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Living Well

An AIM Partners magazine for Members September-October 2008

a healthy
harvest of
AIM products
executive message

AIM Partners Living Well

executive Published by AIM International, Inc.
Communications Department
editor/layout/graphics. . . . Kathy Elson
associate editor/writer . . . Rick Coffman
It is rewarding to know you make a difference contributing writers. . . . . . Kevan Lee
Stacey Aparicio
Sometimes you wonder if what you do in life makes a difference, either in Frank Burke
your job or in your personal actions. It is no different here at AIM. But then Judy Clover
comes a letter, an e-mail, a phone call, a testimony. And the truth of AIM’s Ryan Davis
Phillip Jermann
three watchwords – Nutrition, Opportunity, Success – is validated.
All AIM Members are product users. Some are business-builders. There Address correspondence to:
Editor, AIM Partners
is no business success without a good product so it all begins there. That’s 3923 E. Flamingo Ave.
the way it was 26 years ago when the company was founded on a single Nampa, ID 83687-3100
product, green barley juice powder. Having a quality product, a guaranteed – or –
supply, and a fair price for our Members catalyzed the company into chang- e-mail to:
ing flagship products five years ago to what is now AIM BarleyLife®. It was
the right decision, and despite some predictions to the contrary, the company
is alive and well. But it was a nervous decision. You brand a name for 20
years, then change the brand.
Doing the principled thing is never the wrong thing. Think of it as a
candle in a world of darkness. There is not enough dark to extinguish that The mission of The AIM Companies™
flame. And the light from that candle is spread by the candle itself or a mir- is to improve the quality and productivity
ror to reflect it. of people’s lives by promoting the Healthy
Cell Concept ® and the highest principles of
AIM Members are candles or mirrors themselves. The light they have free enterprise.
spread comes back to us all. Make a difference? We can’t count the number The purpose of AIM Partners Living Well
of Members who tell us an AIM product played a role in their improved is to communicate vital information to our
health. In a famous book written about the wealthiest people in the world, Members and to build a strong relationship
with them through education, motivation,
one of the subplots was health. Regardless of how much someone has accu-
and recognition.
mulated, if they lose their health … AIM products cannot be sold or adver-
Well, not a day goes by without someone telling our Call Center a good tised as cures or treatments for any disease.
news “health” story. Some of them find their way into the magazine, but all Our products are intended to improve the
of those stories find their way into our hearts. The chance the company took nutritional profile of the individuals who
use them. Federal regulations in many
five years in introducing BarleyLife paid off. By the way, the “old” green countries prohibit making any claims that
barley juice supplier is out of business. products are used in the diagnosis, cure,
Most recently, AIM introduced a green product totally unique, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of
LeafGreens™. Four green leaves and all those nutrients packed into a once- disease.
AIM Partners Living Well is written in
a-day serving. What a deal. BarleyLife and LeafGreens™. compliance with U.S. requirements, which
Testimonies are most often associated with products. But the wealth side may not be suitable for marketing AIM
is there as well. You will be reading in a coming edition of the magazine products outside of the United States. We
about an immigrant whose first U.S. check came from AIM. We can’t count ask that you be aware of and respect the
requirements of your country in marketing
the number of Members who tell us AIM income helped them make a house
AIM products.
payment, provide an education for their kids, allowed them to travel to places Articles are for information only. Con­
unimagined without AIM. Make a difference? You bet. sult a professional for advice on your spe-
AIM is filled with tens of thousands of candles and mirrors that can light cific situation.
the way to health and wealth. ©2008 AIM International, Inc.
AIM Members are hereby granted
permission to reproduce any article that
appears in AIM Partners Living Well, pro-
vided the article is reprinted in its entirety
and the reprint bears the following notice:
“Reprinted with permission of AIM
International, Inc., Nampa, Idaho.”
Ron Wright Dennis Itami Rick Coffman Printed in the USA
chief executive officer, senior vice president vice president of U.S. and
president, and co-owner and co-owner international operations All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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nutrition opportunity success / 3

product feature

jo y

without arthritis pain

regardless of the specific type, all conditions are uncom-

Creaky joints. Rusty knees. Getting fortable and unwanted.
older is a pain. And it can be costly. Fortunately, there are AIM products to help get you
back on your feet, and they could make a difference in
the ease of daily activities. Remember the old Alka-Seltzer

M ore than 40 million Americans deal daily with the

effects of arthritis, and nearly a quarter of those
afflicted are limited in daily tasks like walking, dress-
ad: “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is.” AIM has a
couple of products that can provide relief from the ravages
of arthritis.
ing, or bathing. Arthritis is more common in women than
in men, and experts foresee an increase in the number Frame Essentials
of arthritis cases as Baby Boomers reach retirement age. One of the most popular remedies for arthri-
Care isn’t cheap either. Arthritis treatment costs the United tis is glucosamine. The supplement is noted for
States $128 billion every year. restoring cartilage and aiding in the relief of
Sadly, half of arthritis sufferers feel that there is nothing arthritis, which has made it one of the most
that can be done to help them. In reality, there are many popular additives to diet plans and nutritional
different treatment options for arthritis and, although lifestyles.
the disease is incurable, there are  ways to relieve pain Frame Essentials, which was specifically
and decrease inflammation. designed to tackle the effects of arthritis, contains glu-
As we age, we put ourselves at risk of developing arthri- cosamine, and it also has the added bonuses of boswellin
tis, which is one of the leading causes of disability in the extract and MSM (sulfur). The compounds work in com-
world. For many, the condition is unavoidable; the typical bination to provide relief for tired, aching joints. While
wear and tear on our bodies from everyday living is often glucosamine is helping to rebuild and repair damaged
all it takes to create the onset of joint pain and inflamma- cartilage, boswellin extract is working to improve blood
tion. Gender, obesity, and occupation can also play a factor, supply to the joints, and MSM, as a form of sulfur, works
with each contributing to various extents of the condition. synergistically with glucosamine to provide relief.
Arthritis occurs when the cartilage between bones Depending on activity, adverse effects of arthritis can
begins breaking down, leaving the bones without any pad- be felt at any age. Frame Essentials provides a great way
ding to ease the daily grind of an active lifestyle. Often, to protect against the potential symptoms of arthritis and
the result is painful, and many people experience stiffness, curb the problem before it gets out of hand.
irritability, and decreased mobility. There are a number of Arthritis can cost many of us the hobbies and activities we
different types of arthritis, ranging in pain and effect, but enjoy, but Frame Essentials can help give us our lives back.

4 september-october 2008 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

M argaret Thomas, an AIM Director pain. When properly balanced in our diet, the fatty acid
from Lovingston, Virginia, found works as an anti-inflammatory, relieving aches and pains
the joys of yard work to be a struggle as of various joints. For those with rheumatoid arthritis (the
her arthritis worsened. Finding Frame most common arthritis condition), anti-inflammatory
Essentials fixed her problems and pro- medication provides the relief that one needs, but getting
vided a solution for her husband’s aches the same results naturally through AIMega® can aid recov-
as well. ery and ease pain without the use of synthetic medicines.
“I started taking Frame Essentials to
see if it would help the arthritis in my left knee. I was
not able to bend it, and that made it difficult to work A IMega® worked to ease Mary Ann
Waggoner’s leg pain. An AIM
Director from Boise, Idaho, Mary Ann
in the yard. I had to stand to pull weeds, and other
simple tasks became much harder. I am not sure how struggled to sleep at night before find-
long it took, but after being on Frame Essentials, one ing relief with AIMega®.
day I just realized that my knee didn’t hurt. “I have had chronic pain in my left
“After being off Frame Essentials for a while, I fell leg for a long time with very little let-up.
and hurt my ankle, but I did not go to the doctor. After I started on AIMega® and noticed that I
about a week, I thought about trying Frame Essentials was sleeping at night without pain waking me up.
to ease the pain. I began taking four a day, and though “Recently, I traveled extensively. Between sleeping
it seems like it took a long time, my ankle stopped in different beds and not visiting the chiropractor, I
hurting. I cut back to two capsules per day unless the was suffering pain again, so I increased my intake of
ankle would feel uncomfortable and I would go back to AIMega® to three capsules three times a day with meals.
four capsules. Eventually, after going from four to two That has been three months now, and my leg pain is
and back to four, the ankle finally stopped bothering gone! I found out it helps to build the myelin sheath
me. Now I maintain with two Frame Essentials cap- over nerve endings, and I believe that is why it helped
sules a day. My knee problem has never come back. to overcome the pain I had been experiencing.”
“My husband Bill used to come in complaining
about being sore from doing yard work. He said his LeafGreens™®
muscles ached, so I asked him to try Frame Essentials. The newest product from AIM is
He started taking two a day, and he still keeps it up another effective option for relieving
today. Since taking the Frame Essentials, he feels no the symptoms of arthritis. LeafGreens™
more soreness. Needless to say, we won’t be without contains the leaves of four young plants
Frame Essentials.” (spinach, faba bean, field pea, and barley)
and is packed with a number of essential
AIMega® nutrients, some of which can improve cir-
Glucosamine is a well-known treatment for culation and inhibit inflammation.
arthritis, but it is not the only product available The faba bean leaf is particularly potent when it comes
from AIM. to aiding arthritis symptoms. Faba bean leaves contain a
AIMega® has nutrients necessary to relieve flavonoid called quercetin, which has a number of different
many arthritis symptoms. therapeutic uses and benefits. For arthritis sufferers, quer-
Filled with omega fatty acids, AIMega® is cetin can provide relief thanks to its anti-inflammatory
often touted as a superior skin, nails, and hair properties that have been reported to help with issues such
product, but those who use it regularly know that its ben- as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.
efits are far greater than outward appearances. In addition The added nutrients from LeafGreens™, coupled with its
to helping provide energy, regulate glucose, and improve anti-inflammatory benefits, makes AIM’s latest product an
cardio health, AIMega® also plays a hand in alleviating the excellent resource for those with arthritis.
discomfort of arthritis. Life is not meant to be painful but, of course, aches
Omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids work to supply nutri- and pains do occur. When arthritis challenges arise, AIM
ents and health through the bloodstream to the necessary has some helpful product options – Frame Essentials,
places in the body that need them most. LeafGreens™, and AIMega. Try them, you have nothing to
Omega 6, in particular, is a fantastic fix for arthritis lose but some pain. And that’s a loss you will not miss.

