Police Corruption

Community Policing
Electronic Harassment in Community Policing
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UOIT Criminology
Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

pre-vocalized thought,
mind reading,
psychological warfare,
targeted individual,
crime in law enforcement,
voice to skull,
experience memory,
semantic memory,
directed-energy weapon,
active denial system,
sonic weaponry,
aritificial telepathy,
electrostatic beam gun,
real raygun,
psychological weaponry,
targeted individual,
psychological torture,
fear tactics,
abuse of power,
human rights,
crimes against humanity,
psychological conditioning,
police corruption,
paradoxical law enforcement,
impending holocost,
preventable damage,
deferred responsibility,
social complacency,
behavioral conformity

Psychological Torture + Electronic Harassment – An insider's “humble,
skeptical view”

The Insider
I am a moral, civilized human being, from a municipality east of Toronto
who has been distrught by my witnessing of the actions of others, who
cruelly tortured innocent lives for several months. I have read filed
reports of the operation prior to my involvment. I am a police officer,
proud of my job, and of the judcial pillars which has founded the basis of
our civilization. My background in operative field-work involves
undercover/plaincloths dispersement of drug crime rings, and more recently,
in the “chickenshit” equivalent of operative work, where the terms justice,
courage and servitude are all but lost, with exceptance of letterheads and
other paradoxical insignia.
My motives for releasing selective information (selective due to ongoing
planning for a full disclosure and apprehension of guilty parties of whom I
have knowledge of blatant disregard for law, human life,
psychological/mental wellbeing, perverse and psychopathic negligence), are
directly associated with my interest in a career as a law enforcement
officer. As I have seen many corrupt activities in my less than a decade of
policework in two jurisdictions, one overlapped by 2 geographical police
agencies, and one overlapped at the federal level. The work in the former
was largely “invisible overlap” in which the vast majority of crime is
dealt with by the force I was working in.
Most disturbingly, for a city/area which has mostly small-time crime to
deal with, is the naivity, apathy, and psychopathic behaviour pervasively
existant within my current department. I'll get to those points further on.
The Operation
Law Enforcement Operation involving the use of technologies that are
disturbing, pervasive, and void of morality in their method, purpose and
overall deployment. The operation concerns operatives (mostly young 20somethings who lack experience and are easily manipulated and allured by
the leniency of responsibility and of the James Bond-esque
espionage/secrecy aspect of working in any enforcement task force.)
Although clearly not as disturbed, and evidently mentally ill as a result
of the duties, where a group of several people (male and female, ranging
from loud, unintelligent males, to naive, psychologically malleable
females, and even intelligent people with a naivity which only makes sense
as being the pathetic “acceptance” of all they are told for no other reason
than convenience, in synergy with severe burn-out and apathy, bordering
actual insanity (although still able to carry out life with subtle
variation of lifestyle changes, and the need to constantly paint themselves
as “good” people who are the victims, rather than the victim(s) they
harassed for at minimum 2 years).

Despite the largely “accepting” and very naive belief of just about
anything being relayed to them, I simply could not understand anything that
is not defiant to logic that explains why the information which we were
breifed with was actually fact, and I often believed that – which is not
uncommon in intelligence operations – false information was presented to
obscure details, up to and including everyone from the people in charge of
the localized deployment of the technology, where it seems they too have
been fed the same – or a variation of such facts and implanted lies (just
to keep them feeling powerful – an immature, rather pathetic need for many
high ranking officials in policing) that are too subtly and slyly placed to
even be questioned by most.
I was, and remain skeptical of the level of “power” that was given to me
after breifing of the operation – the breifing being the only experience in
the operation that didn't blatantly seem like – in retrospect – a crazy,
psychopathic procedure or action. I believe that the only people to whom I
have information to legally hold responsible are within the organization of
my employment, where the path between my superiors and the origins of the
technology are, with all logic considered, extremely obscure and
My concerns are vast, and although much respect and faith has been lost to
complacent coworkers who shamelessly accept a paycheck despite only
worsening the lives of a few innocent people, who are told were “targeted
by accident” - and also “not able to be 'untargeted'” (this particular
argument is the most obviously – at least to me – piece of bullshit I have
heard in response to the operatives' complaint of remorse and guilt –
albeit not to scale with their disturbing behavior). I first wanted to
cover the reasons my intelligence was insulted to lay preface to what
mindstate had manifested in my co-workers, which eerily represented the two
psychological studies “The Milgram Experiment” and “The Stanford Prison
Experiment” in a more exagerated, real-life and disturbingly able to induce
psychopathic behaviour in once respectable people.
These experiments, had I not studied them in school before this experience,
may have not gave me the intelligence to notice much of the facade which
was naivly accepted and without much shame – something I often complained
about, as a disturbingly low minority. I didn't simply conform to a groups
ideology from any internal or external pressure, I need good reason to
follow any actions of another person, and when I am on the same page, I
make sure my principles are inline with my actions. I did not understand –
and not even the mentioned experiments could explain how constantly
harassing an innocent person with mind-reading technologies (see
prevocalized thought, aritificial telepathy), and sending voices of
unwarranted, disturbing and absolutely disgusting content. I could not
grasp that these 20-somethings who seemed like most other people their age
(the only differences were personality traits of arrogance, self-loathing
and intimidating candor – bording stupidity more amplified among them.)

