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Vocal Cord Care

Vocal Cord Care attends to your vocal folds flexibility and to the health of
the mucus which lubricates them so that your voice is clear and strong.
Vocal Cord Care energy system provides healing for any emotional issues
that have limited your vocal range and your ability to speak your mind.
Vocal Cord Care attunement may be accepted by anyone but only a Reiki
or Seichim Master Teacher can pass an attunement onward to others.
Vocal Cord Care also has the energy functions of Silence Empowerment,
Vocal Range Enhancement, My Voice Empowerment and Smoothing Elixir.
Vocal Cord Care channeled and manual writing by: Mariah Windsong
Couture; Shankh Mudra by Dr. Naresh Mintri RMP(AM)
~May 10th, 2011 ~All Rights Reserved

Attention Resellers: From May 10th through May 20th, 2011 Mariah
Windsong and Rosemary Noel have exclusive rights to sell, gift or exchange
Vocal Cord Care energy systems attunements and manual.
Vocal Cord Care energy system has a fixed resale price of $25.00 USD
each or the equivalent in your currency. Always provide this manual with
any Vocal Cord Care attunement, fully intact, with no changes.
By accepting these attunements, you agree that Vocal Cord Care may
NEVER be traded for another system. You agree that if you pass an
attunement of Vocal Cord Care it will either be sold by accepting monies
in currency or youll gift it if you feel so guided. Uncertified self attunements
of this energy system may be used for personal self healing, but do not
certify you as a Master or teacher of this system. Uncertified self
attunements do not provide you with a certificate, lineage or confirmation.
Charging less than $25.00 for this energy system without permission from
the founder constitutes a breech of term, conditions and copyright of this
system. Charge the fixed fee of $25.00 or the equivalent in your currency if
you wish to sell this energy system or completely gift this attunement and
energy system, including the manual. The manual may not be sold without
also sending the attunement out in a sacred manner to your student.
Vocal Cord Care may NEVER be traded for another system. Vocal
Cord Care is to be either sold by accepting monies in currency or freely
gifted, as your inner guidance directs, but NEVER traded for another energy
system of any kind.
No text or any portion of this manual may be used on u-tube, in movies, on
social networking sites. No text or portion of this manual may be copied,
used on u-tube, in movies, posted on the internet, linked or plagiarized,
unless quoted briefly (50 words or less) as part of fair use in a review, resale
listing or other commentary.
Please contact the author at for permission to
translate this manual. If you translate you agree to send author a copy and
manual must remain exactly as original form without any changes.

Your voice is produced by vibration of the vocal folds. Your vocal cords are
composed of twin mucous membranes stretched horizontally across the
larynx. The vocal folds, together with the muscles and cartilages which
support them, are known as the larynx.

Here is a real medical photo of a persons vocal folds. Yours are open when
you breathe in, and closed when you hold your breath. Your vocal folds are
controlled by your vagus nerve. Notice that they are properly called vocal
folds even though we are accustomed to referring to them as vocal cords!
They are white because theres not much blood in them.
Your larynx is as a valve to protect the airway and lungs. It is positioned
where the airway and the esophagus separate. The vocal folds open to allow
breathing and close during swallowing to prevent food from entering into the
lungs and during voicing. Our construction is amazing! Look at the
fascinating and intricate details of the area of our body from which our voice
emanates! This is the juncture where food, water and air are regulated.

When you use your voice too much you could experience phonotrauma..
When your voice is hoarse this means that the mucosal vibration is not even.
The mucosal wave must be smooth and pliable for your voice to function
properly. Stiff mucosa will not vibrate well or at all. There are many other
adverse physical condition which limit a persons vocal range and voice
quality. The texture of the liquid which coats your vocal cords is very
important because it enables your vocal cords to move properly.

They vibrate, modulating the flow of air being expelled from your lungs
when you speak or sing. They up to 400+ times per minute when you are
sing a high note.

Vocal Cord Care brings you the intelligence of Eternal Sacred Source to
support, heal and enhance your vocal folds. I was pleasantly surprised to
notice how many areas of my body this energy system was active within.
I had not realized that there was energy in my feet, heart center, and head
that required changing in order to bring balance and health to my vocal
cords. In the etheric levels, imbalance can be adjusted for physical health.

