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Kousoku Sentai Turboranger

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Kousoku Sentai Turboranger
Genre Tokusatsu
Created by
Written by
Hirohisa Soda
Kenta SatouFumiaki GanahaKeiya AsakuraJun'ichirou KatagiriNoriko
Narrated by
Nobuo Tanaka
Akihiko Yoshida
Country of origin
No. of episodes 51
Takeyuki SuzukiKyozo Utsunomiya
Running time
30 minutes
Original channel
TV Asahi
February 23, 1990
Original run
March 3, 1989
Preceded by
Choujuu Sentai Liveman
Followed by
Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman
Kousoku Sentai Turboranger (???????????? Kosoku Sentai Taborenja?, [Note 1]) is
the thirteenth entry of Toei Company's Super Sentai series. The first Super Sent
ai title of the Heisei period, it was aired on TV Asahi on March 3, 1989 to Febr
uary 23, 1990 with a total of 51 episodes. Its international title in English as
listed by Toei is Turbo Rangers.[1]
During its initial run, Turboranger was the 11th Super Sentai and billed as the
10th anniversary title of the Super Sentai series (as Battle Fever J was origina
lly designated as the first Super Sentai series). However, in 1995, Himitsu Sent
ai Gorenger and J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai officially became the first two Super Sentai
series; thus making Turboranger the 13th in the franchise.
Twenty thousand years ago, the Fairy race assisted humans in a battle against th
e Boma Tribes and sealed them away. Due to modern day pollution and man's destru
ction of nature, the power of Fairy magic has weakened, allowing the seal to be
broken and the Tribes escape. With the help of Doctor Dazai, Seelon, the last of
the fairies, summoned five high school seniors. As children, they were showered
with the "flames of spirit" of the fallen fairies in a forest, and can now hear
Seelon's voice. Donning powered suits, the product of a collaboration between S
eelon's magic and Doctor Dazai's science, the five become the Turborangers, jugg
ling days of fighting with their regular school lives, in order to defeat the Bo
ma Tribes.
The five rangers are all high school students.

Riki Honoo (? ? Hono Riki?)/Red Turbo (?????? Reddo Tabo?): A brave high school
baseball team captain. An ace pitcher, his technique is the "Demonball of Fire/H
onoo" and dreams of becoming a professional. Despite his apparent hyperactivity
disorder, Riki has a high sense of justice and confidence. He is the kind of per
son who is not in good graces with his teacher due to his low grades which is se
en earlier. He shows his unusual amount of power in matters like when he defeats
Zimba on their final duel. He also kills Layda in the middle of the battle with
the Super Violent Demon Beast which he rushed into it out of impulsiveness. Rik

i was captured by Wandering Violent Demons and forced to pit against Lagorn wher
e after a hard battle, he underwent near death but he managed to win by inflicti
ng a mortal wound on Lagorn's heart at a desperate attempt. He pulled the team t
ogether during the final battle.
Weapons: GT Sword (GT??? Ji Ti Sodo?), which can combine with the Turbol
aser Sword Mode.
Attacks: GT Crash (GT????? Ji Ti Kurasshu?)

Daichi Yamagata (?? ?? Yamagata Daichi?)/Black Turbo (??????? Burakku Tabo?): A

patient track star who is also a good student giving him the fame of "Running Br
ain" which is in contrast to Riki. He shows his team concern and is self-sacrifi
cing even when he placed himself at risk to be able to have Turbo Rugger complet
ed. Daichi is a reliable sub-leader who will always be for support of his teamma
tes. He once befriended the monster Sumo Boma whom he defeated in a sumo battle
and granted the demon rest. He defeated Jarmin in battle after helping Doctor Da
zai get the parts to complete Turbo Rugger.
Weapons: T Hammer (T???? Ti Hanma?)

Youhei Hama (? ?? Hama Yohei?)/Blue Turbo (?????? Buru Tabo?): A swimmer and hig
h jumper. He is very good at aquatic battle. He is jocular and chases girls. He
was once forced to clean the whole school due to his serious misbehavior problem
s. He once befriended a Violent Demon named Bell, whose people were oppressed by
the evil Jarmin and caught inside a series of bells.
Weapons: J Gun (J?? Jei Gan?), which can combine with the Turbolaser Gun
Mode to form the J-Machine Gun.

Shunsuke Hino (?? ?? Hino Shunsuke?)/Yellow Turbo (??????? Iero Tabo?): He is a

gymnast and class clown. He was in love with a girl he only knew as "Sayo-chan"
when younger, never realizing it was actually Sayoko Tsukikage/Kirika. He has a
younger brother named Shunji who was killed in a hit and run, therefore he befri
ends a Violent Demon Beast who had a falling out with his brother.
Weapons: B Bowgun (B???? Bi Bogan?)

Haruna Morikawa (?? ??? Morikawa Haruna?)/Pink Turbo (?????? Pinku Tabo?): A stu
dent body president and the brightest student in school. She is popular, everyon
e looks up to her. Gifted with acting skills, she was able to fool both Violent
Demons and the other Turborangers to get the medicine and save Yohei's life.
Weapons: W Stick (W???? Daburyu Sutekki?)

Turbo Brace (?????? Tabo Buresu?): The Turborangers' two-piece transformation de

vices. The transformation call is either "Turboranger!" or the individual Turbor
anger's hero name ([Color] Turbo (??????? [Kora] Tabo?)).

Turbo Lasers (??????? Tabo Reza?): The Turborangers' sidearms that can be used a
s a laser gun or transformed into a sword.
Team Attacks

Turbo Laser Plasma Shoot (??????????????? Tabo Reza Purazuma Shuto?): The Turbora
ngers use their Turbo Lasers to form a plasma ball to kill the opponent.

