who winks at him and gives him a thumbs up
Jaime hopes that this is a sign that the fucker s on his side
Narrator : They point at the classroom where Mr. Hawthorne sits at the front des
Jaime walks in
Mr. Hawthorne bangs on his desk with his bird-themed gavel
Mr. Hawthorne: Accused. You will stand there until the trial is fully under way.
Jaime: As you wish.
Ms. Lachance slams on the door again, harder
Ms. Lachance: HURRY UP.
Steph makes her way to the court-room
Gabby follows WITH HASTY
Narrator : The staff and students file into the quickly crowded room
Gabby looks around to see if there will be a stenographer
Narrator : No one seems to have taken such a professional position in this mocktrial
Mr. Hawthorne pounds on the desk with his bird-themed gavel
Mr. Hawthorne: Hear ye, hear ye!
Steph has got her notebook out if that counts for anything

Gabby was about to raiser her hand to address this injustice, but keeps silent a
t the gavel
Mr. Hawthorne: I will now dole out roles in preparation for this trial, which wi
ll serve heaping piles of justice!
Accused Jaime, select your defence attorney!
Jaime puts a chin to his hand in thought
Jaime: Will this attorney have to fully testify on my behalf, no matter what?
Mr. Hawthorne: Such is the purpose of a defence attorney.
Jaime: In that case - I would like Stephanie Karloman to be my attorney.
Steph: ...W-what?
Mr. Hawthorne pounds his gavel
Mr. Hawthorne: Ms. Karloman it is!
Gabby gives Steph a look like "oh frick, good luck"
Steph: .......
Mr. Hawthorne: I do declare the baliff of this here fine trial to be Ms. Lachanc
Jaime puts his hands together on the desk
Mr. Hawthorne: Who here can keep notes?
Gabby raises her hand
Mr. Hawthorne: Ms. Tran it is!
Gabby nods with an INTENSE look
Mr. Hawthorne: Now, for the prosecution.
Mr. Hawthorne strokes his little soulpatch-mustache combo in thought
eldritch s. (GM): who ought it be
Gabby gets out her notebook and hopes to god it will serve her as well as her gr
andmother s typey-thing serves her
Mobile L: Hmmm
Fawkes M.: Theodore
eldritch s. (GM): theodore will be a witness
Mobile L: Dr. Hall
Fawkes M.: Crafty bastard
eldritch s. (GM): that s one vote for dr. hall
anyone else got someone in mind
Fawkes M.: Actually, I think Dr. Hall will be best
Space: yes
Mobile L: Halla halla, get dalla
Mr. Hawthorne bangs his gavel
Mr. Hawthorne: Dr. Alan Hall, I choose you!
Jaime: ...What?
Jaime s eyes widen a little
Gabby "oh frick"s internally
Steph: .......
Steph prepares herself
Mr. Hawthorne: Now the rest of you, please clear away from me, it s giving me va

pours in the worst sense of the word.

Narrator : The other teachers clear away from him
Jaime: ........
Gabby crrrrracks her knuckles
Mr. Hawthorne: But.
Before our trial.
Let us all rise.
For the national anthem.
Jaime: .....
Jaime rises
Mr. Hawthorne stands up
Steph rises, being a good citizen
Gabby stands up patriotically
Mr. Hawthorne is singing
Gabby also singing, kind of nasal voice and off-key
Jaime singing quietly
Dr. Hall is not singing
Steph: ...
Dr. Hall watches Jaime carefully
Gabby if nothing else, does sound like she feels it
Dr. Hall mouthes along, however
Gabby thinks fond thoughts about McGill University so she feels extra patriotic
Space: do they do the national anthem before trials
Dr. Hall: idk
Mr. Hawthorne: Alright!
We have a trial to commense!
Mr. Hawthorne flips a coin
Mr. Hawthorne: rolling 1d2
= 1
Space: can steph sit next to the defendant
Gabby does that shit
Steph: hay bb
Mr. Hawthorne: Prosecution, you get the opening statement.
Jaime sits down
Jaime: :-)
Dr. Hall remains standing, leaning on the desk
Dr. Hall: ...

Dr. Hall stares at Jaime

Dr. Hall stares right down at him
Gabby feels bad for Jaime already
Steph: Your honor, I d like to elucidate a bit on the facts of this case.
Dr. Hall: It is not your turn to speak, Ms. Karloman.
That right is mine.
Steph: eh
Steph: damnation
Dr. Hall continues to stare right down at them
Steph: i wasconfused and thought i got it
Gabby stares at Dr. Hall from her spot
Steph had not said a thing, and is INSTEAD...
Steph writng in her note-book
Dr. Hall: ... As a licenced psychiatrist, I am under certain regulations of conf
I am not permitted to divulge the intimate, gruesome details of the psyches of t
hose I speak to.
Jaime: .........
Dr. Hall: So in this case, I will not be able to divulge what urges drove Jaime
to commit this act, by his own admission.
Gabby looks rather angry as she writes
Steph crosses something out
Dr. Hall: However, the law on the subject is perfectly clear, by the Criminal Co
de of Canada, switchblades are prohibited weapons.
Space: can i get a journal doc
to write in
Dr. Hall: To posses one in a school is a grave action, let alone to conceal one
and attempt to stab Theodore.
there go nuts
Gabby thinkin "then what about that frickin gun, HM???"
Dr. Hall: It is, however, in my opinion as a man and a counselor, that his actio
ns may be explained by a persistent mental unwellness, that should be adressed b
y mandatory visits to myself.
That is all.
Dr. Hall sits back down
Gabby writes down the rest of what he said and sighs quietly
Mr. Hawthorne: Defence!
Steph quickly finishes writing down her notes
Steph rises
Jaime watches
Steph: Your honor, I think we ve all seen what happened. In addition to that, we

all know my client - we ve gone to school with him for years, and I like to thi
nk we all know each other well enough by now. With that, I d like to ask you som
ething - Does Jaime Lancaster strike any of you as the kind of man who d use a s
witchblade on someone? We all saw that fracas going on in history class - I m su
re some of us are still sore from that. I think you ll find that the Canadian cr
iminal code allows for self-defense when there is deemed a significant threat to
life or limb. There is, of course, a marked difference between possessing a swi
tchblade to mug someone, and possessing a switchblade for self defense.
That, erm. That s all.
Steph quickly takes her seat
Steph writes something
Space: can you guys see steph s journal
Jaime nods to himself
Mobile L: I donut believe I can
Fawkes M.: Nope
Mobile L: Real quick and not to interrupt
Does this look okay so far?
Mr. Hawthorne: looks pretty fine
Space: that s aces
Fawkes M.: Looks good
Dr. Hall stands u
Mobile L: Yey, cool. It s probably shite by actual standards, but I felt like go
ing semi-realistic
Steph crosses something out
Dr. Hall: Now, that is very fine and good, but I am terribly amused by the idea
of a domesticated chicken posing a threat to life and limb.
And to further this point...
I call Theodore to the stand.
Fawkes M. scowls
Steph blinks at this
Jaime did that
Mr. Hawthorne: ...
Mr. Hawthorne looks at Theodore
Mr. Hawthorne adjusts his glasses
Gabby then suddenly pales a bit, because oh god, how even to transcribe chicken
Mr. Hawthorne: He says he will take the stand.
Mr. Hawthorne: someone draw the chicken
Steph: ...
Steph slides a note to Jaime
Jaime reads it

Jaime writes something on the other side

Ms. Lachance: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 15
Ms. Lachance splashes Jaime and Steph with hot coffee
Ms. Lachance: Don t even think about passing notes in court!
Gabby: !!!
Steph: Gah!!
Jaime: Gah--!
Steph: .......
Dr. Hall adjusts his tie
Steph takes off her coffee d jacket
Dr. Hall stares at the chicken
Dr. Hall: Now, Theodore, were you, yesterday, assaulted by one Jaime Lancaster?
Theodore: cluck cluck
Dr. Hall nods
Gabby literally just writes "cluck cluck"
Dr. Hall: As a trained psychiatrist, I can understand from his body language wha
t his means to say.
Dr. Hall: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 2 for Mind
= 14
Dr. Hall well, he seems pretty composed and legit as he says that
Dr. Hall seems to have Hawthorne buying it
Dr. Hall: And do you know what he says?
Gabby becomes more furious
Dr. Hall: Y-E-S!
Steph: Your honor, I object!

Dr. Hall: That is aGabby god flippin

frickity dangfrickle these GOSH HECKING PEOPLE


Fawkes M.: You better be changing that music, Seer
Steph: This is all very... frivolous! If the prosecution is the one interpreting
the defendant, then it s clear that the only answers the court will get are the
ones the prosecution wants us to hear!
Gabby writes and nods just a little bit
Jaime keeping silent
Dr. Hall: roll something relevant to how she s saying it
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 15
Mr. Hawthorne rubs his facial hair
Mr. Hawthorne: ... by the way that was decreased but it still passed
... She has a point, Alan.
Gabby NOD NOD NOD, write
Mr. Hawthorne: I ll ask you to step down, not to insult you or your fine credent
Dr. Hall snorts, sits down
Gabby smiles a tiny bit. >:)
Steph looks at her notes for a moment
Mr. Hawthorne: The witness is all yours, Ms. Karloman.
Steph: Actually, if it pleases the court, I d like to call Nurse Foxhole to the
Gabby flips a page, having written her present one pretty full
Mr. Hawthorne: Foxhole!
Nurse Foxhole squirms his way by the crowd
Gabby silently wishes she had a typey court stenography thing
Space: that chicken is sideeying something fierce
Nurse Foxhole smiles and stands
Mobile L: Was it brined? Cuz it sure is salty.
Nurse Foxhole has a bandage from his headwound
Steph: If you could, Nurse Foxhole, I d like you to describe what you saw after
Suzie called you down to Drama class.
Witness Foxhole: Oh, is that what she did?
Witness Foxhole: I just came-to in the room, and there was a homeless guy, I thi

I was still woozy.
Some Russian and an American offered me meat to patch him up, so I did.
Never did get my meat.
Gabby smiles a little bit at the nice memories
Gabby then remembers herself and puts her SRS face back on
Jaime: .......
Witness Foxhole: Then I left.
Steph: Foxhole might have been a bit concussed by the blow to the head he receiv
ed, but I m sure his medical skills were still fairly top-notch. Could you descr
ibe to the court the extent of the homeless man s injuries?
Witness Foxhole: Oh, he had a lot of cuts.
Deep ones, too.
Gabby nod nod, write write
Witness Foxhole: Nothing a bit of alcohol and some band-aids in the right hands
wouldn t solve.
Witness Foxhole smugly tugs on his suspenders
Gabby >:|
Steph: How deep?
Witness Foxhole: Not as deep as a well, nor as wide as a church door, but twill
Witness Foxhole smirks
Steph: If you had to guess, what would you say caused those injuries?
Gabby >:c
Gabby begrudgingly writes that nasty quip down
Witness Foxhole: Oh, I don t know, uh... a knife? A cougar, oh! A cougar with a
I like cougars, mind, but not cougars with knives.
Witness Foxhole winks
Gabby ggghhhhhhh youuuuuuu
Steph: Jaime, could you please show the court your bandages?
Space: [phoenix wright clue sound effect]
Jaime stands up, pulling up his shirt just enough to expose a bandaged af abdome
Steph: How did you get those? Who bandaged you?
Gabby write write write, and she even attempts a court drawing, which I will dep
ict in the hall
Jaime: I don t remember who bandaged me.
I was unconscious.
Unconscious from blood loss due to a multitude of scratch wounds.
Gabby nod nod, write write
Steph: Was there anyone in drama class at the time who can testify to the severi
ty of his wounds?
Mobile L: I will be leaving in 30 or so, FYI

Gabby wonders if the stenographer can testify

Theodore: /me goes to Dr, Hall s side
Gabby raises her hand
Mr. Hawthorne: Yes, Ms. Tran?
Gabby: ...Uh... Could someone be stenographer while I testify? That s important.
Fawkes M.: BR
Mr. Hawthorne: Oh, uh, certainly.
Fawkes M.: B
Gabby: Alright, uhhh...
Gabby looks at Naomi
Mr. Hawthorne goes "eenie-meenie-miney-mo"
Mr. Hawthorne: C- oh, you ve got one?
Naomi: Wh-... Uh, okay!
I ll do it.
Gabby: ...Yeah. Thanks.
Naomi smiles at Gabby
Naomi: You got this, Gabby-chan!
Gabby hands her the notebook and prays she doesn t draw weeby crap in it
Gabby solemn nod, goes up to TAKE THE STAND
Steph: Can you tell us what you saw there, Ms. Trn?
Naomi even when people are talking, she s is in fact multitasking and drawing ya
oi in the margins
Gabby: ...Well... We were doing an improv, and Jaime was all woozy and kept aski
ng for bandages. We just went along with it because maybe that was his character
, but then he pretty much passes out and there s blood all over the place.
It was frickin ... It looked like it hurt. It was pretty bad.
Naomi smiles and nods as Gabby speaks, writing into the book as Theodore purches
and clucks beside her
Gabby: ...So we got Nurse Foxhole in to patch him up, while we were still in-cha
racter, cuz we really had a decent thing going and it didn t make sense to brea
k it.
Then, uh... He wakes up, kinda, but it s almost like he s not awake, he looked l
ike he was maybe, like... like he was all woozy and freaked out, and he starts a
cting funny.
Steph: Almost like a chicken psychosis ?
Or-- blood loss. Probably the blood loss.
Dr. Hall smiles at the word psychosis
Steph hastily crosses out the word chicken psychosis on her journal
Gabby: ...Yeah. Yeah, I d say that s how he was acting. Pretty chicken-psychotic
Dr. Hall smiles even more
Gabby is disquieted by this, but tries to pay it no heed
Steph: What would you say caused the wounds, Ms. Tran?
Gabby: ...Probably something with claws or big talons. It didn t look like a per
son did it to him, at least not to me.

Steph: Do you think, if left unchecked, those wounds could have killed him?
Jaime nods to himself, again
Dr. Hall: Objection!
Gabby: ...With how much blood he lo

Dr. Hall stands up

Gabby >:(
Space: a lawyer roll20 would be sick
Dr. Hall: Why are we asking a child about the potential lethality and cause of h
is wounds, when we have a trained medical professional in this very room?
Dr. Hall: Foxhole, please examine the defendant s wounds!
Gabby frick the frick off, mister fricking fricker, go frick yourself and frick
right off, frick you
Jaime: .......
Gabby tries very hard to not look SO PISSED whilst standing up
Dr. Hall paces about as Foxhole goes to Jaime
Gabby would like very much to be 7 feet tall just so she can throttle him
Jaime: Do I have to remove the bandages here?
Witness Foxhole: Alright, bud, let s just take a quick look.
Hey, don t worry.
I got this!
Steph: Objection!
Witness Foxhole is removing the bandages as she objects
Mr. Hawthorne: ...?
Gabby really hopes Naomi is getting this
Steph: There s no cause for this at all. We ve already gotten a trained medical
professional s opinion as to the severity of the wounds - you heard it from Foxh
ole himself! What we re doing is asking a witness at the scene what her first im
pressions were as to the extent of her injuries. I m not looking for a biopsy he
re - merely the facts, as they were at the time.
*of his injuries
Jaime: .......
Dr. Hall: I object again!
Gabby nod nod nod
Gabby D:<
Dr. Hall: We had him comment on the wellness of an unindentified homeless person
There is nothing confirming his identity as Jaime.
Gabby you horrid frick... YOU FRICK.
Gabby I hope you die and go to heck...
Mr. Hawthorne: ...
Can you provide evidence that this homeless person was in fact Lancaster?
Steph: Of course I can. I d like to call Mr. Rosencrantz to the stand.

Mr. Hawthorne: Mmmm...

Gabby sighs a small sigh of relief and hopes her face didn t get too red
Gabby paces back to her spot
Gabby the frick outta there Hall
Dr. Hall stares down at her as she walks back
Dr. Hall blocking her path
Gabby very muted hatred
Theodore: -clucks at Naomi before wanderinf off
Gabby just stands there and waits for him to budge
Naomi finishes writing, and shifts back to her seat
Steph: Mr. Rosencrantz, could you please describe to the court the basics of tha
t improv session - specifically, what the roles of the various actors were, and
who the actors were?
Naomi seems peturbed
Dr. Hall moves out of Gabby s way
Gabby small nod, immediately starts writing
Gabby then notices the yaoi
Narrator : roll mind gabby
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 7
Mobile L: dammit
Mr. Rosencrantz: Oh, alright...
There was you, Ms. Karloman! You were there as a communist he wanted free sample
Ms. Tran, uh, she was there as a texan selling bandiads disguised as sausage...
Ms. Rain was the intercom...
Gabby nod nod, write
Mr. Rosencrantz: Mr. Lancaster, he, uh, he was a man who really needed bandaids.
Gabby do any of the yaoiz look remotely like Chopin?
Mr. Rosencrantz: He passed out, party-way through, and then, err, Foxhole, he ca
me in and patched him up, before Jaime put you in a chokehold, and then crawled
into an airvent.
Then, uh, we heard a crashing sound.
And I had to drag him into the library with all the other teachers as he kicked
and screamed baout chickens.

And then helped put in in the ambulance.

Narrator : No.
Narrator : They don t.
Gabby was too freaked by erasing the yaoi to look at what Naomi had written.
Gabby frowns and continues writing, infuriated by this desecration of her pristi
ne notes
Steph: That s enough, Mr. Rosencrantz, thank you. Your honor, I can ask anyone w
ho was there during drama class, and they ll all say the same thing - that Mr. L
ancaster s role was a homeless man, and that he was grievously wounded in real l
Mr. Hawthorne: WeDr. Hall: Objection.
Jaime nods to himself again
Gabby fricking this guy...
Dr. Hall: You are not allowed to pick and chose the testimony, Ms. Karloman.
Are we to ignore the apparent assault carried out on you?
And what of the excursion into the vents and crash? What happened there?
Mr. Rosencrantz shrugs
Mr. Rosencrantz: I really honestly have no idea!
Steph: Objection.
Mobile L: (Yo, I gotta bounce)
Mr. Rosencrantz: byebye]
Mobile L: Assume Gabby is WRITAN and being angry at Hall
Steph: Those have really no relevance at all to what we re trying to decide, unl
ess you want to claim that he somehow mysteriously found the switchblade in the
Jaime: ...
Space: cya mobile
Jaime frowns
Fawkes M.: Bye
Dr. Hall: I object.
You do not get to decide what is or is not relevant to this case. I call Mr Hawt
horne to the stand!
Mr. Hawthorne: ...
Very well...
Mr. Hawthorne moves over to the spot
Dr. Hall: Principal Hawthorne.
As i understand it, you heard a rattling nose in the vent, and sent up Theodore
to investigate. Might I as kwhat happened next?
Mr. Hawthorne: ... ALright.
I did send him up.
There was a violent noise, and they came crashing from the ceiling, where they f
ell into the classroom. As soon as he got up, why, Lancaster got out his switchb
lade and attacked poor Theodore. Luckily I threw a wooden sword at him, which ma
de the toss go wide. And then all the staff and myself restrained him and took h
im to the library.
Dr. Hall: Well, well, well.

Dr. Hall turns to Steph and Jaime

Jaime almost opens his mouth to protest, but shuts it
Dr. Hall: An eye-witness account of an unprovoked attack.
With a lethal weapon.
Steph: That s very leading, to call it unprovoked. Your honor, I d like to cross
-examine the witness.
Mr. Hawthorne: Uh...
I guess.
I m game.
Steph: How long have you owned and trained birds, Mr. Hawthorne?
Mr. Hawthorne: Oh, longer than you ve been alive, I d reckon..
My fascination began in my childhood home of Calgary...
Mr. Hawthorne begins rambling about birds
Steph: Are there any safety precautions you have to take when dealing with birds
- especially ones as large as a chicken?
Mr. Hawthorne: Hm?
OH, oh, safety!
My, I believe there may be, but Theodore is such a loyal, kindly bird, I ve neve
r needed them.
Mr. Hawthorne pets Theodore
Steph: Could you
*Could you say them anyways? For the record, of course.
Mr. Hawthorne: I m afraid I don t quite recall...
Steph: (Pressing him s not going to work... even if he is lying, there s nothing
else I can get from this line of questioning.)
Mr. Hawthorne, what did you figure was happening when you set Theodore loose?
Mr. Hawthorne: Oh me oh my! I figured there was some kind of robber or killer in
the vents.
You never know these days, with all these school shooters...
Steph: So you expected Theodore to... do what to the person in the vents, exactl
Mr. Hawthorne: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Mind
= 8
Oh, to find them and bring them down, of course.
Steph: Bring them down ?
Mr. Hawthorne: Why yes, Theodore is quite the remarkable chicken.
Dr. Hall touches Jaime s shoulder
Jaime: ...
Jaime looks back at Dr. Hall
Dr. Hall leans in and whispers to him
Jaime: ..........
Jaime whispers back
Steph: I see. So it wouldn t have been unreasonable for the person in the vents
to assume that the bird was going to attack them, or worse - especially consider
ing the previous injuries the bird had already dealt him.

Dr. Hall smiles, nods

Steph: By the way, Dr. Hall, if you ve got anything you want to say to my client
, you d better say it to me as well.
Mr. Hawthorne: Hm, I suppose sDr. Hall: Objection.
Firstly, I was merely counselling a student for his future.
And secondly.
I will ask you to refrain from leading the witness.
Steph: ...
Dr. Hall: Now.
Jaime: Can I speak with my attorney?
Dr. Hall: I would like to have Nurse Foxhole examine Jaime s wounMr. Hawthorne: Oh, certainly.
Mr. Hawthorne gets back in his judge chair
Steph smiles politely at Dr. Hall
Steph: Do you mind?
Dr. Hall: Not at all.
Dr. Hall gives a particularily forced smile
Steph turns back to Jaime
Dr. Hall begins staring down Hawthorne
Jaime speaks softly, almost whispering
Dr. Hall seems to have Hawthorne pretty browbeaten with his staring
Steph while showing Jaime her notes
Steph: Objection, the prosecution is attempting to intimidate.
Jaime looks over the notes
Mr. Hawthorne: ... Err-I...
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Spirit
= 19
Please do not stare at me like that, Alan!
Dr. Hall lingers on him a moment longer, before turning to look at Jaime and Ste
Dr. Hall: How long are we meant to wait for the defence?
Dr. Hall stands up
Dr. Hall: I will return in a moment.
Dr. Hall quickly walks out
Dr. Hall returns with a metronome
Dr. Hall sets it on his desk and starts it

Dr. Hall: Please.

Do finish your business promptly.
Steph: Dr. Hall, please be patient. It hasn t even been five minutes yet.
Dr. Hall: I am simply interested in the schedules of all involved.
Jaime: ...Tch.
Narrator : Some of the teachers murmur to each other.
Steph frowns as she turns back to Jaime
Narrator : The class seems to be favouring Dr. Hall slightly, if only because he
s currently trying to hurry things along.
Steph: Your honor, I d like to call Jaime Lancaster to the stand.
Jaime rises
Mr. Hawthorne: Alright.
Mr. Lancaster.
Jaime takes his place at said stand
Dr. Hall stops the metronome
Steph: Mr. Lancaster, could you tell us your story - starting from history class
Jaime nods
Mr. Rosencrantz sneaks out
Jaime: Nurse Foxhole was acting as a substitute teacher, where he had us all act
out the French Revolution.
When he brought in a swarm of teachers with wooden swords to pretend to be soldi
ers, the classroom descended into anarchy.
I tried to sneak out, and head to drama class - but then I was attacked by that
I tried to pry it off, but it wouldn t come off. It kept scratching me until it
set its sights on another teacher...
...His name eludes me. Your Honor - can I ask for confirmation as to who he was,
from the audience, before I continue?
Space: admit it
an ace attorney roll20 woulld be the sickest
or even just a detective investigatory roll20
Mr. Schmidt: It was me, your honor.
Mr. Schmidt looks like he got the living fucking shit kicked out of him
Dr. Hall: And I suppose a chicken inflicted blunt-force trauma wounds?
Steph: Objection!
Jaime: They were not-...
Steph: Dr. Hall, not only are you leading the witness, you are leading a member
of this very court. Are you trying to suggest that Mr. Schmidt is a liar?
Dr. Hall smirks
Dr. Hall: I simply made a comment. But if it pleases the defence, I will retract
it. The chicken did in fact inflict Mr. Schmidt with blunt-force trauma wounds.
Narrator : A murmur goes throughout the room.
Jaime: ...Can I continue?
Narrator : Seems like they re taking his bait.
Dr. Hall nods
Steph: Mr. Schmidt, could you explain the sources of your various injuries?
Dr. Hall: Is Mr. Schmidt on the stand, or Jaime?

Steph: I call Mr. Schmidt to the witness stand.

Jaime: I can step down for now.
Mr. Schmidt limps up
Mr. Schmidt: ...
Jaime steps down
Fawkes M.: Wait
Steph: Now, Mr. Schmidt, could you explain the sources of your various injuries?
Fawkes M.: Never mind
Mr. Schmidt clutches his side in pain
Mr. Schmidt: I saw the boy struggling with the chicken...
I cannot say who started it, or what foolishness it was about.
But I went to subdue Theodore, but my strike missed, and I struck Jaime in the h
However, the chicken took notice of me, and then started attacking me.
I ran into the first classroom I could find, which happened to be the class of M
s. Lachance.
When I showed up, screaming, she took a chair aMs. Lachance growls at him
Mr. Schmidt: ...
Kindly attempted to get the chicken off of me.
However, in her efforts, I was injured.
Steph: Hence, the blunt-force trauma wounds?
Mr. Schmidt: Yes.
Hence the blunt-force trauma wounds.
May I sit, now?
Steph: Yes, sorry about that. I d like to call Jaime Lancaster back to the stand
Mr. Schmidt limps back to his seat
Jaime walks back up
Dr. Hall: Now, Jaime.
I would like to ask you a question.
Dr. Hall stands up, walking to him
Dr. Hall: Under what circumstances did the chicken attack you, please, describe
to the court the encounter.
And remember.
Lying in court is a very serious offense.
Steph: My client knows that well enough, Dr. Hall. There s no need to remind him
Jaime: Of course it is, Doctor.
Dr. Hall continues to stand there, watching his face
Jaime: The chicken attacked me in the middle of that mess.
When I was trying to evacuate the classroom to reach drama class.
Dr. Hall: It just...
Randomly assaulted you?
Jaime: Yes.
Dr. Hall: There was no provocation?
Jaime shakes his head
Jaime: As Mr. Schmidt can testify to.
Dr. Hall: How is it, that the chicken that was by Hawthorne s side, dealing with
the mess at the time, just so happened to randomly engage you in the hallway?
Jaime: It did not engage me in the hallway.

It latched onto me in the classroom, and we spilled out into the hallway as I st
ruggled to remove it.
Dr. Hall: I see.
Describe the struggle.
When did the knife come into the picture?
Steph: I object.
Jaime: ...
Dr. Hall: On what grounds would that be on?
Steph: Let him describe it in his own terms, doctor.
Dr. Hall smiles
Dr. Hall: Very well.
Go on, Mr. Lancaster.
Jaime: I just kept trying to pry it off. I found the knife on the floor when I w
as in the middle of being mauled.
Dr. Hall: On the floor?
You fond the switchblade knife on the floor?
Care to repeat that to the court?
Steph: The stenographer s already got it down, Dr. Hall.
Jaime: Are you attempting to intimidate me, doctor?
Dr. Hall grins
Dr. Hall: Let us see what the secuity footage has to say on the matter.
Jaime: ...
Dr. Hall: Baliff, please, fetch the tapes.
Ms. Lachance: ... Get them yourself, you fat slime.
Dr. Hall sighs
Dr. Hall: I name Foxhole as deputy prosecutor as I go to get the tapes.
Prosecutor Foxhole: Uh...
Prosecutor Foxhole shrugs, sits down
Prosecutor Foxhole: I ll let the defence do what they want, your turn, I guess.
Steph: Go on, Jaime.
Jaime: So, after that, I limped on to drama class. That chicken had delayed me.
I tried to act, but midway through the improv session, I collapsed.
The rest was a blur after that. I can t remember anything.
Prosecutor Foxhole: You know, I think I d recgonize the wounds.
Steph: I object.
Prosecutor Foxhole: I could take a look at them for you, to see if it really was
you who was the homeless man.
Prosecutor Foxhole shrugs, putting his feet up in the desk
Steph: We already have more than enough evidence to-...wait, you re not fighting that?
Prosecutor Foxhole: Eh.
Jaime: If it helps our case, I d be willing to.
Steph: There s no need for it.
Prosecutor Foxhole: I just want to get to the heart of it.
Steph: Keep going, Jaime.
Prosecutor Foxhole: Just like I want to get to the heart of all the bueatiful la
Prosecutor Foxhole winks
Jaime: ...That s pretty much all of my testimony.
Steph: How much blood do you think you lost, Jaime?
Prosecutor Foxhole: Eh, what the hell, let s bring Theodore back up on the stand
Steph: Hold on, I m not done questioning him.
Jaime: Enough to make me faint.

Prosecutor Foxhole stands up

Prosecutor Foxhole grabs Theodore
Steph: Your honor, I object! He s manhandling a witness!
Prosecutor Foxhole holds him in Jaime s direction
Jaime: .....
Mr. Hawthorne is going apeshit
Mr. Hawthorne: BALIFF!!!!!!!!!!
Ms. Lachance lunges at Foxhole, tackling him, sending Thedore flying into Jaime
s lap
Jaime: Gah--!
Jaime stumbles back, trying to get Theodore off of his lap
Theodore: CLUCK CLUCK.
Narrator : Is sent flying across the room
THeodore is
Steph takes this moment to get her notes in order
Mr. Hawthorne: WHAT DID YOU JUST DO TO MY CHICKEN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Jaime: ...Mr. Hawthorne, I-Mr. Hawthorne: BALIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steph: ...
Steph buries her face in her hands, deeply massaging her temples
Ms. Lachance walks over to Jaime
Jaime: ...What are you doing?
Jaime instinctively takes a step back
Ms. Lachance splashes him in the face with her steaming mug of coffee
Ms. Lachance dumps the rest on Foxhole
Ms. Lachance goes back to her spot
Jaime writhes on the floor, clutching his burning face
Mr. Hawthorne has calmed down7
Mr. Hawthorne tidies his hair
Mr. Hawthorne: ...
Steph: ...
Mr. Hawthorne: Alright, I think we ll call a brief recess!
Jaime: Ghhh...
Jaime still clutching his face
Mr. Hawthorne: You have a few minutes to right yourselves.
Use them.
Steph goes to help Jaime up
Jaime: Haah... haah...

Jaime wipes his face with his sleeve

Jaime: ...thanks.
Prosecutor Foxhole rolls around on the floor, having been beaten and then having
steaming coffee dumped on him
Steph: This way.
Prosecutor Foxhole: Ough...
Steph helps him out of the courtroom
Jaime is helped out
Prosecutor Foxhole is not helped out
Steph takes him to a nearby water fountain
Narrator : Jaime.
Roll mind
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 15
Narrator : ...
Jaime starts washing his face
Narrator : Your father.
He s walking down the fucking hall
Jaime freezes up
Johann Lancaster: ...
Steph: Alright... alright, we can still win this.
Steph looks up
Johann Lancaster looks down at both of them.
Johann Lancaster: I was told there was a trial.
I missed a meeting for this.
Jaime: ...
Johann Lancaster: What are you doing?
Steph: ...We are, erm, taking a brief recess.
Johann Lancaster: Who are you?
Jaime nods, cheeks still red from being burned
Steph: I m Stephanie Karloman. Er, his defense attorney.
Johann Lancaster: Hmph.
Clearly my presence here is unnessecary.
Steph: Well, uhm... if you missed a meeting for it, I mean...
Jaime: ...There aren t any other parents in the trial, Father.
Steph looks back at Jaime, uncertainly
Johann Lancaster doesn t even acknowledge Steph
Johann Lancaster: That is not my concern.
A lion does not concern himself with the opinions of the sheep.

We will discuss this miserable excuse of a trial when you get home, if you will
excuse me, I have an important client to meet.
Johann Lancaster just looks down at both of them for a bit before turning
Steph: ...Did you just come all the way here to tell him that?
Johann Lancaster stops, mid step
Jaime: .......
Johann Lancaster: ...
You will find that speaking out of turn to your elders can be a very dangerous a
I will forgive this time.
Do not test my patience.
Johann Lancaster walks away
Jaime: ...
Steph: ...Sorry.
Jaime exhales
Jaime: Don t be.
He s a real lawyer. I can see why he doesn t like mock trials.
Steph: He d probably do a better job than I m doing. Anyways, we need to... what
s that security video going to show, Jaime?
Jaime looks around to see if anyone could possibly sneak up on them while he spe
aks to her
Mr. Rosencrantz walks back into the class
Steph: ...Never mind. Don t tell me.
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 8
Steph exhales deeply
Jaime: ...Mm.
Do you think the security cameras were intact after that chaos?
Steph: I mean... I d imagine they were. That s really not anything to bank on at
We re going to have to fight for this. What we need to do is prove that you were
acting to preserve your own life. And, honestly... I m not really sure what mor
e we can do to show that.
Jaime: Do you think we actually have much of a chance? The judge is biased towar
ds the plaintiff, and the prosecutor...
Steph: We ve got the extent of your wounds, the fact that Foxhole had to bandage
you, the fact that Theodore can and will attack people...
Space: because i can t color text
Prosecutor Foxhole: it entertains me
Prosecutor Foxhole leans against the door, smiling
Prosecutor Foxhole: Hey, you want my advice?
Jaime: ...
Steph: I think they ll be fair as much as we can expect them to be.
Jaime turns back to him

Steph: Sure, go ahead.

Prosecutor Foxhole: I know it seems a little...
Underhanded, and possibly illegal...
Try getting Theodore to attack someone in court, make it visceral, you know?
Allow everyone to see what a bad dude he is.
For what it s worth, I m on your side.
Jaime: How can we be sure that you are?
Steph: I trust you, Foxhole. But, erm... why, exactly?
Prosecutor Foxhole shrugs
Prosecutor Foxhole: I don t really like Hall.
And I like your panache.
Jaime: "Panache?"
Steph: He wanted you to take off Jaime s bandages. Is there something there, or.
.. is it a trick, or something?
Prosecutor Foxhole: It s French!
Oh, I have no idea what he s doing, but I wanted to examine the wounds to prove
you were attacked by the chicken.
Steph: That d probably only work if we had other wounds from the chicken to comp
are to. I think if we touch Theodore any more, Mr. Hawthorne is going to have an
Prosecutor Foxhole: Hrm...
Is there anyone else he mauled?
Jaime: Mr. Schmidt? I don t know.
Steph: Did either of you see if Mr. Schmidt has any marks on him besides the blu
nt force trauma?
Jaime tries to recall
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 3
Prosecutor Foxhole: No, I don t really get naked with Mr. Schmidt.
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 11
Narrator : All you remember is pain, Jaime.
Steph recalls at least a few scratchmarks on him, though not all that visible wi
th the bruising
Steph: ...Okay... so we have to figure out a way to show the scratch marks, with
out getting Mr. Hawthorne to get me disbarred for contempt of court, and prefera
bly without getting anyone hurt too badly. Do.. chickens have scratching posts o
r something?
Narrator : Oh!
Jaime: ...
Prosecutor Foxhole: Oh, Mr. Hawthorne might have some scratched up stuff in his

Jaime puts a chin to his finger and no I am not fixing that

Prosecutor Foxhole: ... But then I d have to break into his office...
Steph: We could just ask him.
Prosecutor Foxhole: If I did, you d have to stall for mHm.
Steph: If that doesn t work, we ll stall.
Prosecutor Foxhole: You ready to ask him?
Jaime: Will the court restart if we do?
Steph: Hold on a second.
Prosecutor Foxhole shrugs
Steph splashes some water into her face
Prosecutor Foxhole: I ll just say have to wizz.
Jaime: ...?
Steph: Whatever we re doing, let s do it fast before Hall gets back.
Prosecutor Foxhole: He can t continue the trial without a deputy prosecutor.
Prosecutor Foxhole steps in
Steph starts for the door
Jaime steps back in
Mr. Hawthorne is taking heart medication
Mr. Hawthorne: Oh... deary me...
That there was close...
Steph: Are you alright, Mr. Hawthorne?
Mr. Hawthorne: Oh, I m fine now...
But I do not believe I could take something like that again.
Steph: Alright. If it s fine, I d like to ask you something. In your office, do
you have any... scratched-up items that Theodore might have had some fun with?
Mr. Hawthorne: Oh?
Ohhoho... Theodore does love to scratch my bust of Paracelsus, yes.
Steph: Would it be alright if we used that as evidence?
Mr. Hawthorne: Sure, if you can prove it s relevant.
Steph: Oh, don t worry. I have a hunch.
Prosecutor Foxhole: I ll get it, don t worry!
Prosecutor Foxhole takes the key from Hawthorne
Prosecutor Foxhole: Be right back!
Steph: Jaime, could you... erm, do you need help removing your bandages, or...?
Prosecutor Foxhole sprints out
Jaime nods
Vlad: Can this trial end already? I have had enough of this inane trash.
Jaime: And, I d rather have them replaced as soon as possible.
Steph: Vlad, we ve got to make sure justice is done. You d want the same courtes
y extended to you if you were in Jaime s shoes, right?
Vlad pinches the bridge of his nose
Vlad: Whatever.
Steph starts taking off Jaime s bandages
Jaime yeaaaah those are nasty scratches
Steph: I d like you to take a look at the extent of his wounds...
Narrator : As th bandages come off.

There are footsteps down th hall.

Slow, methodical steps.
Dr. Hall steps in, looking PISSED THE FUCK OFF
Dr. Hall: ...
Jaime: .....
Dr. Hall: Someone has tampered with EVIDENCE.
The tape of the timeframe Mr. Lancaster had his encounter with the chicken has b
een stolen.
Steph: ...?
Dr. Hall: I searched every inch of that room.
Looked through every tape.
Steph: Do you... have any idea who could have taken it?
Dr. Hall: If I did, I would be taking it from them as we speak.
But that s irrelevant.
Dr. Hall snatches the book of all the recorded phrases
Dr. Hall: Because the answer to this case is in here!
Steph: Erm... No, it s not.
We ve still got evidence to be presented.
Dr. Hall: That does not matter.
I have an ironclad statement that irrefutably proves your guilt.
Dr. Hall flips through the pages
Dr. Hall slams it down on Jaime s desk
Jaime: ...
Dr. Hall points to a record
Dr. Hall points to a record written in childish, flowering writing
Narrator : It reads
Jaime: I assaulted Theodor with a nife!! I plead gillty!
Jaime: ...I never said that.
Steph: ...W-what? Objection, your honor!
Dr. Hall grins
Dr. Hall: Counter-Objection, you cannot argue with the court record!
Mr. Hawthorne: UH...
Steph slams her hands down on the desk
Mr. Hawthorne: I do not recall that being said...
Steph: That is clearly not the handwriting of the court stenographer!
Mr. Hawthorne: It is the record...
Steph: This is a forgery!
Dr. Hall: By *who?
Jaime: ...
Dr. Hall stares her down
Jaime looks over the crowd for Naomi
Naomi she s drawing yaoi in the corner
Jaime: ...Her.
Jaime points to Naomi
Steph: Naomi, come over here.

Naomi looks up
Naomi: Wha- oh, you wanna talk to me?
Naomi walks over
Naomi: What is it, Steph-sama~?
Steph: Show me where you wrote your entries into the record.
Naomi does so
Narrator : This area is full of
FLowery writing
Missing entries
And partially erased yaoi
Jaime: ...Wow.
Narrator : It also
paints a really
negative image
of Jaime
Steph: This is absolutely inadmissible. Just look at
Naomi: Huh?
Oh, right...
I wasn t really listening, but Theodore clucked just
He s such a nice birdie.
Steph: Your honor, if the acting stenographer wasn t
proceedings, then obviously none of this can be used
to the truth!
Dr. Hall: Hmph.
Mr. Hawthorne: Hm...
You re right, Ms. Karloman.
Good job, picking up that vital detail!

what he said!
listening to the courtroom
at all. It s not even close

Mr. Hawthorne seems sincere

Steph hands the record back to Gabby
Jaime: .....
Narrator : roll mind
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 4
Yes, well... if it pleases the court, I d like to get back to things as soon as
Foxhole returns with the evidence.
Narrator : oh youtoo jaime
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 9
Narrator : maybe one of you can piece it together
Sadly no.

Space cries at the heavens

Narrator : If you want to notice that its up to you.
Dr. Hall: Why?
I think this trial has dragged on long enough.
Everyone here is tired, and evidence is being sabotaged durinf the trial.
Steph: And I suppose you d rather a guilty verdict than have justice be done? No
. We ve waited this long, and we ought to see it through to the end. If we can w
ait for you to find your tapes, then we can wait for Foxhole to find a bust.
Dr. Hall snorts
Dr. Hall: Who has the tapes?
I know it s someone in this room.
Steph: Oh? I thought you had no idea, Dr. Hall.
Dr. Hall scans around the room
Dr. Hall: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 2 for Mind
= 8
Dr. Hall grows frustrated
Dr. Hall: ...
Dr. Hall turns to her
Dr. Hall calms down
Dr. Hall sits in his seat
Dr. Hall rests his head on his fist
Dr. Hall smiles
Dr. Hall: Good job.
Nurse Foxhole sprints into the room
Nurse Foxhole holds up scratched up bust of Paracelsus
Nurse Foxhole: Here it is, folks!
The Legendary Mystery Solver: Jamie Foxhole, with the evidence!
Steph: Okay, if you ll -- Mr. Lancaster, if you could stand next to the bust...
Jaime does just that
Steph: I think you ll find that these scratch marks on him... are exactly the sa
me as the ones on the bust!
Dr. Hall smiles
Dr. Hall: Heh.
You still have not won, the trial.
Jaime is lifting his shirt up to show the scratches
Dr. Hall: Because it s not up to Hawthorne.
It is up to the students of your class.
I hope you ve made yourselves very popular with them.
Dr. Hall grins

Steph: .......
Mr. Hawthorne: ... Remarkable evidence...
With this, I see it fit to allow you both your closing statements.
Prosecution, you go first.
Dr. Hall looks at all the students
Dr. Hall just
Dr. Hall his eyes
Dr. Hall they say something
Dr. Hall "I know all of your intimiate secrets"
Dr. Hall smiles
Dr. Hall: Chicken psychosis.
If he s found guilty, I ll ask charges not be pressed.
He ll just have to attend therapy sessions, free, with myself.
Steph curses internally
Dr. Hall: Until I judge the chicken psychosis as the defence and a witness so pu
t it, cured.
I rest my case.
Jaime: ........
Mr. Hawthorne: ... And the defence?
Steph: ...Alright.
As we can see here - there was no psychosis to be had. Certainly, there s no nee
d for any kind of therapy at all. The reason for all this is obvious. Jaime Lanc
aster felt his life was threatened. So, he did the only thing he could do - the
same thing that you or me or anyone would do when they thought their life was in
danger: namely, he chose to defend himself. I ask you all. I ask you. Is that a
The defense rests.
Mr. Hawthorne: And now, jury...
Cast your verdict!
If half judge you as guilty, then you are guilty.
Jasper: Guilty.
Vlad pinches his nose
Vlad: Guilty, whatever...
Steph: ...
Nathan: ... Not guilty.
Jaime actually is surprised by that
Lilly: Not guilty!
Suzie: Not guilty.
Steph: ...
Steph smiles quietly, a tiny bit
Jaime isn t holding his breath
Naomi: Uh, abstain?
I don t know, I wasn t listening....
Anton: Not guilty.
Jason: N-not guilty.
Ken: Nope.
Mr. Hawthorne: And there you have it.
The verdict:

Steph grins broadly
Jaime: ...
Steph writes something in her notebook with a flourish
Jaime also grins, chuckling a bit
Mr. Hawthorne stands up
Mr. Hawthorne walks down to Jaime
Mr. Hawthorne looks at him
Jaime: ...?
Mr. Hawthorne offers his hand for a shake
Jaime: ...
Mr. Hawthorne: Sorry for doubting you, my boy.
Jaime the handshake is real
Jaime: It s fine, Mr. Hawthorne.
Mr. Hawthorne walks out with THeodore
Jaime exhales
Dr. Hall: ...
Steph: Well, what do you know!
Dr. Hall: Congratulations, Mr. Lancaster.
Jaime: Thank you, Dr. Hall.
Jaime grins
Steph shoots a thumbs-up at Foxhole
Dr. Hall: No hard feelings.
Nurse Foxhole does the twin finger gun thing
Nurse Foxhole: Choo...
Jaime: Mm.
Dr. Hall: I do hope you will consider sessions of you own free will.
We made such good ground in that last one.
Jaime nods
Jaime: When I have the time.
Dr. Hall nods, and heads out
Jaime looks back at Steph
Steph: Well, that wasn t so bad, was it? First look at the legal system.
Jaime: Heh. Maybe it s a calling?
Ms. Lachance walks by them
Ms. Lachance looks
Ms. Lachance: ...
I knew you didn t do it, you little snot.
Ms. Lachance passes him a paper-baggie
Ms. Lachance walks off

Steph smiles
Jaime looks inside said paper-baggie
Ms. Lachance put inside the baggie, some odd looking coffee beans...
Space: red seed
Narrator : Could these be....
Her special coffee beans?
The ones that supply her fabeled coffee?
Jaime: ...Heh.
Jaime rolls up the bag again, stashing it in his backpack
Steph: Alright!
Steph checks her watch
Narrator : Wow
this took
a whole fucking schoolday
what the FUCK
Steph: ...Oh, wow! The time just flew by!
Mr. Rosencrantz walks by, smiling, quietly slips Jaime something
Jaime: It only felt like an hour or so.
Jaime looks at Gift Number Two
Mr. Rosencrantz had slipped Jaime a...
Narrator : A tape.
Space: holy shit
THATs why he left
Jaime: ...
Narrator : A note taped to it
"Watched the tape. Figured it looked bad. Don t thank me."
Jaime grins, putting said tape in his backpack as well
Jaime: ...That entire thing looked really bad, didn t it?
Narrator : now ooc here s something you could have pressed
Steph: Justice won out. That s how it s supposed to go.
Narrator : "how did hall know about the faked bit in the notes"
Space: i was wondering about that, and i figured it was either
naomi being a plant
or archetype powers
Fawkes M.: Naomi the mole
Oh shnapp
Narrator : it was theodore
theodore clucked to naomi
Space: fuckign
demon bird
Narrator : what had happened
Space: i swear to god
Narrator : as hall told him to
Fawkes M.: Boogeybird
Narrator : that s what he told theo
when he perched by him
to make naomi do bad statements
Space: you know there were a lot of ways that case could have gone
Naomi taps Steph

Naomi: Hey!
Jaime was about to say something, but looks over at Naomi
Steph looks back
Naomi: Sorry about... uh, messing up the record, Steph-sama...
Steph: Oh, um... don t worry about it, Naomi...kun??
Naomi lights up
Naomi tries hugging her
Steph: Ulp!
Steph hugs back
Naomi smiles
Naomi: Thanks so much!
I m sure you both did great law-things!
Steph smiles back
Jaime: Well, all I did was testify...
Space: i was genuinely pleasantly surprised that naomi abstained
i thought she was gonna say guilty
Fawkes M.: Same here
Space: well i was pleasantly surprised at everyone in general
Fawkes M.: I was expecting a massacre
Space: i figured suzie and lilly had our backs but that s about it
Naomi: vlad didn t
Naomi skips off
Vlad shoves past Foxhole
Jaime: If you think about it, she helped us.
Vlad: Stupid shit...
Steph looks back at her notes again
Steph: She means well.
Vlad nods as she goes
Vlad: suzie does
fuck it
Steph gives a brief salute to Suzie
Jaime nods to her
Narrator : Most of the class nods to them as they leave, as do the staff
Jaime the nodding-back is real
Steph oh yes
Steph: ...Well, we d better get going!
I feel like walking home today.
Jaime: Yeah, we should.
Jasper just blankly stares
Jasper: It s pointless, you know
Steph: ...?
Jaime: ...
Jasper: Just one big meaningless show.
You ve won nothing.

Jasper stands
Steph: ...Heh. So what if it s meaningless?
Jaime: We could ve lost something.
Steph: Look, Jaime got coffee.
Jasper: You will lose everything, in the end.
It s meaningless, all of it.
Steph: ...
Jasper: A hollow victory.
Jasper looks at Steph
Jasper: They ll forget.
They always do.
Jasper walks out
Jaime: .....
Jaime shrugs
Steph: ...Man... he acts like he s saying something new.
Jasper: she
Space: oh my god i didn t even know
Jasper: ahaha
Space: holy shit now i see it...
Jaime: Does she say that a lot?
I didn t really pay attention to her before.
Steph: Well, if you re looking at it from a really broad perspective, everything
s meaningless. But that s such a hollow thing to say, isn t it? Meaning s what
you make of it.
Nathan is napping in his desk
Jaime: ...Exactly.
Mr. Schmidt: A fine way of seeing things.
Mr. Schmidt limps over
Steph: Oh, hey, Mr. Schmidt. Are... you gonna be okay?
Mr. Schmidt: Oh, perfectly fine, I hope.
This is not the first time Ms. Lachance has beaten me.
Nor will it be the last, I suspect.
Steph rubs the back of her neck
Jaime: ...I bid you luck with that.
Mr. Schmidt: Though I despise the idea of luck, I thank you for your well-wishes
I hope those sratches of yours do not reopen or become infected.
Steph: ...
Steph sneaks off over to Nathan
Mr. Schmidt: That devil-chicken...
Steph the light poke
Mr. Schmidt: It is a terrible bird.
Jaime: ...I ought to get them re-bandaged.
Nathan snorts and wakes up
Jaime: The nurse hasn t left, has he?
Nathan: Whuh...?
Steph: Hey! School s out.
Nurse Foxhole: Hehah! You wish!
Nathan: Oh?
It is...?

Thanks, Steph.
Space: you know i like foxhole
he s endearing, in an uncool way
Steph: Uh huh!
Nathan rubs his eyes
Jaime: Do you think I ll be fine without bandages for now?
Jaime to Foxhole
Nathan walks out, yawning to her "girl power"
Nathan: and
Nathan and "you go girl"
Steph a good man
Steph returns this-a-way
Nurse Foxhole: I think you could air them out, sure...
Steph: How d you think I did, Mr. Schmidt?
Nurse Foxhole: But you might want to get them covered if you re going to be doin
g much activity...
Mr. Schmidt: Oh, you did very well.
Dr. Hall is not a man easily bested.
Jaime: I walk a fair bit to and from school. Is that too much?
Mr. Schmidt: Nor is it easy to convince Hawthorne of anything less than flatteri
ng about his bird.
Nurse Foxhole: Nah, I think you should be fine.
Steph: Do you think he ll... hold a grudge? Hall, I mean.
Nurse Foxhole: Try covering them before you go to bed.
Jaime nods
Jaime: Shouldn t be too hard.
Mr. Schmidt: I honestly do not know him well enough to say.
Nurse Foxhole: Oh!
If it gets too painful, I can sell you some meds.
You know, light painkillers, etc, etc...
Jaime: ...I ll see where it goes.
Steph: He seemed pretty... I m not entirely sure if he was putting on a show, or
Nurse Foxhole: Alright.
Have a good one, man!
Nurse Foxhole does the double fingerguns
Nurse Foxhole: Chk chk!
Jaime nods, smiling
Mr. Schmidt: The man can frighten me, occasionally.
Jaime: Thanks for your help near the end.
Mr. Schmidt: But, his passion is working with childlren, he cannot be all that e
Nurse Foxhole: Hey, it s no problem.
You re a real shark, like me.
And us sharks, we gotta stick together!
Steph: Yeah, I guess so...
Jaime: Sharks?
Sounds a lot more ferocious than a lion.
Nurse Foxhole: Besides, it was either that, or let Hannibal Wayne Gacey over the
re force you into his private therapy.

Space: you know i liked that session a lot

Jaime: ...I think one session is enough for me.
Mr. Schmidt: You stay safe, Ms. Karloman.
Jaime: Most of that didn t even help.
Nurse Foxhole: Pfffft.
Psychiatry isn t real medicine until you get actual medications involved.
Steph: Yeah. You, too.
Nurse Foxhole puts on a faux-german accent
Steph gathers up her stuff
Nurse Foxhole: Tell me about your mother.
Mr. Schmidt limps out
Jaime chuckles
Nurse Foxhole: Now, I ve gotta jet, got some important business to take care of.
Nurse Foxhole tugs smugly on his suspenders
Jaime: Alright. Stay safe, Nurse.
Nurse Foxhole nods and walks out
Steph: Hey, so, Jaime...
Jaime: ...Yeah?
Steph: I ve gotta walk home. Where do you live?
Jaime: Off in the suburbs. It s close enough to walk.
Steph: Alright, let s get going!
Steph thus begins... the walk
Jaime follows along
eldritch s. (GM): so
Fawkes M.: That was loads of fun
eldritch s. (GM): legal battle
Space: that was fucking great
i think at some point in that steph really clicked and now i know how to write h
Fawkes M.: You know the real reason that Jaime picked Steph to testify for him?
eldritch s. (GM): why s that
i m curious
Fawkes M.: He remembers strangling her with CQC
eldritch s. (GM): hahaha
Fawkes M.: And he figured that, if he got her on his side
She couldn t use what he felt was the strongest piece of evidence against him
Against him
Space: well it worked
eldritch s. (GM): clever
what do you think of dr. hall s lawyering
Fawkes M.: He s a master of below-the-belt fighting
Space: there were a lot of times he did objectionable behavior
Fawkes M.: I love it
Space: i think we got a good idea of what he s really like
eldritch s. (GM): good
i was hoping that got through
Space: yeah i absolutely do not trust him at all now
what determined our success or failure in this arena
eldritch s. (GM): dr. hall is not a very nice man i ll just tell you that right
i was doing a lot of gmrolls to determine how people acted in court

and some for how the crowd felt

and then at the end i figured
Fawkes M.: Low rolls = the tapes?
Space: i was genuinely surprised by how fair hawthorne was being
eldritch s. (GM): how would people feel about it
actually the tapes were something i thought up right after i had rosencrantz lea
Space: what was hall trying to do by showing the wounds off
eldritch s. (GM): he was going to say that he suspected they were self inclicted
sayign that no chicken could do that
and that it was part of the chicken psychosis
Space: the chicken psychosis was something i figured would wreck the case
but i just had to say it
because it amused me so much
show fox the final notes
eldritch s. (GM): it amused me to
Fawkes M.: Show me
Space: it felt like a phoenix wright-ish thing
eldritch s. (GM): check it now, fox
dr. hall
was th single last
person i suspect you would pick
and the last one i anticipated having do this
Space: hard mode
idk i figured he was perfect for the role
who d you thought we would pick
eldritch s. (GM): you did give me a chance to show what kind of person he is
idk like lachance or foxhole
Space: foxhole would have been too easy
eldritch s. (GM): if you think dr, hall was objectionable in court
Space: lachance scares steph
eldritch s. (GM): lachance would have just broken steph s nose if she objected w
hile she was talking
Space: hahahahaha
does hall hold a grudge
eldritch s. (GM): you tell me, do you think he would hold a grudge
Space: he looks, in his face, like the kind of man to hold a grudge
his behavior too tells me that he probably doesn t like being beaten by a bunch
of kids
to the point where he has to resort to dirty tricks
eldritch s. (GM): he does hold a grudge but he s going to save it for the right
Space: going after the chicken psychosis
at the end
eldritch s. (GM): yes
wanted jaime in his therapy
Space: why
eldritch s. (GM): that;s the question
i mentioned that he likes watching people squirm
Space: i had a plan for what steph would have done if she lost and went to his t
herapy again
eldritch s. (GM): watch your step, he may try to get you back into his office
Steph: i ll get my grandfather to shoot him
Space: you know jaime s dad is a real piece of work
Fawkes M.: Remember one thing, Johann
Always lock your bathroom door
Space: a lancaster always repays his debts

Mobile L: wazzup muthafuckaz

eldritch s. (GM): not much
up;oading silent hill monsters to is it porn
i stumped it
Mobile L: Ahahaha
They really are that horrid middle ground
eldritch s. (GM): abstract daddy proved its undoing
Mobile L: :-)!!!!
OH WAIT, that gives me an idea
eldritch s. (GM): what is it
Mobile L: If it ll quit being a bitch and take my image
Aaa fuck it didn t
It s being a bitch
I was gonna feed it Squart Guy
eldritch s. (GM): oh yeah abstract daddy didn t process
Mobile L: I think the servers are undergoing their refractory period
Space: good day
Mobile L: ayy lmao
Space: so mobile
whats gabby s thoughts on the trial
Mobile L: She is pleased with how it turned out, but now firmly convinced that s
he hates Dr. Hall and everything he stands for
She also now respects Steph even more and feels very bad for Jaime
Space: good... good
btw mobile i wanna pm to you something
so we can plot
Mobile L: Oooooooh! Hit me
Space: the sent
Mobile L: Got et, sankyuu
Space: you know mobile are you on the skypes
Mobile L: I could be, if I boot it up
Space: i ll re-spond to your latest there if that is ok
Mobile L: That is fine and dandy by me
Space: you know i am so hyped for battleworld
MSF as a group just lends well to something like that
Mobile L: ME 2
I ve wanted to play Breen and the other HLs concurrently, and finally here is my
Space: i noticed you salvaged the dude from the MUD
Mobile L: Yep, I did
I never got the balls to send that app in :<
Space: just as well, i dropped it
see i figured it d be easier like a chat program or whatnot
but it was prose-based, and really draining
Mobile L: Aww. Ah well
I ll keep them in mind if ever something goes catastrophically wrong here and I
have to skip town
Space: so a pact is made
Mobile L: (kyubey face here)
Space: while we re on the subject i
want to get any excuse to play this song in it
or any mgs song really
the series tends to have great music
eldritch s. (GM): hello
Space: hey we were talking about demon pacts
eldritch s. (GM): i was going to sign up onto battleworld wiht the town from pat
but there s just
way too many npcs
Space: you don t gotta stat them all out

eldritch s. (GM): difficult decisions, too

also the signups locked
Space: yes but you expressed interest beforehand
eldritch s. (GM): eh
Space: so he probs figures you are still interest
eldritch s. (GM): maybe i will
Space: it d be fun i bet
eldritch s. (GM): shitty town of a few thousand with like some mounted guns stan
ds no chance against the magical bullshit and lasers
Space: forge alliances yo
Narrator : who would even sign on board with that shit
Space: do they have money or supplies
msf probably would like a good source of food
Narrator : beef
it s the one export
Space: beef is good
Narrator : i messaged fox and while it says he s is there i am getting no respon
the second this is said
he reponds
Space: gotta walk dog, he say
Narrator : thank you for stealing my thunder
Space: it s my job
Narrator : would you like to start the class without him or what
Space: i want to wait
Narrator : so i proved it in the discuss but yes
can be the pope
as long as they have a dick
Space: i m already an antipope
Narrator : that makes you in a schism
disqualifying you from being the real pope
Space: i have a better claim to it than rome does
Mobile L: Don t h8
Space: yeah seer don t hate on my legitimacy
Narrator : your legitimacy is non-existent
prove you have followers
Space: mobile legitimize my claim pls
Mobile L: Never
Narrator : hey space
remember that one nation under god picture
where the kid like signed the deal with jesus
and there were a bunch of white people and one black guy
Space: no
Narrator : i mentioned a version with cthulhu
i found it
Mobile L: Oh gawd, that is beautiful
Space: that s the america i want to live in
Mobile L: The patriotism is real
Space: i remember the picture now btw
Narrator : yes
and if you violate your termit limit and vote for barrack hussein obama, that s
the america he ll give you
in his empire of liberal darkness
Mobile L: That s America, to me
Have you seen that video?

Narrator : no
all we get is "Nice hair, though."
space can attest
Mobile L: This hurt me, and I want it to hurt you too
Narrator :
Space: this video really does hurt me
Mobile L: That s
To me
eleegalizing marrywanna
Narrator : i fucking love that guy
Mobile L: That is strangely long for a political attack ad
Also, howdy Fox
Narrator : they edit it down for most broadcasts
Mobile L: nice hair, doe
Narrator : like father like son
Fawkes M.: Hello hello
Narrator :
in case that didn t work
they re talking about
how he mouthed
"Fuck off" to members of hte opposition
Narrator : during the session
Space: the house of commons is rowdy
Mobile L: Jaysus
Narrator : alright let s go
After yesterday s trial, life returns back to normal.
Steph has smarted up, and is not writing in this class
Narrator : Some students threw eggs at Dr. Hall s car this morning, and all is w
Space: show stephs journal for mobile
Narrator : it s set for all players
Space: oh good i can freeely erase it
Jaime is sitting in class, not bringing a switchblade for once
Narrator : the system works
Ms. Lachance sits at her desk, rubbing her temples
Ms. Lachance: Gah...
Steph: .....
Mobile L: Hill yiss
Ms. Lachance drinks her coffee
Gabby wonders how many dead kids are in Dr. Hall s basement
Ms. Lachance: Alright...
Christ, what were we even doing today...?
Jaime: ...
Ms. Lachance looks at her papers on her desl
Ms. Lachance: Finishing up the YA. Good.
Any anyone tell me what happened in the final chapter?
Mobile L: test

Steph: >Steph s Courage isn t high enough to answer...
Ms. Lachance: i recieve you
Gabby racks her brain for who the frick died and what the frick happened
Mobile L: Gud
Ms. Lachance: just make it up
Narrator : Steph, do you feel awkward, sitting next to Jasper after her little t
irade yesterday?
Gabby does feel a little bit awkward, yes, but is trying to pay it no heed. Don
t let these dumb hoes get you down, gurl...
Gabby raises her hand
Steph says nothing, looking ahead inoffensively
Ms. Guildenstern: Just say it.
Jaime just listening
Gabby: ...Valentine and the others made it to the refuge, she and Anthem mourned
the loss of Ermias and Sephara, they kiss and Val thinks about the future and h
ow society will be different without the Plague now.
Ms. Guildenstern: There.
Ms. Lachance: There we go.
There s your ending.
Three-hundred pages for that.
How does that make you all feel?
Ms. Lachance sips her coffee
Space: mobile i know those names...
Mobile L: >:)
Gabby raises her hand again
Ms. Lachance: Just say it.
Gabby: It was vapid and underwhelming and I m probably gonna forget about it a m
onth from now.
Gabby says this with CONVICTION
Steph: It was soulless.
Ms. Lachance drinks her coffee
Ms. Lachance: Good.
Jaime: It wasn t anything to write home about.
Gabby: The whole frickin book was soulless.
Jaime just going with the crowd
Narrator : The class all murmur along the same lines
Except for Ken, who doesn t say anything, keeping his little smile on as usual,
Naomi: I don t know, it was pretty sugoii!
Jaime whispers to Gabby
Jaime: What does that even mean?
Gabby whispers back reeeel quiet
Gabby: S a dumb anime thing.
Ms. Lachance: F minus.

Don t even write the report.

You fail.
Steph rubs the back of her neck
Naomi: ...
Jaime: ...Hm.
Steph on one hand, that s mean to Naomi
Naomi ;_;
Steph on the other... Ms. Lachance is kind of right
Steph: .....
Naomi sniffles
Ms. Lachance stands up
Steph: ............
Ms. Lachance: Now, the objective of this was to show you the state of today s li
The real test was seeing that I read every book on the list of books we could ha
ve found, and specifically took the most vapid one I could find.
The next novel study we ll be doi ng when I get all your reports will be on the
Merchant of Venice.
Can anyone tell me who wrote it?
Gabby: William Shakespeare.
Gabby john_cena_theme.wav
Ms. Lachance: Yes.
The Bard.
So look forward to that.
In your reports, I want a discussion on the good and bad parts of the story and
a concise summary.
Gabby does not find this terribly exciting, but is at least glad to be done with
frickin Val and her stupid love thing, eugh
Ms. Lachance: If you make any grammatical or spelling errors, I will find them.
And I will mark you on them.
Gabby small nod
Ms. Lachance goes to drink her coffee, but the cup is empty
Ms. Lachance reaches for a thermos, but stops
Ms. Lachance: ... Must have left my things in my car...
I ll be right back.
Don t do anything stupid.
Or I ll hurt.
*hurt you.
Ms. Lachance walks out
Steph: ...
Gabby looks at Jaime
Jaime looks back
Gabby: ...Um. You feeling better?
Jaime: Of course. I m a free man, aren t I?
Gabby: Yeah... I mean, with what the frickin bird did.

Jaime shrugs
Steph gets out her notebook
Jaime: The wounds are starting to heal over.
Steph the covert writing
Steph she s a bit quieter now, a far cry from how she was in the courtroom
Gabby: ...Good. That s good.
Gabby peers over at Steph s writing
Ken absentmindedly pats on his desk
Steph is writing down what looks to be
Steph adjectives
Ken peeks at them
Gabby i n t e r e s t i n g
Gabby: ...Frickin Dr. Hall must be crying in his coffee, huh?
Jaime elects against peeking with da crowd
Jaime: Heh, probably.
Gabby: We devastated his butt.
Naomi: YOU READY THAT Y-... Nevermind...
Gabby: ?
Jaime: ...
Jaime looks over at Naomi
Steph: Oh... hello.
Steph looks up at Ken
Naomi is still a little puffy-eyed from the whole being instantly given an F thi
Gabby: ...Anyway. I think he eats people, like Hannibal from Silent Lambs or wha
Gabby feels in no place to console her
Ken: Adjectives. They re evocative, but not much help on their own.
You need some nouns to go with them,
Steph: I ve noticed that I tend to... use a lot of the same ones, if I use them
at all.
Jaime: Maybe we ought to check the "missing person" reports, just in case...
Jaime doesn t feel it, either
Steph feels it but can t go all the way over there and is talking to the ken
Steph maybe at lunch...
Ken: I don t write often, so I m not in a position to give you advice.
Gabby: Nyeheh... Might be good to do that... Frickin ... I m pretty sure he know
s I know he s a monster, and he hates me.
Jaime: ...Really?
Have you ever taken a session with him?

Steph: That s fine. Talking about things like this is good. It helps with workin
g them out.
Gabby: ...Yeah. He was... like, it was maybe the scariest thing. He was just so
unstable and weird and he made me do this thing about sex and death...
Dr. Hall intensifies
Gabby: ...I really kinda wish I was taller so I could hold him in a fight.
Gabby brrr...
Jaime: ...Just like what he made me do.
Did he give you weird pictures?
Ken: You did well at the trial.
Gabby: ...Yeah. Oh yeah.
...Shouldn t that be illegal?
Is he... he a pedo?
Ken: Dr. Hall can be very frightening when he needs to be.
Gabby: ...Oh, uh... Yes. Yeah. Thanks.
Ken: I do not feel I could have done as well as you.
Either of you.
Jaime: Well, I was really just a witness...
Steph: After a point it got to be a personal thing, I think. He just got so... I
couldn t let him win.
Gabby: ...Well, stenography s frickin ... it s not my calling.
...Yeah. Yeah, y know, I think it was.
Ken: It s good that you realize that.
Gabby: ...Mm.
Gabby wonders why she hasn t bothered speaking to this one before
Ken: I wasn t willing to say guilty, as you never know the entire truth.
Steph: I m actually... pretty surprised we did as well as we did.
Jaime nods
Gabby: ...Me too. I only know about court stuff from what my grandma tells me, b
ut it felt... kinda court-y?
Jaime: I thought he was just going to force everyone to say "guilty".
Gabby: ...Oh, same frickin here!
Ken: It would not have been all that hard.
He could have blackmailed everyone in that court if he really wanted to.
Steph: There s rules against that or something, right? I mean... to be a therapi
st, you have to have confidentiality.
Ken: Yes.
But try telling that to the man who has all of your secrets.
Fawkes M.: BRB
Gabby: ...I do think he s either a pedo or a serial killer.
Ken: Why?
Gabby: He has to be. He justhe just acts it. Do ever watch those true crime shows
Ken: I rarely watch television.
Gabby: ...Me either, recently, but sometimes Grandma has em on, and he s... he
s like something out of that.
Ken: Do yKen starts coughing
Gabby: ?
Ken has a very rattling cough

Gabby: ...Oh geez, uh... You okay...?