Just to give insight to some of the disturbing events, some paraphrased
transcripts of events which occured every wwaking hour that the “trageted
individual” (a term I have come to passsionately hate) was consious:
Note that there was no crime this person commited nor any reason warranting
the torture that was encountered.The individual in question over the course
of months that I worked – most of which I spent in dispute of, gathering
information – was/is an example of a strong-willed, profoundly intelligent
person, who was targeted for no excusable reason shortly after starting his
last semester of college. As I remain opposed to interpreting the thoughts
of others out of respect for privacy, respect for justice, and respect for
myself (for my principles and for my own sanity – I don't think anyone's
psyche would be normal after such an experience – the more prolonged the
more detrimental I would presume).
Despite constant insults and phrases conveying encouragement to “kill
yourself”, stating “you're worthless, there's no room for you”, “you're
gonna die”, “somethings gonna happen”, “[personally offensive jests, which
most would be humiliated and embarassed about]”, “[sarcasm] Bye [implying
imminent death], it was nice knowing you”.
The list unfortuantely would be almost endless and repeat these phrases
many times, and sometimes be recorded and played intermittently.
Again, my disgust of this technology makes it difficult to admit – let
alone paraphrase – the reading of one's mind (someone who is guilty of
nothing! Even under the light of mind reading, the remorse shown by this
person was for things that are common life mistakes; nothing more). The
insults absorbed by this person were in substantial numbers, and it was
amazing and motivating to see such willpower and vision of oneself as “just
a human, deserving of respect, privacy and dignity”, despite my
psychopathic coworkers who uttered offensive, personal and sickly charged
words of hate and insult. When a well deserved insult was thrown against
them, the former police officers (these were criminals now – the worst I've
seen in my life! With no care for justice, apathetic to taking action, and
naive to the dismissal of complaints.)
I cannot, nor would I forgive such disgusting behaviour against a human
being – especially one who did nothing wrong; and I don't know if the
individual who I witnessed endure torture is stupid or remarkable for
stating with subtltly and collected words “As disturbing as my treatment
has been and continues to be, the actions are forgivable if action is taken
to pursue justice, and shed light on this technology, to counter it with
targetted research on the area of modern weaponry defense and shielding”
The words, although lost to me in how they were conveyed, are stuck with
me, and did make a mark on some of my more “grounded” co-workers who felt
guilty (as well as apathetic and burnt-out, with a blurred vision of the
future and the responsibility they have for harming people in such cruel,
invasive ways). This is where my example of the Stanford Prison Experiment
makes me contemplate how some of these people who once had a will to make a
positive difference, had been reduced to someone who, annoyed by boredom
and the thoughts of someone involuntarily spotlit (WHAT? I know...), to

insult and make someone's life miserable, drastically reducing their
quality of life. That is what I can't forgive many for, the display of
remorse and guilt, only to repeat the guilty behaviour, and this cycle
repeated too many times.
I found it difficult accepting a paycheck for such work, despite my plan to
derail the entire future of this operation's existence (at least in my
jurisdiction). Watching someone unemployed and in debt, with a selfmedicating stimulant habit to stay focused – a once drug-free person with
only Generalized Anxiety Disorder – all the while a group of us were
getting paid, many who's feelings of self-entitlment did not make any sense
nor did they mentally portray a mental well person; all with the goal of
making someone lose their grip on life.
I left, with mixed, but consistantly disturbing views of my co-workers. One
is helping me achieve the prosecution of responsible people, who
nonetheless is mentally scared, and the several others blame the victim for
thinking too intellectually and uncovering the naivity, for destroying
their careers and future (Blaming someone for THINKING! No words can get
thru to a mind that thinks like this. Self-centered thought and self pity
about the loss of a career in something they paradoxically oppose thru
their unjust criminal behaviour everyday; taking it out on someone whos
experienced a year of torture, far more than these maniacal fools could
Taking Action
Why does nobody take action – since the answer to “are all people prone to
sink to such pathetic lows, embarassing their job and themselves?” is No.
However the naivity persists among those aware of the sick torture. It
seems to them more convenient to believe that knowledge of this technology
is best if it remain hidden from the public, as most would agree it is
disturbing, as do I, and for the same reason believe it should be revealed
publicly to counter-develop defenses against this technology that
obviously has a greater purpose than undermining and compensating for the
low competency of some police officers to successfully get information thru
skilled methods. Reading minds is truly pathetic and is no reason to kill
yourself, technology moves very fast, and the problem can't exist too much
longer, before it is defendable for those affected. The tactics of
interpreting a mind do not add up to much and skew the profile of an
individual, where guilt and regret are often triggered to be revealed and
thus negative history shines brightest. The mind also works far faster than
one individual can constantly interpret, at many different levels, still
unknown in published neuroscience.
I write this, as I am tired of living in a world where you can't even trust
law enforcement to have courage as I've witnessed. Not to make other,
genuinly good police officers look bad, as there are many who work hard to
make a difference. On the other hand, we also have a lot more naive ass
kissers who act tough and attempt to intimidate all the while being in a
situation too embarassing to tell even the closest person in your life.
These cowards lie to their families and friends to get undeserved sympathy

while painting themeselves as heroes doing all they can to help, when in
reality, the insults and torture continue. And they still believe that the
“Targeted Individual” is the area of greatest interest. I see the interest
in the radical change of people into psychopaths with the aid of groups to
influence uniformity and conformity in normalizing this sick psychopathic

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