nutrition opportunity success / 5

product feature

Put a healthy boost of

into your life

verything we do depends on energy. With energy actions can become laborious and draining, and we can
constantly being expended, we need to make sure cease to function at a desirable level.
that we are doing something to bring the energy Therefore, restoring ATP becomes an important task,
back in. At the heart of this process is a compound called and Peak Endurance is more than up for the chore. The
adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Peak ATP® in AIM Peak Endurance is the only patented
Essentially, ATP is the source of the energy-building oral source of ATP on the market, and it has been clinically
processes inside our busy bodies, and it is often referred to proven to elevate ATP levels within the body. In addition
as the “energy currency of the body” because of its central to ATP, Peak Endurance contains B vitamins, vitamin C,
role in energy production. phosphorous, and all five of the major electrolytes, includ-
ATP is composed of three phosphates bound to adenos- ing calcium and magnesium. Plus, the grape drink mix
ine, and when the body needs energy, one of the bonds is contains only one gram of sugar.
broken, releasing the energy molecule into the body. To ATP invigorates our cells, blood, and tissues, reducing
convert back into ATP, the remaining diphosphate bond fatigue and providing a much-needed boost. Cardiovascular
joins with energy from the food we eat in a process called and respiratory health stand to gain, too, as blood flow is
the Kreb’s cycle. The process is an efficient, organized stimulated to run to peripheral sites for support. Our bodies
dance that goes virtually unnoticed while we walk, play, were intended to operate at full capacity, and restoring our
and read our lives away. energy source helps get us back on the road to optimum
So long as we maintain appropriate health.
levels of ATP, our bodies feel few ill A supplement that focuses on replenishing the body’s
effects. However, when we experience supply of ATP becomes more and more important as we
low levels of the compound age. Studies have found that between the ages of 20 and 70
from exercise, stress, the body’s ATP level falls by 50 percent. When our ATP
aging, and the natural level decreases, many of our cells’ normal processes fail to
breakdown of DNA, function properly, leaving us feeling tired, sluggish, or sick.
we can feel adverse Simple tasks can seem monumental. For one Member, even
symptoms. Routine putting on her shoes became an ordeal.

6 september-october 2008 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

Sandy Webber is a Preferred Member Endurance can do a better job of replacing electrolytes lost
from Wakefield, Massachusetts. during exercise, provide more B vitamins than the compe-

“I have been diagnosed with polymyalgia. I had

so many aches and pains, and felt tired all the
time. I started to think I was going to end up in
tition, improve muscle growth, muscle strength, and muscle
recovery, and boost mental acuity and memory. The total
package of Peak Endurance makes it far and away the most
a wheelchair. Some days, complete sports and fitness drink on the market.
Miss Annie Bea just trying to put my shoes But the proof is in the use.
on was a real project. Also
when walking my 11-year-
old beagle, Miss Annie Bea,
some days I didn’t know
how I was going to bend
down and pick up the poop!
“Then I read a testimony in the AIM magazine
about how Peak Endurance helped a woman with
fibromyalgia. I thought that if it helped her, then
maybe it could help me. And it sure did! I started
Carol and Roger Day with their children.
feeling more energy almost immediately and, with
this energy, I had more desire to start exercising Carol Day is a Director from Peyton,
and stretching. It is a lot better option to use than Colorado. She and her family are sold on Peak
what the medical community had to offer – ste- Endurance.
roids, which I refused to take. I was living on aspi-
rin, taking some every night just so I wouldn’t be “A s a busy mother of nine children, I need all
the energy I can get, so I was excited to try
Peak Endurance when it was introduced. I began
so achy in the morning. I haven’t taken even one
aspirin since I started on Peak Endurance. using it during my daily exercise hour, which is
“My husband and friends have seen a great dif- doing aerobics or weights with a videotape. I liked
the product very much, and I wanted to try it on
ference in my attitude and movement since I’ve
some real athletes – those who could objectively
been using Peak Endurance. In fact, just the other
look at improved times and recovery periods. So I
day I saw a lady I hadn’t seen in a year, and she
turned to my kids, who are all swimmers.
commented on how much better I looked. It’s just
“The first swim meet at which we used it was
great to be able to move again with so little pain
in Estes Park, Colorado. We left for the meet with
and have my energy back.”
multiple containers full of Peak Endurance. It was
a good test for the Peak Endurance because the
Peak Endurance’s unique focus on ATP sets it apart in
meet ran fast and recovery was of the essence to
the sports drink market, and its overall health appeal stands
be prepared for the next event. I especially quizzed
in stark contrast to that of two of the most popular drinks,
the older high-school-aged kids because they have
Gatorade and PowerAde.
been swimming close to 10 years and know what
Note the differences: Measured in 16-ounce servings,
recovery is all about. They reported the Peak
Peak Endurance contains 125 mg of ATP, and Gatorade
Endurance did enable them to recover faster than
and PowerAde have none. Peak Endurance has 50 percent
in the past when using Gatorade ®.
of the recommended daily intake of B vitamins; Gatorade
“We left that meet with several first place tro-
and PowerAde have less than half of that amount. Peak phies, other assorted hardware, and a new list
Endurance contains all five essential electrolytes; Gatorade of improved times. The kids were happy because
and PowerAde, touted as premium electrolyte beverages, they were able to perform well, and I was happy to
only have three. Plus, Gatorade and PowerAde pack their have finally found a healthy sports drink that I felt
drinks with sugars, 28 and 30 grams respectively; and Peak good about giving my kids – something I hadn’t felt
Endurance gets the job done with only one gram. good about when Gatorade ® and PowerAde ® were
For athletes and active men and women, the benefits of my only choices.”
Peak Endurance over typical sports drinks are clear. Peak

nutrition opportunity success / 7

health feature

pH … two little letters that can mean

big things for your health

ny number of different diseases and ailments any acidic beverage we might be drinking. Even after the
can be traced back to an imbalanced inter- first meal of the day, our stomachs remain highly acidic,
nal pH level, so making the right decisions to moving from 1.0 to 3.0 on the pH scale. The three acidic
monitor our pH can be healthy, wise choices. Watching AIM products are Peak Endurance (4.2), CalciAIM (4.0),
what we eat and taking AIM’s nutritional whole-food and CranVerry (4.0), yet all three have a pH that is more
supplements are great starts toward restoring order to alkaline than the pH of the stomach. Mixing BarleyLife or
our systems. other alkaline AIM products with the somewhat acidic
pH is a matter of alkalinity versus acidity. Alkalizing ones will have no more effect than taking the supple-
foods have a positive, alkaline effect on the body’s pH, ment on an empty stomach or after a meal.
and acidifying foods create an acidic effect on the pH. n Misconception #2: An acidic food has an acidic
Foods fall into these categories based on the way they effect on the body, and an alkaline food has an alka-
interact with the body, not based on the pH of the line effect.
foods themselves. The pH level, a scientific measure of When foods are considered alkaline or acidic, most
acidity and alkalinity, ranges from zero (highly acidic) to people assume that the distinction is derived from the
14 (highly alkaline). pH of the food itself. This can lead to confusing situa-
The natural pH of our bodies is 7.3, which is slightly tions because not all foods have the same effect as their
alkaline. As such, all of the cells in our body must main- pH make-up. Certain fruits such as lemons are acidic by
tain a certain alkalinity in order to function properly and nature, but when the body consumes them, an alkaline
remain healthy. effect is realized. The opposite is true of beef. Before
When it comes to alkaline education, there are two consumption, beef has an alkaline pH, but its effect on
common misconceptions. the body is decidedly acidic.
n Misconception No. 1: When mixing products like For this reason, foods are often classified as having
BarleyLife and Peak Endurance, the acidity of Peak an alkalizing effect or an acidifying effect on the body.
Endurance will damage the enzymatic activity of This way, when considering the impact of a particular
BarleyLife. food, it is far easier to know how that food item will
While it is true that acidic beverages can reduce the affect the body’s pH level.
optimal impact of certain supplements, like enzymes, The dominant mineral in a food will determine
the margin of effect is minimal. Taking a nutritional sup- whether it releases hydrogen or absorbs hydrogen.
plement no matter the medium does a body far more When a food releases hydrogen it is acidifying and when
good than not taking the supplement. it absorbs hydrogen it is alkalizing. Sulfur, phospho-
The acidity of beverages, too, is given far more cre- rous, and chlorine release hydrogen and are acidifying.
dence than necessary. Before meals, our empty stom- Sodium, potassium, magnesium, and iron absorb hydro-
achs have a highly acidic pH level (1.0), much higher than gen and are alkalizing.

