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Oils, blends & products recommended:

Oils & Blends: Invigorating BlendC, CloveC, FrankincenseC, LavenderC, Myrrh,
Oregano, Thyme
Citrus Bliss (Invigorating Blend 15 ml, 20 euro), Cuisoare (Clove - 15 ml, 12
euro), Tamaie (Frankincense 15 ml, 60 euro), Lavanda (Lavender 15 ml, 18
euro), Smirna (Myrrh 15 ml, 55 euro), Oregano (15 ml, 22,50 euro), Cimbru
(Thyme, 15 ml, 30 euro)
Also consider: Clary Sage, Cypress, Helichrysum, Rosemary
Salvie (Clary Sage, 15 ml, 31 euro), Chiparos (Cypress, 15 ml, 13,50 euro),
Helichrysum (5 ml, 75 euro), Rozmarin (Rosemary, 15 ml 12,50 euro)

Suggested protocols:
Essential Oils users have reported positive results for prostate problems. The
following protocol was reported as successful for someone dealing with the
symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Prepare a 00 capsule with 10 -13 drops of the
following blend and take orally 2-3 times daily.
Din experienta, uleiurile esentiale au efecte pozitive in problemele prostatei.
Urmatorul protocol a fost folosit cu succes de o persoana cu prostata marita. Se
pun 10-13 picaturi din urmatorul amestec intr-o capsula goala si se inghite de 2-3
ori zilnic.
Blend: Amestec:

5 parts Frankincense 5 parti Tamaie

3 parts Thyme 3 parti Cimbru

3 parts Clove 3 parti Cuisoare

3 parts Lavender 3 parti Lavanda

5 parts Invigorating Blend 5 parti Citrus Bliss

Some suggest other blends and to use rectal retention. (See Experiences
&Testimonials below.) For prostate cancer consider the cancer protocol described
on this website on the Suggested Protocols tab on the page for cancer. Unii

sugereaza folosirea amestecurilor pentru rectal retention (vezi capitolul

experiente si marturii). Pentru cancerul de prostata luati in considerare si
protocolul de pe acest site, de la pagina cancer.

La sectiunea Experiente/Marturii:
Julie Ann - I have an older gentleman who was having prostate trouble. I told
him that I would apply Frankincense to the privates externally and take it under
the tongue, a few drops daily. He told me that his frequency problem has
stopped and he can get a good nights rest now. It will be interesting to see what
others wade in and say.
Tamaia (Frankincense) pusa pe locurile private extern si luata sub limba, cateva
picaturi pe zi. Un domn in varsta a incercat si nu mai este nevoit sa se scoale

Rosemary My friend has prostate cancer, it is very enlarged and his PSA
numbers are high. He has taken the following formula for two weeks and came
back for more. He said the incontinence has improved; it is easier to urinate and
is not painful. I got this formula from my () associate who received it from Dr.
Hill. Prietenul meu are cancer de prostata, este foarte marita si numerele PSA
sunt mari. A luat urmatoarea formula timp de doua saptamani si a revenit sa mai
cumpere. A spus ca incontinenta s-a imbunatatit; e mai usor sa urineze si nu este
dureros. Am aceasta formula de la un asociat care a primit-o de la dr Hill
(doctorul care prescrie retete in firma doterra).
Fill one veggie capsule with: O capsula goala vegetala (se gasesc si in Romania,
prin comanda pe net)

5 drops Frankincense, 5 picaturi Tamaie

3 drops Thyme, 3 picaturi Cimbru

3 drops Clove, 3 picaturi Cuisoare

3 drops Lavender, 3 picaturi Lavanda

5 drops Invigorating Blend. 5 picaturi Citruss Blis

You can fill one capsule at a time or I premix the oils in one bottle using the
proportions above and then put 19 drops of the blend in a capsule. A 15ml
bottle holds enough oil for 16 dosages. I figured it costs around $39. Poti umple
cate o capsula o data sau poti amesteca dinainte uleiurile intr-o sticla (atentie! Se

utilizeaza sticla din sticla, nu din plastic, uleiurile au aderenta la plastic). Intr-o
sticluta de 15 ml incap 16 doze. Cred ca costa in jur de 39 dolari.
He is supposed to be doing it 2 to 3 times a day at the first. He always does it
once, but tries to do it at least morning and night. Se ia de 2-3 ori zilnic la inceput.
Domnul respectiv incerca sa ia cel putin dimineata si seara.

