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Direction for question 1 to 5 : What should come in place of question mark(?) in the following number
1. 19,42,88,180,364,?,1468. (a)472(b)732(c)595(d)630(e)1046.
2. 51,57,102,324,?,6390,38304. (a)1250(b)1680(c)1296(d)1590(e)1272.
3. 1953.125,781.25,312.5,125,50. (a)20(b)30(c)15(d)45(e)25.
4. 4,11,32,75,144,?,396. (a)196(b)205(c)236(d)249(e)289.
5. 8,28,116,544,?,13300. (a)9378(b)7864(c)2672(d)5482(e)3589.
6.How many different licence plates can be made if the licence contains 2 letters of the English alphabet
followed by a two digit number(from 01 to 99), if repetitions are allowed?
Direction for question 6 to 10 : Read all the conclusions and decide which of the given conclusions
logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.
6.Statements : Some cars are trucks. No train is a truck. Some trains are jeeps.
Conclusions : I Some jeeps are not trucks. II Some cars are not trains. III Some jeeps are trains.
(a)only I and II follows(b)All I , II and II follows(c)None follows(d)only III follows(e)none of these.
7.Statements : All flowers are grasses. No grass is a leaf. Some leaves are plants.
Conclusions : I All grasses being flowers is a possibility . II All plants being leaves is a possibility.
III. Some leaves are not grasses. (a)only I and III follow(b)only I and II follow(c)only III follows (d)All
follow (e)None of these.
8.Statements : All trees are branches. Some branches are seeds. No fruit is a tree.
Conclusions : I. Some branches are not fruits. II. Some seeds are branches. III. Some seeds being trees
is a possibility. (a)only I and II follow(b)only III follows(c)only II follows(d)only II and III follow(e)All
9.Statements : No mouse is a keyboard. No keyboard is a computer. All wires are computers .
Conclusions : I. No mouse is a computer. II. No keyboard is a wire. III. No computer is a keyboard.
(a)only I and II follow(b)only II follows(c)only II and III follow (d)only III follows (e)none of these.
10.Statements : Some spoons are bowls. All bowls are plates. Some glasses are spoons.
Conclusions : I. Some glasses are bowls. II. Some plates are bowls. III. At least some glasses are plates.
(a)only II follows (b)only II and III follow (c)only III follows (d)none follows (e)none.
Direction for question 11 to 15 : Study the following chart and answer the questions.

11.What was the average number of passengers travelling by B,D and F together?
12.In train E , if 45% of the passengers are females and 28% are children , what is the number of male
passengers in that train? (a)513(b)595(c)544(d)630(e)695.
13.The number of passengers in train F is approximately what percent of the total number of passengers
in train A and Train C together? (a)19%(b)22%(c)25%(d)20%(e)27.5%.
14.Which train has the second highest number of passengers? (a)B (b)A (c)D (d)E (e)F.
15.The number of passengers travelling by train B is what percentage more than the number of
passengers travelling by train F ? (a)138%(b)129%(c)143%(d)147%(e)158%.
16.Four cards are drawn at random at random from a pack of 52 cards. Find the probability of getting all
the four cards of the same number. a
e none.
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