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: self identity (using auxiliary verb is, am, and are)


: writing


: students are expected to be able to introduce their self and the other people
Using auxiliary verb correctly (is, am, and are).

Steps of activity

Brainstorm the topic by asking students, have they ever introduced theirselves to the
other people. At the same time show the picture about the familiar someone and ask

them about the name of him/her and his/her profession from the picture.
Check the result and give the feedback.
Give the reading text about the self identity.
Ask students to find the difficult words. At the same time ask them to find out the

verb from the reading passage.

Check the result and give the feedback.
Ask students to identify the main verb and auxiliary verb from the reading passage.
Check the result and give the feedback.
Ask students the position of verb (main verb and auxiliary verb) from the reading

Check the result and give the feedback.
Give the explanation about different between main verb and auxiliary verb and the
function of both. At the same time give the formulation about the position between

verb (main verb and auxiliary verb) with the subject in a sentence.
Ask students to make a pair. At the same time ask them to interview each other about

their identity. After that ask them to write down the result of the interview.
Check the result and give the feedback.
Give the example of the main map about their self identity. At the same time give the
example about self identity in the paragraph form of the main map that have been

Ask students to make the main map from their pairs identity.
Check the result and give the feedback.
Ask students to write down in the paragraph form about their pairs identity from the
main map that have been done by them appropriate the interview with their pair.

Check the result and give the feedback.

Ask student to check their pairs writing, have they used the auxiliary (is, are, am)
verb correctly. At the same time ask them to give the correction to their pairs writing

specially using the auxiliary verb.

Check the result and give the feedback.
Take one of their writing and giving the correction of his/her writing.
Give the chance for asking something.
Ask students to make the main map about their parents identity (mother or father)
then write down in paragraph form together (take home). After that ask them to

prepare their selves to introduce in front of class (next meeting).

Check the result and give the feedback.
Give the conclusion about the lesson.
The end the class.


-Brainstorming is a way to get the ideas creation engine running. Its mean opening
your mind and letting ideas pour (mengalir) out (Jim Scrivener, P.197).
-brainstorming is often put to excellent use in preparing students to read a text, to
discuss a complex issue, or to write on a topic or context. (H. Douglas Brown, 1998;

Show the picture

-pictures are useful for getting students to predict what is coming next in a lesson.
Thus students might look at a picture and try to guess what it shows (are the people
in it brother and sister, husband or wife, and what are they arguing about- or are they
arguing? etc). This use of pictures is very powerful and has the advantage of
engaging students in the task to follow. The most important thing for pictures in the
end is that they should be visible. (Jeremy harmer,..; p. 136).

-Reading text, provide opportunities models for study language about vocabulary,
grammar and writing. Besides that, to provide the students understand it more or less is
a good thing for language students. (Jeremy harmer, how to teach English hl. 68)
-Reading is one of the four languages. With the purpose the reading skill is to
understand this sentence, we need to understand what the letter, how the letters join
together to make words.(Spratt, Pulverness, and Williams, hl.21)TKT
-give the passage
Introduce the topic should be interesting for learners to motivate them. So that
students can be attracted to the material that will be presented. Because when give a
passage may be difficult, so it contains complex language and it is about a topic that
learners dont know much about. (Harmer 2001 p, 22).
_introduce the topic get students interested, may be by reading a text(article, letter,
advert), showing pictures, discussing some key issues, (Scrivener, 2005;p.194).

-Ask to find the difficult words and pronounce them
-Find the verb (auxiliary verb and main verb)
-ask students to give the correction their pair writing
(We will probably use correction ore as it helps to clarify the language in the
students mind. Because correction involves pointing out peoples mistake, we have
to read carefully (Jeremy harmer, how to teach English, 2007; p. 97).

-grammar is sometimes defined as the way words are put together to make correct
sentences (penny Ur A course in language teaching, 1991; p. 75)
-interaction is two-way communication that involves using language and body
language to keep our listener involved in what we are saying and to check that they
understand the meaning, clarify the meaning, confirm the meaning. (spratt,
pulverness, and wiliams, the TKT teaching knowledge test, 2005; p.2005)
-speaking activities can give them enormous confidence and satisfaction, with
sensitive teacher guidance can encourage them into further study. (Jeremy Harmer,
How to teach, 2007; p. 88)
-interview their pair
-writing as a skill the most important reason for teaching writing, of course, is that it
is a basic language skill, just as important as speaking, listening and reading.
Students need to know how to write letters, how to put written reports together, how
to reply advertisements-and increasingly, how to write using electronic media. They
need to know some of writings special convections (punctuation, paragraph
construction etc.) (Jeremy Harmer.p. 79-80)
-we also need to be able to form letters and words, and join these together to make
words, sentences or a series of sentences that link together to communicate that
massage. (Spratt etc .TKT
p. 26)
-make the main map
Biasanya digunakan untuk melatih siswa mengaitkan suatu kensep atau sesuatu
yang sudah diketahui dengan konsep lain atau hal-hal lain yang erat
hubungannya. Slain itu dapat dipakai untuk menghubungkan hal-hal yang erat
hubungannya hal-hal baru yang dapat dikaitkan denagan apa yang sudah
diketahui. Consep maping biasanya digunakan antara lain:
+membantu guru mengaktifkan siswa.
+membantu siswa menjepatani hal-hal baru(knowledge) dengan apa-apa yang
sudah diketahui sebelumnya(previous knowledge)
+mengarahkan diskusi kelas.
+mendorong siswa berfikir kritis dan kreatif
+memperkaya atau menembangkan kosakata. (kasihani K.E. suyanto, English for
Young Learner, 2008; p. 96)
-another way visual way of making preparation notes is often referred to as a
spidergram or mind map in this idea generating model students start with a topic at
the centre and then generate a web of ideas from that.
-make the paragraph appropriate their main map
-listen and write their pairs point appropriate the interview.
Pair work

-in pair work students can practice language together, study a text, research language
or take part in information-gap activities. They can write the dialogues, predict the
content of reading text, or compare notes on what they have listened to or seen.
(Jeremy Harmer, P.116)
-pair work (group) will help to provoke quiet students into talking. When they are
with one or perhaps two or three other students, they are not under so much pressure
as they are when asked to speak in fron of the whole class.(Jeremy
editionp. 182)
Home work
-learner autonomy gets a powerful boost (dorongan). The first time that homework is
set for students to do out of class. They will now have to study without the help of a
teacher. (Jeremy Harmer, third edition;p.338).

-giving feedback is giving information to learners about their learning. Feedback can
focus on learners language or skills, the ideas in their work, their behavior, their
attitude to learning or their progress. The purposes of feedback are to motivate
learners and to help them understand what their problems are and how they can
improve. (Spratt, Pulverness, and Williams, p. 156)TKT
-students should have an opportunity to give feedback on what they have read,
either verbally or in written form. (Jeremy Harmer, how to teach englishnew
edition..p. 110)
-feedback is information that is given to the learner about his or her performance of a
learning task, usually with the objective of improving this performance. (penny Ur A
course in language teaching; p. 242)

In many training program, participants develop feeling of closeness toward other group
members during the sessions. This is especially true if the participants have met for a long
period of time and have taken part in extensive group work. They need to say goodbye to
one another and to express their appreciation for the support and encouragement given
during the training program. (Silberman, p. 291) ways to make train active second edition