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The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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The Chaos Project Archives:

Chaotic Features
Chaotic Features are an integral part of The Chaos Project. This archive contains Chaotic Features created both by
myself and by many other gamers, all of whom have my deep gratitude.

Roll Created by:



Name: Ken Murphy



Name: Ken Murphy


Bottomless Pit. Creature can swallow a hog'shead-worth of liquid

(3D10+22, x10liters)per 5SRs. Creature effectively possesses an
endless capacity, but it'll be affected normally by any special features of
the liquid; like alcohol's or a potion's POT.


Name: Ken Murphy


Hard to Hit. Anytime the creature has a missle fired or thrown at it, or is
exposed to shrapnel, it has a chance equal to its POW x8 of being
missed completely by any attack that is less than an 01 Critical success.
In the case of an 01 Critical success occuring, it will affect the creature
as a normal Critical Hit, however.


Ghostly to (substance) Creature acts is like air to the substance. Broo

Name: Marko Perl
Email: ghostly to wood could walk through a forest unhindered. Burglaries
would be easy. Creatures ghostly to earth or stone are not seen often.


Name: Peter Maranci


Radiates Fear. All creatures within 15m of this horrifying creature must
make a successful resistance roll of their INT vs their own POW or flee


Name: PM

Radiates Pain. All creatures within 15m of this creature must make a
successful resistance roll of their INT vs their own CON or suffer a
-1d100 to all actions


Name: PM

The creature shrivels and becomes a large rubbery ball of protoplasm

which spends all of its time bouncing up and down (-10% to hit because
of movement). It has 100 HP, and regenerates 10 HP per round. Once a
day it can let out an explosive effect which does 5d6 damage to
everything within a 8 meter radius. Armor protects against the explosion


Name: PM

Anything this creature touches becomes invisible for as long as it

remains in contact. It always appears to be naked and weaponless. It
may also appear to have the power to disintegrate by touch...


Name: PM

The Stupifier - Any creature within 30m of creature temporarily

loses 1d6 INT

Strength of a Thousand Men. Creature's STR is 3D6+167.

14/10/2008 00:10

The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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Name: PM

Damage Reflector: Any damage caused by any non-natural weapon

(incuding spells) is ignored, and instead inflicted immediately on the
attacker. The damage "reflected" is based on what would get through the
defender's armor, not the attacker's. Natural weapons cause normal
damage. A Heal spell causes damage equal to double the points in the
spell, and cannot be resisted - but is still a touch-only spell.


Name: PM

Negative Lifeform: Any form of damage (including natural weapons)

INCREASES the victim's general (and therefore also location-specific)
hit points. They can absorb additional HPs up to ten times their normal
value. These hit points may be self-inflicted; for example, the creature
may stand in a fire to quickly charge themselves to maximum
life-energy. However, if not injured the creature normally loses 1d3 hit
points per day, down to (potentially) death. Healing spells are
dangerous to this creature; each point of Healing causes 100 HP of


Name: PM

If anyone orders the victim to do something three times in a row, they

must do it


Name: PM

One finger/tendril/whatever is a hollow tube which can spray a sleep

gas with POT = CON, enough to affect up to 3d6 individuals per day


Name: PM

Able to cast Glue 50 on any non-living thing which can be shut - a door,
box, etc. 1d6 times per day. No MP cost nor casting time - this is an
effect, not a spell


Name: PM

Immediately "paired" with another random chaotic creature, which acts

as a familiar to the victim


Name: PM

Being becomes pure Law, with a Chaos-destroying touch


Name: PM

Becomes pure Truestone


Name: PM

Experiences intense vision of Cosmic Truth, gain 200% Metaphysics

and +90% Oratory and Fast Talk


Name: PM

Cursed - loses 1% of each skill every ten minutes after sunrise, and 1
point off each characteristic each hour. All return to normal at midnight


