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Persuasive Essay

February 29th, 2012

Our brothers and sisters of the sea
Have you ever wondered: Why are there cave paintings and stories about beings that resemble a lot
to humans but have tails like the ones of fish instead of feet and have their home in the ocean? Why did
so many civilizations agree in the existence of mermaids? Why do dolphins like to play with us and
obey us? My answer is simple: mermaids are real. I know many people may disagree with this and may
think I am crazy, or others will try to deny it because of the simple fact that we are unique, therefore no
other creature can resemble to us and create handmade weapons or have a more complex language than
any other animal of the sea. A discussion of this topic may lead to questions about the possibility of
what we think to be a myth, might be real. It also may lead to existential questions because it might
make us realize we are not the only creatures that do not act only by instinct, but also by reason which
make it controversial. A few months ago, I myself would not have believed mermaids are real. But
now I do think so, and I say we have brothers and sisters in the sea and this can be proved scientifically
and by the testimonies of people thousands of years before that we think was their imagination, and
normal people now. Dolphins can also show this a little bit. I will tell you why.
One of the reasons I believe in mermaids is because there is scientific evidence that can support the
theory that states that mermaids are real. When my uncle and aunt came to my house to visit us for
Christmas, we started talking about documentaries. My aunt said that there was a really great
documentary about mermaids that was presented by Animal Planet. The United States government
forbade the reproduction of this video and in Colombia it was only presented once. Nevertheless, it is
on Youtube so my mom and I watched it during vacation. At first, I thought it was just a joke and
unsubstantiated evidence. After I saw the video, I became a full believer of the existence of mermaids.
The documentary showed a group of scientists that were in charge of the investigation of whale
strandings. These scientists also discovered sounds that came from the sea during the use of sonars (a
technique used to propagate sound and detect objects under the see). Experiments with these sonars are
forbidden because it can damage internal organs of animals and cause strandings. The sounds of these
creatures was different from any other known animal, and it was much more sophisticated than any
language. They called the creature The Bloop. In the documentary, they show that there are theories
that state that mermaids were apes like us who them became hominids that were stuck between rocks
and could not return ot the land so they learned to live in the sea. There are many species that have
been decendant from animals that live in land; therefore, apes themselves could have also evolved into
animals capable of thinking and breathing for a long period underwater, and then learned to remain all
the time in the water. They even reconstructed part of a body found inside a shark in South Africa. They
found little bones that could form the shape of a human hand but larger, and the pelvis was also like
ours. The skull could be reconstructed as well and it was impresive, it was a lot like our skull but bigger
and the eyes were much bigger than ours and they had a dorsal fin that went from the skull and to the
tail. Many scientific evidence was found, and perhaps others have been found but we do not know
because history can repeat itself and we can end up with our brothers and sisters like we did with the
Neardenthal man or because we are afraid to find out the truth.
Obviously, mermaids are not like Ariel in Disney's movie, The Little Mermaid and they do not speak
their language with articulated words, but they speak like they were singing, which will explain why in
many cultures (like the Ancient Greek culture), mermaids were said to sing. There are many
testimonies besides the legends. For instance, we have the cave paintings from the Paleolithic and
Neolithic eras. In Africa, a cave was found with paintings of creatures with human body and fish tails.

Another more recent testimony is the one of fishers that have found fish killed with rudimentary spears
over time. Spear fishing is an strategy that some fishers still use; however, it is used in shallow waters,
so they can just nail the spear on the fish, not in deep waters or oceans. Fish with spears have been
found with fishing in the ocean, and big fish with small spears that seem to have been thrown by
someone. During the 1990s strandings around the world, two kids in Alaska found with the whales, a
creature they had not seen before and took a pircture. Dolphins are so kind with us. Would it be
possible for dolphins to identify us with mermaids? This situation is one of the situations in which we
say seeing is believing. If I had not seen the documentary and looked for real facts that proved their
existence, I would have never believed it.
Some questions remains to be answered by the non-believers: If mermaids are real, why have not we
stablished contact with them or seen discoveries in the news? Why have not people like those scientists
displayed their evidence so everyone can see we are not the only creatures with some sense of reason
that are capable of constructing and handling weapons and create a well-structured language with
meaning? Well, people do not believe in mermaids because there is lack of evidence due to the fact that
these evidence has been censured by our own governments. The evidence shown in the Animal Planet
documentary was taken away from the scientist investigating this case. The only thing they had left
were the recordings, until that was taken as well. If the government of the United Stated did not have
any proof of the existence of mermaids, what do they have to hide? What did they do with the unknown
creture the kids found? The reason why I did not believe in mermaids was because since we are little
we are told it is fake and because I have not seen one in my life. But now, I do believe in the
testimonies of many people since the most ancient times. It is alright to do not believe in myths and
think that mermaids are a myth, but it does not make evidence of their existence less sustantiated.
I do not know if it would be a good idea for us to know for sure that these creatures exist. Maybe we
are afraid and they are afraid as well and that is why they seem to be careful. Perhaps they do not want
us to find out they are like us for the same reasons some people do not want to share what they know.
But I still invite you to watch the Animal Planet documentary called Mermaids: The Body Found and
believe. In spite of the fact that right now you may or may not believe what I said; experience has
taught me to believe in testimonies that can be explained by science and evidences. The existence of
mermaids is supported by both. There are no coincidences, everything has a cause and an effect. For
now, I will just believe that we have brothers and sisters in the sea, and perhaps someday they will
come to us.