An attunement or empowerment is a dose of energy frequencies that match

the energy of this Vocal Cord Care energy system in general, and each
function or empowerment specifically.
Once you have received that dose of energy, your body and spirit will
recognize that energy and easily access the energy stream from Eternal
Sacred Source that IS the energy stream of this particular energy system.
Attunements can be sent long distance by means of an energy sphere, often
called a chi-ball and it is kept safe by your Angels and guides of Eternal
Light. It is released to you when you call it in, like a prayer to receive it.
Please spend a few minutes to invite the attunement your teacher sent you of
Vocal Cord Care, to release fully unto you. Simply say, out loud or in
your mind: I ask to fully receive my Vocal Cord Care attunement as sent
out by my teacher and made perfect by Eternal Sacred Source, NOW!

Think of a ball of light and energy above your head that opens up and
streams down into the top of your head to enhance your voice.

Your attunement will easily arrive to you because Eternal Source is not
limited by space or time. Your Vocal Cord Care attunement flows into
your body and energy field, into all of who you are.
Vocal Cord Care energy can be activated anytime youd like. It provides
both maintenance energies as well as an intensive session. Which type of
energies you receive depend mainly upon how much time you devote to
reclining and being receptive for the energies to flow and attend to you.
If you want to activate Vocal Cord Care as part of your regular spiritual
hygiene program it will likely be the maintenance energies that you will
receive and they will only be active for a few minutes.
If you want to receive an intensive session, please set aside between 20-40
minutes to be still, in one location and preferably seated or reclined. Then
say, out loud or in your mind: Vocal Cord Care, Activate!
It is your intent for your Vocal Cord Care energies to flow for you that
actually activates them. Use words in your first language if it is easier to set
your intent in that manner. Also say Vocal Cord Care, Activate! (or the
equivalent in the language you are most comfortable with) when you want to
activate this energy system for maintenance purposes.
The amount of time you have set aside together with whether you have a
rushed or relaxed way of being in that moment will determine how much
work your Vocal Cord Care energies can accomplish for you.
A respected energy system and spiritual teacher in Australia said this when
she experienced her Vocal Cord Care attunement: I got the real impression
of the earths energy being drawn up through the feet and the really strong
connection between living on the earth and the intoning of sound through
voice.....connections very strong.
It was wonderful to hear her impression in regards to energy arriving
through her feet because I too experience Vocal Cord Care energy as
presenting itself at my feet! I did not understand why. Hearing other
peoples experiences of an energy system can shine some light upon
what each of us experience. Sometimes the experiences are unique and
at other times they help to fill in areas we are curious about.

Now that you have paused to receive your Vocal Cord Care attunement,
you have the right to call upon and activate your Silence Empowerment.
Silence Empowerment within a Vocal Cord energy system? Absolutely!
Silence balances vocalization. From within silence a person gains wisdom
from within. Silence can be a strength.
When silence is utilized with intention can draw unto itself energy and
help you focus so that your future vocalizations will be much stronger.
By stronger vocalizations I am referring to both the sound quality of your
voice and how people hear and understand what you say or sing.
Employing silence as a tool for your next vocalizations to be stronger entails
activating this empowerment regularly during quiet times in your day.
It is also wise to consciously keep quiet at times when you may have kept
talking. Silence after speaking brings you respect. It gives the listener time
to contemplate what you just said. If you immediately kept talking about the
same topic you can dilute the words you already spoke. This is especially
true if your continued speech is not imparting new information. If your next
words were going to be saying the same thing in a different way, stop and be
silent instead. Allow the words you already spoke to stand as they are.
Even if you feel that you could have said something in a better way, allow it
to stand as is for a few moments.
With practice and the Silence Empowerment you may find yourself speaking
less words, yet being heard better. It will be easier to put your thoughts into
words. Here in this reality us in human bodies must use verbal and written
language to communicate. In other dimensions, full thought communication
is common. Here on Earth most people are not accustomed to using their
telepathy skills and so being effective in the method of communication used
in the society you live in is necessary. Your relationships will likely improve
and your sense of purpose will increase.
Please use your silence wisely. Never use silence to punish someone with
the absence of expressed affection. Additionally, recognize that genuine
verbal and written expression of your caring feelings are desired by your
loved ones. It is common for people who develop their inner spirituality to
be very comfortable with silence.

