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Standard Operating Procedure for Collecting CASH ON DELIVERY

Orders will be assigned to each driver on the basis of route

A Delivery Run Sheet will be generated in the morning for each
driver (Present in PRTOUCH)
Delivery Run Sheet (DRS) will include the following details:
(Present in PRTOUCH)
1) Will contain details of multiple orders.
2) Order Number /Airway Bill Number.
3) Address, pin codes, phone numbers and other such details of
4) Amount of cash to be collected
This run sheet will provide the driver area wise delivery detail
and how much Cash must be collected from each customer,
these details will also be uploaded into PRTOUCH. Thus,
PRTOUCH can be our portal to track the amount of cash
collected. (Present in PRTOUCH)
Delivery boy will continue to attempt deliveries throughout the
day and the deliveries that are unsuccessful will be mapped in
FarEye (Logitrack), present in system. (Present in PRTOUCH)
We require a simple table like this to be in the dashboard of
FarEye, in order to reconcile the amounts of successful and
unsuccessful deliveries.
Once the delivery boy returns to the spoke; the ops manager is
responsible for closing the DRS. This will involve a
physical/automatic counting of total cash that is being deposited
by each delivery boy. The closing process is detailed below:
(Present in PRTOUCH)

1. In case there are no returns, the cash is counted and

crosschecked with FarEye (LogiTrack). If they match the DRS
is closed. If they do not match then reconcile.
2. If returns are present, the manager has to scan each
returned product to ensure that the product being returned
is the same as the one mentioned in the DRS (basically to
ensure the correct items are being returned, so that the
cash amount can be reconciled)
3. The cash will be reconciled on the basis of actual cash in
hand + the amount of cash that would have been collected
of the returned items.
4. The returns go back in the delivery cycle and delivery can
be attempted again the next day.
Once the entire cash receipt process is complete at the spoke.
The Cash Management Service (CMS) will collect the cash from
each spoke and provide a receipt for the same.
They will then deposit this amount in to the bank account of
Holisol accounts team has to remit amounts to our customers on
a daily basis, irrespective of the CMS depositing in our bank
account. If they have not remitted it to us, then we have to
reconcile this the next day, but the cash being deposited into
clients account on a daily basis cannot be hampered in order to
maintain T+2.