Name: PM

Cursed - as above, but to everyone else within 30m


Name: PM

Swapper. Able to trade one skill/characteristic/special ability with

another creature. Trade lasts one day


Name: PM

Vampiric healer: can transfer 1d10 of received damage to another via

successful touch. No resistance possible, armor does not protect

14/10/2008 00:10

The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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Name: PM

Able to become insubstantial at will in 1-round increments; must

re-solidify to attack. Able to cast and be affected by spells and spirits
while insubstantial


Name: PM

Able to make a piercing whistle that causes 1d6 damage per round, plus
deafening effects. Armor does not protect


Name: PM

Appears extremely old, but retains abilities of youth


Name: PM

Able to enter the dreams of others


Name: PM

Able to see magic - +100% to all chances to cast, -10% visual skills


Name: PM

Blood is Heal 6 potion, 3d6+6 doses. Automatically activated, one dose

at a time, when injured


Name: PM

Blood is alcohol; always drunk


Name: PM

Cannot hurt any child (effects either children of own species, of all
intelligent creatures, or of all living things)


Name: PM

Cannot lie (50% chance cannot even lie by omission)


Name: PM

Conscienceless; able to lie undetectably


Name: PM

Able to squeeze through the smallest opening


Name: PM

Gift of tongues; able to speak any language perfectly after being exposed
to it for 1d10 rounds or hours or days


Name: PM

Able to absorb the skill of anyone in their presence; for example, if

fighting a master swordsman, is able to use the same skill percentages.
The skill only lasts while the target is in their presence


Name: PM

Perfect Master: all skills at 100%


Name: PM

Gives birth to 1d6 spawn per season. Each spawn grows into a random
Chaos monster


Name: PM

Rebirth. Victim collapses into a quivering heap, and after 3d6 hours is
reborn. At this point all of their characteristic points are totalled, and
re-allocated into their new form as they wish


Name: PM

Must dance whenever they hear music


Name: PM

Incurable optimist

14/10/2008 00:10

The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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Name: PM

Amnesia. The victim loses all memory of their former life. 50% chance
they retain basic skills such as languages, and motor skills, otherwise
they are completely blank (but re-trainable). 10% chance that their
memories might be restored by a future shock. An amnesiac may display
a very different personality from their original one.


Name: PM

Victim has complete awareness in all directions -- virtually impossible

to surround or surprise while awake


Name: PM

1 or more random hit locations develop a hidden pouch, which can store
objects of up to 1d6 x 1d6 SIZ


Name: PM

Body becomes extremely bouncy. Able to bound huge distances, at

1d6+1 times former Move


Name: PM

1 random hit location is completely invulnerable


Name: PM

Immune to all but mental spells


Name: PM

Victim dies


Name: PM

Random characteristic is re-rolled on d100, effect lasts 1d6 days or

weeks. Then returns to normal forever


Name: PM

Horrifying to look at; resist POW 20 every round or be Demoralized

while in its presence


Name: PM

Voice become much stronger and smoother; +20+1d100% to all

voice-based skills


Name: PM

Hair (or equivalent) always floats about as if in a stiff breeze or



Name: PM

Becomes visual negative of self; all body colors now the opposite of
what they were


Name: PM

Must spend 1d6 hours per day spinning body violently. Able to spin at
very high rate without dizziness


Name: PM

Able to cast spells with no visible effect


Name: PM

Perfect balance


Name: PM

One half of victim becomes beautiful, one half incredibly ugly


Name: PM

Can never let anyone have the last word

14/10/2008 00:10

The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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Name: PM

Terrified of a random color


Name: PM

Unusual insanity: loses all memory, but gains all memory and
knowledge of some ancient person slain by Chaos. Victim believes they
are that person


Name: PM

Victim completely loses all distinguishing characteristics, becomes in

appearance a completely average, socially invisible


Name: PM

Victim completely loses all distinguishing features, and no longer

has a face (if applicable). Although it lacks eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc.,
none of its senses or abilities are impaired