Combination Attack (???????????? Konbineshon Atakku?): The various attack format

ions utilized by all five Turborangers and their respective weapons.

V Turbo Bazooka (V??????? Bui Tabo Bazuka?): A weapon later added and used to de
feat more powerful Bouma, but ironically was not used on any of the troopers.

Mach Turbos (?????? Mahha Tabo?): The motorcycles for each ranger, numbers 01 an
d 05.

Turbo Attacker (???????? Tabo Atakka?): Personal vehicle of Red Turbo, a buggy.
An alternate vehicle for Red Turbo when not using a Mach Turbo.

Turbo Robo (????? Tabo Robo?): A giant robot formed from five automobiles by the
command "Fusion Shift! Turbo Robo! (?????! ?????! Gattai Shifuto! Tabo Robo?).
Its main weapon is the High Speed Sword (??? Kosoku Ken?)and it destroys monster
s with its finishing attack, the Turbo Crash (???????? Tabo Kurasshu?). Its othe
r weapons are the Turbo Cannons (?????? Tabo Kanon?), and the Turbo Shield (????
??? Tabo Shirudo?)and Turbo Punch. It was badly damaged by Zimba in episode 28 a
nd it caused it to break the combination of the mecha. It returned at episode 30

to help the buried Turbo Rugger. [1]

Turbo GT (???GT Tabo Ji Ti?): A grand tourer driven by Red Turbo. It fir
es the GT Lasers (GT???? Ji Ti Reza?). It is stored to the left of Turbo Truck a
nd the right of Turbo Jeep. It forms Turbo Robo's head, chest, and back. Its top
speed is Mach 1.2. Its front wheels turn parallel to the chassis when Turbo GT
is flying. It appeared again in the Gaoranger vs Super Sentai.
Turbo Truck (??????? Tabo Torakku?): A race truck driven by Black Turbo.
It fires the Truck Cannon (??????? Torakku Kanon?). It forms Turbo Robo's body,
arms and upper legs and Turbo Shield and Turbo Cannon. It is stored to the left
of Turbo Wagon and the right of Turbo GT. Its top speed is 980 kilometers per h
our. After Turbo Robo's defeat in episode 28, its combination was broken down an
d was damaged badly as well by Zimba. Daichi also used it as a lure to make sure
that the Rugger Fighter was completed in episode 29. It was repaired in episode
Turbo Jeep (?????? Tabo Jipu?): A sport utility vehicle driven by Blue T
urbo. It fires the Jeep Gattlers. It is stored to the left of Turbo GT. It forms
Turbo Robo's left foot. Its top speed is 850 kilometers per hour.
Turbo Buggy (?????? Tabo Bagi?): A dune buggy driven by Yellow Turbo. It
uses the Wire Grappler. It is to the right of Turbo Wagon. It forms Turbo Robo'
s right foot. Its top speed is 830 kilometers per hour.
Turbo Wagon (?????? Tabo Wagon?): A station wagon driven by Pink Turbo.
It fires the Wagon Missiles (??????? Wagon Misairu?). It is stored to the left o
f Turbo Buggy and the right of Turbo Truck. It forms Turbo Robo's lower legs. It
s top speed is 620 kilometers per hour.

Turbo Rugger (?????? Tabo Raga?): Turborangers' second robot that transforms fro
m an airship called the Rugger Fighter (???????? Raga Faita?). When the command
"Transformation Shift! Turbo Rugger!" (?????! ??????! Henkei Shifuto! Tabo Raga?
) is given, the Rugger Fighter's cockpit forms Turbo Rugger's back, the undersid
e becomes the arms, and the sides become the legs, with the afterburners as the
feet, the rest forms the chest, revealing the head. The Turbo Rugger's head and
chest forms the Super Turbo Robo's own head (with a special helmet) and chest, t
he legs become the arms, and the feet as the Super Turbo Robo's own. It is armed
with the rugby ball-like Battle Ball (?????? Batoruboru?) and the Big Rugger Gu
ns (???????? Biggu Raga Gan?). It destroys monsters with its finishing attack, t
he Screw Rugger Kick (??????????? Sukuryu Raga Kikku?). It was first used to des
troy an enlarged Jarmin in battle and was nearly destroyed by the mighty Super V
iolent Demon Beast.

Turbo Builder (??????? Tabo Biruda?): The Turborangers' base. It launches Turbo
Machines and the Rugger Fighter, and combines with the Super Turbo Robo to form
the Super Turbo Builder. It overheated in the finale and Zulten died in assaulti
ng this base.

Super Turbo Robo (????????? Supa Tabo Robo?): The combination of Turbo Robo and
Turbo Rugger into a powerful robot. The two robots join together when the comman
d "Super Shift! Super Turbo Robo" (???????! ????????? Supa Shifuto! Supa Tabo Ro
bo?) is given. The size of Turbo Robo and Turbo Rugger increase so much in the c
ombination that it cannot walk, though it can move its arms. It destroys monster
s with its ultimate finishing attack, the Super Mirage Beam (???????????? Supa M
iraju Bimu?). It was first used to destroy the mighty Super Violent Demon Beast.

Super Turbo Builder (??????????? Supa Tabo Biruda?): The combination of the Supe
r Turbo Robo and Turbo Builder. It is formed when the command "Fusion! Super Tur
bo Builder" (??! ??????????? Gattai! Supa Tabo Biruda?) is given. It was first u
sed to destroy Lagorn in both his forms with its ultimate attack, the Super Turb
o Builder Beam (?????????????? Supa Tabo Biruda Bimu?).