8 september-october 2008 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

Body pH is vitally important for many reasons. Foods of spinach, barley, pea, and beans, LeafGreens™ is
that have a highly acidic effect on our bodies do not loaded with beneficial vitamins and minerals. More
carry the oxygen needed to develop healthy systems. than 44 pounds of leaves goes into a single pound
Acidic environments lack oxygen and can provide of LeafGreens™, and the unique, ultra-cold filtra-
a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and disease. tion production process ensures that as much nutri-
Without a proper supply of oxygen, the environments tion from the leaves as possible is packed into each
of our bodies change, allowing these harmful assailants container
to grow and multiply. n BarleyLife (pH 6.5) is made from the finest barley
Another key to the pH puzzle is calcium. This element, plants in the world, and barley leaves are an excellent
found in abundance in CalciAIM, plays an important part source of alkalinity. Green foods are an integral part
in the transfer and travel of nutrition throughout the to a properly balanced diet, so replacing plates of
body. Poor levels of calcium are also a side effect from greens with glasses of BarleyLife juice is an excellent
an overly acidic body environment. alternative. The nutrients in BarleyLife will certainly
In order to keep the body healthy, cells need an help support an alkaline diet.
ample supply of calcium, and when the body becomes Once a body pH is balanced, for example, the fat
acidic, cells have to work overtime to prevent disease cells created to store the acid waste from an unbalanced
and illness. To do so, cells find their own sources of diet are no longer necessary. When the body returns
calcium, usually in the bones and teeth. Robbing from to normal, these fat cells will disappear, and the body
the body’s natural store of calcium can lead to issues should regulate itself back to a healthy weight.
such as osteoporosis, an ailment that is usually associ- Also, a properly balanced diet that maintains a healthy
ated with a calcium-deficient diet but could, in fact, be pH level will help guard against disease. The body’s
traced to acid-high systems. When normal alkalinity is immune system, which depends so much on that inter-
restored, the body can relax and return to a healthy nal balance, will be much more prepared to fight off ill-
state, not needing to scour for its own sources of cal- ness once it no longer has to fish out the harmful acids
cium and nutrients. from an unhealthy diet.

While our interior systems fight against over-acid- Those with inappropri-
ification, we tend to show the adverse effects on the ate pH levels, in addition

outside. Acidosis, a case of excessive acid in to suffering from weight
the body, and even milder cases of highly acidic fluctuation and illness,
bodies have a number of different symptoms and can also feel easily
consequences, most commonly weight fluctuation. stressed or worn
Other symptoms can range from mild annoy- down. An alka-
ances like nausea or allergies to seri- line approach
ous issues like cancer or to eating and
heart attack. supplementa-
AIM offers several won- tion with AIM
derful products that can help products could
in the fight against acidosis but change all that. The nutri-
two leaf-based products are ents contained in alkalizing foods
particularly noteworthy. slip into our cells and bloodstream,
n LeafGreens™ (pH 6.5) is a prod- revitalizing the way we feel. You might notice
uct of some of the healthy, nutri- the difference in a variety of ways, including
tious green foods that can improve the feel of your skin, the boost of renewed
alkalinity. Made with the leaves energy, and an improvement in cognition.

nutrition opportunity success / 9

people feature

A flatlander strives to be

a part of the
T he Annapurna Mountain Range is not a leisurely stroll
in the park. Annapurna is part of the Himalayas, an
Asian mountain chain stretching 1,600 miles in length and
and didn’t want to go with just any company.” She chose
AIM because of the company’s excellent reputation.
She believes her use of AIM products made her trek
up to 250 miles in width. The Himalayas are home to nine in the Annapurnas a lot easier than she feared. “Many
of the 10 highest peaks in the world. climbers experience constipation or intestinal sickness
So what is an AIM Member from the flatlands of Fort due to the bacteria and parasites in the food and water,”
Worth, Texas, doing on a 10-day trip so far from home explains Hannah. “I experienced none of that during my
in such a different geographic and cultural area? Earlier 10 days there. I took my Herbal Fiberblend and BarleyLife
this year, Hannah Behrens was a member of a team of and kept up my energy and vitality as I was climbing those
college-age students who traveled to the Annapurna area mountains. I am a great fan of Herbal Fiberblend, my all-
with the 212 Degrees ministry. Based in Minneapolis, 212 time favorite supplement.” She also uses Cell Wellness
Degrees, according to Hannah, “is designed to inspire, Restorer. “When I returned to the states, I did a parasite
influence, and impact individuals for Christ.” It wasn’t cleanse with Para 90.”
just the challenge of traversing the mountains to reach Hannah says “staying healthy is a big passion of mine.”
remote villages accessible only by foot, but once there She is committed to use of the AIM products, running,
the notion of Christ was not exactly on the tip of the and nutrition. “I eat as much raw and live foods as pos-
tongues of the villagers. “The only religions most of them sible. My friends joke with me about my obsession with
know are Hinduism or Buddhism,” says Hannah. “There greens.” She began running in the seventh grade, not to
are only three known Christians in that whole mountain compete but because her father and her sisters were run-
range.” ners. She is now a marathon runner, participating in her
The ministry reaches out to the young people in the first 26-mile race in 2006 in Minnesota. “Missing social
Annapurnas, hoping “to teach them skills so they can events, re-working my schedule so I have time to train,
earn a living, become educated, self-sufficient, and learn beating the Texas heat … it is all worth it when I cross
about Jesus,” says Hannah. She said the sex trade in one over the finish line.”
area she visited is so bad that girls as young as age 6 are Hannah is a licensed realtor but the 212 Degrees min-
victims. She also worked in a leper colony in Nepal. istry is never far from her thoughts. She encourages any-
Hannah has been an AIM Member since 2004. “Some one interested in it to visit or contact
friends, Kyle and Kristen Hay, told me about the wonder- her at She lives what she believes:
ful health benefits the AIM products have given their fam- “Don’t complain about the problem unless you are willing
ily of six. I know that proper supplementation is important to be part of the solution.”

10 september-october 2008 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

living well


The value of AIM LeafGreens™
The introduction of AIM LeafGreens™ has been a huge of 14 can take a full serving
success. Here are a few of the most frequently asked ques- and we recommend one tea-
tions we’ve received during the first few months since its spoon in the morning and one Ryan Davis
introduction: in the afternoon. Our recom- AIM Quality Assurance Manager

B Sc in Biology
I can’t afford $56. Why is LeafGreens™ so mendations are based on the
expensive? Dietary Reference Intake for

A Here are a few things to consider: One AIM

LeafGreens canister provides a 38-day supply at

the recommended six gram serving per day. A daily serv- Q

Why is the vitamin K content so high? Should I be
concerned with 508 percent?
ing of LeafGreens costs $1.47.
Our ultra-cold filtration process concentrates 44
pounds of leaves into one pound of AIM LeafGreens™ or
A The vitamin K is naturally occurring from our four
leaf sources and cannot be adjusted by a consid-
erable amount through formulation changes. There is no
22 pounds into one canister. It would take approximately toxicity for the natural vitamin K1 in AIM LeafGreens™.
58 large bags of spinach to provide the equivalent leaf When beginning a new treatment of blood thinning medi-
weight that is found in each canister of AIM LeafGreens™. cation with your doctor, begin with one teaspoon contain-
At today’s prices this equates to about $174 worth of ing 203 micrograms of vitamin K. You should maintain a
spinach. consistent intake of AIM LeafGreens™ during and after the
Most of us know that spinach is a great source of iron. time your physician determines your medication dosage.
One canister of LeafGreens™ provides the iron equivalent
of 46 pounds of spinach!
The nutrition facts panel alone should be enough to
Q Why do I feel tired after
taking a full dose of AIM
LeafGreens™ ?
convince anyone. We encourage you to compare it to any
green competitor.
These are just a few ways Nutrition Facts
A Many AIM Members
are familiar with the
term “detoxification,” but few
Serving Size 2 teaspoons (6 g)
to measure the value of Servings Per Container 38 ex­pected to detoxify after years of taking
LeafGreens. Calories 20 Amount per serving % DV* other AIM products. Many individuals who

Total Fat 0 g 0%
Why is there no Saturated Fat 0 g 0% received a sneak preview of AIM LeafGreens™
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
maltodextrin in AIM Sodium 10 mg 1%
reported symptoms including fatigue, allergies,
LeafGreens™ ? Potassium
Total Carbohydrates
90 mg
2 g
and headaches. Longtime AIM product users

A Maltodextrin is a com- knew immediately that they were experienc-

Dietary Fiber 1 g 4%
Sugar 0 g
plex carbohydrate from Protein 3 g ing detoxification and dialed back their intake
corn that protects enzymes, Vitamin A

Vitamin C
of AIM LeafGreens™ from two teaspoons to
reduces the stickiness of juices Vitamin E 6% • Vitamin K 508% one teaspoon daily for the first few weeks of
Riboflavin 12% • Folate 6%
enabling us to spray-dry them. Vitamin B12 8% • Magnesium 4% usage. Before long, most have been able to use
Manganese 14% • Chromium 26%
Our ultra-cold filtration pro- *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
two teaspoons daily.
cess removes the natural juice Our next printing of the AIM LeafGreens™
sugars making it less sticky and easier to dry. Sugar is label will include “New users begin with one teaspoon”
responsible for oxidation and clumping of juice powders to ease everyone into the benefits of AIM LeafGreens™
so its removal extends shelf life and preserves enzymes. gradually.
The absence of maltodextrin also drops the total carbo- AIM prides itself in its ability to provide detailed
hydrate content of AIM LeafGreens to just two grams
™ responses to each and every product inquiry quickly. We
per serving. encourage anyone who has a question, comment, or testi-

Q Can children take LeafGreens™ ?

mony to utilize our phone, e-mail, and website resources
to relay the information to us. By sharing this information