Name: PM

Victim becomes count-a-holic; must stop and count aloud any small
items which come into its view. If someone throws 97 marbles during
combat, it stops fighting and starts counting


Name: PM

Victim gains power of weather control; in effect can cast Cloud

Clear, Cloud Call, Lightning, Thunderbolt, etc.. Manipulation costs
fatigue (if applicable) rather than magic points


Name: PM

Body becomes totally iridescent; appearance very confusing (-35% to

hit), plus unable to hide except in total darkness


Name: PM

Gain constant twitch in random hit location


Name: PM

Totally silent when sleeping


Name: PM

At death splits up into (SIZ) number of miniature versions of itself. Each

miniature is SIZ 1, but otherwise has the original's characteristics,
skills, and knowledge. 10% chance that all are in Mindlink


Name: PM

Body transforms into a single, leathery, greasy sinew which coils and
bundles itself into the approximate shape of the original and wear its
clothes (if any). STR and CON are 1.5 times original. Creature takes a
maximum of 1 point from impaling and crushing attacks (slashing attacks
normal), and gains 5 points of natural armor. Able to make itself into
many shapes. If its two ends can be found, it can be jerked into a straight
line and held helpless


Name: PM

Victim bursts into flame, but does not take damage, is not consumed and
just continually burns. 50% chance that this does not cause agonizing
pain, 5% chance that victim gains power of flight. Immune to fire


Name: PM

Victim deluded: roll again to choose pseudo-result


Name: PM

Immune to any weapon that is not straight-edged

14/10/2008 00:10

The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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Name: PM

Immune to all natural attacks


Name: PM

Imune to all non-natural weapons


Name: PM

Immune to all variable-effect spells (i.e. for which damage must be



Name: PM

Takes double damage from natural weapons


Name: PM

Takes double damage from non-natural weapons


Name: PM

Takes double damage from non-variable-effect spells


Name: PM

Unable to walk in a straight line


Name: PM

Uncomfortable around geometric solids


Name: PM

Fear of self


Name: PM

Fear of universe


Name: PM

Develop extra joint in 1 or more jointed appendages


Name: PM

Cannot be tied up or restrained


Name: PM

Cannot go unconscious


Name: PM

A random substance acts as hallucinogenic drug for victim


Name: PM

Always succeeds with CON roll for result of injury


Name: PM

Constant silly laughter


Name: PM

Always succeeds in making POW gain roll


Name: PM

Always makes experience and training/research gain rolls for 1 or more

skill categories


Name: PM

Grow an identical new copy of a random hit location, placed randomly

against other locations (example: new head, could be at hip, on top of
present head, etc.)


Name: PM

Grow a new hit location of a different species

14/10/2008 00:10

The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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Name: PM

1 or more random hit locations change into that of a different species


Name: PM

Add a new hit location that victim would not normally have (i.e. tail for
a human)


Name: PM

Grow an entirely new hit location (located randomly) that is like

nothing anyone has every seen before (5% chance it is invisible or can
do something strange)


Name: PM

Telepath: automatic mental (non-subvocal) Mindspeech with anyone

they choose


Name: PM

Attack Telepath: as above, but also able to control victim via a roundby-round POW vs. POW


Name: PM

Appropriate limb takes form of random weapon


Name: PM

Able to belch at will

100 Name: PM

Flesh-penetrating touch

101 Name: PM

Able to walk through walls

102 Name: PM

Always perfectly groomed; every hair in place and teeth gleaming

103 Name: PM

See dead people (spirit vision)

104 Name: PM

Must always do and say everything twice

105 Name: PM

Must always speak in rhyme

106 Name: PM

Becomes color-blind

107 Name: PM

Contracts leprosy

108 Name: PM

Gains perfect sketching ability (Craft: Art 1000%)

109 Name: PM

Able to smell magic

110 Name: PM

Able to see magic

111 Name: PM

Able to hear magic

112 Name: PM

Able to feel magic

14/10/2008 00:10

The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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113 Name: PM

