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In 21st century even if we are witnessing rapid economic progress in the differe

nt parts of the world, but at the same time human stress and tension has also re
ached to extreme level. The individualistic approach is increasing in different
parts of the world as a result institution, organization, families and sects
are breaking into different fragments .People are already fed up with the extrem
e material and sensual pleasure they are searching for new direction, new hope,
new knowledge to manage self and to manage their family life to have absolute st
ress free relaxed life
Importance of understanding of self :
It is important for the organization to manage stress as they are man
aging waste, managing accidents and pollutions. The best way of removing the dar
kness is to candle a light not to fight with the darkness. Similarly the best wa
y to fight with the stress is to candle the light of knowledge about the self an
d about this world drama.
The management of stress does not mean to fight with the negative tho
ughts and characters of human life, rather to adopt the positive qualities and
lifestyle, so that weak and negative practices and habit will automatically vani
sh. So the manager himself has to be an example of absolute stress free person t
o make his organisation "total stress free". The manager is a man with enthusias
m and energy . Manager should have infinite positive outlook, attitude and hope
for slef and for others.
Self management:
When the manager himself is suffering from the stress and tension how he/ s
he can remove the stress and tension of his employees. The manager is the man ha
ving easy, light, clean and clear intellect. Manager should find out the causes
of stress and tension in the organization by the better understanding his own na
ture and psychology for any given problem or situation.
A thorough understanding of the self can help in understanding the individu
al in the organization. The person who can study his own emotion, interest, liki
ng, disliking, frustration, fatigue can also understand the problems of other, s
o in addition to business, social and psychological research a manager should em
phasis the self control, self analysis and self management to understand the rea
son and solution of person
Pressure and Stress of the Manager
According to the B.K. Usha one of the eminent senior sister of Brahma Kumaris Sp
iritual organization the mathematical formulae of stress is given as
Stress= Pressure / Inner strength
According to the formulae the cause of stress may be due to either decrease of
inner strength or the increase of pressure.
Here the cause of pressure may be due to technological changes , change in w
ork culture , stiff target , transfer of job place ,multi task ,change in job pr
ofile, personal health problems, family problem, change in government policies ,
international political, economic situation, change in natural environment, et
c . Most of these factors are beyond normal human control. So instead of blamin
g above factors raising the level of innerestrength is essential. When we can em
power self with knowledge, skill, qualities and abilities the inner straength wi
ll automatically increase reducing the value of stress in above formulae for str
ess. Self management leadership can play wonderful role in maximising inner stre
ngth and minimising stress. An experienced, knowledgeable and virtuous person fe
el less stress in handling the day to day problems.