A Yes, children over the age of 4 can take ½ to one tea-

spoon of AIM LeafGreens per day. Kids over the age

with us you become a vital component of AIM’s Quality
Assurance Department.

nutrition opportunity success / 11

AIM technology

AIM developing a number of website

echnology has always played a key the recruitment of new Members. Those who have
part in the AIM motto of “Nutrition. built businesses with the AIM compensation plan
Opportunity. Success.” AIM is con- will be able to use the calculator to emulate monthly
stantly striving to be on the leading edge of tech- commissions and bonuses. Plus, a Member can type
nological change to benefit Members and the in various amounts to see just how much extra he or
company. she would need to buy or encourage their downline
The web is now the place for business effi- to buy in order to reach another bonus level.
ciency, and the latest planned developments of Potential members should benefit from the tool
AIM technology are focused on providing a prof- also. When explaining the business opportunity that
itable, valuable Internet experience. Examples AIM offers, Members can show interested customers
of additions coming soon to the AIM website just how much they stand to gain from joining AIM
include: by inputting various Bonus Volume combinations into
➚ An online commission calculator. The program the commission calculator.
when completed will provide a training tool ➚ Another important part of the new wave of tech
and practice utility for Members to use. The updates scheduled for the AIM website is to have
technology will be easy to understand, and more features of the Member Services portion
the interface, which will recognize Members open to every Member. Currently, North American
by their account information will provide a Members have access to every area, but inter-
snapshot of potential earnings based on cur- national Members are only able to access a few
rent organization points. parts. By allowing everyone the ability to use more
resources on the site,
Members will enjoy a
greater opportunity for
➚ Insta-ordering has
been a successful
program for AIM
Members since its
launch in 2006,
and it has provided
a reliable way for
Members to ensure
they get their quali-
fying order every
The new program is designed to boost the month so they will not miss out on commissions.
resources of established Members and to aid in AIM software developers are working on a program

12 september-october 2008 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

achieve success

achieve success
enhancements three-deep bonus pool
May 2008
that will permit Members to sign-up for Insta- Participants earned bonuses from $421 to $2,766 in this pool.
Orders online, which will provide an alternative June 2008
to the traditional phone registration. Also in the Participants earned bonuses from $454 to $2,012 in this pool.

works is a program to allow greater flexibility director growth bonus pools

in order placement and monthly requirements,
May 2008
changing the order criteria from a product-based
327 Members earned shares worth $170.03 U.S. each in this pool.
system to a price-based one. For instance, rather
June 2008
than committing to an order for the same amount 308 Members earned shares worth $175.68 U.S. each in this pool.
of product every month, Members can instead
director promotions
place their Insta-Order for $100 worth of prod-
May 2008 June 2008
ucts of their choice, allowing them to change the
Canada United States
mix of products they order each month to match Wilson, Matthew L. Comfort, Amy
Phillips, Mary and Mike
South Africa
their needs. Meyer, Marius
➚ Another new planned feature will be the ability van Wyk, Celia
United States
for Members to receive automatic notification Abante, J. Hernes M.
Peeler, Alva L.
when changes occur in their downline activ-
ity (adversely affecting commission earnings) elite leadership bonuses
or when they have failed to place a qualifying
order. Members will be able to opt in and elect May 2008
2-Star Bonus
to be notified in a variety of different ways, Casey, Kevin A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tennessee
including text messages, e-mail, or a phone Combrinck, Eben and Marcelle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . South Africa
Knight, Connie and Steve . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Florida
call. The system will allow for some flexibility La Vie c/o Y & J.P. Holdings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . South Africa
so Members can customize the alerts to meet Realities Dist. Serv. Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alberta
Select Ventures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Florida
their personal preference.
Van Rensburg, Chris and Joan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . South Africa
➚ Other great features in the website’s future 4-Star Bonus
include allowing international Members to order Pauly, Janet and O’Ferrall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Texas
6-Star Bonus
products online for drop-shipments, enabling Kling, Carolyn and Jim . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Idaho
greater contact management on Member
June 2008
accounts, and hosting Member websites at AIM 2-Star Bonus
headquarters to increase customization. Casey, Kevin A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tennessee
Knight, Connie and Steve . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Florida
These future changes will provide Members Realities Dist. Serv. Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alberta
with greater tools for access of information, ease Select Ventures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Florida
Swope, Mary Ruth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Texas
of use, and personal business success. These proj-
4-Star Bonus
ects remain in the development stage but they are Pauly, Janet and O’Ferrall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Texas
coming. Check to learn when 6-Star Bonus
Kling, Carolyn and Jim . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Idaho
these website enhancements are activated.

nutrition opportunity success / 13


Consider the benefits of these AIM products …

Peak Endurance BarleyLife Xtra
n Low doses of grape powder may n A study regarding the effect
inhibit the growth of colon cancer, of apples on colon health has
according to a new study. Researchers found that the fruit can pro-
at the University of California Irvine tect against the onset of colon
found that the synergistic effects of cancer. Researchers discovered that apple pectin
grape-powder compounds discour- and apple juice encouraged production of a short
aged the development of colon cancer by blocking a cellular chain fatty acid called butyrate that helps inhibit
signaling pathway in the body that is linked to 85 percent the growth of a harmful enzyme in the colon. With
of the cases of colon cancer. Low doses of grape powder decreased production of the enzyme (called histone
proved to be most effective, and no increased effects were deacetylases), precancerous and tumor cells would
found in patients who were given a higher dose. Most ben- be less likely to grow.
efits of grapes have been linked to resveratrol, a compound (BarleyLife Xtra contains apple juice powder.)
abundant in the skin of red grapes, but this study found
additional benefits in grape powder beyond the impact of
n Vitamin D has a positive effect on
prostate health at the genetic level,
(Peak Endurance contains grape powder.)
according to a study done by the
Proancynol 2000 University of Rochester Medical
n Research from Japan has helped to support Center. Researchers found that
the theory that green tea has a positive vitamin D can link to a gene that is
impact on warding off Alzheimer’s. The involved with DNA protection and
study found that green tea catechins help the release of antioxidants in the body. The study,
reduce the amount of plaque build-up in which was performed specifically on prostate cells,
the brain, which can often lead to a drop in adds evidence to previous research that has found
memory and cognition. Brain cell damage and oxidative significant anti-cancer benefits in vitamin D.
stress are related to Alzheimer’s, which currently affects (CalciAIM™ contains vitamin D2 , 283 IU per
more than 13 million people worldwide. serving.)
(Proancynol 2000 contains 100 mg of green
tea extracts.)
fitbits briefs …
Herbal Fiberblend
n Fitness crazes come and go. But, according to a spokes-
n Recent studies have found that
man for the American Council on Exercise, the best
fiber may help reduce the risk
of type-2 diabetes in women. By exercise does not have a cost and is easy to master: the
documenting the diets of more push-up. It uses your own body weight along with grav-
than 40,000 women, research- ity to tone and condition muscles. Done properly, a
ers discovered a link between the push-up uses muscles from the tip of the toes through
amount of fiber in one’s diet and the neck so multiple muscle groups are in play. For
the chances of developing diabetes. women, the push-up is considered beneficial because
At the same time, the study showed that it can aid in bone build-up.
diets high in carbohydrates and high-glycemic n Red foods are loaded with antioxidants that fight dis-
foods increased the risk for diabetes. More ease and soak up damaging free radicals. The red foods
than 17 million Americans suffer from diabe- with the most benefits, according to the American
tes, and at least 90 percent have been diag- Dietetic Association, are cranberries, beets, straw-
nosed with type-2 diabetes. berries, cherries, tomatoes, raspberries, watermelon,
(Herbal Fiberblend contains five grams of pink grapefruit, and red peppers.
dietary fiber.)

14 september-october 2008 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

dailyLife endorsement

Your hands deserve a touch of the best

C hoosing a personal care product at the store can
often feel like picking out the finest seashell on a
sandy beach. Where does one begin?
with a number of different products
for virtually any need. Everything from
shampoo and soap to lotion and cream
With so many products to choose from, the decision is available, and all of these products
can be overwhelming and stressful, a consumer lesson carry the traditional AIM care and integ-
in prudence and excess. But there is an alternative, your rity that Members have come to know and
AIM dailyLife™ products. appreciate.
AIM’s focus has always been on providing the best Andrew Gingerich is a Product Consultant from
products on the market. This is evident in the 26-year Sugarcreek, Ohio. He is a dailyLife™ believer after try-
tradition of whole food concentrates and nutritional sup- ing a number of different products prior to AIM introduc-
plements, and it has become true for AIM’s personal care ing the “Upper Hand” hand cream. Finally, help for his
line as well. Launched in the summer of 2007, dailyLife™ hands.
gives Members a way to take care of their outer health

r a h alf
e m y h an ds in salt water fo
y, wh ere I h av e fa ctor y to
Dear A IM, -m an u fa cturin g fa ctor ro n g so ap we u se at th
ee se T h e st h as
“I work at a ch y fo r fi ve da ys ever y week. an ds to cr ac k an d peel. It
ute s a da , cau sin g my h h ave 10 to
h our to 45 min al so h ar d on my h an ds m os t m or nin gs, I would
rato r is ak e y h an ds.
wash th e sepa I would aw barely m ove m
sc om fo rt to m e. Wh en g. I co u ld m.
brou ght a lot of di
w er e brok en an d bl
ee di n
if e ™ lim e squ
ee ze h an d crea
yh an ds th at e da il yL ,
15 cracks on m a tube of th my h an ds
th G in ge rich, gave m e fi rs t ti m e I put this on
“My m oth er , E di ai l. T h e y – on ce
r of ot h er produ ct s to n o av ks . I u se it se veral tim es a da
umbe om th e crac
I h ad tried a n er w it h great relief fr
ch so ft e. ways
th ey felt so mu d ag ai n af ter comin g h om e ™ h an d crea
m. Sh e h as al
work an h th e dailyL if th e lotion,
be fore goin g to h ad go od su ccess wit R ec en tly, af ter u sin g
as al so ti m es .
“My si ster h d w ri st s at
w it h in fected h an ds an it n or m ally do
h ad sk in issu es
u p w ith out sp re ad in g li ke – Andrew Gin
ea cl ea re d
this infected ar