Able to parry attacking spells with hands

114 Name: PM

Bursts into flames every evening and is reborn every morning from the

115 Name: PM

Grow hump; able to contain enough water for 2 weeks

116 Name: PM

Able to absorb 1d8 points of spell per round and fire them back within
the next five minutes

117 Name: PM

Able to absorb the injuries of others, regenerating damage at

1d4hp/round. 50% chance this is involuntary

118 Name: PM

Mind stealer: able to absorb all memories and knowledge by touch, and
retain them for 1d6 minutes/hours/days. 50% chance this power is
undetectable by victim

119 Name: PM

Able to absorb the power of a magic item and duplicate it. May only
absorb power from one item at a time. 50% chance this power destroys
the item, which may resist POW vs. POW

120 Name: PM

Living crystal: duplicated the power(s) of a powered or unpowered

crystal. 50% chance this only works for others, not self. If powered,
must be attuned. Crystal POW = POW

121 Name: PM

Permanently changes into object most important to them, i.e. if a

warrior, becomes magic weapon

122 Name: PM

Able to perfectly gauge distance and size by eye

123 Name: PM

Able to jump inside other being & attempt to overcome POW vs. POW.
If successful, becomes other person and other person occupies old
body. Some memories transfer

124 Name: PM

Continues to fight on for 1d10 rounds after death, even if dismembered

125 Name: PM

Skin becomes random sealed rune metal, gain 1d6+3 natural armor plus
metal effects if any

126 Name: PM

Grow spikes from 1 or more random hit locations, gain spike attack
(1d6 damage)

127 Name: PM

Grow stinger(s) from 1 or more random hit locations, gain stinger attack
(1d4 - 1d10 damage, plus CON POT poison)

128 Name: PM

X-ray vision

14/10/2008 00:10

The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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129 Name: PM

Itch touch: cause itching in touched victims. Itch = CON, victim resists
with CON or is unable to do anything for 1d4 rounds but scratch

130 Name: PM

Able to create color patterns on skin, resembling moving tattoos. 20%

chance confusing at will, maximum minus to hit = 2d20%

131 Name: PM

Mute; can only communicate by whistling

132 Name: PM

Able to increase SIZ by 1d6 times at will for up to 1d6 rounds/minutes

/hours. Concurrent increase in STR and HP (but not CON)

133 Name: PM

Blood changes color

134 Name: PM

Bones become extremely strong and heavy. Limb hit points unchanged,
but 2x damage required to sever or maim

135 Name: PM

Gives birth to mirror twin which has (species max - victim's

characteristics), i.e. human male STR 14 would have mirror twin STR
(21-14=7). They are in Mindlink with each other, and as long as either
is alive, the other cannot completely die

136 Name: PM

Gelatinous body. Completely immune to piercing weapons. Slashing

weapons do 1/2 damage. Crushing weapons x2 damage (splatter effect)

137 Name: PM

Spongy body. Immune to crushing weapons, impaling weapons do 1/2

damage, slashing weapons x2 damage

138 Name: PM

Become zombie

139 Name: PM

Become mummy

140 Name: PM

Extreme pain and agonized screams when not moving

141 Name: PM

No longer age visibly (but still age)

142 Name: PM

One or more hit locations becomes invulnerable for 1d4 hours/day

143 Name: PM

Invisible when sleeping

144 Name: PM

Invisible all the time

145 Name: PM

Gain retractible claws, claw attack

146 Name: PM

Death Touch (acts as Sever Spirit) - 10% chance works on self

147 Name: PM

Become lightning calculator

14/10/2008 00:10

The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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148 Name: PM

Irresistable to one or more animal or insect species

149 Name: PM


150 Name: PM

Must always speak the truth

151 Name: PM

Constantly growing large warts (-3 to APP) which harden, fall off, and
when peeled each contain a 50 - 200 sp gem. 2d6 warts/week

