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Hayes Happenings

November 2015

Dear Friends and family!

While you all are enjoying the beauty and climate changes
of the fall season, we are back to our warm and wet jungle
weather here in Shell, Ecuador. After such a hot summer of
travel in the USA, we are glad to settle back into things
here on the edge of the rainforest.

Prayer for...

While on furlough we drove through 18 states and logged over 13,000

miles. We have asked each other many times, What was the best part of
the trip? Each and every time we could not agree on only one special
moment. We had so many that choosing was impossible! Our journey
brought us adventures, new parts of the country, rest with our extended
family and special visits with friends from the olden days. We had
fellowship and worship with our church family and made new meaningful
relationships. God worked it out so well for us each step of the way. He is
so good!
Thank you to so many of you for the warm reception, the delicious meals
and the opportunity to share what God is doing in each of our lives. We
appreciate it so very much. We feel your love and encouragement. It was
difficult each
time to leave
one location
for another
because of our
desire to be
with you all.
We were not
able to see
everyone but
that will just
make our next
reunion more

Kawa community and the

new believers there
The other jungle communities where Matt is
working, that they will
accept the Gospel
Christys member care
training in December
More monthly supporters!

Praise for ...

A wonderful furlough
Safe travels
Jungle communities
response to the Gospel

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Loren with grandparents at Garden of the Gods

Libby at


Hayes Happenings

November 2015

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Community Development
Matt and the Community Development team are busy working on new and established projects deep
in the jungle. The water system for the community of Santa Rosa is almost complete. This is
especially exciting because it is Matts first time as Project Leader and because of the communitys
response to the Gospel. In May, the community presidents wife, Laura, accepted the Lord.
Since then her entire family (except her husband) and many more have accepted Jesus. They have
been witnessing and sharing with their neighboring communities and people are asking to hear more
about Christ. It is so enlivening to see doors open and people coming to a saving knowledge of Christ.
The Kawa community project was begun a couple of weeks ago with a survey and mapping of the
community. This village is virtually unreached as only a couple of people have even the most basic
understanding of Christianity, the Bible, or God. Building relationships across so many barriers can be
challenging, but God always shows that He has a plan. Sometimes friendships start with a simple
conversation and sometimes with a game of Frisbee!
Please pray for these communities and the others with whom we are working. Pray that peoples
hearts will be touched by the message of grace and will come to know Christs love. Please pray for
individuals in the villages to rise up as Christians and be witnesses to their friends and families in
ways we cannot. Pray for our ability to disciple and walk alongside them. Please pray that the Holy
Spirit will be at work in each of us, each and every time we are with them. May God be glorified and
may even just one more accept Christ as their Savior.

Kawa from the air

Mealtime in Kawa


Water project at Iwiia

Hayes Happenings

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November 2015

Christy is encouraged by the relationships God is

developing in her ministry. Missionaries need
prayers, encouragement, care, and fun. It can be
difficult, emotionally and spiritually, here on the
mission field. Please pray that the Lord will give
Christy wisdom, knowledge and discernment as
she seeks to serve other missionaries through
one-on-one time, Bible studies, and group events
and activities. Christy has the opportunity to
receive Missionary Member Care training this
December and has been reading many books on
the subject in preparation. Please pray for her trip
and time of learning.

On the way to Iwiia

We were asked many times on furlough about our

financial support. We always responded with,
we are not sure but will know in the months to
come. Our support levels have been up and down
over the last few months. We can now see that our
support needs to increase to sustain us for the next
two years. Please consider partnering in our
ministry. We are in need of more partners in
prayer and finances. We know the Lord placed us
here for this time and He will bring people alongside us who want to see these poor and unreached
communities hear the Gospel and receive Gods
love. Please pass on our newsletters to anyone
who might be encouraged by reading it.

Thank you for your love, prayers and support on behalf of the whole Hayes family and the people we
seek to serve here in Ecuador.

Matt, Christy, Libby and Loren

Yes! I would like to support the Hayes family.

I will pray for them faithfully.

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