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Comparison of OS Android, Windows Phone, iOS and BlackBerry

Hello guys, my name is Bayu Permadi, i am here with the rest of the team will present to you the
comparison of OS Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Blackberry.
In Indonesia, there are at least four types of Operating System that are already widely used by
smartphone users, the Android OS, Windows Phone, iOS and BlackBerry. And now we will
introduce to you all, start with android.
1. Android
Android is an operating system released by Google. Launched in 2007, now Google's OS has
mastered the mobile market with Android OS. The popularity of the Android OS is the top on the
list of the world, the reason is because this OS is an open source. The Android OS has many
applications available from developers. In addition it can be used on the Android OS smartphone
with low price to the highest price. That is presumably the reason why an advanced Android OS
is very popular.
Hello, my name is Adi Noor Retwan, i will tell you about windows phone.
2. Windows Phone
Windows Phone is an operating system developed by Microsoft company that was created to
rival the popularity of Android. But, availability this OS is still less popular than Android. And
thats why Microsoft continues to innovate, to spread its wings into the main competitor of
Android. Many Smartphones which is familiar using this OS is the Nokia Lumia, and some that
are now beginning to follow such as HTC and Lenovo. Applications available in the OS
Windows Phone are still far behind Android market.

Hello, my name is Ade Putra, i will tell you about iOS.

3. iOS
IOS is an OS that was created by the Apple company, the existence of this OS can only be used
on Apple devices. Applications available in iOS are already quite a lot, although it is not an open
source like Android. Applications available on iOS store (AppStore) have the security of the
virus that is better than Android.
Hello, my name is Ade Novian, i will telling you about Blackberry.
4. BlackBerry
BlackBerry Operating System is an operating system developed by Research In Motion (RIM) in
Canada. This Operating System is used only on BlackBerry products, as well as Operating
System iOS is only used for their own products. BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is featured chat
application that is owned by this Operating System. BlackBerry smartphones was popular in the
era before the presence of Android.
Closing Part:
Before we buy a smartphone, the most important thing that you must know is the Operating
System about that phone, because every Operating System is different and that what makes them
And thats all for this video, thank you for watching and dont forget to smile

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