152 Name: PM

Movement rate reduced or increased by 50%

153 Name: PM

Immune to spirit attack

154 Name: PM

Blood, if swallowed, heals 1d6hp. Able to bite own lip or tongue to

heal self

155 Name: PM

Extremely sad to see. Resist its APP vs. your INT or cry

156 Name: PM

Gain ability to drain 1d6 MP on successful touch and add to self

157 Name: PM

Gain ability to temporarily drain 1d4 points from random characteristic

on successful touch and add to self (effect lasts 1d6 minutes for both
attacker and victim)

158 Name: PM

Gain ability to go into uncontrollable spasms that last for 1d6x1d6

rounds when under stress

159 Name: PM

All cartilage turns into bone, gain 1 armor point in head

160 Name: PM

Immune to all disease

161 Name: PM

Immune to all metal weapons

162 Name: PM

Cannot interact with metal in any way (goes right through victim without

163 Name: PM

Immune to all wooden weapons

164 Name: PM

Cannot interact with vegetable material in any way

165 Name: PM

Shadow becomes alive, can detach and act as Shade

166 Name: PM

Able to command matter - acts as telekinesis on any matter within 30m,


14/10/2008 00:10

The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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167 Name: PM

Always talk in a monotone

168 Name: PM

Skin becomes silky-smooth and soft

169 Name: PM

Become albino

170 Name: PM

Gain perfect time-sense

171 Name: PM

Gain perfect location-sense

172 Name: PM

Gain Fire/Ice Breath attack, 1d4 x 1d6 damage

173 Name: PM

Eyes shifted into spirit plane, disturbing hollows in sockets

174 Name: PM

Forever immune to all effects of Chaos

175 Name: PM

Can walk on air

176 Name: PM

Snore extremely loudly

177 Name: PM

Becomes extremely gullible -- believes anything anyone says

178 Name: PM

Gain Chaos Touch - bestow Chaotic effect with successful touch, once
per day

179 Name: PM

Cure disease by touch, 1d6 times per day

180 Name: PM

Healing touch, up to 1d12 hit points 1d6 x 1d6 times per day
(can/cannot affect self)

181 Name: PM

Gain tiny teeth in skin, improve Swim skill by 10%

182 Name: PM

Some or all orifices seal up; effects determined by GM

183 Name: PM

Become incredibly phony

184 Name: PM

Victim no longer speaks birth language

185 Name: PM

Unable to perceive opposite/same sex (own species or all species)

186 Name: PM

Become big-time whiner

14/10/2008 00:10

The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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187 Name: PM

Lose all sense of humor

188 Name: PM

Gain hyperactive/sick/stupid sense of humor

189 Name: PM

Gain power to make anyone laugh

190 Name: PM

Able to change shape at will

191 Name: PM

Becomes incredibly cute

192 Name: PM

Can only talk about self in third person

193 Name: PM

Sticky touch; anything that touches victim sticks, STR d6 x d6

194 Name: PM

Can Ressurect by touch

195 Name: PM

Immune to all magical effects

196 Name: PM

Grow eyes in back of head

197 Name: PM

Gain incredible insight into sentient nature

198 Name: PM

Nothing happens

199 Name: PM

Gain power to expand jaws and swallow up to 2xSIZ

200 Name: PM

Gain deep love and respect for all living things

201 Name: PM

Chameleon effect - absorb colors

202 Name: PM

Ventriloquism - voice comes from anywhere within 10m

203 Name: PM

Yawning disease - victim yawns 1d4times/round, and all within 10m

must roll CONx3 or also yawn

204 Name: PM

Senses become sense projectors: eyes emit light, ears emit noise, nose
emits smells, mouth emits tastes, skin emits vibrations and heat/cold.
Extremely confusing, -80% to all actions for victim and all present

205 Name: PM

Victim becomes were-animal (determine randomly)

206 Name: PM

Victim becomes permanent cross between original form and some other
species (determine randomly)

14/10/2008 00:10

The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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207 Name: PM