Gabby lil

bit weirded out

Ken nods as he rifles through his pockets

Ken pulls out some pills
Ken inbetween coughs, he says
Ken: I need some water.
...One sec.
Gabby gets up and hurries to the girls room, praying nobody gets upset at her f
or this frickin altruism she s gone and done all of a sudden
Ken: is everyone living still
Fawkes M.: I m here
Mobile L: meme am here
Steph: ay
Mobile L: Was waiting to see if anyone would accost Gabby in the hall
Steph: ...
Steph is not sure if she should ask
Ken: wait, gabby
Mobile L: oop
Narrator : rolling 1d20
= 7
Mr. Schmidt steps out of his class
Gabby ooh frick
Mr. Schmidt: What are you doing, Ms. Tran, running around the halls?
Nathan tosses him another note
Gabby: ...Sorry, sir. Uh... Ken s having a coughing fit and he needs some water
for his pills.
Nathan: *tosses Jaime a note
Mr. Schmidt: Ah, I see...
Please, try not to make so much noise...
I am having trouble teaching the seniors how to understand the fact that the sun
and moon are seperate entities.
Gabby: ... Kay, sorry... Man, that s lame.
Jaime: ...
Jaime reads it under the desk
Mr. Schmidt nods and heads back in
Gabby SANIC SPEED but tries to be quiet back 2 the room
Narrator : The note reads: "Hey man, bored and hungary, you have peches or jokes
Gabby hands lil Ken the waters
Ken hacks into his elbow

Ken takes the water and downs the pills with it

Jaime looks over at Nathan
Gabby: ...Here. Didn t mean to take that long.
Jaime and shakes his head
Gabby looks on in muted concern
Ken: I appreciate it.
Nathan: What, not even a joke?
Jaime: I m not good at making jokes.
Gabby: ...Better?
Nathan: I m bored, I ll take what you give me.
Ken: Yes.
Gabby: ...Good. That s good.
Jasper glances at Steph
Steph has gone back to writing in her note-book
Gabby nods and allows herself a small-ish smile
Jasper watches her
Steph pauses
Steph looks up at her
Jaime: ...Hmm.
Ken: It isn t contagious, don t worr.y
Jaime: Why wasn t the pirate allowed to watch the horror movie?
Gabby: ...Okay.
Nathan: Because he had wood?
Jaime: ...No, because it was rated "arrr."
Nathan: Heheh... wooNathan laughs his ass off
Jaime: .....
Gabby is now worried this is cancer or something and is afraid to ask
Nathan is so entertained by that shitty joke
Jaime lets him have his moment
Jasper is gripping her mechanical pencil very tightly
Steph: ...Are you alright?
Gabby glances at Nathan like "what even the frick man, this nice kid might have
cancer or something"
Jasper: Is it your new hobby to join in on mocking Dr. Hill?
Gabby "god, these peop"

Steph blinks
Ken returns to his usual mellow state
Steph: I m... not entirely sure what you mean.
Gabby has GOT to hear what THIS CRAP is all a-frickin -boat
Nathan: You. man, you are so wise!
That s a good one.
Gabby hopes Ken will be okay while she silently sniffs out this crimethinker
Jasper: You know exactly what I mean.
Jaime: ...Yeah, I guess it was.
Jasper: Just because he opposed you in a mock-trial, he s suddenly become a figu
re of your derision.
A kiddy-toucher, because he wanted Jaime to recieve therapy.
Nathan: You should write these things down.
Nathan: I know a guy who would pay for jokes.
Steph: ...
Gabby >_>
Jaime: Well, to be honest, I just found that one on the internet.
Nathan: Yeah, he s on the net, calls himself dickmaste- ...
Well it was still funny.
Mobile L: Oh my gawd
Fawkes M.: Amazing
Jasper turns back to her work, silent
Jaime: Maybe you could look for them, get yourself some money?
Gabby looks at Steph like "i will be fricking watching that one. closely"
Nathan: Hm, maybe...
That s a good idea, guy...
Mobile L: I really wish I could draw, cuz I can t convey the faces I imagine Ga
bby to make properly in text
Steph: ......
Steph shrugs to Gabby
Ms. Lachance walks back in
Ms. Lachance huffs and puffs, as if she just had a lot of excercise
Gabby silent as the grave
Ms. Lachance: ... Some... homeless bum...
Tried taking... my coffee...
Ms. Lachance raises her fist
Gabby oh dear...
Ms. Lachance: He got one of these...
Gabby small nod
Ms. Lachance walks to her desk and sits down
Ms. Lachance: I hope you haven t... been... farting around...

Jaime: .....
Ms. Lachance scans the room with her eyes
Ms. Lachance: ... Steph, you seem like a snitch.
Has anyone been farting around?
Steph: No, ma am.
Ms. Lachance: Alright.
Ms. Lachance drinks her coffee, checking the time
Steph: ......
Gabby looks like she s done the opposite of farting around
Steph doesn t THINK she s a snitch...
Steph is totally a snitch
Ms. Lachance whistles
Ms. Lachance: Still ten minutes to go.
Ms. Lachance grumbles
Ms. Lachance: Alright, we re going to be playing a game.
I m going to hint at a word, and you re going to say it.
Gabby ohhhhhhh joy
Jaime: .....
Ms. Lachance: A four letter word referring to the people who would eat chicken h
eads in a circus.
If you give a wrong word I splash you with coffee.
If no one gives a word I ll splash someone at random.
Steph: rolling 3d20
= 11
Ms. Lachance: Let the game begin.
Steph: A geek!
Ms. Lachance: Right.
Space: only now do i realize
Ms. Lachance: A four letter word referring to the lack of light.
Space: that roll failed
should have gone with nerd
Ms. Lachance: listen if a roll passes i give you the word
if it fails its up to you
Space: oh hok
rolling 3d20
= 24

Steph: Dark!
Ms. Lachance: Yes.
A word that means all-knowing.
Gabby: rolling 3d20
= 27
Ms. Lachance: Correct.
A word that means evil-smelling.
Steph: rolling 3d20
= 23
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 7
Steph: ...Erm... malodious?
Ms. Lachance waits for Jaime
Ms. Lachance is just so ready to splash him
Ms. Lachance: No backsies.
Jaime: Reekful?
Ms. Lachance SPLASH
Jaime: ......
Ms. Lachance: Game Over.
Jaime doesn t cry out, being used to the burns by now
Ms. Lachance: Malodorous was right.
Ms. Lachance lightly splashes Steph
Ms. Lachance: Close, but no cigar.
Gabby is at least glad that she ll be prepared for college-level English
Steph winces
Ms. Lachance: Right, that burnt ten minutes.
Narrator : The bells goes
Ms. Lachance: Now get out of my face.
Jaime gets up

Gabby nods and gathers her shet, getting up and THINKING about this Jasper thing
Mobile L: brb
Narrator : EET IS NOW
Steph off we goooo
Jaime yeeeeeee
Space: why is vlad in art class
eldritch s. (GM): needed a credit
figured it d be easy
Mr. Pink steps in
Space: this is a nice song
Mr. Pink: Hey there, kids!
Steph: Morning.
Steph gets her supplies out
Mr. Pink: It s time for everyone s favorite subject...
Space: i m reading him with markiplier s voice
Jaime pulls out Terry s old box of crayons
Mr. Pink: It s time for art.
Today, I think we ll be covering...
That s right!
The Group of Seven!
Gabby sits and quietly listens, content to be done with the hell that is English
Mr. Pink: You don t need your supplies today, just a pencil to answer some quiz
Jaime thinks "quizzes in art?", as he pulls out the pencille
Mr. Pink: First, does anyone here know who the Group of Seven were
Space: rolling 3d20
= 41
Gabby already has her utensils out, 1v1 me skrublaird
Steph does, even though i don t
Narrator : oh yeah
they were canadian artists, did lots of landscapes, huge influence on canadian a
rt, helped develop national identity
Steph raises the hand
Narrator : roll intititive to beat out anyone else who may know
Steph: rolling 1d20
= 9
Narrator : rolling 1d20

= 14
Lilly just barely beats Steph out
Lilly: They were the finest Canadian landscape painters!
Mr. Pink: Yes they were.
Now, can anyone name someone from the Group of Seven?
Gabby: rolling 3d20
= 25
Narrator : it s up to you
unless you want me to give you a BS one
i ll give you a bs one
Gabriel Dumont, you don t have to use this, but if you give up, it s an option
Gabby raises her hand even though she is Not Confident
Narrator : Yes, Gabby?
fuck it
Mr. Pink: Yes, Gabby?
Gabby: ...Gabriel Dumont?
Mr. Pink: Sorry, but no.
Gabriel Dumont was a general in the Red River and Riel Rebellions.
Space: markiplier
Gabby: ...Ah frick.
Mr. Pink: In any case, the Group of Seven helped establish Canadian art.
And, while I was going to go more in-depth with them today, I ve decided that I
want you all to sketch a picture that you see as being what Canadian art is all
Mr. Pink: So take your pencils and paper out.
And your pencil crayons.
Gabby nods, but is again, not confident
Steph gets such things out
Steph already has an idea
Jaime starts to get out Terry s crayons
Mr. Pink: poor terry
also pencil caryons are colored pencils
vs crayons
*pencil crayons are colored pencils
welcome to canada, bitch
And sketch!
Mr. Pink: Remember, it doesn t have too look like the Group of Seven, as long as
it feels Canadian to you.
Steph starts a-sketchan
Gabby tries to BS something patriotic that doesn t involve STEM necessarily, eve
n though that is her passion...

Gabby ah, to be artistic like Chopin...

Mr. Pink: stephen harper looks down on gabby
eldritch s. (GM):
roll for sketching
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 12
eldritch s. (GM): mind for content, finesse for execution, spirit for love of yo
ur work
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse
= 11
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 8
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 5
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Spirit
= 11
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind

= 6
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 9
Steph is drawing a landscape
Steph like this bu
t without the mounties or horses or house or anything
Jaime is trying to draw a lake in the shape of a maple leaf
Steph and not nearly that good i mean
Narrator : Steph makes a landscape, with competent execution, though the composi
tion is... peculiar, she brings herself to feel pride for it.
Gabby is trying to draw (ah what is that place with the lake that you showed me
and it s all cool)
Narrator : Gabby forgets where some of the mountains are, so it s not quite reco
gnizable. However, her artistic talent shines through, though she gets hung up o
n the mountains.
Jaime basically draws a shitty maple leaf.
Jaime be all :-)
Mobile L: Ahahaha
Narrator : It s like someone had their hand cutoff and tried drawing it with the
stump before switching to their off-hand.
Mobile L: Poor Jaime
Space: jaime: i m making art. :)
Mr. Pink: And that s a wrap!
Let s see how you did.
Mr. Pink collects all the drawings
Jaime the bear the bear and the maiden fair
Steph here s to you
Mr. Pink: to comemorate
his good job
Space: oh my god
Mr. Pink: his song will play
Mr. Pink looks at the drawing
Mr. Pink: s
Gabby eh, Canada, I just want to go to McGill
Mr. Pink: Fine job, Naomi, though Harper looks a litttttttttle willowy...
Mobile L: Ahahaha
Mr. Pink: Fine job, Anton...
You re improving, Vlad, I don t see ANY dismembered heads in this one!
Oh, that s nice, Ken...
Good effort, Nathan...
Nice, Suzie, nice, Jason...

Nice trees, Lilly...

Mr. Pink: ...
Mr. Pink pauses
Mr. Pink: ...
Mr. Pink forces a smile
Steph: ...?
Mr. Pink: Good effort, Jaime.
It s a nice maple lead.
Jaime smiles back
Mr. Pink: Nice, Jasper...
Oh. Gabby, this is a nice vague spot, good job!
And that s a really nice landscape, Steph!
Steph brightens
Gabby pleased nod
Mr. Pink: These are all very good.
Good efforts.
... Good efforts...
Mr. Pink flips back to Jaime s
Mr. Pink: ... .
... Good efforts...
Mr. Pink places them all down
Mr. Pink: Now, I can see that a thing that reocurrs a lot are the mountains.
And the maple leaf.
Gabby sighs in relief and content
Mr. Pink: Why?
Space: guys do not let me forget i must go to bed at 11:15
Mr. Pink: in ten min
Steph: They re symbols of national pride!
Jaime nodnods
Mr. Pink: Good job, Steph.
AMr. Pink is cut off by the Bell
Mr. Pink: ...
Well, we ll just pick up next time.
Have a good one, all of you.
Mr. Pink steps out
Gabby nods and gets up. This is a good, chill class, yes.
Narrator : Now is math
Jaime onore
Steph acquires number books
Mrs. Plumber: Good day, class.
Steph gets out calculator as well

Mrs. Plumber: Please turn to chapter three point five in your textbooks.
Today we ll be covering Sine and Cosine ratios.
Steph time to learn and words
Jaime onore onore onore
Gabby [ambient death metal]
Mrs. Plumber: If Tan is opposite over adjacent, does anyone know what the Sine a
nd Cosine might be?
Mobile L: Can I get an increased roll because smart gril?
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 16
Mrs. Plumber: sure
Mobile L: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 10
Narrator : The truth eludes you, gabby
Fawkes M.: Can his roll be decreased for idiocy?
Or lack of studying
Narrator : space you know what it is
go for it
Fawkes M.: rolling {3d20kl1} + -1 for decreased mind
= 7
Narrator : Sine... Side... Syde... Hyde.. Hyde Park... England... English... New
Steph: Sine is opposite over hypotenuse!
Jaime: ............
Mrs. Plumber: That s right, Stephanie. And Cosine is adjacent over hypotenuse.
Gabby ghhh
Gabby you must do better

Gabby for Chopin...

Steph thank you
Mrs. Plumber writes notes one most take on the board, writes every quickly, roll
finesse to keep up
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 8
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse
= 9
Mrs. Plumber: jaime do it you motherfucker
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 14
Narrator : Steph and Gabby get so caught up in what the notes mean and in asking
questions that they fall behind, while Jaime, in eternal autopliot during lesso
ns, copies them down without a thought.
Mrs. Plumber: And that should get you through today s examples.
Fawkes M.: That s how you take notes
Mrs. Plumber: I m assigning questions 1-5, 7b, 9abcd
Steph: ...:v...
Mrs. Plumber: space sleep now
Gabby self I am disappoint
Gabby blames Dr. Hall for this
Mrs. Plumber: it is 11;20 for you space, no
Space: yes
but i m finding art
Mobile L: Dammit, 26 mins of battery
Mrs. Plumber sits down
Mrs. Plumber: They re due tomorrow.
Don t be afraid, they re all very quick, I assure you.

Jaime: .....
Gabby nod nod nod and copies that shit down
Gabby is gonna do EXTRA math tomorrow to keep sharp
Mrs. Plumber begins marking tests
Jaime looks over at Gabby, wondering...
Gabby looks back at Jaime and wonders what he wonders
Mrs. Plumber: Oh, you can work on them in pairs, too.
Gabby hm... HMMMM
Steph does GOOD WORK and doesn t say much because it s time for me to sleep
Jaime: ...Hmm.
Mrs. Plumber: bye space
Gabby do i pity him that much...?
Gabby ...yeah, probs
Gabby OKAY
Space: goodbye... nerds
oh sorry
Mrs. Plumber: go
Gabby >:|
Gabby hopes Ken finds someone nice-ish and smart to work with
Ken is stuck with Vlad
Gabby oh god, oh god bless him... poor dear tender little
Vlad: What is this stupid nonsense...? I hate division.
Gabby rrrgh no c mon, you gotta kick that shit, survival of the fittest
Gabby assuming she and Jaime are together now
Vlad: the pairs assmble
Jaime yus
Gabby: ...So, uh... Let s have a look, eh?
Jaime: Right.
...Which chapter are we on, again?

Nathan looks so sad, struggling his brain trying to do math

Gabby pinches the bridge of her nose and sighs
Gabby doesn t give a shit about him, ahahahahaha
Gabby: ...Chapter 5. (i forget if it was mentioned or not)
Nathan: it was
three point five
Gabby yes that
Gabby: ... Kay, so. What in particular is frickin hard for you?
Jaime: Pretty much everything that has to do with calculus.
Gabby: ... Kay. Sure, guess it is... Let s maybe go over the fundementals of cal
culus and get you caught up, yeah?
Jaime: Sure, yeah.
Gabby is working through some of the easier ones while she puts the training whe
els on for Jaime
Anton seems a tiny bit slaty for some reason
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 16
Anton: *salty
Gabby: ...So basically...
Gabby glances at Anton
Narrator : Jaime shows himself to surprsingly receptive student to Gabby.
In fact, once he gets some guidance, he s even pretty alright at it.
Gabby yay, peer learning and shit
Gabby: ...Cool, so that s making sense?
Jaime aww yeh
Narrator : Anton just kind of seems vaguely salt, as an undercurrent, but not ov
ertly salty.
Jaime: ...It is.
Narrator : Stealth salt.
Jaime: Like - this doesn t seem like aliens wrote it anymore.
Jaime sounds vaguely pleased
Gabby: Well great! Not so hard once you think about (AAAA HELP ME JESUS) the rig
ht way, huh?
Jaime: Heh, yeah.
Narrator : do you not have fond memories of high school math
Now let us see how you fare against... THE QUESTIONS THEMSELVES...
Mobile L: I sucked at it and had to take remedial math in college
Narrator : 1. a) If Abdul Alahazared found a right angle triangle with...
Roll mind
Mobile L: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind

= 16
Fawkes M.: Increased because the info is fresh in his head?
Narrator : ues
Fawkes M.: rolling {3d20kh1} + -1 for increased mind
= 12
Mobile L: She bolstering him
Narrator : Gabby, as always, does very well.
Gabby aww yeah, Smart Gabby is BACK THE FRICK IN TOWWWWN BABY UNNNNF
Narrator : Jaime can actually stay above water with the new info, too, even if s
ome of hte numbers seem to jump around on the page for him,
Gabby B/ B/ B/
Narrator : Now...
Dare you face...
Gabby Y
Narrator : if you do it
the roll
Jaime ikuzo, eiyuu ou
Jaime: rolling {3d20kl1} + -1 for decreased mind
= 3
Gabby: rolling {3d20kl1} + 1 for decreased mind
= 6
Narrator : no jaime would have decreased it to a normal roll
though it still failed

Narrator : ANGELS
Narrator : *ANGLES
it asks you to do it
without a calculator
the ultimate insult
hat s life
Narrator : Gabby knows for a FACT her answer is at least off by one hundred.
And some decimals.
Gabby owwwwww dammit
Narrator : But it s the onl one she can find.
Jaime gets
Marginally closer.
But not much.
Gabby shakes her head at her answer
Gabby: ...It ll frickin jump you like a cougar.
That s math.
Jaime: ...Well, at least it s a bonus, right?
Anton: EUREKA!
Anton stands up
Anton waves his paper
Jaime: ......
Gabby oh my gawd
Gabby that one
Gabby: ...Well, we tried.
And we can always try again.
Anton sits back down when Mrs. Plumber tells him to settle
Jaime: How many more quizzes are left in the class?
Narrator : you finished the assignment
no homework. yay. :)
now you don t have to get terry to do it for you
Jaime awwwwww yeah

Gabby will still be studying at home for several hours

Narrator : or talk to uncle peter, the accountant, who gives off "i would makeou
t with a teenage girl" vibes
Gabby oh yes, oh god
Narrator : not even your uncle
Jaime ah yes, the self-proclaimed rock climber
Narrator : widower
Class begins to wrap up...
Next is...
Oh, goodie.
Gabby YEAS
Jaime phew
Gabby feels accomplished
Gabby even if the bonus questions are fail and AIDS
Mobile L: brb covert charger grab that I will not tell the rest of the forum abo
ut because I want to streamline
unless we re wrapping up
Narrator : i ll start lucnh
Mobile L: Kewl
Narrator : The class stand up, gather their things, and head to the lunch area
Jaime heads to said lunch area
Gabby followin
Narrator : now
Gabby now will she fly solo, or will this horrid "social" thing get the better o
f her...?
Gabby hmmm
Jaime elects to sit by himself for now
Narrator : where is that
Gabby plops down at the table sorta next to Ken and rifles through her bag for h
er lunch
Gabby alone-ish, but not entirely
Jaime against a wall, but not in a corner
Dr. Hall stands at the entrance to the lunch area
Dr. Hall stirring his cup of tea
Gabby oh fricking crapping hecking Jimminy Cricket
Gabby sighs and pulls out her lunch
Gabby ah yes, gi cun, delicious and edible at room temperature

Dr. Hall walks up and approache Jaime

Gabby oh dear...
Mobile L:
Jaime: ...
Jaime looks up
Dr. Hall: Hello, Jaime.
Gabby looks over at Ken
Dr. Hall sips his tea
Jaime: ...Afternoon.
Dr. Hall: I would say that it is noon exactly.
Dr. Hall checks his watch
Dr. Hall: ...
Dr. Hall smirks
Dr. Hall: Always right.
Jaime: ...I always figured that it would take a while to walk.
Gabby now feels bad for not inviting Jaime to her table. Frickin feelings...
Dr. Hall shrugs
Dr. Hall: I am here to speak to you about the possibility of future sessions.
Jaime: ...
Sorry, but I don t think I ll need any sessions soon.
Dr. Hall watches him, carefully, as he sips
Dr. Hall: Now, you did mention after the mock-trial that you would consider it.
Gabby just sorta watching from afar, too skittish to step in yet
Dr. Hall: I hope that this... child s play did not frighten you off from the pot
ential improvement of your mental health.
Gabby munching those spring rolls her grandma made...
Jaime: Child s play?
You took it very seriously, and yet you call it that.
Dr. Hall: I took it seriously as my duty to the school, you understand.
Gabby kinda stands up a lil bit, still eating
Dr. Hall: And if we were to start slinging around accusations, I could say the s
ame for your defence.
Jaime: ...Well, what s done is done.
Dr. Hall: Never have more true words been spoken.
Gabby casually sorta strolling over to her left, no big deal...
Jaime: Yes. Now, if you don t mind...
Dr. Hall: rolling 3d20+2

= 40
Dr. Hall immediately spots Gabby
Gabby god dang it, heck everything
Dr. Hall: I do hope you will reconsider...
Dr. Hall begins walking to her
Jaime: ...Mm.
Jaime back to eating
Gabby standing sternly, with a spring roll
Dr. Hall: Do you mind if I sit next to you?
My legs are very tired.
Gabby: ...Go head.
Dr. Hall sits down
Dr. Hall sips his tea
Gabby will not bring Ken into this, god bless him
Gabby munch munch
Dr. Hall: Do you think you will attend another session?
Gabby: ...I think I m probably not anxious anymore. I mean. I m getting used to
stuff, now, making connections.
Dr. Hall: ...
Gabby munch munch, trying so hard to be nonchalant
Dr. Hall: Allow me to ask you a question.
Gabby: ...Shoot.
Dr. Hall: I assume you have been sick before, Ms. Tran? Experienced a physical a
ilment of some kind?
Gabby: ...Yeah. Last year I got a bad flu and an ear infection.
Gabby munch munch
Dr. Hall: And when one takes medicine, one should always take it at the recommen
ded dose, for the recommended amount of time, isn t that right?
Gabby: ...Yeah. Sure. Until either the medicine does its thing and saves the day
or your body kicks the illness.
Dr. Hall: Now..
Do you know how superbugs were created?
Gabby: ...Yeah. People not taking their antibiotics for long enough to kill the
Gabby sees where THIS is goin ...
Dr. Hall: I like to believe that mental illness works the same way. One session
is not enough to cure you of your problems. At most it will simply prompt you to
hide them, and falesly believe you are better.
...But my being anxious isn t gonna, say, go onto the table if I sneeze and infe
ct and kill that kid over there.
And my being anxious is pretty normal, I mean, for a 14 year-old in my situation
I m adapting.
Dr. Hall: If you are anxious this could impact others.

A straw that breaks the poor camel s back.

It may build, and result in a nervous breakdown. This would not reflect well on
your academics.
Gabby: ...That slope is frickin real slippery.
No offense.
Gabby munch munch
Dr. Hall: Isn t it, though?
Gabby: My grandparents can vouch for me, Dr. Hall. I m a kid in a weird academic
situation, and I m doing pretty frickin well, all things considered. If I can
t look out for me, they ll look out for me, and if I start getting crazy, they l
l know and they ll make sure I get the help I need.
Gabby finishes the spring roll
Dr. Hall stands up
Dr. Hall looks down at her
Dr. Hall: ... Just know that I will be keeping an eye on you.
Gabby: ...Sure. Kay. Thanks, for looking out for the little guy.
Dr. Hall walks away with Jasper



Gabby sighs and sits back down
eldritch s. (GM): i think that should do for now
Fawkes M.: Yeah
Mobile L: Hall is such a bastard
eldritch s. (GM): he s garnered a lot more hate than i anticipate he would
Mobile L: I wasn t expecting it either
Fawkes M.: IC hate?
eldritch s. (GM): bith
*both ic an ooc
Mobile L: I love to hate him
Fawkes M.: Same
Mobile L: Also, Ken is 100% more angelic than expected
eldritch s. (GM): and you all thought he was high
Mobile L: High on life
Now why is Jasper in with Hall, I wonder...?
Fawkes M.: She s resigned to it
Mobile L: Likely
Gabby did not want to start feeling things for her classmates and is now wonderi
ng if it makes her weak
eldritch s. (GM): who is your favorite classmate
Fawkes M.: Naomi
Mobile L: Ken

Nathan takes close second, though

eldritch s. (GM): interesting
Mobile L: Ken is unexepectly really sweet and kinda mysterious, and Nathan is ju
st entertaining in how stupey he is
Fawkes M.: Actually, upon reconsidering, I like Nathan more
Mobile L: baby why
Fawkes M.: For that same raisin
Mobile L: Naomi gets an honorable mention
eldritch s. (GM): why did you like naomi
Mobile L: She s a hilarious weeb who drew a yaoi Harper
Fawkes M.: That + the easy manipulation
eldritch s. (GM): no one comforted her when she got an f
Mobile L: If Gabby was nicer, I would had that happen, but Gabby AIN T HERE 2 MA
Or at least not yet
eldritch s. (GM): how evil do you think hall is
like 1- being comical to 10- beinng just like the embodiment of evil rapist baby
-eating satan
Mobile L: I d say a 6.5 or 7
Fawkes M.: 7.2
Mobile L: Not like, a serial killer, but definitely twisted
eldritch s. (GM): what wouldn t you put past him
Mobile L: Gaslighting students until they re emotional wrecks and have to come t
o him for more destructive therapy
Fawkes M.: That s his entire MO
Mobile L: Maybe hurting someone
Telling lies to make things tip in his favor
eldritch s. (GM): but why
Mobile L: He is either supernatural and part of some bigger thing or just a real
ly sick guy
eldritch s. (GM): look at his face and tell me which seems more likely
Fawkes M.: I d think he s supernatural
So he s not supernatural
Red herring
eldritch s. (GM): and then it turns our he s actually a wizard
Mobile L: I m gonna go with Fox and hope it s not a double red herring
(To eldritch s.): I actually have a theory, but IDK if I should say it or not un
til I get more evidence
eldritch s. (GM): what do you think about jasper
(From eldritch s. (GM)): gopher it
(To eldritch s.): WHY SPEAKING OF JASPER
Fawkes M.: She saddens me for whatever reason
(To eldritch s.): Jasper is responsible for Dr. Hall and is some sort of evil Ju
ngian powers-haver and Dr. Hall is like her Stando/Persona/Servanto and she s tr
ying to do a sinister thing with him
(From eldritch s. (GM)): interesting
eldritch s. (GM): interesting
Mobile L: I thought she had benis for awhile
eldritch s. (GM): do you want to hear what he would sound like when he s angry
Mobile L: Shur
Fawkes M.: Who s he?
eldritch s. (GM):
Mobile L: Oh jesus his accent s all over the place
Fawkes M.: He sounds like he s calling himself out
eldritch s. (GM): that s remarkably fitting
Mobile L: Is he Scottish or from Tennessee? I don t know anymore!

oh jesus fuck i am up too late

eldritch s. (GM): go to the bed
Mobile L: I will
eldritch s. (GM): night
Mobile L: G night, suckaz
Fawkes M.: Night
Now, Seer
You and me
eldritch s. (GM): yes
i hope you enjoy this
i cant wait for things to get started
Fawkes M.: Are these still warmup sessions?
eldritch s. (GM): oh it s all canon
but the story hasn t begun yet
Fawkes M.: I was half-expecting the trial to play out in such a way
That he d have to use an archetype power for the first time to escape
eldritch s. (GM): i still need some maps to start it
Fawkes M.: cough mobile cough
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Fawkes M.: Still about?
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Fawkes M.: I wish to disgust things with you
eldritch s. (GM): disgust
Fawkes M.: Yes
eldritch s. (GM): shoot
Fawkes M.: A disgustion
How re we gonna get the RP moving again?
eldritch s. (GM): which, you mean the in a room rp thread
if so:
no fucking clue
i have two ideas
we ask publically when it s moving
eldritch s. (GM): and then if it doesn t move i say we talk to spazz
Fawkes M.: Would taking to Duff himself not work?
eldritch s. (GM): he s away a bit lately isn t he, with MGS an such
and asking publically presents a bit of
urgency, transparency, and honesty
Fawkes M.: Got it
We ll have more people on our side?
eldritch s. (GM): not even sides, it s just making sure everyone is clear and un
derstands what things are going to look like
though i m pretty sure if it came down to sides a lot of people aren t happy wit
h this plot
Fawkes M.: It s lasted about as long as Ram s plot has
And it s only a quarter of the way done
eldritch s. (GM): and it s still in its childhood
most of that time has been spent in one area, too
Fawkes M.: I feel ya
eldritch s. (GM): which i find mildly rude but i understand riv and duff have li
ves to keep
still it is telling that all the plots duff has gmed
have died midway through
Fawkes M.: Duff confirmed for DIO
Time always stops
eldritch s. (GM): za warudo
and the roll20 he was made co-gm died after first session
i noted this and it s why i didn t vote for his plot, along with my distate for
one piece at the time
Fawkes M.: Is that why he conceded to Ram, you think?

eldritch s. (GM): yes, that was a schedule thing i know for certain
though i really have to say
don t run if you don t have time to run it
if every time it happens
Fawkes M.: Yeah
eldritch s. (GM): just don t
Fawkes M.: I refuse to GM anything on my own
Because I know I don t have the time
eldritch s. (GM): and that s considerate
see and their method
of trying to put
one gm
having ultimate atuhority over one section
is flawed
Fawkes M.: If one dies
eldritch s. (GM): because if one is gone the other won t pick up the slack
Fawkes M.: Everything pauses
eldritch s. (GM): they ll just sit there
with their thumb up their ass
oh and of course
during action scenes
just never do that
eldritch s. (GM): like
if there is a death knell for excitement
and reason
and people not being confused
it s stopping during an action bit
Fawkes M.: Do it all in one blast
eldritch s. (GM): you have to
Fawkes M.: There will be no afterglow
eldritch s. (GM): and the fight itself
will feel like a slog
because there s no momentu,
Fawkes M.: Yeah
Have you ever run an RP plot?
eldritch s. (GM): no
but i know from experience with being a player
Fawkes M.: You have no plans to
eldritch s. (GM): i used to but eh
roll20 s a better medium
Fawkes M.: I find forums easier to GM with, personally
eldritch s. (GM): i just personally like roll20s better
Fawkes M.: Roll20s are insulated compared to OAAIART
eldritch s. (GM): yes
everything to me
is more
eldritch s. (GM): it s also much faster and snappier
Fawkes M.: One advantage the forum RPs have, though
The slowness can sometimes work out
If you re on the move
Like me
eldritch s. (GM): i find rapidfire sessions feel more rewarding
also audiovisual element

Fawkes M.: True

eldritch s. (GM): and the game and chance elements
Fawkes M.: I kinda like being in control of outcomes more
Then again, I like to think I hinder my characters when appropriate
eldritch s. (GM): i like not having power
Fawkes M.: Are there any real ghosters in the FG?
eldritch s. (GM): i m always out of touch
Fawkes M.: You know
Whenever I run a boss fight or something in the FG
I m always afraid that Fen or a similar story-breaking character is gonna saunte
r in that direction
eldritch s. (GM): that was most every day when i did the absolutisgt
Fawkes M.: Unlimited Fixer Works?
eldritch s. (GM): oh yes
you think it s bad now
jimmy fuckface gets a headvoice, abby
abby drives talking him into jumping out of a window
eldritch s. (GM): suddnely
gets a read light in their fucking brain
and just so happen to saunter by
from the middle of the fuckign woods
into the room
eldritch s. (GM): up the stairs
to investigate jimmy s unassuming, locked door
and then kick it down
and GASP
he s upset
Fawkes M.: I can understand why you have the Boogeyman be Nowhere As Bold
eldritch s. (GM): because it would keep happening
Fawkes M.: Exactly
eldritch s. (GM): and there were still plenty of story breakers
Fawkes M.: Besides Cloud and his Actually Still Daughter?
eldritch s. (GM): those were big ones but yes
Fawkes M.: Fen has such a no-fun attitude
Like, when Mega and I arranged for Liman to become a meguca I was all like "plea
se be offline jam please be offline"
The same for when I engineered a boss fight agains Berserker Heracles
(Which he shamefully copied three days later with Doomsday)
eldritch s. (GM): fen is a bitch
Fawkes M.: She s more of a jerk than Archer
And I m trying
To make Archer a jerk
One with redeeming qualities, but still a jerk
Like, she s supposed to be nice, right?
eldritch s. (GM): jam will defend whatever he does by saying its intentional
so who knows
Fawkes M.: I dislike how Fen has gone Comic Book
eldritch s. (GM): it s an asinine style
Fawkes M.: I like it
When someone s powers have an overall theme
Even Ram s gods, stronkest as they are, adhere to a theme
Fen, on the other hand
Can do whatever the hell Jam wants her to
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Fawkes M.: Why has nobody called him out on this?

eldritch s. (GM): because he reacts poorly to criticism

Fawkes M.: How poorly?
eldritch s. (GM): we ve had chtazy s that i rage quit out of
because dealing with him is infruriating
Fawkes M.: That bad?
eldritch s. (GM): ask space at some point
it was extremely irritating
and starte my general distaste for norm, as well
Fawkes M.: What is the basis for this distaste?
eldritch s. (GM): norm s conduct
he was put unofficially in charge
and was pure defending jam
and shut down all chance of things getting done
and was extremely irritating just in his demeanour
Fawkes M.: Why defend Jam?
eldritch s. (GM): no idea
i like just bent overbackwards to accomdate jam s ego
Fawkes M.: Do I sometimes have that ego?
eldritch s. (GM): no you have
approaching jam
like jam can evoke
fucking legitimate
Fawkes M.: I know what you mean
What s the worst of it that you ve seen?
eldritch s. (GM): that chatzy
Fawkes M.: Right
eldritch s. (GM): i m so eager to see things advance
Fawkes M.: I await with bated breath
eldritch s. (GM): so
i just did a quiz thing
where they wanted to guess my age by how i speak
they said i was 68
Fawkes M.: Are you really 68?
eldritch s. (GM): yes
i was the killer
Fawkes M.: I m also 68
eldritch s. (GM): geriatric roleplay club
Fawkes M.: Aww yeh
eldritch s. (GM):
fe died fighting in 112
Fawkes M.: I m also the killer
eldritch s. (GM): we re the same man
68 year old killer 50/50
*died fighting in ww2
Fawkes M.: The black plague claimed me
eldritch s. (GM): i fought for my country
Fawkes M.: I died along with my continent
eldritch s. (GM): sad
Fawkes M.: 90% dirty
eldritch s. (GM): got guillotined
in 18th century france
Fawkes M.: I m gonna head to bed right now
Getting late
eldritch s. (GM): night

Fawkes M.: Night

One Who Corrupts All: DECOMPOSE.
One Who Corrupts All: DIE.
Space: i took that age vocabulary test and i m 24
i died in history by stabbed in the back in ancient rome
in my past life i died fighting for my country in wwii
you know edward o brien and louis gerard intrigue me
eldritch s. (GM): why is this
Space: they re just
super anachronistic
amidst these devil dudes
eldritch s. (GM): that song loops too well
Space: i like loops
someones gonna get shot
oh this song
eldritch s. (GM): i m thinking of some point having another doctor of
come along
all i know is that he ll be named Dr. Ingram
Space: guns
eldritch s. (GM): what
Mobile L: Heyyyyyyyy, sorry for the wait, a zillion things at once
Space: mobile you re better at multitask than i am
eldritch s. (GM): they call me TMP
they call me MAC-10
that s not my name
Mobile L: Oh, I doubt it
BRB reel qwik, restroom
eldritch s. (GM):
Space: trouble in terrorist town
"we re all gonna die in a triangle here"
eldritch s. (GM): triangular obliteration
Mobile L: Bek
Narrator : Steph find a seat and shove that awful face of yours, it s


some kind


Steph takings the seats

Narrator : why would you sit away from gab yhzael
Space: oh shit yes fox is not here
Steph takaes the proper seat
Gabby takes out her little insulated bottle full of iced tea, then peers up at S
Gabby: ...Hey.
Steph: Hello!
Steph sets her lunchbox on the table and gets out the foods...
Gabby: ...So, uh... Dr. Hall is definitely soulless and evil.

Gabby does she see the um wtf snakeman

Steph: ...?
Space: thats not a man
Mobile L: Snakegendered individual
Steph: What d he do?
Gabby: Tried to hustle me into more therapy crap, think he wanted to do the same
to Jaime.
Frickin ...
Steph: Well, that s his job, right?
Steph takes a bite out of an apple
Gabby: ...I guess. But he was real weird about it.
Gabby sips her iced tea
Steph: Like how?
Gabby: He was all like "ohhh guhh, it s like when you get sick and don t take yo
ur antibiotiiiics, it makes a superbug, bluhhhhh" and he frickin stood over me
like he was gonna eat my head...
Steph: You d think a therapist would be less...
...Y know.
Gabby: Yeah. Yeah, seriously. Frickin creep.
Oh oh oh!
And then...
Then, I saw him and Jasper get together, weren t even hiding it or anything, jus
t being the obvious conspiracy, and then they walked the frick off together.
Gabby is clearly impassioned about this outrage
Steph: Huh...
...Want an orange?
Gabby nods
Gabby: ...Sure. Um, and thanks.
Steph hands it ovre
Narrator : Outside the lunch room, there are the sounds of a crash, a horrible y
ell, and a struggle.
Steph: ...??
Gabby takes it in her tiny hand... only to immediately drop it at the noise
Gabby: ...the frick...?
Steph looks back at her
Steph: ...Let s...
Narrator : Roll to understand the yells
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 18
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind

= 5
Mobile L: Sharp hearan
Space: love this song
Narrator : Gabby hears the furious voice of Lachance.
Steph hears Satan.
Space: take a deep breath, deep breath, deep breath, deep breath
Steph: ...??
Gabby: ... S Lachance. She s ticked, frickin ticked...
Narrator : Gabby also detects distinctly male grunts as well.
Gabby: ...Oh crap... There s also a guy... What should...?
Narrator : rolling 1d20
= 20
A sharp cry.
Gabby: !!!
Steph: What is it??
Narrator : The yelling ends.
Gabby slowly rises
Gabby is shivering a little bit
Narrator : The lunchroom is silent.
Steph: .......
Gabby grabs her water bottle in a weaponesque fashion and slooooowly makes for t
he door, still shivering
Narrator : Roll mind
Gabby: ...motherfrickin ...
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 6
Steph goes to follow her, after a moment
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 10
Narrator : Gabby can t hear much past her own trembling heart.
Steph is in a mild state of shock.
Gabby takes a DEEP FRICKIN BREATH and peers out the cafeteria door
Narrator : She immediatly sees a large, masked, goggeled man holding an aluminum

baseball bat
Gabby: . . . . . .
Narrator : He looks right down at her
Steph: --...
Gabby is utterly scared frickless and just stands there, gripping her water bott
Lunatic takes a step closer
Gabby: . . . . .
Steph: St-- stay away from her!
Lunatic looks up at Steph
Steph hurls a nearby milk carton at his face
Gabby yells shrilly in a failed attempt to be scary and chucks the bottle at his
Lunatic: two objects
roll brawn
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Brawn
= 15
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Brawn
= 8
Lunatic is hit in the head by the milk carton, but he recovers enough to knock t
he bottle aside
Lunatic looks at them
Lunatic grunts menacingly and holds his bat threateningly
Gabby loses nerve and shrieks like the little girl she is, swiftly turning tail
Steph is still mildly in a state of shock
Lunatic begins walking into the lunchroom
Steph: --?!!
Steph takes a step back
Lunatic looks to either side
Lunatic reaches and pulls the fire alarm, wordlessly
Gabby tries to frickin climb into a trash can or something, holy frickin crap

Lunatic begins banging his bat on a table, grunting

Gabby still kind of shrieking
Steph is freaked the fuck out
Steph: .....
Steph tries to sprint past him and out the door
Lunatic doesn t move to stop hr
Gabby hiding like a small, terrified child
Steph looks around, for anyone who could help at all
Narrator : Lachance is out like a light.
Steph: ...!!
Steph rushes over to her
Narrator : The staff room...
It s been barricaded from the outside
Steph: ...?
Steph goes over there
Steph: H-hello??
Lunatic roars as he slams his bat on the tables
Gabby hyperventilating and presumably in a pile of garbage
Narrator : People begin running out
Gabby also crying a little
Narrator : THere are shouts from the staff room.
The teachers are stuck.
Gabby: . . . . . . .
...II m gonna frickin die...
...I know it...
Steph tries to un-barricade the door
Gabby: . . . . . .
Narrator : But a few people stay with her in the lunchroom
Gabby growls in sad anger and rifles through the garbage for something sharp and
/or heavy
Narrator : Roll brawn, Steph.
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Brawn
= 8
Lunatic stops banging on the table
Lunatic roars
Lunatic: GET OUT.
Narrator : Whoever this man is, he managed to stack a lot of heavy shit against

this fucking door.

Steph can barely move some of it
Gabby aaaaaaaaaa motherfrick it, no use staying here, out of the trash you go
Gabby: . . . . . . .
Steph: I-it s barely budging!
Narrator : More suffeled shouts
Roll mind to make them out
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 19
Gabby legs it for the frickin door
Mr. Hawthorne: For Peter s own sake, get out child!
Gabby is just intent on LEAVING
Narrator : Gab makes it without incident
Steph tries one final effort to get the barricade out
Narrator : Vlad runs out of hte luncrhoom, practicalyl carrying his brother
Gabby ahahahaha where s that exit
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Brawn
= 14
Narrator : Gab, roll to get through the crowd
Steph looks deep within.
And moves enough shit out of the way
Mobile L: Can I mind this?
Narrator : The door bursts open
Steph: Hrgh--!
Narrator : justify it
Mobile L: She s looking for the tiny lil gal-shaped opening
Narrator : do it
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 4
Narrator : The staff are all alarmed
Gab gets so fixated looking, she begins hyperventilating very badly.
Mr. Hawthorne: Jesus H Murphy...
Gabby aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;A;

Steph: Th-- there s a psychopath in the cafeteria!

Gabby just curls up in a tiny ball on the floor and starts whimpering
Mr. Hawthorne: We know!
He barricaded the door, somehow, in less than a minute!
Gabby tiny sad ball
Narrator : rolling 1d20
= 6
rolling 1d20
= 17
Gabby also covered in garbage
Narrator : Gabby gets mildly trampeled
Steph: Call the police, or-- or something!
Narrator : And in the lunchroom, you can hear the lunatic screaming loder
Gabby shivering like there s no goddamn tomorrow
Gabby: . . . . . . . .
Mr. Hawthorne: We have.
We all need to get out, at once...
rolling 1d20
= 6
Gabby struggles to her knees, panting, and again tries to pick out an opening
Narrator : Another sound of a scuffle.
Steph: Alright, um...
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 5
Narrator : CRACK.
Steph hurries for an ex-it
Narrator : The sound ends
Gabby: . . . . . .
Space: nathan nooo
Narrator : Gabby just
Descends further into her breakdown.
Narrator : The nearest one is the one Gabby is getting trampeled on the way too.

Gabby pitiful sobbing and shivering

Narrator : rolling 1d20
= 20
Another sound of a scuffle
This one continues for a bit
Gabby: . . . . . . .
Steph tries to rush through the crowd
Gabby is gonna throw up, probably
Narrator : Until the madman comes bursting into the crowd, having his bat thrown
at his back
Steph screams
Gabby: . . . . .
Lunatic just screams and waves his arms around
Gabby yeah that did it she fuckin
Lunatic: LEAVE.

threw up

Gabby is fully convinced that she s gonna die here

Narrator : What do you do, fearful heroes...?
Gabby: . . . . .
Gabby c mooooon some tiny modicum of inner strength or something pleaaaase...
Gabby hnnnnnghhh
Narrator : His bat rolls along the floor.
You could grab it.
Steph: ...!
Gabby reaches a shaky-ass hand into her book bag
Gabby grabs the calculus book
Steph scrambles for the bat
Gabby ANGRY SAD TERRIFIED thrusts that shit forward with every measly ounce of s
trength in her puny arms RRRRHHHGGGHHGGHGHGH
Narrator : roll
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Brawn
= 8
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse

= 12
Narrator : The book just kind of flops off of him.
Steph grabs the baseball bat.
Gabby: . . . .
Steph brandishes it
Steph: B-back-- back the fuck off!
Gabby rifles around for other harmful shit
Lunatic peers at Steph, seeing that she has the bat
Gabby is now somewhat tranquil in her resignation to the grave
Lunatic if gab tosses something at him, the roll will be increased
Lunatic: as he is distracted
Gabby: rolling {3d20kh1} + -1 for increased brawn
= 11
Space: thank god for increased
Lunatic flops forward as the novel beans him in the head
Gabby: . . . . .
Gabby blind, angry lunge
Steph flails the bat at the lunatic s head
Gabby swinging yet another book
Gabby tiny, horrified, vomit-and-garbage-covered berserker rage
Lunatic: roll then
Mobile L: still increased, or no?
Lunatic: sure both of them
Gabby: rolling {3d20kh1} + -1 for increased brawn
= 17
Lunatic: he s just been beaned in the head with a book
Steph: rolling {3d20kh1} + for increased brawn

= 20
Space: i like this version a little better i think
Lunatic is heavily beaten with the book, and in his attempts to throw the child
off of him, is cracked RIGHT in the head with the bat
Mobile L: All the thumbs up for the music choice, BTW
Lunatic nearly falls onto Gabby with the force
Gabby THWAK THWAK THWaaaaaaaaa
Space is clutching the bat with both hands
Steph no me
Gabby jams a finger at his eyes
Steph her hands are shaking
Mobile L: Mind for pragmatism
Narrator : This stupdenous dislay causes the crowd to fucking mob him
Also he s wearing goggles
Mobile L: Oop, right
Gabby tries to snap those betches onto his face
Gabby like a rubber band
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 7
Narrator : He fucking throws her off
Like fucking throws her
like a ragdoll
Gabby: YEEK!
Gabby thud
Gabby aaaaa, pain
Steph: --!!!
Gabby so angry
Narrator : This man is trying to get the mob of people off of him
And is making progress
Roll to stop this demon of a man.

Gabby tries to get back to her feet, just SO ANGRY HHHHHHHHH

Steph tries to whale him with the bat whenever there s an opening
Gabby staggers forward like a horrible little wolf
Gabby goes to jab him in the dick with a book spine
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Brawn
= 5
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 5
Space: noo
Mobile L: gad dammit
Lunatic grabs the bat
Lunatic tears it from her hand and moves another person in the way of the spine,
specifically Foxhole, wh ogets it right in the dick
Nurse Foxhole: OUGH
Gabby: . . . !!!!
Lunatic fucking throws these people off of him as the teachers begin to dogpile
Gabby just fuckin tries to pencil dick him
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 7
Space: --!
Space steps back
Mobile L: god fuck
Lunatic just grabs her as the teachers mob him
Gabby shrieks in fear/rage
Gabby tries to BITE HIM
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind

= 12
Narrator : Steph.
Behind you.
Steph: --?
Narrator : She digs those little teeth of hers.
Right into his hand.
He lets go, telling
Dr. Hall stands behind Steph, pointing a pistol ahead of himself
Gabby spits the blood at him and tries to kick his deek
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 11
Steph: --???
T-that s...
That s a...
Narrator : Lands a blow on his penis.
He folds under the crowd
Dr. Hall: Out of my way.
. . . . ?
Steph is too freaked to really do anything but
Steph step right the fuck back
Gabby stares at Dr. Hall like a rabid animal facing the hunter
Steph especially since he has a gun
Dr. Hall fires the gun at the Lunatic
Space: holy fuckin shit
Gabby s mouth is all frothed with blood and vomit, and she flinches hard
Space: i hope theater mask here doesn t get hit
Gabby: . . . . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Hall is very good at aiming
Lunatic is hit by the bullet
Lunatic goes limp
Gabby: . . . . . . . . .
Gabby just stands there, staring, still all covered in trash/vomit

Steph: ........
Dr. Hall lowers his arm
Dr. Hall: NGabby: . . . . . . . . . .
Lunatic lurches to life
Gabby: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lunatic sprints
Steph: --!!!!!
Lunatic barrels over Hall
Gabby blank-eyed terror stare
Lunatic and just bolts, holding his gunshot wound
Steph where the fuck is the bat where the fuck is the bat aaaaaaaa
Narrator : He dropped it as he knocked Hall over
Grab it, quick, you might be able to do something before he escapes.
Steph scrambles for it once more
Gabby starts staggering in that direction, still very much in fight-or-flight mo
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 7
Narrator : As she goes to grab it, she slips and falls
Gabby tries to GEDDIT instead
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse
= 11
Narrator : Gabby grabs the bat...
He s getting away
Gabby BRAVECHARGE, swinging that shit
Mobile L: Hwat stat?
Space: you could make a case for spirit
Lunatic: spirit
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit

= 18
Space: ho shit
Lunatic has his knee shattered as he goes
Mobile L: Mad as fricking fuck
Lunatic but he continues, even with his SHATTERED FUCKING KNEE
Gabby keeps bolting in an attempt to finish the job
Lunatic: NEED TO... FIND IT.
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 3
Mobile L: Oop, there it went
Lunatic dodges the strike
Lunatic just fuckign flies out of sight
Gabby: . . . . . . . .
Narrator : Ganny falls to the floor with the force of the swing
Gabby THWACK, thud
Gabby probably bleeding
Steph is frozen in shock
Gabby still gripping that bat tightly
Gabby: ...mother... fricker...
Gabby passes out
Narrator : The fire alarm continues to go.
Many students and staff are both injured and tramatized.
The fire trucks, police, and ambulance soon arrive.
The fire trucks were uneeded.
So they fucked off.
Space: i like this song
Mobile L: Oh, same
Space: it s good for an ending like this
Mobile L: It feels like a TV show
Space: just picturing everyone freaked the fuck out/unconscious/etc
Narrator : Students were carted into the ambulances as the polcie scrambeled and
searched for the masked man.
People were questioned.

Stephanie s grandfather was quick to arrive when he had heard.

He gave her a firm hug and told her she did wonderfully in the situation.
Gabby s grandparents nearly went into cardiac arrest upon hearing that she was i
n the hospital.
The doctor s diagnosed her with minor fractures from trampling, minor exhaustion
, and recommended that she stay overnight in medical care.
Narrator : Of course, this being Canada, it s free, so no one needs to worry abo
ut their finances.
Space: god bless canada
Mobile L: Huzzah
Narrator : Police are clueless as to who the masked man could have been.
Or how he, being alone, could have barricaded a room full of teachers from the o
utside in under half a minute.
Cut to some brief experts of the questionings
Mobile L: Yey
Officer Quest: ...
Repeat your statement, please.
My pen has run out of ink.
Steph: She-- she just went at him with the bat, it was unreal... I mean she s, w
hat, 14? I didn t... and she s so little, you know? I didn t -- I didn t think s
he had it in her.
Officer Quest: Did the attacker say anything at all.
Steph: He told us to get out, and... and he said things like, um... like need t
o find it, and don t understand ...
Well, he-- yelled them, he didn t say them, you understand...
Officer Quest: What did he need to find.
Space: updated my journal
Steph: I-- I don t know. I have no idea, how am I supposed to know?
Officer Quest looks at her
Officer Quest: ...
Thank you for your time.
Steph: Y-yeah...
Yeah, no problem...
Officer Quest cut to Gab s
Officer Quest sits by her hospital bed, frowning at his pen
Officer Quest: ... Always running out of ink...
Officer Quest scratches it against his shoe to try and get some more ink out of
Gabby: ...That s lame... Uh, so... y-yeah, I just kinda... I threw up, and... I
think I got stepped on... by some people... Then, uhhh... stuff. Dr. Hall had a
Officer Quest: Dr, Alan Hall?
Gabby: ...Yeah... And... and he shot the guy, but he... got up, and... I think I
...? S blurry...
Officer Quest watches her
Space: oh hey guys fox is on
Gabby clearly struggling to piece together the happenings, just real tired and f
reaked out
Officer Quest: he missed it
Space: bring him in 2 recap?
Officer Quest: ... We will resume this questioning when you are well.
Gabby: ... Kay... thanks...

Officer Quest stands and leaves

Officer Quest: sure
Space: when i first saw officer quest i thought he was like a sidequest giver
hey here s a thought
instead of the velvet room
call it the maudlin room
Officer Quest: why
Space: i dunno it sounds cool
Narrator : Meanwhile...
Lunatic prowls through an alleu
Lunatic: *alley
Couldn t have gotten out of my way.
Lunatic feels his bullet wound and shattered knee
Space: hey fox dr. hall shot a crazy fucker and gabby broke his knee
Lunatic: ... Mu. Come unto me.
Lunatic crumbles to the ground
Space: oh shit it s revolver jesus
Fawkes M.: Oh shnapp
We in business now?
Lunatic: sorry i didn t notice you had come back on
Space: let s recap this punk
eldritch s. (GM): we re not officially in business but i m setting it up for bus
but i still need the maps
Space: at first i thought the lunatic was hall
eldritch s. (GM): why
Space: trying to traumatize the kids so that they can go to his therapy
but now
i think thats stupid
eldritch s. (GM): Alright so what happened
Space: this is a great ED
eldritch s. (GM): lunchtime happened
but in the middle
there was a struggle outside the room (between lachance and a mysterious man)
Mobile L: Space, is it okay if I push some of the AH maps back to expedite thing
s on this front?
Space: that s absolutely fine
eldritch s. (GM): mystery man cracks lachance in the head with the bat
walks into the room
Fawkes M.: Oh shit
eldritch s. (GM): begins screaming at people and ordering them to get out
Mobile L: Kool, thank you
eldritch s. (GM): slamming his bat on the table
People leave the room, except Gabby and a few others.
gabby cowers in trash
Space: oh i m intrigued in this and would rather it be sooner than another heave
eldritch s. (GM): push comes to shove
and steph finds the staff room
barricaded from the outside
as gabby runs out, only to have a breakdown and get tramepeled
Steph breaks the staff out
the man knocks nathan out
eldritch s. (GM): but is apparently
beaten the snot out of by ken and lily and forced into the hall

where he screams and waves his arms

Gabby fails often to throw shit at him
and then they both succeed at bashing him
Gab with a book
eldritch s. (GM): Steph rolled a natural twenty with his bat
cracked him in the head with it
he gets mobbed
is shot by hall
with that gun
he used with gabby
eldritch s. (GM): the mystery man
LURCHES to life
and bolts out
but not before
heaving his knee shattered by gabby
the police arrived, question everyone
eldritch s. (GM): le fin
Fawkes M.: Nice
Mobile L: Basically it was just really badass and horrifying
I genuinely felt fear and helplessness
Fawkes M.: Ah, man
Sorry I missed it
Space: good music use
Mobile L: No worries, dude
eldritch s. (GM): who do you think the lunatic was
Mobile L: The vocalist sounds vaguely like Natalie Merchant
Space: i m really hype for this to start
i don t think the lunatic is anyone we ve met
Mobile L: Some Jungian mook guy
Space: i got the weird hunch that he s johann but that makes no sense
Mobile L: I say HALL is behind it somehow
Space: actually i think
hall s not super involved
Fawkes M.: He s got too many leads from what I know
Space: with this specifically
Fawkes M.: Red herrings
Space: for me the kicker was
him trying to kill the lunatic
while that s a very crazy fuckin thing to do
i dunno it feels like hall might just be a straightforward person, in that he ju
st likes creeping out kids
and feeling powerful
eldritch s. (GM): hall is so far the biggest mystery, isn;t he
Space: yes
eldritch s. (GM): what s going on in that head of his
Mobile L: Hall is just 3spooky5me
Fawkes M.: Turns out he s the Big Good or something
Space: well i mean the lunatic had something to do with mu
so maybe he s someone who used their archetype too much
and is go crazy from it
Fawkes M.: Moo
Mr. Mu: You cannot prove anything~.
I have never had sexual relations with that man~!
Space: oh god
Narrator : fact: i came up with the lunatic nearly on the spot
but he fits a roll i wanted
Space: well in that case i m right hopefully
Narrator : also yeah he s not hall
hall shot him

so unless
hall can be in two places at once
Space: yes
Narrator : and magically shoot himself
Mobile L: I know, but, like, maybe Hall Manchuria Candidated him
Narrator : you think very hihgly of his skills as a psychiatrist
Fawkes M.: Hall shot first
Mobile L: I m probably giving him too much credit, but I just love the idea of a
n evil Hall
Space: i think he s
but in a different way
than the actual antagonist
Dr. Hall: What gives you the right to play GOD in these people s lives!?
What makes you so special then!?
Can t you see that this... torture porn has gone too far?
Space: turns out he s just a manifestation of the party s guilt, just like the r
est of the school
it s canadian silent hill
Dr. Hall: imagine though
what happened with ken, lilly, and the lunatic
Mobile L: They did some tag-team wrestler shit to him
Space: john cena theme blares from the cafeteria
Mobile L: Gabby actually felt kinda guilty about leaving them, but not enough to
not leave
Space: you don t picture fucking ken beating someone up
Mobile L: Ken force-fed the guy his pills and made him woozy
Space: btw i think ken has a lethal disease and he s accepted that he ll die soo
Mobile L: Yes, same here
Spoilers: Ken is actually Chargeman Ken and the disease is a front for his super
Mobile L [japanese music]
Mobile L: Gabby has a very minute crush on Ken and Anton, but she s sure as shit
not gonna act on either one
Space: steph s crushes, if any, are secrets
Mobile L: Ooooooh
Space: hehehehehe.... youll never guess
Dr. Hall: adolf hitler
Fawkes M.: Gabby
Space: no and no
Mobile L: Dr. Hall
Space: n
Mobile L: Also Ken
Space: na
Mobile L: Mr. Hawthorne
eldritch s. (GM): chicken fucker
Fawkes M.: Is he a canon chicken fucker?
eldritch s. (GM): no
Space: ~never guess~
eldritch s. (GM): jasper. mr. schmidt, foxhole
Mobile L: Jaime
Space: he he he eheehe
Mobile L:
Space: hheeheehehe
Mobile L: Ms. Lachance?


hhha hehehae
M.: Theodore?
L: Oh mai gah
M.: She used the trial to deflect the accusations
no one will know of the forbidden passion
L: Kentucky Fried Romance
(one of you guessed the true one)

Mobile L king_harkinian_hrrrm.wav
eldritch s. (GM): was it me
Space: i won t say no more
Mobile L: Oh you...!
Space: alright now i
really gotta get to bed
(From Fawkes M.): I got a feeling it s Jaime - explains her uncharacteristic zea
l for defending him in the trial
Fawkes M.: Night
Space: one last thought of the night
if riv didn t stop doing the streams
i would have requested steph jaime hall and gabby in court
Fawkes M.: A shame...
(To Fawkes M.): Eheheh, I think so too
Space: all of you, save it just in case the streams start up again
so that my dream will never die
Mobile L: I could take a shitty stab at it
But I shall save it
But don t forget Hollow Night Jojos
Space: i forgot hollow night jojos
Mobile L: h-how could you...?
Space: hehe...
bed now goodbye
Mobile L: I am PUMPED
(From Fawkes M.): A lot of her behavior in the trial makes sense in hindsight like the surprise that Jaime picked her
(To Fawkes M.): Yeah, seriously. I bet it s him
(From Fawkes M.): The best part?
(From Fawkes M.): He s actually developed a crush on her
eldritch s. (GM): so fox
how would jaime have responded to all that happening
Fawkes M.: He d start bringing a switchblade to class again
(To Fawkes M.): Awwww! That is presh
(From Fawkes M.): :-)
Fawkes M.: Were he there - he d probably pull a Shirou and look for a pipe or so
mething to defend himself with
eldritch s. (GM): what does he think the lunatic wanted
Fawkes M.: He d think he was
No different than those guys who walked onto schools with guns and massacred peo
eldritch s. (GM): except he didn t have a gun
Fawkes M.: But everything else
eldritch s. (GM): also to note some character moments:
vlad basically carried anton out of the luncrhoom in the rush
i try putting things like that where i can
what does jaime think about hall shooting the lunatic
Fawkes M.: He
Wouldn t know what to think at all
eldritch s. (GM): why is that
Mobile L: Aaaaand posted in Battleworld

Fawkes M.: He d respect anyone who did that

But given the image of Dr. Hall he s built up over the past few days
He finds respecting him hard to do
eldritch s. (GM): how about the fact that he had a loaded gun in the school
Fawkes M.: That also puts a point against the whole respect thing
eldritch s. (GM): yeah i bet
and now i bid you
Mobile L: Gudbai
Fawkes M.: You and me, Mobile
Mobile L: Just us, against the whirld
Fawkes M.: This ugly yet beautiful world
Mobile L: Yas
Fawkes M.: Did I ever mention that Death Battle is awesome?
Because it s awesome
Mobile L: Heck, I don t think I ve seen Death Battle
I swear to god I sent that message, but I guess I didn t :P
Fawkes M.: Damn lag
I didn t spoil myself on the outcome of the most recent bout
Wolverine vs. Raiden
So it was a lot more exhilarating
Mobile L: Ooh heck
Fawkes M.: The animation is kickass
One could even say it s keeping the spirit of Monty alive
Mobile L: Ooh, cool, I didn t know it was a Monty Oum-associated thing
Fawkes M.: It isn t
It s just my substitute for his coolness
Mobile L: Ah, I see
Fawkes M.: They had an episode featuring Samus that was a tribute to Monty s Hal
oid, to celebrate him after his passing
They gave her the same weapons Monty did for the animation, even if they weren t
100% canon
Mobile L: Aww. That s really cool
Fawkes M.: Waitin for mah MP to recharge
Mobile L: PRAY
Fawkes M.: I want to clear out France as quickly as I can
Because the spot where I can grind for Emiya s ascension items
Is in Rome
Mobile L: I m in ye olde wherever the fuck. Is that France?
Fawkes M.: France indeed
Mobile L: Kewl
Fawkes M.: Did you see Joan Alter in the cutscenes?
Mobile L: I caught a peep at her, yep
Fawkes M.: I like how, unlike Saber Alter
Joan Alter s not a corrupted Joan
Mobile L: What is she, then?
Fawkes M.: She s a Servant made from Gilles wishes - his twisted idealization o
f Joan
Mobile L: Ooh, frig
Fawkes M.: That s why you can see Ruler arguing with her in some cutscenes
I think the reason there are so many non-French Servants in there
Is because Gilles summoned them all to fight for him using a Holy Grail
Mobile L: Ah, I see
Fawkes M.: I found a link to that boss theme
Mobile L: Yooo, that is nice
I must confess, I am using Space s Cu r/n instead of Emiya

I will alternate
Fawkes M.: That s fine
(even if Emiya s like 20 levels higher)
I ve had a funny Romance Dawn scenario in my mind for a while
Mobile L: Ooh, what is?
Fawkes M.: Emiya, Cu, and Medea get separated from the party
And get assailed by Franky due to a miscommunication
Due to his existence as a Rider-class Servant
And due to the fact that two of them are Casters
He s trouncing them due to type advantage
Mobile L: Ahahahaha, oh my gawf
Fawkes M.: To pour salt on the wound
He s assisted
By two Franky Dragons
Mobile L: Oh noooooo
Fawkes M.: In their Rider-class glory
I m surprised that Cu s holding up in France
Considering how 90% of the beefy enemies are Riders
Mobile L: Caster Cu?
Fawkes M.: Yeah
I found him in my gift box after Fuyuki
And haven t looked back
Mobile L: Mine too
He s kewl
Fawkes M.: He and Archer have a bromance
An Arts Chain bromance
Mobile L: Sexy
Aww yeh wicker man
Fawkes M.: I discovered that Noble Phantasms actually chain
You know how when you use them and the animation plays
It says "Lv. 1 100%"?
Mobile L: I think I got that once
It was cool
Fawkes M.: If you use an NP after that
That second NP will be at 200%
Mobile L: Whooooaaaaa
Fawkes M.: And an NP after that will be at 300%
Mobile L: Shet
Fawkes M.: So, when I get to use Arty or Attila as my assist
I wait for all their NPs to charge up
Get to the last part of the battle
Buff where necessary
Use Wicker Man first at 100%
Get the Defense drop
Fawkes M.: Then UBW at 200%
Then Excalibur/Photon Ray at 300%
All with a Buster Chain boost
Mobile L: That is badazz
Fawkes M.: It s overkill
More often than not, I never complete the chain
Since they re dead by the time I get to Arty
Mobile L: Ahahaha. Well that s alright
Fawkes M.: I want an Arturia
Her Charisma skill is very useful
Mobile L: NP chain time betch
Fawkes M.: I also want the Zelretch craft essence
Starts the Servant at 80% NP
Mobile L: The scrote power

Fawkes M.: The final Rin craft essence is also good

Boosts the Servant s Arts cards
Mobile L: Sexy
Fawkes M.: Alright
About to pull off the Triple NP Chain
Wicker Man
Mobile L: Fuch yeah
Fawkes M.: 200% UBW
Mobile L: I did that with double Emiyas
Fawkes M.: God DANG
Double Unlimited Blades
Mobile L: It was a sex explosion
Fawkes M.: 300% Excalibur
Mobile L: awwww sheeyit
Mobile L: dedder than ded
aaaa fuck sleepy. but I will hang on
Fawkes M.: If you want
Pausing is always an option
Mobile L: Ooh. You re free tomorrow, right?
Fawkes M.: I believe I will be
Mobile L: Cool. I think I will die now, in that case, because my eyeballs feel l
ike they re gonna commit suicide by jumping into my brain :B
Fawkes M.: That s fine
I can t keep someone up with a clear conscience
Mobile L: Eehee
G night, dude
Fawkes M.: Night
Space: so, it s you
eldritch s. (GM): it is ,e
Space: it was you all along
eldritch s. (GM): i was the demon
the whole time
Space: "space... i m already a demon"
you ever listen to two sogs at once
and realize it d be a sick remix
eldritch s. (GM): sometimes
Space: this with o death
eldritch s. (GM): you re a gun
Space: i m not a gun
eldritch s. (GM): you are a guardian unit of nations
Space: i m not
eldritch s. (GM): you are the bone of your sword
Space: n
Lunatic: So I pray, Unlimited Bat Works.
so people the lunatic took out:
nathan, guildenstern, hall, lachance, jasper, rosecrantz
Space: are they ok
Lunatic: the school was probably
let out for a week
while everyone recovered
what would steph have done in that time
there the whole school is asembelled in the cafeteria for when skool resumes

Space: she probably would vw

arTWS r homw
*stayed at home
and going jogging
Lunatic: arTWS r homw
Space: yes
Lunatic: a transcript of the demon speech
so she would not have visited the people in hospital
Space: maybe if her grandad brought it up she would ve
actually no i take that back
she would have
Lunatic: who in particular
Space: lachance first
probably all of them at some point
Lunatic: why lachance
Space: she was the one she saw first
and she wants to make sure shes ok
Lunatic: how would she react if anyone died
Space: she d be in shock
Lunatic: O Canada! Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide, O Canada,
We stand on guard for thee.
Lunatic: God keep our land, glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee;
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada! Where pines and maples grow,
Lunatic: Great prairies spread and Lordly rivers flow!
How dear to us thy broad domain,
From East to Western sea!
The land of hope for all who toil,
The true North strong and free!
God keep our land, glorious and free.
Lunatic: O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!
O Canada! Beneath thy shining skies,
May Stalwart sons, and gentle maidens rise.
Lunatic: To keep thee steadfast thro the years,
From East to Western sea.
Our own beloved native land,
Our true North strong and free!
God keep our land, glorious and free.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!
Lunatic: O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!
Ruler supreme, who hearest humble prayer,
Hold our Dominion, in thy loving care.
Help us to find, O God, in thee,
Lunatic: A lasting rich reward.
As waiting for the better day,
We ever stand on guard.
God keep our land, glorious and free.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee!
Space: and she d probably cry when she got home
Lunatic: fucking found it

Fat Man: Are you prepared to suffer in order to save your son?
Shady Man: Drowned... in rainwater...
Teddy Reinside: Fucking assHOOOOOOOOOOLE.
Space: oragammy
eldritch s. (GM): the shady people just keep coming to the school
Space: shoot them
eldritch s. (GM): how are you space
Space: doing good
playing ground zeroes
eldritch s. (GM): how s that
Space: it s still fun
mobile is sporadic, that s a pity
maybe she ll be less so when fox gets back from dinner
eldritch s. (GM): yes
i will have to go for an hour at 7:00 to pick up my mother from airport
Space: curses
well by the time you get back
the gang should all be here
eldritch s. (GM): a quick use of tint
i m a wizard
Space: holy on lemme get set up
eldritch s. (GM): holy on
Space: do it kotomine
this tint is really effective
Mobile L: Dong ding
Narrator : Gabby and Steph lurch to awareness.
They are slumped over in their desks.
Steph: ...?
Gabby: ??
Gabby slowly lifts her head
Narrator : Something is wrong.
How did you get here?
Do you even remember?
Gabby tries to remember, already getting a horrid sinking feeling
Steph looks around
Steph: ...Gabby?
Narrator : Roll mind.
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 7
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 16

Narrator : Steph remembers nothing.