Their family members may always want to fill every quiet moment with
speech or media sounds. In regards to how much verbal and written
communication to convey to your loved ones, use your intuition.
A good way is to observe your loved ones' behavior and moods. Then look
at them while turning on your inner sight and empathy. Ask your helping
healing guides to show you how your loved ones are feeling about various
topics from their perspective.
This is especially useful in determining whether your loved one truly needs
to hear expressions of your affection or whether your recent expression was
sufficient. Remember that while you love deeply and others who are less
empathic than you may not be "feeling your love" if it is not combined with
verbal or written expression.
Of course, some people are "needy" and the amount of verbal love
expressions they feel to require feels "tiring" to you.
This is something that is best to notice prior to agreeing to a serious
romantic relationship. It is also something that can be noticed about family
members and friends. When a family member or friend has not connected
strongly enough with Eternal Sacred Source/Spirit/God/Higher Power they
often reach constantly to those of us who have. They see us as filling their
needs and so continue to reach first to us and secondly to their inner strength
or Eternal Sacred Source. Yes, there are also people who do know how to
reach to Source yet still prefer to reach firstly to a human. I have little
tolerance for this in my own life in any personal or professional relationship.
You will need to discern how much verbal and written communication you
can thrive with providing to your loved ones. Sometimes the amount of
communication needs to change in order to achieve a balance that is healthy.
Anytime you make a change in how frequently and in what manner you
communicate with people, an adjustment period occurs. Often the
relationship is strengthened by such. Sometimes when we are there as often
as a person wants and claims to need, we are providing a co-dependent
relationship instead of a healthy one. Sometimes our wise use of silence can
cause a person to reach within and find a new source of sustenance and love
straight from the infinite of Eternal Sacred Source.

There are times when our caring displayed as always doing for together with
verbal or written displays of affection is an impediment to that person's
As you are the catalyst for a change in the way and frequency en which you
communicate with others, please be compassionate with others as they may
have difficulty adjusting to change. Hold to your course of action once you
discern what is in alignment with your highest joyful good. What is good for
one is must also be well for the other, for an unequal relationship does not
promote health for either person in the long run.
Some people will adapt well. Others won't and the landscape of who you are
closest to emotionally may change. This is well for health is more important
than relationships. A relationship that does not foster health requires change
or release. I stand by this statement forevermore.
Some of you are ones who do not speak or write often enough of your caring
to others. Silence Empowerment is holistic and will empower you to
communicate your affection more if that is what is optimal for you.
Another topic within Silence Empowerment to speak to you about is when
those who you love are more silent than is comfortable for you. Their lack
of verbalization may be leaving you with questions. When you ask about
what you want to know, and still do not get a clear response or any response
at all, what do you do? Remember that you have Spirit/Source/God/Goddess
to whom you can go and receive love and energy replenishing.
If you are skilled at communicating with your guides you can ask them if
there are any insights into your friend, mate, lover or family member for
you. Sometimes your guides, angels and guardians in the Light of Eternal
Sacred Source will choose to reveal to you how the other person is feeling.
Sometimes they will show you what area of their life they are having
difficulty with. Please never take personally someones silence unless they
tell you to take it personally. Everyone has a different way of process their
day or mulling over problems that they want solved.
Their silence may have nothing to do with you. Even when you ask
questions to try and get them to plan their day with you, they may seem
distant and unresponsive if another topic has their mind in busy.
Give the person time to reflect in their own way and approach them later.

