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The vision opened with a view of the earth from space.

As I looked down onto the

globe, I was looking at Japan, Eastern Russia, North Korean area. There appeared a
great torrent of water poured out of the heavens onto this whole area and I knew it was
the pouring out of God's awesome power to save, heal and deliver.
As I looked down and east I saw a river of the blood of Jesus running over Burma and
down into Thailand then Malaysia, and onto Indonesia. As I saw Burma the word
"Burma" came to me and I wondered where exactly it was on the globe. When I
checked a map later I saw it was exactly where the river of blood had flowed and God
had given me the word Burma. (you see up until then I couldn't have told you where
Burma was). My eyes then fell onto Australia and as I watched I saw a giant hand
scoop up under the country from the south and tip Australia up like a plate with the
southern states rising and the north going lower. Due to this action thousands of
Christians were tipped out into the northern nations of South East Asia to be
After this my eyes went across to India and I couldn't bear to look at this country. It
seemed far too big to reach; too many people and despair flooded my soul. But God
started to speak to me. He said I can put an evangelist into every single family in this
nation. He reminded me that when Mary the mother of Jesus visited Elizabeth; the
babe, (John the Baptist ), leapt within her womb and at that time was filled with the Holy
Ghost. He said "I can sovereignly touch every child in the womb in this nation in a day
and every child will know me and make me known to their family."
My eyes went across to Africa and again I saw blood; so much blood; and this time the
blood was the blood of people because of the wars and atrocities that have occurred in
that nation over such a long time. All the blood was crying out to God for vengeance
and He heard it and poured out such a massive torrent of Holy Ghost power and
millions were saved, healed and delivered.
Just then I noticed this mist like a cloud ascending up to the heavens from all over the
earth. It was the prayers of the saints. It was combining and it began to swirl and move
like a giant cyclone or hurricane. As it gathered intensity it began to focus over the
Middle East and then a great torrent of power descended to touch the earth right on
Baghdad. The effect of this concentrated prayer power was to convert thousands of
Muslim holy men all at once, not only in Iraq but in every Muslim nation. The effect was
to break the power of Islam across the world.
I looked North; for I longed to see Russia where I had been; I saw blackness every
where and I was puzzled by this, for I surely knew God wouldn’t forget Russia and the
Independent states. As I watched the blackness showed holes in the ground
everywhere. What were these holes I wondered? I watched and it became clear that
they were graves and I wondered why I was looking at all these open graves. Then I
saw them, up out of every grave arose a Christian that had been martyred for their faith
over he last century. God raised them to life for one more preach before He comes
again. They went back to their home towns and began to preach with great power.
Some of the men who had put them to death were still alive and recognised them and
fell down dead with fear. Great salvation flowed and powerful revival.
Then something attracted my attention. A white speck of light over the Atlantic. The
speck grew brighter and brighter until it was brighter than many suns. Out of this great
light came the Lord Jesus. Every eye could see Him. All who didn't know Him were
deathly afraid and tried to hide under rocks and in caves. All who knew Him looked up
and all at once shouted "come Lord Jesus" with such a longing that He had to come; no
power could have held Him back. Here the vision finished. It lasted about 20 minutes as
I watched all these events unfold. Thank you Jesus for your awesome ways.