It is no surprise that the AIM hand cream has such restorative benefits. The
cream is filled with helpful nutrients to soothe and repair damaged skin and hydrate
and nourish hard-working hands.
One of the most unique nutrients found in the hand cream is the plant-based glyc-
erin. Most hand lotions contain glycerin, and it is a popular solution for moisturiza-
tion. What makes dailyLife™ hand cream stand apart is the type of glycerin used.
Most companies rely on an animal-based glycerin that can be loaded with synthet-
ics and additives that are unhealthy at best and harmful at worst. AIM’s product uses
plant-based glycerin for an all-natural effect. Obtaining the nutrient through a natural
process gives Members the best of both worlds: a healthy product through a healthy
Glycerin is a popular lotion ingredient thanks to its moisturizing effect. It acts as a
humectant, meaning it attracts water to the skin, allowing the skin to remain soft and
hydrated. The nutrient can also help fight yeast and fungal infections that often lead to
skin conditions like eczema.
With vitamin E, sweet almond oil, and aloe leaf juice in addi-
tion to the glycerin, the hand cream is full of all the nutrients
you would need in a lotion. Its restorative benefits and daily
relief help it stand apart from other hand-care products.
member feature

‘No, no, no …
OK, you win, tell me about AIM’
S omeone said them, wrote them, or thought
them. Someone else figured they sounded
pretty good so the comments were remembered and
repeated. No one knows who started the whole thing
so the quote is attributed to “Anonymous.”
Well, Anonymous, meet Nancy Bulka, a Royal
Emerald Director from Westland, Michigan, a Detroit
suburb of 87,000 people. She sure seems to qualify in
the eyes of Anonymous as someone possessing traits
associated with “values that last a lifetime.” Those
n Suffering with fortitude life’s accidents.
n Concern for the welfare of others.

Suffering with fortitude

life’s accidents
“What an awesome AIM arsenal we
have when disaster strikes,” says Nancy.
“I believe firmly that a healthy diet and lifestyle are
the most important factors in empowering my immune
system to keep me well and healthy.” Now, she believes,
she really knows the truth of her words.
This spring she and her husband, Gene, took off on
a bike ride to her sister’s apartment about four miles
Gene and Nancy Bulka with gold and silver medals in Senior
away. The first three miles, 5,279-feet went fine. It was Olympics swimming, basketball, and horseshoes.
at the end of the fourth mile, at 5,280 feet, that things
didn’t go so well. “My foot caught getting off the bike moist. Not only was I spared hunger and thirst, but
and I crashed backwards. I knew I was hurt.” Hurt as in a bro- my cells were being fed without my stomach having
ken hip needing surgery. “I have said for years that I don’t want to process any food.”
to get to know doctors or nurses personally, but if I ever a break The surgery went well. So well, in fact, that when
a bone, I will run if I can to a doctor. Well, it happened.” her roommate was trying to reach for something
From Sunday afternoon until surgery Monday evening at Nancy got out of bed and handed it to her. “Then I
6:30, Nancy was not allowed to eat or consume water. No prob- realized I was standing” and she climbed back into
lem. “BarleyLife melts right in your mouth without ever reach- bed. Her type of surgery can require a hospital stay of
ing your stomach. Just Carrots and RediBeets capsules do the up to five days. Nancy headed home Wednesday, less
same thing as long as you don’t swallow them whole. Taking than 48 hours after her Monday evening procedure.
them while waiting for surgery made my mouth and throat feel Once home, it was back to her AIM routine of the

16 september-october 2008 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

past 15 years. BarleyLife, Herbal Fiberblend, Just Carrots, my direction in life. This is a ministry beyond anything I
Renewed Balance, and AIMega. Plus plenty of healthy ever dreamed of as a legal secretary at Ford.”
foods and lots of water. “You can’t begin proper supplemen- Nancy Bulka’s not-so-typical AIM tale does not stop
tation with AIM’s food-based nutrients, proper eating, and with Nancy Mills. How about a neighbor offering to become
drinking plenty of water when disaster strikes. Begin now an AIM distributor to help her business? Someone asking
to prepare for the future.” Her remarkable recovery from a to become an AIM Member is not an everyday happen-
broken hip has validated her lifestyle choices of the past 15 ing. And a marriage, too? Not exactly the stuff of betting
years. “You can bet I’m not changing anything now.” odds in Las Vegas. Yet, today it is Nancy Bulka, married to
husband Gene for nearly four years. “Gene, my neighbor,
Concern for the welfare of others
offered to become a Member of my downline to help my
“Give of yourself without regard to what you can gain,”
business. I made him an even better offer,” laughs Nancy.
says Nancy. It is a philosophy of life passed from her par-
“Marry me and become an AIM Royal Emerald Director. I
ents. “They were quiet, unassuming, faithful people who
am so glad he did.” The Bulkas have eight grown children
lived to minister to others without asking anything in
and 18 grandchildren. “When we married, Gene carried a
card for one year with the names of my 15 grandchildren
The AIM products and the AIM principles, Nancy feels,
on it,” smiles Nancy.
are a reflection of who she is, what she believes. “The ability
I’ve been given to impact people’s lives and health through
the high-quality AIM products and nutritional informa-
tion is a blessing I’ve never taken for granted.” To this day,
she can’t get over her first AIM convention in Boca Raton,
Florida. “I earned the entire trip and couldn’t believe any
company would pay my way to such an awesome resort
just because I shared my wonderful discovery of health-
ful living with friends and acquaintances. I roomed with a
stranger who quickly became a friend. I have never regret-
ted for a minute my decision to commit myself to the AIM
mission” of helping Members achieve their health and
wealth goals. Gene and Nancy with oldest granddaughter Kathryn and her
new husband, Elmo, June 2007.
“Life, real life, is about being able to carry on and be of
service to others,” Nancy believes. Scan Nancy’s life and you see unrelated events all com-
Nancy’s affiliation with AIM is not a typical AIM story. ing together to form who she is today. There was a Dale
It came, she recalls, as a result of “pes- Carnegie course at Ford that she uses today in her AIM
tering. A co-worker of mine with Ford business. A co-worker named Nancy Mills, who would not
Motor Company, Nancy Mills, tried for take no for an answer. A neighbor, Gene Bulka, offering
years to get me to try the AIM prod- to join the company to assist her. The helping others belief
ucts. Finally, she had me trapped in a instilled in her by her parents. An AIM convention that
car on a short vacation trip. I finally changed her life, to the point where she still recalls the
gave in and really listened to her. I am first time she sang the AIM song, “In Partnership for Life.”
Nancy Mills
thankful for that day and I will be for- A bike accident that affirmed her belief in diet, exercise,
ever grateful to Nancy for not giving up on me.” and the AIM products. The inspirational words of an AIM
Within five years of using and encouraging others to use executive who challenged her to give her customers outra-
the AIM products, Nancy’s AIM commission matched her geous service.
Ford Motor check. She launched Garden Ministries out of Nancy no doubt understands the message from yet
her faith so directing her and her belief in AIM. “I am so another Anonymous source: “Light a lamp for someone
thankful to Nancy Mills and AIM for completely changing and it will also brighten your path.”

nutrition opportunity success / 17

women’s health

There is nothing
wrong with being

“It just makes me feel happy. ” Roselle is right. The proges-

terone in Renewed Balance is
Nora Patriquen, an AIM Director from Quispamsis, a key component to women’s
New Brunswick, has been taking RevitaFem for more than health. Progesterone stimulates
three years, and she can’t imagine life without it. and regulates a number of differ-
“I just feel good all over,” she says. “I was taking one a day at ent functions in the body, and it is
first, but when I had my naturopathic doctor check me out on an important hormone in main-
it, he said I should take two. I told him one made me feel happy, taining pregnancy and assisting
and he said, ‘Just think how good you’ll feel taking two!’” in conception. Many women find
it necessary for a proper men-
Stories like Nora’s are commonplace with products like RevitaFem and
strual cycle. Improperly man-
Renewed Balance. The benefits of both are outstanding for women going through
aged progesterone levels can
menopause or seeking a supplement that can help balance or replace hormones.
lead to irregular menstruation
Roselle Rippo, an AIM Director from San Diego, California, and symptoms of PMS.
attributes her menopause relief to Renewed Balance, and her disposition Renewed Balance, then, is
has turned her friends onto the product as well. a key product for those strug-

“I have been taking Renewed Balance for a while now,” Roselle says. gling with hormonal imbalance.
“I had no problems to begin with as I had been taking AIM prod- Adverse effects can be felt if
ucts since the early ’80s; however, I did have hot flashes. Using Renewed estrogen levels get too high, so
Balance relieved my hot flashes and made me feel happy. Renewed Balance maintaining an even balance is
is a progesterone cream that does not use a preservative, and that was important for overall health.
important to me. I attribute my upbeat and energetic disposition to my use The progesterone in Renewed
of Renewed Balance. Balance is absorbed through the
“I will continue to use AIM’s pure progesterone cream every day as I have skin and stored in fat cells until
read research that says progesterone helps keep bones strong needed by the body. Balancing
and hormones in balance. Two of my friends have noticed my hormones is perhaps its most
energy and feeling of well-being and have just started to use important function, but it also has
Renewed Balance this month, too.” benefits for fibrocystic breasts,
uterine lining, and sexual desire.

