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Generator Set Accessories

Advanced Digital Control

Standard Features

D Environmental specifications:
d Operating temperature: --20_C to 70_C (--4_F to 158_F)
d Storage temperature: --60_C to 70_C (--76_F to 158_F)
d Humidity: 0--95% condensing
D Power requirements:
d 12 or 24 VDC with fuse protection
d 250 mA @ 12 VDC
d 125 mA @ 24 VDC

D Advanced Digital Control (ADC 2100) is designed for

todays most sophisticated electronics
D Compact controller
D Integrally mounted to the generator set
D LED display
d Runtime hours
d Crank cycle status
d Diagnostics
d Application software version
D LED display communicates faults
d Auxiliary fault
d High battery voltage
d High engine temperature
d Loss of coolant (water-cooled models)
d Low battery voltage
d Low coolant level (water-cooled models)
d Low oil pressure
d Overcrank safety
d Overfrequency
d Overspeed
d Overvoltage
d Underfrequency
d Undervoltage
D Membrane keypad for configuration and adjustment
d Password-protected user access
d Voltage and speed adjustment
d System configuration: system voltage, phase, and
frequency settings, battery voltage, and generator set
D Master switch: Run/Off-Reset/Auto
D Remote start/stop capability
D Superior electronics protection from corrosion and vibration
d Potted electronics
d Sealed connections
D Digital isochronous governor to maintain steady-state
speed at all loads
D Digital voltage regulation: 1% RMS no-load to full-load
D Automatic start with programmed cranking cycle
D One-source responsibility for the generating system and
D Factory-built and production-tested

G6-65 (ADC Controller) 5/04a

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ADC Remote Gauge

- Relay kits, includes run relay and common fault relay,
12 or 24 VDC
- Remote digital gauge *
* Accessory applicability varies with generator set model. Check the
generator set specification sheet for available accessories.

SAE J1939 communication via CAN bus

Displays generator set information

d Generator set run status

d Voltage, VAC
d Oil pressure, kPa or psi
d Engine speed, RPM
d Frequency, Hz
d Oil temperature, _C or _F
d Battery voltage, VDC
d Runtime hours
D Start/stop command

Adjustable backlight

Flashing fault display

Audible alarm/alarm silence

Metric or US units


Availability is subject to change without notice. Kohler Co. reserves the

right to change the design or specifications without notice and without any
obligation or liability whatsoever. Contact your local Kohlerr generator
distributor for availability.

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G6-65 (ADC Controller) 5/04a