Kirsten Thank you for raising the issue of mens health, particularly prostate
health. Its a sad thing that so many men feel embarrassed about seeking help
for this problem.
An enlarged prostate can be very unsettling for men, uncomfortable and worrying
especially when it leads to urinary discomfort and difficulty. If my partner were
affected this way I would be telling him to start the LLW. Fennel could also be
helpful coupled with Fractionated Coconut Oil rubbed over the lower back. If
there is pain and inflammation, Cypress, Thyme and Lavender might also be
helpful. I would also consider Grounding Blend on the bottom of the feet.
Incidentally, my associate has a wonderful testimonial about how the LLW has
assisted her partner reduce his PSA count.

Recomanda LLV (Lifelong Vitality Pack un set de trei cutii cu cate 120 capsule,
70 euro). Fennel (Fenicul, 15 ml 12,75 euro) ar putea fi folosit pentru masaj pe
partea de jos a spatelui (impreuna cu un ulei virgin doterra are ulei de cocos din
care au scos grasimea pt a ramane in stare lichida, 115 ml, 11 euro). Daca exista
durere si inflamatie, Cypress (Chiparos), Thyme (cimbru) si Lavanda ar putea
ajuta. As lua in considerare si Balance (un amestec de uleiuri, Grounding Blend,
15 ml, 20 euro) pus pe talpi. Partenerul/sotul asociatei mele si-a redus numarul
PSA cu LLV (Lifelong vitality Pack).

Pat About 8 months ago I suggested the cancer protocol for a gentleman
suffering from prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, and cancer that had spread to
the genitilia and the spine. He stayed on the protocol faithfully and the second
month he commented that he no longer had frequent urination and that it was like
when he was young. I truly feel that the topical application of the daily protocol
was what helped that situation. He rubbed the oil daily on the genital area. He
was in his mid seventies and used the Frankincense and Sandalwood along with
Clove for three days then while always stay on the Frankincense and
Sandalwood, changed the Clove to Lavender for three days, then changed to
Wild Orange, then Thyme and lastly Lemon, each for three days. Then start over

with the Clove. He continued this procedure for the whole 4 months, but that was
for the cancer treatment also.
In urma cu 8 luni am sugerat un protocol pentru cancer de prostata unui domn
care avea cancer de prostata, prostata marita, iar cancerul se raspandise la
genitale si la sira spinarii. S-a tinut cu seriozitate de protocol si in a doua luna a
spus ca nu mai avea urinari frecvente si ca se simtea ca atunci cand era tanar.
Cred ca aplicarea externa zilnica a ajuta mult in acea situatie. Isi punea uleiuri
zilinic pe zona genitala. Avea in jur de 70 de ani si a folosit tamaie si lemn de
santal (Sandalwood, 70 euro 15 ml) impreuna cu Cuisoare (clove) timp de trei
zile. Apoi, in timp ce a continuat sa foloseasca tamaia si santalul, a schimbat
cuisoarele cu lavanda pentru trei zile, apoi a schimbat cu portocala salbatica (9
euro 15 ml), apoi cimbru si la sfarsit lamaie (15 ml, 9 euro), timp de cate trei zile
fiecare. Dupa care a reinceput cu cuisoarele. A continuat procedura timp de 4
luni, insa acest tratament era si pt cancer.
Pt cancer de prostata: Jan - Ive seen suggested that you can use a rectal
retention consisting of 10 drops Frankincense, 15 drops Myrrh and 3 drops
Oregano mixed with 1 tbsp. extra virgin coconut oil. (see previous protocol) I
would also consider applying a blend of Frankincense, Rosemary and Clary Sage
topically on the area between the rectum and scrotum and to the lower third
quarter of the foot as a reflexology application.

Se poate folosi supozitor cu 10 picaturi de tamaie, 15 picaturi de mir si 3 picaturi de

oregano amestecate cu o lingura ulei extra virgin de cocos (vezi protocolul anterior).
As aplica si un amestec de tamaie, rozmarin (15 ml, 12,50 euro) si salvie (clary sage,
31 euro, 15 ml) aplicate pe piele intre rect si scrot si in punctul de reflexologie (a treia
patrime a talpii).
What is rectal retention? Rectal retention is the use of a syringe enema or
capsule implant or other enema devise followed by a retention devise. Quite
simply an anal plug. They are intrusive and not pleasant to look forward to, but for
the ailing, it can be welcome relief. You can get what you need at some Rx
stores or on line. Ce este retentia rectala? Supozitor, sau introducerea lichidului
(clisma) urmat de un dispozitiv de retinere. Neplacut dar eficient.

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