Vocal Range Enhancement is an energy function that is intended to

increase your physical vocal folds ability to emit sounds of a wider range.
You will likely be able to intonate a wider range of low and high tones the
more often you activate this energy function. Say, out loud or in your mind:
Vocal Range Enhancement, Activate!
Your Vocal Range Enhancement energy function will probably be active for
about 5 or 10 minutes. The energy may be quite strong at first and not
always activate in your physical throat area. The energy works under the
authority of your bodys consciousness, your higher self and soul.
It will be guided to exactly where you need it each time.
Vocal Range Enhancement is good to use after youve had throat irritation
for any reason or strained your voice.
Your My Voice Empowerment shall assist you have your voice heard.
This means that you may experience your written and verbal communication
becoming more effective. When you write the energy around your vocal
cords increases similarly to the moments just before verbal speech.
Your My Voice Empowerment works in many levels of your being.
It is designed to bring to the surface the best way to say, sing or write
anything you are communicating so that is received in the manner you
intended. This can be incredibly freeing! Many people have difficulties
conveying what they want to say. Your My Voice Empowerment is titled
My Voice Empowerment on purpose. You will say it yourself and by
doing so you are clarifying that it is your voice that you are empowering!
This is exciting because your inner voice may have been wanting to rise for
many years! There may have been things you wanted to say, but were not
even sure what topic needed spoken of. Your My Voice Empowerment will
help your voice rise in such a way that the topics en which you have
something to say, will indeed make themselves known to you.
Writers will enjoy their My Voice Empowerment because streams of
excellent writing may be freed from deep within where it has be burgeoning
and growing in strength and form. Speakers may find that their speeches
sound real instead of pre-written even if they are following their notes.

Communicators of every kind, whether teachers, business people or those

who are speaking with their loved ones or acting on stage may enjoy a
greater confidence as their voice trustfully carries their message out!
Your listeners and readers may more easily understand what you are
communicating. You may find your unique voice has a great place and
that people desire you to communicate with them more often.
Your words and intonations including your laugh may be received better
than in the past. You may find a freedom unlike anything youve known
before and feel a greater connection with others as you communicate.
Say, out loud or in your mind: My Voice Empowerment, Activate!
This is a great function to add to your daily spiritual routine initially.
After about two weeks you can reduce your activations to weekly.
Smoothing Elixir arrived to me shortly after Vocal Cord Care was
Anchored! I was shown how it can bring comfort and ease to sore vocal
folds by providing a smoothing effect. The mucosal liquid that lubricates
your vocal folds (vocal cords) can get still or scant in quantity.
The quality of the mucosal liquid is essential to the quality of your voice.
Not enough mucosal liquid or thick globs instead of smooth causes a
disruption to your voice quality. Say, out loud or in your mind:
Smoothing Elixir, Activate!
Smoothing Elixir usually feels like a warm melty energy. If you are sensitive
to subtle energies you may feel it. You dont have to feel any energy system
in order to activate it and for it to work effectively for you. Please hear this!
I am shown that Smoothing Elixir has qualities of smoothing out painful
emotions also. Vocalization and a persons emotional condition are entwined
and so it makes sense that Smoothing Elixir has benefits that go beyond the
Smoothing Elixir can also help people who have to use their voice for an
extended period of time, to retain good voice quality longer in the day.
Smoothing Elixir can also help your listeners hear difficult statements from
you in a more palatable, acceptable manner. This is beneficial to you.

Shank Mudra
What is a Mudra? By Dr. Naresh Mintri RMP(AM)
We all know that the human body is made up of the five elements, fire, air,
ether, earth and water. These elements are represented by the five fingers in
our hand. Any dis-balance in the proportion of these elements causes what
we call disease.
In order to bring the balance back into harmony, the fingers are used in
specific postures (Mudras).
Shankh (Conch Shell) is something we all have seen and used. Be it for
blowing into, or just as a show-piece in your drawing room. Those who do
blow into it, are aware of the deep resonance of its sound. This is what we
expect in our voice, coming from the abdomen and has that deep ring in it.
The Shankh Mudra has a special affinity with the Manipura (Solar Plexus)
Chakra; hence it affects the nervous system, providing a beneficial effect on
the internal and external health. It helps improve the digestive system.
It is especially effective in removing speech defects like stammering and
stuttering, and also has a deep effect on the tonal quality of the voice and
helps to make it attractive.
If you practice it regularly, especially when you chant "OM" as you do it,
you can improve your voice. It also has a very calming effect and leads to
collection in silence.
This Shankh (Conch Shell) is considered very pious and is used during
rituals in many Hindu temples. There, the conch horn is blown in the
morning to announce the opening of the temple doors and is believed to
invoke positive energy.
The same applies to our inner temple, in which the divine light shines ~
it should also be opened.
Research has also shown that the area/distance over which this sound flows
is cleared of all bacteria/virus. Regular blowing of the conch shell eliminates
household pests like flies, spiders, mosquitoes, cockroaches, etc.