18 september-october 2008 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

Stephanie D., a Member from So, I ordered some right away. Within a week of tak-
New York, noticed Renewed Balance’s ing one capsule morning and night, I noticed I didn’t
effect on her weight, her energy, and her have hot flashes any more. I also noticed an increase in
life. It has helped her feel young again. energy. Over the following weeks, there was a definite

“I am writing to let you know how much Renewed

Balance cream has changed my life. At the age of
30, after my second pregnancy, my progesterone lev-
difference in my mood swings also. Some mornings
when I forgot to take it, I noticed that by mid-morning
my face would begin to flush as if I was having a mild
els dropped. I felt terrible and was having menstrual hot flash. I quickly swallowed a RevitaFem and within
symptoms all the time. Imagine having PMS all the the hour I was fine again.
time! I got very, very tired and my doctors thought I “I decided to stop taking it for a week
had clinical depression. My doctors checked me for to see if it was really helping or whether
fibroids, a brain tumor, and everything else. It took it was ‘all in my head.’ After a few days of
six years for them to figure out that my progesterone ‘increasing crabbiness’ my poor husband
levels were very, very low. commented, ‘I thought those pills were
“My doctor put me on low-dose synthetic proges- supposed to be helping you?’ I laughingly
terone (birth control pills), and I gained 20 pounds replied, ‘They would if I took them!’
almost overnight. I could not lose weight, and I was “So now I faithfully take my RevitaFem to keep me
craving carbs all the time. Finally, in an effort to help and my family happy!”
myself, I read a book about natural progesterone, and RevitaFem was designed for just such situations. It is a
it suggested Renewed Balance. natural, botanical supplement that provides hormonal help
“This product has saved my life. I am now normal to women during menopause, giving relief from discomfort
again for the first time in over six years. I use the as well as supporting physical and emotional balance.
product daily, as my body does not produce enough RevitaFem derives its effect from phytoestrogens, an
progesterone. I have lost 10 pounds so far and am still herbal supplement that helps regulate female hormones. If
losing. My mother and I have both noticed that my the body’s supply of estrogen is too great, phytoestrogen
skin is much younger-looking, more plumped-up and will block overstimulated cells. If the supply is too low, phy-
rosy. I have much more energy and feel like I did when toestrogen will act as a substitute for the lessened estrogen.
I was in my 20s. I can now keep up with my kids, my Both RevitaFem and Renewed Balance have proven to
job, and my house. I am happy to hop out of bed in be effective, beneficial products for women going through
the morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” menopause or needing hormonal balance or replacement.
Other AIM products such as CalciAIM™ can also lend a
Stephanie’s thankfulness for Renewed Balance is
hand during this time, making it easier to find just the right
echoed by Cathy Van Essen’s praise of RevitaFem. Cathy,
balance for each individual situation.
a Director from Lakefield, Ontario, has noticed the
Why CalciAIM™? As a result of a drop
difference in her life since she started taking RevitaFem.
in estrogen, women’s bodies can expe-
Her family has noticed, too. rience adverse effects, including loss

“W aking up in a sweat in the middle of the

night and being crabby during the day are
not two of my favorite things to do!
of bone density. While some amount of
bone loss is practically inevitable, taking
CalciAIM™ can help diminish the sever-
“In May of 2006, I was chatting with a lady in my ity of the issue. Absorption of calcium
downline and she said to me, ‘Have you ever tried after menopause may become a problem,
RevitaFem? It is wonderful!’ She explained to me how too, since the body will have less vitamin D, an essential
for a year she had been using it and how it had helped component in calcium absorption. CalciAIM™, which con-
her with menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes tains both calcium and vitamin D, provides a way to ensure
and mood swings. optimal absorption and supply necessary health benefits.
“I thought to myself, ‘Maybe this is what I need!’ Menopause is a reality, but it does not have to be an
uncomfortable one thanks to a selection of AIM products.

nutrition opportunity success / 19

2009 convention

T he AIM Convention in Lake Las Vegas will be a one-of-

a-kind experience at one of the most luxurious resorts in
the country. There will be plenty of ways to fill your day
with shopping, plenty of pools and water activities, and great
golf courses. One thing’s for sure, it’s got people talking!

Rick Coffman <>

Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort Rocks!

Hi there!
We’re on our way home from California and we decided to spend our night in Vegas at the
Loews. Steve and the kids thought I was crazy driving them so far away from the strip, but
once we reached the Loews in Henderson (remember, it’s 17 miles away from the strip), their
eyes got big and they couldn’t believe we were gonna stay in such an amazing resort.
I’m telling you – we made the right choice! The Members are going to love this place. There
is nothing “Vegas” about it! We made a great decision to bring the convention here. Members
will thoroughly enjoy this resort and leave feeling pampered like never before.
I’ve included a few pictures to refresh your memory of the hotel and grounds. With the resort
being surrounded by Reflections Bay Golf Course and, of course, Lake Las Vegas, the views
are breathtaking.
I know they’re going to be surprised by the fact that there isn’t a casino at this property. I
must admit, it sure is nice that you don’t hear the sounds of slot machines or pit bosses all
the time. That is certainly refreshing. Plus, if anyone does wish to drop in a few coins, there
is a casino down the road at MonteLago Village, and the hotel offers a complimentary shuttle
back and forth.
Dude – the pools at this place are phenomenal! And I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place
with as many lounge chairs and shade options. Sure makes it nice since it’s so warm outside.
We spent quite a bit of time out there yesterday.
Rick – I’m telling you, the beauty and comfort alone are worth the trip to this resort and I’m
excited to be able to plan an AIM event here for the 2009 convention.
Well – despite the fact that the kids (and Steve) want to stay a day or two longer, we’re
getting ready to head home so I can get back to work by Monday … don’t suppose you’d
consider letting me stay here for a couple more days of “research?” No – I didn’t figure you
See ya Monday.

The 2009 AIM Convention is being held at the Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort in Henderson, Nevada.
We hope you’ll make the effort to join us July 15 – 19, 2009, for another unforgettable AIM Convention.

20 september-october 2008 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

2008 contest / 2009 convention

Convention Auto Pay P rogram

Plan NOW to attend the 2009 AIM Convention at Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort in Henderson,
Nevada! Make it easy to afford and sign up for the Convention Auto Pay Program.
Fill out an online registration form by October 31, 2008, and you can
pay for a full convention package in seven monthly install-
ments of $98.00 US/CDN. Payments will be drawn from
November 2008 through May 2009.
If you win an award in the It’s in the Cards 2008 contest,
you’ll be reimbursed for the amount of your award.
The auto pay program is applicable to full convention packages* only.
*A full convention package includes four nights hotel accommodations (based on double occupancy), Welcome Dinner,
four breakfasts, and Gala Dinner. Thursday and Friday sessions are complimentary.
Either log onto and click on the register here button or phone
1-800-456-2462 and we’ll either mail or fax you a form to fill out and return. It’s that simple! Don’t
miss out on this affordable opportunity to attend the 2009 AIM Convention. Viva Loews Lake Las
Vegas Resort!

‘09 Convention Cash Awards Grand Canyon

The Best Deal in Town! helicopter tour

Depending on your prize level achievements you can earn a Convention Cash
Award that goes toward paying your way to attend the 2009 AIM Convention
in Lake Las Vegas! This is an AIMazing opportunity for you to go to the con-
vention yourself or transfer the prize to someone else so that they can experi-
ence the joy, the learning, and the fellowship that is an AIM Convention. The Loews
Lake Las Vegas Resort is a beautiful oasis in the desert where you can rest, relax,
and enjoy the fun and celebration. We look forward to seeing you there!

1,000 points above 2007 contest = $150.00 – Convention Cash
2,000 points above 2007 contest =$
$250.00 – Convention Cash
3,000 points above 2007 contest =$
$350.00 – Convention Cash more
4,000 points above 2007 contest =$

$500.00 – Convention Cash
(or a Grand Canyon helicopter trip plus one night extra stay)

*Convention Cash is only valid on events and convention packages. All Convention
Cash is transferable. One accepted transfer per membership. If Convention Cash is
used on airfare or hotel, travel arrangements must be made through AIM’s travel agency,
Meeting Systems, Inc.