Gabby: ...What s... What s going on...?
Narrator : Gabby doesn t recall leaving the hospital bed.
She was due to be discharged next morning.
Steph: I don t... I don t know, um...
Steph is scared
Gabby: ...Okay, um... Don t panic, but I think... I think I m dreaming you...?
Steph: ...
Steph looking at her, not really understanding
Gabby: I didn t leave the hospital, and, um... this is weird, so...
Steph: I... I don t know how I, uh...
Gabby: ...That... Nothing happened that could make me, um... coma, right?

Gabby swallows
Steph: I don t... think so? No, you were... yeah.
Gabby: ...We should, um... stay calm, probably...
It ll... It ll be over, and since it s a dream, only I will have to deal with it
... I think...
Steph: ...It feels real, so...
Gabby: ...Yeah, but... but sometimes they can feel real...
That s the human mind, y know, it can... It does this stuff...

Gabby is scared and wishes to get closer to Steph

Gabby slooooowly gets up
Steph: ...?
Narrator : The desk groans.
Gabby takes a deep breath and walks Steph-ward
Gabby uh can she see that?
Narrator : See what?
Gabby meekly climbs into the desk next to Steph
Steph: ...Listen, if...
Steph turns her head slightly, peering at the door
Steph: ...I think we might want to... stay in here. We don t know what s out the
re, and...
Gabby: ...Y-yeah... yeah. It that would be... probably the best thing...
Gabby visible unease
Steph: ...
Steph is anxiety-drumming her fingers on the table
Steph: *desk
Gabby is intermittently fidgeting in her seat
Steph: ...
Steph gets up suddenly

Steph: I m going to-...Look for something. I don t know. Um, hold on...
Steph goes to search the room for
Steph anything that could be used as a weapon in a pinch
Narrator : Roll Spirit,rather than mind.
Gabby stays put, sliding her backpack off and into her lap
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Spirit
= 17
Narrator : Steph finds...
A familiar aluminum baseball bat.
Steph: ...
Steph takes it up
Steph feeling slightly reassured by the weapon in her hands
Space: baseball bats aren t actually super good weapons
all the force is concentrated on one point
to hit a ball
of course they re better than golf clubs at least
Gabby tries to quiet herself down and think of nice things, like Chopin...
Narrator : will you fuck off
Mobile L: Still seems like it d hurt
Space: yeah of course itd hurt
what you want to use is
Gabby happy thoughts... happy thoughts might change things...
Space: a chainsaw, taped to a broom handle
range plus cutting power
Mobile L: Groovy
Steph: ...
Steph gets back up
Steph: I m... I m gonna take a look.
Gabby this is totally your stupid brain, will it the frick better
Gabby: ...W-wait, are you... are you sure...?
Steph: Just a quick...
Steph goes to open the door a hair
Narrator : It creeks loudly as it opens.
Narrator : Roll Spirit, Gabby.
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit

= 10
Space: we need to pray to greek jesus
Narrator : Gabby feels ill.
Narrator : Something is truly wrong.
In the hall
Gabby: ...I... I think m probably gonna die in the hospital, Steph...
Steph murmurs
Steph: You re not gonna die, Gabby...
Gabby: ...It really feels like that s...

Gabby sighs
Gabby: ...Sorry you have to be here...

Space: what is wrong in the hall

Gabby frick it all, if you re gonna die, you re gonna die with dignity
Gabby gets up
Gabby forces as SRS face
Gabby: *a
Narrator : no something is truly wrong
and in the hall was me just showing things
Gabby is gonna frickin ride this train to heck
Narrator : Roll Mind.
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 15
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 14
Narrator : Gabby hears.. something not by Chopin, faintly.
Steph detects faint music to her left.
Gabby: ...The frick s that...?
Steph: It s music...

Steph cautiously steps out

Gabby: Yeah, but... hmm...
Narrator : Every step is like syrup.
Gabby follows her
Gabby: ...I, uh... I never told you this, but you re... you re pretty cool...
Steph: Thanks, Gabby... you are, too.
Gabby: ...Thanks...
Narrator : It s coming from the library.
Steph: ...
Steph: I ll go first...
Steph goes to open the door
Gabby steels herself
Gabby: ...Okay...
Gabby watches Steph s back
Narrator : A man sits at the table.
Dr. Hall: So glad you could join us.
Gabby hears the voice and oh god, great
Dr. Hall: I hadn t scheduled you in.
Dr. Hall stands up
Steph: ...Dr. Hall? What... what is this?
Dr. Hall: Please, both of you, sit.
I insist.
Gabby: ...Ugh.
Steph looks back at Gabby
Gabby just looks sorta pissed and sighs, walking on in
Steph: ...
Steph steps in also
Gabby: ...So yeah, everything s horrible and weird. Have ya noticed, maybe?
Dr. Hall grins
Dr. Hall: Perhaps this is only a change in perception...
Gabby: Great. Cool... Am I gonna die or what?
Dr. Hall: That will be determined by your choices, not mine.
Steph: ...You still haven t really... is this a dream?
Dr. Hall shrugs, and walks off to the darkness to their left
Steph: ...
Steph clutches that goddamn bat
Dr. Hall: Trust issues?
Steph wheels around
Steph: Y-...
Gabby: ...Go away.

Gabby knows that will probably be as effective as it would IRL, but is in the "i
m gonna die, who cares" frame of mind and hence doesn t give a frick
Mobile L: Those whispers are wiggin me out something fierce
Space: wonder what they re saying
Mobile L: I think some of them are backwards
Space: this either
proves something fishy as fuck is up with hill
or is not hill, and is just a manifestation of their fears
Mobile L: Yeah, I would say so
Dr. Hall: You know...
Dr. Hall: I like to think the world always looks liek this.
But to you and most others, it s simply seen trhough a pair of...
Rose-tinted glasses.
...I said go away.
Dr. Hall walks to the table
Gabby >:c
Dr. Hall takes a piece of paper from his pocket
Steph: ...
Dr. Hall places it down
Narrator : It s a newspaper clipping.
Narrator : Do you want to know what it says.
Steph reluctant yas
Gabby sure Jan
Dated all those years ago.
Dr. Hall stares right at Steph
Gabby is not Steph and thinks this is just another part of Hall s Collection of
Needless Morbidity... well, for now
Dr. Hall is utterly impassive
Steph: .....
...What are you trying to do with this?
Steph: Are you trying to scare me? Or... or make me mad?
Dr. Hall walks away as she talks
Gabby: ...Oh, finally! Andand stay over there, you... you butthole...
Steph: ...
Gabby delicious fear/anger combi
Gabby *combo
Gabby looks to Steph, still just really peeve AAAAAAAA NO
Dr. Hall walks to Gabby

Gabby: ...Fr... Frick off. Okay? You canyou can frick right off.
Right off.
Dr. Hall he grabs her tie
Gabby: Ghh!
Steph: Hey!
Dr. Hall and twists it around
Steph swings her bat at his arm
Dr. Hall twists it around, as it becomes a noose around her neck
Dr. Hall: roll spirit
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Spirit
= 10
Space: mother FRICKer
Narrator : Steph grows weary.
She drops the bat.
Gabby tries to dig her nails into his hand
Space: ...?
Steph: me
Dr. Hall: spirit
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 12
Dr. Hall is kicked
Dr. Hall steps back
Gabby pants and gasps
Steph: .....
Dr. Hall speaks in unison with himself
Dr. Hall: No.
You won t.
Steph stoops down to pick up her bat
Dr. Hall: Your session has only just begun.
Dr. Hall pulls out loaded guns

Dr. Hall places the gun to his temple

Dr. Hall fires
Space: how do we know the guns are load-oh
Steph: ...
Dr. Hall s brain is splattered all over the floor

Steph: Gabby...
Gabby has tears in her eyes and is trembling
Narrator : The music stops.
Hall lies on the floor.
Gabby: .........
Steph: ...Let s get out of here.
Space: ooh that made me jump
Gabby is too upset to spit on and kick the corpse like she wanted to
Gabby nods weakly
Narrator : What does it mean?
What purpose does it have?
Can you tell me?
Gabby: .........
Narrator : There is no difference.
I long for it.
You long for it.
Can you tell me?
Steph: ...
Gabby: ......
Space: jesus CHRIST
Gabby just stands up
Narrator : There is clattering.
Gabby makes for the hall, no regard for her own safety
Steph: G-Gabby-!
Steph rushes out after her
Gabby sniffles as she looks upon those fuckers
Steph yelps
Space: hatred and apathy
Narrator : They begin closing in.
Space: lao and lachance
Gabby: .......
Steph stumbles back into the library
Steph: R-run! Run!

Gabby scowls, tears in her eyes and follows Steph, rifling through her bookbag
Gabby: ... m sorry, Steph...
Narrator : They SCREAM.
They howl and shriek.
Gabby inhales deeply and braces herself for the early grave
Narrator : But dear GOD the SCREAMING
Steph frantically feels around for the bat
Narrator : It does not end.
Gabby pulls out a book, trembling ever harder
Narrator : It s on the floor
Steph firmly grasps it in her hand
Narrator : The flaily carcass of Hatred flies in, gnashing its teeth and going t
o take Gabby s jugular
Gabby swings the book, pretty much sure this is it
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Brawn
= 4
Mobile L: gud nacht, sweet prince
Narrator : It was.
Steph: G-- Gabby!
Narrator : The Apathies begin to crawl in
Steph backs up, over by Hall s corpse
Gabby tries very hard to think of Chopin in her final moments but is mostly just
angry and scared
Steph is the gun still in his hand
Narrator : Yes.
Steph: --!
Steph dives for it
Narrator : Roll spirit.
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Spirit
= 5
Narrator : She is pinned by an Apathy.
Space: G-gh--!
Steph: gah
Narrator : It holds her down as Despair crawls over.

Steph screams, flailing her bat as best as she can

Narrator : Roll spirit.
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Spirit
= 14
Narrator : She gets out of the Apathy s grip, backing up against the wall.
They continue to close in.
Steph goes for the gun one last time
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Spirit
= 4
Narrator : Crack.
Mobile L: Owwww.
Space: jesus
Narrator : Gabby comes to.
She s made her way to the washroom, and holds a broken piece of glass in her han
The hospital washroom.
Narrator : It s 3:12 AM
Gabby ah thank frick, ah god...
Narrator : You ve broken the mirror.
That s a nasty cut on your hand.
Space: hows annie
Gabby whimpers a little
Narrator : Steph lurches awake, soaked in a cold sweat.
Gabby: ...Ngh...
Narrator : The pain is excruciating.
Steph: --!
Narrator : But fades with awareness.
Gabby looks for something to bandage that mother with, wincing a bit
Steph: --...
Narrator : As Gabby looks, a nurse barges in.
Steph deep, shuddering sigh
Gabby: !
Gabby is fricking real startled
Narrator : She has a cellphone in her hand
Nurse: I heard screaming, what s going on?!
Gabby: ...H-hi... I, um... I had a nightmare, I think, and... and uh...
Gabby meekly shows her the hand cut

Narrator : The nurse frownds

Nurse: That s a very serious cut... Let s bring you to doctor Stanislav, he shou
ld still be in...
Space: oh no
Mobile L: Oh. MY GOD.
Gabby: ...O-okay... Thanks...
Gabby woozy as frick from the bloodloss
Narrator : The nurse escorts her off to the irritable slav doctor.
Steph hears her door open a crack.
Steph sharply inhales, looking up
Gabby is just quietly glad she s not dead or in a coma or having to follow Dr. H
all to heck and torment him
Narrator : Roll Mind. Increased due to adrenaline.
Steph: rolling {3d20kh1} + for increased mind
= 17
Narrator : She sees an eye peer through the crack.
Steph: W-who s there?
Ronald Karling: What s wrong, Stephanie?
Steph: N... nothing, I just had a bad dream...
Ronald Karling peers through
Ronald Karling: ... Good.
It s just a dream.
Write it down before you go to bed, and we can talk about it in the morning.
Dreams can tell you things.
Steph: Alright... I ll do that.
Steph is not relishing the idea of talking about this dream overmuch
Ronald Karling snaps his fingers to a certain tune, and closes the door
Steph turns on her bedside lamp, getting her notebook open
Narrator : That s what happens when I put in filler-sessions.
I have one more thing.
Mobile L: That was the scariest filler I ve seen since I looked at the inside of
a store-brand hotdog
Narrator : The student sprints through the dark corridors.
They sprint and sprint and run through their life.
THeir eyes full of tears.
The thing gains.
The student sobs.
Student: P-p... I JUST WANT TO GO HOME...!
Narrator : They slip on the grimy floor.
The thing grabs their leg.
The student scratches desperately at the floor as they are dragged into the dark

, screaming.
Mobile L: Ooh shit
This is gonna get kinda fucked, I can already tell
Narrator : thoughts
Space: maybe it s a good thing steph didn t get the gun
Narrator : why
i see
Space: yes
Narrator : i understand you now
what do you think all of that was
Space: that s the Scary World
Mobile L: A glimpse at things to come
Narrator : but why in their dreams
Mobile L: Because they were involved with the bat psycho
And his presence awakened stuff within them
Space: i think
that with the psycho was just a sufficiently traumatic event
for the collective unconscious of the school as a whole
to awaken this nightmare place
being sufficiently traumatized fo it to occur
Mobile L: That s kind of what I think too
Although my initial theory is that he s a plant by Hall so he could hussy the ki
ds into therapy
Narrator : did this make hall more or less suspicious
Space: neither, i don t think that was hall
Mobile L: I can t tell. I d say he s a negative enough figure to be used against
Narrator : what was it
Space: the closest thing to a personification of that place i d say
Narrator : how d you like those jumpscares
Space: i hate you and everything you stand for
Mobile L: They spooped me a bit, but I am hard to spoop
Narrator : i promise in the name of taste and dignity i don t intend to use them
if at all
Mobile L: Sankyuu
Narrator : what do you think happened with the student at the end there
Space: thats a flashback, its jasper
Mobile L: Ooh
I thought it might be a flash-forward to an actual death
Narrator : interesting
Space: seer are any of our guesses close to the truth
Mobile L: He d better not say
Narrator : i was going to say but now i won t
Space: damn your eyes
Narrator : all of this does hav
a semi-cohesive explanation
Space: i m thinking it s like a persona 3 situation
Mobile L: I await it with bated breath
Narrator : in this context what does that mean space
Space: well in the terms of the whole overarching supernatural cause of it
Narrator : i wonder why this one has garnered the hype
Mobile L: It s just really fun so far
I quite dig the cast
And the setting
It s my second Hawthorne
Tell me, will it ever have a follow-up installment?
Narrator : i really am not sure

there may be something in the vague style but i don t think a direct sequel
Mobile L: I getcha. Cool, thanks for indulging my early-ass question
Narrator : i don t mind
you both indulge me
Mobile L: Indulgence chain
Space: third heaven 2: the kids are in college
Narrator : they go to the mountain
Mobile L: Bad shit happens in college and they re like, "oh great"
They all look at each other like they re the Avengers and just summon all their
Jungian shit
Narrator : turns out there are wendigoes
Space: 3 protags in a horror movie
Narrator : they all die
Space: i m not sure if steph s story will end happily or not
Narrator : why wouldn t it
Space: well you see... her character has the potential for unhappy things
Narrator : what is happy vs unhappy here
Space: well happy would be living a well-adjusted life afterwards
unhappy would be like, fuckin haunted until the end of her days
Narrator : i hope no one has a happy ending
Mobile L: :,(
Space cackles gleefully, but also is a little sad on the inside
Narrator : hall went from "just a funny side thing i added" to "apparently the d
Space: how did that happen
Narrator : well i slowly built up who he as in his gm notes
and then he just
was really creepy
and then made himself an adversary of the party
Space: who is he
Narrator : hall
Mobile L: Well gawd. Weird-ass how that worked out
I initially expected him to be sympathetic
Narrator : well he still might be
and the party just irrationally hates this man
Mobile L: If he s sympathetic, he s at least a real fuckin asshole
I mean, I could vaguely see him being a self-deluded extremist who thinks hard t
herapy is good therapy and just really, really wants to try to stamp out mental
Space: i m trying hard to not have my thoughts influence steph s feelings
Narrator : where do they differ
Space: steph thinks he s just kind of goes way too far
Mobile L: Gabby is convinced he is Literally Satan and is probably slightly more
pissed at him than she is afraid of him
Space: seer i must know
are we even close
to the truth
Narrator : on what topic
Space: just in general
our theories
Narrator : why should i tell you
Space: because i m a good christian and i tithe
Dr. Inigram: Perhaps you would rather see me?
Space: shattered memories
Mobile L: who bitch this is
Space: this whole thing is a therapy session and we re really playing as johann
ronald and gabby s grandparents
Dr. Inigram: My name is subject to change.
I hope that doesn t bother you.

Space: it does
Mobile L: He sorta spooky
Dr. Karloman: I m afraid you ll have to adjust.
Mobile L: Uh oh
Space: oh shit
Dr. Karloman: That s just the world we live in.
Space: moooooooooobile
i m scared
Mobile L: It s okay, he s still better than Hall
Steph: thats true
Space: oh shit hey mobile
Dr. Trn: You shouldn t be.
Mobile L: oh noooooo
Space: we re both on
Dr. Trn: what
Space: do you think it s too late to
Mobile L: Do some heroin? Nah man, never too late
Dr. Lancaster: Time is a fickle thing.
Dr. Graham: What s in a name?
Space: no it s a bad time now i am upset because of check the discussion thread
Mobile L: Oh man
Yeah, uh
That was a hasty decisiom
Space: and ofc norm is just following whatever the hell spaz is saying
Mobile L: I can see where she s coming from, but still, that s not something you
just go and fiat
Dr. Graham: sometimes i just want norm to
not talk
not to say anything
Mobile L: He s a bit needy nowadays
Ah gahd, I am curious, what were you gonna ask?
Dr. Graham: he s been on a steady descent since irene
Mobile L: I miss the old Norm
Dr. Graham: so do i
Mobile L: He was so nice and just, like... I don t know. He was pleasant, not va
guely offputting
Dr. Graham: i ve been saying it for a while
he seemed to wind right up
and never came back down
Space: i don t wanna go around saying unsubstantiated crap but
you guys ever get the vibe that norm has a thing for spaz
Mobile L: Well yeah, duh
Dr. Graham: no shit
Mobile L: I think they have some kinda weird, partially reciprocated thing
Space: good i m not alone
Mobile L: I m sure they d date if they could get to each other
I m worried it d end badly, though
Fuck I will come out and say it, I kind of had a thing for the prior, kinder Nor
Space: dodged a bullet there
Dr. Graham: i was ambivalent-to-warm with him
Mobile L: Pfft, well I m too skittish to open up about love-feelings to anyone
Dr. Graham: now i just want to slap him ~40% of the time
Mobile L: Haven t had a thread crush since
Space: same, same, same, and also same
Dr. Graham: see when he s nice, he s friendly, i like him

when he gets
self-important, that s the word
that sums all the issues up
all the other ones revolve arond that
Dr. Graham: along with the kind of
neurotic demeanour he can take on
Space: he s always felt a bit self-aggrandizing, even when he s nominally being
Dr. Graham: also if duff and riv are responsbiel for this i m irritated at them
Mobile L: He didn t used to feel like that
Dr. Graham: it s disrespectful to use spaz to say what they want
Space: i feel that at most spaz misconstrued something one of them said at some
i don t think duff would do something like that
riv either
Dr. Graham: but duff is too busy touching himself to mgsv
and riv is doing important things
Mobile L: I thought Duff was mainly sidelined by college
Space: oh bull fucking shit norm you made like 5 posts this whole plot tops
Dr. Graham: yes but he s completely vanished now
Space: oh wow i was wrong
Dr. Graham: and now i m pissed at riv
Space: yeah
Dr. Graham: if this is permanent
Mobile L: It s honestly unlike Spaz to go all fiat like this
Dr. Graham: i m going to fucking throttle his ass
she s fucking
to kick out
a newbie
Mobile L: Yeah, seriously
Dr. Graham: but to do this she s all gung-ho
Space: it is the gm s job to come up with a solution and handle any problems in
a way that works out for the players
not to make them bend over backwards because they re incapable of handling what
they signed up for
Dr. Graham: you know would do them well
do two gms at the same time
divvie up the work
like people with common fucking sense
and the fucking gall
to hide behind spaz
Mobile L: Mmrgh
Dr. Graham: no i blame riv and duff for failing to gm their plot
and spaz for being an ass about this
Mobile L: God damn it, I told myself I d never get invested in stupid drama agai
I sure as shit ain t refereeing this round
Ah god, Duff
Dr. Graham: get over yourself, duff
Mobile L: Man, this is unlike any of them
Space: please help me appeal for calm and sleeping on it
Mobile L: Shit, I dunno if I can get to sleep now without the fucking compulsion
to phone check
I will try
I don t think anyone listens to me anymore, though

Those days have long passed

Space: if the three of us work on it it ought to work
Mobile L: I don t think I wanna FG anymore tonight
Space: same
Mobile L: y-you wozn t even fgin
Space: then i shall addendum
i shan t fg tonight
you gang wanna have a rabbit?
Mobile L: Sure, God knows we need one to blow off tension
Dr. Graham: sure
i on;y just realized its september eleventh
hopefull the accidental tastelessness of my joke distracts them from their rp ra
Space: holy shit
Mobile L: Nah, it s the 12th in my timezone
Mobile L: Semper fi
Space: hey seer i have a quesion
eldritch s. (GM): what
Space: the lunatic wasn t on this screen until he appeared
does this mean
that there will be more secret npcs
eldritch s. (GM): the lunatic was concieved right before his first appearence
Space: damnation
there s two adachis in this roll20
eldritch s. (GM): yes there are
eldritch s. (GM): more doctors
Space: venter
eldritch s. (GM): how ol was steph during the car accident
Space: two or three
Iblis: I m afraid you ve made some rather questionable decisions.
I ll deal with you, little Stephanie, the same way I dealt with them.
Space: creepy fuckin fellow
eldritch s. (GM): finally i have a use for the hauntsicord
Space: so, iblis, eh
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Space: interesting name choice
eldritch s. (GM): why do you say that
Space: it s the only mythological-ish one among these fellows
except for maybe ??? and !?!
it s hard fighting a pic for Mr. Karloman
Iblis intensifies
Space: well that is to say
i ve found one, but it won t work
this is good music
Iblis: i want iblis to be scary
Space: his appearance is not that of a reassuring feelow
looka t that smile
also since i m bored and in a photo editing mood lemme clean up both of those pi
is persona 4 arena any good
Iblis: idk
Space: tbh i don t like how it got super spinoff-y, persona 4 i mean
i think, tho ive only played persona 2 and 3, persona is my favorite, at least i
n story and plot
and ambiance in general

Iblis: thank you
Space: Mrs. Iblis man
i wonder when fox and mobile will return from the war
Iblis: fox said he d be ready in an hour or so three or so hours ago didn;t he
Space: 4
hours ago i mean
maybe he s just been back and i didn t bother actually asking him because i m an
lemem check
Iblis: every time i show up i want to have throat singing
Space: throat singing works for a guy called iblis
is he literal iblis
Jaime: So, I gotta ask
Iblis: there is no reason for me to tell you
Jaime: Have I been having a fever for the past few days?
Space: maybe you caught it from me
Jaime: Goddammit
Fawkes M.: Hello
Iblis: i recently recovered from a cold
Fawkes M.: I meant to ask if Jaime had a fever to explain his absences
Iblis: seeing as steph and gab had a weird dream session
i figure i might give jaime one, too
he s not missed any school
it s been out for a week
steph and gab had a shared dream last time
though i like the idea of him getting a fever to justify i want to do
Fawkes M.: Hooboy
Space: a fever dream
Jaime: Why am I green
Space: your sick
Narrator : Jaime awakens on the floor.
Jaime: Guh...
Jaime tries to get up
Narrator : He rises to his feet.
Jaime: ...
Jaime looks around
Narrator : The world around him is sickly.
Jaime: ...
Jaime looks for a door
Narrator : It s right there, Jaime.
Where it always is.
Jaime slowly heads for it
Narrator : Roll Mind.
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 3
Narrator : Jaime trundles to the door and opens it without a second thought.

Jaime: .....
Jaime takes a step through
Narrator : Roll Mind again.
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 7
Narrator : Jaime is thrown off by this place, and doesn t hear or see eveything
that he could due to this.
Jaime keeps scanning the area for doors/paths/etc
Narrator : There is a door directly across from him, to the library.
Darkness clogs the corridors, so it s hard to find where to go
Jaime eschews common sense and heads into that library
Narrator : He really did.
Jaime: Damn fever
Narrator : Jaime observes a collection of horrific monsters.
One gnaws on the neck of a little body.
One brutalizes a carcass.
Roll finesse not to be noticed
Narrator : roll spirit
don t ask why
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 11
Space: :c
Narrator : Jaime manages to hide behind a shelf before he is spotted.
Jaime tries to keep watching from behind the shelf
Narrator : It
It s fucking
Turned that human body into a piece of bloody meat.
And it just keeps tearing it.
The one hanging from the ceiling is feverishly sinking its teeth into the flesh
of the little body.
Roll Mind to see if you recgonize it.
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 9

Narrator : It gnawed heavily into the face, Jaime can t begin to think of who it
may be.
Jaime can he recognize the clothing
Narrator : Yes, despite it being stained with blood.
Gabby s.
Jaime: .....
Jaime averts his eyes
Narrator : Roll Spirit again
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 19
Narrator : Jaime notices an Apathy creeping over in his direction, and has a cha
nce to move before it sees him.
Jaime tries to be the snake and get to another hiding spot
Narrator : He slips to another shelf
The Hatred takes one last bite of the body, and then tosses it to the ground
It lets out a guttural growl.
Jaime trying not to make a sound
Space: little boy: hold your breath
Narrator : What are you going to do, Jaime?
Jaime tries checking if that door is clear
Narrator : Sadly, an Apathy is now standing in front of it.
Jaime tries waiting it out
Narrator : Roll Spirit.
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 17
Narrator : Eventually, it slinks into the shelves, overlooking Jaime.
The door is clear.
Jaime goes for it
Narrator : Roll Spirit.
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 14
Narrator : He slips by, and into the hall.

Jaime exhales, trying to recall which way in the school is the fookin
Narrator : To the...
This place is playing with your senses, roll Spirit.
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 8
Fawkes M.: Had to end sometime
Narrator : Jaime begins getting completely turned around...
Tolling bells.
Jaime: ................
Narrator : Roll Mind.
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 6
Narrator : Jaime begins developing a massive headache.
Who is that, down the hall?
Jaime puts a hand to his head, not looking up at them just yet
Narrator : The man at the end of the hall watches Jaime
A sheer feeling of malice towards him pervades the air.
He takes a step forward.
Jaime starts to step backward
Narrator : Fear creeps into Jaime s guts, Roll Spirit.
and then roll mind
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 10
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind


= 8
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 0
Narrator : Jaime is paralyzed with fear.
He loses track of the man in the darkness.
What do you do now?
Jaime tries to feel around for a wall and attempts to regain his bearings
Narrator : don t roll for this
Jaime clasps himself to a wall and regains some grip on reality.
He spots the man again, much closer.
What do you do, Jaime?
Jaime: ......
Narrator : Jaime sprints
Roll Mind.
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 11
Narrator : Jaime has the bearings to keep running, but stops when he notices it
s taken him into a different room, rather than somewhere out of this part of the
Jaime tries to close the door
Narrator : As Jaime runs to the door, he sees the man standing right outside of
it, roll spirit to pull it shut before he gets you.
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 19
Narrator : Jaime pulls the door shut and locks it as the man reaches out
There is now a pounding at the door.
What do you do now?
Jaime starts to make a barricade out of desks
Narrator : Roll Spirit.
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit

= 5
Narrator : The pounding abruptly stops as Jaime grabs his first desk.
He rushes to push it to the door, but.
It flies open.
Jaime: --!
Jaime tries to push-throw the desk into the man
Narrator : Spirit.
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 10
Narrator : As he does, the man simply extends his hand and the desk stops.
Space: at the time of writing, Jaime remains missing in action
Narrator : He steps forward
If he gets any closer...
He could touch you.
Jaime tries to run back in a panic
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 9
Narrator : Jaime stubles into the desk.
The man takes another step forward.
Everything is dark.
Jaime: ......
Space: iblis no
Narrator : He stares at him in the darkness.
And then he grabs him.
Space: you really do like scaring me don t you
Jaime struggles
Jaime: Gh-!
Iblis: You will sleep.
Just as she will.
Narrator : Jaime lurches to awareness.
Sun streams in through the windows.
It must have been a dream.
Jaime: ....
Jaime tries to take in where he is
Narrator : His room.
This morning, school is supposed to start again.
After the break that they had after the whole break-in thing.
Jaime: ...Mrmm.

Narrator : But, one thing is off.

There s an eye, that s been carved into your wall.
Jaime: ...
Jaime gets out of bed and approaches it
Narrator : It s been carved in...
Roll mind to make any observations.
Space: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 9
Narrator : increased
you know shit about knives and such
Space: rolling {3d20kh1} + for increased mind
= 19
Narrator : space
Space: hehehehehe
Narrator : what are you doing
Jaime: rolling {3d20kh1} + -1 for increased mind
= 19
Narrator : Well, Jaime.
Space: oh holy shit he really does know stuff about knives
Narrator : The cuts, they are far, far too smoothly made to hav been made by a k
You really do have no idea what on earth could have done it.
But you know it wasn t a knife.
Jaime: ...
Jaime looks for anything else off in his room
Narrator : That s it.
Oh, well, Tyler put your hand in a bowl of warm water, that too.
Space: good man
Narrator : Luckily, you don t think you pissed yourself.
Fawkes M.: Don t you mean Terry?
Space: no, he means tyler
Narrator : right terry
Fawkes M.: Hah
Jaime starts to get ready for school
Narrator : Jaime gets ready without much incident.
Probabl;y going to be a downbeat day at school today.

Jaime starts heading to said "school"

Space: what s a school
Fawkes M.: It s a type of cheese
Space: that was interesting
Fawkes M.: Hear
Space: i m sick and lonely, help me
Fawkes M.: So how s that eff gee oh
Space: fafnir wipes my party every time
Fawkes M.: What level are your Servants?
Space: highest is like 30
Fawkes M.: Level them further
Space: aye aye
i really like how in persona 2 s velvet room
the music has piano and an opera singer lady
2 of the npcs there are a piano player and an opera singer lady
Fawkes M.: The BGM is real
Space: you know third heaven really does have a persona 2 feelto it, i mean that
in the best way
Fawkes M.: How so?
Space: it just do, y ken
Narrator : thank you
448754 he keeps whitewashing it
more and more
Space: ya
Narrator : so fox
how did you feel about that mini-session there
Fawkes M.: That was fun
Narrator : what do you think was even happen there
Fawkes M.: Everyone at school had similar dreams
Mobile L: bipes biporus
Space: fox vanish
Mobile L: Damn
Space: come baaack
Mobile L: God, I am so behind in Battleworld, but I just didn t feel like postin
g at all today
Space: i didn t feel like it either
which is good, as the person i m rping with is waiting for badge
Mobile L: Coolio
I ll catch up tomorrow and just say the Cure terrified Breen into silence
Space: that works
Narrator : of course he vanishes
Space: holy shit the persona summoning animation in p2 is like
super hardcore
Narrator : i m sorry but him vanishing as mobile gets here is just
the definition of rage inducing
Mobile L: If it s any help, his PM convo halted shortly before I came. I think h
e was just pulled away
Narrator : i know
Mobile L: While I wait, I think now s as good a time to mapmake as any
Space: it is the joy of creation
Mobile L: The highest achievement of Lilin culture
He looks menacing
And oh fuck, another doctor
And... mom...?
Space: it s fun just throwing pictures at seer so he can use them
Mobile L: You ve been... feeding him??

Space: nye he
Narrator : what did mr. karloman look like space
Space: well the picture i found probably wouldn t work, unless you were to twist
your plans about a bit or add some sort of justification
Narrator : why
hand it over
Space: i m grabbing it now
(To eldritch s.): Now by "close to the beach", do you mean to where you can actu
ally see the shore and shit?
(From Narrator ): yes
(To eldritch s.): A ight
Narrator : clean it up
if you wish
and i ll use it
Space: on eet
Iblis: Do you not love me? Am I not your... Father Figure...?
Space: actually you know what that is a good question
would steph even
wait no nvm
Iblis: what
Space: i was gonna ask if she d even remember what they looked like, but i reali
zed we live in an age of photography
Iblis: you are a foolish person
Space: yeah thats true
Mobile L: Wow uh
I google image search "Canadian beaches" for reference
I get a softcore porn pic of a nude lady from the boobs down laying on the bed a
nd and putting plastic(?) orchids between her legs
Life is unusual
Space: i don t get tha-OHP there it is
Mobile L: Isn t that odd?
Space: yeah thats actually weird
Mobile L: She s just puttin that shit right on her cooch
It looks very 90s
Fawkes M.: Back
Space: hai low
Narrator : Let a go go go then
well first is everyone here
Fawkes M.: I yam
Space: delicious fruit
Narrator : mobile
Mobile L: Hold on a sec
Narrator : one
it s been a second
i ll just set the scene
Mobile L: Sorry, got spoken to for a bit. May happen again, we ll see
Narrator : School commences. The school fills up with student and staff as they
walk/drive/run/take the metro to work/school. As the people enter, an announceme
nt is made to gather in the cafeteria, where everyone is seated.
They sit down, and the whole staff is gathered
Steph yawns, having not got much sleep
Mr. Hawthorne soberly pets Theodore
Gabby sits quietly, all bandaged up and shit, looking maybe even more serious th
an usual and kind of solemn

Jaime sits down, looking forward

Mr. Hawthorne: Now...
Last week, as all of us know.
A man broke into our school and assaulted the staff and students.
Before we proceed, I would like to offer commendations to individuals found brav
ely acting.
Please, will Stephanie Karloman, Gabbreilla Tran, Rachel Lachance, Nathan Pyrce,
Ken Burrows, and Lily Thorn gather in the cnter of the room.
Mr. Hawthorne clears his throat
Space: back, got water
Steph: ...
Gabby inhales deeply and stands up, slowly walking to the room s center
Steph does much the same
Mr. Hawthorne: Now, I bestow onto each and everyone of you, the highest honors B
elmont High can impart...
Mr. Hawthorne begins pinning badges with the school s crest on them onto the peo
Mr. Hawthorne: These mark you as the finest students and/or staff we have on rec
It will likely look mighty fine on your resume.
Mr. Hawthorne: In addition, all of you.
Gabby tiny, stern nod like "you re goddang right, and I hope you all see this"
Steph can t help but smile a little
Mr. Hawthorne: Please have these free, complimentary fifty-dollar giftcards for
"Terry Gotterman s Bar and Grill"
Mr. Hawthorne hands them giftcards
Mr. Hawthorne: You may all be seated.
Steph looks down at her giftcard as she goes to take a seat
Gabby takes it, nodding, and goes back to her seat
Narrator : Seems like a decent place, from the card.
Gabby aw frick yeah, at least there s something for quality time the ol grandpa
Mr. Hawthorne: Now, I would like to celebrate the swift recoveries of our own Ms
. Lachance, Ms. Guildenstern, Mr. Rosencrantz, Gabbreialla Tran, and Nathan Pyrc
Everyone, please give them a hand.
As in applause.
Steph claps for them
Steph smiles a little at Gabby
Jaime starts to clap
Gabby ahhhh, heck, she smiles back just a lil
Narrator : The room begins to clap.


Gabby still feels bad that she had to be there in the nightmare, EVEN THOUGH IT
Mr. Hawthorne: Now, for an important fact of life...
Mr. Hawthorne begins blabbering on a long, long, fucking boring-ass speech
Gabby also feels a tiny shred of satisfaction that Hall had to clap for her
Narrator : Roll spirit not to fall asleep
Gabby nyeheheheh... c:<
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Spirit
= 2
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 9
Space: steph sure did not get so much sleep
Narrator : come on jaime you piece of shit
Mobile L: sleepy sheepies
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 16
Narrator : or i ll fist you with your new golden hand
Mobile L: Well damn
Narrator : Steph, completely exhauted, just passes out during the speech.
Jaime: That hand saved my life, you know
Narrator : Gabby begins nodding off, barely staying awake.
Jaime;s eyes nearly close, before snapping open at the memory of the man in his
Gabby mruuhhhhh, i deserrrrve this, lemme sleeeeep
Jaime: .......
Mr. Hawthorne: And in concluding...
Jaime can t nod off despite the contagion of sleepiness
Mr. Hawthorne: Dr. Hall has informed me that the consequences of untreated menta
l trauma from such an event can be a detrement to societ, and our school...
Gabby ahahahaha, frick this, snorgle snorgle
Mr. Hawthorne: And has insisted that you all must visist his office in the next
two months.

Steph snooze
Narrator : There is a grumbling in the crowd.
Jaime onore onore onore
Anton nudges Gaby lightly
Gabby sleep angry... >:c...
Anton: You is awake?
Gabby: ...mruhh?
Gabby pushes her glasses up and looks at Anto... oh god the maybe Polish kid
Anton: He is say thing with importantence.
Mr. Hawthorne is about to continue when he is cut off
Gabby: ...Hey, uh... Sorry. Yeah... Didn t sleep so well last night...
Officer Quest: I have a schedule to keep, I must speak now or leave.
Officer Quest looks out at the student body
Gabby oh yeah, the cop guy... yeah, he wasn t a dream...
Fawkes M.: BRB, apparently it s grandparents day and we gotta call grandfather
Mobile L: Oh boi, good luck
Officer Quest: you call the fuck out of him
Officer Quest loudly clear his throat, possibly rousing Steph
Mobile L: Pffehehe, fitting cuz tomorrow I am visiting my grandfolks
Steph: ...?
Steph wearily blinks
Steph quickly shoots up
Steph sleep what is sleep haha i was listening
Officer Quest: ...
This man, the one who attacked the school.
Gabby finds it mildly troubling that she nodded off too
Officer Quest: He has escaped police custody.
A missing person was reported yesterday.
A student, from the grounds.
Officer Quest: We have reason to suspect that these events are related.
Steph: ...?
Steph looks around
Officer Quest: And as such, the police and RCMP will be conducting an investigat
ion of the school.
We have deemed it safe for you to continue lessons, but there will be a large pr
esence of law-enforcement officers.
Space: oh right i guess the school isn t just all the named students
i had forgotten
Officer Quest: If you have any information which may assist in the investigation
, you must tell us.
This is a matter of life and death.

Gabby figures a crappy dream probably isn t worth telling

Officer Quest: We have few leads, which is why we need all of your assistance.
If you find a crime scene, or any form of evidence, you will come to us immediat
Do not erase evidence or trample the scenes.
Officer Quest just watches all of them like a hawk
Officer Quest: ... That will be all.
Officer Quest steps to the side
Steph: .....
Gabby rubs her eyes with her non-bandaged hand
Mr. Hawthorne: Ehm... yes, very good.
Now, you ll all venture to your home rooms and the day should resume as per-usua
Gabby wonders if that fricking doctor is secretly a lizard monster or something,
what with how strange and irritable he was...
Mr. Hawthorne: Assembly dismissed.
Mr. Hawthorne steps out
Gabby yawns and grabs up her book bag, once again looking QUITE SRS
Narrator : The students and staff begin to file out
Steph starts to head to class
Jaime also steps out, wondering just who the missing student was
Steph figures she didn t miss anything important
Gabby glances at the hall people as she goes to her room
Anton quickly follows after Gabby
Narrator : Wow, Hawthorne and the cop are talking with some very shady men.
Gabby aaaa oh man, don t frick up and look stupid...
Space: the rcmp
Gabby marks their faces in case she sees them again
Anton: You is not miss a thing?
Steph doesn t pay them much heed
Gabby: ...Uh... M not sure. Was he, like... did he say anything important after
the part about valor?
Narrator : In no world does the RCMP look that shady.
Space: ah
the FBI
Anton: Is not really.
Gabby would rather not have another Dr. Hall thing and decides to be MUCH WARY
Narrator : Not a thing in Canada.
Space: canada is a de jure territory of the usa
Gabby: ...Okay, good... Um, and thanks, Anton.
Narrator nods

Narrator : Anton nods

(To eldritch s.): nother question, would you like the entire building visible
(To eldritch s.): In the exterior map, I mean
(From Narrator ): it depends on what you have so far
(To eldritch s.): I just have the shore and the surrounding grass. I think I nee
d to make it a little bigger than it is
(From Narrator ): i think a decent amount, at least
Ms. Lachance holds her bandaged head
Ms. Lachance sips coffee with her other hand
(To eldritch s.): A ight, that helps. Thank you
Gabby jeebus creebus, she is back at work ALREADY???
Ms. Lachance: I hope you little bastards wrote those reports on the YA novel...
Gabby has a half-lucid, angry scrawling about how stupid Val and Anthem need to
die in a frickin fire in her bag
Steph has compartmentalized the reasons this book is not super great into a full
-length report
Ms. Lachance: We ve lost enough time already thanks to that piece of shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
Jaime actually made something over the last few days of that break
Ms. Lachance: If you say anything I m going to make my headwound look like a pap
Gabby wow, frickin language
Steph rubs her jaw
Ms. Lachance: Hand your reports in, please.
Gabby sighs and hands in hers. At the very least, it meets word count.
Ms. Lachance just fucking grades them as they re handed it
Ms. Lachance gives Gabby an AMs. Lachance apparently respects the hatred she has
Jaime handed his in
Ms. Lachance: rolling 1d20
= 6
Gabby has always kind of respected Ms. Lachance s hatred of things and will prob
ably be quite pleased
Steph hands over the essay that tries to be a stunning critical dissertation
Ms. Lachance gives him a C

Jaime aww yeh

Ms. Lachance gives Steph a B
Ms. Lachance doesn t like what she sees as pretention
Mobile L: bee are bee
Steph displeased...
Ms. Lachance quickly grades them
Ms. Lachance: Alright...
The Merchant of Venice.
One of you, get some copies from the drawers over there.
And hand them out.
Steph goes to do so
Ms. Lachance: The books is, of course, set in the Republic of Venice.
Steph a book for YOU and a book for YOU and you and you
Ms. Lachance: It is about a Merchant named Antonio.
Steph finishes handing out, heads back to her seat
Jaime nods to Steph as he gets a book
Jasper doesn t look at Steph
Gabby also nods and begins skimming the frickin


Gabby resents being seated near this dirty traitress

Ms. Lachance: The book is commonly seen as racist by today s standards, specific
ally against Jewish people.
As the man antagonist is a Jewish Moneylender, Shylock.
I m going to ask you to form your own opinions as to whether or not you see this
book as offensive.
And if you don t I m going to hurt you.
Gabby already thinks it s offensive
Ms. Lachance: If you regurgitate an opinion to me.
I will come to your home.
And I will let you know what it feels like to regurgitate your internal organs.
Gabby by god woman, I will prove you yet wronger
Steph thinks that s a good one
Steph has an idea for a character
Ms. Lachance chugs her coffee
Steph someone who talks exactly like Ms. Lachance
Steph and... is addicted to caffeine
Steph dependent on it, almost
Jaime hopes that Terry won t double-cross him for his opinion
Terry: Hehehe...

Ms. Lachance: Now read the book, and if you don t understand the prose, don t as
k your neighbor, as they re likely an idiot.
If you do ask them, I ll also dump this on your head.
Ms. Lachance says as she pours more coffee
Ms. Lachance: There are explanatio ns in the margins, use those.
Ms. Lachance begins marking shit as the class reads
Ms. Lachance: roll for reading comprehension
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 3
Ms. Lachance: steph gets increased
just because she s into books
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 11
Steph: B)
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 17
Narrator : Steph understands all of the intricacies and hiddens puns of the text
Jaime... well. He gets the gist, and that s really what you need.
The margins help/
Gabby has a fairly good comprehension and understands some of the word-play.
Steph is a little disheartened, not really sure how she d be able to match up to
this, but at the same time is enjoying reading it
Gabby frickin Shakespeare and the old English can eat a fat one
Narrator : the demon of english
it comes begind gabby
whispers into her eat
Jaime aww yeh
Gabby what the frick ever, I don t CARE about english now HECK OFF
Narrator : The demon fades away


Gabby grrrghhhhhh rassin frassin liberal arts namby pamby crap
Space: what s your character s political views
Nathan basically has smoke spouting from his head trying to read this
Nathan has not even turned the page yet
Mobile L: Gabby s probably centrist, but maybe leans a bit conservative. She doe
s like the free healthcare, though
Narrator : The Hungarian students brought translations, FYI
conservative in canada is like
Mobile L: Then yep, center-right
Narrator : unless you re harper
then he s just off in fucking outerspace
Space: steph is a dirty socialist
Mobile L: Oh, I m sure she hates Harper
Narrator : steph votes ndp
Mobile L: Canon: Gabby has relatives in Texas
Narrator : they re openly socialist
Steph: mulcair-sama...
Narrator : The class ends, and soon
Gabby pities Nathan for once, but only because he got hurt
Narrator : rolling 1d20
= 2
Health begins.
Fawkes M.: Jaime s leftist because Terry talks to him a lot and he wants to spit
e the right-wing Johann
Narrator : Mr Hawthorne enters
Mobile L: Gabby is alone in being a REAL MURRICAN CANADIAN
Narrator : Jaime votes either Liberal or NDP
gabby votes either liberal or conservative
Mr. Hawthorne: Hello, fine young minds!
Now, who here is ready for their journey through Health?
Gabby ehhhhh, kay, please have some science
Steph: -akihiko voice- i ve been waiting for this
Steph is ready for the lllEARNIN
Mr. Hawthorne: Now, children..
We ve gotten onto a very serious unit...
Sexual Education.
Steph oh
Mobile L: Gabby s just inordinately spiteful about everything that isn t math or
Gabby oh GREAT, ewwwww
Mr. Hawthorne: And I would like to say, if you are going to start laughing and g
iggling up a storm during this, please, step out.
This is a place of education, and logic.
Mr. Hawthorne: I would like you all to flip to page 69

Mr. Hawthorne: rolling 1d20
= 7
Nathan laughs
Gabby sighs and turns ze page
Jaime suppresses a smirk
Steph turns to the page of the 69, openly smirk
Gabby you guyyyyys, when will you be adults...
Mr. Hawthorne: Oh- for Pete s sake!
What is so funny about that, huh?
Flipping to page 69?
What s wrong with that?
Steph raises a hand
Mr. Hawthorne: Yes. Ms. Karloman.
Steph: Sir, it s related to the class.
Mr. Hawthorne: ...
Steph: Never mind.
Mobile L: I can t do man voices very well, but
Mr. Hawthorne sighs
Space: the first vocaroo for this roll 20
Mr. Hawthorne: good
it pleases me
So basic values for sex are:
Keep it safe.
Keep it consensual.
Mr. Hawthorne: Keep it clean.
Keep it legal.
And don t do it with an animal.
Basic values, there will be on the test, children.
Gabby urrrrghhhhhhh
Mr. Hawthorne: Now, for the how-to...
Mobile L:
Mr. Hawthorne: Flip the page to see the diagram.
Gabby ahhhhhhhh god
Gabby fllllllip
Space: is that the canon gabby voice
Mr. Hawthorne: i hope so
Mr. Hawthorne draws a shitty version on the board
Mr. Hawthorne: Now, if you loo here.
Mobile L: It IS
Mr. Hawthorne: This is the ponos.

The ponos?
Mr. Hawthorne: Is that typo in your books?
Jaime is it?
Mr. Hawthorne: yes
Gabby noooooo, don t... don t giggle... fight it...
Gabby that s so stupiiiiid
Mr. Hawthorne: they all have it, and they call the vagina the vagoo, too
Gabby aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Steph: ....?
Jaime fighting with all his strength not to giggle
Mr. Hawthorne: Whatever.
Gabby tenses up and tries to physically restrain her laughter
Mr. Hawthorne: Penis.
Steph covers her mouth
Mr. Hawthorne: Here s the [lists off parts]
Gabby you must not laugh, you must HATE
Mr. Hawthorne: And now, here s the vago- what the hell is this book?
Mr. Hawthorne scowls
Mr. Hawthorne continues his shitty diagram
Gabby aaaaaAAAAaaaaAAAAa
Mr. Hawthorne: Now, the purpose of the pono- penis is tGabby it burns
Mr. Hawthorne: Jam it IN!?
Who wrote this damn book!??
It s a bunch of nonsense.
Steph snrrrrrrrrrrrrk
Gabby: ...nyeheh...
Mr. Hawthorne flips through it
Mr. Hawthorne: What is this degenerate trash?
This is all poorly written sm- DEFENCELESS AN US!?!?!
Space: turns out they accidentally ordered hentai instead of textbooks
Steph fucking bursts into laughter
Gabby: ...nhhhhhhhhhyehehehe...!

Steph leaves the room, still laughing

Mr. Hawthorne throws the book at the wall
Gabby ANGERRRRRRRR... god that is so funny tho hhhhhhhh
Jaime bursts into laughter right behind Gabby - may be contagious...
Gabby: H-h... how the f-frick...?
Narrator : The room elupts into jovial laughter
Gabby equally bewildered and tickled and MAD AS HECK about it
Steph returns once she s calmed down and her face stops hurting
Steph sits down like nothing happened at all
Gabby deep breaths, deep slow breaths, think of Dr. Hall...
Gabby let the anger flow back
Space: gabby
picture dr. hall talking about the ponos
Gabby noooooooo no no no no
Mr. Hawthorne just holds his head in his hands
Gabby frick you for suggesting that... nyeheheheheh...
Space: all in a day s work
Mr. Hawthorne: J-...
Steph flips through the book, smiling a little
Mr. Hawthorne: It looks like...
We ordered...
Cheap erotica.
Mr. Hawthorne: As opposed to the textbooks.
Gabby looks closely at her copy
Jaime also looks over it, seeing if it looks like something Terry would have
Narrator : Destiny/Stay Day
Gabby okay that Jirou guy is not bad, but ghhhhhh why
Steph casually sneaks it into her bookbag
Mr. Hawthorne takes off his glasses and cries just a bit
Mr. Hawthorne: So...
Steph: ...
Mr. Hawthorne: Until we can... resolve this issue.
Steph feels a little bad
Jaime wonders who names a girl "Swordsman"
Mr. Hawthorne: We re going to just...
Skip over.
To the drug addiction unit.
Fawkes M.: Shoulda played Pursuing Minds
Gabby yeah same... maybe cut out the pictures of Jirou before you burn it, just

for uh... for research... for studying...

Gabby nod nod, yes okay this is fine
Mr. Hawthorne hands out more books
Mr. Hawthorne: Now, these are your drug books/
These are apparently lauded as fine literature.
The Gayest Mage THis Side of Los Angeles.
(From Jaime): I PM d you a while back
Steph: ...?
Mr. Hawthorne flips open the book
Space: holy shit
this is canon to fate
Mobile L: I just imagine whoever does the ordering going to, like, a
eing like yeah okay
oh dude
Mr. Hawthorne: I m going to start reading it to you, and we ll see where we go.
Space: it s lachance
lachance is the one who orders
(To Fawkes M.): Oop, lemme reed
Mr. Hawthorne: she doesn t give a shit
Fawkes M.: Hawthorne is Gein s newest alias
Space: she literally doesn t even fucking care, because hawthorne makes her orde
r the health books
Mr. Hawthorne clears his throat
Mr. Hawthorne: As I found the rabid badger crawling into my defenceless anMr. Hawthorne flips his desk over
Space: holy shit sakura
Gabby: hhhhhhhhNYEHEHEHEHEHEH...!
Space: holy shit hawthorne
Mr. Hawthorne stands onto his chair
Gabby hates herself for this
Mr. Hawthorne screams
Mr. Hawthorne: THEODORE!
Space: i m just picturing this in the most dramatic anime fashion right now
Mr. Hawthorne: BURN ALL THE BOOKS.
Steph: ....!!!
Mr. Hawthorne screams as Theodore just fucking
Steph can only hope she concealed hers well enough...
Narrator : Jumps around and snatches all the books in the open.
Gabby hastily tears out those Jirou pics real quick, eheh, nothin
Narrator : It races off with them
Mr. Hawthorne jumps out of hsi chair
Mr. Hawthorne grabs the rest of the copies
Mr. Hawthorne begins tearing the pages out

to s aaaaa

Mr. Hawthorne: COME CHILDREN.

Gabby i am so sorry, dearest Frdric, it was a moment of weakness
Steph zips up his bag, then goes to aid Hawthorne
Steph yes, yes, tear them all
Jaime the tear the tear and the maiden fair
Narrator : The rest of the class is spent destroying books.
Narrator : Hawthorne just sprints out, screaming
Steph had a good time, and acted with quick wit
Steph a good day
Mr. Schmidt slowly walks in
Gabby: ...Seriously, how the fri

Mr. Schmidt: ...

Steph: ...
Jaime: .....
Mr. Schmidt: No, I do not think I will ask.
Gabby: ...It s better that way, yeah.
Mr. Schmidt: We will be learning about the hydrogen cycle.
Gabby yayyyyy c:
Mr. Schmidt: ...
Mr. Schmidt picks up a piece of paper
Mr. Schmidt reads it
Mr. Schmidt: Heilige Scheie, was zum Teufel!?
Gabby: ??
Mr. Schmidt throws it away
Gabby uhhhh... s-science...?
Mr. Schmidt: This is not a good course. this class you have just taken!
Steph: ....?
Mr. Schmidt: The pages of this paper.
It is covered with vile words.
Space: i didn t know he was like german
Gabby: ...Yeah, um... There was a mistake with the books.
Space: and now i can t unhear it
Gabby: A big mistake.
Mr. Schmidt: This much is obvious!
Steph: Don t worry, we took care of it.
Mr. Schmidt: No, clearly not enough.
In my home village, when things like this happened, it was tradition to burn the

That is what we shall do now.

Steph: ...Um...
Mr. Schmidt: Hm...
Gabby meekly raises her hand
Mr. Schmidt: Students, what easily obtainable structure can contain fire easily?
Steph: ...Like, a trash can? You ll probably set off the fire alarm, though, so.
Steph is uncomfortable with book burning
Mr. Schmidt: Not a problem.
Mr. Schmidt gets his hanky out
Mr. Schmidt dumps a waterbottle on it
Gabby: ...Um. May we discuss the hydrogen cycle while we burn the pornography, s
Mr. Schmidt stands onto a desk and presses it to the fire alarm
Mr. Schmidt: Yes, yes, but quickly, fetch the can.
Gabby NOD and FETCH
Gabby grabs the one she hid in... hehehehe bad times
Fat Man watches her
Gabby SIDE EYES HIM as she re-enters the room
Narrator : The class begin gathering up papers and putting them in the can
Mr. Schmidt: Now, kinder, can you all tell me what the atomic composition of wat
er is?
Mr. Schmidt starts a fire in the can
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 4
Steph raises her hand
Gabby aaaaaaa dang it beat to the punch
Gabby quietly hopes she can still answer
Mr. Schmidt: Yes, Stephanie?
Steph: Dihydrogen monoxide!
Mr. Schmidt: Correct.
H-2-O was also an acceptable answer.
Space: i think this is the most relaxing song on the playlist
Mobile L: It nice
Mr. Schmidt: Hydrogen, i particular, is in important here.
As the Hydrogen cycle is also known as the water cycle.

Gabby is quietly okay with her cohort landing that one since she was so cool wit
h crap in the dream
Mr. Schmidt: Can you tell me the steps
Space: i know i can t
Mr. Schmidt watches the fire rage
Mr. Schmidt: Yes, Gabby?
Gabby: Evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection.
Mr. Schmidt: Very good.
Gabby c:
Mr. Schmidt: This is an example of a complete cycle.
Certain cycles are incomplete, in the cases of certain minerals which become tra
Lancaster, name an element from the Periodic Table.
Gabby aww yeh i like dis shyiiii... dis crap
Space: uranus
Mr. Schmidt: myranium
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 18
Mr. Schmidt: gold
Jaime: Gold.
Mr. Schmidt: What is its abbreviation?
it s au in case you didn t know
Gabby aww buddy you need to know that one
Jaime: Au. And it s element number 79.
Mr. Schmidt: Very good.
What is a property of gold?
Gabby yes, good, good
Space: its malleable
Mobile L: Is this for Jaime, or a free-grab?
Mr. Schmidt: it s free grab in
Jaime: It s ductile.
Mr. Schmidt: Ductile?
I hadn t expected that one from you, no offense.
Gabby wowww man, me either
Jaime smirks a bit
Steph a little surprise
Mr. Schmidt: Very good.
Gabby wonders what went wrong with this one. Clearly he has natural talent.

Fawkes M.: A Lancaster knows their gold

Mr. Schmidt begins going on about cycles
Mr. Schmidt: roll to follow along
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 6
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 8
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 16
Narrator : Jaime may know shit about gold. but memorizigin the carbon cycle is a
Jaime what s a carbon
Narrator : Steph gets distracted by the fire at some point.
Gabby eagerly follows along, as this is fun to her.
Steph thinks about burning
Steph: ...
Gabby c:<
Narrator : .
Schmidt dumps the rest of his water onto the fire.
Steph: ...
Gabby well THOSE proteins are sure as heck denatured... nyehehe
Jaime: .....
Gabby ah god I love being me
Space: i m glad that gabby has self-confidence
Mobile L: She is a very confident young lady
In case any of you are wondering, she is indeed that boisterous in her thoughts.
I embellish nothing.
Mr. Schmidt: And that is our class.
I will see you next class, Kinder.

Gabby nods and smiles

Mr. Schmidt walks out
Steph: Bye!
Narrator : Your next class is
Gabby sighs contentedly
Narrator : rolling 1d20
= 11
Ms. Lao steps in
Ms. Lao: ...
Space: lao s gonna fucking murder the class
Ms. Lao: Last class was a mess, I hear.
Space: she s behind all of this
Ms. Lao: I m sorry.
I came down with a terrible stomach cramp.
Gabby small, conciliatory nod
Steph: Are you feeling better?
Ms. Lao: ... Yes.
Thank you.
Today we ll be covering the Fall of Napoleon.
Jaime keeping silent
Ms. Lao: If you wilMs. Lao winces
Jaime internally thankful that Foxhole ain t-Ms. Lao clutches her gut
Ms. Lao: ...
Excuse me for a moment...
Ms. Lao steps out
Gabby oh no...
Fat Man peeks into the room
Fawkes M.: Space s browser is being a little shit
Mobile L: Ah fuckle
Fat Man: shitty
Mobile L: Browser restart time
Gabby SUSPISH...
Fat Man: ...
Steph: ...
Fat Man shrugs
Gabby ...Hm

Jaime: ...
Naomi: ... Man, I hope she s okay...
Gabby: ...Me too. That s... that really sucks.
Steph nods assent
Jaime: Will we have another substitute teacher?
Gabby: ...Oh man. I hope not.
Vlad: If that idiot Nurse teaches another class I will kill myself.
Steph: ...
Steph coughs
Space: quest and hall are in cahoots
Fat Man peeks in again
Fat Man: ...
Steph: ...Um... do you need something?
Fat Man: I just wanted to see if everyone was alright.
Steph: Oh.
Gabby: ...Yeah. We re good.

Fat Man: ...?

You kids supposed to have an invisible teacher or something?
Steph: No, no, she has... erm, stomach cramps.
Fat Man: Ah.
Gabby nod nod
Fat Man: ... Those... "stomach" cramps, they re the worst, I hear.
Steph: ...?
Fat Man: I sympathize.
Fat Man is incredibly awkward
Steph: Um, yeah...
Gabby laaaaame. go back to the crimehole, ya creep.......
Fat Man nods
Fat Man: Well, uh...
I ll just.
Step outside.
Gabby: ... Kay. Bye.
Steph: ...
Fat Man steps out of the room
Gabby says in a low voice
Gabby: ... s the mob suddenly here or somethin ...?
Steph: I think he s a cop.
Jaime: He didn t seem like one.
Gabby: ...He s a fishy frickin cop, then.
I know sometimes they get crooked.
...Maybe he s a PI or some crap.

Fat Man stuffs his face with some candies out of his pocket
Steph: Maybe he s just... y know, it d probably be awkward around people our age
. Being a man his age in a school and all. I m sure it d be weird.
Gabby: ...Guess so, but still. That look he has about him is, um... unquieting,
I think? That sthat s a word, right?
Steph: Disquieting.
Gabby: ...Oh! Right, gotcha. Thanks.
Disquieting... Yeah. Real disquieting.
Narrator : There are some steps down the hall.
Gabby: ?
Nurse Foxhole oh jesus christ
Steph oh! him.
Nurse Foxhole: Hey kids!
Jaime oh! no
Gabby ....aaaaaaaa
Nurse Foxhole: So, uh, Ms. Lao s got it really bad.
And we re out of subs for the week, so they stuck me in the job.
Gabby: ...O-okay, um...
Nurse Foxhole: Now! Now.
I promise.
This time, it s not going to end in violence.
Gabby nervously anticipates certain death
Steph: Promise?
Nurse Foxhole: Yes.
Now, uh, the fall of Napoleon
Gabby ohhhhhh boy, oh boy
Nurse Foxhole: Well, uh.
Can anyone tell me the series of events?
Gabby tries to bring it forth from the tangle of crap in her brain
Nurse Foxhole: ...
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 14
Fawkes M.: Being made to leave computer
Gonna migrate to phone
Nurse Foxhole: bye fox
Narrator : good lucj
in your mad world
Gabby: ...Okay, so. It started kinda during the Peninsular War because Charles a
t Aspern had won a victory.
...Then there was Russia.
He lost a lot of guys in a battle, and then Moscow burned and that was just, lik
e, really bad.
And then more guys died during the retreat.
It was just a really bad decision all around, basically.

Nurse Foxhole: Yes.

And then he lost his final battle, was exiled to Elba, came back for one hundred
days, was defeated at Waterloo, and then sent to St. Helena.
Gabby nod nod, cool nothing
Space: waterloo
i was defeated, you won the
Mobile L: Abba intesifies
Nurse Foxhole: Who defeated
Mobile L: supeisu...?
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1
= 10

bad is happening yet

Napoleon at Waterloo?
+ for Mind

Steph is not entirely sure about the answer

Nurse Foxhole: Yeah, Steph?
Steph: Um... never mind.
Gabby: Um... The Duke of Wellington?
Nurse Foxhole: Yes.
Gabby aw yeh
Nurse Foxhole continies his shoddy, but not disasterous lesson, roll mind to lea
rn anything
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 8
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 6
Mobile L: Oh dear
Space: i blame foxhole
Mobile L: Apologies if I m sporadique, the map is nearly finished and I m just p
utting the icing on
Barring tweaks, that is
Space: whot mappe
Narrator : The lesson is long, disjointed, and meandering.
It s basically just going over shit you already probab;y knew
Mobile L: you ll seeeee

Narrator : The bell goes for lunch as Foxhole is in the middle of an innuendo ab
out Napoleon.
Gabby is at least thankful no one s died
Steph thank gaaaahd
Gabby sighs in relief and collects her things
Steph has nothing against foxhole personally
Steph but...
Mobile L: was it about his ponos being small because he s short?
Narrator : yes
Mobile L: Knew it
Steph sets her lunchbox down
Mobile L: jaime pls
Gabby: ...Ponos...
Steph gets a twinkie out
Steph: That was something, wasn t it?
Gabby takes out her sammich and bag of dried fruit
Gabby: Yeah, seriously... How do you heck that up? The cover had some, uh... boo
bs on it.
Steph: Maybe they figured that was... I really don t know. Someone messed up the
Gabby: For real...
Gabby takes a bite of her sandwich
Steph: ...
...How re you doing?
Gabby: ...Pretty good, I guess. The stuff doesn t hurt as much, and like... I di
dn t die, so that helps...
Gabby takes a sip of her Snapple
Steph: ...Yeah.
Steph is quiet for a bit
Steph: ...Hey, did you, um...?
Gabby: ?
Steph brushes an errant bit of hair back
Steph: ...You know, never mind.
Gabby looks like something is mildly troubling her, but she s choosing to ignore
Steph much the same
Gabby small nod, picks a bit at her bandaged hand
Steph: ...You were, uh... pretty brave back here.
Gabby: ...Oh. Um... Thanks, I guess.
Hard to remember it.
Space: um um um um um um

mobile please tell me your seeing

Mobile L: Eh?
Space: oh no
the teacher s lounge
Mobile L: did she died
Space: no th-the
go backto where the fat man was
Mobile L: Did he died?
Space: i don t knooow
the cafeteria
shady man
Mobile L: oh god
he fuckin killed fattie
Narrator : The shady man falls to the ground. passed out.
Steph: I remembered it pretty, um...
Steph looks
Narrator : Out like a light.
Gabby is about to talk about animal instincts, but also looks and UM
Gabby: ...Oh crap...
Steph looks around, does anyone else notice?
Narrator : They do.
Nurse Foxhole stands up
Nurse Foxhole: Jeez Louise...
Nurse Foxhole begins hauling him out
Nurse Foxhole: Guess he didn t get much sleep...
(To eldritch s.): Can tweak if anything looks off
Gabby: ...Dang...
Steph: ...I hope he s alright.
Gabby: Yeah... That s disquieting.
(From Nurse Foxhole): my intent was for like the maintinence to be like a creepy
kind of hidden of part
Steph: Yeah, it is.
(From Nurse Foxhole): even putting it in its own map could work
Steph: ...Who wears sunglasses inside?
(To eldritch s.): Ah, okay. Should I just chop the label off and make a separate
building/segment for it?
(From Nurse Foxhole): yes
Gabby: ...Well, the lead guy from U2, but that s because he has a problem with h
is eyes.
(To eldritch s.): A ight, can du
Steph: He does?
Gabby: Yeah, that s what I read... I think it s the light or something. It makes
them all gross and irritated.
(From Space): quick look where lilly is
(To Space): ah shet was he back?
(To Space): OH CHRIST
(From Space): playing tricks on us
(To Space): i want off mister iblis wild ride
Steph: I thought they were just fashion.
(From Steph): the ride never ends
Gabby: Me too... I mean, they go with his leather stuff.
You never know about famous people.