How to do the Shank Mudra?

1) Enclose the left thumb in the palm of the right hand. Now with the
tips of all other fingers of the left hand, touch the tip of the thumb of
the right hand.
2) Keep the folded hands in front of you and do not move the fingers
or arms while performing the Mudra
3)The Mudra can be performed at any time, however, the best time is
early in the morning for about 30 minutes in a sitting.

If you are a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher, you can confidently send a
Vocal Cord Care attunement. Please always include the energy functions
also. These are: Silence Empowerment, Vocal Range Enhancement,
Voice Empowerment and Smoothing Elixir and Shankh Mudra.


Vocal Cord Care manual must be included fully intact with no changes
when its empowerment is provided. Please ask your energy team, your
helping healing guardians in the Light of Eternal Sacred Source, to bring you
a Sphere of Light. It doesnt matter if you can see it or not. It doesnt matter
if you can perceive it or not. Trust that the Sphere of Light is there and ready
to hold a dose of the energy frequency of Vocal Cord Care.
Activate and pray, asking for all of your helping healing ones in the Light of
Eternal Sacred Source to send the Vocal Cord Care attunement for (name
of student) into the Sphere of Eternal Light. Ask that it be sealed and carried
securely to your student. Intend that their attunements release perfectly to
them at that time.
Notify your student that their empowerment is ready to be called in and tell
them to relax and spend a few minutes receiving their meet and greet to their
Vocal Cord Care energies!
Vocal Cord Care and all of its energy functions is an original energy
system channeled by Rev. Mariah Windsong Couture, RGMT and is unlike
any other previously or any system that may arrive in the future by anyone.
May 10th, 2011 ~All Rights Reserved

For Legal Reasons, Mariah Windsong Couture states that this Vocal Cord Care

attunement/empowerments and the Silence Empowerment, Vocal Range Enhancement, Voice

Empowerment, and Smoothing Elixir is/are for entertainment purposes only. It is not affiliated with
any form of natural energy healing, and is not to be confused with any other system of attunement,
empowerment or initiation now, in the past, or to come in the future. This empowerment/attunement is
not meant to replace any professional medical or legal advice. Mariah Windsong Couture is not engaged
in rendering medical service or diagnosis of any kind. Mariah Windsong Couture has made every effort
to provide accurate information and takes no responsibility for recommendations made and no
guarantees are issued toward the validity of information. By receiving the empowerment/attunement
in this manual you are agreeing to indemnify Mariah Couture from and against any and all claims of libel,
defamation, and violation of rights of privacy or publicity and infringement of intellectual property or
loss or damage allegedly caused. Mariah Windsong Couture is not responsible for claims made by others
in advertising this empowerment. You further agree to indemnify Mariah Windsong Couture from all
liabilities and expenses including lawyers fees arising from such claims based on this manual. This


manual may contain inaccuracies and typographical errors. Mariah Windsong Couture does not warrant
the accuracy or completeness of the materials or the reliability of any advice, opinion, statement or
other information displayed or linked in this manual. By purchasing this manual or receiving this
empowerment or attunement, you acknowledge that any reliance on such opinions, statements, energy
or energy streams or information shall be at your sole risk. Mariah Windsong Couture reserves the right,
by her discretion to correct any error or omission or change this manual as she sees fit, by revising the
manual. It is your duty to check and see if updates and revisions to the manual have been made.
May 10th, 2011
Some content and photo fall under the fair use permission to copy.
Background photo I own lifetime license to use commercially.

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