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Sun and Moon v1.5.

11: (04/13/2015)
• Tournament reports are now sent by hosting players even if they close the app duri
ng a game.
Sun and Moon v1.5.10: (04/13/2015)
• Fixed the blank stronghold in solo play.
Sun and Moon v1.5.9: (04/12/2015)
• Fixed the loading of Oracle cards as strongholds when the stronghold was not alr
eady cached on disk, which is something that was only possible in Draft.
• Made sure the text input field for joining a game in the lobby did not truncate
its own text at certain resolutions, including the default for windowed mode.
Sun and Moon v1.5.8: (04/09/2015)
• Draft fixes etc.
Sun and Moon v1.5.7: (04/09/2015)
• Fixed some more stuff with the draft.
Sun and Moon v1.5.6: (04/08/2015)
• Fixed an issue that caused cards with the incorrect legality to load into a draf
• The stronghold and senseis no longer count towards minimum deck size in draft.
Sun and Moon v1.5.5: (04/05/2015)
• Fixed an issue where the draft could get stuck when clicking quickly through boo
ster selections.
• Changed path escape character encoding to UTF-8 in order to try and better accom
modate users with accented characters in their file system.
• Tournament reports now include information about the game format.
• Tournament reports are now better at detecting the victor in a match when discon
nections had occurred.
• Fortifications no longer return to the province to which they were attached even
after having been removed.
Sun and Moon v1.5.4: (04/04/2015)
• Input conflicts with the chat window have been resolved.
• Made some UI changes to prevent the bookmark-style tabs in the deck editor from
potentially turning black.
• Automatic tournament report emails are sent more reliably.
• Tournament reports now include family honor, number of turns the game took, and
the clan of each player.
• Tournament games are now always private.
• Traditional "Gates of the Second City" stronghold added to the draft.
Sun and Moon v1.5.3: (03/31/2015)
• Fixed a cosmetic issue where the “Waiting for Players” banner sometimes did not disa
ppear after restarting a game.
Sun and Moon v1.5.2: (03/31/2015)

Sun and Moon v1. • Players draft decks before matching up against opponents in order to facilitate gameplay. Sun and Moon v1. players open boosters of 16 cards each. It may be redrafted but not modified after this point.13: (03/24/2015) • Fixed more on cases where strongholds. Do uble-clicking a card chooses that card for your deck. Sun and Moon v14.4. • Every time a player chooses a card. • Card distribution is a bit different than it would be in a standard tournament d . Sun and Moon v1.• Drawn targeting arrows now use the correct clan colors from their origin again. Sun and Moon v1.4. and proxies might appear on the w rong side of the table. Sun and Moon v1. th e draft is sealed and ready to play online with other drafted decks. • Once the player has reached at least 30 cards in both dynasty and fate decks. • Provinces can stack up to ten fortifications each.11 is another major release: (03/23/2015) • New feature: [b]arena draft[/b]. • Nice animated drafting UI. the current draft is arena-style. • Fixed odd issue where a bunch of “blank space” would appear in a draft if it was res umed after proceeding past the first booster selection. • This process continues until the booster is exhausted and another appears. sensei. • One can no longer get more than one rare in a draft booster under any circumstan ces.12: (03/24/2015) • Fixed an issue that would cause images not to download when mipmapping was enabl ed. [b]three others at random disappear from the draft[/b]. which means that you will have a random choice of strongholds from your choice of legality.15: (03/26/2015) • Fixed an issue where cards loaded from the oracle would appear with a blank “quest ion mark” symbol when loaded.5.1.4. now.1: (03/30/2015) • "Downscaling" graphics option keeps card images compatible with older graphics c ards that don't support NPOT textures in Windows. • This version is network-compatible with 1.5: (03/30/2015) • • • • • Upgraded to Unity 5 (hence new splash screen) Added tinting to light during a game to further signify whose action it is Changed “Attack” sound effect to something more like swords clashing Changed deck legalities to better reflect the environment Fixed issue where images downloaded from the Oracle would sometimes come up with a different card.4. • Crickets now only play briefly at intervals of 30 seconds. but the drafting experience retains some of its L5R-ness: • After choosing a stronghold to play. • Based on player feedback. • Compensated for some disconnection issues I noticed in player output logs.5.14: (03/25/2015) • Holdings area moved back above provinces. Sun and Moon v1.

raft due to the ability to pick a stronghold. should now load! Requested features: • Shuffle option added to contextual menu on decks. Deck editor: • An annoying extra line is no longer added at the end of decks when they are save d. • Fixed possible issue where Sun and Moon might "remember" which deck you were usi ng in Solo Play or in the deck editor and favor it over another selection. fixed and promotion al cards are available in the random selection. • Changed the "Play Crickets" option to "Disable all sound effects. Thanks for all the output logs on this one! • Deck editor no longer allows a second identical stronghold to be added to your d eck. . • Fixed an issue that could cause proxy cards to load on the wrong side of the car d table. Oracle: • Sun and Moon will now fetch a card image from the Oracle if the card is present in the kamisasori database but it has no image. legacy to present. Additionally." Fixes: • Fixes for various bugs reported that could cause cards to get stuck to the curso r. • The space between decks has been reduced further. • This means all card images. • Attachments now also transfer control on a unit when the unit dragged behind an opponent's provinces.