Mobile L: aaaaaaaa
Space: OK seer that was well done i ll admit
Mobile L: why he does this
Steph: If I were famous, I wouldn t want to... I d be like Thomas Pynchon.
(To eldritch s.):
Gabby: ...Who?
(From Narrator ): is very nice
(To eldritch s.): c:
(To eldritch s.): More will come soon
Steph: He s an author. A really famous one. He wrote, uh, Gravity s Rainbow, The
Crying of Lot 49... a lot of really, esoteric, heady, um...
Steph pauses for a second
(From Naomi): good
Gabby: ...Huh.
Steph: ...A-anyways, he s... his works are really widely discussed, in literary
circles, and stuff... but the guy s reclusive. He doesn t do interviews, there a
ren t any pictures of him...
Gabby: ...Oh, well that s neat, then. I think it s better to, like, uh... be all
private if you re famous and important and not dumb and loud like the Kardashia
ns or something.
Steph: I don t really know what they re famous for...
it s time to binge on months-old candy at 2 am
Gabby: Me frickin either. It s so stupid, and they re on TV all the time... Tha
t Pynchon guy must know what he s doing.
Mobile L: Oh, I love those
oh fuck it s 2 AM how did this happen
Steph: He was on TV once. Just one time. For an episode of The Simpsons.
Space: he he he
Gabby: ...Hm. Stephen Hawking was on the Simpsons too, I think.
Naomi: Isn t Stephen Hawking that guy?
Steph: Um... what guy?
Naomi: With the chair?
Gabby: ...Uh, yeah. Yes, Dr. Hawking has a disease that made him paralyzed.
Naomi: Oh...
Is it contagious?
Gabby: ...No, heck no! That d suck... He s, um... He s not even supposed to be a
live, yet he still is, and he still does research.
Naomi: Why isn t he supposed to be laive?
Does someone want to kill him?
Stephen, no!
Steph: He s very lucky. Most people with it die young.
Gabby: ...Yeah, exactly. They thought it would kill him when he was maybe twenty
, and he s, like, what? Almost seventy now?
Naomi: Wow, really?
That s old...
Gabby nod nod nod
Naomi: My grandpa s only fifty...
Space: i m reading about candy on wikipedia at 2 am what is wrong with me
Gabby: ...It s... I hope he lives long enough to where they could do stuff to hi
m to lengthen his lifespan, or maybe preserve his mind... But that s pretty doub
tful. Stuff s too frickin slow...
Mobile L: The things we do to ourselves
at 2 AM
Naomi: ...
Steph: ...

Naomi: I hope so too, Gabby-chan.

Gabby smiles a little
Space: i m going to die of sugar inhalation oh my goodness
Gabby: ...That s... That s kind of what I want, I think. I want to be part of wh
at s to come. It s inevitable with all the computers and stuff.
Mobile L: don t ded
Naomi is about to respond when she is cut off by the bell
pg/300px-Aero-Wrapper-Small.jpg i had one of these in canada
it was so good
Narrator : Looks like you have to get educated
Space: like legit the best chocolate bar i ve had
Gabby ah man... ah well. This is part of the singularity, after all
Shady Man finishes eating his Aero bar
Mobile L: I have never had one
Shady Man: ...
Space: did the chocolate melt
because he was unconscious for so long
Gabby looks to see that HE LIVES
Gabby: ...Huh.
Steph time to... got o class
Shady Man: alright that s enough for now
Mobile L: This was a gud sesh
Space: that iblis stuff was creep
Mobile L: Finally got to dip into the fabulous transhumanism
Oh shit, yes
Das fuq up
Narrator : i am going to abuse the shit out of the audio-visual mediu with iblis
Mobile L: He s like the fuckin Doom House doll
Narrator : see it s nt text based
i can have him do things
and not tell you he s doign them
(From Space): did you see what steph s dad s faceclaim is
Space: i m sly and pick up on stuff
Narrator : like how he walked in the hallway and took the fat and shady man out
Space: through the wall
(To Space): I did indeed. Sinister...
(From Space): yes...
Narrator : what do you think iblis is
Space: well iblis is the satanic-equivalent in islam
Mobile L: Steph s dad s ghost turned evil
Space: so i figure he s the lucifer equivalent to our SMT
Narrator : he looks like his name woul be iblis
also i never got that pic of steph s dad space
Space: you didnt?
Narrator : well i did but not the claned up one
Space: damn, lemme just
Narrator : don t let iblis touch you
Mobile L: He seems like he s fond of making people konk out
Aaaaa, I have to go to bed

I will probably hate myself for this in the morning

G night
Narrator : night
Space: nite mobile
dearly departed
Narrator : he seems totally whipped
Space: see if you look on the right
it looks like he is in a bad relationship
but if you look on the left
just from looking at iblis s face
aany relationship with him would be horrible and toxic
look at him
Space: i mean disregarding the you know
creepy supernatural
Narrator : yes
Space: dr venter looks like absolute comic relief, i cannot picture her being se
rious in any way
Narrator : she turns out to be the real evil
Space: yeah she s worse than the one who corrupts all
so is iblis just looking like that to unnerve steph or is there some dark secret
Narrator : i m still working that out
i know roughly what iblis is but it s not complete yet
Space: interesting, interest
lachance s ringtone
Narrator : likely
Space: is lachance colorblind
Narrator : i ve decided i m just going to reference fate whenever i can
Space: i m okay with this
Narrator : sure she is
Space: the color red doesn t exist in her world
these must be
her tears
Narrator : she doesn t cry blood
Space: a pity
Narrator : the cast has really expanded
Space: i remember when hall was the most recent addition
you know i would watch a third heaven tv series
i really would
Narrator : i would too, to feed my own ego
Space: what are venter and graham doctors of
eldritch s. (GM): graham is a psychaitrist
venter is brain surgeon
Space: oh dear
eldritch s. (GM): both of them pick at your brain
Space: what if iblis was the lunatic
eldritch s. (GM): what gives you that impression
Space: it s a tall man type scenario
lunatic was some schmuck
fucked with something he shouldn t have fucked with
and now he s this eldritch pawn asshole who gets his jollies off of screwing wit
h people
eldritch s. (GM): it s the skin tone, isn t it
Space: yes it is the skin tone
Steph: the outside world!
eldritch s. (GM): nice school grounds
Space: very clean
very calming
eldritch s. (GM): the beach
Space: beach episode or i go home
eldritch s. (GM): space

you may believe you re sly

but you missed
one event with iblis
Space: you mean where he grabbed them from foxglove
eldritch s. (GM): no
it was in the cafeteria, even
Space: not the shady man?
eldritch s. (GM): not him
Space: not the whisper?
eldritch s. (GM): nopr
Space: what was
eldritch s. (GM): he konked jasper out to
Space: so at this point i don t think it s an unreasonable assumption to think t
here s something wrong with the people he knocked out
eldritch s. (GM): it s not unreasonable to assume that
Space: or at least there is some reason why those poeple, specifically, are who
it was
eldritch s. (GM): that s not unreasonable either
Space: you know this isn t fun nice beach episode music
eldritch s. (GM): no
SU gets intense
Space: someones gonna drown
eldritch s. (GM): i ve set the stage for the plot to begin
Space: are all the maps made and ready
eldritch s. (GM): mobile says they re coming soon
Space: we ve even got our party just naturally formed up
eldritch s. (GM): i just need two more, one is small
Space: because they re friends
it just came about
eldritch s. (GM): the practice sessions helped
especially since they re canon too
Space: yeah they wouldn t have had the same palship without the practice
i think
it s better to think of it as
a prologue
play the serial experiments lain song
eldritch s. (GM): i always try to place the characters in ways that i think
speak about the,
Space: yah i ve noticed some of that
naomi is hainging off to the side, but also gravitating towards the people who a
re nice to her
vlad is alone
but by his brother
rosencrantz and guildenstern are lovebirds of course
lilly s an adventurer, she s fine off by herself in new places
Space: ken s ken, he s content to stop and enjoy things
schmidt is just over ther, i don t have a read on him yet
eldritch s. (GM): he is basically just over there
it s where i think he d just kind of stand before he goes
Space: well were the other ones right or am i reading into them
eldritch s. (GM): yes
they were
Space: suzie and nathan are togther a lot
they were together at lunch too
eldritch s. (GM): suzie tries keeping close friends
i could put some more npcs by her
Space: and even jaime
he s a little off from the other partymembers

but still by them

eldritch s. (GM): in jaime s case
i just kind of put him there
Space: well you know the human mind is adept at deriving meaning from meaningles
eldritch s. (GM): i do know that
Space: that s a good line, i m saving that for this roll20
eldritch s. (GM): also the translation
of what schmidt daid
when eh read the page
"Holy shit, what the fuck!?"
Space: did he curse
he cursed
eldritch s. (GM): he read the page with the bellybutton
hello fawkes
you didn t miss them going outside this is just me showing the new map
Space: i feel like this song fits a lot for this roll20
eldritch s. (GM): also who leaked the information to duff
Space: not necessarily even the lyrics, just the feel of it
oh it wasn t me
eldritch s. (GM): he removed ~60% of my internal organs
Space: duff came up to confront me
eldritch s. (GM): that leaves two suspects
Space: duff told me who it was, in fact...
eldritch s. (GM): was it the texan, or the califronian...
the californicator
Space: i still think this is good with 3 players
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Space: i ll fight for that until my last breath
eldritch s. (GM): it s not that i don t WANT to let duff in, it s that we ve got
ten the cast up and working and i don t want to throw it off
Space: yeah
too soon to release
you can still see jason s yaoi whispers in the ear
eldritch s. (GM): yeah i know
i tried
the meme: iblis just creeping on people
Space: that s fucking perfect
look at that
just over the edge
eldritch s. (GM): that worked nicely
whenever he shoes up on the map
i m going to quietly have the hauntsicord play
Space: the audiocue
it s useful to let the players know
that shit s happening
eldritch s. (GM): and when he starts doing shit
the 6 days danger theme will start going off
Space: i like it, it s a more intense version of the hauntsicord
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Space: you know the faceclaim for him really is good
eldritch s. (GM): yes
he looks really fucking evil
Space: nyarly
eldritch s. (GM): hm
if i were to make an anime intro for thrid heaven
i don t know what i would do for it
Space: i d do something super low key
like uh

you know the steins;gate opening

the first part of that, just slowly showing off the characters in introspective
while o death plays
you know at first i thought that was steph s theme but it works better as a them
e for third heaven as a whole
eldritch s. (GM): just imagine how scary shit like iblis would be, though, just
suddenly a man grabs you through a wall and makes you pass out
Space: where did you get that pic for his face in the dark
that was creepy fuckin shit
eldritch s. (GM): i looked up scary face
Space: i thought it was gonna move
eldritch s. (GM): that s what happens when he touches you
that s what you see
Space: jesus
i m actually worried about jame
because of that
and the eye
eldritch s. (GM): what do you think iblis knows
Space: that really is a good question
i keep thinking of persona 3 like
did you finish that lp
eldritch s. (GM): no but i ve alreayd been spoilered to hell
Space: so you know what i m getting at here?
eldritch s. (GM): interesting theory
Space: or alternatively
he knows what steph wants is to be remembered
and not forgotten
eldritch s. (GM): so you said the first part of the opening would be them all in
what would the second part be
Space: i think brief flashes of nihilists, interspersed with like stock footage,
in really quick sequence
eldritch s. (GM): just from a completely wild guess
what do you think nihilists are
Space: people who succumbed fully to despair
eldritch s. (GM): how would you feel to know that you haven t encoutnered a real
nihilist yet
Space: i think that sounds about right i like this music video a lot
it s pretty basic, but it strikes a chord with me
ru still there
eldritch s. (GM): i am
just reading the inane arguement in the discuss
feeding my burning hatred of imca
Space: that s hell you re walking into
eldritch s. (GM): i can t believe
it took
that long
to come to the option presented
at the very start
that it be up to the individual gm s discretion
eldritch s. (GM): as opposed to a blanket rule
Space: yes
eldritch s. (GM): it was like watching a bunch of people
who have fucking holes in their brain
Space: phineas gage
eldritch s. (GM): try to fuck a doorknob

eldritch s. (GM): this was the man who got the pope in the brain, yes
Space: yeah he took benedict right through the skull
eldritch s. (GM): and his hat
Space: fucked his brain up good, but also served as a useful case study for year
s to come
you know after the accident he was pretty fucked up
but later on in life
the various mental problems brought about by having a metal pole destroy a good
chunk of the left side of your brain
were immensely lessened
i mean he died young, though
Space: from seizures
eldritch s. (GM): damn those metal poles
they should go back to metal poland
Space: i was about to say as soon as you said metal poles
When I drove up he said, "Doctor, here is business enough for you." I first noti
ced the wound upon the head before I alighted from my carriage, the pulsations o
f the brain being very distinct. The top of the head appeared somewhat like an i
nverted funnel, as if some wedge-shaped body had passed from below upward. Mr. G
age, during the time I was examining this wound, was relating the manner in whic
h he was injured to the bystanders. I did not believe Mr. Gage s statement at th
at time, but thought he was deceived. Mr. Gage persisted in saying that the bar
went through his head. Mr. G. got up and vomited; the effort of vomiting pressed
out about half a teacupful of the brain, which fell upon the floor.
eldritch s. (GM): that fucking doctor
Space: half a teacup
eldritch s. (GM): tell me
has this session altered your perception of the story or characters
also that s a large amount of brain to just fall out
Space: well you playing this w/ mrs. lao made me think there s more to her that
meets the eye
before i figured she just had some kinda apathy syndrome deal
at first i thought officer quest was an okay guy if a bit of a frowner
now i kind of think there s something suspicious about him
the fat man i think is okay and decent
but compromised in some way, and not to be trusted
Space: the only school staff i have any real misgivings about besides lao is hal
eldritch s. (GM): is quest sketchy because he talked to hall
Space: no i think it was something in the speech he made
that made me think "no, something s not quite right here"
so i must know
will we be leaving the school grounds
eldritch s. (GM): what is that supposed
to mean
Space: i mean mapwise
what are the maps
eldritch s. (GM): i ll show you
Space: wh\
eldritch s. (GM): those are all the maps i have right now
i ll have to ask mobile for some ones of the city and such
Space: that was a pretty trippy one
eldritch s. (GM): right now i m just focused on the bare nessecities
Space: that guy with the lights was a bare necessity huh
eldritch s. (GM): i found that one myself
as opposed to needing to get it made
Space: how did you find it

eldritch s. (GM): i forget what i looked up for it

Space: i should say, what are the bare necessities of maps that are being made
the nonspoilery ones ofc
eldritch s. (GM): grounds, creepy place, back of school grounds
good ones to have: some streets and houses and shit
Space: aye
gosh damn it i am just so congested
out of tissues, too
eldritch s. (GM): you re up shit creek
and someone stole your paddle
Space: it was probably iblis
holy shit fuckin
velvet room rave
eldritch s. (GM): third heaven: dancing all night
Space: vlad dances like adachi
eldritch s. (GM): grinding with hawthorne
Space: you know this isnt too bad
eldritch s. (GM): no it isn t
sadly there is no velvet room
only nirvana
Space: it s a shame there s no red room
kcor stel
eldritch s. (GM): kcor stel
let s rock
Space: dancing midget
eldritch s. (GM): there will be none of that here
see it being set in canada is fun because i get to put canadian things in
Space: aero
eldritch s. (GM): i was tempted to say the fat man was eating a big turk
Space: that sounds liek a euphemism
eldritch s. (GM): it s a candy you only get in canada
it s turkish delight covered in chocolate in a bar format
Space: i think they had that at the duty-free store
but i got the aero bar instead
eldritch s. (GM): wise decision
big turks are incredibly hit or miss for people
Space: do you enjoy them
eldritch s. (GM): they either love them or hate them
yes i do
Space: good
is tabitha st. marie from sault ste. marie
eldritch s. (GM): no
Space: that looks pretty alright
how s it taste
eldritch s. (GM): it
i don t remember
it s been years
Space: get a new one
you know pretty much everyone below ??? s row is a completely unknown element
eldritch s. (GM): they re all very mysterious
Space: who s worse, the one who brings darkness or the one who corrupts all
eldritch s. (GM): one who corrupts all
no contest
Space: yeah i think that my theories here will all just be
off the mark
solely because they don t account for anyone below and including ??? s row

eldritch s. (GM): not even iblis

Space: iblis is the exception
eldritch s. (GM): or the lunatic
Space: but he is iblis
eldritch s. (GM): i never confirmed that
Space: that
is true
eldritch s. (GM): you haven t met mr. mu yet
Space: that s true
eldritch s. (GM): he s one of the most important charaters to get things started
and you haven t met him
Space: here, have a persona, kids
eldritch s. (GM): how do you think you ll meet him
Space: in a dream
eldritch s. (GM): before i do any late-night writing
i will ask you
are you alright for writing whatever batshit insanity i want into steph s parent
s backstories
*for letting me write
Space: put fucking crazy shit into there
i ll approve of it
and don t tell me anything
eldritch s. (GM): oh i dont intend to
Space: that s the stuff
you know my first thought when seeing that pic used for mrs. karloman was
"oh that d make a good pic for an adult steph"
eldritch s. (GM): hello fawkes
if steph sees iblis face
how would she react
Space: she d be caught way, way off guard
and she d probably do something stupid like trying to talk to him
if only to see why he s wearing her father s face
eldritch s. (GM): iblis isn t
he s intellectual
but he doesn t like to parley
Space: i figured that talking to him wouldn t be a wise move
i was gonna ask what would have happened if jaime tried that
eldritch s. (GM): he really doesn t ever need to talk
Space: i think that is telling
so the hall that shot himself wasn t iblis
eldritch s. (GM): no
also he s the only response jaime would have gotten:
i wish it were easier to find
breathing that while not
eldritch s. (GM): was uadible
Space: the breathing + the heartbeat sounded vaguely sexualish
what i do is like i rename songs and sound effects and stuff to alphabetize them
and find them more easily
eldritch s. (GM): i ve gotten used to the disorder
Space: good
eldritch s. (GM): yes but iblish
has a motivation for what he does
Space: yeah
i didn t get the impression he s doing things for shits and giggles
eldritch s. (GM): if i can make the bell and the songs that play when he shows u
p evoke dread i ll be happy

Space: i think your well on your way

eldritch s. (GM): so far we have a lot of sketchy and scary people
time will tell who is to be trusted
Space: yeah i think so
but there s one person we know we can trust
eldritch s. (GM): who is that
Space: naomi-kun
eldritch s. (GM): yes
you can always trust naomi
Space: protect the weeb at all costs
eldritch s. (GM): still iblis being made into acharacter
coincidenced perfectly with how he would be introduced
because logically he would be doing exactly what s doing exactly when he did it
Space: serendipitous
eldritch s. (GM): do you have a death watchlist yet
Space: ken depending on how bad his condition is
jason didn t get much screentime so he s an easy kill to show things are bad
maybe the fat man
eldritch s. (GM): i have no planned deaths that i recall off of my head
this may change, but most will be detrmined by your actions
Space: don t fuck it up steph
eldritch s. (GM): in all honesty i just don t give much of a shit about jason
Space: me neither
eldritch s. (GM): he probably will die
Space: a pity
eldritch s. (GM): alright i m sleeping now and you should do the same, goodnight
Space: nite seer
this is very bombastic
Narrator : Steph feels a lurch.
Steph: --?
Narrator : She felt a lurch.
Steph looks around
Narrator : Everyone sits in their seats.
It s all quiet.
For the Shady Man.
Shady Man looks around, adjusting his shades
Steph: ....?
Steph is getting the vaguest sense of unease here
Shady Man: is steph moving
Steph is just watching him for now
Shady Man: not but is she like moving at all
like physically are any parts of her moving in a way that someone could observe
Steph is idly-slash-anxiously tapping her fingers on the table
Shady Man turns to look at her the second he hears her figures drum
Shady Man: ...
Steph pauses
Steph gives him a little wave
Shady Man reaches into his coat
Steph: ...?

Steph lowers her hand a little bit

Shady Man is pulling something out, a glint of metal
Steph freezes up a little, immediately thinking he is pulling out a gun, as irra
tional as that d be
Shady Man: you have three seconds to react
what do you intend to do
Space: i am trying to think of what would be done in this situation
Shady Man: also i found this and it made me happy
Space: all the enemies we fight are going to laugh
Steph very quickly gets up, walking for the hall
Shady Man begins walking to her, pulling out a silver phone
Shady Man: Roger, stop her.
Steph speeds up her pace
Fat Man looks at her
Steph: Oh-- hi! Er, I m just going to the bathroom, so...
Steph takes a step back
Fat Man: ...
... Please, just stop right there.
Steph: ...No thanks!
Steph turns and runs
Shady Man begins stepping out of the lunch room
Steph is fucking booking it
Space: this music is good for getting the pulse going
Shady Man and Fat Man begin sprinting after her, the Shady Man snaps a picture w
ith his phone
Shady Man: roll brawn to outrun the grown men
Space: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Brawn
= 18
Shady Man and Fat Man fall behind, Steph s time outdoors clearly has done her we
Steph ducks down a side hall, still running like hell
Shady Man: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse

= 9
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Finesse
= 15
Shady Man slips on his fancy shoes and falls to the floor trying to turn
Fat Man despite his size, manages to turn on a dime and charges after Steph
Steph tries knocking a trashcan over into the fatman s path as she runs
Fat Man: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Finesse
= 6
Fat Man trips over the can, falling onto the floor
Fat Man: Wait!
Steph fucking legs it now
Shady Man: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 2
Space: holy shit shady man
Shady Man hurt his knee in the fall and is groaning in pain
Narrator : Steph runs to the door to the school grounds.
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Finesse
= 13
Fat Man is getting back up
Steph rushes forward, slowing down to shove the door open
Fat Man: roll brawn to open the heavy door
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Brawn

= 7
Space: ono
Narrator : Steph doesn t slow down enough, and charges into the door, the impact
taking the wind out of her as she falls to the ground outside
Steph: Hhuh-!!
Narrator : The Fat Man steps through the door
Steph scrambles to her feet
Narrator : rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 6
The shady man is still on the floor in the building.
The Fat Man stares her down
Fat Man: That s enough, if you ll just let us explain, we ll all be able to calm
Steph: Back off!
Fat Man: ...
You re making this harder than it has to be.
Shady Man: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 3
Shady Man stumbles out of the building, tripping and falling onto the Fat Man
Shady Man: Oof!
Steph takes this as her cue to run
Narrator : where
Space: hold on lemme consider the options
this water down here, what s past it
Narrator : that s the ocean
Space: oh damn oceanfront property
alright then to the...
rolling 1d2
= 1
left we go
Narrator : rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Brawn

= 17
Space: also i will be a moment as im migrating to room
Narrator : The doors to the building fly open as a dark-uniformed man leaps over
the two prone figures
Officer Quest has his gun out
Steph is not looking back over her shoulder as she fuckin books it
Officer Quest: Freeze!
Officer Quest trains his gun on the ground ahead of her and fires
Officer Quest: Down on the ground, now.
Steph rapidly stops, putting her hands up
Officer Quest trains his gun on her
Officer Quest: This is over.
Steph: W-what the hell are you doing?! For Christ s sake, I m a student here!
Officer Quest begins walking up to her, still keeping the gun pointed
Officer Quest: ...
Narrator : The other two men begin standing up
Steph: ......
Steph is absolutely not ready to die
Steph and is staying still out of fear
Narrator : The other two men walk over
Officer Quest: Have you called Ruddman yet?
Shady Man: No.
Steph looks at them uncertainly
Officer Quest: Get on it, I ll keep the girl here.
Shady Man steps off, calling a number on his phone
Officer Quest: ...
Steph: I- I didn t... I didn t even do anything.
Officer Quest: Sit down.
Steph: ....
Officer Quest: I said sit.
Steph sits down, very reluctantly
Officer Quest: Don t make any sudden moves.
Steph: Or you ll shoot me?
Officer Quest stares down at her
Officer Quest has, from his eyes, killed a man before
Steph: .....
Fat Man: Jesus Christ, you must be terribly confused.
I m sorry that my friends and I have scared you, we really didn t mean for it to
end up with a gun pointed at you.
Steph: ....
Fat Man: ListenMy name s Roger. Roger Perkins.
What s your name?

Steph: ......It s Stephanie.

Fat Man: Well, Stephanie, it seems you ve put us and yourelf into an... awkward
Steph: I was just eating lunch.
Fat Man: That s not the point.
Fat Man points out at the beach
Fat Man: Look.
Steph looks
Narrator : ... A sunset?
The sky is full of clouds, dark rain clouds, and the sun is setting.
Steph: ...
Fat Man: It s lunch.
The sun normally doesn t set at lunch.
Steph: Who are you people? What is this, what -- w-what are you doing?
Fat Man: Now, those are all very good questions, but...
There may be prying ears here.
Our friend is calling another friend of ours who will provide us a good place to
Steph: ...
Fat Man: Just...
Do you even know what an Archetype is?
Do you have one?
Steph: W-Fat Man: ...
Steph: Um... I don t really get what you re, uh...
Fat Man: ... Christ...
First time...
Well, it s a good thing we got you before you wandered into the Second Heaven.
Steph: Should--should I know what that is?
Fat Man: No.
Listen, you must be hungry, sorry we ruined your lunch, here, let me...
Fat Man searches through his pockets
Fat Man pulls out a coffee crisp
Steph: Oh, you don t have to, um...
Fat Man begins
Fat Man: What,
u won t let me
Officer Quest:

handing it to her before Quest turns and slaps his arm

Jesus man, the girl s going through a traumatic experience and yo
give her something to eat?
That s exactly it.

Officer Quest is looking at the Fat Man, and the gun moves slightly away from he
Steph: ...I m ont -- really sure where I d be running to, considering the, um...
Space: updated my journal
Officer Quest immediatly brings his attention back to Steph and re-aims the gun
Steph: ...Th-- the sunset.
Officer Quest: ...
Shady Man walks back over
Shady Man: He says he ll be here in ten minutes.
Shady Man puts his phone away
Steph: .....

Steph looks between the three of them

Steph is as you could probably imagine, very nervous
Shady Man doesn t seem to give a shit
Officer Quest is focused on her
Roger Perkins seems bothered
Steph: ...Are you guys really cops?
Shady Man gestures to Quest
Shady Man: He is..
Steph: ...
Shady Man: I never said I was a cop.
Steph: That s just what I thought, um...
Because of the --... you know, after with that guy and all.
Shady Man: ...
We want to find out who he is, but we re not cops.
Shady Man points to his lapel, where a pin of a green serpent rests
Narrator : All of the men have them.
Steph: ...Is that a... like a secret society?
Shady Man: ... Roughly, yes.
Steph: ...???
Shady Man: What?
Steph: There s, um...
Someone behind you, uh...
Officer Quest immediatly turns, training his gun on the figure
Steph: ...
Narrator : All the men turn.
They seems surprised
Roger Perkins: ...!
It s her!
!?! turns and walks away
Steph: ...W-who, uh...
Narrator : The Roger and the Shady Man sprint after her
Officer Quest: ...
Officer Quest turns to Steph
Narrator : It begins to rain.
Steph: ...That s bad, right? Who s she?
Officer Quest: It s good.
Steph is very uncomfortably keeping still
Officer Quest: She s our ticket into the Second Heaven.
Steph: But I thought... I thought going there was bad?
Officer Quest: For you.
Steph: Oh.
Officer Quest: ...
You ll get the whole story when we re in the safehouse.
Steph: But you re not gonna kill me.
Y-you re not?
Officer Quest: ...
I don t want to.
But I don t make promises I can t keep.

Steph: ...
Steph quietly
Steph: I don t want to die.
Officer Quest: I know you doOfficer Quest dodges a bottle that was being thrown at his head
Steph: -!!!
Lunatic: Fuck off!
Get away from her, you fucker!
Lunatic grabs another bottle as Quest fires his gun
Officer Quest: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Finesse
= 13
Steph gets down, covering her head
Officer Quest shoots the Lunatic in the shoulder
Steph is maybe hyperventilating a little
Lunatic: GAH...!
Lunatic slinks behind the bench
Officer Quest begins marching over
Narrator : What do you do, Steph?
Space: in this situation i am fearful of making the wrong decision
Narrator : david cage will be with you every step of zhe way
Space: that strengthens me
Steph tries to steady herself first
Steph: I-It s okay, I m gonna be alright, I ll be fine...
Narrator : Quest is probably going to shoot the man dead without intervention.
Steph looks up at him
Steph: H-h--H-hey!
Officer Quest looks at Steph
Steph: He s -- he s down now, aren t you worried I ll run?
Officer Quest opens his mouth to say something
Lunatic gets up and tackles him
Lunatic: Get out of here!
Steph gets up
Steph takes a tentative step bac
Narrator : Steph bumps into someone
Steph: --?!
Steph looks up at him

Iblis looks down at her


s eyes widen
All grown up.
D-Pity it wasn t clean.

Iblis steps past her, wodlessly

Steph: ...
Narrator : The two men look up to face Iblis
Quest s eyes widen, he thrashes, and then he passess out, along with the Lunatic
Steph fucking cuts and runs
Narrator : now
i ll just said
the two assholes headed that direction
*i ll just say
you might bump into them if you go that way
Space: at first i had her go to the door
lemme just
Narrator : Steph heads inside
Steph shuts the door behind her
Steph looks around
Steph: .....
Narrator : The building is still silent.
You re soaked.
Steph: ...
Steph takes a look into the cafeteria
Narrator : Everyone is sitting just as theSteph feels a lurch.
Steph: --!!
Narrator : And the silence end.
Everyone seems to be doing people things again.
Steph: ...
Steph looks back behind her
Narrator : No one there.
Steph: ...
Steph re-enters the cafeteria, heading back to her seat
Steph looks rained-on and absolutely, completely shaken
Narrator : and scene
Space: that was really
really sick
thankyou seer
Narrator : you re welcome
what do you think was even going on there
Space: well i think that it s something like the midnight hour
Narrator : the midnight hour
Space: yeah only noon
Narrator : do you mean the dark hour
Space: oh yes that s what i mean

those shady guys and the cop are all part of some group that s kinda like SEES
only not teenagers, and probably not benevolent
Narrator : how about the lunatic
Space: well either he s right and quest is not to be trusted
actually let me back up
i think that while he is insane
he doesn t seem... malevolent? as such
Narrator : any other thoughts
Space: i should have known those gift cards were suspect
i m not especially sure if the three are trying to find the second heaven for go
od reasons
iblis is an unknown element and dangerous
at first i thought shady man was like a wendigo, he could only see movement
for some reason that + the sunglasses made me think "lizardman in disguise"
Narrator : no one else was able to move
so her moving was enough to prompt him to do shit
Space: so can only people with archetypes move around in the dark hour
Narrator : steph doesn t have one
Space: that s true
yeah thining about it i think
of the four people we ve seen besides iblis and !?!
i think the only one who has an archetype, if any of them do at all, would be th
e lunatic
or at least he had one at some point
Narrator : why do you think that
Space: well if overuse generally drives someone crazy
Narrator : i see
what is steph feeling right now
Space: you know how in tense moments in heavy rain
the button prompts floating around the character are all jumbly and weird to rep
resent being conflicted and freaked out and nerve-wracked
Narrator : yes
Space: see i could have just said she s conflicted and freaked out and nerve-wra
and she really
has to try and talk to someone
to make sense of it all
and so she doesn t feel like she s all alone here
Narrator : how does she feel about the sketchy assholes
Space: shady man she doesn t have a read on at all
quest she just sort of is immediately afraid of
roger s a good guy, she thinks
Narrator : how about iblis and ?!?
Space: zero read on ?!?
iblis she s just completely stunned
because of the family resemblance
as soon as she gets home
she s going to dig out the old box of photographs
ominous music
Narrator : my hard work
Space: i m proud of this
Narrator : why
Space: hard work makes me proud
Narrator : gandalf
with the ring
Space: that
that right there is great
that s why you don t give it to him
Narrator : yes
Space: wow this is super uplifting

Narrator : isn t it though

Space: it gives me hope
he is coming
Narrator : yes
Space: good
with that i think i ll
Narrator : night
Space: good nite seer
maria west
she s covered wars, y know
eldritch s. (GM): no love for the scientist
Space: the scientist does not remind me of dead rising
Mobile L: Ponos
(To eldritch s.): Realistically, how beeg would you like the maintenance area to
be? Dimly lit or no?
(From eldritch s. (GM)): dimly lit, yes, not big at all
(To eldritch s.): Got it, sankyuu.
eldritch s. (GM): alright so space
fill mobile in
Mobile L: I peeped at the logs and could tell I missed something :P
eldritch s. (GM): space you are dead
Space: i m doing homeyowerk
Mobile L: Homeyo and Juliet
Space: the crucible actually
eldritch s. (GM): alright basically steph went to a magical land of wonder
however, jaime and gab will have noticed nothing
Mobile L: Ooh. Was it, like, a hallucination?
Space: i kno everyone is here but would it be ok if n we waited a little bit
so i can finish this
eldritch s. (GM): i was just giving going to give them a chance to talk to each
other ic but alright
Mobile L: fox why
Space: we frightened him
Fawkes M.: That s cool
Mobile L: Still working on A MAP, so this will give me a lil time for adding th
e lovely touches
Space: a map??? of... wher
Mobile L: You will see ;)
Space: seer tell me where
eldritch s. (GM): suck it
Space: i ve never heard of a place called suck it
fox where is suck it
Fawkes M.: It s somewhere in Idaho
Mobile L: I thought it was in Michigan
Fawkes M.: It s got legs
(From Fawkes M.): EMIYA is one tough guy to actually fight
(From Fawkes M.): Because of Eye of the Fookin Mind
(To Fawkes M.): Oh gawd, I can only imagine
(From Fawkes M.): Like, I draw a Buster Brave Chain with someone s NP and then I
(To Fawkes M.): Jegus dick. Lancer!C pulled some similar shit when I fought him,
I think
(From Fawkes M.): Oh god, did he have Protection from Arrows
(From Fawkes M.): I find it funny how that skill translates into Protection from
Anti-Universe Attacks
(To Fawkes M.): M f er
(From Fawkes M.): In the meantime, the AP waiting game is real
(From Fawkes M.): Two more Archer pieces to go...
(To Fawkes M.): Ah gahd, yes. I need to level up more so it s not such an issue

Mobile L: BRB, trash day tomorrow

Fawkes M.: Alright
Space eyebrows
(From Fawkes M.): Focus on the XP cards first
Space: mom keeps getting me these evangelical teen lifestyle books even tho i do
n t read them
Mobile L: Back
(To Fawkes M.): Roger that
Mobile L: Oh gawd :<
[has war flashbacks]
eldritch s. (GM): chicken soup for the christian soul
Mobile L: Can any of said lifestyle books help Gila give sound relationship advi
ce to Julie?
Space: well i ll give you the details of this book
and you can forward it to the fg
Mobile L: Hellz yeh
Space: im back btw
*homework is the done
eldritch s. (GM): good
Narrator : Steph is soaked and shell-shocked.
Steph is shivering
Narrator : Funny, as from the POV of Gabby and Jaime, she never left that spot,
not even for a single second.
Steph and staring down at her lunchbox as she slowly eats
Narrator : Also, when did it start raining?
Gabby: ?
...Steph...? How d...?
Steph looks up
Jaime looks over at the rain, still eating
Steph: ...
Steph has quite clearly seen something bad from the look on her face
Gabby: ...What happened?
Steph: ...
Steph looks around, to see if anyone is watching
Jaime looks back from the rain - and in Steph and Gabby s general direction
Gabby looks at Jaime like "uh, something just happened and I don t know what the
Steph: ...S-something, uh...
Steph swallows
Steph: Something really... fucked... is going on.
Gabby stern concern
Gabby: ...Fricked how? I think I...
Gabby deep, nervous inhale
Gabby: ...I mean... I probably don t know what I m talking about... Never mind.
Is this something you re comfortable talking about now?
Jaime: ...

Jaime letting Gabby talk

Steph: ...I m... I m not sure if it s safe here. I don t think it s safe at all.
Narrator : People sit around, eating and taling.
Gabby looks at Jaime like "I think she s not bullcrapping here"
Narrator : *talking
Jaime looks back like "we sure as hell ain t letting her talk this over with Dr.
Hall, for sure"
Gabby nother look like "like frick we ain t"
Steph looks at them looking at each other
Steph: ......
Steph growing nervous
Gabby: ...Hey. I don t... I ve never done this, but maybe... Maybe if after scho
ol, and um... my grandparents are okay with it, and I get some homework out of t
he way... could you come over, maybe?
(To eldritch s.):
Steph: Okay. Y-yeah, sure.
Steph is very cold
Steph what with the rain
Gabby: ...Good. And, uh... Jaime, maybe also you.

Gabby wishes she had a jacket or something

(From Narrator ): good thank you
Gabby to give to her after this fricking freak soaking
Jaime nods
Jaime: Alright.
(To eldritch s.): Yey. Could I BS up a Gabby room right quick?
(From Narrator ): sure
(To eldritch s.): Many thank
Steph: ...Thank you. Both of you. Uhm... let me just -- let me just call my, uh.
Steph gets out her phone
Steph and dials grand pops
Gabby: ...Good. Kay.
Jaime: ...
Gabby glasses probably doing the anime thing where they get super shiny
Jaime: ...Do you ride home, Gabby?
Gabby: ...Yeah, with my grandparents. They come and pick me up.
Jaime: Mm.
I usually walk to school, but with this rain...
Gabby: ...Hm. F I call them and let them know, I guess they could maybe give yo
u a ride as well.
Jaime: Thanks. I think I ll need it.

Steph glances up from her phone

Steph: I-I d rather walk.
Gabby: ...You sure?
Steph: Yeah.
Gabby: ...Okay.
Jaime: ...
Gabby: ...I guess, maybe, we should probably get each others phone numbers.
But I will say this.
I don t want sixty gazillion texts about crap that isn t important. Only call or
text if it s a real thing. Kay?
Steph: Kay.
Gabby small nod, then looks at Jaime to see if he follows
Gabby looks just deathly serious about this texting stricture
Narrator : sorry i was on the phon
Jaime nods, pulling out his own cell
Ronald Karling picks up the phone
Mobile L: No worries
Steph: Hello? Grandpa?
Gabby takes out a couple notecards and writes down her phone number in a meticul
ous, yet childish font, the letters denoting her name in cursive
Ronald Karling: What is it Stephanie? I hope you re not calling me in class.
You know what they say about classes and phones.
They go together like oil and wanter, or baking soda and vinegar. Not too well.
Steph: No, no, it s lunch... I, um, was wondering if I could go over to a friend
s house after school?
Ronald Karling: Sure. Wait.
As long as this friend wasn t born on a misty Monday morning.
Don t ask why.
Steph looks over at Steph
Steph: *Gabby
Hey, were you born on a misty Monday morning?
Gabby: ...Uh, I don t think so...? It was in July.
Gabby slides the phone number over to her, then hands the other off to Jaime
Steph: She says she doesn t think so, and that it was in July.
Gabby: Don t think July is super misty...
Ronald Karling: Hm...
Where s she from? Tibet?
Jaime takes it, nodding, then gets to writing his own number on two scraps of pa
Steph: No, I m pretty sure she s Canadian...
Gabby nod nod nod
Gabby: Yeah...
Ronald Karling: Hm... that s disappointing.
Jaime the number-handing is reel
Ronald Karling: Sure, you can stay with her.
Just don t look any owls in the eye while you re there/
Gabby takes it and passes the other to Steph, punching it into her contacts

Gabby still has a Blackberry in (presumably) 2015

Ronald Karling: They re not what they seem.
Steph: I won t.
Thanks, Grandpa.
Ronald Karling: Don t worry about it, Stephanie.
Ronald Karling hangs up
Steph gets to adding in the phone numbers, along with writing her own
Gabby: ...Why d he wanna know where I was from?
...He doesn t think I m from, like...
...Texas or something, does he?
Steph: Grandpa knows some stuff.
Steph slides the paper back over
Jaime the contact-putting is real
Gabby shrugs and takes it
Narrator : Jaime gets a text
The number...
It s not a number
Two letters.
Jaime: ...?
Narrator : Mu
Jaime checks the text
Narrator : The message is:
Jaime: ...Hey, which of you sent this?
Jaime shows the message
Gabby: ...Frick, that isn t me. I don t text unless it s necessary.
Steph: .......
Gabby: Probably a frickin spammer or some punkfrick with a phonebook.
Narrator : An announcement sounds off on the intercom.
Mr. Hawthorne: Ahem, ahem, ahem.
Attention student body.
I have been informed that due to...
Mr. Hawthorne clears his throat
Mr. Hawthorne: ... police suspicions, that classes are to be suspended for the r
est of the day.
Steph: ...Oh, god...
Gabby: ...Well frick. I guess something is rancid in Denmark or whatever.
...Hold on, lemme see if I can get ahold of Grandma.
Steph: I-- I think we should go. You can do it while you re walking, right?
Gabby: ...Um... Sure? Kay, yeah, Jaime, follow me.
I told

Trn picks up the phone instead

Trn: Eh? Who s is this?
you for the last time, you blood sucking parasites, I don t want no timeyou hear!
Grandpa, hey, s just me.
Trn: Oh!

Jasper Trn shouts in the background


Gabby eyeroll, sigh of playful exasperation
Jasper Trn: WHAT!?
Steph: ...We really should-Jasper Trn: CALLING!
Steph points towards the door
Jasper Trn: What is it, Gabby?
Gabby: ...Uh. So hey, I just wanted to let you guys know a couple quick things.
First, school is out really early today because of some police stuff.
Gabby starts walking out of the room as she speaks
Jaime: ...
Jaime followeth
Steph packs up her lunchbox, quickly following
Narrator : Everyone ignored poor Jaime
THe students and staff begin walking outside
Space: shiiiiiiiit
Jasper Trn: Eh?!
Space: good thing steph is to pre occupied
Gabby: Yeah. I don t frickin know what the heck, s weird. Secondly, uh... I...
I think I made some friends? And if it s okay, can they come over in a minute?
Jasper Trn is silent
Fawkes M.: Hey, I m busy with RL shit
Steph looks around, gripping her backpack tightly
Jasper Trn: oh
Eunice, take the phone.
Eunice Trn takes the phone
Gabby internally all "c mon, grandpa, surely it s not THAT shocking..."
Eunice Trn is huffing and puffing as if she has been running
Eunice Trn: A-are you okay, Gabby!?
I heard you fell!
Gabby: ...Grandma, hey! Yeah, no, I didn t, it s... I m just fine, alright?
Totally fine.
Eunice Trn: That s such a relief to hear...
Gabby, I have good news.
Douglas is going to be coming into town this week!
Steph shoots Gabby a look, sorta nervously impatient
Gabby: ...Oh. Um... Wow, cool. Yay.
Gabby looks back at her semi-sternly, semi-apologetically
Gabby: ...Uh. Hey, sorry to like, switch the topic, I know this great and all, b
ut I have a quick question?
Eunice Trn: What is it, Gabby?
Is it about...
Eunice Trn takes a breath

Eunice Trn: ... boys?

Gabby: ...N-no! Oh, heck, that s not... I made some friends, and some police stuf
f made us get out of class early, so can, uh... Can I have them over? Youyou don
t gotta cook or anything, we just ate lunch.
Eunice Trn: Friends!? *Police!?
Jasper! Take the phone, I m getting the car!
Gabby: ...Okay...
Jasper Trn takes he phone
Jasper Trn: Eh!?
Gabby: ...Grandpa, hey, it s really nothing serious, I just met some decent peop
le and I d like to have them over to, like... study together, y know?
Jasper Trn: ...
Oh, right.
I nodded.
These phones are so silly...
Gabby: ...Cool. So, um, it s not too short a notice, right?
Jasper Trn: Eunice is driving away in the car, she ll be there in...
Jasper Trn whistles
Jasper Trn: ... Maybe half an hour?
Maybe more, if she tuns left on Thompson.
Gabby: ...Okay, cool. Uh... Thanks so much.
Jasper Trn: Love you, Gabby.
Gabby looks moderately frazzled
Gabby: Love you too, Grandpa, and I ll see you soon.
Jasper Trn: Bye.
Jasper Trn waits for her to hang up
Gabby beeeeep
Steph: ...
Gabby: ...Hokay! Grandma drives real frickin slow, and I m sorry about that, bu
t this is the hand with which we must... uh... do the card stuff.
Steph: ...I thought, um... I thought we d be walking.
Jaime: It wouldn t be smart to walk, would it?
Steph: ...Oh, my god. Oh my god, it s her.
Gabby: ...Well, you can. Uh... I ll text you my address, how abou

Jaime: ...?
Gabby gawps at the freaky serpent lady
Steph: W-we need to go.
Jaime nods
Space: is it just me
or does this sound like
the opening to akira
Jaime: Walking won t be so bad, now...
Narrator : The party feels a lurch.
Steph knows this feeling, it s stronger than last time.
Gabby: ... Kay.

Gabby hurriedly texts them the address

Steph: Fuck!
Narrator : Look past the naked snake woman.
Jaime: --!

Narrator : The sun is setting at noon.

Gabby: ...Whatwhat s
Narrator : Everyone but the party freezes, with two exceptions.
Space: seer see if this is on soundcloud
Narrator : The naked snake woman
Narrator : And
Gabby: ...Crap, crap!
Space: iblis goes swimming
Naomi just kind of stares blankly at all this
Naomi: ... What?
Steph: ...!
Jaime: ...
Steph: You re all... you can all move? I m not the only--?
Naomi: ... What s going on?
Jaime: Steph, this...?
Steph: We have to get out of here.
!?! langrously moves, sending the serpent to the ground, slowly.
Jaime: Run. Run!
!?! melts into the sky
Gabby looks behind her periodically to see if anyone s keeping up
Steph fuckin sprints
Jaime follows Gabby
Steph: Naomi, come on!
Jaime also sprinting
Narrator : Naomi confusedly runs after them as the snake slithers quickly for th
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Brawn
= 8
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Brawn

= 14
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Brawn
= 9
Narrator : Steph is just
beyond fucking tired at this point
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Brawn
= 17
Gabby s little legs only take her so far, and she begins to fall behind with Ste
Jaime is a fit young man, and goes far.
Narrator : Even he pales in compairison to the speed with which a frightened wee
b can move.
Steph gasping
Steph recalls the story of the two hikers getting chased by a bear
Space: i don t have to outrun the bear
Gabby GRABS Steph s arm and tries to make the tiny legs run harder
Gabby REFUSES to die in here
Jaime looks back at the two
Space: i just have to outrun you
Jaime: Come on!
Gabby grits those teeth and PUSHES
Steph: We re--fucking---RUNNING!
Narrator : Naomi turns on a dime and heads to the dingy, disused party of the sc
hool complex
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Brawn
= 7
Jaime follows Naomi out of instinct more than anything


Mobile L: brb rill kwik, dog bedtime
Narrator : Gabby begins stumbling, growing ever closer to the rapidly approachin
g serpent
Steph: F-fffuh...
Steph is grasping her arm as tightly as she can, trying to push herself
Narrator : Jaime turns into a tight little area, with a bunch of old fences and
machines and shit.
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Brawn
= 15
Narrator : Some kind of maitenence/custodial shit.
Steph doesn t want to die.
This propels her into Jaime s back
Jaime: Gack--!
Jaime stumbles
Steph: Fucking RUN!
Narrator : Naomi s booked it further into this area.
Jaime goes to grab Steph s wrist and book it further
Space: erryones grabbing her wrist
Fawkes M.: She needs the bolstering
Narrator : run
Mobile L: Can I BS this into a spirit thing?
Narrator : go right ahead
Space: oh shit the new albion radio hour is on youtube finally
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 12
Narrator : Gabby does, in fact.
Run away.
Gabby sanic_theme.wav
Narrator : And ploughes her tiny little ass into Steph and Jaime, sending them c
areening through a dark doorway.
Gabby: GHH!
Steph: Aaaah!
Jaime: Gah--!
Narrator : The snake closes in on the door
THe room is pitch black.

Narrator : Roll finesse to do

Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 +
= 2
Mobile L: aaaaa what
God dammit
Narrator : Someone help Gabby
Mobile L: These fucking rolls
yas pls

it before the snake arrives.

0 for Finesse

or that thing will likely eat her head.

are a travesty

Jaime goes to help her SLAM the DOOR

Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 15
there we go
Narrator : Jaime, with catlike grace, shuts the fucking door.
There is a light thud.
Steph: Lock it!
Steph fumbles around in her pocket for her phone
Narrator : THe room isl iterally black as pitch.
Narrator : Decrease the roll Jaime.
It s pitch black.
Jaime: rolling {3d20kl1} + 1 for decreased Finesse
= 5
Narrator : Jaime slips and falls on some broken glass.
Space: should i roll to acquire phone
Narrator : no just do it
it s in your pocket.
Jaime: Agh!
Steph whips it out, using it as an impromptu light
Narrator : Steph locks the door.
Because she can fucking see the lock.
Steph: Fuck... are you guys okay? No one s hurt?
Jaime: ...Ugh.
Gabby: ...Y-yeah, no, m fine...

Jaime is reluctant to get up due to possibly cutting himself further
Naomi: ... I think I hit my knee on a shelf...
Jaime: ...Broken glass.
Gabby: ...Crap...
Steph: Hold on, lemme... guys, get your phones out, okay?
Gabby: Right, yeah
Gabby wooooop
Naomi pulls out her phone, a pink, warm light comes from it
Jaime snap-hiss
Steph: Okay, let me see...
Space: i m very worried for naomi
i get the guest star partymember vibe from her something fierce and it scares me
Naomi: ...
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 16
Naomi sniffs
Naomi: I smell copper.
Steph: ...C-copper?
Naomi: Copper...
Jaime: ...
...Look for some first-aid kits.
Naomi stands up, clutching her knee
Gabby: ...Hold on.
Gabby shines her phone at the wall and looks for a light switch
Narrator : There s one.
Steph: I-I don t think we should split up, uh...
Hold on, I m coming with.
Steph goes after Naomi
Gabby: ...Guys, I found a lightswitch and I m about to turn it on.
Gabby figured she d warn them
Gabby flick
Jaime winces just as the flick
Narrator : O-okay... Steph...-sama...
fuck me
i hate this
Jaime: Wow, narrator
Narrator : It s busted.
Roll Mind, Steph
Gabby: ...Ah FRICK.
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind

= 7
Narrator : Well.
Steph smells the copper.
Steph: ...Naomi?
Be careful... okay?
Naomi: ... Okay...
Naomi steps forward
Gabby sloooowly makes her way around the room, shining her phone and looking for
a first aid kit
Steph closely follows
Gabby oh frick what is that
Narrator : A carving into the floor.
It glows red.
Naomi: ...
Naomi whimpers lighlty as she moves
Jaime remains lying where he is, still wary of other broken glass
Naomi: roll mind again, steph
...fricked up...
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 3
Gabby steps around it and keeps on a-goin
Narrator : Steph still smells that copper, Jesus.
As you ve had time to sit there, you might notice something about the dark room
others don;t
Roll Mind.
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 14
Gabby just as stern and silent as the grave while she lurches around

(To eldritch s.):

Narrator : Steph, as Naomi steps forward, roll mind
Gabby feels like she s playing Marco Polo with Satan
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 4
Space: shes really shaken i see
Narrator : Gabby sees a glint of something relective on the floor.
Gabby: ?
Gabby ogles it
Narrator : Dark fluid.
Jaime: ...
Gabby gently steps closer, shining the phone at it
Mobile L: What s Jaime see tho
Narrator : Gabby sees.
A brutalized human corpse.
Mobile L: !!! Gah!
Jaime: ...Steph. Naomi!
Gabby: (i said that)
Steph: --?
Narrator : As Jaime speaks, a horrible hand reaches to grab Naomi s head from th
e dark
Gabby: Crap, crap crap crap crap.
Narrator : You have.
One second to do something.
Steph reflexively tries pulling her back
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 10
Narrator : She tried.
Space: f
Mobile L: God damn it
Space: :<
Fawkes M.: Noooo
Narrator : The last sound she made was a scream.
With a single grasp, it caves in her scull.
Gabby: !!!!!
Narrator : The grotesque thing marches from the darkness, slinging her body asid

Steph s fucking turns and BOLTS

Narrator : It moves to grab her
Jaime scrambles to his feet, broken glass be damned
Space: i m afraid to roll
all the rolls this sesh have been bad
Mobile L: Oh god me too
I ll go first since Gabby s kind of out of its way
Narrator : Do it, roll to run
Space: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 14
that roll was one roll too late...
Gabby runs toward the broken glass pile, but tries not to so much go into it
Narrator : It swings at her with a force that could pulp her torso, but Steph sp
rints for the exit
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse
= 6
Mobile L: God fuck
Narrator : Gabby slips and falls onto the glass pile.
Steph slams into the door
Mobile L: This is LUNACY
Steph fumbles to unlock it
Jaime: --!
Jaime tries to help Gabby up as he leaves the glass pile and follows Steph s dir
Gabby: GRRRGH!
Narrator : It s coming.
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 7
Gabby GRABS the sharpest, longest bit of glass she can get her hands on and scra
mbles to her feet
Jaime: fucking piranhas

Narrator : Jaime tries vainly to help her, but the fear claims him and he runs.
Space: does she unlock the doore
Narrator : Yes.
Mobile L: Well this was a fun campaign, so long guys
Steph flings it open, fuckin bolting out
Narrator : You have a chance to get away, Gabby
Space: goodbai jojo
Mobile L: but for real I am worried we re gon die
Jaime nigerundayooooo
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse
= 6
Mobile L: CHRIST
I uh
Narrator : It grabs her and begins shaking her violently
Gabby tries to spear it with the glass and wriggle away
Mobile L: Spirit for Spear It?
Space: pfft
Narrator : sure
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 5
Space: it should be increased due to humanity s innate desire for survival
Narrator : The spear sinks into the fleshy membrane.
Black fluid leaks out.
Space: innate desire for suvival
Narrator : It begins squeezing.
Space: you know im right cmon cmon cmooooon.............
Narrator : It begins...
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse

= 14
Narrator : Crushing...
Gabby manages to kick it of for a moment
But it still blocks the door.
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse
= 16
Narrator : She rolls back, as the lumbering, misbgotten abomination begins lumbe
ring after her
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse
= 3
Narrator : She nearly got by it.
Mobile L: should I just quit rolling
Narrator : But wiht one sweep it grabs her
And it begins to apply pressure to her scull.
It s over, Gabby.
Fawkes M.: Do we at least have a Toger Dojo?
Space: :<
Fawkes M.: *Tiger
Narrator : Slowly and surely it begins applying pressure.
Mobile L: Ah gahd
Space: please god, please jesus
Narrator : She can feel the horrible pain as her scull struggles to bear the pai
Fawkes M.: pray 4 taiga
Narrator : You are going to die here, Gabby.
Gabby hopelessly screams and fights even as it s obvious that this is a hopeless
Mobile L: Mrgh
Narrator : But.
It stops breathing.
And lets go, very suddenly.
Open your eyes, Gabby.
What has happened?
Gabby: . . . . .
Gabby uuhhhhhhhhhh
Gabby opens em and is just fricking scared out of her goddarned mind
Gabby: . . . ?

Space: hero
our hero
!?! retracts the serpent from the vile thing s neck.
Mobile L: Nude snake woman in a surprise turn-around
Gabby: ...U-u-uhhhh...!
!?!: I was too late for her.
But you, you I shall not let them have.
Cocytus has fed enough for this day.
Gabby: ...Whwhwhat...?
!?!: You must return.
Gabby is shaking like a frickin half-drowned mouse
!?!: You must.
Gabby: . . .
!?!: After you have left, you must return here. Promise me this.
Gabby: . . .
...S-s-sure, o-okay...
Gabby is also crying
!?!: Go now. Return to the First Heaven.
Your time here has concluded.
Gabby: . . .
Gabby gives a blank stare of horror and relief as she shakily runs for the door
!?! watches her go
!?!: mobile wrong way
Gabby like a little deer that got clipped like a car
Gabby oop haha, silly adrenaline
Gabby *clipped by a car
!?! watches her go
Steph is sat on a table, catching her breath
Jaime doing likewise
Gabby AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, falls face-first onto the grass, then crawls shakily
Steph looks up
Steph: W-who s-Gabby: Ghghhhhh...!
Steph: Gabby!
Oh my god... oh my god, I thought you...
Gabby: . . . . . .
Gabby just breaks down into quiet sobs
Jaime: .....
Gabby cannot into the words right now
Steph: ...
Narrator : I like how they were content to leave Gabby.
Steph pushes herself up

Mobile L: They know she will cut a motherfricker

Jaime hey, you GM d him to run, asshole
Narrator : i never said
Space: the hiker and the bear
Mobile L: She can take care of herself, she s HARD
Narrator : you couldn t come back
Steph goes over to her
Jaime you suck
Gabby still a crying wreck
Steph: Gabby...? Hey, um...
Gabby: . . . ?
Jaime also walks over
Jaime keeping silent
Steph: I--I m sorry. I m so sorry, I just... that thing, it-- it crushed her sku
ll into... I had to run. I-I just...
God... god, I m so sorry...
Gabby: . . .
Steph is starting to cry as well now
Steph puts a hand over her mouth
Jaime looks away, also trying to hide his guilt for the abandonment
Gabby just shakily sits up and grabs Steph in some horrified, upset semblance of
a hug, those bony little arms poking into her flesh
Gabby much frickin shivering
Steph great big, scared, sobbing hug
Steph: You guys... don t die. Neither of you. Please. I can t take it.
Gabby only now registering that Weeb Friend has died and sobs a little harder
Gabby: m kay... w-won t...
...a-a-and you... you don t e-e-either...
Jaime: ..........
(From Space): wouldn t it be funny if everyone suddenly un-froze to see these th
ree cry-hugging
Steph sniffles
Steph gets up and gives Jaime a hug for good measure
(To Space): Oh Jesus, yes
Gabby also latches onto the hapless Jaime
Gabby ewww tears
Jaime: ...

Jaime hugs back, trying to suppress his own well of emotion

Gabby is bony as frick and is maybe not the most pleasant hugger ever
Steph stays like that for a damn good while
Narrator : The party feels a lurch.
Gabby: . . . .
(From Steph): oh my god
Narrator : The world returns to normal.
(To Space): it s habbening
Steph lets go
Steph: ...
Steph doesn t even care if anyone noticed them
Suzie: ...
What s wrong?
Jaime: .....
Gabby: . . . .
Jaime sighs
Steph: I-it s... it s Naomi, she s...
Suzie: ...?
What about Naomi?
Steph looks back over to where she was standing
Suzie: ...?
Steph: Oh, god, oh god...
Gabby: . . . . .
Suzie: I don t understand.
Steph covers her face with her hand again
Steph is in absolutely no state
Gabby: . . . .
Gabby swallows hard
Gabby tries to composure
Suzie: ...
Mr. Schmidt begins walking off to his car
Gabby: ...S-s-something t-terrible... h-has happened, we... we need to...
Gabby just fricking
Gabby gets out her phone to call the police
Narrator : She gets sent to the police office and such, where a curt voice answe
rs her
"What is your emergency?"
Gabby: ...S-someone s died, a-and... We were attacked, this is at Belmont High, j
Police: Please calm down, miss.
Gabby so shaken
Steph looks in Gabby s direction, all teary-eyed
Steph: W-what...?
Police: Please repeat yourself slowly and clearly.

Gabby is fuckin

calling the cops

Jaime still keeping quiet, still as a statue

Steph: D-don t-- don t do that.
Gabby: . . . ?

Steph: That s... t-that s the cops, right?

Gabby nods
Steph: Don t. Please don t.
Gabby hangs up
Gabby: ...Wh-why? Who else i-is gonna?
Suzie stares at them
Gabby for real saw some terrible frickin shizz
Steph: ...One of you guys tell her, okay? I m gonna... I-I m gonna start walking
Gabby: . . . . .
Suzie: ... You can tell me later, if you need to.
I can wait.
Jaime: ...
Steph stops a little
Steph: ...Can you, um... can you come with?
Suzie: ... Alright.
Steph: W-we re going to Gabby s house.
Gabby nod nod
Suzie: I didn t have anything scheduled anyway.
Jaime: ...
Gabby: ...O-okay...
Gabby sniffles
Steph: It s not safe here...
Ken stares out at the ocean
Steph: ...
Gabby oh gosh, Ken...
Gabby should we...?
Steph: ...You guys, um... just text me the address.
Ken doesn t seem to have noticed them
Suzie: ...
Whatever it is, you have my condolences.
Gabby tap tap tap, hoping the CLEARLY EVIL POLICE didn t log her number or locat
Gabby: ...Th-.... Thanks...

Jaime: ...
Steph: Thank you...

Steph approaches Ken

Gabby sighs in relief as Steph does the deed
Gabby texts both Jaime and Steph the address
Ken: Hello.
Gabby does not know what she s gonna tell Grandma...
Jaime looks down at his phone
Steph: Ken, hey... um, why are you still... a-are you waiting for someone, or...
Ken: No.
I always sit here.
Gabby: ...J-Jaime...
...What... What do I tell Grandma...?
Steph: You always... you do?
Ken: Yes.
It s calm.
Jaime: ...
Steph: ...Can I, um...
Steph gestures to the seat beside him
Ken: Be my guest, I don t own the bench.
Jaime: ...Do you think she ll buy this?
Gabby: ...She... She might call the cops...
Steph: ...
Ken, it s... it s not safe here.
Gabby: ...Steph saw something, a-and...

Ken: The tides aren t that early, despite the.. sun setting this early.
Gabby angrily, sorrowfully groans and kicks at the ground
Gabby: ...I... I fricking have to tell her something...!
Steph: No, not... it s the school. The school isn t safe.
Jaime: Calm dow, calm down...!
Jaime: Just...
...Tell her... just tell her it s a sleepover or something. I don t know.
Ken: I suppose it isn t. Not with masked men around.
Gabby: ...But... Sheshe ll know something s up ifif I don t get my... c-composure.
.. a-and...
Gabby deep breaths that verge on hyperventilation
Ken: dr hall walks out and gabby tears his balls off
Steph: No, it...
Gabby: oh gawd at this stage, yes
Steph: ...Naomi s dead, Ken.
Jaime: ...Just... you ll be fine, right?
Ken doesn t seem to respond for a second
Jaime: You could do that if you could make it out alive back there, even when I.
Ken l]turns to her
Ken: ... What?
Gabby: ...Y... You did what you had to...

Gabby shuts her eyes and tries to wrest her composure back
Gabby thinks calming, nice thoughts... Chopin...
Steph: This... this monster, it came out of nowhere, and it... it crushed her sk
ull. With its claw. J-just like a... a... a-ask Gabby or Jaime if you don t beli
eve me, they saw it too.
Jaime: ...
Gabby deep, nervous breaths, trying very hard to look not like she was crying ju
st now
Jaime scowls, looking away
Gabby tries to temper the calming thoughts with some angry ones so as get her me
ntal strength
Gabby fricking Dr. Hall...
Gabby thinks about strangling HIM by his dumb tie...
Ken: ...
Ken frowns
Steph: I swear. I swear to god.
Gabby exhales and opens her eyes, still kind of shaken, but not in shambles now
Gabby: ...O-okay... I think... I think I m okay...

Gabby just tries not to think about Naomi

Ken looks down
Jaime: ...
Jaime nods
Steph: Please. I am... I am begging you.
Ken: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 2 for Spirit
= 8
Ken cries a little bit
Gabby hears this and aaaaaa, no, keep the composure
...Let s... We can... we can wait over there...
Gabby walks out of earshot, as much as it pains her
Gabby folds her arms and keeps a stern face
Steph: ...I m so sorry...
Jaime: ...
Ken wipes his eyes

Jaime looks back at Steph and Ken for a couple of seconds

Jaime before following Gabby
Ken: ...
Steph: ...We re all... we re all going over to Gabby s house to figure out what
just happened, so... so if you wanted to come with...
Gabby: ...We just... We need to be strong... You seem good at that.
Ken stands up
Ken: I ll come.
Gabby is getting misty-eyed a little bit, but chokes it back as hard as she can
Steph: Thank you. Thank you so much...
Jaime: ...
Steph takes a moment, then gets up as well
Ken: Lead the way.
Steph nods, and starts walking
Steph: Hey, are you guys... we re ready.
Gabby: ...This is gonna frick with us. It already has. Therapy is not an option,
as Dr. Hall is a soggy dog turd who couldn t fix a burnt-out lightbu
...O-oh... Okay. I think we are, too...
Jaime nods
Gabby yay, little more composure
Jaime: I m ready.
Gabby: ...But yes. We need to... We need to depend on... each other, and ourselv
es to not lose it, no matter how crap things become.
...Can... Can we all agree?
Steph nods again
Jaime nodnods
Ken nods, as does Suzie
Gabby: ...Good... Thanks...
Gabby sighs a sad, quiet sigh and keeps trying to look like nothing s wrong for
Narrator : As they begin to walk.
Gabby DOES NOT want poor Grandma and Grandpa wrapped up in this
Narrator : A nice damn car shoes up, old one, too.
Driven by a large old woman,

Trn slowly pulls into a parking spot

...Listen, there s probably not enough room for me anyways...
...Alright. That s fine, just... be careful walking.
Call if... anything happens again.