Gain ability to spin silk, webs from gland on (hit location)

208 Name: PM

Gain ability to project scent (ranging somewhere from delightful to

sickening) from (hit location)

209 Name: PM

Become perfect vocal mimic (Mimic 100%)

210 Name: PM

Afflicted with insane hatred of all things Chaotic

211 Name: PM

Eyes extrude on stalks if not already stalked. Otherwise, eyes retract

212 Name: PM

Everything the victim touches turns to (substance)

213 Name: PM

One or more random characteristic(s) of victim begins seesawing, going

down one point per day until it reaches one, then going up at the same
rate until it reaches exactly double the old score. Repeat forever.

214 Name: PM

Jeckyll/Hyde syndrome

215 Name: PM

Victim constantly weeps tears of blood

216 Name: PM

Victim oozes slime from all pores - 50% chance of vile smell

217 Name: PM

Victim becomes pregnant (even if male) - 50% chance offspring has

chaotic feature

218 Name: PM

Victim is immortal

219 Name: PM

Victim is invulnerable except for one substance

220 Name: PM

Victim is invulnerable but also harmless

221 Name: PM

One of victim's characteristics other than SIZ increases 1 point per day

222 Name: PM

Victim loses sensation in 1 or more hit locations

223 Name: PM

Victim's skin wrinkles heavily, increasing natural armor by 1d6 and

decreasing APP by twice rolled amount

224 Name: PM

Victim incurs enmity or friendship of one particular element

225 Name: PM

Victim falls asleep forever, but dream-form manifests as ghost

226 Name: PM

Victim screams and curses uncontrollably a random intervals

14/10/2008 00:10

The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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227 Name: PM

Victim's tongue grows to 1d6 times original size. 10% chance of gaining
tongue-whip attack

228 Name: PM

Victim turns inside-out - 95% chance of death, otherwise 3d6 damage

unabsorbed by armor and -6d6 APP

229 Name: PM

Victim becomes completely water-soluable - will melt if hit with water

230 Name: PM

Victim becomes stretchy, like Mr. Fantastic

231 Name: PM

Victim becomes magnetic - all metal within 5m is attracted with pull of

6d6 STR

232 Name: PM

Victim regularly sheds skin like a snake

233 Name: PM

Victim produces scent which attracts 1 or more random species. 25%

chance that production of scent is under victim's control. There is also a
25% each chance that attracted creatures are friendly or hostile, and a
50% chance that attractees are neutral and behave normally.

234 Name: PM

Victim becomes twice the person they were. Re-roll all species
characteristcs and add the new results to the old ones. 20% chance that
INT becomes fixed.

235 Name: PM

Victim's hit locations all become detachable, 1d4 times per day

236 Name: PM

All of victim's hit locations detach, but retain mutual feeling and
appropriate ability to move. 5% chance that victim's parts are able to

237 Name: PM

Victim gains Sense Projection for one random sense. 50% chance of
being able to control it. 10% chance that projected sense can never
return closer than 1d10m to body

238 Name: PM

Victim loses all self-respect

239 Name: PM

Return to infancy/childhood/adolesence but retain adult knowledge and


240 Name: PM

A) No longer needs nor is able to breathe, or
B) No longer needs to breathe, but can, or
C) Must breathe 1d4+1 times as much air

241 Name: PM

Roll victim's species SIZ again. Add OR subtract roll to or from 1 or

more random hit locations. Hit location SIZ of 0 or below may or may
not cause death at GM's option

14/10/2008 00:10

The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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242 Name: PM

Living Mirror: Victim becomes shapeshifter, matching appearance of

those around it. There is a 50% chance that this process will be under
conscious control. There is a 20% chance that victim has the power to
mimic not only appearance, but knowledge and powers as well

