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Tracking System


Friendly interface and integrated jQuery UI.

Supports 15 languages:
Spanish, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,
Slovak, Serbian, Dutch, Turkish.

Map Latest Positions
Map of Vehicle
Map Group
Displays the points on the map with Google Maps options and see satellite photo of the vehicle.

Detailed Reports (detail of events, number of events received per day while moving summary /
detainee handling geozones Report, Report output Geozone)
Details of Group Reports (Detail event for Higher speeds, Geozone Report, Report GeoZone arrival)
Summarized reports (summary last known positions of devices, 'Initialization / Movement' of event
Performance Reports (Higher Velocities, excessive speed device)
Reports speed graphs and fuel level.

Reports Exportable Formats:

HTML (Web)
CSV (Comma Separated Values)
XML (Extensible Markup Language)
PDF (Portable Document Format)
XLS (Microsoft Excel)
The PDF report is also sent via email so attached.

Management Modules:
Role (ACL - access control list)
Operators (Conductor)
StatusCode (US Events)
Change Password
System accounts (for the 'sysadmin' account only)
CPanel (Only for the account 'sysadmin')
System Information (for the 'sysadmin' account only)
Module CommandPanel:
Allows sent via TCP / UDP commands from the DCS (Device Communication Server)
For example: Remote engine off or take pictures.
Module AlertPush:
Alert Sound
List of Occurred Notifications
Get alerts via email or SMS (SMS Gateway)
RuleFactoryPremium v.0.0.7:
Supports 20 notification rules, such as:
Vehicle Stopped
Moving vehicle
Speed (low or high or speed limit)
Panic button
Ignition ON / OFF (Engine)
GeoZone, Points of Interest (POI) and Route Dispatch (Arrival / Departure)
Received picture (for devices with camera only)
Maintenance kilometers (Odometer)
License Expiration Operator / Driver
Also you can create notification rules according to your need.
Module GeoZone:
Radio, Polygon, Dispatch Route, Points of Interest (POI)
Receive Photos (Camera) Devices:
Coban (
Topshine (
Full Support for Coban and Topshine
Note: We offer assistance to approve devices that are available in your country.
Optimized System with "YUI Compressor" and "Proguard" to deliver higher performance.


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Geozone (Dispatch Route)

Geozone (Points Of Interest)

Notifications and Alerts

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