Gabby forces a small smile and waves to Grandma, leading the others towards the
Steph: Yeah.
Eunice Trn waves happily at the party
Steph: ...
Steph turns on her phone screen for a moment, looking at it

Steph then turns it off

Steph starts walking
Jaime follows Gabby
Gabby lets the others pile in first,

cuz that s probably a hostess thing or wha


Eunice Trn begins driving off to the Tran residence, happily babbling to them.
Eunice Trn: and scene
Space: that was fantastic
Mobile L: Shit got so fucking real
Fawkes M.: God DANG
Space: rip naomi, that made me sad
Eunice Trn: wait
one last end thing
Mobile L: I know we bitch about filched rolls, but that actually added, I though
Fawkes M.: Oh
Oh no
Mr. Mu: Ah, but you cannot win them all.
Unfortunate that dear little Madam Way had to die...
Hmhmhm... but such is life, no? Eheheheh....
Memento Mori.
Space: that man s no philemon at all
Narrator : naomi could have lived
Mobile L: Shit is only gonna get realer from here
Trufax: I myself teared up portraying Gabby s horror-sorrow
I know
Space: fucking
Narrator : you fucked up literally every chance
Fawkes M.: But the curse of Greek Jesus claimed her
Narrator : i didn t want to kill her
but i said
"if they fuck up enough rolls, fuck it"
and now to paste the gm notes on her:
Space: i wanna see them
Mobile L: May she rest peacefully in Jirou Eniwa s arms
Narrator : Archetype: Lover
Feels empty, without identity, fills it with the persona of a happy weeb. Craves
intimacy and affection, approval above all else.
Mobile L: Awwww...
Space: oh my god
Mobile L: Poor baby
Space: :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :< :<
Mobile L: Shit I m gonna fucking cry again
Mr. Mu: She received her attention, at very least. Aheheheh...
Fawkes M.: :-(
Mobile L: Fuck yourself, Mu
Narrator : any thoughts on that
Space: i m just thinking about something

Narrator : whar
Space: specifically
the goons said that !?! was their ticket into the second heaven
but !?! said they re going back to the first heaven
Narrator : she told gabby to go back to the first heaven
while in the second
Mobile L: Hmmmm
Space: were the goons and steph not in the second heaven
Narrator : she told her to come back after she left the second, as well
they weren t
Mobile L: All these fuckin heavens
Space: this is all interest to me
Narrator : now you need only to learn what the FUCK the third one is
Space: so what s the reason for the
orange-with-black highlighting text
Narrator : I just feel it looks ominous.
Space: for both DEAD and He is coming.
Narrator : there s no red
Space: oh so there s not a connection
Mobile L: It s some special place for high-level archetype people and it s proba
bly awful
Fawkes M.: It s awful unless you re them
Narrator : oh do i have some wonderful things brewing up in the future
Space: it s the root
everyone wants to get there
Narrator : i ve already gone off of the rails in regards to event-order
Space: what was the original oder
Mobile L: Dayumn
Space: *order
Mobile L: Shit I think I made this bedroom too big
Narrator : school s out, go into place, leave, come back next day, get archetype
, THEN learn quest, fatman, and shadyman are up to shit, which steph learned and
will share presumably
it s fine
Space: ooo
Narrator : so having met your first real nihilist what do you think
Mobile L: I m just gonna say that they have a weirdly structured, small house an
d Gabby s room also happens to be the living room or something
Space: horrible person
i want to defeat him
Mobile L: They re fucked up
Narrator : what do you think is up with !?!
it pleases me to have all the answers
Fawkes M.: She ll reveal herself to be evil
But then that was a front and she was good all along
Mobile L: I think she s neutral
We probably can t comprehend her goals
Space: i think she s too old to exactly fall under either of those
is she ishtar
well lemme back up
are you going with this being mythology-inspired or mythology themed, and if so
how far and exact
Narrator : there are mythological elements but it s just a mismash of whatever b
ullshit i put in
Space: oh hok
i m suspicious about that river
if indeed it is one at all
Narrator : which

Space: cocytus
Narrator : what do you think cocytus is
Space: maybe it s the third heaven
Fawkes M.: The demiurge s cock
And Third Heaven
Mobile L: Literally all the pictures on the wall are of Chopin
Space: fangirl
Mobile L: She was avoiding having people over because she didn t want them askin
g questions, but now things are dire
I have now BS d a solution for the giant room conundrum
It s the basement
They didn t have any other bedrooms, so they just furnished the basement for her
Her dad probably used to live here
I was legit scared for a bit that she was gonna die and I d have to make another
Fawkes M.: I was expecting a Tiger Dojo equivalent
Narrator : note: i will kill your characters in this
Mobile L: Do you allow backups?
Narrator : corollary: they can be revived with a gamble
Mobile L: Ooh
Narrator : yeah but next time something lik that happens a bitch is getting cut
i m not afraid to kill people, i ve tasted blood
Mobile L: That takes balls, and I admire it
I have a vague backup in mind, but I m hoping to keep Gabby alive to the end
Fawkes M.: I ve developed a hesitance to deal mortal wounds in the FG
Space: who is backup
Narrator : fear death though, however
Fawkes M.: Despite my fight-happy nature
Narrator : the gamble can gimp your character
Mobile L: Oh shit, I bet
Jaime: The bear the bear and the maiden fair...
Narrator : if things go poorly you get -1 in one stat
Mobile L: I do not know if I should say...
Narrator : theoretically
you could use the method
to revive
but if you do
i m going to fuck with them all i want
Narrator : also you d need to have characters willing to so
Mobile L: Is Naomi revivable at this point?
Narrator : blatantly play god and trust a creepy
creppy fuck
Mobile L: Oh shet
Mr. Mu: i m going to own your dead friends
eldritch s. (GM): like when i fuck with them i mean like
unable to use limbs, blind, shit like that
Mobile L: Ah Jesus
eldritch s. (GM): i like how
i forget who, but someone asked
if ao was pms ing
Fawkes M.: Ram s protip
Never RP with Ao
eldritch s. (GM): never rp with jam in general
Space: so guys who do you think mr. mu is
Mobile L: That is probably the most of Ao s personality I ve ever seen, and this

is a troubling thing
I d say a Kyubey-like figure
Probably bad intentions, but he ll awaken the powers and shit
Space: because i can t stop thinking in terms of persona
i think he s like some kind of collective embodiment of humanity
eldritch s. (GM): but what
fox you chip in, i desire your wisdom
Space: mobile would you say that
if mr. mu is disguised as a human at the school
the most likely one is foxhole
eldritch s. (GM): you thought iblis was the lunatic
Mobile L: Fuck, it s a possibility. I d hate it to be him, though
I like Foxhole
Space: maybe it s like a persona thing, like where if you take off philemon s ma
underneath it is the main character s face
dont ask me how you d do that in a roll20 cause idk
Fawkes M.: It s the face of the beholder
Space: yes that s the implication i got from that scene in p2
because hes the colelctive embodiment of the good in humanity
Mobile L: It s Bab Yhazael
Space: he art thou, thou art he
oh no
Mobile L: She wants you to entertain her
Space: get my crucifix and holy water
ok no i really need to get to sleep fuck i stayed up too late
good nite
Mobile L: G night, mah boi
Fawkes M.: Nit
Mobile L: Motherfuck I think I m gonna just spill that backup idea, however illadvised it may be
eldritch s. (GM): do it
Space: no don t
cause then i ll want to stay for it
Fawkes M.: Save the surprise
eldritch s. (GM): space get out
Mobile L: Alt!humen!mutants, there
Space: good
ok cya goodbye
Mobile L: Slep
That was my original idea, but I feared that would be all pigeonhole-y
Fawkes M.: alt!human!Theresa has an actual crush on Jirou
Mobile L: Oh gawd
Fawkes M.: Especially on his alternate version from a bad future
Mobile L: So sugoii, Bowman-kun
eldritch s. (GM): you know i ll pay credit wher credit is due, thomas mulcair ma
de me snicker yesterdaY
Mobile L: Oh Jegus, how
eldritch s. (GM): an old liberal pm (jean chretien, a lying, corrupt piece of sh
it) said that everyone needed to vote for justin trudeau, and then in his next s
peech, mulcair said "And now we have Justin Trudeau rolling out the golden oldie
s tour..."
Mobile L: Eheheheh, oh gawd
eldritch s. (GM): Election defeat[edit]
On election night, October 25, the Progressive Conservatives were swept from pow
er in a Liberal landslide. Campbell herself was defeated in Vancouver Centre by
rookie Liberal Hedy Fry. She conceded defeat with the remark, "Gee, I m glad I d

idn t sell my car."[17] - the end of the three month term of canada s first and
only PM
*first and only female PM
Mobile L: God. What made her term so short?
eldritch s. (GM): she had a minority government (meaning that while the conserva
tives held more seats than any other one party, collectively the other parties c
ould outvote them) and wanted to get a majority government, so she called the el
ections and had the shit kicked out of her because jean chretien lied his way to
Fawkes M.: You and me again...
Mobile L: The politics dun killed him
Fawkes M.: Dammit, Mu
I initially thought that Green Archer was making flamb to impress Tallis
Red Archer thought the same
Mobile L: Oh gawd, I somehow missed that
Fawkes M.: Flamb is a showmanship thing
Y don t make it for yourself
Mobile L: Maybe he wanted people to watch cuz he s just KOOL like that
Fawkes M.: Y know, whenever I have Red Archer be in the presence of a fire
I remember this one ice sword Gil used once that Emiya probably has the image of
And I think
"no, I am not going down the Fen route"
Mobile L: Eheh. Yeah, that s likely for the best
I actually sort of went faceclaim hunting for the human!mutants, even though I d
idn t think I d be using them here, but seeing as MORTALITY IS A REAL THING, I m
ay as well continue
Fawkes M.: She needs to have an archetype that could give her powers closest to
Rin s jewel magic
Time to use my last 20 before the quartz
Mobile L: Yas, this shall be a thing
Fawkes M.: I ll liveblog
Mobile L: Be strong and brave
Fawkes M.: THANK YOU
Alright, so
I m fighting a shadow Siegfried and a shadow Robin
My hand is
A straight flush of Siegfried cards
Mobile L: Hoo
Fawkes M.: And how did that brave chain with two Busters not kill Green Archer
Mobile L: Oh dear
I hate that
Fawkes M.: Sieg s very beefy
But doesn t hit hard
Like, I think his ATK is literally half of his HP
Mobile L: Huh
Fawkes M.: So I only ended up getting XP cards
I m burning the quartz
Mobile L: Dammit. Keep going and hope for the lovely bits
Fawkes M.: I ve got two Shadow Archers in Battle 1 so that s a good sign
Mobile L: Yeyyyy
Fawkes M.: C mon, Green Archer
Give us the good stuff
Mobile L: Hit him like the piata he is
Fawkes M.: None thus far...
A silver chest dropped from Atalanta

That better beOoh, boss EMIYA

Time to drop his own foundry on his head
Mobile L: Shirou kills himself (but not in the way he wanted)
Theresa s Stand that she will never have
Fawkes M.: Archer: dammit
Oh my god
That could be another suit or some shit
Mobile L: Shit yes. I will save this one
Fawkes M.: Dammit, Sieg
Why are you such a wiffle bat
I brought Emiya down to
Mobile L: He and Mephisto both have that problem
Fawkes M.: Are my messages borked?
Mobile L: Your last one ends at "I brought Emiya down to"
It may have eaten the followup
Fawkes M.: Now he s got 1169 HP after a Brave Chain from Sieg shoulda killed him
And he activated EOTM just after
Mobile L: Oh fuq
Fawkes M.: Eh, I won
Thanks to Atalanta
And he dropped XP goddammit
Mobile L: Awwww yeh
Mobile L: PRAY
Fawkes M.: Battle 2 has two Archers and a Lancer
Good pickings
Mobile L: Fab
Lancers always ream me, though, because I lean heavily on either your Emiya or t
hat one guy s Gil
Fawkes M.: Funny you said that - friend s Attila got ganged up on by both Archer
Fancy design
Mobile L: Oh my
Hope those strips of fabric you call clothes help ya, gurl
Fawkes M.: She s pretty damn strong, and her Tactics skill lends itself well to
NP chains
I d rather have an Arty, though
Dat charisma
Mobile L: She s at least a fair substitue
Fawkes M.: And the lack of clothing isn t so noticeable in SD form
Mobile L: That s good, at least
Fawkes M.: So do I brave chain with all Emiya or Buster Chain with UBW + Balmung
I ll get an NP boost if I do the latter, and I can use Attila s tactics
Mobile L: The latter
Fawkes M.: Alright
Mobile L: Make it hapen
Fawkes M.: Wait
I just saw that Emiya s NP gauge was only at 91%
Mobile L: Aww
Fawkes M.: Well, that s a skill wasted

Let s see the spoils

Only an Archer XP card this time
(on the bright side I ll have so so many Saber pieces)
Mobile L: Ah. That s good, at least
Fawkes M.: So what s your take on Ao now?
Mobile L: At first I thought she didn t have a personality, now I think she s ju
st bugfuck crazy
Fawkes M.: Yeah, like
Ram was telling me that he didn t want a fight scene
And was trying to convey that to Jam
Mobile L: Jam is seriously shit at the whole listening thing
Possible humen!Theresa
Fawkes M.: Ooh, I can see that
And, yeah
I think Jam thought it was an average fight scene
Mobile L: Oy
Like, Ram s stated that Tallis isn t a fighter anymore, repeatedly
The only thing I wish was different about that pic was that the glasses frames w
ere red and her clothes were a grayish, but maybe Photoshop could help
Fawkes M.: (hmm, gold treasure chest from Atalanta - could this be it...?)
I always pictured her aesthetic as sandy-looking
Mobile L: Pleeeeese bebby please
Hm, interesting
As dweeby as it sounds, I ve assigned their human versions ethnicities based on
their species country of origin
Save for Gregor, who is just caucasian
Fawkes M.: I always pictured Theresa as Hispanic
Due to Fuentes
Mobile L: Oh dear, did it gip ya?
Fawkes M.: Yep
Mobile L: Fuuuuuck
Fawkes M.: I ve got several options
Throw away another Quartz, wait for 5:45 in the morning tomorrow, or stay up to
wait for my AP to hit 20 again
Mobile L: Hell, that s tough
I envisioned Theresa as Native American from somewhere in the southwest, so I su
ppose that s pretty frickin close
Fawkes M.: What of the others?
Also ghhh, what do I do
Mobile L: Gila s Indian, and Bucky s Etheopian
Friiiiig, I unno
I d say probably stay up and wait, but it s really up to you
Fawkes M.: I m trying to tell myself
Throwing away a Quartz is just like throwing away 25% of a Black Key
Or 25% of Boudicca
Is that a bad philosophy?
Mobile L: I unno meng. I m very wasteful with my quartzes, but that may not be t
he best thing
Fawkes M.: I saved 40 up for the 10-in-1 roll
And the only non-shite thing I got from it was an Arts-boosting card
I got two different versions of Gilles from it
Mobile L: Jeezus diq
Well, I guess it s better to put it towards a semi-definite thing, right?
Fawkes M.: For sure
And only 1 compared to 40
Here goes nothing
Mobile L: PRAY
Fawkes M.: Thanksies~

Dammit, when did Imca bite me

Mobile L: Nyehehehe
Well, you gotta admit, there s a sickening cuteness to that word
Fawkes M.: True
Also it s telling that I don t differentiate between player and character
At all
Mobile L: Yeah, srsly
And after all the fucking reboots
Fawkes M.: She s probably had more powers than Fen
Because she MOU IKKAIs her way through them
Mobile L: F real
Fawkes M.: No cohesive theme
Mobile L: She is just so odd man
Fawkes M.: I sometimes feel sorry for her
Until she does something reprehensible
Also, do you have a weird graphical glitch in FGO?
Like, this floating shadowy spot?
Mobile L: I don t think so? It s been hours since I played, and my phone is off
in my room
Fawkes M.: It s been constnt for me
And only when I use an NP
(Also - Archer is now convinced IC that Imca had a crush on him)
Mobile L: Oh my godddd, eheheheh
Hope that gets fixed, not sure what it could be
Fawkes M.: Doesn t it kinda make sense
The clinginess
Mobile L: Yeah, for real
She wants the E
Fawkes M.: The E D
Mobile L: Eeehee
Dammit, there s a tragic shortage of shy-looking dorky black kids, and I don t k
now how I will find the Bucky faceclaim
Fawkes M.: Like a wolf, right?
Mobile L: I mean humen!ways
Fawkes M.: Yeah
What s his overall temperament?
(also why do bad things happen when i get a berserker for support)
Mobile L: He s just this very sheltered, fairly nervous but sweet kid who s abou
t as straight-laced as you can possibly get
Gawd, I hate that
Fawkes M.: I immediately pictured the Blue Ranger from MMPR when I read that for
whatever reason
(he died)
(emiya died)
(on the first round)
Mobile L: Ah, hmm...
oh shiiiiiiiit
Fawkes M.: So it s just Custer against Nero
Mobile L: Custer s last stand
Fawkes M.: Let s not mention the NES sequel
Mobile L: Oh gawd no
12 minutes of battery
Last stands are fun, actually

Guaranteed Brave Chain

Mobile L: They re all dramatic and shit
fish-d6v8ia8.png This might work?
Fawkes M.: That looks good
Mobile L: Yey
Fawkes M.: Alright
Take 3 of 4
I have access to a level 41 Arty
Mobile L: You can do eeeeet
Fawkes M.: Thanksie- DAMMIT
Gold box from an Archer, this better be it
Mobile L: pleaaaase
5 minutes
Fawkes M.: Alright
Should I say goodbye here?
Mobile L: If n ya want, I don t know when it ll konk out
Fawkes M.: Alright
Mobile L: Gudbai...!
eldritch s. (GM): what does steph think of the lunatic
Space: she just doesn t know what to think at all r/n
needs to sort things out
i m habboing r/n btw if you wanna join
eldritch s. (GM): that s disgusting
Space: you should do it
what are all of the different chars
eldritch s. (GM): hm
what do you think they d be
Space: i can only speak for steph
knew i d find you here
eldritch s. (GM): i don t believe it
you know
i was going to get the dickheads here a headstart
because steph would have taken time to get here
and you used the fifth magic or what have you and got here first
Space: i m perfectly okay with that
i was planning on waiting a little while anyways
to justify her writing the notes
eldritch s. (GM): still it s just hilarious
Space: just call me d
eldritch s. (GM): i m thankful canada has something that isn t the american poli
tical scene but it s still bleak
ultra-conservative anti-enviorment dickhead who at least can run a sane economy
(which we will need) vs an idiot who openly plans to run a massive defecit vs sn
idely whiplash s communist cousin
what with the oil prices and the dropping dollar, thinks are a bit shaky
Space: at
it isn t america s political system
listen i am absolutely a patriot, i love america, but i really do hate the curre
nt political culture
eldritch s. (GM): "AMERICA"

eldritch s. (GM): murgh
Space: i love h
eldritch s. (GM): the future name of your nation
Space: welcome to the glorious land of h
eldritch s. (GM): we like guns here in h
who is the favorite prime minister of steph
Space: i only know one
who do you think would be
her fave
eldritch s. (GM):
prime_ministers#Scholar_survey_results this man
Space: oh yeah i think that sounds right
just reading what they did
keep canada out of vietnam
abolish capital punishmen
Mobile L: Beeb beeb
Space: bep bip
eldritch s. (GM): now we wait for fox
Space: hey seer
see if this song is on soundcloud
i ve had it stuck in my head for a while
btw mobile that was a rad draw
Mobile L: Sankyuu. I still cannot into human anatomy
eldritch s. (GM): just shitty covers
show me this draw
Mobile L:
eldritch s. (GM): poor breen
Mobile L: Battleworld will not be much kinder to him than the FG
eldritch s. (GM): naomi s fate
Mobile L: ;_;
Space: :c
Mobile L: I m still kinda fucked up about that, I think
eldritch s. (GM): could have saved her
Space: tens
Mobile L: Greek Jesus has turned his back on us
eldritch s. (GM): does this song unsettle you
Space: not overly much
this is better
more radio-y\
Faceless One: ... Where did you get those eyes..?
Narrator : Squish squish squish.
Space: who the shit
Narrator : so mobile how s that last map i needed coming along
Mobile L: I must confess I haven t started on it yet, but I suppose now s as goo
d a time as any
Yesterday was pretty fuckin weird, and then today I spent some time expecting a
phone interview that it turns out I won t get until tomorrow afternoon
Narrator : it sucks when that kind of hing happens
Mobile L: Yeah. I m cautiously hopeful about the interview, though
Space: yew can dew eet
Narrator : i hope it goes your way
Mobile L: Thanks. This is maybe the most promising prospect yet.
Fawkes M.: HUP
Space: he comes

Narrator : Squish squish squish.

oh i see what happened
i was showing off sprites and drawn viscera
but hadn t moved the map
Mobile L: Yo Fahkles, guess what
Narrator : oh well
Gabby, Jaime, Ken and Suzie all pile through the house and into Gabby s room.
Jasper Trn: Now you kids...
You have fun. And do your academics.
But there will be no smoking of this... heroin the kids are all smacking their c
hops for now-a-days.
Fawkes M.: Que?
Mobile L: I got Imcaserker in one of the draws today
Gabby nod nod nod
Narrator : Steph is walking on the sidewalk.
Gabby: Don t worry, they re... they re all the kind that probably don t do drugs
. I checked.
Space: oh hey tanamo
Jasper Trn points at Jaime
Space: i got her as well
she s surprisingly good
Jasper Trn: .;.?
Mobile L: Oop, not her exactly, although I do want her
Jaime is just looking down at his phone
Mobile L: The effing Fate mobile game
The teal-haired chick. She reminds me much of Imca
Space: ooh, kiyohime
Mobile L: Yep
Eunice Trn: Please feel free... to pet any of my darling little kitty kats.
Space: get a meow sound effect seer
just whenever eunice mentions a cat
play is
Gabby hopes nobody s allergic
Eunice Trn: i tried
they all suck
Mobile L: Is hokay, we can imagine
Eunice Trn: And if one of you... is mortally injured by one of the cats, please,
tell me, and we ll call the vet.
Jasper Trn: ... What?
Jaime: .....
Eunice Trn: Oh, I meant the doctor.
But a vet s just as good as a people doctor, isn t that right, mittens...
Eunice Trn pets her cat as she walks out
Jasper Trn: ...
Don t worry, the cats don t hurt people
Jasper Trn quickly steps out
Gabby hurried nod nod nod
... S only if you step on em...

Gabby goes over to the bed

Gabby takes off all three of the pillows and tosses them to Ken, Suzie and Jaime
Jaime catches his pillow under his arm, still holding out that phone of his
Gabby: ...You can sit on these, and I guess Steph can have the bed, and I ll sit
on the piano stool.
Um. Sorry that there s no chairs... It s usually just me here.
Gabby all the fricking pictures are of Chopin
Gabby literally ever single one
Ken sits on the floor
Suzie leans on the wall
Suzie: ...
Jaime sits on his pillow
Suzie: I d like to know what s going on.
Gabby: ...It s gonna be... real hard to explain, and part of it will have to be
for when Steph gets here, cuz she didn t get a chance to tell me everything.
Narrator : Steph roll mind
Space: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 15
Narrator : Steph immediatly knows someone dirty is right behind her
Gabby: ...Should I go ahead and start?
Steph: -!?
Steph looks back over her shoulder
Suzie: It would be appreciated.
Teddy Reinside: Hey kid!
Gabby: ... Kay, so um...
Jaime keeping quiet till he s needed
Steph does he have one of those pins
Teddy Reinside no
Gabby: We were eating lunch in
g, right?
Steph: ...Y-yes?
Teddy Reinside: I know.
I know everything about what s
Gabby: And um... I was talking
ne second.
Steph: ...
Gabby: When I looked back, she
Jaime can back me up on this.

the cafeteria, and then suddenly it starts rainin

happening at your school.

to Steph, and I looked away for a second. Like, o
was all wet, but she hadn t moved from that spot.

Teddy Reinside is stinky and greasy, unshaven, too

Steph: I m not really sure what you mean, uh...

Steph is keeping her distance

Jaime nods
Jaime: She was right next to me.
Teddy Reinside: The government s watching you, I knwo you know.
Jaime: She couldn t have gone out in the rain in that one second.
Teddy Reinside: It s no safe here, you need to come with me to somewhere more pr
Gabby: But she was soaked to the bone, and she looked like she had seen somethin
g frickin horrible.
So we go to talk, and she s super eager to get away from the school.
Jaime: And then class ended early.
Steph: ...I actually, erm, have somewhere I need to be. Sorry. I m sure we can t
alk about this some other time, mister...?
Gabby: Yeah, that s right, cuz the police stuff... And then, right after I call
my grandparents to take us to my house... crap frickin just... it freezes.
Like, reality. And the sun sets, but I can still move, he can, Steph can... and.
.. and Naomi can...
Teddy Reinside nods
Teddy Reinside takes a shitty business card from his pocket
Teddy Reinside: Call me on my toll free hotline.
We ll stop the Bohemian Hunt.
Steph: Okay, um... sure thing.
Steph takes it
Gabby: And we see this lady... Steph recognizes her, and she puts frickin ... a g
iant snake on the ground...
Teddy Reinside bolts into an allet
Jaime: ...
Suzie stares b;aml;y
Suzie: *blankly
Gabby: ...I-it... It chases us, and we all run, but it s hard...
Steph: ...
Steph pockets it
Steph continues on her way
Gabby looks dead goddang serious
Gabby: ...We end up hiding in this... it s a dark building, and there s... suppl
ies and stuff...
Narrator : have her arive at your own pleasure
Gabby swallows thickly
Gabby: ...Jaime fell into some broken glass, and Naomi cut her knee... I go and
I m trying to find a first-aid kit...
...II saw a... a mutilated human corpse...

...and then... then I hear a scream, and a... something got Naomi...

Jaime: .....
Suzie: ...
Ken: ...

Gabby: And we... we try to get away, cuz it justit starts for us, and II don t wa
nna die, I don t...
...But I trip up, and it gets me, a-and frickin , it starts squeezing my head...
t-to crush it...

Jaime: .....
Jaime looks down
Gabby: ...But... B-but it... it drops dead and lets me go... and the... the woman
, with the snake, she s there, and she says it... frick, what... what did she say

Gabby clutches her head

Ken: Are you alright?
Gabby: ...Yeah... Sorry, hold... Hold on a sec...

Steph knock knock knock

Jaime: ...
Gabby: ...Said it wasn t my time... something like that... And I... I have to go
back to the First Heaven... Clearly, I don t... I don t know what the frick, bu
t I m not fricking dead, right?! Eheh... Ad
Jaime goes to get that door
Gabby oh look Steph, lots and lots and lots of Chopin
Gabby: Not just on the visible wall
Gabby oop
Steph: Hi. Um, sorry I m late...?
Steph trails off as she pokes her head in, at all the chopin
Gabby: ...I-it s fine... S fine.
Jaime: ...Come on in.
Jaime steps back to let her
Narrator is clearly looking at all the Chopin
Narrator : suzie is
Gabby aaaa, oh gawd...
Steph steps in
Gabby: ...Anyway... The snake lady probably saved me, bottom line, and I made it
back, and... I... everything unfroze, eventually...
Steph pauses, brushing her hair back
Steph waits for Gabby to finish
Gabby: ...But... Y-yeah, Naomi is... Sheshe s dead... There s no way it...
Narrator : ...
Gabby: ...Something is horribly fricked up...
Fawkes M.: The narrator s coming to life
Suzie: ... Dead...?
Fawkes M.: That s the true mystery of Third Heaven
Suzie: shit he knows
Gabby: ...Y-yeah... There s no way... I... I heard it, the noises...
Gabby all pale and crap

Narrator takes fox our behind the woodpile

Mobile L: no fox
Steph: I saw it. She s... I tried pulling her out of the way, but...
Fawkes M.: Oh god
Steph: ...
Gabby nod... nod...
Steph is visibly trying to keep a calm face about it
Jaime also nods slowly
Suzie steps up to the piano, sort of idly pacing
Gabby: ...I... Let me fricking tell you something right now... all of you...
...This is gonna sound hokey... I m sorry... I... I bet all of this sounds hokey
, but I swear to God I am not making anything up, I don tI don t do that crap...
Ken seems very... not desparing, but defeated
Gabby: ...I saw... one of those sumbetchin monsters in a dream...
Gabby it was the same one that killed here, right
Gabby *her
Steph quite suddenly
Steph: Do you have a coffee machine?
Jaime: ...Was it in the school?
Gabby: ...Uh... Yeah it was, and yeah we do... S upstairs, in the kitchen.
Steph: Sorry. I can t really... I always have a cup of coffee after school.
Steph sojourns off to find it
Gabby nods and watches her go
Jaime: ...
Narrator : Finds a well-used machine.
Gabby: ...There were more, and they were different, but... one of them ended up
killing me. And I... I felt it...

Narrator : Steph does.

Gabby: ...Something is very wrong, is the bottom line.
Jaime: ...I had the same dream.
Gabby: ...Y... Really...?
Jaime nods
Steph gets herself some coffee going
Jaime: Thought it was a fever dream, but...
Narrator : That s a fine brew.
Damn fine.
Steph takes some solace, at least, in that
Steph sips it, then heads back
Narrator : If only Naomi lived to see it, you bitch.
Gabby looks to Sooz and Ken

Steph makes her way back, unobtrusively stopping by the wall near the door
Narrator : Ken is very pensive, Sooz seems to be staring at the piano as she thi
Steph seems to have her mind on something
...And Steph... I think she knows something... She... She said it wasn t safe to
talk to the cops, and I... believe her...
Steph looks up
Steph: ...?
Suzie: ...
Steph: Oh... right.
Gabby oop, there she be
Suzie gently taps a key
Gabby: ...If... If it s okay, can you tell us what happened...?
Jaime: ...Of course they wouldn t.
Gabby plink. It s a nice piano.
Jaime also looks over at Steph
Suzie gently taps more as Steph speaks
Steph: I don t know how much you said already, but this is what I remember...
Steph sip
Steph: I was... at lunch, you know, when everyone froze.
Gabby kind of fidgets in the childish way of kicking her legs as she listens
Steph: You, and you, and you, and....
Steph stops
Steph: That guy in sunglasses, he was the only one who didn t. And he saw me, so
Steph: I tried to get out of there, and the other guy The older one in the coat, he said that his name was Roger Perkins afterward. He
tried to get me to stop, but... I ran.
The two of them chased me outside, and -- it was so strange.
The sun was setting.
Steph sips
Jaime: ...Just like before.
Ken: ... Why?
Gabby looks pensive and troubled
Steph: I don t know. They wouldn t tell me anything, they just said...
Steph shakes her head
Steph: They came out, and -- Officer Quest, he had a gun, and he pointed it at m
Steph: So we just waited there, and they were going to take me somewhere. They h
ad these -- these green snake pins on their lapels, I remember that. It s some k
ind of group.

Perkins, he said something about... Archetypes, I think it was?

Ken: An archetype...
Gabby: ...Jesus frick... What d you think that even means...?
Steph: I don t know. It seemed important. I took notes on some of... just the te
rms they said. This woman with a -- this woman without any clothes, and a snake,
they chased after her because she was their ticket into the Second Heaven. What
ever that is... Um, Quest stayed there with the gun on me.
I asked him if... you know, if they were going to kill me.
He said... he said he wasn t going to make any promises he couldn t keep.
Steph sips her coffee
Steph: Then, that guy... that crazy guy, he showed up again. He yelled at Quest
to -- to get away from me and leave me alone, so he shot him.
Steph: I tried to get away, but...
Jaime: ...
Steph: There was this guy. He... he sort of...
...Y know.
Gabby blinks and fidgets a bit more
Mobile L: aww yeh boi
Steph: That s not really... I got back fine, and that s when everyone started mo
ving again.
Gabby: ...And that s how you got soaked, right?
Ken: ...
Gabby: And why you looked frickin terrified...
Steph: The rain and the... yeah.
Ken: ... What was the man like?
What did he do?
Steph: Well he-- he went over to them, and he just... sort of touched them, and
they fell asleep. Or died. I don t know. I really didn t want to stick around.
He just had this... th-this menace.
Gabby: ...Frick, man...
Jaime: ...What did he look like?
Steph stops
Steph: He was dressed really, um... really stylishly. Wearing some kind of desig
ner suit. Uh, dark hair, kind of a tan, and this smirk...
Gabby nods slowly and mental-notes this
Jaime does the same
Mobile L: i saw that you lil shit
Gabby: ...Okay, so... No trusting the cops, no trusting the shady guys, no trust
ing the stylish guy...
...I don t know if we can trust the snake lady... but probably a little more tha
n them.
Gabby looks down a bit
Steph: ...Why?
...She s the reason I m alive.
...Still, that s... She could have her own reason for doing that, but...
Steph: ...
She s the reason Naomi isn t.
Gabby: ...She said she came too late for her...

...But we... We probably can t take her at her word yet...

Steph: She chased us. With that snake.
Gabby: ...I know... That doesn t make sense.
Steph: ...Wait. You talked to her?
Narrator : also entirely your fault
you chose to run
blame jaime
Gabby: ...Yes. She was there when the monster dropped me... It looked like she m
ade it die.
Steph: ...
Steph sips her coffee
Jaime: ...How did she get inside?
Narrator has been silent, just playing the piano the whole time
Gabby: ...Frick if I know.
Narrator : suzie has
Steph sets her backpack down
Steph gets her notebook out of it
Steph: Here s what I have written.
Steph opens it up
Gabby quietly appreciates this and wishes she could play anything other than Cho
Gabby hops up and peers over
Ken steps over
Jaime waits for Gabby to get done peering
Ken: ...
You seem to have a fixation with Dr. Hall,
Steph: ...What?
Gabby: ...W... H-hold on...!
...That... That s...

...I had that dream...

Jaime: ...?
Gabby: I thoughtI thought I was gonna die, and I was having it because I was dead
, and youyou were there...

Gabby puts a hand to her temple and steps over so Jaime can see, but is clearly
quite troubled
Jaime looks over, furrowing his brow
Jaime: Was this yesterday, Steph?
Steph: Last night.
Jaime: Mm.
You and Gabby both have the same dream - while I get a similar but different one
the same night.
Suzie: ...
My friends told me today that Jasper seemed like she hadn t gotten any sleep, if
that s useful.
Maybe she went through the same thing.
also where did mobile go
Space: connection maybe

Steph: That s... that s a start. That s good. Thank you.

Mobile L: Yep, sorry, I am here
Suzie: that s fine
Gabby: ...Maybe we should...

...She... She s in cahoots with Dr. Hall, I think...

Space: the fuhrer
Jaime: ...I don t trust him. Nobody does. But I don t think this is a scheme to
get us all in therapy.
Suzie: it actually is
Jaime: onore
Mobile L: oh NOOOOO
Gabby: ...Since he was in the dream, he... He may be part of it, too.
I dunno.
Ken: Dreams say just as much about the dreamer as they do about anything else.
Gabby: ...Shoot, maybe... But... He tried to kill me.
Steph: ...?
Gabby: In the dream, remember? He like, strangled me for a bit, and then there w
as several of him...

Jaime: ...
Gabby: ...There s a possibility that... He s not part of this at all, and maybe.
.. maybe the fricked-up thing that s doing this used his likeness since he wigs
me out... But I m taking any chances.
Ken: Thing.
... That implies there s something delibrately doing this.
Steph: ...I think that... that ruling anything at all out, at this stage.... I t
hink that s dangerous.
Gabby: ...Force, specter, terror-spooky-field... I m not gonna do the semantics
thing, Ken, and I m sorry, but I can t... I can t fricking think of any way this
isn t deliberate, unless there s a gas leak and this is a mass-hallucination.
...And... And yeah, what Steph said.
Ken: ...
Jaime: ...We should try to find out what we can.
About Jasper.
Best-case scenario, we ll be flailing a little less.
Suzie: I have friends who can look into this.
Steph: That d be better.
She doesn t like me.
Gabby: ...Thatthat would be good, yeah. We need as many hands on deck as we can g
et, I think, as many trustworthy people who aren t secretly part of the FrickedUp Snake Club.
Steph: ...
Steph erases something in her journal
Steph rewrites
Gabby: ?
Gabby goes for a peep
Gabby smiles a little
Gabby: ...Nyeheh... Yep... Yep.
...So school s the epicenter, pretty much.
Steph: As far as we know.
Gabby: ...I... I would say maybe we quit going, but that d...

...I hate that. I still... I still have a future, don t I...? Don t we?
Jaime: We won t have a future if we re all dead.

Steph: I don t know if the people on this list are still alive.
If they are, it s a stupid idea. But we don t know that yet, and we don t have a
ny other option.
Suzie: I ll keep going, regardless.
I can t raise suspicion if it s not there yet.
Steph: That s the spirit...
Steph sips her coffee
Gabby: ...Yeah, that and grades... I don t... If I don t run out of luck and die
here, I would... very much like to go to McGill, and I can t... I can t do that
if I suddenly go truant.
...I know that sounds stupid, but I have to.
And we can t let our families know, cuz they d get the cops involved, and that
d be worse.
It s a... a catch-21, right?
Steph: 22.
And yes.
Ken: ...
Gabby: ...Right, yeah. Yeah. We have to... We have to face the danger.
Jaime: ...Mm. I d rather not get the Lancaster family involved in this.
Ken is completely silent, and has been for a while
Steph sips her coffee
Gabby: Heck, I d rather not get Grandma or Grandpa involved... I don t think eve
n Dad deserves this...
Gabby looks over at Ken with muted, serious concern
Ken: ...
Steph has in her state of i don t know who to trust and i m scared become a li
ttle suspicious of Ken s only takeaway being you re fixated on hall
Ken: ... A monster did this?
Steph it reminds her uncomfortably of what Jasper said
Gabby: That s the prevailing hypothesis, yeah.
Ken: ...
Gabby would be concerned too, but is a little blinded by her feelings, as horrid
as that may be
Ken: ...
We have to go there.
There could be more, they could get out.
Gabby: ...To the... the shed thing...?
Ken: Yes.
Gabby: ...What would we do?
Ken: We would see where they come from.
Steph: ... I have a...
You know. A hunting bow. At my house. Should I go and, uh...?
Gabby: ...I stabbed the one that took me, with a shard of glass... No effect.
Ken: If there s only one, we could examine the body...
Figure out what it is...
Gabby: ...The snake lady was what killed it, and even then, we probably can t co
unt on her...
Ken: You said it died.
Steph: Why would you want to look at it?
Ken: We can look at that one, can t we?
Gabby: ...Yeah... But, like...
What ifwhat if they already know about Naomi, and the cops already got the body?
...Thethe monster s, I mean...

Ken: ...
Steph: If they have, then we re out of luck. If they don t, then Naomi s body is
going to be there too.
You guys can go if you want.
Jaime: Is there a TV in here?
Ken: ...
Gabby: ...No. I don t usually watch it. You d have to go upstairs.
Steph: They re not gonna put it on the fucking news.
Ken is mildly depressed about everything he suggests being shot down
Gabby btw upstairs is out through the door bcuz this is the basement
Gabby (nerd jokes here)
Ken: ...
Gabby feels bad about that, but also feels like maybe not dying before her time
Jaime: We should at least know what they re saying, right?
Ken silently checks his watch
Gabby: ...Sure... Want me to take a look, real quick?
Steph downs the rest of her coffee
Ken: I need to get a glass of water.
I ll return in a few moments.
Ken steps upstairs
Gabby: ... Kay...
Gabby sighs quietly
Steph sets the mug down
Space: he s gonna ditch
Jaime: ...Well - what about a computer?
Gabby: ...Oh! The heck didn t I think of that.
Gimme a sec.
Ken returns with a glass of water
Space: oh
Gabby goes and types in her password and crap, then goes to the CANADIAN LOCAL C
Ken quietly uses it to down his meds
Space: ...o-oh
Gabby quietly sad for him. CZECHIN
Steph: ...
Jaime peers over at the compooper as well
Steph: ...Find anything?
Gabby her effing wallpaper is also of Chopin
Narrator : rolling 1d20
= 8

Gabby this girl has a problem

Narrator : There s a brief thing about missing students on it, like amber alerts
, but nothing so bleeding edge as Naomi being gone.
Maybe if you give it some time.
Gabby: ...Not yet... Maybe in a while...

...God... I almost do want to go back and look, but...

...I don t... I d rather not die...

Ken: It was a bad idea. I was silly for suggesting it.

Steph: ..........
Gabby: ...No... You meant well, s just... So many variables... I d... I d like
to have some certainty...

...But there s no guarantee I ll get any...

Steph: ...I think time is of the essence here, so... I mean, if we re going, the
n it better be soon.
Gabby deep breath
Gabby small wince
Suzie: ...
Suzie: You want to go back?
Gabby: ...Frickin ... We... We owe it to Gabby, II think...
Steph: No, but...
Steph takes a breath
Gabby clenches her fists
Suzie: gabby owes it to herself
Steph: ...I m not gonna wait here by myself if we re all... you know.
Gabby I meant Naomi, fuck
Steph: Maybe this time I ll be able to...
Gabby: ...Safety in numbers, r-right...?
Steph: ...
Steph grabs up her backpack
Gabby does like her numbers
Gabby grabs hers and gets amazingly srs
Jaime: ...We should arm ourselves first.
Space: hey yo i actually
Gabby: ...Right... Um...
Space: really gotta get to bed soon
Steph: Bow.
Mobile L: Ooh eck
Steph: At my place.
Suzie: this is where it s stopping then
Jaime nods
Space: thank you seer
Gabby: We ll get that... I, um.
Jaime: My father has a few antiques in stock...

Gabby: I think I have a big calculus book...

...Probably not that, um, wow...

Space: okay but this is actually like the persona games

like you got a guy with a gun
a guy with a sword
a guy who fights by flipping coins at people
Gabby: ...I ll break a bottle or something.
Space: here we got a guy with a bow
a guy with a knife
a guy who fights with a calculus book
Jaime: ...He s got more than one antique.
eldritch s. (GM): once again things seem to possibly be heading for a de-rail
Gabby: ...Promise I won t frick up and lose it.
eldritch s. (GM): not a total one
but a minor one
Jaime nods
Space: well didn t snakeeater say
Jaime: Thanks.
Space: "hey come back when you re in the first heaven"
or something along those lines
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Gabby: I mean, if I was a big guy, maybe I d do the book, but, like...
eldritch s. (GM): sequence breaking is the name of the game
i didn t anticipate you d try it so early
Space: as an rpg party, we have cojones
Gabby: Like, we re all pretty small, us Trns.
Space: coffee power
eldritch s. (GM): still but the two npcs you took along
who will likely be your allies
what do you think of them
Space: if i had codified steph liking coffee before i codified her using a bow,
she would fight with coffee
i think suzie is competent and capable, and a good ally
i think ken s a good ally too, or at least won t rat us out
Jaime: I ll see if there s anything your size.
Space: he s a good guy and i feel really bad for him and his cancer
Mobile L: If I had my tablet, I would maybe make a "DO IT FOR HIM" thing for Ken
. Shit, or one for Naomi since she s dead.
Gabby: ...Thanks... I like to think I could stab a motherfricker.
Space: :c :c :c
Gabby: I, um, I know a little about fighting. I saw, uh, parts of Apocalypse Now
while my grandparents were asleep.
Jaime: Is that a movie?
Dr. Hall: ...
Gabby: ...Yeah. S about the Vietnam War... And uh, it s pretty fricked...
...Made me reconsider about going to see what Vietnam is like... I mean, s prob
ably different now, but, like... I dunno.
Mobile L: hall why
Space: i sleep now
Mobile L: Gudnaight
Fawkes M.: Night
(From Fawkes M.): I m imagining Gabby like this:
(To Fawkes M.): Ahahaha, jeegus
Mobile L: I think this is probably the first time I ve written a really smart pe
rson who wasn t super verbose
Fawkes M.: Breen didn t seem verbose from what I ve seen of him
Dr. Hall: he was

Mobile L: He could be real eloquent when he wanted to

The terrible swearing probably detracts a bit, tho :P
Fawkes M.: "fucking troglodytes"
Mobile L: P much
I think he almost said that verbatim once
Calling it now, Faceless One is unmasked!Mu
eldritch s. (GM): before you ve even met him
Mobile L: It s the hair
eldritch s. (GM): what do you think is up with the snake club
Mobile L: I think they re untrustworthy and probably in it for power
Fat dude is likely the one with the most morals
Fawkes M.: I concur
From what little I know because I missed the shared dream
eldritch s. (GM): the snake club weren t in the dream
Mobile L: They were in Steph s lunchtime horrortrip
Fawkes M.: That, too
I didn t watch it
Did you, Mobile?
Mobile L: I skimmed it
Fawkes M.: Ever since Still Night
I never
Open up logs
Mobile L: This one won t kill your computer yet
It s only when they get fat
Fawkes M.: inb4 I make it fat with my Grand Order liveblogging
Mobile L: Ah, shitposts
eldritch s. (GM): i have a feeling of unease because things could very easily ti
p in directions i hadn t anticipated
Fawkes M.: Just because of what the party s doing?
Mobile L: You can curtail us if we push things much further, and I won t get mad
. You have been very generous thus far
What with keeping Gabby from dying and all
Fawkes M.: (he owes Space and I one for not having Coghlain kill Gein)
eldritch s. (GM): you didn t have the balls
Mobile L: Gein is just 2awesome
I would probably cry 4real if he died so early
Fawkes M.: Also hey I see Angra
Also also Mobile
Thar be a Rome-themed event in Faygo if you re interested
Mobile L: I saw, and I did all of em except the one with the Casters and levele
d up several times
What do you do with the medals?
Fawkes M.: You can redeem them later for Cool Shit
Mobile L: Well fuck yeah, I got a bunch
Can I do it again tomorrow?
Fawkes M.: Yus
This event s gonna last for about a week, I think
Mobile L: Aw yeh
Fawkes M.: Rotating a few quests
I m intentionally getting bronze medals because I need those to get some of the
Ascension items for Emiya
Mobile L: It was very satisfying, killing Lu Bu with Gilgy
Fawkes M.: You
You fought the 30 AP one?
Mobile L: Yep
Fawkes M.: Daaang
Mobile L: Can t remember when I died, but I managed to kill Lu Bu before he coul
d do anything just with 300% Enuma Elish
Fawkes M.: Aww yeh

Mobile L: Now I have many APs

Fawkes M.: Hah, nice
Mobile L: The hard one, for me, was the one with the Lancer
Fawkes M.: Because all your Servants got charmed?
Mobile L: Just one, but I didn t know and brought your Emiya along
Fawkes M.: Was he helpful?
Mobile L: He was, but he got reamed pretty hard by fucking Lancer
So it was, like, two overleveled Archers and the whole underleveled rest of them
Fawkes M.: Pokmemories
Mobile L: Oh yes
Charizard and Moltres vs. a Lapras
Fawkes M.: Fun, enjoyable times
My #2 slot is now held by Sieg rather than Custer
And my support is usually either Arty or Attila
Mobile L: Ayy, kewl
Fawkes M.: So if there s a powerful Lancer I can cover Emiya s ass
Mobile L: I need to get Imcaserker up to snuff so I can bust her out
Fawkes M.: Feed her all your babby XP cards
Mobile L: I shall
I feel a little bad about neglecting Shielder, but I m just so eager to get Emiy
a ascended
Fawkes M.: I keep Shielder in my #5
For her skills only
I still find Jam s hypothetical Shielder to be extremely amusing
Mobile L: Yeh. She s just so neutral, there s not much a point in getting her su
per fuckin leveled
Fawkes M.: I was all like
"no way she s Galahad"
And then
I was like
"she doesn t know who she s fused with, what a copout, but mystery is fine"
And then
Fawkes M.: I was like
Mobile L: Nyehehehehe
Fawkes M.: Jam deserves a medal
Mobile L: He knew what was up
Fawkes M.: Fooken Camelot
So, I m gonna move in to dorm again this weekend
Mobile L: Ooh. Hope the move goes well
Fawkes M.: Gratzi
(From Fawkes M.): In the meantime, Space and I were gonna do a Silly Offscreen T
hing with Archer and Caster today but his urgent leaving caused Archer to take t
he reins solo
(To Fawkes M.): Aww, damn. Any chance you can continue tomorrow?
(From Fawkes M.): Nah, it s fine. Only if Rin emerges from the Sigil portal
(From Fawkes M.): At least we fixed the issue of "they live in the same room so
why haven t they interacted" - by making them interact offscreen
(To Fawkes M.): A ight, cool. Ah well, that s good at least.
(From Fawkes M.): I was legit wondering if Archer was bunking on the roof or som
ething, since it wouldn t make sense otherwise
(From Fawkes M.): Is that wrong to wonder?
(To Fawkes M.): Nah, sometimes shit like that can make things tough IC. I feel y
ou completely.
(To Fawkes M.): Gila is stuck wondering if Ferret s dead or not since Eldy lost
steam with him.
(From Fawkes M.): Awwww
(To Fawkes M.): But he has enough other friends to reasonably keep this an unspo
ken issue.

(From Fawkes M.): That s good

(From Fawkes M.): Fun fact: Archer hasn t slept in a bed for all of his summonin
g, discounting his coma days
(To Fawkes M.): Damn son, he s going hardcore with that shit
(To Fawkes M.): Castlah hasn t either, but Castlah prides himself immensely on f
inally vanquishing the beast that is sleep.
(From Fawkes M.): Caster s room only has one bed, and I m fairly certain they ha
ven t hit second base yet
(To Fawkes M.): Here s hopin (yaranaika_face.png)
(To Fawkes M.): I have been grabbing and dropping ideas like a junkie recently,
but I entertain the thought of bringing in Niko the Lost Servant
(From Fawkes M.): (Should we take this to PM lest we clog the chat?)
(To Fawkes M.): Sounds gud. I m typing up a Battleworld post, so I ll be checkin
g das tropes
(From Fawkes M.): Cool. See ya there
Space: the faceless one has shorter hair than mu
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Space: so are we gonna buy anything from sherwood otter
eldritch s. (GM): no
just vote for him
Space: liz looks like she knows what s up
this is a nice song
eldritch s. (GM): thanks
von can t be staisfied with destroying yugoslavia
now he needs to ruin serbia
Space: he ll go after croatia next, and ruin all that olive s worked for
also why are hawthorne, mu, and teddy by the green serpent club
i m assuming tabitha is with them as well
the media is under their swy
eldritch s. (GM): i place them in the order they re made
will the nation of h save the balkans from von
Space: h is gonna have to
hian interventionism
eldritch s. (GM): h s now president
dolan trmp
Space: you know seer i ve been wondering
what s the name of the town they re in
what province is it
for some reason i don t feel like it s one of the maritimes
eldritch s. (GM): i said it was british columbia
the west coast
Space: i remember
that now
eldritch s. (GM): and the tocity is either called belmont or its nameless
Space: belmont, BC
what s belmont like
the only canadian town we really stayed in for any length of time was thunder ba
y and it was kinda dumpy
eldritch s. (GM): it s like vancouver jr.
closer to the border
Space: is there anyone in this game who is a secret american
eldritch s. (GM): liz is a fan of america
Space: batter up
eldritch s. (GM): i hav no idea how i m going to introduce half of thse chars
Space: have it like persona, where you can do side stuff in town like go to coff
ee shopsor karaoke or what have you
visit the mall
eldritch s. (GM): that s what i was thinking

sadly i ll need more maps

Space: do you have any now
eldritch s. (GM): you ve een them all
Space: damnation and balefire
eldritch s. (GM): give me the map of fuyuki you use i ll just use that for no
hey seer
what play is the drama club going to do
eldritch s. (GM): i think i said they were doing
fuck what was it
i don t want to touch the chatlog
Space: i don t thiiink they decided on something? just improv
eldritch s. (GM): no htioned the plan was originaly to do something else
Space: lemme
brave the chatlog
ah here
they were gonna do utopia, but the class is tiny
Mobile L: Hup
Space: why mobile
Mobile L: (tips le fedora)
I am looking at Vintage Discussion Thread because I am bored and want to find al
l the Hawthorne Dreamselfys and oh dear
Space: say hello to my little friend
Mobile L: Scratchface
Space: enter the skype so you can see the top-tier photoshop i made
Mobile L: Hill yis
Space: frightening and dark land
Mobile L: Skle
Narrator : The party leave the warm walls of the Tran home.
What agenda did they set out for themselves?
Steph has to get her bow and some arrows at her grandfather s house
Jaime must collect antique weaponry from the Lancaster house
Gabby is goin with Jaime since she is unarmed
Steph: ...Okay.
Ken: ...
Steph: Maybe we should split up. So we ll look less suspicious.
Gabby: ...Yeah. For now. But when on school grounds, we stick together, and clos
e together.
Steph: Yeah. Absolutely.
Jaime: Where should we meet once we ve gotten ready?
Ken and Suzie don t have any of the weapons
Steph: Just... just the school.
Steph looks back at the two of them
Steph: Are either of you gonna get anything from, uh... I probably hav
e a few extra steak knives at my house or something.
Jaime looks back at Gabby, Ken, and Suzie
Jaime: I don t think we have enough at my house. I m not sure.
Ken: Anything you give me would be appreciated.

Suzie: ... Are you sure I ll need a weapon?

Gabby: ...I mean, as long as you can swing it or jab someone between the ribs wi
th it.
Or both.
Jaime: Just in case.
Steph: It s really... I think it s a good idea. I don t want to try and kill one
of these things, just-- may
be slow them down so we can run.
Gabby: ...Yeah. That s... Yeah.
If you don t have anything to fight with, you re fricked, and... and if you can
be any less fricked, that would be ideal.
Suzie: Alright.
Steph: My house is this way, just a short walk from here. Uh... we ll meet back
up at the school. Call when you get there and if you see anything weird, okay?
Gabby nod nod nod
Jaime nods
Suzie nods
Ken: Would you like me to come with you, or go to the school and wair?
Jaime: You should come with us. Either to my house, or Steph s.
Gabby nod nod nod
Gabby: I m going with Jaime.
Steph: I think I d feel better if you came with me. I m... I mean, I m still kin
d of...
You know.
Ken nods
Steph: ...Yeah.
Steph starts on her way
Ken followers her, hands in his pockets
Gabby silently like "please don t let anything bad happen to him" as she watches
them head off
Steph: gee thanks
Gabby: i believe in youuuuuuu
Jaime: Follow me. The house shouldn t be too far.
Narrator : Immediatly, Steph hears footsteps other than theirs
Jaime starts on his way
Steph: ...Oh, shit...
Gabby nod nod nods and follows, keeping her head up for danger
Narrator : Something smells like cigar smoke.
Suzie follows them quiet
Steph looks, while trying to look like she s not looking
Cold Man puffs on his cigar, looking at a gun in his hand
Gabby makin my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and I m (Jaime s) homebou
Cold Man: ... Damn it, Johnny...
Steph stops cold
Cold Man: mobe your token fox, lead us

Jaime: Where d my token go

Narrator : you moved it off the map
Gabby: jaime why
you had
one mission
Narrator : What do you do, Steph
Ken quietly creeps up behind her
Steph does he see them yet
Narrator : Nope.
Jaime: now there are two of me
Gabby: budding
Steph: ...Let s see if we can, uh, take the long way...
Space: i m going to assume that
Narrator : How loudly did she say that
Space: they re not bumping into each other again
she was whispering
Ken nods, following
Jaime: Hurry up, shitlords
Steph trying to get out of the guy s line ofsight as she goes
Gabby: jeezus christ jaime my tiny vietnamese/french legs can only go so fast
Narrator : ROll finesse, steph
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 19
Narrator : Wow not even looking at who might be on the street, eh, Jaime
Steph moves quiet as a martian wind
Jaime well you didn t say anything
Gabby is MOST CERTAINLY lookin while trying to keep up with the Jaime
Narrator : because you just
Steph is going slowly and casually
Jaime that was a timelapse that i assumed happened
Narrator : i never said that
Steph when the coast is clear
Steph: ...Thanks.
For coming with me, I mean. I appreciate it.
Jaime bah, i have better things to do than argue with a narrator
Narrator : roll finesse, gabby and jaime
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse

= 17
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse
= 17
Narrator : well being fucking sonic has its perks
Nurse Foxhole doesn t even look their way.
Mobile L:
Ken: It s no problem, Stephanie.
Gabby exhales a quiet sigh of relief, not wanting to broach that issue at all
Steph checks her corners, looking back behind her also
Jaime keep on christopher walken
Narrator : Around the corner is a man, sitting in the dark alley.
He gnaws on something
Mobile L:
Narrator : Jaime walks very much, eventually walking into a wall
Jaime walking-speed thud
Steph: ...
Gabby rrrrrt, qumin 2 a stap
Steph just... walk right on by the alley
Steph just right on by
Ken qiietly followers her, not seeming bothered
Jaime backs up from the wall, looking left and right
Narrator : Down the street.
A lean man walks.
Wearing a black suit
Gabby oh man, near us?
Narrator : can you wait
for one moment
or i m going to take
your superfast jaime
and shove it
up your ass
Jaime owwww
Narrator : Not too far away,
Steph walks by the alley.
The nomming man pays her no heed

The Shady Man quietly walks down the sidewalk.

Gabby oh frick, uhhhh. act natural?
Steph picks up the pace slightly once they re in the clear
Narrator : The pin on his lapel glinting in the light.
Gabby UH OH... but tries very hard not to let this on, at all
Jaime does best not to let anything on, keeping on walking
Narrator : Steph and Ken walks the dark, lonley roads.
Steph: ...Are you doing okay?
Narrator : rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 11
Unfortunately for Jaime and Gabby.
The Shady Man adjusts his shades, seeing them.
Jaime: ...
Gabby metal_gear_solid_alert_noise.wav
Ken: Yes, I m feeling good enough.
Jaime keeeep walking, don t look like ya notice
Shady Man walks towards them
Gabby gives a small nod to look polite
Shady Man: Hey, you there.
Gabby: ...Um... Yes, sir?
Jaime: ...
Steph: Heh heh... you re doing, uh... pretty good, Ken.
Gabby unassuming little asian gurl, nothin 2 c here, no sir
Shady Man: What are a bunch of kids doing walking around this time of night?
Jaime: We re just heading home.
Jaime trying to sound nonchalant
Ken: I m not doing anything at all.
Narrator : how about you make a finesse roll to sound that suave, jaime
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 18
Narrator : seduce this man
Jaime hot
Shady Man: ...
Steph: That means you re a natural.

Shady Man adjusts his shades

Gabby nod nod, ooh she s got a backpack, CLEARLY this must be some nerd study gr
Shady Man: ... Have either of you kids seen a girl, about yay-height. Pale. Blac
k hair. Wears gray?
Ken: You do me too much credit.
Jaime shakes his head
Jaime: Doesn t ring a bell.
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 10
Gabby: ...No, why? Is there, like, amber alert (or the Canadian equivalent, what
Ken: it s still am amber alert
Steph: Say, you don t have any kind of experience with kind of thing, do you?
Gabby: yey
Steph is trying to keep the mood light even though she s nervous
Mobile L: Should I bolster roll?
Shady Man looks down his nose at Jaime
Shady Man: do it
Mobile L: pray4me
Jaime pray
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse
= 15
Space: prayer answered by greek jesus
Shady Man and then looks up
Shady Man: Alright.
If you kids see her, tell the police.
We need to ask her a few questions.
Gabby: ... Kay, yes sir.
Jaime nods
Gabby nod nod nod, sweet obedient little child who LOVES THE LAW SO MUCH
Shady Man: You stay safe out here.
The streets are dangerous this late.
Gabby: Course, sir. We ll stick close.

Shady Man nods and walks off

Ken: None at all.
Jaime: ...Let s hurry. It s getting darker.
Jaime does that
Steph: Haven t even taken a class on it?
Gabby: ...Yeah. We close?
Ken: Have you?
Steph: No, but I ve read books like this.
Jaime: Should be.
Jaime is heading for the general direction of the ritzy area
Gabby: Frick yeah...
Gabby ooh gosh, didn t take him for a MAN OF WEALTH
Narrator : Jaime comes to his little suburb, King s Rock
Ken: Really?
Ken follows Steph as they approach her domicile
Steph: Uh huh. I mean... not this exact situation, but... y know.
Okay, we re... come on in. It ll just be a little bit.
Suzie: ... You live here, too?
Jaime heads for his red stone house
Gabby god dang, all these frickin
Ken: Alright.


Ken steps inside

Gabby prolly isn t bad off, tho
Steph the entry
Narrator : Ronald sleeps on the loveseat, having been watching TV Static for thr
ee hours prior.
Meanwhile, the sight of Jaime s red house looms above them.
Steph ah, good...
Steph tip-toe, tip-toe to the kitchen
Narrator : that s racist
Gabby: you rere racist
Narrator : Steph mgs s her way to the kitchen.
Steph gathers up... a knife
Jaime looks over the Red House to see if there s anything or anyone that could s
pot them from the outside
Steph a big carving knife
Gabby yo, Sooz axed him a question oop thar
Narrator : Just Jerry, that little dickhead kid, playing on his lawn next door.
Jaime dammit

Narrator : Shooting a doll with a watergun

Jaime: Yeah, I do.
Narrator : Steph grabs the wicked blade.
Jaime speaks softly
Jaime: You know him, Suzie?
Suzie shrugs
Suzie: Not well.
Gabby ogles the small brat child fascinatedly
Steph then heads upstairs to grab a duffle bag, her bow, and some arrows
Jaime: Maybe you ought to get to know him better. Being... close neighbors and a
Narrator : Jerry makes this face
Jaime has a spy-esque undertone to his voice
Gabby ooooooh, that boy, I hate im already
Narrator : YOU HAVE MY BOW
Gabby: ...Neat place.
Gabby also talking softly
Narrator : Suzie nods and reluctanlty walks over to Jerry, who imemdiatly sprays
the shit out of her with the gun
Steph sucSESS
Narrator : You remember Jerry, now, Terry beats him up.
Steph sneaks back down to where Ken is at
Narrator : Ken is quietly milling about the entranceway.
Jaime: ...Stay out here. I ll go grab a few things.
Gabby nod nod nod... got dang
Jaime enters the red house - the house the color of dried blood
Narrator : Chinese takeout sits on the table, a note on it reads;
Steph whispers
Gabby wonders if she should help at all with the terrible little kid thing, or i
f Sooz has it covered
Steph: Okay, let s get going...
Narrator : "Jaime. Attending wedding. Business. Eat this."
Steph hands him the knife
Ken takes the knife
Jaime is it in Johann s handwriting
Ken: yes
Thank you.
Jaime: ...
Jaime how hungry is jaime
Narrator : do i like like a wizard to you

Jaime fine
Steph nods once
Steph starts on back, school-a-ways
Jaime grabs a thing of fried rice and a fork, and heads upstairs to get a duffle
bag while eating it
Ken follows jer
Gabby waits nervously and attentively
Narrator : Terry seems to be asleep.
Suzie continues getting sprayed
Jaime: ...
Gabby goes over, sighing, and offers herself up to the dreaded sprayer
Jaime good thing, he thinks, as he gets said duffle bag
Narrator : Terry sprays her, too, like a little dipshit
Gabby >:c, but at least she s being a team player
Jaime then goes to collect all the antique weapons that he can recall the locati
on of
Narrator : Three ones.
Steph: ...
Steph looks back at Ken
Narrator : Promised and Blood Drinker, both made with damascus steel, and a cros
Jaime aww yeh
Jaime gets those, along with all the necessary bolts and drawstring-thingies for
the crossbow, then puts them in his duffle bag
Jaime then heads outta da house
Gabby looks up at him, all wet and crap
Jaime: Did Jerry start shooting you?
Jaime hasn t noticed Terry yet
Gabby ...nod nod nod, looking QUITE GRUMP
Jaime: ...Where s Suzie?
Narrator : Ken looks at Steph
Suzie approaches them, soaked
Steph: ...
Steph nods once
Steph gets out her phone
Narrator : it s already raining
they re just soaked

Steph ducks against the wall, trying to call gabby

Gabby grrrghhh why this...
Jaime: ...Sorry about that. We better hurry. I don t want Terry to notice this a
t all.
Gabby oop the FONE
Gabby: ... S alright, it s just water.
Gabby TAKEY the call
Steph: We re at the school.
Gabby: ...Cool. We re about to head there from Jaime s house. You both okay?
Steph: Yeah.
Gabby: ...Okay, good. We ll be there soon.
Cold Man: ... Fuckin unbelievable,,,
Cold Man begins walking around the corner, putting out his cigar
Steph quickly hangs up
Steph: ...
Steph tries to slip inside the grounds
Jaime nods to them, and then commences the heading to the shool
Narrator : Steph does this
Steph reeeelly quiet, waiting for this guy to pass by
Narrator : They all head past Foxhole again, and stop short of stumbling into th
e Cold Man s POV
Gabby ohhhhhh crapping frickle
Jaime keep going forward
Space: he s gonna get shot
Gabby JAIME NO WHY and tries to grab the fricker
Space: do it jaime be the hardcore biker dude who doesn t give a damn
Gabby noooooooooo...!
Gabby graaaaaaaab...!
Jaime is grabbed...!
Jaime: --!
Gabby draggggggggg
Jaime is dragggggggggged
Gabby: ...we need. to make. a detour.
Cold Man: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind

= 10
Jaime pheeeeew
Cold Man seems to notice something, but not where or what
Mobile L: Greek Jesus smiles on us again
Cold Man raises his gun
Jaime: .....
Jaime was about to say something, but the gun keeps him silent
Gabby softly begins heading backward and

round the other corner

Jaime lets himself be dragged thataway

Gabby shhhhhhh stelf, sneeky
Gabby is just gon wait at that other corner until he either turns around or fri
cks off
Suzie freezes up
Cold Man: rolling 1d20
= 9
Gabby steps a lil closer and gently beckons her hither
Cold Man: rolling 1d2
= 1
Jaime silently curses
Steph doesn t have any knowledge of what s is the happening
Cold Man heads to the allet were Suzie is
Steph gently sets down her duffle bag, getting her bow out
Cold Man points his gun at her
Jaime: --!
Cold Man: Sorry, kid.
You came to the wrong neighborhood.
Gabby CRAPFRICK and rushes to grab-drag her round the corner
Steph: ...?
Steph grabs an arrow
Steph and hurries over to... here
Narrator : how about gab rolls for it

Mobile L: I was gonna see what stat

Jaime: Dammit...!
Narrator : brawn
Mobile L: ohhhhh jeezus
Jaime puts down the dufflebag, pulling out the crossbow, trying to quickly load
the damn thing
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Brawn
= 7
Mobile L: God damn it
Narrator : Roll finesse Jaime
FInesse, Steph
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 17
Narrator : well
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 11
Narrator : for the shooting of the arrow
Steph aye, that s what i was gonna write
Narrator : As Jaime loads the croosbow, Steph just shoots the man in the back wi
th an arrow
Steph: --!!!
Narrator : But the arrow explodes into.. .confetti?
What the fuck?
Gabby: ?!!
Cold Man turns right around, twirling the gun in his hand
Steph ducks behind the wall
Mobile L: Revolver Coldelot
Steph: Hide!
Steph rushes to grab another arrow
Gabby did sooz die or
Cold Man: no


Cold Man casually begins walking to Steph
Steph nocks the arrow, drawing it back
Jaime: ...Dammit!
Gabby racks her child brain for quick ways to distract this fricker
Cold Man: Good shot.
I think my aim s just a little better, though.
Steph: D-Drop the gun, okay?
Cold Man points it at her head
Cold Man: No thanks.
Steph fires w/ the arrow
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 2
Space: oh no
Cold Man smiles as it clatters to the ground
Cold Man pistol whips her
Steph: Ghh-!!
Gabby GRITS those TEETH and tries to lob a goddang textbook into the alley behin
d him to make SOUNDS
Jaime: --!
Gabby, hold this.
Mobile L: Role?
Ken: sure
Mobile L: Can I justify mind for this?
Ken: explain that to me
Space: you have to know to throw it at a dumpster, because it ll make big echoey
or a trashcan to knock it over and make knocking-over sounds
Mobile L: Oh yes, that
Or at a window to shatter it
Space: and the angles to get it to hit just right
Mobile L: Mathemagic
Ken: sure
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 6

Mobile L: urgh
Narrator : Gabby has a freakout and just throws the book.
Space: kehehe
Narrator : It hits the smelly bum in the alley.
Space: keehehehehe
Gabby then hurriedly tries to grab what Jaime has for her
Mobile L: why did I not go to bed
Teddy Reinside jerks awake
Jaime it s the crossbow, Gabby
Ken charges The Cold Man, trying to get him away from teph
Ken: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Brawn
= 8
Ken is also mercilessly pistol whipped
Gabby RUNS for the corner with the frickin crossbow, trying to load that betch
Jaime already loaded it
Steph kicks at the Cold Man s knee during the distraction
Space: brawun?
Ken: yes
Space: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Brawn
= 12
Cold Man clutches his knee
Cold Man: Augh, son of a bitch...
Jaime pulls Promised out of that duffle bag, unsheathing it
Steph: Fuckin asshole!
Mobile L: Which estat
Space: i like this music

Jaime then just follows after

time to strike
Cold Man: what do you think a
Mobile L: Damn, I cannot even
Cold Man: shoot it
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 +
= 2

Gabby, watching from that corner, waiting for the

little girl would roll to fire a crossbow
hear it
0 for Spirit

Space meanwhile tries to wrestle for the gun

Steph no me
Mobile L: Motherfucking christ okay
I uh
Space: that s the pain i felt last sesh
Narrator : Gabby misfies, sending it into Teddy Reinside s leg
Space: good
Teddy Reinside: Ough!
Space: i don t know why
but seeing pain be brought to teddy pleases me
Steph yes wrestle for gun
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Brawn
= 16
Mobile L: God, I don t normally get salty about bad rolls, but this hurts for so
me reason
Narrator : Steph snatches the gun from the Cold Man
Mobile L: Like, for real
Space: this is the pain i had when naomi died
fear of permadeath is a powerful thing
Steph points it at him, backing up
Steph: Don t move!
Space: foxhole s seen the commotion
iblis has too
Narrator : The Cold Man just stares at thid
Mobile L: So much for stealth
Cold Man: What is this shit, a renissance fair?
Gabby: You justyou just frick RIGHT OFF!