243 Name: PM

Victim becomes autistic

244 Name: PM

1 or more random hit locations change color

245 Name: PM

Victim begins to age backwards

246 Name: PM

Victim's fingers can be broken off as delicious cinnamon sticks, but

grow back within moments

247 Name: PM

Victim becomes a random elemental - body becomes earth, air, fire,

water, other

248 Name: PM

Victim gains power to fly, if not already able. Determine max speed by
rolling 1d6 x 1d6
Means of propulsion (d8):
1 - Feathered wings
2 - Leather wings
3 - Energy/fur/other wings
4 - Anti-gravity effect
5 - Ground effect (emits air somehow)
6 - Grows propeller from random hit location
7 - Roll twice more and combine
8 - Other (something really weird)

249 Name: Will Dean

Fingers, teeth, ribs fuse together, causing shovel-like hands, scary

looking teeth, and a hard carapace

250 Name: PM

Creature grows invisible new arm, centered between other arms; 20%
chance that arm can detach and fly for up to 1d6 rounds/minutes/hours
per day

251 Name: PM

1 random hit location grows (1d6 x 1d100)% larger

252 Name: PM

1 random hit location shrinks 1d100% smaller

253 Name: PM

One facial feature shrinks or grows

254 Name: PM

All bones and teeth glow brightly in some random color

255 Name: PM

1 or more of victim's characteristics waxes and wanes in

correspondance with Lunar cycle (thanks to J. Mitzman)

14/10/2008 00:10

The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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256 Name: PM

Victim afflicted with Rage. Effect of Berserk spell. Strikes up to 1d6

times per day, at appropriate times. There is a 50% chance that victim
can come out of Rage at will after first round

257 Name: PM

Spirit leaves body, becomes ghost). Body turns into zombie. Ghost can
possess zombie

258 Name: PM

Victim continues to eat and drink normally, but does not excrete (c.f.
RuneQuest Companion, "The Smell Of A Rat")

259 Name: PM

Victim becomes what they have always wanted to be (but there is a

50% chance that the result is bad/ironic/goes wrong)

260 Name: PM

Victim's earholes sealed by membrane; -5% to Listen and all

Communication skills

261 Name: PM

Teeth grow to double size. Gain or increase species-appropriate Bite

attack, lose APP (if human, lose 2d6 APP)

262 Name: PM

Produces 1d6 nuggets of gold per day in some way (regurgitate, secrete,
shed, etc.)

263 Name: PM

Random substance is now required as part of daily diet. 50% chance

that ingestion of substance temporarily increases 1 or more
characteristics by (1d6 x 1x6) for 1d6 rounds, minutes, or hours

264 Name: PM

Skin turns transparent. -3d6+6 APP

265 Name: PM

Victim falls in love with every creature seen of appropriate species and

266 Name: PM

Creature IS harmless!

267 Name: PM

Tears gain randomly determined magical effect

268 Name: PM

Become two-dimensional

269 Name: PM

Must remain upside-down in order to breathe

270 Name: PM

Victim develops a sore, which grows over 3d6 weeks. When growth is
complete, the sore pops and out come baby spiders/broo/other

271 Name: PM

Victim starts growing. Add 1 point per week to SIZ until death, with no

272 Name: PM

Victim undergoes complete personality change. In every way, their

behavior is the opposite of what it was

14/10/2008 00:10

The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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273 Name: PM

Victim contracts cancer, which is fatal with 1d12 months (which should
really be the most common effect of exposure to Chaos, anyway)

274 Name: PM

Rate of hair growth increases by 1d100 x 1d100 (that's 1 - 10,000!)


275 Name: PM

Victim's INT becomes Fixed; if already Fixed, becomes unFixed

276 Name: PM

Victim changes to a random species. Roll 1d6:

1-2 - Intelligent species
3-4 - Unintelligent species
5-6 - Unintelligent species, but retains INT

277 Name: PM

Earthquake Feet: every step the creature takes shakes the ground.
Opponents within 30m must make DEX x 5 roll each round to remain
standing. Victim cannot Sneak

278 Name: PM

Any clothes worn at time of Chaotic exposure become living part of

victim's body

279 Name: PM

Victim changes kingdom: Animal/Vegetable/Mineral/Spiritual

280 Name: PM

Gain hypersensitive sense(s). Roll 1d6:


Roll twice more

The enhancement adds 1d100% to the base for all skills affected by that
sense. Enhancements over 50% are so extreme that the victim cannot
stand normal stimuli, i.e. normal light is too bright, clothes are agony to
wear, etc. Penalties are assigned by the GM.

