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Guy Madison Neighbors




DEPARTMENT, et, al.,


Case # 15-4921-DDC


[ Cujusque Rei Potissima Pars][The Principle Part Of Everything Is In The Beginning]

Comes Now Guy Neighbors Propria Persona Im representing myself in Propria Persona (Im
my own person) or pro-per Qualified me as an attorney in fact, according to Blacks Law
Dictionary. By asserting my Sovereign Right to represent myself in legal matters establishes my
status as my own attorney. To proceed in Pro Per, means that the court cannot impose the same
standard up on me as are imposed on a licensed attorney. This court will treat me as my
own attorney, differently that it would treat me as the defendant, and moves this court to
Issue an Injunction and Restraining Order pursuant to Rule 65. (a) (b) (A) to block Judge Scott
Miller, and City of Lawrence Municipal Court from Continuing to violate the Constitutional
Rights of Neighbors, and other citizens of Lawrence Kansas and states:
I. The lawful problem with the cop issuing judicial summons is, cop are members of the
Executive, branch of government and a judicial warrant must be signed by a judicial officer of
the court before an officer serves the summons. When Lawrence Kansas Police sign, and issue a
summons, this action violates the Separation of Powers Clause of the Constitution. This UnConstitutional Procedure must be corrected at once. These un-constitutional procedures have

been part of police departments polices for a very long time because no one had the courage to
address this issue until NOW!
II. There is Fatal Flaw in The Citation:
A traffic ticket must contain the information required by K.S.A. 8-2106(b).
A complaint is defective:
1. If it merely cites the number of the ordinance alleged to have been violated.
2. The complaint must contain a description of the violation of the ordinance. For example, if a
person is charged with violating a DUI ordinance, the complaint should contain the ordinance
number, such as 6-30, and a description that would adequately describe the DUI offense.
The Citations in these cases only have the number written on the face of the citation and
therefore is in Flaw and the restraining order granted until the city of Lawrence can correct the
unlawful procedures and policies.
III. Believe Lawrence Kansas Municipal is a Non- Constitutional Court:
Lawrence Kansas Municipal, is a non- constitutional court who is claiming to have judicial
authority from Article III of the Unites States Constitution. Municipal Court has only
administrative authority to make rules and administration functions. The problem is since this
court is Not a part of the Constitution, this court has no authority to take power from the
Constitution, or to perform judicial function.
IV. This is from The Municipal Court Clerks Manual:
Jurisdiction must exist before any municipal court has authority to act. Jurisdiction is the power
or authority to hear and determine controversies involving the person before the court. A
municipal court can hear only cases involving alleged violations of municipal ordinances
legally enacted by the governing body of the city. The alleged violations must occur within the
city limits (K.S.A. 12-4104). A city ordinance may be the same as or quite similar to a state
criminal statute on the same subject, but it should be remembered that it is the ordinance
which gives the municipal court its authority.

A municipal court in Kansas has no civil jurisdiction; that is, a municipal court has no power to
decide disputes between private parties involving contracts,
property rights, damage actions, divorce actions, child custody, or cases involving juveniles
except traffic cases (see 3.06). Municipal courts have no jurisdiction over violations of state
statutes. Municipal judges can now perform marriage ceremonies (K.S.A. 23-104a).
The decision of the municipal court in a traffic case, whether the accused is guilty or not guilty,
does not determine who must pay for damages. The municipal court determines only
questions of guilt; that is, the court decides if the accused party was guilty of violating the
city ordinance.
If another vehicle is involved in a traffic accident, the court does not determine that since the
person before the court is guilty, that person is therefore liable for damages to the vehicle of
the other party. A civil court would determine that issue. However, the municipal court may
order restitution as part of sentencing [see 10.05 I. and K.S.A. 8-1019(c)].

In Summary:
Neighbors is demanding the Lawrence police stay 20 feet from his persons, if the the Lawrence
Police perform a traffic stop on Neighbors, they will be required to contact the Sherriffs dept.
and have one of their Deputies come to the scene of the traffic stop. Neighbors has Never in 35yrs, of living In Lawrence had any negative interactions with the Lawrence Kansas Sheriff
Neighbors, is demanding Federal court block Lawrence Municipal Court from continuing to
have unlawful trials in Municipal Court, until the City of Lawrence can figure a way to proceed
within the Constitution. Neighbors, is demanding to have Traffic fine collection process in
Municipal Court shut down until Municipal Court can acquire Legal Jurisdiction from the
Constitution or Congress!
Neighbors is requesting a hearing on this matter ASAP!

Certificate of Service
I hereby certify that a true and correct copy of the fore going document was mailed to the clerk
of the Court on the date noted below, and a copy was mailed to the parties listed below.

Respectfully Submitted
Without Prejudice UCC, 1-308

Craig Blunrrich
5601 SW Barrington Ct. South
Topeka Ks, 66614


I Guy Madison Neighbors, declare under penalty of perjury in accordance with the Laws of the
United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct and complete to the best of my
knowledge and belief.


on this __________th Day, of _______________ 2015

Guy Madison Neighbors

On this ______day of____________, 2015 before me, the undersigned, a Notary Public in
and for State of Kansas, personally appeared the above-signed, known to me
to be the one whose name is signed on this instrument, and has acknowledged to me that s/he has
executed the same.


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