nutrition opportunity success / 21

aim business

Earn income without financial investment

– Your check really could be in the mail –

sure could use some extra money.” Not exactly samples, and much more. As you become more knowledge-
something that most of us haven’t said to our- able about the AIM products (join free AIM teleclasses™,
selves at some time. Saying it is easy enough. attend AIM conventions, or AIMing Higher training), the
Obtaining it is not as hard as you might imagine. more products you can discuss with your new or potential
What if you could earn that extra money from a home- Members. Your business is bound to grow.
based business that does not require a financial investment If a home meeting is not possible, try the penny rule. Put
to build? AIM has been offering this opportunity since it five pennies in one pocket and make it your goal to move a
began in 1982. You already are an AIM Member. You are penny from one pocket to another each time you talk with
using the AIM products. They have made a difference in someone about AIM. The objective is to move those five
your life and you want to share your success with family pennies from pocket to pocket each week. At the end of
and friends. Make it your mission to spread the good word a year, you will have talked with around 250 people …
about the AIM products and receive extra income. Keep simple as one person at a time, some of whom will join you
in mind that you are aiming to promote good health. Life, in fulfilling the AIM mission.
after all, should not be lived in less health than is possible. Remember, you do not have to build an AIM business
One of the quickest ways to earn extra money is through all on your own. You have the support of a company that
the $mart$tart™ Bonus program. When you sponsor a new has been in business for 26 years. That is not to say that
Member who places an order, you will receive a 20 percent you will not have to work at building your business because
cash bonus on the Bonus Volume Points (BVP) of that first effort is involved in any
order, up to 300 BVP. For example, if the new Member successful undertak-
orders 100 BVP, you receive a cash bonus of $20. The more ing. Your motivation
new Members you sponsor, the larger the bonus. It is really starts with shar-
that simple. For complete $mart$tart™ Bonus program ing the wealth of
details, contact the AIM Call Center at 1-800-456-2462. health provided
As a new Member, as soon as you and your by the AIM
group (downline of sponsored Members) accumulate products. Call
450 BVP within a consecutive three-month period, you it a healthy
rise to the level of Preferred Member in AIM’s “The beginning to
Opportunity” compensation plan. At this point, you can a new source
begin receiving commission checks including 6 percent on of income.
the Group Volume of your personally sponsored wholesale
Members, 6 percent on the BVP of your personally spon-
sored Express Customers, and 6 percent on your personal
BVP. As you continue to grow, your commission check
amounts will increase. Plus, you can do it all from the com-
fort of your own home.
Speaking of home, one of the best ways to sponsor new
members is to have informal home meetings – AIM product
parties – to discuss and demonstrate the benefits of the AIM
products. AIM can provide you with ideas to make these
meetings fun, informative, and successful. Sales tools
are at your fingertips: DVDs, datasheets, post-
ers, data postcards, magazines, single product

22 september-october 2008 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

Don’t be afraid
to be noticed

ealing with the physical pain and psychological The oils in AIMega® come from flax seed, sesame seed,
hurdles associated with disease is hard enough. olive oil, and sunflower oil and are all organic. Omega-6
Living with social consequences makes matters fatty acids, in particular, have a great effect on skin con-
that much more difficult. ditions and have been proven to reduce the symptoms of
Psoriasis sufferers know this full well. Their condition, eczema and psoriasis.
which results from an overabundance of skin cell produc-
Liana Kopalyan, a Director from Las Vegas,
tion, can be painful, emotional, and very public. Symptoms
Nevada, struggled with dry skin in the hot desert
can include discoloration, flaking, discomfort, and a wide
until she found AIMega®.
number of other maladies. Apart from the physical symp-
“I used AIMega® and had great results. I live in Las
toms, patients struggle with psychological issues of self-
Vegas, and therefore it is very dry. But now I no lon-
esteem and depression, stemming from social ridicule or
ger have dry skin and heels. My skin is actually perfect
– neither dry nor oily. I do understand that over-
When affected with a skin condition like psoriasis, there
all health contributes to many different things, but
is often no hiding it. You share the severity with the world,
I can tell you when I don’t use the AIMega ®, my skin
whether you like it or not. For the more than 7 million
becomes dry. This has been amazing for me because
Americans afflicted with psoriasis, the social aspect of their
I struggled with dry skin for years since I have been
condition can be as damaging as the pain and discomfort.
in Vegas.”
Medical doctors do not have a consensus on the best way
to treat psoriasis. Many physicians often choose a trial-and- While the benefits of AIMega® are outstanding for
error approach to determine the best course of action, and those afflicted with serious skin disease, the capsules can
treatment can vary based on a number of different factors, also have a very positive effect on simpler skin problems.
including severity, location, and extent. Sometimes, gender, Dryness, cracking, and age spots react the same way to the
age, climate, and other characteristics can play a part in the omega fatty acids as the negative side effects of psoriasis
decision to treat, too. and other serious conditions.
One natural treatment that can have good results is tak- Another Member who has definitely
ing an AIM nutritional supplement that contains omega noticed the difference in her skin while
fatty acids. Our bodies use fatty acids for a number of dif- on AIMega® is Preferred Member
ferent functions in the body, especially to promote healthy Sara Karr from Sarnia, Ontario.
hair, nails, and skin. Omega fatty acids are not
made naturally in the body, so we must get our “AIMega® has helped me in many
necessary supply elsewhere through diet or ways. Probably the biggest way is
supplements. with better skin. I say that because I
AIMega® is an AIM supplement rich in had very dry and cracked skin, espe-
essential fatty acids. The product contains cially on my hands. Now I have nice
Omega -3, -6, and -9 fatty acids and provides a clear hands. I take AIMega® three times a day,
great alternative to trying to get enough omega- and I am glad to have such great skin with a natural
rich fish in a diet or using a fish oil supplement. product.”

nutrition opportunity success / 23

aim corner

‘I wish we could clone her’

T rue or false. Circle the correct answer(s).
Melinda Lewis is:
thing about working for AIM. It is hearing people’s sto-
ries. Every day we (the AIM Australia office) receive calls
from delighted Members. These are Members who have
(A) Mistress of ceremonies at the annual AIM
overcome massive health challenges.” She adds that her
Call Center representatives are also believers in the AIM
(B) General manager of AIM Australia and AIM New
products, encouraging their own families to embrace the
AIM Healthy Cell Concept ®. The reps include Denise
(C) Does not have gills or fins but maybe should with
Eichelmann, Carol Sztanski, Jomary Stockden, and Andrea
her love of swimming, water aerobics, and deep-
water running.
Melinda has been with AIM for nearly seven years.
(D) As a youth, represented her state in tennis.
“AIM Australian Members display passion and enthusiasm
(E) Volunteers in a cancer support program where she
for AIM and have a fantastic work ethic. I am more than
coordinates others in visiting cancer patients.
happy to support Members who wish to work tirelessly
(F) Participated as a team leader in training airline
at health expos and festivals around Australia to promote
cabin crews.
the AIM products and its brand.”
(G) Has a diploma in nutritional supplementation and
The work of the Members and the leadership of the
a certification in human resources.
AIM Australia office are obvious in the numbers they pro-
(H) All of the above.
duce. Despite product limitations due to a challenging reg-
The answer is H. Which leads to another question.
ulatory environment, for nearly two years the Australian
office has led all other countries in membership growth.
Melinda credits AIM products and healthy eating. “The Pretty remarkable given that Australia is the second-
Garden Trio provides me with the stamina required before smallest AIM country as measured by population.
any workout. I follow up with daily use of FloraFood, A hero of hers is Sir Richard Branson, the English
GinkgoSense, and regular use of Herbal Fiberblend.” Plus, businessman who has created more than 360
she adds, “there is nothing more therapeutic and reward- brands under his Virgin label. The two
ing than cooking with fresh food.” She enjoys mak- most-known are Virgin Records
ing meals from scratch instead of reaching for and Virgin Airlines. Melinda
easier and time-friendly processed meals. sees similarities between him
In her spare time, Melinda, a resident of and AIM co-owners Ron
Melbourne and its 3.5 million people, likes to Wright and Dennis Itami.
head back home to Byron Bay, Australia’s most “They wish to make a differ-
easterly point, where “there are magnificent ence in the industries they
beaches and an organic way of life, a nice break work in. Ron and Dennis have
from the Melbourne buzz.” As active as she is, provided Members with the larg-
you might think she would take it easy on her est range of barley products in the
vacations. Not so. Earlier this year she went on a world. The AIM brand and range of
two-week walking tour of the Amalfi coastline in products stand for quality and being
Italy. Walking distances were up the 7.5 miles per able to enjoy life to the fullest.”
day. No problem, smiles Melinda, “taking the AIM Melinda Lewis types do not come
products made this journey a breeze.” along every day, a fact not lost on Ron
The AIM products, Melinda says, pro- Wright. “I wish we could clone
duce what she describes as “the best her,” he smiles.

24 september-october 2008 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

good things are happening

2008 AIM Convention

June 18-22, 2008 • Norfolk, Virginia

nutrition opportunity success / 25

good things are happening

26 september-october 2008 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

good things are happening

nutrition opportunity success / 27

Recapture the energy
of your youth …

Feeling young is within your

reach with AIM Peak Endurance®.
Get back the energy you lose
through age, stress, and exercise
by tapping in to the supply of
ATP found in Peak Endurance.
As the “energy currency of the
body,” ATP is the key to feeling
vibrant, youthful, and energetic.
Rediscover your
active lifestyle
with AIM Peak
news briefs