281 Name: PM

Victim changes gender, with a 1/3 chance of becoming either a neuter or


282 Name: PM

Victim grows an additional new mouth on a random hit location. There

is a 50% chance each of the mouth being able to talk, eat/drink, and
breathe. If the mouth can speak, roll a d8:


Under victim's control, with their voice

As #1, but different voice
Gibbers insanely all the time/sometimes
Self-animated, friendly/hostile/neutral toward victim
As #4, plus casts 1d6 random spells per day
As #4, plus can Command (as in Dune) 1d6 times/day
Can only (pick one) whisper/sing/whistle/hum, plus roll again
Speaks ultrasonically only, or determine new effect

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The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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283 Name: PM

Victim's INT doubles, but they lose all feeling and emotion. This results
in the immediate halving of all artistic and interpersonal skills,
including sing, play instrument, dance, Fast Talk, Orate, and Human

284 Name: PM

All of the victim's digits divide lengthwise; if it previously had ten

fingers, it now has twenty, ten on each hand (and ten toes on each foot,
as well). This adds 1d6 x 5% to the victim's Manipulation bonus. Of
course, anyone who sees their digits will be repulsed and horrified

285 Name: PM

Pain in one limb causes twice as much pleasure in the opposite limb.
Example: a thorn in left hand results in extremely pleasant feelings in
right hand

286 Name: PM

Victim must go through any door which opens within their view. Even if
going through means instant death, they are unable to resist passing
through any portal which opens before them. They can, if able, turn and
go back through the door once through, but this will at a minimum take
one round

287 Name: PM

1 random hit location of victim becomes self-aware (in the case of a

player-character, the part becomes an NPC). If the head is rolled, some
specific part of the head becomes independent: hair, nose, ears,

288 Name: PM

Creature begins to exude a mildly pleasant-smelling yellow goo from

elbows which heals 1d4 points of specific or general damage per dose
if swallowed. Produces 1 dose per hour per elbow.

289 Name: PM

In combat, creature makes at least one secretly spectral wound against

every enemy. Whether the chaos creature lives or dies, their victims'
wound(s) will become infected, and no matter what the treatment the
wound will slowly spread. The result is pain and disability, over time.
However, the wound is only imaginary. It can be cured by a Dispel
Illusion (xd3), Dispel Magic (xd6), or by overcoming the victim in a
combat situation with a Fanaticism spell -- or any spell that seriously
alters the victim's mental state in a positive way.

290 Name: PM

Creature's fingernails/claws/talons turn orange and become delicious.

Anyone within two meters of the creature must roll (CON + INT/2) vs.
hours since they've last eaten or become ravenously hungry

291 Name: Trevor Ellis

Severe constipation for several hours after eating. All manipulation

skills at -25%


292 Name: Janne Hmeenaho


Creature loses all credibility. Whatever he/she says is automatically

considered to be a lie.

Endless Banana. This iten looks like a normal banana but if you eat it
Email: and throw it's peel of it will reappear in your bag - endlessly and
always ready to be eaten. The only way to destroy this annoying banana
is to burn it to ashes.

293 Name: Tuomas Hautakangas

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The Chaos Project Archives: Chaotic Features

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293 Name: Carl Driskell

Chicken Broo spits eggs that give random feature to target plus 2d6

294 Name: PM

Creature hair/fur turns a random color

295 Name: PM

Creature becomes permanently insane (use CoC tables)

296 Name: Peter Maranci

Reverse normal sleep pattern: day becomes night to them and







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