Gabby becomes inflamed at that comment for some reason

Steph: No, you look at me! Who the fuck are you!? A-are you one of those... thos
e snake pin assholes?!
Jaime: A renaissance fair with a gun.
Gabby like wow rabid
Gabby can she notice the spoop dad man
Cold Man: Listen here, you little shits...
Steph: Talk or I ll fucking blow your brains out!
Gabby uhm whoa thats
Steph: I-I ll do it! I swear to god, I ll do it!
Cold Man: Oh, fuck off.
Gabby: No, YOU!
Steph s gun hand is shaking
Gabby how do you load this thing and turn him into swiss cheese
Gabby you re smart, you gotta figure it out
Jaime only now notices the Iblis riight next to him, craning his head over a bit
towards him
Iblis looks down at him
Cold Man: Two words.
Steph abruptly pulls the trigger
Gabby flinches
Jaime: ...What s so-Cold Man is shot with his own gun, presumably
Mobile L: mmm whatcha sayyyyyy
Jaime gets cut off by said gunfire
Gabby: !!!
Steph stares
Iblis steps by him
Iblis grabs his body
Gabby terrified, angry child holding a crossbow
Steph looks up at him
Jaime: ...
Steph her eyes widen
Iblis shakes it a bit
Steph steps back
Iblis: You re not done yet.

Not finished here.

Iblis begins dragging him off
Iblis: Twenty one bottles...
Steph watches him go, just completely shocked and at a loss
Jaime can t help but watch him go
Gabby shaking a bit, still holding that crossbow
Jaime still keeping Promised held in front of him like he s some sort of swordsm
an or something - despite Iblis having left
Steph swallows thickly
Steph looks down at the gun in her hand
Narrator : It s a gun, all right.
Jaime: ...
Narrator : Ken s been knocked out cold.
Gabby finally steps forward, still shaking badly
Steph at least has enough presence of mind to flick the safety on
Steph: ........
Jaime: ...We re in this deep.
Steph looks back up from her gun-contemplation
Steph: ....
Gabby: ...A-are y-you guys alr...?

Jaime: Can t turn back now, can we?

Steph: ...Ken s, um...
Steph steps away from him, back by her duffle bag
Gabby winces and goes over to him, awkwardly holding the unloaded crossbow in on
e hand
Steph sits down, covering her mouth with her hand as she stares off into space a
Gabby stoops down and looks Ken s injuries over, still shivering
Narrator : He s just been knocked out
Gabby doesn t know jack about the recovery position and just sorta sits by him,
the gravity of this whole thing gradually getting through to her
Gabby cries a little bit
Steph: ...
...I just killed someone.
Jaime: ...

Gabby swallows
Narrator mechanically stumbles in their direction
Narrator : Ms. Lao does.
Gabby: ...I... II hit a random guy i-in th!
Jaime: ...Guys.
Gabby oh frick oh god
Steph looks up at their history teacher
Narrator stares with vacant, dead eyes
Narrator : fuck i
Fawkes M.: She was the narrator all along
Gabby would try to see if anyone was at home, so to speak, if she wasn t so fric
ked up right now
Ms. Lao: ...
Ms. Lao clutches her stomach, convulses, and falls to the ground
Gabby: !
...G-god... ffff-fricking...
Gabby sets the crossbow down and tearfully gets up to see what s wrong with her
Jaime: ...
Steph is still clutching that gun tightly
Jaime takes a tentative step forward towards her
Narrator : You re a killer, Gabby, not a doctor.
Narrator : Jaime takes his step
Gabby is, again, a scared, helpless child in over her head with nobody to proper
ly intervene
Gabby ...They all are...
Gabby just sobs quietly
Jaime does Ms. Lao look dead
Steph: .....
Narrator : No more dead than usual.
Steph is currently not able to deal with things overmuch
Steph has had a rough day
Gabby oh, same
Jaime: ...We should get out of here.
Gabby small, sad useless child
Steph: We re already here. This is what you came here for.
Jaime: ...
Let s get this over with, shouldn t we?

Steph: Wake Ken up.

Gabby sloshes over there and nudges him, too tearful to make non-crying noises
Ken rises
Ken: ...
Ken rubs his head
Gabby ahahahaha can t ask if he s okay in this state, soooooooo fricking useless
Steph: ...
Steph gets to her feet
Steph with some difficulty
Steph goes over to Ms. Lao
Steph wipes her eyes, and checks to see if lao has a pulse
Ms. Lao has a pulse
Steph and she s breathing too right
Ms. Lao yes
Steph: ....
Gabby still cry
Steph shakes her shoulder a little bit
Ms. Lao doesn t respond
Steph tries to drag her under a tree or something along those lines, just so she
won t get rained on
Ms. Lao is under a tree now
Gabby Cry 2: Cry Harder
Steph: ...Let s just get this over with.
Jaime walks over to Gabby, jostling her lightly on the shoulder
Gabby mechanically reaches down for the crossbow
Steph checks to see how many rounds are in the gun
Narrator : Two.
Jaime: ...
Jaime takes Blood Drinker from his now-empty duffel bag
Gabby doesn t even know how to load the damn thing
Steph starts for the shed
Jaime: Forget the crossbow.
Narrator : Steph can into shed.

Steph hesitates, placing her hand on the door-handle

Steph: ...
Steph opens it
Jaime hands Promised to Gabby
Narrator : Ken follows her in.
Gabby takes the big sword and just kinda walks in there
Jaime follows behind her, unsheathing Blood Drinker
Steph: ...If something seems wrong, just run, okay? And don t look back.
Narrator : Ken nods
Gabby just holds that sword
Jaime gives a short nod
Space: hold on i m gonna refresh
map is weird for me
Gabby tiredly sloshes in the vague direction of where the monster was, gripping
the sword as tightly as she can
Jaime is about to go off in his own direction - but a pang of guilt causes him t
o follow Gabby instead
Space: there we go
Steph hangs back
Steph: ...
Gabby just sort of trying to accept it at this point
Steph doesn t want to see what she knows she s gonna see
Narrator : Ken stops.
Ken: There s something hanging from the ceiling, I think it s the pull switch fo
r the light.
Ken pulls it
Gabby Maybe it won t be you. Causality is a fluke. At least it was fun until thi
s point...
Gabby yay...
Jaime: ...there we go.
Steph: ...
Steph looks down at the eye
Narrator : It s been carved in.
Gabby looks for corpses in the dim light
Narrator : No dead bodies.
Narrator : Not a speck of blood.
Steph: ...Someone else was here. This... w-was this here before?
Gabby: ...Yes...
Jaime nods

Gabby: ...I... didn t mention it, cuz... y know...

Steph: ...
Did you guys find her?
Gabby: ... S all gone...
Jaime: No.
Gabby: ...Cleaned out.

Gabby still holds the sword and gives the building a final once-over
Space: whats down that there door
Narrator : The dark door suddenly slams shut at their approach.
Gabby: !
Jaime: --!
Steph: G-Guys?!
Steph looks up, clutching the gun
Gabby grips the sword and slowly moves over to Ken s side
Gabby: . . . . . .
Jaime grips his own sword, stepping back a bit towards Steph and Suzie
Narrator : i said slammed shut not flew open
Gabby i know
Gabby: . . . . .
Gabby slooowly ooches back towards the others, pausing every now and then to let
Ken follow and look for danger
Narrator : brb
Mobile L: Just as well, I have to use the bathroom
I m gonna be leaving as soon as they get out, BTW
I stayed up too late :B
Steph: ...That was a waste. We should have just stayed home.
Jaime: Well, now we know.
Steph wheels on him
Steph: What, Jaime? What do we know? What the fuck do we know now?
Jaime: ...
Steph is tired and drenched and scared and just killed a man and is in the room
where she saw one of her friends get her head crushed like a melon
Gabby: . . . . .
Steph: If-- if you ve got an answer for any of this... this meaningless bullshit
, then I d like to hear it. I really fucking would.
Gabby just keeps lurching
Jaime: ...We can t go any further than this.
You re right.
We won t find anything here, tonight.
So, let s just go back.
Steph: Fuck you, you re just saying that because I have a gun.
Gabby: . . . . .
Gabby squeezes the hilt of the sword until it hurts her hand
Jaime: I m saying this because I don t want you to get yourself killed!
Suzie just walks out
Gabby takes the last couple steps to get back to the others

Steph: ...
That s... that s the second time today some asshole pointed a gun at me. I m sic
k of it.
Let s get the hell out of here.
Gabby goes to follow Sooz out
Jaime: ...
Come on.
Jaime starts for the door
Steph tiredly follows
Narrator : The party all return to their homes.
Steph hardly gets any sleep that night
Gabby oh, same
eldritch s. (GM): There will be school for them, tomorrow.
Steph hate hate hate hate
Mr. Mu: Do you desire death, Gabbriella Tran?
In your heart of hearts, is that what you seek?
Jaime quite restless - recalling Uncle Robert s boisterous war stories is only m
aking matters worse
Mobile L: Do I answer
If so, we gotta expedite it because I have 15 mins of battery and I just took ZQ
Narrator : he asked a question
Mobile L: I just wanted to know if it was rhetorical or not
Mr. Mu: All I require is a simple yes or no.
...N-no... I... No...
eldritch s. (GM): there
Space: fuckin coldman
so what was foxhole doing by suzie
Mobile L: Sorry, I m not really on my A game I don t think
Space: oh me neither
it s late
Mobile L: I gotta sleep
Space: night mobile
Mobile L: G night
Fawkes M.: Night
eldritch s. (GM): why should i tell you
Narrator : With the events of yesterday behind them, the cast go to school to fa
ce another day.
Gabby is generally just :C
Narrator : And immediatly come to face with the sketchiest motherfuckers.
Gabby friiiiiiiiiiiick...
Steph yawns, rubbing her jaw
Steph pauses mid-rub seeing the three of them
Narrator : They silently stare them down.

Steph: ...
Steph wordlessly heads into class
Gabby just looks tiredly on like "okay..." and follows
Narrator : Naomi s seat lies empty.
Steph can t help but look at it
Steph: .....
Gabby sighs dejectedly
Gabby looks like she probably cried herself to sleep and cried a bit more after
waking up
Ms. Lachance: ...
Well, bad news, listen up.
Naomi s been reported missing, hasn t been seen since yesterday,
If any of you dipsticks know where she is, cough it up or I ll make you cough up
your teeth,
Steph: .......
Ms. Lachance: With this in mind, I think we ll wait before starting The Merchant
of Venice.
Take our your notebooks and write a journal entry.
Gabby does this
Steph gets hers out
Steph isn t sure where this is going, but probably isn t gonna like it
Ms. Lachance: The theme of today is...
rolling 1d20
= 14
... Friendship.
Ms. Lachance clearly just pulled that out of her ass
Ms. Lachance: Write about friendship.
Just hand me a page about it and you ll get the mark.
Steph puts pencil to paper and gets going, with little enthusiasm
Gabby just gets to writing the most soulless, dejected piece on friendship in th
e history of human civilization
Narrator : gabby rolls mind
steph rolls spirit
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Spirit
= 1

Space: mother of god

Narrator : Steph, as she writes it.
Breaks down.
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 12
Narrator : Gabby writes a satisfactory piece of soulless bullshit.
Ms. Lachance sips her coffee
Ms. Lachance: Jesus H. Murphy, here we go...
Gabby would smile at herself if she wasn t so fucked and if she didn t hear Step
h sobbing
Steph sets her pencil down for a moment, covering her face
Steph fuck fuck everyone is looking fuck goddamn it
Ms. Lachance: Time for the waterworks.
It s just a fucki- whatever. It s just a journal entry.
Gabby averts her eyes for Steph s sake
Ms. Lachance: Ridiculous, kids these days are such a bunch of puss-sssssssssssss
Steph is rapidly trying to compose herself
Ms. Lachance: Motherfucker!
Steph but it s failing
Ms. Lachance throws her mug at the ground
Ken turns in his seat and lays a hand on her
Gabby c mon gurl you can fricking do this, probably...
Narrator : The rest of the class looking, expressions varying from confusion, to
concern, to annoyance, in two particular cases.
Gabby postive... -ish energies...?
Steph rests her head down on her desk as she just bawls
Gabby oh frick... oh geez...
Narrator : lachance isn t annoyed while staring at steph, she s just pissed off
in general, rambling about coffee and money
the other two were right, though
Ken: It s going to be alrigt.
Please stop crying, it helps no one.
Nothing can drink salt water.

Steph sniffles, just absolutely mortified

Steph is calming down a little, but not overmuch
Steph wipes her eyes
Ken: That s better.
Take deep breaths.
Gabby thank frick for Ken, God bless im...
Ms. Lachance storms out, needing a new mug
Steph inhale
Steph and exhale
Steph: .....
Gabby meek, dejected co-pat...
Gabby pat pat pafrick
Shady Man: ...
I think you should see a doctor about that.
I believe you have one working in this school.
Steph: Get lost...
Gabby glares daggers at this fricker
Shady Man turns around, walking down the wall
Gabby aaaaa no this fricking friendship thing, making you care about stuff again
, kill it
Shady Man begins cleaning up her mess
Shady Man: lachance does
Mobile L: nice, Shady
Ken: It s all going to be alright.
Gabby ...nod... pat
Ms. Lachance sits down with another mug
Steph shifts in her seat a little
Gabby dang it, you are doomed to care about things until your early death, why..
Ms. Lachance: Get out, wash your face.
Come back when you re done.
Steph: ...I ll, uhm, I ll be fine...
Ms. Lachance: Do it,
Steph: ...
Steph reluctantly exits
Steph heads for the ladies room

Narrator : The sketchy fuckers are just all over the place
Steph goes into the ladies washroom
Steph the cleaning of the face and the composing of the self begins
Narrator : roll spirit
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Spirit
= 10
Narrator : Meanwhile in lass, Lilly nudges Gabby
Lilly: ... Do you have any idea what s eating her?
Gabby wonders if maybe she should write something akin to a final will and testa
ment for the Chopin pics and crap
Narrator : Steph barely manages to keep herself together, taking a while to get
herself ready again
Steph: ...
Steph figures she ll wait just a little bit longer
Space: (while i grab a snack)
Gabby is not sure whether it s safe to confide in her or not, and also doesn t l
ook so gr8 herself
Narrator : you can t keep people waiting forever gab
Gabby: ...It... It s complicated... Can... Can we talk during lunch, maybe, o-or
after school altogether?
Steph alright
Narrator : But Steph
Someone is entering the washroom
Steph: ...?
Lilly: Sure, alright.
Gabby: ...Thanks...
Gabby gives a small, tired nod
Narrator : Does Steph do anything or what?
Steph shuts and locks the stall that she s been trying to calm herself down in
Narrator : Someone steps in.
There s a soft "Hrm..." sound
And they head out
Steph waits a little bit longer
Steph then exits, heading back to class
Mobile L: u lil pervert betch
Narrator : Stands by the door, about to open it
Tabitha does
Steph: ...Um...?
Tabitha St. Marie: Oh?
Oh, hello!
Tabitha St. Marie opens the door
Tabitha St. Marie: Please, come in.

Mobile L: ?
Steph just kind of
Mobile L who the fricking hell-heck
Tabitha St. Marie: Don t let me bother you.
Steph steps in, looking at her a little funny
Gabby blurf
Steph slides into her seat
Tabitha St. Marie flashes Lachance a card
Tabitha St. Marie whispers something to her
Tabitha St. Marie: Good, good...
Hello young adults!
Steph is silent
Tabitha St. Marie: I m Tabitha St. Marie.
Gabby urrrrrhhhgghhhhhh...?
Tabitha St. Marie: I m a reporter, and I m here to write up a story for the Belm
ont Gazette.
So I m going to conduct some interviews, m kay? And just sit in on your classes.
Gabby oh... oh boy...
Tabitha St. Marie: Don t worry, all of your legal guardians have signed off on t
his, I assure you.
Steph is kind of, wondering just what exactly she s writing about
Tabitha St. Marie: No need to even ask them.
Gabby wishes she came about a month ago, when her life didn t suck fricking ball
s and she had a lot to say about transhumanism and the future
Tabitha St. Marie: Now, can I get all of your names?
Tabitha St. Marie has her notebook out
Tabitha St. Marie has a real setup, a go-pro, microphone holstered on her belt,
the notebook and bunch of pens
Space: i read that as a bunch of penis
Gabby jk, she just kinda sighs
Tabitha St. Marie: delete
Gabby: ... M Gabby Trn.
Steph: ...Stephanie Karloman.
Tabitha St. Marie:
everyone fird of a heart attack
Tabitha St. Marie takes down the names of the entire class
Tabitha St. Marie: Alright, for now I ll just sit in.
Gabby x_x, and Wammy s House must now find another G

Tabitha St. Marie: Please, pretend I m not even there!

Tabitha St. Marie sits in Naomi s desk
Steph: ........
Ms. Lachance: ... Right.
Finish the Journal entries.
Hand them in once they re done.
Steph continues on her writing
Steph trying not to break down again
Ms. Lachance: how about you roll spirit
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Spirit
= 5
Narrator : The journal entry is incoherent and obviously unhinged but Steph isn
t crying.
Steph is proud of this small fact
Mobile L: soz, had to relocate/put dogs to bed
Narrator : hand them in asshole
Gabby bep, soullessness
Steph tears out the sheet of mildly tear-stained paper
Steph hands it in
Narrator : Lachance takes some of the journal entries, making raspberries to her
self and she skims them
Gabby whatevs, man...
Ms. Lachance: All of these are a big pile, but they re satisfactory.
And that s what gets you places in life.
Being enough.
Not being good.
Not even being okay.
But being acceptable.
Gabby urrrrrghhhhh shut uuuuuuup, everything suuuuuuucks
Ms. Lachance: Now...
Ms. Lachance goes on to talk about grammar for the rest of the class
Narrator : i think that s a fine spot to end it for now
Space: poor steph
Mobile L: Koolio, and this works as I will have to be to bed soonish
Yeah, poor thing
Space: wonder where the jason is
Narrator : right there
Space: but seer
Narrator : there s nothing there
Space: but
Narrator : how was that tiny little crumb
Mobile L: I liked, and I wonder what Tabitha want

Space: i m not so sure if she s legit

Narrator : why s that
Space: didn t say what she s writing
that bit about "oh your parents and guardians said it s okay, don t ask them"
Narrator : you said this roll20 makes you feel tense
Space: not knowing who to trust and not to trust
i mean most people are generally trustworthy but
also it feels like there are consequences for your actions and fuckups
Narrator : rip in piece naomi
Space: oh shit a true crime author
Mobile L: It s very survival horror thus far
Our protags are just so feeble and fragile statwise, so I get nervous every time
there s a roll to be made
And I kind of obsess over decisions
Space: same
Narrator : all this power
Space: will we able to do something wehn fox returns
Mobile L: If so, I won t be around for it
Narrator : i think we ll stop for the night
Space: but now i must find some thing to do
Narrator : you could talk to me
Mobile L: Discussion topic: Risei Kotomine is a cool-lookin motherfucker
Narrator : i don t know how i ll be bale to transition the tone back to a modera
te level of lightness so everyone isn t shellshocked
Space: schmidt is kinder than fuggin lachance so it ought to be okay
Narrator : i m debating
whether to have him be from westphalia or the german part of belgium
Mobile L: Ooh
Space: westphalia it s a good name
risei swole
Mobile L: Stronk
Space: i m excited for how this roll20 will grow and develop
mobile has a better idea of what ll happen due to the map power
Mobile L: >:)
Gotta slep now, tho
G night
Space: fare well moible
oh dear
:C :C :C :C :C
eldritch s. (GM): you saw it
Space: yes
are we gonna run tonight
eldritch s. (GM): the question is: is fox around
Space: yes
eldritch s. (GM): bring him in
Space: gimme un momento
eldritch s. (GM): so i heard about parts of grave of the fireflies as i eavesdro
pepd on people while doing my schoolwork
it sounds completely fucked
but yes what the devs said about the wendigo designs in until dawn: they wabred
the movement to feel like a spider
Space: grave of th fireflies fucked me up
eldritch s. (GM): creeping one moment, scuttering about, and then rapidly snappi
ng and hopping

and the screams were very interesting

what they did
is they themselves screamed
got a bunch of animal howls and noises
and used a lot of editing to meld them together
eldritch s. (GM): trying to keep it inhuman bu having a human understone
i think things like that are interesting
Space: ooh
behind the scenes stuff is cool
fox says he can t
eldritch s. (GM): alright then it s not going forward
Space: then this means i can draft up shit
eldritch s. (GM): i m not moving it without people for a while now, i ve done th
at a bit already
besides hearing about the end of grave of the fireflies made me think of two thi
tell me
eldritch s. (GM): 1. i want to watch a ghibli move again
2. something about it makes me want to write something with a wendigo, for whate
ver fucking reason
Space: cannibalism
eldritch s. (GM): the guy talking about it mentioned a kid eating marbles and th
inking they were rice-balls or some shit and that had me thinking "that s really
fucked up"
Space: that s not in the movie, but there s a scene like it
i highly recommend watching it sometime
eldritch s. (GM): i watched ntht, i payed my penance
Space: damn...
eldritch s. (GM): you never finished ntht with me
we got to the part where shit was about to go
into the complete spiral of
it organizes them in the order they re added
Space: ooh
eldritch s. (GM): i also have to enable loops
a free wendigo token
Space: oh
oh no
eldritch s. (GM): maybe naomi comitted cannibalism without a head
Space: :C
too bad there s not a student named wendy
then you could have a
eldritch s. (GM): wendingo
Space: a dingo that eats dingo flesh
Steph: tonight the streets are red, the lights are blue and blinding
eldritch s. (GM): is steph a wily or a lighjt
Steph: she is a light
Space: are there any characters in this who are wilys
eldritch s. (GM): how would you describe a wily
Space: someone to use underhanded means to turn public opinion against an intrep
id hero, while placing themselves in a position of power
rolling 3d20

= 16
holy shit now you can
click and drag to roll 3d dice
rolling 3d20
= 36
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 8
Space: ok im done
rolling 1d6
= 4
eldritch s. (GM): that s yet yo be seen
Space: ominous
eldritch s. (GM): you know what would have made emily synpathetic
to see her get upset in ways that weren t angry while in stressful situation
like all alone in the mine she nearly did when he phone ran it
she seems almost kind of sad like a child
Space: josh is indeed an asshole
oh shit
the art for the lunatic is the flamethrower guy right
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Space: wow how did i not notice until now
the plotting went well
Steph: no... you re not me!!
eldritch s. (GM): hello fox
Fawkes M.: Hellope
eldritch s. (GM): what you hath missed: naomi was declare missing, steph broke d
own crying, now a fishy journalist is sitting in the class to write a story
nothing all that important
Tabitha St. Marie: i m a star
Jaime: You re a fucking Pokemon protagonist
Mr. Schmidt sets a pig carcass down on his desk
Mr. Schmidt: What was that, Jaime?
Mr. Schmidt: Kinder! Today we are doing something unconventional.
Steph: ..???
Jaime looks back from his zoned-out-ness
Mr. Schmidt rolls in a metal cart and places the pig cadaver on it

Mr. Schmidt places on his gloves

Mr. Schmidt: All of you, fetch your gloves, goggles, and aprons.
Today we ll be introducing the concept of dissection to you.
Steph: ......
Mr. Schmidt: I figure this will help you gain a better understanding of what we
ll cover in Biology next year.
So you ought to get used to this.
Jaime: .......
Mr. Schmidt: And- my brother happened to have one too many pig cadavers, so I fi
gured I may as well put it to use here.
After we re done, this may go into sausage meat, isn t that interesting?
Jaime bites his lip a bit
Steph coughs
Mr. Schmidt gestures for them to go and get their shit for this
Steph goes to acquire the... safety equipment
Mr. Schmidt puts on a mask, apron, pair of goggles, gloves, and gets some scalpe
Mr. Schmidt and other nasty looking tools
Jaime HENSHINS into Surgeon Sentai White
Steph becomes Autopsy Ranger Blue
Mr. Schmidt: Now, gather around...
Steph moves to gather round the corpse
Mr. Schmidt begins explaining the various parts of the pig, gesturing with the s
Jaime kinda-sorta listens
Mr. Schmidt: And now... for the first incision...
Mr. Schmidt begins cutting it open, blood squirting into his goggles
Mr. Schmidt: Oh! How remarkable...
Jaime: .....
Mr. Schmidt opens up the pig, explaining its internal anatomy
Mr. Schmidt: roll for comprehension
Steph watches, taking mental notes
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 16
Mr. Schmidt: jaime decreased, because he s half-listening
Jaime: rolling {3d20kl1} + -1 for decreased mind

= 3
Mr. Schmidt explains this in some amount of jargon, but Steph understands his in
sight, Jaime gets fixated on the tone of the liver.
Mr. Schmidt it reminds him of... Naomi s grey matter
Jaime looks away, though not out of squeamishness
Mr. Schmidt: Now, this, this, this, this, t- oh, not that, and this all go into
the sausage meat...
Which my brother will then put in a lovely intestinal lining.
After it s all been cleaned up.
Steph: Your brother s a butcher?
Mr. Schmidt: Oh, yes.
He s been so for meany years.
Space: i feel like this is foreshadowing
Mr. Schmidt: I believe he s married...
I don t quite recall...
In any case.
Steph finds that a little weird, not remembering if your brother is married or n
Steph bad familial relationship?
Steph best not to ask
Mr. Schmidt removes a gruesome mass from the pig
Mr. Schmidt: This, this is abnormal.
Incredibly so...
Steph: What is it?
Jaime: ...
Mr. Schmidt: I don t know...
Mr. Schmidt prods it with his scalpel
Mr. Schmidt: ... Truly bizarre.
Steph: ..Is it... is it a tumor or something?
Mr. Schmidt examines it closely.
Mr. Schmidt: ... It does not seem to be.
I believe my brother to keep his pigs in a warehouse in the city, perhaps these
two things are related.
Steph know what this incident is teaching steph
Steph don t eat sausage
Mr. Schmidt grabs a plastic bag
Mr. Schmidt places it in the bag
Mr. Schmidt seals it
Mr. Schmidt: This, this I am going to look at.

I must ask my brother....

Jaime: ...What two things, exactly?
Mr. Schmidt: The pigs being raised in a city and this... thing.
Mr. Schmidt raises the black mass in the bag up to the light
Jaime: Bad food supply? Pollution?
Jaime doesn t sound like he believes either to be true
Mr. Schmidt: In my experience, these things do not cause this.
Well, in any matter...
I think we ve done enough for today.
Give me all your aprons and I will clean everything off.
Steph mighty morphin power autopsy
Mr. Schmidt rolls the cart and such off
Jaime: ...Hmph.
Jaime sits back down once he leaves
Tabitha St. Marie: ... Weird, innit?
Steph looks over at her
Tabitha St. Marie is clearly a journalistic type, constantly shifting her eyes t
o glean more information
Jaime: ...You have permission to be here, right?
Tabitha St. Marie: Of course, of course.
It s all perfectly, entirely, and completely legal. Just like my parking.
Not even half-parked in the disabled spot.
Jaime: Hm. I was just wondering, since, well...
Tabitha St. Marie: I m a journalist, not a pedophile.
Still, that s interesting...
Tabitha St. Marie writes something in her notebook
Jaime does she not know, he silently wonders
Tabitha St. Marie: Hm...
Enie... Meenie... Miney... Mo....
Steph: What s your article gonna be about?
Steph just out of the blue
Tabitha St. Marie: Ca- Oh.
About the mysterious disappearances of students from this school, of course, mos
t recently one Naomi Way, from your class.
Steph: ...
Tabitha St. Marie: What was Naomi like?
Did she have any close friends?
Tabitha St. Marie probably has like fifty mics hidden on her with all the gear s
he s toting around on her, she must have a strong back, too
Steph: Well, um... She...
...I-I m not, I m not super comfortable about this right now.
Tabitha St. Marie: That s alright.
You can let it all come tumbling out, no one will judge you.
Tabitha St. Marie reaches into one of her pockets and pulls out a tissue
Tabitha St. Marie: Here.
Steph: I d-- I d rather not say anything at all...

Tabitha St. Marie sets it down on her desk

Steph: .....
Jaime: You have other people you can bother, right?
Tabitha St. Marie: Why would I be bothering anyone?
Is there something you want to hide?
Space: she shoved jasper out of the way
Jaime: Have you ever had a friend of yours suddenly vanish, quite possibly dead,
and then have someone get the hell into your face and demand what they know abo
ut it?
Tabitha St. Marie: Yes.
Tabitha St. Marie quickly shoves the mic in his face
Tabitha St. Marie: Who took Naomi Way!?
Tabitha St. Marie wow sudden raised voice
Steph is clutching the tissue in her hand
Jaime goes to block the mic with his hand
Jaime: I m afraid I don t know anything about who took her. It s the truth.
Tabitha St. Marie holds it right there, in that exact spot, resisting against hi
s attempts to push it
Tabitha St. Marie: roll to push it
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Brawn
= 12
Tabitha St. Marie her arm mechanically moves to the side as she moves in a snap
to his front
Tabitha St. Marie: But someone took her, is that right?
Space: i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i
must slumber
Tabitha St. Marie: get out
never come back
Jaime: Beats me.
Steph: there
got out
Tabitha St. Marie moves back to her seat in movements reminscient of a spider or
a snake
Space: she s the wendigo
Tabitha St. Marie immediatly goes to writing in her little red book
Jaime: ...
Jaime doesn t fixate his gaze on her, looking back forward
Fawkes M.: You y moi
Tabitha St. Marie: that s it for the night i think
i m getting a bit sleepy myself
i am not a good gm when i m tired
Fawkes M.: Sleep well, Sear

Space: i knew you would be here

Mobile L: benis dildo
Space: hols
Mobile L: Yo
Ought I get in the skype?
eldritch s. (GM): it s not nessecary
fox hit a deadline right in the face as you came and had to go
and space decided to go to sleep
Mobile L: Oh, uh
why is there blood under mr. pink
eldritch s. (GM): i just didn t clean it up
he s on his period
Space: a frenchwoman
eldritch s. (GM): showerthoughts allowed me to decide who this is
Space: who is
eldritch s. (GM): that s for me to know
reading about the geography of the greek underworld allowed me also to have cool
ideas about areas
Space: she looks like a nice french lady
eldritch s. (GM): you know styx was called the river of hatred
Space: will that come up
eldritch s. (GM): acheron was the river of suffering
lethe was forgetfulness, phegtrjkflerjfokeroijoirjior was the river of fire and
i forget what emotion related to death it was
let me check
river of fire
cocytus, river of wailing
Space: none of these rivers
sound like nice places
eldritch s. (GM): no and they re not good places here either
Space: this means we can t trust elizabeth
so do all the One Who Does X + lady of lethe correspond to a different river
eldritch s. (GM): Before the entrance to Hades live Grief and Anxiety, along wit
h Diseases and Old Age. Also Fear, Hunger, Death, Agony, and Sleep, dwell in thi
s place together with Guilty Joys. On an opposite threshold is War, the Erinyes,
and Eris. Close to the doors, many other beasts dwell consisting of Centaurs, G
orgons, the Lernaean Hydra, the Chimera, the Harpies, and others. In the midst o
f all this, an Elm can be seen where False Dreams cling under every leaf.
yes actually
Space: oh damn my guess was right and smart
erinyes was a good thing in scribblenauts
eldritch s. (GM): well i say that one who brings darkness corresponds to somehwe
re that isn t a river
can you guess who corresponds top what river
also there s no one for styx yet
Space: let s see
eldritch s. (GM): this is delibrate
Space: lady of lethe = lethe
one who laments = cocytus
one who corruptts all = acheron
one who devours = phlegethon
eldritch s. (GM): you got two of those right
Space: one who laments = acheron
one who corrupts all = cocytus
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Space: interesting

Fawkes M.: Box
Mobile L: dong ding
eldritch s. (GM): hello mobile
i hope you had fun at the con
Mobile L: Whazzup my Canadian playa?
Yep, I did
Space: hou
Mobile L: Played Smash with two dorks + my sis and pranced around in my Gordon F
reeman hoodie and fake hipster glasses
eldritch s. (GM): fake hipster glasses
so a pair of fake fake glasses
Mobile L: Yep, because they look like Gordon s frames
eldritch s. (GM): i see
Space: did you see neat cosplay
Mobile L: Yep, lotsa cooler cats than I
who she
eldritch s. (GM): Mademoiselle Lane
trying to find erase me from ben folds on soundcloud, one cover, and it doesn t
even have the same level of sinister
wow she doesn t even say "what the fuck is this", she censors it with "what the
hell is this"
Mobile L: I fucking love that song
eldritch s. (GM): i caught in on juqster
and fell in love with it
Mobile L: Aww yeh
Sad about the cover, tho
Hi Fax
Space: faux
Narrator : the cover sounds like the typical folksy acoustic lovesong
Mobile L: Ew
Narrator : rather than the clingy anger of the real song
Fawkes M.: Hello hello
Hi Narrator
Narrator : Last time: Scummy journalist was scummy.
Jaime fucking scum
Narrator : Science class had Mr. Schmidt open up a pig carcass and find some gru
some black mass.
Steph fffeh
Narrator : It s now...
Gabby nghhhhh
Steph gets her computers note-book out
Ms. Guildenstern: Hey hey hey, it s me, Fat Albert!
Gabby tired nod to Miss Guilderstern
Steph mumbles a hello
Ms. Guildenstern: Alright, kids.
So the, uhm, lab s on the fritz.
Gabby SIGN............
Ms. Guildenstern: So we re going to have to make up something vaguely computer r

Any ideas?
Jaime: .....
Steph: ...Computer... history??
Ms. Guildenstern: History...
Ms. Guildenstern rubs her chin
Gabby: ...Or... Maybe, um... Like, Kerzweil s theory about the technological sin
Jaime: ...History, yeah.
Gabby sad but hoping this would maybe make crap hurt less
Ms. Guildenstern: Well, that s actually an interesting topic.
Steph: ?
Steph looks at Gabby when she says that
Ms. Guildenstern: The singularity is essentially the theory that human technolog
ical innovation is increasing at a quadratic rate, which means if you put it on
a graph, it would be a bell curve up.
And that eventually, we d reach such a point where we d create machines that cou
ld improve themselves, and the like.
Gabby , while sad and very tired, at least looks interested in it
Gabby nod nod nod
Ms. Guildenstern: Things like this are considered everything from a goal to aspi
re to, to an existential threat to humanity.
Jaime muhh
Steph: ...
Steph yawns a little
Gabby guys... please... this is nice... ;_;
Ms. Guildenstern draws up a chart on the board:
Ms. Guildenstern: Now, here s how you classify global and catarstrophic threats.
Steph looks at the chart
Gabby nod nod nod, yeah probably what s happening r/n would go in the middle box
in column 2, ahahah... ;_;
Ms. Guildenstern: The philosopher Nick Bostrom classifies risks according to the
ir scope and intensity.
Steph is finding this a bit more interesting
Ms. Guildenstern: And for Bostrom, there are four typs of risks.
"Bangs" are sudden catastrophes, which may be accidental or deliberate. He think
s the most likely sources of bangs are malicious use of nanotechnology, nuclear
war, and the possibility that the universe is a simulation that will end.
Jaime paying his usual amount of interest
Ms. Guildenstern: "Crunches" are scenarios in which humanity survives but civili
zation is irreversibly destroyed. The most likely causes of this, he believes, a
re exhaustion of natural resources, a stable global government that prevents tec
hnological progress, or dysgenic pressures that lower average intelligence.
"Shrieks" are undesirable futures. For example, if a single mind enhances its po
wers by merging with a computer, it could dominate human civilization, which cou
ld be bad. Bostrom believes that this scenario is most likely, followed by flawe
d superintelligence and a repressive totalitarian regime.

Gabby yeah, okay, but we will totes make sure that doesn t happen because, uh...
Ms. Guildenstern: "Whimpers" are the gradual decline of human civilization or cu
rrent values. He thinks the most likely cause would be evolution changing moral
preference, followed by extraterrestrial invasion.
Steph would normally be fairly incredulous at all of this
Gabby ...frick, is the snake lady an alien...?
Ms. Guildenstern: The Future of Humanity Institute believes that human extinctio
n is more likely to be caused by humans than any other source.
Jaime sure thing, head-crusher, sure thing
Ms. Guildenstern: The relative danger posed by other threats is much more diffic
ult to calculate. In 2008, a group of experts on different global catastrophic r
isks at the Global Catastrophic Risk Conference at the University of Oxford sugg
ested a 19% chance of human extinction over the next century. However, the confe
rence report cautions that the methods used to average responses to the informal
survey is suspect due to the treatment of non-responses.
19 percent.
That s a number that s both high and low, isn t it? In this instance.
Gabby nod nod... geez, frick
Steph considers this
Steph: ...
Steph it s sobering
Jaime: ...
Jaime just like dad s mug
Steph idly looking off as she thinks about this
Gabby but risks or not, this is what the singularity is for, stopping death and
making the world the excellent place it was meant to be
Ms. Guildenstern: And they have some numbers, let me recall them...
Five percent chance from Superintelligent AI...
Five percent from Nanotechnology, specifically the concept of the Gray Goo.
Which is a proposed kind of Nanobot that would destroy matter in order to make m
ore Nanobots.
Gabby oh yeah, that... frickin ...
Ms. Guildenstern: Nuclear war only accounts for one percent.
Steph: How did they come up with those numbers?
Fawkes M.: This stuff isn t legit, right?
Ms. Guildenstern: these are legit studies
Fawkes M.: What the hell
Ms. Guildenstern: I honestly don t remember.
It s been a while since i read up on this.
Steph finds that answer probably acceptable
Ms. Guildenstern: Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Elon Musk have expressed conce
rns about the possibility that AI could evolve to the point that humans could no
t control it, with Hawking theorizing that this could "spell the end of the huma
n race"
Gabby: ...What about the benefits, though? Frickin , um... I mean, it is a risk,

but there is some amazing stuff we could potentially do, isn t there?
Ms. Guildenstern: You d have to ask Hawking.
Oh, and in 2009, experts attended a conference hosted by the Association for the
Advancement of Artificial Intelligence to discuss whether computers and robots
might be able to acquire any sort of autonomy, and how much these abilities migh
t pose a threat or hazard. They noted that some robots have acquired various for
ms of semi-autonomy, including being able to find power sources on their own and
being able to independently choose targets to attack with weapons.
Gabby h-hawking-kun, why...
Ms. Guildenstern: Though, they noted that self-awareness as depicted in sciencefiction is probably unlikely, but that there were other potential hazards and pi
Eliezer Yudkowsky believes that risks from artificial intelligence are harder to
predict than any other known risks. He also argues that research into artificia
l intelligence is biased by anthropomorphism. Since people base their judgments
of artificial intelligence on their own experience, he claims that they underest
imate the potential power of AI. He distinguishes between risks due to technical
failure of AI, which means that flawed algorithms prevent the AI from carrying
out its intended goals, and philosophical failure, which means that the AI is pr
ogrammed to realize a flawed ideology.
Granted, Eliezer Yudkowsky has few little credentials and writes a crummy fanfic
tion called Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.
Gabby: ...Yeah, I read that crap, and it sucked bad.
Steph: What s it about?
Gabby thought she should mention it
Ms. Guildenstern: It takes the soul out of everything related to Harry Potter an
d replaces it with pretention.
Space: lachance kicks down the door
"heard you were talking about SHITTY FANFICTION"
Ms. Guildenstern: Ask Ms. Lachance about it, she s the one who showed it to me.
Jaime: ...Huh.
Steph: Ms. Lachance reads fanfiction?
Gabby bless you, you terrible dongwad
Ms. Guildenstern: Oh, definitely.
She brings it to staff meetings at lunch, actually.
Prints off fanfiction, imag...
Don t let her know I told you this.
Steph: ..........
Gabby nod nod nod
Steph hopes deeply that they haven t found the Kingdom Hearts fanfiction she wro
te when she was, like, twelve
Ms. Guildenstern: Eheh...
I remember, yesterday, she brought in this really silly one.
It was Kingdom Hearts.
Steph oh goddd
Ms. Guildenstern: It was written maybe, uh...
Gabby mildly intrigued
Ms. Guildenstern: Well, some years ago.

Jaime listening more to this non-academic

Ms. Guildenstern: The grammar was all okay, so was the spelling, but the story w
as just the most cliche, snobby thing.
It was fun.
Even managed to surprise Rachel with the twist.
Who knew that Riku s mysterious new lover was really Xemnas?
Gabby gawd dehng
Gabby fricking internet people...
Jaime: Who s Xemnas?
Steph: ............
Steph rubs her forehead
Ms. Guildenstern: He was a villain of some kind, clearly.
Talked a lot about darkness and inevitability and the like.
Which is interesting, because that s a whole bunch of faux-nihilism.
Steph tries her best to look innocent, like someone who doesn t know Kingdom Hea
Jaime: He never really ended up with that Riku lady in the actual Kingdom Hearts
, did he?
Ms. Guildenstern: No, I wouldn t imagine.
Gabby is mildly comforted by this light talk and Guilderstern humoring her about
the transhumanism thing
Ms. Guildenstern: NowMs. Guildenstern stops as the bell goes
Steph oh thank god
Steph t h a n k g o d
Ms. Guildenstern: Oh? Over already?
Steph praise jesuss hallelujah she is saved
Steph quickly puts away the compy notebook
Jaime: Quicker than usual.
Jaime gets to packing his things
Gabby ah man... time to brace for more drudgery and horror...
Ms. Guildenstern: Alright, youa all have a good day.
Gabby puts her crap back and gives a nod
Ms. Guildenstern steps out
Narrator : Next Up...
Jaime onore
Gabby okay this is maybe acceptable
Mr. Rosencrantz jumps in, wearing a clown mask and shouting
Mr. Rosencrantz: ... Did I scare anyone?
Did that get the creative juices flowing?

Steph is very
Steph very startled
Steph looks up at him, in surprise
Steph: ...
Steph clears her throat
Gabby uhhhhhh... dubya tee frick?
Mr. Rosencrantz takes off the mask, his face all red and warm from presumaly hav
ing worn it for a while
Jaime: ...
Mobile L: The image of Gendo in a clown mask is fabulous
Mr. Rosencrantz: I hope that woke everyone up! Uh, because that s what Drama nee
Gabby SIGN.........
Jaime: ...Mrmm.
Mr. Rosencrantz: Now, we ve, well, got a real bunch of people here.
Big class...
I think we could start working on Utopia...
Mr. Rosencrantz: Which is the play we ll be doing in drama.
Steph remembers the vague talk of this, last class
Steph doesn t
Steph actually know what the play is about
Mr. Rosencrantz: It was a tough race between that and Anne of Green Gables.
But I think we re all ready for something mature.
Gabby ...oh yeah... too tired and give out to remember properly... hope it s not
Steph: What s it about?
Mr. Rosencrantz: Alright...
So imagine...
An ancient town, out in the Steppe...
Gabby nod nod, yes go on
Mr. Rosencrantz: This town is inhabited by all kinds of weird people...
And three ruling families bicker for onctrol of the town...
Mobile L: i c wut u r doin heer
Mr. Rosencrantz: The patriarch of one of the families, named Simon, is over oen
hundred years old and said to be magic.
This gets the intrigue of a young doctor from the Capitol.
But when he arrives, the old man dies.
The town is throw into disarray.
A plague breaks out.
A haruspicus returning from the city is said to have killed his father,
Mr. Rosencrantz: And a mysterious girl wanders around the town, able to kill or
heal with a touch.
Mobile L ...Hmm... that s weird as frick but okay

Gabby i thought that, urrrrfh

Mobile L: brb real quick
Mr. Rosencrantz: And the town is sealed off by the government until the issue is
This is the rough summary of Utopia.
What do youall think?
Steph: Is it Russian? It sounds very Russian.
Mr. Rosencrantz: It is Russian.
Jaime: Mm. It can work.
Mr. Rosencrantz: Jaime, you see like a real...
Jaime: A what?
Mr. Rosencrantz: That s one of the three main healers.
He s sort of a witch doctor for the town.
The only one allowed to perform autopsies.
Steph, you seem like a real Bachelor.
And Gabby would make a good Impostress.
Steph: I do?
Mr. Rosencrantz: Yes.
The Bachelor is the young doctor for the Capitol.
He seeks to defeat death itself.
Of course, the part can always be re-gendered.
Steph: ....
Gabby contemplates being an impostress and how the frick that would work
Mr. Rosencrantz: The Impostress is the smal lgirl who can kill or heal with a to
Jaime doesn t consider his role too bad, were it not for the hard-to-pronouncene
Gabby: ...Like, how small?
Mr. Rosencrantz: Around your age, I think.
It s left ambigious.
Gabby: ...Hmm.
Mr. Rosencrantz: Now, let s assign everyone else their parts...
Suzie, State Inquisitor...
Nathan, Barley the Barber...
Ken, Petr Statmin...
Ah... Hrm...
Jasper, Mark Immortal.
Steph: smiley joe
Mr. Rosencrantz: Jason, Victor Kain...
Lilly, Maria Kain...
Heh, Vlad, you get to be Big Vlad
Anton is Small Vlad...
And the rest of the parts will be fileld in by the other drama class students.
Trust me, it s going to mesh together beautifully.
Steph is nt sure how she feels about having a lead roll
Gabby hopes this play will cause the drama magic to happen again so she can be d
istracted from the PAIN OF LIVING IN THIS HELL
Jaime is an odd mix of ambivalent and resigned
Mr. Rosencrantz: Alright, now let s do some cold reads...
Narrator : They spend the rest of the class reading the script, voice acting out
their parts
Roll for acting and skill

Jaime what stat

Narrator : whatever you can justify to mr
Mobile L: which of the estats?
Steph: finesse is used for smooth-talkingness
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 16
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 5
Narrator : okay justify it
ok you did
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 14
Space: seems about right
Narrator : Steph is actually very good in the part of the Bachelor, she has a wa
y of being able to get snobby and condescending.
Mobile L: Future actress
Narrator : Jaime, what with the dyslexia, stumbles over his lines often
Gabby once again shows remarkable skill in acting.
Jaime goddangit
Mr. Rosencrantz: Good class!
I have a good feeling about this.
Gabby nod nod... if it isn t ruined by more murder and horror, which it will be
for sure
Mr. Rosencrantz steps out
Fawkes M.: As a headsup I may or may not be on the move soon
Narrator : The day continues in much the same fashion...
Gabby just wanna go home and lean into Grandma while we watch Wheel of Fortune t
Narrator : Until the last class they hav, Health
Gabby nghhhh please be easy and quick, need to flee to Chopin den and cry

Mr. Hawthorne: Alright, children!

Rachel and I have a long talk about what constitutes "appropriate for school"/
*had a long talk
And we ll be order new textbooks.
Until then, I fished out the old ones from the landfill.
Steph oh god
Mr. Hawthorne sets the box of textbooks down onto his desk
Gabby SIGN.........
Mr. Hawthorne: These are all from the 1980s.
Jaime hooboy
Mr. Hawthorne: So they were a bit smelly anyway.
Mobile L: brb once more, I drank a whole thing of mineral water like a fool
Steph is
Steph reluctant of this
Mr. Hawthorne: Now, come and all of you take your book.
Jaime: ...
Jaime step up and take
Steph heads up first to find the least-gross book
Mr. Hawthorne smiles as everyone takes their books, Steph getting one that looks
pretty clean.
Tabitha St. Marie also got up and took one
Jaime oh no, not her
Steph is okay with
Mr. Hawthorne: ...
Who are you?
Tabitha St. Marie:
Mr. Hawthorne: ...
Steph: ......
Mr. Hawthorne: I m

Oh, don t worry, the Principal signed the forms for me to be

the principal.

Jaime: ...
Tabitha St. Marie: ...
I got my story, that s enough for me!
Suck on this, old man!
Tabitha St. Marie whacks him with the mic and takes the box of books
Steph !!!
Steph: Hey!
Steph hurls her textbook at her
Jaime blinks
Gabby: What the frick, lady?!
Tabitha St. Marie: roll brawn

Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Brawn

= 18
Gabby yes sir, she has enough vinegar in her to say that
Mobile L: FURY
Tabitha St. Marie is just take right out
Tabitha St. Marie tumbles to the hallwa floor
Steph: ...Oh. Oh, um...
Shady Man: Hey lady, you okay?
Gabby smiles an immoral smile
Shady Man kneels by her
Steph: ...Hey! She s not supposed to be here!
Tabitha St. Marie jabs him in the gonads with her mic
Tabitha St. Marie rises
Steph oh
Steph oh jess
Steph: *jeuss
Gabby D:
Steph is kind of boggling like holy fuck
Jaime o_O
Tabitha St. Marie is approached by Mr. Schmidt
Tabitha St. Marie: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 2 for Spirit
= 13
Tabitha St. Marie kicks him in the dick and runs away
Tabitha St. Marie snapping up the box of books
Gabby NO GOD DARN YOU oh gosh Mr. Schmidt...

Gabby takes it upon herself to check on her favorite teacher

Steph: .....
Mr. Schmidt rolls around, clutching his groin in pain
Gabby: ...You okay? Thatthat frickin crazy broad...
Steph goes over to Mr. Hawthorne
Mr. Hawthorne rubs his head
Mr. Hawthorne: ...
Steph: Um... sir?
Jaime is just sitting silently for now
Mr. Hawthorne: Just animals, some people.
Gabby: ...Hold on a sec, I m gonna...
Steph: Are you hurt? She hit you pretty bad with that, um...
Mobile L: That is a work of art
Mr. Hawthorne: I m fine.
Nurse Foxhole: Hey there. Gab?
Whatcha want?
Space: then there s these assholes
sideeying gabby
Gabby: Hi, um, this batcrap crazy fricko just kicked Mr. Schmidt in the dong rea
lly hard.
Narrator : Quest went chasing after Tabitha
Roger is just stunned
Nurse Foxhole: Alright, I think he ll be fine.
Unless she ruptures his testicles or something.
Gabby: ...You sure? Dude parts are... Yeah.
Nurse Foxhole: ...
Nurse Foxhole begins dragging him to the nurses office
Nurse Foxhole: I really don t think he d like this check-up done in public...
Gabby: ...Okay... Thanks...
Nurse Foxhole: No problem!
Gabby if he dies this is your fault...
Nurse Foxhole winks
Gabby SIGN...
Steph: ...So is class going to, um...?
Gabby bak2clazz, sparing an apologetic look at Best Teacher
Mr. Hawthorne rubs his noggin
Mr. Hawthorne: No, I think we can call school out early...
At least for this class.
No textbooks anyhow...
Steph oh thank jesus

Gabby aaaa must get home immediately

Jaime also internally thanks, as he starts to pack
Gabby has some sick glee at Foxhole overlooking the Shady One
Gabby fricking suck it
Steph goes to gather up her various schooling supplies and sundries
Narrator : Everone begins packing up, relieved
Gabby yep yep yep, getting out of this muderhouse ASAP
Steph adjusts her backpack
Narrator : As everyone steps out, a lurch is felt.
Jaime: ...
Gabby: {EO}@QE
Steph: ...God dammit...
Gabby: ...Stay the frick together.
Steph mildly internally despairs for a moment
Narrator : Everyone but the three of them freezes up in place.
Steph looks around
Narrator : The sun is setting.
Jaime: ...Mm.
Gabby nudges Ken, prolly to zero avail
Narrator : Actually.
Steph: ...Hello? Is it just... Suzie? Ken?
Narrator : The second she nudges Ken, he begins moving.
Ken: ...Hm?
Gabby: ...Oh crap. Crap, I...
Steph: ...
Gabby: It s happening again. Nobody touch anyone who isn t moving... Crap fricki
ng darn, I fricking...
Steph ducks against the wall for some quick shade, fishing out her notebook
Steph quickly jots something down
Ken: What s going on>
Steph puts it away
Gabby: ...This has happened before, and it s... It s really bad and dangerous. Yo
u need to stay with us.
Jaime nods
Jaime: Don t stray apart until this is over.
Gabby immediately gets out her largest textbook

Steph: Should we...?

Steph gestures a little to Suzie
Gabby: ...Leave her. I think being frozen means you re safe.
Jaime nods to affirm
Fawkes M.: I may have to leave soon
15 minutes, to be precise
Steph: ...
Okay. Okay, so... what do we do? Where do we go from here?
Jaime: Just... wait it out, I guess. It ended on its own last time, didn t it?
Gabby: ...We need to look for danger and stay the frick away from it. Andand not
get led into further danger by avoiding danger.
Steph: One of you guys lead the way. I ll just...
Steph looks back over her shoulder
Jaime: I ll lead the way.
Jaime pulls out that switchblade that he s started to carry again
Gabby grips that book like it was Jaime s sword and sticks close to Ken
Gabby frick frick frick why did you jinx him like that you IDIOT
Ken: sorry i had to talk to people
Mobile L: No worries
Steph adjusts her backpack
Fawkes M.: I don t have much time, sadly
Steph being without her bow
Ken puts his hands into his pockets
Gabby hopes that all the adversity made her arms stronger somehow
Narrator : The snake.
The one that chased them.
It trails lazily across the ground.
Steph catches a glimpse of it
Steph stays very, very still for a moment
Jaime: ...
Gabby frick, um... is it like jurassic park where if it can t see movement, it c
an t see you...?
Gabby lady where the frick are you come get your fricking snake
Narrator : It trails through the route they took to the back area.
It almost seems very smug and self-satisfied, assured of some fact.
Gabby frick you, butthole
Ken: ...
Jaime: ... S like it wants us to follow it.
Jaime speaks softly
Steph says nothing
Gabby: ...I... I don t frickin

think I trust it.

Gabby also speaking softly

Jaime: Right.
Ken: ... I want to follow it.
Gabby: ...Wh... Why?
Gabby ken no please...
Ken: When you want to solve a mystery, leave no route unexplored.
Steph: ...
Steph sets off after it
Ken begins quietly creeping after, hands in his pockets
Jaime: Even a route that would-...
Gabby follows, holding that book in a "ready to drop on that goddang snake s stu
pid head position", god dang it if ken dies this is your fault
Narrator : As Ken, Steph, and Gabby sneak after it, they see it slither into the
self-same crepy fucking shed.
Jaime had also followed
Steph: ...Jaime, you go first.
Narrator : So does Jaime.
Ken: No, I should go first.
Steph: He has the knife.
Ken: This was my idea.
Jaime: She s right.
Gabby KEN... kennnnnn...
Jaime: I m the only one with a proper weapon.
Ken: ...
Jaime: ...
Jaime the open
Gabby palpable fear that she is too bashful to express to Potential Sempai
Gabby haah god m gonna die of a heart attack before 20
Space: i hope ken-kun notices me
Gabby kokoro is all doki-doki
Narrator : He enters.
Steph steps on in after him
Jaime reaches for his phone, intent on using its flashlight
Narrator : It s already lit by the ceiling lihgt.
Gabby is just gonna flank Ken while holding that heavy-ass book
Jaime: ...
Space: gabby x ken is the new ship

Narrator : The room is empty.

Mobile L: :3c
Jaime puts the phone away
Narrator : The door that slammed shut is now open, as the snake trails through i
Mobile L: HOOOOLY FUCK there is a YTP you all must see after we finish
it s just fuckin
I mma die
Anywho, sorry, carry on
Jaime is the room dark
Narrator : The one the snake trails into? Fairly, yes.
Steph is looking around for
Jaime reaches for his phone-flashlight now, as he approaches
Steph anything to use as an impromptu weapon
Narrator : Oh, plenty.
Bottles, glass, some old drug needles.
A broom.
A mop.
A fire extuinguisher.
Steph: ...
Narrator : Perfectly good unused medical needles.
Steph checks if that there medical kit, if it s open
Jaime: ...
Steph: *has stuff in it
Jaime goes for the mop
Narrator : Yes, it s fully stocked.
Steph decides to take it with her
Ken: Gabby, stay close.
Jaime or, rather, the broom, as his knife is ultimately too teeny
Narrator : Jaime gets the broom.
Gabby: ...R-right, yeah.
Space: take off the broom bit
and tape the knife to the now broomless stick
Narrator : Steph aquires 1x heavy med kit
Steph feels a bit more confident with these useful aid tools
Steph a teensy bit
Narrator : Is it an Ayn Rand book
Gabby awww yeah, unnecessary length
Jaime tries to take off said broom bit like Spess said
Space: you can just unscrew em with most brrom

Gabby hopes it hurts the monsters as much as it hurt her

Gabby which is a fricking lot
Narrator : Jaime unscrews the broom and meaks a speare
Jaime like a dog
Mobile L: brb last time I swear, god dammit I am never having more than a pint o
f liquid at a time ever again
Ken has grabbed himself a broken piece of glass and wrapped it in a piece of clo
Steph: ...Okay, uh... are we all good?
Space: ken is kinda hardcore
Jaime: I m good.
Fawkes M.: Arrgh I dunno when I gotta leave
Ken: I feel safe...
Who is going in first?
Jaime: I ll do it.
Ken: Alright...
Steph fishes out her phone, to use as a light
Narrator : Now...
Step through the scarydoor.
Jaime holds that speare forward, as he slowly steps through the spooky scary ske
Mobile L: Hwuh okay, finally one bathroom became unoccupied
Gabby *frick oh god grandma I m sorry don t ground me
Space: a strange pile of stuff by gabby
Mobile L: It rubble
Space: good
Mobile L: Don t worry, I promise it isn t rhino dung
Space: pinky swear
Mobile L: Pinky swear
While we wait, here is a thing for you kind gentlemen
Space: holy shit
Fawkes M.: Literal holy shit
Mobile L: Cs188 is a god among men
Fawkes M.: I vaguely remember the name
Mobile L: Ejaculate on the fireman
Fawkes M.: Oh gad
Mobile L: Chef Excellence
Fawkes M.: I am being taken
Space: fare whale
Mobile L: Aww. Goodbye, Fox
Fawkes M.: Cyan
Space: yall fucks wanna head to a rabbit
Fawkes M.: I ll still be on phone, I think
Mobile L: Shur, that d be good

Mobile L: Gimme a sec to make tea for parents

Space: hokey
fox is back seer, if you see this
i was telling mobile how cuchulainn got his name, do you mind if i continue such
things here
(also i ll be plotting things with pyro)
eldritch s. (GM): sure
Narrator : The party walk into the eerie, darkened hall.
That damned serpent has trailed off into the shadows.
Gabby: ...Stay close.
Gabby HAS the BOOK
Jaime: Right.
Space: okay so when he was young, cuchulainn s name was setanta
and he wanted to prove himself as a warrior
so he traveled to this lord s castle, and the lord was named culann
Narrator : What brave soul will go forth?
Steph clutches her first aid kit by her
Space: the castle was not guarded by men
but by a giant, vicious dog
Gabby caaaaautiously steps oat there, eh
Space: and it attacked the young boy
being a badass even in youth he killed the fuck out of it
Jaime quoth Xemnas, "WE SHALL GO TOGETHER"
Space: and went promptly to apologize to culann
saying that
Gabby aaaa blood oh man
Space: until culann could train a new hound, he would offer himself as culann s
Narrator : Dried blood is caked onto the familiar floor.
Space: and was given the name, cu chulainn
Mobile L: Ooh, well fuck, that s actually cool
Space: which lit. means hound of culann
Mobile L: Dogeman
Gabby just so done with all this crap and wants to find the mystery or whatever
Narrator : Dark doorways to either side lie slightly ajar
Steph: ...
Guys, don t split up.
Jaime: Didn t plan to.
Ken: Jaime
Jaime: Which way?
Ken: Are you feeling alright?
Jaime: Of course I am.
Gabby waits for the others to ketchup so she doesn t get swiped by the horrors
Ken: Good, good...
Steph: .....
Steph wants to shine her light down the hall
Steph but

Steph really does not

Gabby gent ly steppin, not wanting to get too far from her friends or the guy wh
o is increasingly stealing her heart and making her feel all weird, like she sho
uld only feel for Chopin, dang it...
Narrator : This step takes her somewhat further into the hall/
Gabby: ...Do we even bother with the rooms?
Jaime: It ll take too long, I think.
Ken: Jaime, you should go into the front, you have a spear.
Steph: Are we hurrying?
Gabby: ...Frick, I don t even know at this point.
Narrator : Roll Mind Jaime.
Jaime: Well, what if something jumps at us through the door?
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 8
Steph: tch
Narrator : you know what i m juist going to atupass that
Gabby: I mean, on one hand, maybe we should because danger, on the other, we got
ta find out what s going on.
Narrator : you d have to be retarded to miss it
Mobile L: Dyslexia is a hell of a drug
Narrator : He can blatantly hear like frothing and growling and moving from the
door literally right next to him.
There is some shit in there.
Steph: ...Jaime?
Jaime: ...
Something s in that door.
Mobile L: So it s like a catch-twent... Oh frick.
Gabby: i said that
...Like, ghouls?
Steph: ...We, um....
Better not.
Gabby: ...Yeah. Yep.
Jaime nods
Jaime: Follow me.
Jaime slowly starts down said hall
Gabby holds Atlas Shrugged right the frick between her and Ken and that door
Narrator : Go forth, slayer of demons.
Steph hangs at the back of the line
Ken glances at Gabby, smiling serenly
Narrator : oh no
that s the evil door
Jaime then we go this-a-way
Narrator : This hallway grows sickeningly familiar.

Gabby small smile back. Gawd, how does he fricking even do it...
Narrator : The vast darkness opens up before their eyes.
Nothing yet...
There is a noise.
From very, very far down the hall.
Jaime: ...
Narrator : Deep, familiar breathing.
Narrator : But of something so great that the hall subtly trembles with each bre
Gabby: . . . . .
Gabby clutches that Objectivist propaganda so, so tightly
Jaime keeps a-holding his long, wooden spear
Narrator : sexy
Mobile L: yaranaika
Narrator : Advance or abscond?
Steph: ....
Steph ready to run at the first sign of trouble
Gabby wantin 2 abscond about now
Narrator : Besides the subtly trembles of the fel thing s breath nothing seems b
latantly dangerous besides the growling from that one room.
Jaime: ...What now?
Gabby: ... S huge, whatever it is, but...
Dang it. Dang it all. I...
Ken: We need to keep going.
Steph: ...It s gotta be huge. Whatever it is, it s...
Gabby: ...If I step over and have a look, and then get ready to run back if it s
bad, will you guys wait here?
Ken: No, you have small legs.
It should be me.
Gabby: I m, like... I m fast, I think. I ve got little chicken bones.
Jaime: Why, Ken?
Ken: I don t want to be useless.
Gabby: ...Gosh, Ken, you re... You re not, okay? Don t ever think that...
Ken: ...
Gabby aaaa... :c
Steph: Someone just go. I don t care who, just--... you know the risks, it s not
my fault.
Ken keeps a small smile on, it s vaguely unsettling
Gabby: ... Kay, if I say run, frickin leg it, alright?
Gabby gingerly creeps forth
Jaime: ...
Gabby this is for you, Ken.... but, uhm, but for Chopin more
Gabby trying very hard to be tranquil

Gabby or at least quietly angry

Narrator : The breathign grows louder for Gabby.
Gabby: . . . .
Gabby ...god... dang it...
Gabby tiny lil steps
Gabby oohhhhhh god...
Narrator : Great lungs rasp to push out stale and vile air.
Steph: ...
Narrator : She can practically taste it.
Steph looks back at the door out
Gabby ...frick.. eugh...
Gabby if I die I am a hero at least, probably...
Narrator : The door slams shut.
Of its own accord.
The sound rattles through the hall.
Jaime: --!
Gabby life has been great up until this week, some kids have bad situations, you
re privileged and you re doing a noble thing
Narrator : This sound prompts a shifting i nthe darkness before Gabby, as someth
ign great stands up
Gabby: RUN!
Steph immediately cuts and runs
Jaime: Come on!
Jaime book it
Narrator : It rises, as a great blast of sound emerges from its hole.
Narrator : The door is sealed shut, they can t get out.
Fawkes M.: Reminds me of the fooken dentist
Steph bangs on it
Narrator : The Nihilist begins charging after the,
Gabby don t let it get ken aaaaaaaa
Steph: Fuck! FUCK!
Jaime: Ghh--!
Steph starts bashing the medical kit against the lock
Narrator : It races at the speed of a train.
Steph: Come on, come ON! GOD DAMN IT!!
Gabby just frickin tries to meatshield Ken with what little meat she has
Jaime tries to stab the door with his wooden shaft

Narrator : A hole in the world splits open.

Gabby: ?!
Gabby uhhh...
Gabby well uh
Steph fuck it fuck it fuck it all aAAAAHHHHHHHHHH
Steph fucking dives in
Narrator : Jaime sees the three vanish before he himself jumps im.
Jaime: .....
Narrator : They all come to in... and odd room.
Gabby: AAAAAAAAAAAAwhatthefrick
Narrator : Some flowery, masked ponce stands before them.
Steph is just
Steph breathing heavily
Steph silent
Jaime: .....
Steph clutching that first-aid kit with a goddamn death grip
Gabby well i guess this beats dyin , eh gang...?
Jaime clutches his long lance
Mr. Mu clasps his gloved hands together
Mr. Mu: Hmhmhm!
Gabby holds up that book all shield-like
Mr. Mu: Welcome, bosom friends, to Nirvana!
Gabby: ...Bos... Fricking. E-explain, okay, what...

Gabby just so angry and jittery

Steph: ...Are we dead? Was that... that was the thing that killed...
Mr. Mu: You are not dead, far from it.
It is because you came here that you are alive.
Is this not what true living is?
Is any human truly alive until they must work for it?
Jaime: .....
Gabby: ...II need some fricking explanations... please.
Mr. Mu: I am a master of both questions and answers.
Please, call me Mr. Mu.
Gabby: ...Moo?
Steph: ...Mu...
Mr. Mu opens his arms

Mobile L: There are two types of people

Mr. Mu: Behold, this is the state where a human wants for nothing.
Gabby: ...Like in Buddhism?
Fawkes M.: Feck I gotta do something
Mr. Mu: Like in Buddhism, yes.
Gabby: ...I still want.
Mr. Mu: Well, I ll admit, it s not perfect, but it is Nirvana in a realm made of
Steph looks around Nirvana a little
Mr. Mu: Behold myself, my clothes are pristine, untouched by the filth of the ma
terial world.
Behold my body, I am not emaciated from hunger.
Gabby: ...Yeah, but all the Nirvana around you is just, uhm... super dingy and s
Steph: ...You re not from here, right? What are you?
Mr. Mu: Hear my voice, I do not crave water.
I am Mr. Mu.
I am the caretaker of Nirvana, and mentor to humans such as yourself.
Gabby VEDDY SKEPTICAL about where this is going
Gabby: ...How did we get here? How did that hole appear?
Mr. Mu: That was my doing.
Steph: Were we in the... Is this the second heaven?
Mr. Mu: Your presence here lifts a deep fog from my vision, allowing me to exert
my influence.
This entire realm is the Second Heaven!
Gabby does not think it looks so great
Mr. Mu: From the shadows of Erebus, to the corruption of Styx, to the fog of Let
To the chains of Tartarus, and the fires of Phlegethon.
Gabby get all these fricking stupid greek things outta my face... ken are you ni
Steph: So it s... what, Hades?
Mr. Mu: No, it is the Second Heaven.
Steph: But you just said...
Ken is just kind of confused
Steph just looks hopelessly out of her depth here
Mr. Mu doesn t give a shit
Mr. Mu: T|his is the crucible where sinners are made into saints, lead is made t
o pure gold.
Filth and corruption, turned to sparkling rubies and sapphires.
Gabby: ...Cool, okay. What does this mean for us? And what about the school, why
is it suddenly evil?
Mr. Mu: This is not your school, little one.
Gabby: ...I know that, but this affects it.
Mr. Mu: It does no such thing.
Steph: Why is this happening to us?
Mr. Mu: You were chosen.