Ohio, Texas schedule Convention auto-pay a convenient option

state meetings Paying for an AIM convention in one lump sum may be dif-
AIM leaders in Ohio and in Texas have announced ficult, which is why AIM is offering a way to make the payment
dates for their respective meetings. While the meet- a little easier to swallow.
ings draw most attendees from their respective Sign up to participate in the “Convention
states, there are always a number of out-of-state Auto Pay Program” by October 31, and
AIM Members in attendance plus excellent speakers you can pay for a full convention pack-
covering product information and business-building. age in just seven monthly installments of
Ohio BarleyLife Conference: Keith and $98.00. Once you sign up, the payments will be
Charlotte Thompson, as they have in the past, are withdrawn from your bank account every month, beginning in
directing this year’s conference. It will be held Friday, November 2008 and going through May 2009.
And what if you are trying to earn your way to Lake Las
October 31, and Saturday, November 1, in Wilmot,
Vegas through the It’s in the Cards contest? The “Convention
Ohio, at The Inn at Amish Door (www.amishdoor.
Auto Pay Program” has you covered. If you win an award in the
com). The Thompson e-mail address is kcthompson@
contest, you’ll be reimbursed for the amount of the award. Their phone number is 330-852-2967.
Texas BarleyLife Convention: The Texas Look for opportunities to
meeting rotates coordinators. For 2009 it is Tom share the AIM message
and Barb Flournoy, assisted by their daughter and A key to building a successful downline is keeping an eye
son-in-law, Kyle and Kristen Hay. The convention is out for the opportunity to share AIM products. Royal Emerald
Thursday, January 29, through Saturday, January 31, Director Charlotte Thompson’s opportunity pedaled right
with departure on Sunday, February 1. It will be held past her home.
in Nacogdoches in east Texas, the oldest city in the The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure (GOBA) is an annual
state, at the Fredonia Hotel. bicycle vacation through several Ohio towns that takes place
during a one-week period each summer. More than 3,000
LeafGreens™ postcards available bicyclists from across the United States (and, in some cases,
Share the news of AIM’s latest product with a beyond the U.S.) participated in the event, which took place
LeafGreens™ postcard. June 14-21.
The cards, which include Unleash Charlotte and her downline saw the race as a great oppor-
nutrition facts, health benefits, the Power!
tunity to share Peak Endurance with the bicyclists. The
and serving amounts, come in The Power Within …
AIM LeafGreens™ – energize your life from the inside out
with an all-natural juice concentrate made from spinach,
GOBA often calls for riders to pedal for more than 50 miles
packages of 25 and cost $5.00
faba bean, field pea, and barley leaves. One e daily

each day, so the energy benefits of Peak Endurance were a

serving will provide an unprecedented wealth h
of natural nutrients to protect and maintain
your health. No other green food compares
to AIM LeafGreens™.

per package. They make a great

AIM LeafGreens™ 8 oz powder (5093E)
• 50 percent alkaline protein

perfect fit for their needs. As a natural, oral source of ATP,

• Loaded with vitamins A, K, and much more
• Supplies minerals such as iron and chromium
• Rich in antioxidants and phytochemicalss
• Detoxifies; increases energy
• Anti-aging properties

handout for home meetings,

• Promotes healthy vision

Peak Endurance was designed to provide energy and needed

• Supports bone building
• Alkalinizes body pH
• Counteracts inflammation
• Low carb, low-sodium, no fat, no sugar
• Smooth and mild citrus taste

potential Members, or everyday nutrients to those who need it most, and the GOBA bikers
Gram for gram, AIM LeafGreens™ provides:vides:
• 93 times more iron than spinach
• 37 times more vitamin A than cooked broccoli
• 41 times more vitamin K than dark green
en leaf lettuce
• 6 times more folate than green peas

How to take:

certainly fit the demographic.

Just one serving a day on an empty
www.theaimcompanies.comstomach. Add 6 g (2 teaspoons) of AIM
LeafGreens™ with 6 to 10 ounces of cold d
water or your favorite beverage in a shaker.
Enjoy! New users, begin with 1 teaspoon.n.

LeafGreens™ is a revolution-
Contact your AIM distributor for further

On June 20, the next to last day of the event, members
information or visit m
Distributed by:

ary new product that everyone deserves of Charlotte’s downline passed out small cups of mixed Peak
to hear about, and the postcard provides
5218E • 0608R1

Endurance along with free Peak Endurance single packet sam-

a convenient way to do so. ples attached to an information card. With help from the AIM
Call Center in Nampa, Idaho, Charlotte was able to design the
Submit your ideas for
cards and have them packaged and shipped to her in Ohio.
teleclasses, facilitators
The AIM Companies™ hosts teleclasses through San Antonio health seminar slated
our bridge line. Class topics typically come under Dr. John Shewfelt, a dynamic speaker and health expert,
the headings of Product or Business. We want the will be presenting his message of “How to Stay Young and
classes to be reflective of what the Members wish Healthy” in San Antonio, Texas, on October 18 at the
to learn about. With that in mind, if a Member has Wurzbach Estate Conference Center. The seminar will cover
a teleclass idea and even the name of someone who information about the Healthy Cell Concept™, diabetes and
could host the class, please contact Joyce Janzen at heart disease prevention, making healthy choices, and how or call the AIM office, 1-800- to look and feel young again; and it is sure to be educational,
456-2462, and ask for Joyce. inspirational, and informative.
If your idea or your recommendation for the The registration fee for the event is $30.00 if registered by
facilitator is accepted, you will receive a BarleyLife September 30 and $40.00 after October 1. For questions or
product of your choice for free. to register, contact Jean Dukes at (210) 566-4379.

nutrition opportunity success / 29

news briefs / Canada product specials

AIM meeting scheduled in Minnesota LeafGreens™ video can

Join fellow AIM Members in Hastings, Minnesota, on be accessed online
October 4 to hear from an expert on health and wellness Learn more about LeafGreens™ with the
about how to chart your course to health. AIM Royal LeafGreens™ Snapshot video, now available
Emerald Director Gerald Phillips, a nutrition expert and online. Find out about the nutritional value of each of the
educator from Texas, will be the special guest speaker four leaves that make up LeafGreens™, and discover how
for the event, which will focus on good eating habits and AIM’s unique ultra-cold filtration process works. While
you’re there, feel free to browse other product Snapshots
healthy living.
and find out something new about another AIM product.
Registration for the event is $50.00; lunch is included
To view the LeafGreens™ video online, go to BarleyLife.
in the price. com and locate the “now playing” tab at the top. From its
To sign up, contact Carol Cover at (507) 645-7202, drop-down, select “Watch a video.” On the next page,
Angie Olson at (651) 437-5668, or send an e-mail to lets- select “AIM Products.” From here you can choose to watch the LeafGreens™ video, as well as many others.
Sharing the Basics flyer September-October contest/
offered to Members convention bonus products listed
Sharing the word about The AIM Looking for a way to earn more purchase credit points
Companies™ has never been easier. in the It’s in the Cards convention contest? Bonus purchase
Grow your downline and recruit credits may be just what AIM Canada
you need. Product Specials:
potential Members by providing them
Throughout Septem­ber
with a Sharing the Basics flyer. The lit-
and October, by purchas-
erature explains the AIM message of ing AIMega®, BarleyLife
nutrition, opportunity, and success and provides potential nutri­tion-on-the-go sin­
Members with details about the Living Well Concept and gles (traditional and Xtra), September:
the Healthy Cell Concept ®. Plus, there is information on Calci­AIM™ (ProBone in • National Arthritis Month:
how to order by phone, fax, mail, and online. Canada), Cell Wellness Promote healing and pain
relief! Purchase LeafGreens
Sharing the Basics comes in packages of 25s and 100s Restorer, dailyLife by AIM

(5096E), AIMega (4036E),
and costs $3.75 and $12.00, respectively. Add some to products, Frame Essen­ and Frame Essentials
tials, Herbal Fiberblend (3647E) and save $17. Limit
your next order, and find out just how easy it is to get of 3 per membership.
others involved in AIM. fiber-on-the-go singles, October:
(FiberBalance in Can­ • Menopause awareness
AIM product CD available ada), LeafGreens™, Peak month: Balance your “inner
body” the natural way!
Imagine that you’re talking with someone and the con- Endurance, Revita­Fem, and Purchase AIM RevitaFem
versation creates an opening to share the benefits of one ReAssure, you will receive (3500E), AIMega (4036E),
and ProBone (4631E) and
or more of the AIM products. Wouldn’t it be great if you an additional 50 percent save $10. Limit of 3 per
had basic information available in of your personal BVP on membership.
your mind that would come pouring those products for a total September and October:
• Boost your Energy and
out at a moment’s notice? of 200 percent in purchase more! Stay younger lon-
The revised AIM Product Sound­ credits. Plus, when your ger! Purchase 2 AIM Peak
new and established down- Endurance canisters (4190E)
bytes CD can make this a reality and receive 1 free with no
line Members to three lev- BVP. Unlimited quantities.
for you. The purpose of the AIM
els purchase any of these • Relieve tension and relax!
Product Soundbytes CD is to educate yourself any time Stock up … as the rush of
bonus AIM products, you
you’re driving or studying the AIM products at home. Just the holiday season is just
will receive an additional around the corner. Buy 3
pop in the CD, do some listening, and you’ll have saved 10 percent of their BVPs. Composure (4377E) and save
the product information to the greatest computer ever Stay up-to-date with $10. Unlimited quantities.
• Start your holiday shop-
made … your mind. Think about how impressed a pro- monthly bonus purchase ping early! Choose 3 of any
spective member will be with your product knowledge. products and continue dailyLife product and save

The AIM Product Soundbytes CD is an excellent tool to earning your way toward $10. Choices include hand
cream, shampoo, conditioner
hand out, as well. The CD, code 4546E, is a real bargain Lake Las Vegas 2009. (4887E, 4869E, 4878E).
at $1.00 – for yourself and to give to others. Unlimited quantities.

30 september-october 2008 / to order call 1-800-456-2462

US product specials

September Special (U.S.) October Special (U.S.)

National awareness
Arthritis healing and
Month pain relief!
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September Special (U.S.) October Special (U.S.)

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PMS 362 C

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PMS 364 C
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nutrition opportunity success / 31

The AIM Companies™ PRESORTED
3923 E. Flamingo Ave. US POSTAGE PAID
Nampa, ID 83687-3100 NAMPA ID

September-October Contest
Bonus Products include:
AIMega®, BarleyLife nutrition-on-
the-Go singles (traditional and Xtra),
CalciAIM™ (ProBone in Canada), Cell
Wellness Restorer, dailyLife™ by AIM
products, Frame Essentials, Herbal
Fiberblend fiber-on-the-Go singles
(FiberBalance in Canada), LeafGreens™,
Peak Endurance, RevitaFem,
and ReAssure.

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