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Examine and Evaluate the civil liberties record of the federal government during WWII
and discuss the governments response to the holocaust and to the plight of Jewish

Japanese internment camp

-Clear example of MOB RULE
-Will of the people (racist sentiment of the mob)
- Executive order 9066 – Allowed for incarceration of Japanese Americans
-120,000 incarcerated.
-Mostly WEST COAST Japanese Americans, except Hawaii
-Hawaii is due to large population of Japanese and % income that is theirs
-Couldn’t afford to lose the income of Japanese, so did not intern on Hawaii.
-Manezar and other camps (Can’t spell it)
-Poor conditions
-Located in barren/isolated areas
- Cramped, lacked sanitation and utilities
- People had to give up personal belonging when moved there
-Two weeks to get rid of it all prior to the movement
-An example of the government taking stuff without due process of law
-Due to idea they were ALREADY guilty in public opinion
-Highly unconstitutional
-Backed by S.Court in Korematsu & Hirebawahtever case
-Reparations only come in 1988
-Only got 20,000 in return
-Only possible due to “grass root efforts”
-Zoot Suit Riots
-Direct attack on Mexicans wearing “zoot suits” (Suits were really gaudy)
-Segregation and racism exemplified here.
-Gaudy suits were hated by the rioting sailors due to the home fronts need for rationing.
Sailors believed they weren’t rationing.
Jewish Refugees
-Failed to do anything to prevent the death of millions of Jews
-Jewish Refugees
-Had no immigration papers due to the German blitz and fast assaults
-Rejected from America
-Feared loss of jobs to Jewish Immigrants, Feared they would become Democratic
-Closing of borders sent Jewish refugees back to Europe, eventually going back to
countries that were overrun.

Question Two:
Discuss the impact of the war on Blacks, Mexican Americans, Women, and families (in
terms of social and economic status
Effect on blacks
-More jobs -> factories and shipyards on the West Coast
-Economic freedom
-Manufacturing cities experienced growth due to the influx of black migrants
-West = shipyards, so more jobs
-IE: San Diego Shipyard
-Executive Order 8802
-Increased opportunities for blacks.
-More jobs gave them clout and allowed them to join/form unions
-NAACP + Double V campaign (Victory at home and at the front)
-Blacks gained momentum that would carry over into Civil Rights Campaigns.
-Often paralleled plight of African Americans in America to those of the Jewish in
Effects on Mexican Americans
-Bracero Program
-Promoted migrations by allowing short term work permits.

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