Gabby d-don t dismiss me and call me little... >:c

Mr. Mu does not give a shit
Gabby why, why does their one salvation have to be such a TURD
Steph: I didn t do anything, I-- I m just.... I m nobody. Just an average... I m
ean, whoever picked me should ve picked someone else.
Mr. Mu: It is not our place to argue with fate.
Mr. Mu says this has a dramatically clasps a hand over his heart
Jaime: ...Who chose us, exactly?
Mr. Mu: A higher power.
Steph: ...
Gabby SIGN... and she opts to shut up until he starts MAKING SENSE DANGIT
Jaime: Really, now?
Mr. Mu: Oh, yes!
Steph: ...So... so what re we supposed to do?
Mr. Mu: I am glad you asked.
That thing out there, we in the know call them Nihilists.
Gabby: ...Like the philosophy?
Mr. Mu: I suppose.
Nihil means nothing in Latin.
A nothing-ist.
Jaime: So, they re basically made of nothing?
Mr. Mu: Or perhaps it is because they have nothing in their hearts?
I cannot say.
Jaime: ...Mrmm.
Gabby if only she knew that "mu" could also be construed as nothing...
Mr. Mu: Or, perhaps I simply will not say, eheheh...
Jaime internalizes that "this is sappy" response of his
Gabby: ...Where do they come from?
Mr. Mu: The River Cocytus.
Gabby ew greek...
Mr. Mu: I believe they are a natural part of the worldy process....
To prepare humans for their ultimate reward...
Steph: ...Death?
Mr. Mu: Hahahahahaahahahah!
Steph: ......
Jaime: ...
Mr. Mu: Aahahaheeheheheheehhhohohohohohohohohooohohohohohooohohohohohohohohoh!
Mr. Mu: No.
Steph feels very uncomfortable
Steph: Oh.
Mr. Mu: Well... perhaps?
Gabby: ...Then why have we never seen them before, if they re so "natural"? Why
are they not documented?
Mr. Mu: If that is what you seek, perhaps it is so?
Gabby: ...We don t.
Mr. Mu: It is because they exist here.
They are not formed outside of the Second Heaven.
Jaime: So they have some way of getting here?

Or, well, there.

Mr. Mu: They have not yet enetered the First Heaven, as far as I know.
Steph: Can they?
Mr. Mu: Well, perhaps one or two...?
Oh, yes.
They ve left before.
Steph: ....
Steph gets out her notebook
Steph sets down her backpack as a seat
Steph starts writing
Mr. Mu: Only if they
Gabby: ...So they re
Mr. Mu: *entrance
Gabby: Generally.
Mr. Mu: For the most

notice the entrace.
only a danger when a human enters the "second heaven".
part, yes.

Gabby small nod

Steph: ...When, um...
When everyone else was freezing in place, and the sun was setting... what caused
that? Or, um... what was that?
Mr. Mu: That was a natural consequence of this situation.
I will explain all of this from the top.
In the beginning, there was nothing.
Mr. Mu: Chaos and oblivion.
Steph starts furiously writing notes
Mr. Mu: The Three Heavens were devised by some mind greater than my own.
Jaime listens more than he ever did in class
Mr. Mu: The First was to be the lowest...
The realm of flawed humans.
The Second was to be a crucible, where these humans could go to be made clean th
rough a trial by fire.
And the Third Heaven, that was the greatest and highest of them all.
Fawkes M.: Roll credits
Gabby ew no humans can make themselves clean... this is hokey..........
Mr. Mu: Beyond the gate of Tartarus, there lay what all men desire.
It was judged by the Great Mind that only the humans with the strength to face t
he Second Heaven should decide what is to be done with the Third.
And so the Nihilists came into being.
But they were too skilled at their task.
Killed anyone and everyone who came.
So the Great Mind created me.
Mr. Mu: And granted me Nirvana, to shepard humans into their strength, and allow
them to face the Nihilists.
Gabby quietly wrestles with this information in her mind
Mr. Mu: And so it is that we come back to the present.
The overlap between the First and Second Heavens is...
Transient, and random.
And this overlap creates the realm of Styx, the bridge between the first two Hea

Gabby scratches her nose

Gabby this is all so weird and unscientific...
Mr. Mu: And time is of the essence.
For the connection could break for who knows how long...
Gabby: ...What did you bring us here for?
Mr. Mu: To grant you your strength, of course.
Steph: To-- yeah.
Mr. Mu: Within your, power, true power, lies dormant.
Steph stops taking notes for a second
Steph you know when you write super furiously your hand gets tired
Gabby oh yes, oh frick yes... mmm
Mr. Mu: It requires a touch of divine will to awaken it.
Jaime: ...
Gabby: ...Okay... If you can do this, then I guess just go ahead. We need all th
e help we can get with this whole awful thing.
Jaime: What exactly will you do to us?
Mr. Mu raises his hands
Gabby still very the skeptical
Steph: ...?
Mr. Mu has red lines crack from the tips of his gloves, down his body, and to th
e floor, forming thick red lines
Gabby oh frick, what
Mr. Mu: I call thee forth! Magician, Outlaw, Creator, and Hero!
Thy strength is needed!
Gabby ...uhm...?
Space: oh shit
Mr. Mu: Achieve the true objective of the Great Mind!
Mr. Mu lowers his hands as everyone feels a profound change
Mobile L:
Gabby OH FRICK WHAT??????
Jaime what manner of drug did he just give us????
Steph: ....
Narrator : You have unlocked the strength that lie dormant for you whole lives.
The power of your Archetype has become available to you.
You may know use the second rung of your powers.
Space: level uppe
Gabby doubleyou tee frick????? uhhhh...
Jaime: ...
Jaime looks over his hands, presumably feeling this strange new power
Narrator : Abstract representations of their Archetypes hang behind all of them
for a moment.
Before vanishing.
Steph: ...
Fawkes M.: Ora ora

Steph stands up
Gabby looks at hers for a fleeting moment and is... dang... um...
Mr. Mu: Now, humans!
Go forth, go forward and receive your destiny!
Jaime stands up as well
Gabby uhm... oh man... also stands...
Steph picks up her backpack
Gabby is this a Japan cartoon???
Mr. Mu chuckles as they are basically fucking thrown out of Nirvana
Jaime: --!
Gabby that s just really OHHHH FRICK
Steph aaaaaaAAA
Jaime wheeeee
Gabby ...frick...?
Fawkes M.: Sear
Mobile L: brb, gotta put the dogs up
Steph: where he go
Jaime: Iunno
This is a pretty long fall, isn t it, guys?
Space: because i can
Gabby: frickin A, geez............
Space: i think i ll make more tokens for steph
for each trait level
Fawkes M.: Will we see a Demon Steph in the future?
Mobile L: I could theoretically make more for Gabby, but they d all be super ske
tchy and not so confident
Space: who can say...
@mobile: you could draw for every npc
that way we are all equal in sketchiness
Mobile L: Uhp, well I mean I found other art of this character design, but it s
mainly sketches
Space: ooooooooooooo
well im sure that d work
he lives, he live
eldritch s. (GM): sorry i just got busy with something i m back
Mobile L: No worries
Narrator : They all spill onto the grimy floor, as the huge Nihilist stands over
Roll for intitiative
rolling 1d20
= 9
Space: rolling 1d20

= 10
Jaime: rolling 1d20
= 17
Narrator : rolling 1d20
= 19
rolling 1d20
= 1
Mobile L: Jaime takin the wheel like a muthafucka
Well, almost
Space: seer could be merciful or he could not
praise be
Mobile L: Ken also takin the wheel like a muthafucka
Poor Nihilist
Fawkes M.: So we re at one trait, right?
Narrator : also could you all set your hps to 40/40
two traits
you can use two traita
Space: 10 toughness right
Jaime: I don t have anything for direct combat until mah fourth trait
Ken being of the Hero Archetype, summons a glowing sword
Jaime: Shite
Ken: yes
Ken immediatly tries to bumrush the Nihilist
Space: you just gotta be cre at ive like me
ken s a fuckin baller
Ken: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 2 for Spirit
= 11
Fawkes M.: How specific are Steph s traits HOLY SHIT
Space: oh do we
add stat bonuses
Ken stabs it right in the gonads
Ken: not yet
i do npcs stats weirdly

Gabby kokoro doki-ing quite hard

Space: ken goes all the way
Ken: rolling 1d8 + 2 for damage
= 5
Ken plunges the sword in its knee.
Narrator : In Jaime s grip, the spear grows firm and alights.
Jaime: ...?
Narrator : This is now a weapon capable of killing a Nihilist.
Mobile L: (   )
Jaime: ...This ll work.
Gabby ...gogettim
Steph: You can do it!
Jaime: Haah--!
Jaime points his glowing spear forward and charges at the Nihilist s other knee,
hoping that Ken s work on the other leg crippled the thing
Narrator : just like what that guy did to ned
Fawkes M.: Exactly
Narrator : sure
Fawkes M.: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 15
Mobile L: aww yiss
Space: fuckin BALLIN
Narrator : The spear passes right through the twiested anatomy of its knee, shoo
ting out the other side.
rolling 1d8 + 1
= 8
Narrator : The leg crumples
Jaime: Heh!
Jaime grins upon seeing his spear in action
Jaime elated
Gabby is smiling too, ahahaha wow
Narrator : In Steph s hands, her notebook glows.
Steph: ...?!
Narrator : The powers within, her inner power and will to create allow her to ha
rm a Nihilist.
Space: at this stage, what manner of shenanigans can i pull off
Narrator : i m willing to accept projectiles in some fashion

and weaponising the book.

Steph: ...!
Steph starts writing something
Gabby ...duuuuuude whoa...
Narrator : the death note
ray penber
Steph the glowing blue words, "get bent" materialize above Steph
Steph and fire at the nihilist
Fawkes M.: Mr. Enber
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 11
Narrator : rape enber
Fawkes M.: Fuck yeah
Narrator : The G is lodged into the Nihilist s air hole.
rolling 1d8 + 1
= 6
It sputters and chokes it out
Gabby hoo gawd...
Narrator : In Gabby s hands, Atlas Shrugged flies open, pages spilling about, th
is book is now full of mystic power, fitting for the Magician. Gabby now can har
m a Nihilist.
Gabby but what about MOI?????
Space: atlas shrugs
fuckin kill him with rand
Gabby: HUP!
Gabby tries to give him the final choke on some icky Ayn Bran
Fawkes M.: John Galt s speech ages the Nihilist by ninety years
Gabby specifically the Galt speech for the mind grab
Narrator : sure
Gabby because frick that part
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind

= 14
Narrator : As she goes, Gabby recites the speech in tones like thunder.
She brings down the book onto its misshapen head, and there is a loud crack of t
hunder as a bolt strikes it
rolling 1d8 + 1
= 3
Unfortunately, the Nihilist grows incensed
Fawkes M.: Where can we see HP, if at all?
Narrator : you can t
Space: it s a secret to evverybody
Fawkes M.: Gotcher
Narrator : It rises up right, tearing the weapons from its legs
Narrator : It goes to bring a mighty fist down onto Jaime.
roll to dodge
Fawkes M.: Finesse, again?
Mobile L: Hill yiss
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 21
The Canada gods are with us tonight
Narrator : Jaime dances under the first, sinking his spear into the putrescent f
rolling 1d8 + 1
= 5
Jaime: Graaaahh--!
Narrator : Ken makes an attempt to lop off the claw
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 2 for Spirit
= 17
Gabby: Oh my God, YES. KICK ITS BUTT!
Narrator : Well there it goes.
rolling 1d8 + 1
= 9

Mobile L: Canadian Buddha

Steph: We re doing it! We re gonna make it!
Narrator : You really are just kicking the shit out of this thing.
Space: the steel samurai theme is victory
Jaime goes to follow that up with a slash at the kneecap - not a precise stab, b
ut rather a powerful slash meant to tear off the leg
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Brawn
= 9
Mobile L: Aww
Space: ono
Jaime: greek jesus, why have you forsaken me
Mobile L: PRAY
Narrator : It just kicks the spear away, fucking furious
Gabby whoaaa frick
Jaime: Ghh--!
Jaime is he disarmed
Steph: --!
Narrator : no
Steph: can i try and bolster
Narrator : sure
Steph scrawls something
Jaime knows not to try that again
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 14
Narrator : "get bent" it kills jaime
Jaime: ow
Narrator : she writes his name in the death note
Gabby: jaime no
Steph the words Kick his ass! appear, and fire off towards Jaime
Narrator : "jaime lancaster, there that save him c:"
Mobile L: Sakujo
Steph: "i am a good friend :)"
Narrator : Jaime feels pretty ballsy.
And by pretty I mean very.
Jaime be all
Gabby: ...Die, motherfricker.

Space: remember
Spend advantage when you attack: Increase the attack roll, and roll +1 damage di
Spend advantage to defend against an attack: The attacker decreases his attack r
oll, and rolls -1 damage die.
Increase any 3d20 roll you make thats related to combat.
Jaime: Gotcher
Fawkes M.: Also, dat name change
Space: heheh
Gabby tries to Atlas Fug this fricking frick by book-slapping it in the dongle
Mobile L: Mind for use of the Bin Zakbar way?
Narrator : sure
Gabby: HYARGH!
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 18
Space: canadian jesus
Narrator : Crunch. Something in it broke.
rolling 1d8 + 1
= 2
Space: ouch
Narrator : But clearly nothing too important.
Gabby: YEAH EAT THAT! ...Uhm... Yeah.
Fawkes M.: Just one of its nineteen testicles
Mobile L: Its fetus
Narrator : It takes the opprunity to express its rage.
It steps back.
And its wounds begin to close and heal as it grows even fatter.
Narrator : It fires a foul gout of miasma at them, roll to not become extremely
sickened by the stench, spirit.
Space: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Spirit
= 9
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit

= 6
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 12
Narrator : rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 2 for Spirit
= 11
Jaime and Steph are sent into horrible fits of wretching and gagging.
They forfeit their next turns...
Gabby plugs her nose.
Ken really does not seem to give a shit.
Jaime: Hurk-- blaah--!
Steph nearly vomits
Gabby: ! Oh frigh...
Jaime still feels ballsy even amongst the gagging - an odd dichotomy, the small
part of his mind that can think straight muses
Narrator : Ken charges through the vile fog, and tries going for the leg Jaime i
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 2 for Spirit
= 8
It prompty kicks him in the face, done messing around
He goes flying
Gabby: !
Fawkes M.: The magic and the mystery
Has left us
When we need it
Space: nooo
Mobile L: don t say that...
Narrator : rolling 1d8 + 3
= 8
That will leave some marks.
well, gab yzharl

...Read this entire thing.
Gabby FORCES the TERRIBLE RAND onto the monster in hopes that objectivism will b
reak its spirit
Narrator : mind
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 10
Mobile L: >:C
Fawkes M.: O
Narrator : It flings her to the side
Gabby: GHHH!
Narrator : And goes to stomp on her
roll to dodge
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse
= 13
Space: go gabby go
Steph is too busy gagging to cheer her on
Narrator : She dodges a stomp that cracked the floor where she was lying
Narrator : Ken s busy getting up
Jaime, you don t feel like puking anymore.
Gabby ...oh god... flips it...
Jaime: Haah... haah...
Jaime but he feels oh-so-ballsy still
Gabby :O :O :O
Narrator : standing on the edge
of the crater

Jaime channels the powers of all the anime spearmen in the world that he s never
heard of
Space: GAE
Jaime: Haaaaaaah---!
Fawkes M.: I shall use advantage
Finesse for aim?
Narrator : yes
Fawkes M.: rolling {3d20kh1} + 1 for increased Finesse
= 17
Mobile L: O SNAPPP
Fawkes M.: GAE
Gabby: :D
Narrator : The speare plunges into the head hole, going down into its guts...
Gabby: :,D
Narrator : rolling 1d10 + 3
= 7
Space: the damage roll is increased alos
Fawkes M.: Hang on
Two dice
Narrator : rolling 1d10 + 3
= 6
Space: kick but
Narrator : It explodes in its twisted innards and comes shooting out
Narrator : It stares down at the hole.
Go, Steph.
Fawkes M.: Bee arr bee
Steph: Hh...
Steph scrawls, in writing, something
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 20

Gabby ohmuhgawd gurl what is it

Steph GO
Steph FUCK
Steph Y O U R S E L F
Steph is the write
Narrator : The fire at it, each one slicing it like a sword
rolling 1d8 + 1
= 6
rolling 1d8 + 1
= 8
rolling 1d8 + 1
= 7
Narrator : It cries on last time.
And falls to the floor.
Fawkes M.: I am bach
Jaime: ...Haah... haah...
Gabby: !!!!!! !!! !!! !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!
Gabby: ...we

Steph: Is it... it s dead! It s dead!

Jaime is catching his breath, as the supernatural ballsy feeling leaves him
Jaime: ...Heh. Wasn t so bad, was it?
Jaime grins
Narrator : The corpse dissolves into black water, and flows away unnaturally
Steph: Oh, my god... Oh my god, we really just...
Gabby is all
Narrator : The barrier that would have blocked their way at the end of the hall
opens, as does the door that would have stopped their retreat
Ken: rolling 1d8 + 1

= 4
Jaime just smirking, as his eyes move over to Ken
Ken winces as he gets up
Ken is not looking very good
Gabby slowly quits snoopying
Steph: Okay! We...
...We, um...
Gabby: ...Oh man...
Jaime the smirk fades
Steph checks for the first aid kit
Gabby goes over to him, oh geez...
Ken: I m fine, I m alright...
Steph: Lemme patch you up anyways, here...
Steph tries to gauge the severity of his wounds, and apply treatment thusly
Ken the injuries don t seem too severe
Gabby: ...H-hey, uh... You did great. Thatthat sword thing was frickin ...
Ken: It was nothing, you all did so well.
Gabby ...oh Ken... :,c
Gabby ...dang it... dang it all, there are... there are feelings...
Steph starts a-patching him up
Gabby ...I m sorry, Chopin...
Steph: It s... it really is a trip, isn t it?
Gabby: ...No kiddin ... Man...
...This is still a goddang awful mess, and we have yet to answer several frickin
important questions...
...But this... This is gonna... This ll help, probably.
Jaime: Yeah. Now there ll be a little less running, right?
Steph: I think... I think it helps a lot. We know so much more now, and we ll fi
gure out what s happening.
I think... you know those snake guys? Now I think I know what they want.
Gabby: ...The Archetypes?
Steph: No, I think... the Second Heaven is so you can get to the Third Heaven, r
ight? That s what they re after.
Ken: Thank you.
Steph: Does that... are you feeling better? Does that help any?
Gabby: ...Oh, yeah, that...

Ken: Yes, yes it does.

Gabby aaaa gently pats Ken on the shoulder.... oh man...
Ken smiles a bit more

Gabby ...oh god... i could die now and be happy...

Gabby aaaaaaaa melting from withiiiiiiiin
Jaime: ...Should we head back outside? We need to check if this is over for now.
Steph looks between the two of them
Steph: ...
Steph has a weird look on her face
Steph: I think...
Steph looks back at Jaime
Steph: We ought to get our bearings.
Space: the look was a look of "he he he"
Gabby ...melting... melting...
Ken is a mystery
Jaime: ...Alright.
Jaime looks back at the two maybe-lovebirds
Ken: I d like to go, yes.
Gabby OKAY GET BAK TO REALITY aaaa fuzzy feelings gotta get a grip
Gabby: ...Y-yeah, um... Yep. Sure.
Steph snaps the first aid kit shut
Steph: Okay, let s get going.
Ken: she catches ken s finger in it
Steph: :c
Gabby okay phew that was the question,

kay we re good, we re good... CHOPIN SER

Steph looks back at Gabby and Ken for a second

Steph that is a smile on her face
Ken begins heading out, hands in his pockets
Gabby oh jeezus what s happening anymore... WALKING YES I AM GOOD AT WALKING
Steph exits, step a little bit lighter than when she came in
Jaime exhales as he exits
Gabby okay
d air that
Narrator :
Amidst the
Steph: ...
Narrator :

yes, outside... mmm breathe that air, that is some good reality-fille
will ground you, probably
frozen people, there is a moving figure.
The large, girthy frame of Roger Perkins.

Gabby ...YO FRICK.

Jaime: ...
Gabby uhhh eheheh I am still yes
Roger Perkins hasn t looked their way, yet

Gabby very still

Roger Perkins: ... I can just feel it.
The reek of the Nihilists...
Poor kids...
Steph is quiet
Jaime: ......
Roger Perkins: Didn t know what they were getting into...
Gabby statyoooooo
Roger Perkins sniffles
Steph: ........
Roger Perkins: ... Poor kids.
Steph if i stay still, he won t know...
Roger Perkins begins walking off
Steph: . . .
Gabby: . . . .
Roger Perkins walks off
Steph exhales
Jaime: .....
Jaime looks back
Steph: Okay...
Gabby: ... Kay, so at least Jabba there has a moral compass.
Narrator : And, everyone feels a lurch.
Gabby oop
Narrator : The world begins moving again.
Steph: --!
Jaime exhales again
Suzie: Hey.
Steph: ...!
Oh, you re...
Gabby looks up at Sooz and tries to dispel the FEELINGS
Suzie: So I talked to some of the gossipy people.
They don t have any dirt on Jasper.
Except that she konked out at lunch yesterday.
Near when the guy with the shades did.
Steph: ...
...Maybe it was, um...
...I didn t-- see him at lunch. Did any of you guys, uh...?
Mobile L: her, SHITLORD*
Space: no she s talking about He Who Will Not Be Named
Mobile L: O
Suzie: I did.
Foxhole dragged him off.
Steph: ...We could, um. We could ask him next.
Suzie: Sure.
I think he could be milling around the Chinatown.

We could probably talk to him there.

Steph: That sounds good.
Gabby nod nod
Jaime also nods
Iblis: I KNOW.
Steph: --!!!!
Gabby UM?????
Gabby: . . . . .
Suzie: What the hell?
Steph cries out, backing into Ken
Ken tries to stedy her
Ken: *steady
Jaime: --!
Gabby: ...Motherfrick...!

Steph: Fuck... oh, fuck...

Jaime: Where did-Steph: We-- we gotta go. Right now.
Gabby: Y-yeah. I thinkI think maybe I could get my grandparents to let you back o
Jaime nods
Steph: --!!!!!
Jaime: We have to---!
Steph: Fuck, fuck, oh fuck...!
Iblis closes in from all sides, hands reaching and grasping
Iblis: I KNOW.
Space: ken is just squinting at this
Jaime the literal struggle
Fawkes M.: I gotta be on the road by 9 tomorrow, so I gotta curve off by 11
Space: FACE
Iblis has taken you
Mobile L: bad
Mobile L: Ooh eck, I was about to say, I need to bounce soonish because I got u
p at 6:00 and this is a lil later than I intended to be up
Iblis: rolling 1d20
= 8
Narrator : The party has come aware in the Cafeteria.

The school is empty.

Gabby: ?????
Jaime: .....
Steph: ...
Gabby jerks awake and is immediately spooped
Steph takes a moment to compose herself
Mobile L: But whilst I am still here, let me announce that AdEVA is fast approac
Steph: ...Where s Suzie?
Space: fire
Narrator : rolling 1d20
= 13
Mobile L: And I do mean fast
Narrator : Well she s not with you.
Jaime: ...
Steph: ...Fuck... is-- is this...?
Mobile L: Due to reasons which won t be elaborated on in excess detail, Hig s sp
ot is now vacant, and Fox is free to make a pilot if he so desires
Steph checks for her notebook
Mobile L: We expect to begin either Thursday or Saturday
Narrator : It s on her.
Fawkes M.: I d join but college is an evil thing
Space: holy jeeeeeeeeeez
Steph immediately gets her note book out
Mobile L: Gotcha. Hokay, I hate to do this, but I must put the child on autopilo
t, because I must sleep
Narrator : okay
Fawkes M.: I actually have to go right now, too
Narrator : bye bye
Space: this seems to be a good stopping point
Narrator : i think steph sees what s in her journal now
Space: oh
oh no
Mobile L: Shit I accidentally backed out without saying goodnight
Steph: ...
Steph blanches
Fawkes M.: Look at Steph s journal, Mobile
Mobile L: Oh?
Steph tries crossing out the malignant phrase
Mobile L: Okay, bed5real, g night small friends
Narrator : gutennacht
Space: fare ewell
Fawkes M.: Same
Good knight
Narrator : she crosses it out
yes goodbye
Steph: ...Fuck...
Narrator : good luck with the road

Space: be strong fox

just the two of us
and me
and the rabbit
Narrator : okay
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 15
i did that for a reason
Steph: gotta go fast
oh hello
eldritch s. (GM): it works because the face is far away
Space: per spective
eldritch s. (GM): let me experiment here
scaling down the party makes this thing seem just colossal
and then once the hands are delt with the face would come forward
Space: that s rad
eldritch s. (GM): see the only problem with the face is
there s so much blank space in the token
it s a lot larger than it is
no that didn t work
oh well
Space: mister hand
whose theme is this
eldritch s. (GM): you ll find out
Space: ken
eldritch s. (GM): nope
though it would work for him
Liz Rubik : It s me.
I picked it because it combines a vague wistfulness and maturity it also sounds
somewhat aloof.
Space: good
i m excited for soomething someday to happen in this roll20
Liz Rubik : does steph keep an eye on local sports
Space: local only, not anything national
the enemy
eldritch s. (GM): so black and white about it
Space: thats the way the world works
my art
Narrator : Right
you art sucked
The cast are in the school.
Clearly, no one is here.
Steph: ...
Steph flips open her notebook
Narrator : the message you crossed out

Jaime: ...
This isn t one of those dreams, is it?
Steph: ...Let s go....
Steph tentatively starts heading on
Jaime looks back at Ken
Jaime: Come on.
Jaime then follows
Steph: they ditch gabby
Narrator : she is eaten
Ken and Gabby quietly follow along.
Steph: ...Do you guys hear something?
Jaime shakes his head
Steph: ...
Steph continues
Narrator : The man watches her.
He steps closer.
Steph: ...
Steph backs away
Steph then turns and runs
Jaime does he see the man as well
Narrator : yes
Iblis calmly turns his eyes to Jaime
Jaime: Come on!
Jaime sprints after Steph
Iblis rushes forward, but doesn t seem to be exerting himself, and reaches out t
o grab Jaime, roll finesse to evade
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 11
Iblis narrowly misses him, by the grace of God
Jaime: Ghh--!
Jaime double-times it
Narrator : The cast escape creepy-mcfuckdick
Steph is fuckin bolting
Narrator : They walk out and see the limp forms of Nathan and Suzie, face down o
n the ground.
Jaime: ...
Steph stops, breathing heavily

Steph: Oh, god...

Steph rushes over to Suzie first
Jaime goes over to Nathan
Narrator : she s dead, you killed another one
She s just passed out.
So s Nathan.
Steph: ...Hey, wake up...
Steph lightly nudges her in the face
Suzie wrenches upward, sweating
Nathan is out still
Steph: Oh, thank god, you re alive... we, we have to get out of here. And fast.
Suzie trembles
Jaime nudges Nathan
Nathan: Ngh.
Steph: It s gonna be alright, we just have to go.
Steph checks back over her shoulder
Jaime: Can you move?
Nathan: Mugh...
Narrator : No one is there, Steph, besides Gab.
Nathan: I m sleep....
is there a map made for steph s house
eldritch s. (GM): no
Jaime: You can sleep after we get out of here.
Steph spares another glance to make sure Jaime and Steph got it handled
Nathan rubs the sleep from his eyes and gets up
Steph turns and hurries as fast as she can from the school grounds
Steph: *jaime and nathan
Nathan: What...?
Jaime just grabs Other Steph s arm and follows Steph
Narrator : "Not so fast!"
says a voice
Steph halts in her tracks
Steph: I-it s you!
Teddy Reinside emerges from behind a bench, eating a piece of beef jerky, clutch
ing his leg
Teddy Reinside: Now I ve got some questions for you...
Stephanie Karloman!
And you... Jaime Lancaster!
And you... Gabbriella...
Jaime: Touchdown.
Teddy Reinside: And you... Suzie Rain!

A- Oh, thanks.
And you.... Kenneth Burrows!
Steph: What the fuck, how do you know who we are??
Teddy Reinside: I m Teddy Reinside, head of the Reinside Institute for Truth.
Steph takes a step back, clutching that notebook
Steph: No, I know that!
Teddy Reinside: You can call my toll-free hotline.
I gave you my card.
Steph: I was going to!
Teddy Reinside: Well now you can talk to me.
In the flesh.
The flesh...
You rendered with a crossbow bolt!
Teddy Reinside points in their general direction
Teddy Reinside: You, teen-stache!
It was you, wasn t it?
Teddy Reinside he s started pointing at Jaime
Jaime: Me? I haven t fired a crossbow in years.
Teddy Reinside: Prove it!
Jaime: How can I prove it?
Teddy Reinside: Exactly!
The evidnce is my leg!
Jaime: Anyone could ve shot your leg.
Teddy Reinside points at the bandage
Steph: Are we really doing this? Right now? It-- it s not SAFE here!
Teddy Reinside: Don t worry, Los Illuminatos won t strike here, so boldly...
And the only one who could have shot my leg is you, Lancaster, I know it.
Steph: For fuck s sake!
You crazy-- you complete - you absolute...
You have no idea what s going on here! Do you?! You don t know a damn thing!
Teddy Reinside: I know the truth.
I may be the only one who truly grasps the scope of this situation.
Steph: Fuck off!!
Teddy Reinside: No, you!
Jaime: And you re accusing me of shooting your leg because you think you grasp t
his situation?
Steph just fukin
Teddy Reinside: No, that s just because you re fishy.
Steph storms off past him
Teddy Reinside tries stopping her
Teddy Reinside by getting in like a sumo pose and shuffling in her path
Steph in turn, tries shoving him back
Teddy Reinside: Ohnonononono...
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Brawn

= 12
Teddy Reinside shoves him into the wall
Teddy Reinside: is shoved
shoved, shoves, will shoved
Steph: Idiot...
Teddy Reinside: The truth is out there, Karloman!
Jaime looks back at Nathan
Jaime: Best not to split up. Follow her.
Teddy Reinside: Oh no you don t!
Steph slows a little, as she starts heading off of school grounds
Steph: ...
Steph looks back at the squad, uncertainly
Teddy Reinside: If you want to get past me, you ll have to face my ancient marti
al arts techniques!
Steph: ...
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Spirit
= 7
Teddy Reinside strikes a pose
Steph: H-hey, are you guys coming, or...?
Steph can t keep the hesitance out of her voice
Jaime: Yeah, hang on. Guys, are we actually going to have to deal with this luna
Nathan: Man, this is weird...
Suzie: We should just leave.
Ken: I m interested in his take on this.
Steph: ......
eldritch s. (GM) is making kung-fu noises
eldritch s. (GM): teddy is
Steph is not going to be able to be the one to make an executive decision here
Steph as much as she wants to leave, she doesn t wanna go off on her own
Jaime: ...I just want to know one thing, first.
Teddy Reinside: HWOAAAAAA- Yeah?
Jaime: What s a Nihilist?
Teddy Reinside: Just another name for an agent of Los Illuminatos, from the east
Jaime: ...Ah. Thank you for your time, and if you don t mind...
Steph looks back over her shoulder, then back at the party
Jaime starts past Teddy
Teddy Reinside tries stopping him
Teddy Reinside: You ll let me talk!
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Brawn

= 18
Teddy Reinside is punched in the face and falls in the ground
Steph: Jesus!
Jaime: Hey, it s better than a spear.
Teddy Reinside: Owie...
Space: i feel bad for teddy
Steph: ...
Steph looks at Teddy
Teddy Reinside: I ll remember this!
This isn t the last you ve heard from the Reinside Institute!
Steph: ...
Steph there is reluctance about something
Teddy Reinside tries getting up and running off all cool
Teddy Reinside gets up and runs into a table, getting
over again
Steph: ...
...If, uh...
...I mean, if we leave him here, he s... I mean, he s
You know. Die.
Jaime: ...What, do you plan to take him back to Gabby
Steph: What s your plan, Jaime? Leave him lying there
onster can rip his guts out?
Jaime: ...
Fine, sure.

hit in the gut and falling

probably gonna...
s too?
so some - some fucked-up m

Teddy Reinside is currently peeling gum from the bottom of the table
Teddy Reinside: It s a clue...
Steph: ...
Hey, uh...
Lilly has just been watching this whole thing
Steph: We re gonna go get... something to eat. We can talk there. Or something.
Teddy Reinside turns around
Teddy Reinside: Really?
You re going to listen to me talk?
Steph: Uh huh.
You re, um... you re paying for your own food.
By the way.
Teddy Reinside puts the gum in his pocket
Teddy Reinside: Alright!
Lilly is slightly open-mouthed
Steph: Okay, great, let s just, uh...
Steph notices Lilly at this moment

Teddy Reinside hobbles over towards Jaime and the gang

Jaime: ...
Lilly quickly smiles
Jaime: No hard feelings, right?
Lilly: It s none of my business.
Steph is a little discomforted
Steph: How, um... how long have you been there?
Teddy Reinside: None if you pay for my lunch.
Lilly: ...
A few minutes.
Steph fuck, she thinks
Jaime: You don t have any monry?
Steph: This is, um... this probably looks weird.
Teddy Reinside: I ve given all my funds to the Institute.
I will find the truth.
Lilly: It s fine, really, we all have odd days!
Steph: ...Lilly, it s-- it isn t safe here. Just - just ask any of these guys, t
hey ll back me up...
Steph gestures to the squad
Lilly: Why not?
Jaime: ...Sure. I guess.
Jaime is hoping they eat someplace cheap internally
Teddy Reinside wants to eat at the nicest french resteraunt in town
Steph: There s... there s monsters. And other things.
Steph is, surprisingly enough, kind of... embarassed to say it, to someone who i
s so clearly skeptical about it
Lilly: Monsters? Really?
Lilly comes off as excited
Teddy Reinside: Los Illuminatos...
Steph: ... Just, um... please just go. It isn t safe to be here.
Jaime: The Illuminati?
Teddy Reinside: No, that s just a coverup.
Los Illuminatos is the real evil here.
Lilly: ...
Alright, I guess.
See you tomorrow.
Steph nods, relieved but also not very relieved at all
Jaime: What s the difference?
Steph: Bye.
Lilly walks off
Steph: ...Oh, my god...
Steph puts a hand to her forehead
Teddy Reinside: Well, Los Illuminatos were Spanish to begin with, while The Illu
minati were their codename while they infiltrated Germany...
Steph: Later.

Steph just starts to exit now

Jaime: ...Interesting...
Jaime starts to follow after Steph
Steph tries to find the way to a cheap, local place that s nearby
Narrator : rolling 1d20
= 4
Steph finds literally the scariest fucking Italian resteraunt in the world.
You can see the chef glowering out the window.
Just staring.
Space: lumpignettos
Narrator : Unmoving.
He is nearly as scary as Iblis.
Steph: ...Do-- do you guys want Chinese?
Narrator : He looks right at Steph from the window
He mouths the words.
"You eat."
Steph freezes, a deer caught in headlights
Space: the party really is growing isn t it
Jaime: I m... fine with anything.
Space: seven whole people
Narrator : He skulks into the darkness of the resteraunt.
Jaime: Something wrong?
Steph: I don t like Italian anyways...
Steph very rapidly hurries on
Narrator : rolling 1d20
= 14
Oh, speaking of Chinese...
You find a quaint place outside of the Chinatown.
Located right next to the scary fucking Italian resteraunt.
Steph , relieved, just enters this one
Jaime follows her in, somewhat puzzled
Space: need my asian restaurant map
Narrator : Two other patrons sit in the resteraunt
Space: the one that was in still night
Narrator : no we will go off of purei maginatiob for now
Space: i m good with this
Narrator : A South African woman and some aging motherfucker.
Steph people-watches them a little, just while waiting to be seated
Narrator : The master of the resteraunt shows up
Master: Welcome to my fine emporium of food.
Please, sit at a table and read of my menus.
Steph: Okay, thanks...
Steph goes to one of the larger tables
Narrator : The party follows and they all take their seats

The menus are colossal

Full of all sorts of... remarkably expensive food.
Steph scours it
Steph ...something s not right here
Steph: ...These prices, uh...
Jaime: Out of your budget?
Teddy Reinside shrugs, and begins picking things out on the menu
Steph frowns a little
Steph: I can pay for myslef...
Jaime: ...
Jaime whispers to Steph
Steph looks at Jaime
Jaime nods to her
Steph: ...
Steph looks back at her menu
Steph: What are you guys thinking about getting?
Jaime: The "golden egg" fried rice doesn t look too bad.
Teddy Reinside: Hehe...
I think I ll be getting...
Teddy Reinside goes on to list five pricey items
Ken: I think I ll have the duck, it sounds very nice.
Suzie: A lettuce wrap for me.
Steph looks back down at her menu
Steph: ....
Steph fuck, everyone else has already decided
Narrator : The Master watches them order.
Roll mind.
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Mind
= 4
Narrator : Dear God.
Steph: ...
Narrator : What a reputable old sage he is.
Steph: I ll have the...
Steph pauses
Steph: .......
Narrator : The Master walks over.
more like

i m so funny
Steph: you need to get a ba-dum-tsh sound effect
for your horrid puns
Master: What will you have?
Narrator : He lays rests his hand on the table.
Steph is still helplessly looking at her menu
Narrator : It has long unclipped nails.
The Master strokes his stache as he takes everyone elses order, before coming t
o look at Steph
Steph pauses, when she realizes someone is looking at her
Steph: Uh...
rolling 1d20
= 12
...I ll have the... pad thai?
Narrator : Roll mind
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 9
Narrator : Hrm...
Something about him is off.
He nods, smiling
Master: Of course...
Narrator : And walks off to the kitchen
Steph: .......
Narrator : i ate thai tonight actually
Space: i m hungry for pad thai actually
Narrator : the resteraunt wasn t the best
Steph maybe i am just racist, steph thinks
Narrator : The aging fucker and South African woman at the next table have a hea
ted discussion
Teddy seems exited to speak.
Suzie seems a bit warier than normal.
Nathan is just confused
Ken is serene.
Steph idly watches he couple have their argue
Nathan: ... What am I doing here?
Dr. Venter: Joseph, you are not listening to me!
It is not an issue of the soul, this is brain chemistry!
I cut them open for a living, I would know how it works!
Dr. Graham: You re missing the point entirely.
I question the validity of the project, one swig can t mak all your ills go away
And Robert.
Joseph is Dr. Browning s first name.
Steph is not paying attention to Nathan... hopefully Jaime can pick it up

Dr. Venter: I am not paid to remember names!

jaime just swuints at nathan
who squints back
Space: where did fox go i wonder
Jaime: Well, you...
Jaime cuts himself off upon realizing Teddy s still there
Jaime: Never mind.
Nathan: Okay, man.
Nathan seems vaguely sad but goes back to waiting for his food
Teddy Reinside: ... So!
You were going to listen to me...
Dr. Graham: Ethically the project is...
Space is quite clearly not listening to teddy
Dr. Venter: What is more ethical than the humane eradication of evil, Graham?
You and your ethics, how many people have they helped?
Jaime: Sure.
What do you want to say, exactly?
Teddy Reinside: This is all a scheme by Los Illuminatos vs the Bohemian Hunt.
The Bohemian Hunt here is headed by the Freemasons, who you may know are a big t
hing in the States.
Well, they re secretly in bed with the board of Health.
Dr. Graham: An innumberable amount, that s a shoddy arguement.
Jaime: Oh?
Teddy Reinside: Oh yes...
And the board of health right now has five major members.
John Ruddman, a big businessman.
Larry Shotterman, who edits the local paper.
Harold Browning, a retired doctor.
Victor Sherrings, another retired doctor.
Teddy Reinside: And Tom Jones, a retired senator.
And at least three of them are Bohemian Hunt.
The other two are Illuminatos.
Jaime: Hm. Interesting...
Steph catches the name Ruddman
Jaime not so
Steph looks back
Steph: What d you say?
Teddy Reinside repeats what he said, word fo word
Steph: ...
Steph flips open her ntebook
Steph starts writing
Teddy Reinside: Now...
I think that the disappearences.
They ve been faked.
The Hunt are trying to create an atomosphere of fear.
So Harper can take emergency powers.
And create a police state.
Teddy Reinside: In order to complete the first quarter of their plan.
But the Illuminatos want to put the socialists in power.
And have the A-Team and such investigating the disappearences.

Steph: Like with Mr. T?

Teddy Reinside: Yes, only not with Mr. T.
More like Mr. E
As in mystery.
Jaime: .........
Steph: How s that-Oh.
That s pretty good.
Fawkes M.: Gah, laundry
Teddy Reinside: I ve been sitting on that one all week.
Narrator : The two doctors continue with their arguement.
Fawkes M.: Fuck, I gotta go, actually
Narrator : ok
Fawkes M.: Sorry
Narrator : it s fine
Space: fare well fawkes man
Narrator : i ll wrap this uo
The Master returns
roll mind one last time
Space: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 10
Narrator : i ll give it to you
Yeah uh
The master
That s
That s
A white guy.
Narrator : Dressed up in a straw hat.
Steph: ...
Narrator : And wearing a kimono and fake fu-manchu
Steph: ...Um, what the hell?
Master: Is there something wrong?
Narrator : He hands the food to everyone
Steph: You re white.
You re a white guy.
You are caucasian.
Master: Silly girl, I am Chinese!
Steph: I m not paying for this. This is fraud.
Narrator : He opens his eyes
Fully, that is.
He sneers
Master: You re paying.
Narrator : He speaks with a thick Quebecois accent.
Steph i knew it...
Narrator : As he tears off his fake stache and fake fingernails
Steph: No, there s no way we re paying. I bet you just got this all out of the m
icrowave, huh?
Master: You ll pay or I ll call the police.
Steph: ...

Steph pauses as if to say something
Steph stops
Steph: ...
...Whatever, fine, you win.
Steph starts begrudgingly eating the food
Narrator : The Master snickers and walks off
Steph: fucking quebec
Space: is this the new ed
Narrator : no
Space: good
Steph: X
there, but for the grace of god, go i
holy shit
at least he ditched the kimono
"The Master": You have gone far enough, kids.
You ve discovered me secret.
Now, behold as I assume my true form!
Steph: holy SHIT
"The Master": I am Demigorgon, prince of demons!
You weren t satisified just eating my fake Chinese, no.
You had to dig deeper.
Steph: You... damned impostor! I ll cut you down where you stand!
"The Master": I am the only true man among us!
I have the strength to pretend I am Chinese and sell fake Chinese food!
Do you know how many fucking carcinogens you just ate?
Steph: No! As long as there is hope in mankind s heart, there will always be tho
se who stand against you!
"The Master": Enough to kill a bull!
Steph: .....
Steph keels over abruptly
"The Master": Even if you were to kill me now, you have a y- oh.
I guess my lax policies on hygeine payed off.
You two!
You say nothing.
Or I ll cut you.
"The Master": I literally grease them up.
It s my fetish, you see.
The kid s dead.
"The Master": I hear long pork is good.
"The Master" fishes out a cleaver
"The Master": Who s up for chop suey?
Hey kid.
Steph: ..........
"The Master": I want you to kill the tween and eat her.
Steph: Y--

You what?
"The Master" points a gun at her
"The Master": I want you to kill the tween.
And eat her.
Steph blanches
Steph: ..............
Steph looks over
"The Master": Yeah, her
Steph: ............
....Yeah, okay.
"The Master": Wow.
"The Master": That easy?
You re a really shitty person.
Steph: Fuck you, you have a gun!
"The Master": Yeah. and you re a shitty human being.
Steph: I wouldn t do it if you didn t have a freaking gun at my head!
"The Master": She wouldn t do it to you, I bet, even if I did.
Space: this is a neat song
"The Master": You re just kind of an asshole.
Steph: ...
"The Master": And now you re going to die.
"The Master" bang
Steph: N-no, wait--!
Steph x_x
Space: time to roll up a new character
"The Master": That s why you never commit cannibalism.
Because I ll come into your home at night.
And shoot you.
Space: its a message we can all live by
"The Master" puts his faux-Chinese sage getup back on
"The Master": Hello.
I am the runner of the Tiger Dojo.
I will be your guide.
Space: boss battle
proto man
"The Master": So you won t be a fan of my evil plan...
But I m going to be top of the woods!
When your...
only desire, is to dominate, the lands of the wolves and the squirrels.
You ve got to think with an open mind, and learn to detest little girls!
And everyone knows, at the end of the show, the villain puts his plan into words
"The Master": Except there won t be a rescue before th credits role!
Because I m going to be top of the woods!
Steph: jesus christ
"The Master": this is my skeevy song
Mobile L: Soz, I had to write sum for Battlewarudo
Space: violence
Mobile L: Sadly, no
Space: has breen killed a man yet
Mobile L: Breen is catching a break for once, but not yet. He is allying up with

Mortal Kombat s Outworld, tho

Space: he s gonna fuckin die
Mobile L: He knows he s prolonging the inevitable, and it s all he can do
hope he oesn t pick his coke habit back up
Mobile L: Nyehehehehe
I was actually considering that, if he can find a dealer
Space: good
Steph: hey
Gabby: what the frick is it steph
Steph: what s youre fursona gabby
Steph: i bet its an aardvark
Gabby looks left and right
Gabby: it s
it s a pink fairy armadillo
you frickin pleb
Steph: holy shit
i didn t know you were a furry i was just kidding
holy shit ahaha
hey guys
gabby is a fucking furry
Gabby: if you fricking breathe a wor

Steph: tell all your friends

Steph screams it from the rooftops
Steph: gabby trn is a fuckin furry
Space: steph was never seen again
Mobile L: RIP Karloman
Want to FG to tide myself over until RP time arrives
What all is happen?
Space: it s very quiet
you should throw someone at julie while i prepare for something wondrous
Mobile L: Oooooh...
Hm hm, can d
Oh shit, that s right, the embarrassing picture
I must find it and show the world the horror
Gimme a sec or two
Space: which wan
Mobile L: The dick-tater furfuck
Mobile L: :c
Also, Breen s current outfit in Battlewhirld:
Space: national socialist fucko
Mobile L: Knot see
Oh jesus, uh
I didn t find the dictator
But like
I found so much more
It s, um

Mobile L: Give me a minute

I think I will embarrass myself pretty hard here
Space: what is the thing
Mobile L: It is a sickening conglomerate of things
Just so many terrible drawings
I even found a work of fiction, though I unno if it can be transcribed into text
Space: hhh
Mobile L: I am gonna take several pictures
And maybe make a second imgur thing
Just so you can witness the mid-oughts weebery
Space: ooo
Mobile L: It will be called "Baka Mobile-chan" or some shit, because this is how
it is making me feel
Space: good
i wanna see it
Mobile L: You in for a treat
eldritch s. (GM): hello
Space: welcome to die
eldritch s. (GM): i just ate thanksgiving food
Space: happy thanks give
eldritch s. (GM): is mobile still around
Space: hyes but she s making an imgur albumm
eldritch s. (GM): right so mobile
for reference
they got out of school with little issu
met up with suzie
sent lilly off
kind of
eldritch s. (GM): had nathan tail along
with teddy reinside, who has confronted them
and went to a chinese place, that wasn t in the chinatown
to eat and talk
two doctors had an arguement at the table next to them
and it turns out the guy running the place was a white guy disguised as an old c
hinese kung-fu master
eldritch s. (GM): which steph pointed out
and got into a fight with thim
teddy rambelled about conspiracies
said board of health was run by
with it the bohemian hunt or los illuminatos
Space: the bohemian hunt
eldritch s. (GM): and that these are global conspiracies that fight for control
of canada
and that john ruddman is a member of the board, coinciding with a name of a as o
f yet unseen member of the fricked up snake club
Mobile L: Ooh shet
eldritch s. (GM): and that s about it
Mobile L: So sort of a lull, but not too much so
eldritch s. (GM): yes
Mobile L: Cool
That piece of writing is just delightfully shitty
Should I take pics of it, or transcribe?
"The Master": put it into shitty childhood writing town on bw
right next to min
Mobile L: Aww yeh
hte glalery

"The Master": oh
Mobile L: It s got, um
A sue
"The Master": oh dear
Space: back from laundry
"The Master": tell me when we re good to start
Mobile L: Just lemme get this album going
It will be a fuckmothering doozy
But it ought nt take too long
Steph: hey
the master
"The Master": What?
Steph: what s your fursona
"The Master" sounds like Andy Dick
"The Master": It s your mother, because she s an animal.
Steph: my mother is dead
"The Master": Good.
Steph: gabby s is an armadillo
she s a furry
"The Master": Now give me my fucking money.
Steph: no
"The Master": Ew.
A furry?
Steph: i can give you this drawing of my fursona
"The Master": That s one stop short of bestiality.
Steph: it s worth the price of our meals
Steph slides over a drawing
"The Master" looks at it
Steph it s a cat
Steph not even a furry cat
Steph just
Steph a cat
"The Master": This sucks.
Steph: do you want me to draw your fursona instead
"The Master": No, just give me all of your money.
Steph: i m gonna draw your fursona
"The Master": No, you re not.
Steph starts drawing his fursona
"The Master" calls the police
Steph: all done
Steph hands him a drawing of his fursona
"The Master": Don t touch me!
Steph: i hope you like it, that ll be twenty bucks
"The Master": I m not paying you shit.
Steph: i m calling the cops on you
"The Master": Too late, I called them on you first.
Steph calls the police

"The Master" whacks her on the head with a frying pan

Steph is dead
"The Master": And now, for the final piece of the puzzle...
Space: "The Master" Steph
"The Master" takes off his fake face, whacks Nathan with the pan, puts the fake
face on him, wipes his prints from literally the entire resteraunt, puts Nathan
s prints on everything, puts on his fake Nathan face, and then sits in his chair
Space: holy shit
"The Master" is in the seat just as the police arrive
Space: i m forced to believe this is entirely in chractr
Mobile L: Time will telll...
Nearly there, very sorry for the delays
I just feel this dreadful compulsion
"Nathan": Hehehe...
Space: mobile
Mobile L: Oohoohoo!
Besties 5evs
I wish Cracked mentioned the bit about Twain being moved to tears by Tesla s sto
ry about the books
Space: o?
Mobile L: Tesla talked about how the books gave him the will to live when he had
the cholera
Made Twain choke up a bit
Space: aww
now i want, some way or some how, mark twain to appear in a various fate r20
"Nathan": i like
and da vinci
Space: yes
"Nathan": trying to steal a river
just imagine that hsit
Space: they re the historical figures most likely to steal a river tbh
"Nathan": would steph steal a river
Space: if she had a need for it yes
Mobile L:
It is finished
Space: holy shit rabbit doc
kawaii desu nya
so when will all thes furries enter the fg
Mobile L: u
On the 32nd of Octember
Space: this one is cool and frightening
Mobile L: Hee, thanks
Space: haiddelie
Mobile L: I read a thing on snopes about genetically modified meat-blobs
That was the inspo
Steph: stephanie
a jerk
Space: ooh
thats rad
leopold is cute
Mobile L: arigato, space-kun
But yes, I am ready now
"The Master": okay

Space: this is actually kinda creepy

"The Master" throws off his racist straw hat and cheap kimono(?) and walks off i
nto the back
Steph: ...
Gabby: ...That s frickin racist.
Dr. Graham: ...?
Mobile L: I was into edgy/cutesy grunge shit at that age
Dr. Venter: ... What?
Dr. Venter: I told you he wasn t Chinese, you idiot!
Steph leans back in her chair, exhaling
Steph: Okay. So.
Dr. Graham: It was a convincing ruse.
Steph looks around the table
Gabby side-eyes Dr. Graham for even falling for it
Nathan is pretty confused
Nathan: Uh...
Steph: ...Hey. Gabby.
Do yo think we should tell-Teddy Reinside scarfs down his Chinese
Steph gestures between Teddy and Nathan
Teddy Reinside: He was in on it...
You can taste it...
Gabby: ...Hm...
Gabby ponders this a moment
Steph: I mean... you know, if we re all gonna be working together.
Ken: I see no point in not telling the truth.
Gabby: ... S better than leaving em in the dark, I guess.
Suzie nods, munching on her lettuce wrap
Gabby sighs and eats some more fake Chino
Gabby: Yeah... More allies, right?
Nathan: Alleys?
What do alleys have to do with this?
Steph taps Teddy on the shoulder
Teddy Reinside: Only way we can f- Huh?
Steph: Listen up, this is important... Gabby, could you start?
Gabby nod nod nods, getting all SRS again
Gabby: ... Kay, so.
Some creepy crap s been going down at the school. I dunno how you two feel about
the supernatural, but it s definitely that.
Teddy Reinside: Aliens
Steph quietly eats her pad thai, listening
Gabby: ...We dunno yet. But...
Space: teddy intensifies
Teddy Reinside: Ghosts.

Gabby: ...There s this thing that happens, and we ve experienced it. The sun sud
denly sets, and time seems to freeze, everything except for you and maybe a few
other people. These monsters called "Nihilists" come out at this time, and they.
.. they have killed people, we ve seen it. It s fricked the fricking heck up.
Teddy Reinside: I want to believe.
Nathan: ... Whuh?
Gabby: ...Good. And, like, guess what? A fricked up little club of people who we
ar pins of snakes knows about it, and they re trying to kill anyone else who kno
Gabby looks to Nathan, reluctant to break the horrors to him
Gabby: ...It, uh...
Teddy Reinside: The Bohemian HUNT!!
Teddy Reinside slams his fist on the table
Space jumps
Teddy Reinside: It all makes sense...
Steph: no me
...Hey, uh, don t do that.
Gabby just kinda looks all >:s
Teddy Reinside is hit in the head with a dumpling
Teddy Reinside: ... What...?
Gabby: ...That s... That s what happened to Naomi. A... A Nihilist got her and k
illed her instantly.
Steph: ...
Nathan: ... Whuh...?
Space: everyone is looking
Narrator : The doctors are paying.
Very close attention.
Gabby ...frick um
Steph: .....
Narrator : In fact, it was Venter who threw the dumpling at Teddy, muttering "Le
t them talk" as she did so
"The Master": Killed, eh?
Steph: Gah!!
Gabby looks to Steph like :<
"The Master": Interesting...
"The Master" sits on a chair
"The Master": Do go on.
Gabby nonverbal "what do"
Space: dammit the roll20 font
doesn t have the little serifs on the uppercase i
Nathan: ... This isn t very funny...
Space: i can t do the emote i want
Nathan: Mean joke.
She s really missing...
And that s- you can t just...
Space: :
Nathan: Bad joke.
he died

Mobile L: Space no please

Steph: :
Gabby looks to Steph like "should we just take this chance to feign jerkness"
Steph: ...Nathan, isLook around you.
No one s laughing.
Space: except for teddy
Nathan: ...
Space: whom nathan is sideeying
Nathan: But...
Nathan: Naomi can t be dead.
... People just don t...
Gabby is hoping to God that Graham and Venter can be fricking trusted
Nathan: But...
Steph , quietly
Steph: I saw it.
Nathan: ...
Steph: I was right there.
Nathan rests his head in his hands
Gabby solemn, sad nod
"The Master" rubs his gross stubble
Gabby: ... M sorry, Nathan... It s just...

...It s... It s fricked... S all fricked...

"The Master": Fricked?
What are you, retarded?
Fucked, at least.
I d say motherfucked, for you, though.
Gabby: ... M not a fricking retard just because I don t want to dirty my goddang
mouth, racist butthole.
"The Master" white smirk
Gabby: Take your frickery back to Quebec, why don cha.
Space: sorry was laundry
Dr. Venter: Hey, don t swear at kids!
Steph: .......
Gabby little pout like "yeah, don t! :P"
"The Master": Because I m going to call the cops if you don t pay for you meal a
nd explain all of this.
And immediatly, you sound like you re in a bad situation.
Steph: ...............
"The Master": So!
Once more, from the top!
Space: gotta laundry, be are be
Space: hup nvm
Gabby: ...Fricking... People have died, something is supernaturally wrong with t

he school, there s a conspiracy or some crap, and...

Gabby deliberates dropping the delicious truth bomb that they have supernatural
Dr. Graham: Leslie, whDr. Venter rests her hands on the shoulders of Gab and Nathan
Dr. Venter just not regard for personal space
Steph: --?
Dr. Venter: Don t worry, it s all okay.
Gabby >:c
Suzie finishes her meal, quietly analyizing the situation
Gabby: ...Me, Ken and Steph had something happen and got to learn some crap abou
t what the frick s up... Steph, d you wanna...?
Dr. Graham: Leslie, that s not how you reassure people.
I m a psDr. Venter: Shut up, Robert, you re upsetting the kids.
Gabby >:|
Steph: Stop interrupting!
Mobile L: brb, disches
Gabby: ...Oh, and also Jaime.
Steph: Just-- questions when it s over or whatever, I don t care.
Mobile L: brb 4reel
Steph: Okay, so, we...
The three of us -- when the school froze, we were - unfrozen. I guess. Um, and.
We figured we d... explore. You know?
That s rhetorical, you don t have to-- um. Anyways.
We, uh, we went into this... like, this abandoned part of the school. There was
a Nihilist there. It- you know, it would have killed us. But this - I know this
sounds crazy, but this door appeared out of nowhere, and we all ran in.
Because we didn t want to get killed.
And, and after that we ended up in this really... grimy, dilapidated room. There
was this guy in a mask named Mr. Mu...
Space: how are the npcs taking this information so far
Dr. Venter: me nods solemnly as she listens
Dr. Graham is stoically incredulous
Steph: He, uh.
"The Master" s are hidden beneath the glare of his glasses
"The Master": eyes
Steph: It s complicated, but he gave us these... y know. Abilities. Called Arche
Gabby gives "the Master" a dirty look every now and then
Suzie is severe
Steph really wishes this didn t sound like shitty animes
Gabby bets that fricker think s SHE S Chinese........
Nathan has his head in hsi hands
Nathan: fuck you, space

Space: w-wh
Mobile L: it s a quality animu you baka
Nathan: "wishes this didn t sound like shitty animes"
Teddy Reinside is fascinated
Steph: So, it... uh, Jaime s... he s the Outlaw, I m the-- the Creator, um...
...Um, yeah.
And then we killed the Nihilist.
Steph she finished lamely
Gabby: ...I m the Magician, and I can magic crap.
Space: let me rescind that
"she wishes it didn t sound like her rad Personas"
Gabby: With Ayn Rand books.
Gabby spooky waggle fingers when she says "Ayn Rand"
Ken: I m the Hero.
I have a sword.
"The Master": Mmhmm.
Gabby: A cool sword.
"The Master": Now, can I just, interject here?
Steph: I m done anyways, so, um.
"The Master": I feel like there s something missing.
Steph: Like what?
Gabby don t make me Rand you, fricker........
"The Master": Where in this story did you take three hits of acid?
This is possibly the biggest stinking pile of shit I ve seen in my life!
And I run a Chinese resteraunt!
Gabby: ...Nobody asked you what you thought, frick-face.
Steph: Okay, you can believe it or not, I really don t care what you think. You
wanted what happened, you got what happened.
Gabby subtly gives him the finger... the RING finger!!!!!!!!
"The Master": I can still call the cops.
Also, seriously, kid.
For fuck s sake.
Gabby: ...Urrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh...
"The Master": What is with you?
Giving me the ring finger?
Steph: Look, do you want your money?
"The Master": Yes.
And I want a story that isn t shit.
Gabby: Oh, I m sorry I can t get all cussy like a proper Frenchie kid.
Teddy Reinside stands up
Steph eyes "The Master" something fierce
Teddy Reinside: Listen here.
This story explains EVERYTHING.
Space: social link formed
"The Master": Get away from me or I m kicking you in the dick.
Gabby: Mmmmayyyyybe... Some of us have some, uhhhh... resemblance of proessional
ity to project here, man, before we go to college and become doctors and crap, a
nd not fricking go around in yellowface.
Teddy Reinside: Now, these kids, they re onto something here...
If you ll just look at my diagram...

Gabby: Trying to sell fake Chinese food.

Teddy Reinside pulls out a piece of paper
"The Master": Hey kid, would you shut thHey.
That paper is blank.
Steph spares a look over at the Dr.s
Teddy Reinside: Really, well why don t you look a bit CLOSER!
Teddy Reinside shoves it in his face
Teddy Reinside: Run, kids, he s in with the HUNT!
Steph: God dammit.
Steph grabs her shit and bolts
Gabby blows a raspberry and SCURRIES
Space: teddy confirmed for the guy from indana jones
Teddy Reinside: what guy
Dr. Venter: Wait, you kids!
Gabby motions to Venter and Graham like "c mooooon u old people"
Steph looks back at them as she makes out with hasty
Dr. Venter follows after them while Graham tries prying Teddy and the Master apa
Steph slows
Steph: Do you think we...?
Gabby: ...Should punch him in the nose? Definitely.
Dr. Venter: ...
Steph: I meant-- if we re in the clear, but that works too.
Dr. Venter: Where are we
Steph: Uh...
Steph looks around
Gabby: ...Behind some buildings?
Dr. Venter scraches her head and looks with them, it s a nondescript place behin
d some buildings
Gabby: ...If he shows up here, who s gonna punch him?
Gabby clearly has her priorities in order
Steph: ...I think we, I think we need to get some things clear first.
Steph looks to Venter and Nathan
Steph: Um... you two, we re kind of-- in a bad state. Trying to figure all of th
is out
Dr. Venter: ... I understand that.
Steph: Any help would be appreciated, but... this is dangerous. This is really,

really dangerous, so you re well within your rights to just... you know, stay cl
ear. It d definitely be safer. I don t wanna try and-- try and sway you guys one
way or the other, it s something you two have to come up with yourself.
Just-- just please don t tell anyone if you decide not to. Please.
Dr. Venter: Don t worry.
I want to help you kids out.
If it s dangerous for adults, children shouldn t go into this alone.
Nathan is just kind of stunned
Gabby: ...Thanks. I... Wewe kinda needed this, pretty... pretty badly...

Gabby genuine, if sad, smile at Dr. Venter

Nathan: ..
Gabby has to stop cry from falling out
Nathan just remains in a stunned silence
Steph looks to Nathan
Nathan: ...
... Uh.
Nathan doesn t articulate much more than that
Steph: ...It, um, it s a lot to take in.
Gabby: ...I know it s hard... I wish I could, like... uh...make it easier someho
...We re telling you this because we re all in danger, and we gotta...
...We gotta band together to keep each other safe. I don t want you to get hurt.
Space: oh
oh dear oh dear oh dear
Mobile L: Eh?
Space: down
Nathan: ...
Mobile L: ...ohhhhh FUCK
Nathan: ... Yeah...
Steph smiles
Steph: Thanks, you guys.
Nathan nervously nods
Dr. Venter: Alright, let s go see if we can t get Robert to join us too...
Mobile L: S no problem, Nathan... Yeah, the more help we have, the better it ll
Steph nods
Steph: ...Oh, wait,
Gabby: i said that,
Dr. Venter: Oh, I m
Steph: Nice to meet

uh... what s your name?

doctor Leslie Venter, it s very nice to meet you, little mis
you too. My name s Stephanie, that s Gabby, Nathan, Suzie, K

Steph pointing everyone out as she goes

Steph: That s Jaime in the back.
Jaime: im to cool
Dr. Venter: Alright, let s head back there, then...

Space: im scared
Dr. Venter: What the...?
Space: you go first jaime
Steph: ...?
Narrator : There is just.
This colossal fight.
Teddy and "The Master s" fight spilled out onto the street, and Graham failed pl
aying peacemaker.
Steph: What the fuck...?
Narrator : The noise attracted Roger Perkins and QUest.
Space: who s whaling on whom
Narrator : Who are trying to break it up.
Gabby was about to ask what kinda doctor Venter was when OH FRICK WHAT
Narrator : And Rosencrantz is also trying to pull them apart
Somehwere along the line Graham started punching the Master.
Mobile L: Sorry, was transcribing the story
Gabby: ...Ohhhh crap crap crap.
Gabby muttering this quietly
"The Master": Let go of me you fat prick!
He s fucking punching me because of you!
Steph: Jesus Christ, fuck...
What do we do? Do we-Teddy Reinside: THE HUUUUUUUUNNNNT!!!
Steph looks back at the fight
Mr. Rosencrantz: Cheese and rice, just stop!
Dr. Graham sprints away, giving up, being pursued by Quest
Steph runs in to pull Teddy back
Dr. Venter: Robert!
Steph: Hi Mr. Rosencrantz!
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Brawn
= 10
Gabby: ...Should we, like...
...Use the powers...?
Narrator : That s ncresed because they re both trying to hold him back.
They yank Teddy away from the Maste
Mr. Rosencrantz: Wh- Uh, Hi, Steph!
Teddy Reinside is pulled, kicking and struggling
Teddy Reinside: Wh- You!?
Gabby runs in to help her pull Ted to SAFETY, still feeling quite crap about the
arrow thing
Steph: Now s not the time!!
Teddy Reinside: I said run, he s in with the Hunt!
Steph: You re coming with, c mon!
Erm, you too, Mr. Rosencrantz!
"The Master": Get back here, you little cunts!

Gabby: Frick you!

"The Master": HELP! RAPE! RAPE!
Steph the drag back into the alley
Narrator : They drag Ted back into the alley
Steph: Okay, we have to get out of here...
Gabby ty based perkins
Gabby bless...
Steph: Okay, okay, fuck, uh...
This way!
Steph scarpers off
Space: seer s probably hating life r/n
all these npcs
Narrator : Dr. Graham is being cuffed.
Gabby scarpers after
Steph: Oh, geez...
Steph keeps going
Steph turns the corner and almost runs into Ms. Guildenstern
Steph: Aah!
Narrator : They run into a dense crowd of people.
Gabby whoa what
Narrator : There s some kind of politicall rally going on that extends all the w
ay down the street, down into Chinatown.
Steph: Ah, fuck...
Okay, we have to get through. Fuck.
Narrator : It seems like no one is pursuing them.
Gabby: ...Frick, where s doctor lady?
We gotta....
Steph: ...Okay. Should we just go around?
Narrator : remember
your original objective
see Foxhole in Chinatown
i don t know why you were doing it again but you were
Space: i actually forgot it too
Steph looks back
Steph: ...Okay, let s go in...
Steph tries to navigate her way through the cloud
Steph: *croud
Excuse me, uh... parodn me, coming through...
Space: what am the roll
Narrator : finesse
Space: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse

= 9
Gabby tries to sneap a peep at what became of Dr. Venter
Space: oh god where he
Narrator : She is being menaced by Perkin and Officer Quest, Quest has cuffs out
Space: the music
Narrator : Steph gets pinned between two surly Metis guys in the crowd
Steph: Uhm...
Steph intimidated by large irritated people
Steph: Excuse me, could I... could I, uh...
Steph trying to move past
Narrator : mobile
Mobile L: Uhp, sorry, had to put the doges up
What is happen
Opp, nvm
I missed less than I thought
Gabby assesses the risk of maybe distracting the Quest and the Perkins
Space: gun
Narrator : Eh, who even knows at this point.
Edward O Brien looks down at Steph
Edward O Brien smells of smoked fish
Edward O Brien: Mrghm.
Edward O Brien steps to the side a bit
Gabby is she getting menaced dangerously/arrested?
Steph: Thanks.
Steph quickly hurries on
Edward O Brien: they re going to arrest her
Gabby: . . . . .
Space: shuld i roll once more
Gabby deep breaths, be brave...
Gabby takes out Atlas Shrugged
Gabby flips to the Galt speech
Gabby: .............
Gabby tries to FUS-RO-GALT a far window into shattering so as to make enough noi
se to distract Quest and Perkins and not draw attention to her location
Mobile L: Minde?

Space: rolls a 1, quest s brain explodes

Mobile L: Rolls a 20, Quest s brain implodes
The Objectivistborn
Or Randahkin
I actually had a dream about Ayn Rand the other night
Space: i had a dream about iblis 2 nights or so ago
tell me about the randdream
Mobile L: I met her, and she was a.) strangely chill and personable
b.) transgendered, MTF
and c.) very sick and bedridden, except she was on her couch
Space: i hope she gets well soon
Narrator : Right I m back
two things
Steph before you there s the local MP, conducting an interview with NOOOOOOOOOOO
Steph mother ffffuuUUUUUCK
Narrator : and finesse if you have enough faith in your stealth to get by that
Narrator : also roll mind, gab
Space: could she theoreticaly
sneak down the alley
Gabby PRAY
Space: and go this way
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 9
Narrator : That s a sketchy alley but yes
Space would very much rather take her chances there
Mobile L: Shit tiddy
Steph: ahem
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 4
Narrator : Gabby damages the wall.
Narrator : A brick goes flying out and beans Quest
Gabby ahahaha, duckback
Gabby holy shit tho
Officer Quest just turns around

Gabby aaaa i meant crap, don t tell grandma...

