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Bahasa Inggris
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Choose the right answer by Crossing or circle

from options (a, b ,c and d)
1. Receptionist : Welcome to Grand
Palace Hotel. Can I help
: I to book a room, please.
a. Will be
b. Would like
c. Want like
d. Would prefer
2. Lisa : Do you mind turning on the fan for me ?
Mita : ..
a. no, thank you
c. Id love to
b. yes, I do
d. not at all
3. Lisa : ?
Rina: I usually spend my time to go to some

Guru Bidang Studi



Randy Rizal, S. Pd.

XI (semua jurusan)

7. Anto and Rio go fishing?

a. Does
c. are
b. is
d. do
8. You father is a teacher ?
a. Isnt
c. is he?
b. doesnt he
d. does he?
9. Rafy : who has to give the next, performance?
Rifa : I am next, ?
a. Am I
c. am not I?
b. do I
d. arent I?
10. The weather hot, not it?
a. Are
c. do
b. Were
d. is
11. you like coffee?
a. Does
c. was
b. do
d. were
12. you finished study?
a. Have
c. Are
b. did
d. do

interesting places together with my family

a. Who do you usually do to spend your time
on the weekend?
b. What do you usually do on the weekend?
c. When do you usually spend your time?
d. What did you do last weekend?
4. Mother
: its already 1 am you
havent even slept yeah?
: its okay, Mom. I Have an
exam tomorrow orning.
a. You have to study harder,
b. Do not force yourself,
c. Melly. You,re joking, Melly.
d. Melly. Dont be serious

Question 13 to 15
Ulfah : Hanif, (13) ?
Hanif : I like traveling, reading comics,
and debating. How about you?
Ulfah : (14) ?
Have you ever visited Papua?
Hanif : no, not yet, but I would like to.
Ulfah : (15) are you interested in

5. Does the boy enjoy flying kite?

a. Yes, they do
b. Yes, they does
c. No, they doesnt
d. no, they dont
6. Martha usually ... on holiday together with her
a. Goes
b. go

c. going
d. went

Hanif : yes, I am very excited.

13. a. what are you doing?
b. what do like to read?
c. what are your hobbies?
d. what do you usually do?
14. a. I really love traveling.
b. I prefer staying home to traveling.

c. I have no idea about it.

d. I never think about it.
15. a. Papua is a wonderful place.
b. Papua is rich in culture and has
beautiful scenery .
c. Do you want to go there?
d. Next month Im going there.
Question number 16-18
Formerly, each Europe country has terms
of the basic unit of money. In Italy, for example,
the basic unit is Lira, France uses franc, the
Netherlands uses guilders (golden), Portugal uses
escudo, Spain uses the Peseta and Germany has
Deutschmark. Therefore, if people want to travel
to another country, they need to exchange their
money. Nowadays, it is much simpler to do some
transaction in European countries. It is because
there is Euro currency, which has become official
currency of the Euro zone.

a. Falling
c. felling
b. Felting
d. melting
24. He is afraid of by plane.
a. Travelling
c. fly
b. Flight
d. getting
25. The lion chased prey.
a. His
c. it
b. Its
d. him
26. Diana makes a bread for
a. We
c. us
b. They
d. he
27. Dan always keeps room tidy.
a. Him
c. hers
b. Me
d. my
28. We lost broom yesterday.
a. Ours
c. its
b. Them
d. our
29. Last night I met at amusement park.
c. her
d. they
Question number 30-32 are reported sentences. Change
it into indirect speech.

30. You have to finish your job before break time!

said teacher.
The correct reported comment is
a. Teacher said that I have to finish my job
before break time.
b. I have to finish my job before break time
teacher said to e.
c. Teacher said that I had to finish my job

16. what is the basic currency of the Netherlands?

a. Peseta
c. Franc
b. Guilder
d. Escudo
17. What is the most European countries now?
a. Lira
c. Euro
b. Deutschmark d. Pound sterling
18. they need to exchange their money
The underlined word refers to
a. Italy, French, Netherlands, Germany.
b. Some European countries.
c. The official European currency.
d. People who travel to European countries.
19. Ty to avoid your parents angry.
a. Makes
c. avoiding
b. Making
d. avoid
20. I hate my money
a. Wastingc. hates
b. Waste
d. hating
21. The taxi driver is good at
a. driving
c. book
b. dives
d. booking
22. is her hobby.
a. sing
c. reading
b. Cook
d. fish
23. The rain is hardly.

before break time.

d. Teacher says I had to finish my job before
break time.
31. Rudi told, Im going to the town with my
The correct reported statement is
a. Rudi told me that he was going to the town
with his sister.
b. Rudi tell that he is going to the town with his
c. With his sister he is going to the town told
Rudi to me
d. Im going to the tow with my sister.
32. do you bring your umbrella?, asked Rani.
The correct reported question is
a. Rani asked to me if I brought my umbrella
b. Did you bring your umbrella asked Rani to
c. Rani asked to me did I bring my umbrella.
d. do you bring your umbrella? Ask Rani.

Question number 33 - 36 are error recognition. Choose

the underlined word or phrase that is incorrect.

33. John, do you always come late to class?

You have to change your bad habit.
Try to more discipline.
34. Which bag do you prefer? The red or
the black one? If I am you, I would prefer
the black one to the red.
35. The girl who is standing next to the door
is my aunt. She lived in Borneo since five
years ago. She has come to visit us.

36. After read the advertisement, I
immediately make an application for that.
37. The man who sends the letter is
a. Police
c. journalist
b. Dancer
d. Postman
38. My father is a he has lot of patients.
a. Nurse
c. farmer
b. Dentist
d. gardener
39. My sister loves cooking. Now she becomes a
in a restaurant.
a. Waiter
c. waitress
b. Teacher
d. chef
40. Mr. Anwar is working in Lagoi. He is a who
takes people want to visit tourism objects in
entire Bintan Island.
a. Photographer c. tour guide
b. Bartender
d. delivery man.