Officer Quest and summons
Officer Quest a glowing sword
Space: holy shit
Officer Quest: Watch out, Perkins.
Gabby while hiding
Narrator : Steph squeezes into the alley, just instantly nearly stepping on a he
roin addict, who screams at her
Steph: Aaaah!!
Steph tries to fuggindash by him
Narrator : Quest investigtes the wall, tryign to figure out the angle
Gabby slooooowly seeps into the crowd
Narrator : Steph escaps the screaming duggie.
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 8
Officer Quest: ...
Steph then, hurriedly so as to escape teh junkie, goes the planned route
Officer Quest turns to see Venter has escaped.
Gabby prays to science Jesus or Buddha for Venter s safety
Narrator : On her way, Steph sees... One of her favorite Canadian authors? What?
Gabby enters the crowd
Gabby blending dafrick in and trying to keep track of the friendos, nervously st
ashing Atlas Shrugged back
Gabby: ...Frickin Rand...
Narrator : space tried checking the chatlog
Mobile L: Pray for him
In the meantime
Do you wish to se oop, he s back
Narrator : shuddup your face
Mobile L: Stronght
Steph: ...??
Steph double-take
Narrator : There he is.
Gordon Knotts.
Roll finesse, Gab, to avoid being lost or swept up in the crowd
Steph: ....!
Steph not knowing of the archetype fuckery, figures this can wait
Steph approaches

Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse

= 8
Mobile L: :<
Steph: Hey! Um... hey, are you Gordon Knotts? The author?
Narrator : Gabby is swept intot he churnigng mass of people, being placed betwee
n two swarthy Metis guys
Gordon Knotts: Her- Ah, yes, yes I am!
Gabby oh noooooo...!
Gabby: ...Uhp, uh... Scuse me, gottagotta get back kinda toward, uh...
Steph: Oh, man! That s great, um... my name s Stephanie Karloman. Huge fan of yo
ur work, uh...
Gordon Knotts: which one does she ask
Steph excitement levels are max
Gabby tries to squeeze back to her original spot with her TINYNESS
Gordon Knotts: Oh, it s great to meet you, Stephanie.
Narrator : roll finesse to squeeze by potbelly and captains cock
Steph: Yeah, you too! Uh-- sorry, I m probably interrupting something, right? He
h heh...
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse
= 13
Narrator : The two don t even notice her as she gets by, finding herself next to
Plumber and Guilderstern
Gordon Knotts: Oh, eh, no, nothing at all.
I was just waiting for my bus.
Gabby the youth roll is real
Gabby: ...Oof... Uh, hey.
Mrs. Plumber: Oh, good to see you, Gabby.
Space: what kind of book does mr. knotts here write
Ms. Guildenstern: Hey, Gab! You getting interested in politics all of a sudden?
Never took you for one who liked political science.
Gabby: Good to see you guys, too. Uh... Yeah, figured I d see what the frick it
s all about, right?
Gordon Knotts postmodernist mindfuck novels that somehow only get mildly pretent
Gabby: Can t know too many, erm... stuff.
Mrs. Plumber: That s a good view to have.
Keep it up.
Gabby nod nod nod, polite smile
Steph: I actually - I think I ve still got my copy of Vinland in my backpack, le
mme check...

Steph goes to rummage through her bag for it

Ms. Guildenstern: God, is that the reporter from school today? I heard there was
a fight.
Gabby: ...Frick, is it her? She s, um...
Gordon Knotts: I d be happy to sign it for you.
Gabby: ...Like, bat-guano insane, from what I ve seen.
Steph: Oh, great! Uh, do you have a pen? I think I have a couple...
Ms. Guildenstern: Heh, yeah, apparently she hit a guy in the d-... crotch. With
a microphone.
Mrs. Plumber: I believe Mr. Schmidt was hurt as wel..
Gabby: ...I saw it. She hit Mr. Schmidt, and I will never forgive her for it.
Mrs. Plumber: Unbelievable.
Gabby: ...Someday, someday she s gonna fricking... She ll get her reckonings, or
Gordon Knotts: Oh, no, I ran out of pens last week, and, eh, well, haven t been
able to find any that write in a good shade of blue.
Gabby fist-clench
Steph: Okay, let s see if I ve...
Steph looks for a Blue Pen
Gabby: ...But, uh... Yeah. Think I gotta get back with the others.
g you guys.
Mrs. Plumber: Have a good day.
Space: whenever things start going too well
Ms. Guildenstern: See you, Gab!
Space: i go into the journal
and click on naomi s character sheet
Mobile L: :c
Space: new friends

S good seein

Gabby smile-nods and scuttles back towards Ken and co.

Gordon Knotts takes the blue pen and signs his signature on it
Gordon Knotts: There you, eh, have it.
Steph: Thank you very much! You can -- you can keep that pen if you want.
Narrator : Ken and the gang all stand very clustered together, Gab has no issue
finding them.
Gordon Knotts: Oh, eh, thank you very much, Stephanie.
Gabby: ...Phew... M back, got a bit lost in all the fricking people... Any sign
of the doctor lady?
Ken: None at all.
Steph: Oh, it s no problem! You know, I, uh, I want to be an author too. You re
kind of an inspiration, heh heh...
Gabby: ...Frick... I really hope she s okay, that s... Her and her friend both...
Ken: She will be fine.
I m sure of it.
Gabby small smile-nod
Gabby: ... Kay... Yeah, just gotta... Just gotta hope.
Gordon Knotts: Oh, it s good to, eh, nurture your creativity
Space: the doctors are safe
Gordon Knotts: I hope one day, eh, you, write a novel that, eh, is better than m
y best.
Steph grins
Mobile L: Gordon is most Canadian writer

Steph: Thanks a bunch, Mr. Knotts! It was nice meeting you, but there s somethin
g I ve got to do.
Teddy Reinside rushes past Gab and into the crowd, making his way to the front o
f it
Space: the master
Gabby: ...Bwuh! H-hey, uh...
...The frick s he gonna do?
Teddy Reinside very closely watches the interview from the front
Ken: ... I do not know.
Gabby probably cannot tell due to her shortness
Nathan: He kept calling politicians lizard aliens.
I think he thinks the guy s an alie...
Do you need a boost?
Gabby: ...Oh man... Yeah, like a frickin moth to a flame... Oh, uh, sure.
Space: good man
Nathan lifts Gab up, placing her on his shoulders like a dad would do with a tod
dler or some shit
Gabby wheeeee :D
Gordon Knotts: You do it, then, and eh, have yourself a fine day.
Gabby: ...Hey, thanks... Now let s frickin have a goddang look here...
Steph: You too!
Steph stuffs her book into her bag, goes off to find the man known as Foxhole
Narrator : Gab sees Teddy jeering during the interview
Space: when i saw him go up to the interfiew
Narrator : Calling him a Nazi and a Communist and accusing him of having somethi
ng to do with... 9/11, what?
Space: i worried he was gonna steal the mic and start ranting about the second h
Gabby: ...He s heckling the dang interview, probably because of the conspiracy c
Nurse Foxhole talks to... what the fuck?
Gabby: ...Man, Teddie... Did I frick him up when I...?
Nurse Foxhole is talkign to "The Master"
Steph: ...
Steph ducks behind a cover
Nurse Foxhole: Man, cuffs?
Nathan: Yeah, that s stupid.
Gabby recalls that he was sleeping in an alley
Nathan: He s a bit weird.
"The Master": Jamie.
Space: holy fuckin damn
"The Master": Do not even fucking say shit to me right now.
Gabby: ...Yeah. Pretty frickin weird. I hope he doesn t get himself into more t
Space: foxhole and "the master" both have sungalsses that are colored and weird
"The Master": Get these cuffs off or I m goign to ram my foot up your ass.

Steph: ...
Mobile L: hohgawd
Steph jumps up
Steph: Hey! Mr. Foxhole!
Nathan: I dun think he will.
He s nice, but all the stuff is a bit crazy.
Nurse Foxhole: Listen, Rich- Oh, hey there Steph!
Gabby: Yeah... Kay, think I ve seen enough, you can set me down now.
Nurse Foxhole: C mon over!
Steph jesus god don t make eye contact with the racist asshole
"The Master": Oh, that s the fucking kSteph: I-- I gotta talk to you about something in private!
"The Master" was shouting when he looks and sees real Chinese guy glaring at him
, clearly familiar with him
"The Master": ...
"The Master" runs into the alley
Mobile L: o snpp
Space: good
Mobile L: >:)
Steph: ...
Steph approaches, exhaling in relief
Nathan sets Gab down like it ain t no thing.
Nathan: If you need a boost again, jusy say so.
Gabby smiles at him and gives him a lil
Gabby: Gotcha. Thanks again.
Nurse Foxhole: Right, so!
What cha want?


Gabby does not resent this doofus anymore

Steph: Okay, um... you know Jasper?
Nurse Foxhole: Well, yeah/
Gabby maybe people who aren t that bright can be pretty cool...
Steph: I heard she was, like... unconscious, or something?
Gabby frick all these goddang life lessons, what is this, an after-school specia
Mr. Rosencrantz walks pst Gabby, quickly engaging Ms. Guilderstern in conversati
Mr. Rosencrantz talking about the shit that just happened from his POV
Nurse Foxhole: Yeah, at lunch.
Gabby feels kinda bad for dragging Gend Rosencrantz into all this
Steph: What was it? That, um, that happened to her?
Nurse Foxhole: She said she felt panic, thought she saw a man, and then passed o
I said it was stress, told her to take it easy.
... Probably should talk to her teachers about that.
Space: trying to remember what to quiz him about is tough

Steph: ...Y-yeah, that s...

Gabby uhm...
Gabby phew
Narrator : Suzie stands by Gab
Suzie: ... You play piano, where did you learn?
Nurse Foxhole: Why do you ask, Steph?
Gabby: ...Uh, little bit, not as good as you. I had lessons when I was, like, te
n or so.
...Still got a ways to go.
Gabby scratches the back of her neck a bit
Steph: I heard she passed out, and I was...
Suzie: You have a very nice piano, regardless.
Steph: I mean... she doesn t like me, all that much, but I was worried. Y-y know
? I figured I might as well ask before I forget, so...
Nurse Foxhole: Oh, don t worry, I understand enGabby: ...Thanks. It s, um... I try to take good care of it, even if I can t pla
y it a lot... You got one at your place?
Vlad just walks up and shoves a package into Foxhole s hands
Vlad: There s your shit.
Don t talk to me again.
Mobile L: I misread that as "shoves his hands into Foxhole s package"
Vlad walks off
Steph: ...Um... what was that?
Suzie: We have an old cassio keyboard.
Nurse Foxhole: A. uh, personal transaction, yeah.
Steph: ...A... a legal personal transaction?
Nurse Foxhole: Pfffft, yeah!
Steph: Okay, that s good... he, um, he seemed pretty mad about something.
Gabby: Ooh... S it got the settings for the different instruments and stuff?
Nurse Foxhole: Oh... yeah, I kind of badgered him over this.
Suzie: Yes, it does.
Steph: Well, at least you got it... (I guess...)
Gabby: Cool... Well, like, uh... Anytime you re at my place, you can frickin pl
ay that piano as much as you want, kay? You re real good.
Suzie: Yeah...
that was foxhole
Space: "You re real good." "Yeah..."
Suzie: foxhole said "Yeah..."
Mobile L: Eehee
Steph: ...Who was that guy you were talking to?
Suzie: I ll take you up on that offer.
Nurse Foxhole: Oh, him?
Gabby smiles
Steph: Yeah, with the sunglasses.
Gabby: Awesome.
Gabby gosh fricking dang, all these friends
Nurse Foxhole: Oh, he s a real guy.
Gabby how can i hold all this social life
Nurse Foxhole: His name s Richard Moneypenny.
Steph: (Sounds about right...)

Nurse Foxhole: He s a bit of a...

A jerk.
Steph nods emphatically
Suzie sems vaguely pleased
Gabby will have ALL THE SLEEPOVERS once (if...) her life becomes normal and Not
Nurse Foxhole: Yeah, Rich...
Gabby: ...Uh... Have you been playing long?
Nurse Foxhole: Well.
Space: what is this biarre song
Nurse Foxhole: that s what happens when you say
richard moneypenny
Space: holy shit
Nurse Foxhole: Yeah.
Suzie: Seven years.
Gabby: ...Dang, it shows...
...What d you think about, uhh... about Chopin?
Steph: ...I, uh... I think he has it out for me.
Suzie: i fucking hate chopin
Gabby: u wanna go m8
Suzie: I admire all composers and players.
Gabby wow frick, I cannot believe this, but Gabby hasn t even spoken his name th
is whole campaign, dang
Nurse Foxhole: Oh, that s not t-... No, yea, that s probably accurate.
Gabby: Oh yeah, uh, same... He s probably my favorite, though.
Steph: Yeah, I-- I ate at his restaurant, and he was dressed in this really raci
st outfit, and I called him out, and...
He, uh, didn t like that so much.
Nurse Foxhole: Yeah, that s why they don t like him in Chinatown anymore, jSuzie: TSpace: a gunshot rings out
Mobile L: mmm whatcha sayy
Narrator : Teddy just starts fucking
Calling Sherwood a terrorists
and he loses his patience
Space: sherwood looks done
Sherwood Cotter: That is enough!
Stop it!
Gabby: ...Jimminy H. Christmas, Teddy...
Sherwood Cotter: For the past ten minutes you have been insulting me and claimin
g I have committed unspeakable atrocities and conspiracies!
I have had it!
This interview is done!
Narrator : The crowd just kind of stands there
Tabitha has this vacant smile on her face
Tabitha St. Marie: ...
Space: "news......"
Tabitha St. Marie: ...
There goes half of my meal ticket.
Gabby: ...Nyeheheh... Kay, that s good, then...
Tabitha St. Marie throws one of the textbooks at Teddy s head and storms off
Space: she carries them solely for hurling

Mobile L: She still has em

Tabitha St. Marie goes into a pawnshop and hawks them off
Narrator : alright i m calling it here
Mobile L: Book-chan, noooooo...!
Space: that was a Good Session
lotsa new npcs
and revealed things
Narrator : the line must be drawn EYAGH
Mobile L: Just as well, I am become v sleep v fast
Narrator : this far, no further
Space: i wonder how many assholes we re gonna consript into the investigavive te
am before this is over
Mobile L: Ya wanna see
The first bit of the shitty story?
Space: yes
also, rabbit?
Mobile L: Sure, for awhile
gimme the tale
Mobile L:
Not much yet, since I typed it from handwriting
Awww yiss I love the credits
Space: the credits improve it
Steph: sickening
eldritch s. (GM): right right right
Fawkes M.: That s racist
eldritch s. (GM): so for reference things that happened in the session while you
were away:
chinese guy was actually racist white man in disguise
two doctors got involved
Mobile L: hold god space what the blessed fuck is your avatar
eldritch s. (GM): party left resteraunt
Space: the dungeonmaster
eldritch s. (GM): lady doc said she d sign on
Mobile L: ...Oooooh. Clever.
eldritch s. (GM): guy doc, racist guy, and teddy got into street fight
assholes got involved
Mobile L: Also Gabby broke a window with the power of Rand
eldritch s. (GM): there s political rally going on for mp, big commotion
oh yeah
Fawkes M.: MP?
eldritch s. (GM): member of parliament
it s canadian politics
Space: they split up
eldritch s. (GM): yes
steph met fave author
got autograph
Space: steph met her favorite author and is talking to foxhole
eldritch s. (GM): talking with foxhole
Space: while gabby narrowly got killed by quest
who is of the hero archetype
eldritch s. (GM): gabby saved lady doc from arrested
and then watched him summon a sword
quest summon that is
and now she s with the rest of the dickers

Mobile L: Gabby likes doctors as long as they re not crooked or pinkos

Or both
Fawkes M.: Narrowly got killed
Space: yeah she s dead now and mobile is playing as suzie
Mobile L: People frickin die when they are killed
eldritch s. (GM): just barely got murdered
Mobile L: Just a tad
eldritch s. (GM): oh yeah and it s jsut fucking pouring
Fawkes M.: Wait, repeat that
Is dead?
eldritch s. (GM): yeah
Space: you can find little children in cisterns
yeah she died and now mobile is playing as suzie
Mobile L: Nah
Space: rest in piss gabby
Mobile L: Y all jerks
Fawkes M.: :-|
eldritch s. (GM): yeah so i forget
what were we doing
(From Fawkes M.): That reminded me of something that I was gonna ask about
Mobile L: They were still in the crowd and shit, I think?
Space: Tabitha St. Marie throws one of the textbooks at Teddy s head and storms
Mobile L: Oh yes, that
(To Fawkes M.): Ooh, yes?
eldritch s. (GM): oh yeah teddy ruined the rally
which she was reporting on
and she got pissed
(From Fawkes M.): I m gonna be completely honest, I think that I don t have much
of a muse for Jaime
eldritch s. (GM): he s currently out like a light
also we learned the name of the racvist guy, who is pals with foxhole
Fawkes M.: Who s he?
eldritch s. (GM): who has a song that plays when you say his name
say it
(To Fawkes M.): Ah. You thinking about offing him?
Space: His name s...
...Richard Moneypenny.
Mobile L: Did you say...
Fawkes M.: Oh god
Mobile L: ...Richard Moneypenny?
Space: ...Yeah. I said...
Fawkes M.: Who names their kid Richard Moneypenny?
Space: ...Richard Moneypenny Sr.
eldritch s. (GM): you re making me mad
Mobile L: We re strengthening and lengthening the RMp
Fawkes M.: Are you sure? I don t think Richard Moneypenny minds
(From Fawkes M.): Mayhaps
Space: there he is
Richard Moneypenny...
ok enough shenanigans
let s begin our adventre
eldritch s. (GM): alright so yeah jaie just saw
(To Fawkes M.): Hmm. Well, maybe stick it out with him for this sesh, then consi
der asking Eldy for a killswitch
eldritch s. (GM): teddy get taken out

Fawkes M.: HANG ON I gotta be right back

eldritch s. (GM): ok
Space: hey seer
eldritch s. (GM): what
Fawkes M.: HOKAY I m back for now
eldritch s. (GM): alright
Space: damn
eldritch s. (GM): what space
Space: i was gonna cackle with you
about a secret
eldritch s. (GM): no
Space: unfortunate
eldritch s. (GM): go
Steph: ...
eldritch s. (GM): move your asshole
Steph is a little in shock after that teddy shenanigans
Steph looks back at the Nurseman
(From Fawkes M.): What should I say to him about this?
Nurse Foxhole holds that package in his hands
Nurse Foxhole: Wow...
What a throw...
Gabby is frickin just hangin with the others, watching for TROUBLE
Jaime: ...Huh.
Steph: I d - better check on him. Uh, nice talking to you, Mr. Foxhole!
Ken backs in Jaime out of shock
Steph tries to sneak her way thru the crowd to teddy
(To Fawkes M.): Just be honest and say you re losing momentum with him. If it s
possible to have your PC die and be replaced, then I think he ought be accommoda
Nurse Foxhole: Yeah, uh, you too...
(From Jaime): Gotcher
Jaime: Whoa, hey.
Jaime instinctively steps back
Space: oh should i have rolled for it
Nurse Foxhole: yeah i m so mad i ve stopped everything in its tracks
Mobile L: Hm?
Space: what happened?
Nurse Foxhole: just furious
i m not
it s sarcasm
Space: OH
Mobile L: Oh. Hoo man, thank god, I was worried something bad had happened
(animu sweatdrop)
Ken: Oh, I m sorry!
Ms. Guildenstern turns to Gab
Ms. Guildenstern: Wow, did you see that?
It s just likeWHAM!

Gabby: ...Yeah, frickin ... That lady is a goddang psycho and she needs to be st
Teddy Reinside has got pretty hit in the head and is out cold
Edward O Brien: He ll live.
Jaime: Don t worry about it.
Steph crouches down by him
Steph: Uh... how do I wake him up?
Jaime at least sounds nonplussed
Ken: nonplussed means two opposite things
you tell me which
so help mr
Jaime: The one that means not-distressed
Fawkes M.: Bear in mind, I thought that bemused meant amused instead of confused
for the longest time
Ken: ... What a peculiar day this has been.
Mobile L: Uhp, my finger slipped
Ken: space just suffered an anyyuerism because of what you just said, fox
Fawkes M.: :-)
Space: its true
Mobile L: Rip in penis maladaptive
Jaime: It s definitely felt like a lot longer than that.
Ms. Guildenstern: Yeah, no kidding.
Man, I have some words for that freak...
Mrs. Plumber: If any of them begin with F, they d best be kept to yourself,
Edward O Brien: Mm.
Salt or meat?
Lunatic: rolling 1d20
= 16
Steph: ...?
Gabby: ...Nyeheheh. I hope she frickin gets arrested and can t go on journalist
ing anymore.
Steph looks at them
Louis Grard pulls out a little container of smelling salts, handing it to Edward
Fawkes M.: Wait, so
Edward O Brien: Take it.
Fawkes M.: Is this in the same day that they got their archetype powers?
Edward O Brien: uh is it
i think
Space: i think it s like a day after
Mobile L: Yeah, day after
Edward O Brien: let s just say
the day after
Fawkes M.: I gotta re-type what Jaime said, then
Space: just keep going
Steph takes it
Fawkes M.: Sure
Steph looks at it
Ken: It has... We ve had a long week.

Steph just sorta puts it under Teddy s nose, bemused

Ken: And it s not over yet...
Mrs. Plumber: It s likely.
Jaime: ...Mm.
Mrs. Plumber: There are a good number of witnesses.
Jaime looks up
Jaime at the sky, for a moment
Teddy Reinside just jerks up
Teddy Reinside: LOS ILLUMIANTOS!
Gabby: ...Mm. Someone oughtta file a report.
Gabby not gonna be me though ahahaha literally frick the police
Ken looks up as well, and gets rained on
Steph: Teddy, hey!...
Ken: ... Hasn t stopped raining...
Steph holds the smelling salts back to O Brien
Ken: Not once.
Mobile L: Life imitates art today, as it is much the same here in North Texas
Mr. Rosencrantz: I could.
Mr. Rosencrantz whips out his
Jaime: ...Was it raining yesterday?
Mr. Rosencrantz flip
Mr. Rosencrantz phone
Gabby doesn t judge too hard, as she has a frickin Blackberry
Mr. Rosencrantz and calls 911
Edward O Brien takes them
Gabby oh god...
Edward O Brien: City folks are twisted in the head.
Must be all the pot they smoke here.
Gabby: ...Wait, uh... Aren t you supposed to, like, go to the actual station or
Ken: ... Yes, and it started the day before...
Steph: Uh...
Gabby: I mean, for reports after the fact...
Steph: Teddy, do you smoke pot?
Jaime: ...Right.
Mr. Rosencrantz: It ll be fine!
Jaime: It d better clear up soon. I don t want to have to carry around an umbrel
Mr. Rosencrantz begins yammering to the cops
Teddy Reinside: What?
Steph: I don t either.

Teddy Reinside: I spend all my money on the Institute.

Gabby ahhhhhh frick. Hopes they don t, like, show here and be dastardly.
Teddy Reinside: We have to stop the Reptilians...
Edward O Brien _
Ken: Yes...
Let s hope
This amount of rain is simply bizarre...
Steph: ...Uh, thank you for your help, mister...?
Ms. Guildenstern: So, uh...
What re your politics, Gab?
Mrs. Plumber: Teachers shouldn t talk politics, it never ends well.
Edward O Brien: O Brien. This man here is Louis Gerard.
Space: everyone thinks gabby is an objectivist now
Edward O Brien: We re from the Prairies.
Gabby: ...Well, like... I m not too interested in politics, but I think I m, lik
e, conservative.
Space: no, says the man in washington, it belongs to the poor!
no, says the man in the vatican, it belongs to god!
no, says the man in moscow, it belongs to everyone!
Edward O Brien:
Steph: Oh, it s nice to meet you! I, uh -- my name s Stephanie Karloman, and thi
s is Teddy Rainside.
Jaime: ...Let s hope it s nothing like some sign.
Ken: ...
Space: hey is teddy in your guys s journals
Ms. Guildenstern: Oh really?
So you like Harper and all that jazz?
No Trudeau for you?
Mobile L: Objectivism:
Mrs. Plumber: ... Nice hair, though.
Mrs. Plumber snickers
Mobile L: Also, do Canadian conservatives generally like Harper?
Mrs. Plumber: no
Fawkes M.: I didn t find him
Mrs. Plumber: hates harper, unless they re insane
Edward O Brien: Mm.
Gabby: ...I don t like Trudeau too much, but Harper s a frickin idiot.
Edward O Brien: We ought to be going.
Edward O Brien begins stepping by them
Steph: Oh-- uh, okay! Thanks again!
Gabby: I hope we never have anyone even kinda like him ever again.
Ken: ...
Space: the awkward moment when ken likes harper
Ken: you know who else
likes harper
Space: hall
Ken: no
ou know the nam
say it
Space: ...
Richard... Moneypenny.

Mobile L: Naomi...
Of course Dick would like him
Ken: when will jaime stop having a war flashback
Jaime: ...Anyways.
What time is it right now?
Ken: Oh, I don t have a watch.
Ms. Guildenstern: WMrs. Plumber: Stop.
Jaime: Neither do I. I d check my phone, but, well...
Mrs. Plumber: Don t talk politics.
Teachers are not allowed to talk politics with students.
Teddy Reinside rubs his head
Teddy Reinside: I think...
Man, that hurts...
Steph: Are, uh... you okay there?
Teddy Reinside: Yeah, fine...
Steph: Could I see?
Teddy Reinside: I ve been through worse.
Like the time someone shot me.
With a crossbow.
Steph: ....Right, uh...
Let s just -- let s just get going.
Gabby: ...Eh. I don t know that much about it, so you d just be kinda talking at
frickin drywall, I think.
Ken: It s wet...
Gabby shrugs a bit
Ken: Hm.
What should we do, then?
Jaime: Go back to the others?
Ken points at Gabby
Ken: Gabby is right here, but...
Where is Steph...?
Space: the boogeyman took her
Ken: i really hope space saw that
Steph: get away from me
Roger Perkins: hehehe
Richard Moneypenny: hehehe
Jaime: Last I saw, she was checking on that Teddy guy after he got decked.
Ms. Guildenstern: WMr. Rosencrantz: Good news!
The cops are coming!
Yeah. apparently there was one nearby.
He ll be here soon.
Gabby: ...Oh, um...
Steph starts moving her way back to where she saw the party
Steph: *departed from them
Gabby quickly turns to look for Steph
Teddy Reinside follows, in a lot of pain
Teddy Reinside from fight wounds, headwound, and crossbow wound in leg
Mobile L:

Jaime looks over at the incoming Steph and Teddy

Steph: Hey, um... are we ready to go?
Space: straight outta grade school
Jaime: I m ready. If everyone else is...
Gabby: Yep, I think so! We should probably go like right now.
Officer Quest walks over
Gabby TURNS TO LEA oh frick
Officer Quest: Hello.
Steph: ...
Officer Quest: I was told there was an assault.
Officer Quest sees the party
Officer Quest registers them before speaking
Officer Quest: ... If you would pardon me, I need to speak to Phillip Rosencrant
Jaime: ...
Gabby nod nod nod, playing the stupid
Officer Quest: well-timed thunder
Steph plans fully to slip away the literal second he turns his back
Gabby oh same
Steph nudges Teddy
Officer Quest slowly, delibrately, pulls out his notebook
Teddy Reinside: Yeah?
Suzie whisers to Gab and Jaime
Suzie: On the count of three.
Steph tilts her head thataways
Teddy Reinside looks
Teddy Reinside realizes
Teddy Reinside nods
Teddy Reinside: I understand.
Jaime gives a teeny nod
Steph glances back at Quest
Suzie: One...
Gabby gettin REDDY
Teddy Reinside: HOLY SHIT!!!!
Steph: ?!
Teddy Reinside points the other away
Gabby: ??!
Officer Quest: What?

Officer Quest turns

Jaime: .....
Suzie: Three.
Run now.
Gabby ZOOP
Steph just fuckin

cuts and runs

Jaime nigerundayoooooo
Gabby bookin it like the little squirrel
Gabby just wanna go hoooooooome
Steph had just cut and run
Gabby just wanna go home and give a big ol smooch to the one Chopin poster
Officer Quest thinks for one second
Officer Quest: rolling 1d20
= 19
Mobile L: :<
Space: balls
Officer Quest sprints after Jaime and Gab and Co. rapidly
Space: success
Steph: Okay, c mon!
Officer Quest: roll for brawn you dicks
Steph crowd maneuver 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO
Mobile L: Could I bargain for finesse?
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Brawn
= 20
Officer Quest: sure
Mobile L: Thank
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse
= 17
Teddy Reinside just plughs through people like a boar rather than finessing thro
ugh them

Fawkes M.: This OST sounds vaguely familiar

Mobile L: The fast
Space: do i roll braun as well
Teddy Reinside: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 2 for Spirit
= 7
Space: or the fine se
Teddy Reinside: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Brawn
= 9
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Brawn
= 4
Narrator : Ken breaks down into a hacking coughing fit and trips.
Gabby: !
Narrator : Suzie stumbles over Ken.
Space: NO
Narrator : And Nathan stops to help them.
Narrator : Jaime is so fast.
He runs into the seventh dimension for a second.
Jaime: ---!!!!
Space: he has entered the seventh heaven
Jaime: four heavens high
Narrator : also yeah steph roll depending on her approach
to the crowd
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Brawn
= 10

Jaime: Oh, dammit-Narrator : Ted is pretty shit and clearing past people.
Steph tries to deftly manuver through the crowd, owing to her relatively-small-b
ut-obviously-not-as-small-as-gabby-or-anything stature
Narrator : *at
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 16
Jaime goes to turn around, trying to catch back up with the rest of the party th
at s fallen behind
Narrator : Steph slithers through the crowd
Mobile L: I roll for loyalty backrun?
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Brawn
= 8
Narrator : yes
Jaime burned out on his superfastness, and is a bit late to the scene to do much
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Finesse
= 4
Steph: Hurry, c mon!
Mobile L: CHRIST
Narrator : Ted slowly gets past the people.
Yeah uh.
Right into Quest
Who grabs her
Space: hhehehe
Officer Quest whips out his gun
Officer Quest: now jaime you arrive on the scene
sanic pls
Mobile L: Mind for Fus Ro Rand?

Officer Quest: yes

Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 7
Mobile L: God fucking son of a DICKING BITCH
Teddy Reinside is right behind Steph
Steph zhooooms out this way
Teddy Reinside is stopped by an angry Sherwood Cotter
Mobile L: shititty
Steph: Uh-Nathan: Gabby is about to speak before Quest points a gun right at her face
Steph halts for like a split second
Gabby: .........
Officer Quest: One more word.
Jaime: .....
Space: "Miss."
Mobile L: Ooh
But I am fucking afraid to roll anymore
God, my rotten, awful luck
Jaime shit, you can t make one of those diversions
Mobile L: Fffffffuck I am thinking of doing it
Fawkes M.: I d have Jaime bolster if there was a viable way for him to
Sherwood Cotter: Now listen to me you disreputable little idiot!
Fawkes M.: Waitwaitwait
Steph: Hey! Mr-- politician guy!!
Mobile L: If she gets her brains blown out, I think I ll just go with a backup s
o I don t get stat deficit
Sherwood Cotter: I will not tolerate morons rSpace: no dooooon t
Sherwood Cotter looks at Steph
Fawkes M.: Do we have our second traits?
Space: keep w/ her
Sherwood Cotter: yes
Steph: You re ugly! An-- and that tie doesn t match your socks! Come fight me!
Fawkes M.: Then is it cool if I try to use Jaime s charisma skill right now?
Sherwood Cotter: you can try
Mobile L: I would like to, but I am, like, so wigged out
hhhhhh I shoulda been prepared
Space: be strong mobile
have the might
trust in the heart of the cards
Mobile L: Fuck the goddamn police, Imma do it
I mma do the crazy magic gamble
Here goes
Space: let fox buf first
Sherwood Cotter: rip

Space: *buff
Mobile L: Ooh, yes
Fawkes M.: Well, I m not gonna buff, I m gonna try to have Jaime use one of his
Sherwood Cotter: do what you will
Space: it ll be either
or fox
who decides gabby s fate
See, like
(From Space): don t worry 2 much about dying, the stat minus is probably just go
nna be like... -1 in one stat, at the very worst
Sherwood Cotter: bam he shoots her she s dead
Fawkes M.: I take it that the charisma trait would involve rolling mind, right?
(To Space): Alright. It s just that her stats are so low as it stands, that I m
afraid it will hobble me further and just make me a liability
Sherwood Cotter: you can roll finesse
(From Space): oh you ll level them later on
Sherwood Cotter: as that translates to social smoothness
as well as dexterity
(To Space): Alright. I just don t wanna get, like, two deaths or more.
Fawkes M.: I m having cold feet right now
Mobile L: This is her obituary photo
Sherwood Cotter: DO IT NOW
Space: she died as she lived
Fawkes M.: WAIT
Sherwood Cotter: NO FUCKING DO IT
Space: don t wait waiting is for scrubs
Gabby swallows and looks him square in the eye, trying to put on her bravest fac
Officer Quest: ...
Gabby: ...Miss.
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 16
Space: pray pray pray pray pray
Fawkes M.: YES
Mobile L: ayyyy lmao
Fawkes M.: _YES_
Officer Quest goes flying into a window
Gabby drops and grabs for Nathan and Ken
Space: goddam

my pulse is pounding here

Officer Quest: is it just me
Gabby: BOOK IT.
Officer Quest: or is
this song
not working
Space: heartrate s bumping
Mobile L: It isn t
Space: it s not working
Jaime quickly follows after the Gabby
Space: liz is makin eyes at this scene
Space: ah here we go
gabby tran: hero of justice
Gabby: i am the bone of my objectvism
rand is my body, words my blood
so, as i pray
Officer Quest: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Brawn
= 8
Officer Quest comes flopping out of it, slowly tryign to get back up
Nathan: The gang are all back up and following Gab and Jaime
Sherwood Cotter: ... Why you lSherwood Cotter is punched in the nose by Ted
Teddy Reinside: Book it!
Steph grins
Steph does as the man says
Gabby: I DON T, UHHH...
Space: she shouts, runnning through the streets
Officer Quest: PERKINS!!
Jaime: He s fine, just keep going!
Mobile L:
Space: really gabby is the most hardcore partymember
she s been in the most deadly situations
Mobile L: Phew okay, it s so satisfying when you get out of a narrow scrape like
Narrator : protip

the sprite
Mobile L: I was a big baby :P
Space: this is why roll20s are best
Mobile L: i-i was waiting for the others
Space: dice
Narrator : roll brawn you idiots
Mobile L: Heroic Spirit TRAN
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Brawn
= 8
Narrator : perkins is racing after them
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Brawn
= 12
Space: tired out from ploughing into the eghth dimention
Narrator : Ted runs after Steph
Gab, as she races ahead, can see them.
Down the street.
Narrator : Jaime is just fucking exxhausted and begins slowing down, panting
Narrator : rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Brawn
= 6
Jaime: Ghh...!
Narrator : rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Brawn
= 8
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + -1 for Brawn

= 9
Space: EMIYA is a good chase song
Narrator : Wow.
They re all so
and exhausted
Narrator : Perkins just immediatly gains on them, grabbing Suize
Roger Perkins: Wait!
You just need to wait!
Gabby goes to knee him in the gut
Steph except for the smelly hobo
Roger Perkins: rolling {3d20kh1} + -1 for increased Spirit
= 10
Mobile L: Bran?
Space: tens
Officer Quest even with all
Officer Quest his heroic willpower and Archetype abilities
Officer Quest is having trouble rising to his feet
Jaime: Wait for what?!
Space: that s triple tens
gabby s blessed
Mobile L: We have taken the wind from his sails
Jaime goes to try and sock Teddy in the face
Roger Perkins: You just need to let me explain!
also yes do it
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Brawn
= 9
Space: why teddy
Mobile L: Could I make it a mind roll for the strategic aiming?
Roger Perkins: sure
Fawkes M.: Perkins
Gabby: SORRY.
Fawkes M.: I mean
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind

= 16
Fawkes M.: God, I m scattered
Roger Perkins waves Jaime s stike off before he is winded by a little girl
Roger Perkins: I-OUGH.
Fawkes M.: Also, the seventh dimension sapped all of Jaime s luck
Gabby RE-JET
Space: shes just filled with vim and vigour
Jaime grabs on to Suzie s arm then takes off after Gabby
Space: otp
Gabby looks over her shoulder
Officer Quest now stumbles after them
Officer Quest: Get... back... HERE!
Space: he just has
shards of broken glass
Officer Quest probably has broken limb
Mobile L: Can I bargain for a spirit roll for the las stretch?
Officer Quest: sure
Mobile L: Many thank
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 9
Mobile L: NINES
Fawkes M.: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit
= 6
Officer Quest: jaime can roll finesse because he d holding someone hand and has

to accomodate
Fawkes M.: Wait, did that count as his roll?
Officer Quest: no
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 2 for Spirit
= 20
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 17
Officer Quest: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Brawn
= 12
Space: quest sacked the fuck up
Mobile L: He found his wind
Officer Quest: Jaime and Suzie take off wuickly behind Steph and Ted, along with
Ken and Nathan
Mobile L: Oh
Eheheheh, that works too
Officer Quest thows his gun at Gab s back, knocking her over
Mobile L: Nother spirit?
Also, I have a music
Fawkes M.: Are they within talking range of Steph and Teddy?
Officer Quest: sure
Mobile L: It might be late to get to the apt part, but
It s very anime
Jaime: Ghh... Steph! Can you write?
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Spirit

= 17
Steph: I m RUNNING!
Officer Quest: rolling {3d20kh1} + -1 for increased Spirit
= 14
Fawkes M.: Oh, I saw that
Officer Quest quickly hunts after her, though not within melee sword range
Officer Quest: You won t get away AGAIN!
Gabby: The question isn t who is going to let me; it s who is going to stop me.
Jaime: Can t you, I don t know, do both at once?!
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 13
Officer Quest: rolling {3d20kh1} + 1 for increased brawn
= 12
Space: gabby is fucking hardcore
Officer Quest stumbles back
Mobile L: Powered by a book she hates
Steph just sprints faster
Officer Quest: ...
Officer Quest roars like a dmeon
Gabby gives him a look like "i am going to kill you when next I see y" oh frick w
Officer Quest summons a glowing white sword
Officer Quest sents it flying after her
Gabby: !!!
Officer Quest: also space jaime said something to steph
Space: yes she s ditching
Officer Quest: wow

good friend
Gabby hurriedly tries to whip out the maligned Rand book to block it, but accide
ntally gets the mouth of her backpack in the way in the fumbling confusion, and.
Space: hey man
you got two archetype fuckos who re closer
Mobile L: ...It is at this time that I request use of the Quantum Storage to eat
that bitch
Officer Quest: okay
Space: hooooooooh
Mobile L: Does this require a roll or no?
Officer Quest: nah
Gabby: ...the FRICK???
Officer Quest: ...
Officer Quest goes flying at her
Gabby: !!!
Nathan: Hey, guys!
We need to go back!
Jaime, guy!
Gabby uhhh frick frick frick, tries to do some kinda gravity hurtling thing by s
pinning the bag TURNWAYS........
Jaime nods
Steph is not even
Steph looking back
Jaime turns over to Ken as he pivots to turn around
Jaime: Can you make things other than swords?
Ken: I do not know.
Mobile L: Do I role for turnways*?
Ken: yes
now describe what she s doign ther
i don;t quite
Jaime: I d rather not stab him, but...
Jaime looks around the area for something he can turn into an Archetype-powered
Narrator : rolling 1d20
= 20
Space: a shotgun
just lying on the ground
Narrator : youre choice, fawkes
Mobile L: Like, y know how gravity sucks shit in, but then rovers and shit can u
se the gravity from orbits as a slingshot to go places really fast?
Narrator : oh i see
Fawkes M.: Alright
Space: i like how the
Fawkes M.: Gimme a sec, though, I gotta steal a charger

Mobile L: Mind for the MATHS REQUIRED?

Space: active classes fight with weapons
but the passive dudes, gabby and steph
fight with words
Narrator : As Steph and Ted run down the street
Mobile L: And for slinging him into the most painful thing
Narrator : A black car turns from around the corner, racing fuckign down, just o
n a dime.
A fancy car, too
Gabby: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Mind
= 11
Narrator : Roll mind, Steph.
Steph: ?!
rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind
= 12
Narrator : and gfinesse
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 1 for Finesse
= 5
Mobile L: Phew, nearly got tensd
Narrator : The Cold Man is driving the car.
Mobile L: oh shit uh
Narrator : rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Brawn
= 2
Pushes her out of the way
Before it plows into him.
Steph: No-!
Fawkes M.: Oh nooooo
Narrator : Ted s sent flying by the car.

Which doesn t seem to stop, and could very easily make him a red smear in the ro
ad if no one does anything.
As in
the car
Mobile L: eldy my roll
Narrator : sent him flying ahead
Space: is steph in a poisiton to do a thingy
Narrator : and it s rapidly approaching him
sure she coul get up
sorry mobiel
Mobile L: s okay
Narrator : Quest goes flying into another window
Steph fumbles for her notebook
Space: fox save teddy
Gabby isn t even gonna turn back and look and just RUNS
Narrator : as in fox, you, the player
save teddy
Mobile L: Jump into the screen and save him
Fawkes M. goes to pick up Teddy and run out of the car s path
Narrator : thanks fox
Fawkes M.: No prob
Narrator : just for doing that
you ve saved him
Fawkes M.: Wait
Narrator : Jaime saved Teddy, because you amused me.
Mobile L: :)
Narrator : The car quickly pulls to a stop.
Space: praise the messiah
Steph scrambles up to her feet
Jaime quickly looks over Teddy to see his state
Narrator : Teddy is pretty rouged up.
But not dead!
Gabby bumps into the front of the car.
And sees that guy Steph shot in the driver s seat.
Gabby: ...Frick. What...
Narrator : He steps out of the car.
Gabby is already revving up for another fus-ro-rand
Gabby actually looks fierce, now, in the face of danger
Space: shall i assume that steph has successfully gotten the note-book out
Cold Man: yes
Cold Man litterally is about to shoot them before the car door window rolls down
and a hand extends out
John Ruddman: Don t.
Gabby: ?
Jaime: ???

Gabby turns her fierce glare to Ruddman

John Ruddman is still sitting in the car
John Ruddman: There s no need for further violence.
Steph is catching her breath
Steph: ...
Stay away from us.
John Ruddman: Harry.
Collect Quest and Perkins.
Cold Man begins going to get OQ and RP
Cold Man helps both of them into the car
Jaime: .....
Gabby gives him a look like "yeah, goddang right, and stay out of my territory"
Gabby just glares daggers into Quest s skull
John Ruddman: I ll give you some advice.
Stop now.
Steph goes over to Teddy s side, clutching her notebook under her track jacket s
o it doesn t get wet
John Ruddman: Go back to your normal life.
The Second Heaven doesn t concern you.
Steph: Shut up.
John Ruddman: That s the territory of the Society for the Liberation of the Thir
d Heaven.
Steph: Shut UP!
John Ruddman: I will pay all of you half a million dollars to resume your normal
Steph stands up, fire in her eyes
Gabby: ...It shouldn tve fricked our lives up if we weren t gonna be concerned a
Teddy Reinside looks at Jaime
Teddy Reinside: ... Hey...
Steph: A girl is dead. She s fucking dead, I saw her die! You think you can just
-- pay us off and be done with it?!
Teddy Reinside: Do I still have my legs?
Steph: That s a disgrace! That s-- more than that. That s goddamn INSULTING!
Jaime: ...
Teddy Reinside does in fact hav them
Jaime nods, remaining focused on Ruddman
John Ruddman: Do you know how many people have died up until this point?
Do you know how many deaths we have prevented?
Or worked to prevent?
Do you have any idea of what you re dealing with, or who we are?
Steph: I don t give a fuck. If I stop now, then I m just as bad as the monster t
hat killed her.
John Ruddman: No.

If you continue, you re going to endanger you lives and others by interefing wit
h our work.
Gabby: ...You should have done better, then, because we re never gonna be normal
kids again. We have to protect each other or we ll all be fricked.
John Ruddman: You ll put others in danger to protect your entitlted egotism.
Gabby: ...Frick you. Take your men and get outta my sight.
I didn t ask for this.
John Ruddman: I don t want to hurt you.
Steph: I ve still got his gun. Is he going to want it back?
John Ruddman: Yes.
John Ruddman steps out of the car
Steph falters
Gabby: I didn t want to hurt them, but whoop-de-crap, here we are. Youryour littl
e project sprung a leak, and now every night I go to bed wondering if I ll be ab
le to live long enough to see college... I... I hope you remember that, long as
you live.
Steph: ...I mean, I don t have it on me. We just got out of school.
John Ruddman looks down at Gabby
John Ruddman: I will.
Gabby cold stare
John Ruddman: When you want to return the gun, come to [ADDRESS].
Steph: ...
Steph writes that down
John Ruddman gets back into the car
John Ruddman: I won t hurt you.
But I can t promise you won t get hurt.
Narrator : They drive off.
Steph: ...
Steph lowers her notebook
Jaime: ...
Steph has lost all of her fire and bravado
Jaime glances around, to see if they have further pursuers
Gabby is now just coldly angry
Steph: ...We have a few options.
Gabby: ...If I ever see Quest again, I am going to fricking kill him.
Steph: Mr. Reinside, um -- needs medical attention. We could call an ambulance,
or -- maybe one of you guys could have an Archetype that ll patch him up. I don
t know.
Narrator : Jaime.
On the rooftop.
Jaime: ...
...We have to go.
Gabby: ...I could try, maybe. But I
...Oh frick.
Iblis steps off of the side of the roof

Gabby: Someone grab Teddy.

Iblis and vanishes
Steph: ...He s -- he s big, I can t carry, uhm...
Jaime has opted to grab Teddy and follow after Gabby
Jaime or at least try to
Gabby: My place?
Fawkes M.: Do I roll brawn?
Narrator : sure
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Brawn
= 14
Narrator : He s not obese, Jaime is pretty good to support Ted.
Steph looks back again
Steph hurries after Gab
Jaime runnin with a fat man in tow
Gabby has already decided to just head for home
Gabby wowwwww, seriously, what the frick is with this girl and Chopin
Steph is sitting over in the corner
Suzie sits at the piano and begins playing, just to relieve the stress
Steph along with her twin
Steph has her arms folded
Steph and is looking down
Gabby: ...You can, um... Anyone can sit on the bed if they want. I am gonna, pro
bably, get some beanbag chairs or something before long.
Teddy Reinside was actually taken to the hospital rather than right to the house
Jaime: Well, if they re around here, I think I could get them.
Gabby: ... F it isn t too much trouble. Just, like, not from the dining room, be
cause that set is antique or whatever and Grandma loves them to death.
Jaime is sitting down against the wall
Jaime: ...Alright.
Jaime then gets up
Gabby: ...Thanks.
Jaime nods
Jaime and goes to look for said beanbag chairs

Gabby goes to check on Steph
Narrator : Both of her grandparents are out at bingo but know Gab is a good kid
and are okay with lettign her take care of the house for a few hours.
Ah, yes.
Steph: ...Why does he look like him?
Narrator : Jaime finds them, in the the eighties room.
Gabby: ?
Narrator : WHich
is a room
with eighties paraphenilia
Steph: ...
Narrator : someone just fucking loved the eighties in this house
Jaime: ...
Steph: Do you think that door is only in the school?
Space: the father
Gabby ... >_> >_> >_> at this 80s person
Jaime tries to see how many he can carry at a time
Jaime beanbags
Gabby: ...Haven t seen any frickery in town, so I d guess so.
Narrator : roll brawn
Jaime: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + 0 for Brawn
= 13
Gabby: ...Frick that stupid man. Talking out his butt. He doesn t understand bec
ause he s a rich fricker.
Narrator : Ah, Jaime
Do they have enough beanbags in stock?
Yes, actually.
Enough for his purposes.
Steph: ....I think, maybe he does.
Jaime know your place, beanbags
Steph: That s what s bad about it.
Jaime goes to start transporting said beanbag chairs
Gabby: ...We couldn t fake like normal, even if he paid us.
It s constant danger.
Steph: No, we...
Narrator : Jaime enters Gab s room, enveloped in a bean-bag prison
free him
Steph: ...Gabby, listen, there s -- there s something I have to ask you. It migh
t sound bad, but -- but I think we need to...
...One sec.

Gabby goes to unburden the Jaime

Narrator : They smell like doritos
Gabby ... >______>
Narrator : Gabby recognizes the smell instantly.
Gabby grrrrrrrrrr
Jaime: ...Thanks.
Gabby helps Jaime plop em down in various spots
Narrator : Gabby is now consumed by a beanbag
Gabby: Course, and thank yommmffrick
Jaime sets down his share of beanbags
Gabby ew ew ew, you will smell like HIM
Gabby flomps it on the ground
Steph idly watches the beanbag fuckery
Gabby returns
Gabby: ...Anyway, yeah, what was the question?
Jaime takes a seat in one beanbag of choice
Steph: ...They tried to kill us. I know that, you know that... they nearly kille
d Mr. Reinside.
There s not really an easy way of...
Steph: ...If they try it again, I don t think we can afford to hold back.
Nathan: ...
I m... uh...
What was all that...
With the...
And the shouting...
Gabby: ...My thoughts exactly.
Nathan: And the guys...
And, uh...
Gabby looks at poor lil Nathan
Steph: ...It -- it s superpowers, Nathan.
Nathan: Nao... Naomi...
Steph: ...
Gabby: ...I m not afraid to... to kill one of them, if I gotta.
Gabby says this with the arrogance of a young soldier who doesn t understand
Steph: ...
Steph goes over to sit in the beanbag
Nathan: well gabby
you ve got
Steph: ...Nathan, um...
Mobile L: frick the pohlice

Genocide run
Steph: This is a really weird, fucked-up situation we re in. You don t have to b
e involved still if you don t want.
There s this other world, and we re fighting monsters in it.
Gabby: ...All that matters, to us, is that you re safe. We can watch your back a
nd let you stay out of it.
Nathan: ... No.
I can;t.
I m stupid, I know, but I m not dumb!
I m not going to let other people do things I won t do myself.
I need to help you guys.
Steph: ...
Jaime: .....
Steph leans back, resting her head against the wall
Steph: You re a good person.
Gabby nods
Gabby: ...If you re sure, Nathan. And we... we can show you the ropes and everyt
hing. How it all works, or at least what we know of it...
Gabby takes off her glasses and wipes them on her sweater
Nathan nods
Nathan: Okay.
Gabby turns out her eyes are only two sizes too big for her head rather than thr
Gabby the shock
Suzie: I could afford to have the ropes shown to me as well.
Steph: Yeah. That-- that d be best.
Next time it happens, I ll find both of you.
Gabby nod nod
Suzie: Thank you.
Jaime nods
Nathan: ...
Gabby: Course, Suzie.
Nathan: What if I m in the bathroom>
Gabby pops her glasses back on
Gabby: ...Nyeheh. That s, uh... We ll have to do it the time after that, if that
Jaime: ...Well, that s what I m here for.
Steph smiles a little
Steph but it doesn t quite reach her eyes
Steph: ...
Gabby: ...Ooh. Heh, our concierge or whatever you frickin
Nathan: like a snake
Steph: ...There s something I need to show you guys.
Nathan: Oh, o- yeah?
Gabby rifles through her bag and pulls out Atlas Shrugged

call it.

Ken: What is it?
Steph: My parents... um, they -Jaime: ...
Steph: They died in a car accident. When I was- you know, a kid.
Gabby stares down at the terrible book awhile before looking back up
Gabby: ...Oh, um... God, that... I m sorry.
Steph: I have a picture of them both. On my phone.
Steph gets it out
Gabby scooches her beanbag over for a peek
Suzie: Come a bit closer, Jaime.
Jaime picks up his beanbag and does so
Mobile L: eheh, I scared myself because I scrolled up too fast and thought I acc
identally had an F-bomb slip out with Gabby
Jaime: fuck yo dead parents
Steph It s a pic of Steph s father and mother at a family reunion of some kind.
They re playing with one of Steph s cousins.
Space: put them on the map seer
Suzie: what s the magic word, you prick
Space: alakazam
Gabby looks at the dad
Space: please also
Gabby is visbly shocked
Space: ...
Steph: no
Mr. Karloman is the most whipped looking man ever
Fawkes M.: Don t follow my wake
Mr. Karloman even his smile is vaguely pathetic
Mrs. Karloman doesn t fuck around
Gabby isn t sure if she should say anything or...?
Mrs. Karloman but seems content
Mrs. Karloman there s a fire in her eyes
Steph: ...I don t know why he s...
You all saw him, right?
That guy...
Gabby: ...Y-yeah, that...

...He s... He s some kinda monster, so I think...

Jaime: ...Yeah.
Maybe he just wants to screw with you.
Gabby: ...Exactly...
Steph: Why?
Why is it me he s...

Steph shuts her phone off

Steph looks up
Steph just fucking
Steph freezes
Space: is he playing the piano
Gabby: !!!!!!
Space: or is he standing on it
Iblis standing
Jaime: --!!
Iblis: I KNOW,
Fawkes M.: Who s playing the piano, then?
Space: napstablook is
Gabby: .............
Jaime: .................
Steph keeps looking at where Iblis was standing
Steph s hands are shaking slightly
Gabby meekly steps over to her
Steph: ...
Steph swallows thickly
Steph: ...
Steph quietly
Steph: M gonna get something to drink.
Gabby: ...Alright...
Steph hurries out to the kitchen
Jaime: ....
Jaime sits back down
Space: bell
i saw
Steph was really just using that as an
Suzie quickly gets back to the piano
Steph excuse to be by herself in case any waterworks were to occu
Steph: r
Gabby just goes over to her bed
Ken: ...

Ken: We ll be alright.
Steph returns some minutes later, with a bottle of water and a tissue
Ken: I know that for a fact.
Jaime: ..."I know."
Steph sits down in the nearest beanbag
Gabby nod nod... not really feelin it... hnnnnng god the bed is so soft, maybe
if you close your eyes for just a
Gabby: Zzzzz...
Suzie: RIght now, we need tofocus on the here and now.
Speculatiom comes later.
Mobile L: Fraid I must take my leave, as it is fucking very late
Suzie: I don t think we re all ready to handle things like that just yet,
Mobile L: G night, homo sapiens
Space: nite nite mobile leprechaun
Fawkes M.: Good knight
Suzie: good knome
Steph: ...Archetypes next? That s where we go from here?
Suzie: Yes.
Steph: ...
Steph takes a drink of el agua
Steph: ...
I m gonna have to show Mr. Reinside that picture too.
Suzie nods
Jaime: What do you think he ll say?
Steph: I don t even know... it s just not right leaving him out of the loop like
Ken: ...
I m sorry.
Steph: I barely even remember it.
Ken: My father. He is gone as well.
Jaime: ...My mother, too.
Ken: ...
Ken covers his mouth with his hands for a moment
Ken: ... From my mother...
I inheirited...
A disease.
Steph: ...
Ken: It s non-transmissable, don t worry.
Jaime looks over at Ken, silently
Ken: But it will kill me.
I don t know when.
But it will.
Steph: ...
Ken: I want to use my life wisely.
Steph covers her mouth with her hand
Steph is not looking at him, just kind of
Steph looking off into the middle distance
Ken: And that is why I want to help you do this.
I thought it was right you should know.

Steph: ...I m so sorry.

Ken: There is no reason to be.
I am the one who should be sorry.
I insist on keeping with you, despite it making me a liability, like it did toda
Jaime: ...You re not a liability at all.
Ken: But I fell, and tripped everyone up.
Steph: ...I -- I didn t even notice...
Ken: ...
Jaime: ...
Ken: ...
If it ever comes down to it.
Between your life and mine,
Always save yourself.
You have more time.
Steph: ...
Steph takes another drink of her water
Steph feels bad that she was planning on doing that anyways
Space: it s hard playing a
person who is very afraid of death as
i have to balance
her being ic
me not wanting the character to die
Jaime: ...Let s just make sure it won t happen again.
Ken nods, and remains silent
Narrator : and
i call it there
Fawkes M.: Good place to call it
Space: that was a good session
Narrator : any thoughts or speculations in particular
Fawkes M.: That bit with Iblis and the pictures - did you come up with that ahea
d of time or on the spot?
Narrator : no that was a fact
Space: i came up on the spot to have steph show off the photo
Narrator : but the resemblanvce
a fact
Space: yes
Fawkes M.: But what about the overlap turning into a jump scare?
Narrator : no that was me fucking with you
Space: it was effective at fucking w/ me
Fawkes M.: It was nifty
Narrator : i ll do it again, too
Space: he followed her to the kitchen
did you guys see what i added in steph s notes
Narrator : buy bullets
what do you think about ruddman, now that he s made his hit debut
Space: i think he s
a person with good intentions
who has done some very bad things
Fawkes M.: He made me think of the overall Kiritsugu archetype
For some reason
Space: yeah
i m glad that teddy ddn t die
Fawkes M.: I wasn t even trying to do that
Narrator : i didn t want him to but it was a possibility

i think it says something that

after hitting ted
the cold man didn;t slow down
Space: harry
Fawkes M.: Yer a wizard
Space: i don t think he s a person with good intentions, as such
Narrator : then why do you think he does this
Space: at this point it s hard to say
but i think it s something superficial
Fawkes M.: Maybe he wanted to scare away the squad
Narrator : by killing a man with his car
Space: i dont think he gives a shit
i remember
that the gun had two bullets left
Fawkes M.: How do we know something ain t up with Teddy?
Narrator : the puppetmaster
Space: i d bet actual money that he s ggenuine
Narrator : how much actual money
Space: funds are low
a nickel
Fawkes M.: Wuss
Narrator : that s how space lost five cents canadian
Space: i have
a goodly amount
of canadian coinage
Richard Moneypenny: my rage festers with every day
One Who Brings Darkness: thespacephantom
Space: never gon be president now
One Who Brings Darkness: why not
Space: the reynolds pamphlet
One Who Brings Darkness: i don t understand
Space: it s you...
One Who Brings Darkness: video not available, space
Mlle. Lane: this means NOTHING to me
Steph: it s all about america
Mlle. Lane: i m not american
Mobile L: we indulge all your canada stories... :,<
Steph: that then explains it
want me to tell you the story of the reynolds pamphlet
Mlle. Lane: i live next to your country, which our country is an economic satell
yes, i would like to hear the story of my masters
Mobile L: It is our job to flog every last bit of individualism out of you
Until you can only sing That s America to Me
Mlle. Lane:
Mobile L: c:
Mlle. Lane: he was later hanged for high treason
Mobile L: Shit
Mlle. Lane: just like space
Space: sorry my connectiion
okay SO

alexander hamilton, early american politician

had an affair with a roman named maria reynolds
not a roman
Mobile L: Ahahaha
Space: her husband, james reynolds, he knew
Mlle. Lane: he liked to watch
Space: and he was a crafty fucker
so he blackmailed hamilton
Mlle. Lane: often while dressed as superman
Space: give me money and i won t tell
Mlle. Lane: yeah that s basic blackmail
Space: oh they have blackmail in canada do they
Mlle. Lane: i could do that
chris could do that
i m pretty sure josh could do that
Space: later on reynolds was arrested for illegal speculation
Mlle. Lane: who knows, even daisy could
illegal speculation
Space: he tried to bring hamilton down w/ him
Mlle. Lane: that sounds like a bullshit charge
Space: saying oh this guy helped and did embezzlement
no he
Mlle. Lane: wasn t that crafty if he got arrested
Space: he did speculation on the unpaid wages of revolutionary war officers
naturally that didn t fly
in order to prove that he didn t misappropriate government funds
hamilton published the reynolds pamphlet
which detailed and outlined his affair
as you can imagine this kinda tanked his political career
Mlle. Lane: he talked about
each encounter
in just total
unnesscary detail
like he was writing erotica
Space: probs tbh
i would not be surprised
Mobile L: Yaranaika
And hello to Foggs
Fawkes M.: Who s this guy?
Space: hey fox
did you hear
Fawkes M.: Hey
Hear wot?
Mlle. Lane: "Well, the curtains were purple, as was my penisse after all was sai
d and done, as you know now..."
Space: seer published the reynolds pamphlet
Fawkes M.: The wha?
Space: he s never gonna be president now
Mlle. Lane: i never could be president
Fawkes M.: He s Canadian
Space: never gonna be president now
Mlle. Lane: unless i turned into ted cruz
Space: never gonna be president now
Fawkes M.: (also, I m prolly gonna have to take a call at 7:30 PST as a headsup)
eldritch s. (GM): spread your wings master w
that s fine

Space: i m gonna quickly get something to drink

Fawkes M.: It s been so long
eldritch s. (GM): were we cutting to the next day or were we continuing convo, i
really cannot recall
Fawkes M.: That I need
A recap song
Mobile L: I honestly forget
eldritch s. (GM): i myself am foggy, so you re in shit now
Space: i m diving into the archive
Mobile L: It s okay, we won t know better
Fawkes M.: Just say the Second Heaven fucked with casualty or something
Mobile L: Oh heck, Eldy, d you want me to do like I did with Hollow and archive
the archive after this sesh?
eldritch s. (GM): sure. now you can do some talking or what have you, i need to
do something
Mobile L: A ight
Gabby feels asleep...
Space: If it ever comes down to it.
Ken: ...
Between your life and mine,
Always save yourself.
You have more time.
that s the last thing
Gabby: Zzz...
Fawkes M.: That rhymed
Mobile L: ken-kun... :,(
Jaime is the king of a beanbag right now
Space: rapper ken
Steph is quietly sitting and writing in her notebook
Gabby fricking slept through that, what a nozzle
Steph: ...How long have we been here, anyways?
Jaime: Since we got back?
Gabby: Zzzz...
Steph: Well - that is to say, uh... you know, the - actual time. As it stands.
Jaime: ...Hmm.
Jaime tries to look around for a clock
Gabby prolly has one on those walls that are invisible to the viewer
Gabby or you could check her compy
Space: i can see them
Gabby no you can t you frick
Space: theyre filled with paintings of chopin
Jaime: ...Quarter-to-Chopin.
(just kidding)
Gabby the ones that are facing different ways and stuff, you TOTAL DINGUS
Gabby: Zzz... Mrgh... Frederique...
Ken just looks down before speaking
Gabby oh gawd, that girl, what the frick is she even dreaming of
Ken: I should get going.

Steph: Oh-Steph looks up

Jaime: Back to your home?
Gabby: ...Eheh... o-oh man... Zzz...
Ken: Yes.
Steph: Before, uh...
We should figure out what our plan is first.
Before anyone-Steph flicks her pencil at Gabby to wake her up
Nathan was amusing himself by watching Gab mutter in her sleep
Nathan doesn t seem aware that its a creepy thing to do
Gabby sits up hecka quick
Gabby: ...Ah geez dangit, sorry...
Jaime: ...Mm.
Steph: Morning!
Suzie: If we re setting out a plan, let s look at what we know.
Gabby: I didn t, um... I didn t say stupid stuff, did I...?
Gabby oh she did
Steph: No, we were just about to start planning.
Steph flips her notebook to a new page, ready to write
Suzie: I notice you ve taken notes, Steph.
I think that ll be good for getting some facts down.
Gabby: ... Kay, good. Thanks for wakin me and stuff.
Space: connection keeps weirdly dropping
Gabby yawn-stretches
Steph: They re... yeah, but they re disorganized. So, let s see...
Suzie: oh right ted went to the hospital, i remember now
Steph: Um... so, first and foremost, there s the Second Heaven. We-- all know wh
at that is. Right?
Mobile L: uhp, BRB a sec
Jaime nods
Jaime: I do, at least.
Suzie: I m still a little unclear on everything.
I missed the explanation.
Nathan: ... Heaven?
Was that cop a ghost!?
Was the car guy the grim reaper?
Was the other guy the devil!?!?
Jaime: I... don t think so, at least.
John Ruddman: this is hell, and i am the devil
Mobile L: Back, was admiring Margaret Thatcher, the world s most badass spider w
ho lives on our porch
Nathan: tell that to olive
Steph: Basically, it s this - other world. Where those monsters come from. Uh...
it s supposed to be like this trial, and people who get through it get to the t
hird heaven. Which is - the guy said that it s what all men desire, which-- is v
ery vague.
Nathan: What guy?
Gabby: ...The car guys are just scumbags, is all. Bad dudes.
Nathan: Bad dudes, huh?

Gabby: Really bad, and not in the sense of the word where it s cool. Just awful
and sucky.
Steph: The car guys, they - I think they re trying to cover up the second heaven
Or something.
Gabby: Yeah. Either way, they suck.
Jaime nods to affirm
Steph: They offered to pay us a lot of money if we d stop, which means...
Jaime: They ve got a big backer?
Nathan: baby got back
Gabby: They are buttholes and they don t understand, ever.
Steph: Yeah, I wouldn t be surprised if they re some kind of... government agenc
y or something? Or like some conspiracy. Uh... and, uh, that suggests two more t
hings to me. One, it s worth way more to them than anything material ever could
be. Or, uh, alternatively, someone getting to it would be just really, really ba
They said something about that snake nudist being their ticket into the second h
eaven. Which - implies they want to go there.
I don t trust them, you don t trust them, let s - let s just go all in and say t
hey re not to be trusted. Agreed?
Suzie: Snake nudist?
Steph: Oh, uh-Gabby: Yeah. 100% agreed.
Nathan: Oh, so it s a naked snake/
That s normal.
Fawkes M.: What a thrill
Steph: No, it s this - nudist lady with a snake.
Steph looks to Jaime for help, mildly thrown off from her train of thought
Gabby: No, see, she s frickin she s a lady, and she wears the frickin snake on h
er, um... on her chests...
And crotch.
Jaime: ...Yeah. Something that I think she can control.
Nathan blushes at this thought
Steph nod nod
Nathan: B-but, she can t walk around a school, with just... it...
... hanging out.
Gabby: She, um... she doesn t play by normal people rules, Nathan.
She plays by fricked-up snake rules... But, um, different rules than the Fricked
Up Snake Club, mind you.
Jaime: And... I don t think anyone can see her.
Unless time stops and you re there.
Suzie: Now, tell me...
How did you get your powers, who exactly gave them to you?
You ve mentioned them, but I m still not clear.
Steph: There was this -- this strange door, when we were exploring this shitty,
abandoned part of school.
Uh... we were getting chased, so we of course ran in, right?
Gabby: We had to do it or else we woulda gotten really killed, like hard.
Steph: And - it was this shitty dump in there, too, but there was this guy named
Mr. Mu. In a-- gold mask, and a white suit...
Steph tries to quick sketch his mask from memory
Steph: rolling {3d20dl1}dh1 + for Mind

= 7
Narrator : It s like..
Jaime: And who didn t like to be clear about anything going on.
Fawkes M.: He s in the room
Narrator : Chinese knockoff Mr. Mu.
Steph: Yeah, he was super vague...
Gabby: And like, a cravat. Like a dandy.
Space: Mr. Moneypenny
Steph: Oh! And a top hat...
Steph adds that
Mobile L: yusssss
Narrator : ... richard moneypenny
pilgrim mr mu
Mobile L: beautiful...
Narrator : he s going to help you enjoy thanksgiving
Mobile L: The motherfuckin pillsbury dough boy
Steph shows her drawing
Steph: This is what he looked like.
Suzie: It s terrifying.
Gabby: Yeah! Yeah, God, basically a carbon-copy of fricking that.
Suzie said in the most deadpan manner
Gabby: Well, the spooky bit is not his looks, but, like, how slippery and weird
he was.
Steph: He was more ominous than, uh, my meagre art skills would seem to suggest.
Yeah, he -- yeah.
Mr. Mu: i can get slippery insider
Suzie: sslippery sam
Space: that fucking face
Gabby: frick off or i ll call chris hansen on you
Space: i did good
Mobile L: Beautiful
I took a screenie
Suzie nods
Suzie: I see...