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Lee, Anthony

March 19, 2015

Theatre 240
Peter and the Starcatcher (instead of Laieikawai) Review
I enjoyed the production Peter and the Starcatcher, played at Manoa Valley Theatre.
Similar to the lab show, the theatre wasnt too big and did give us an intimate feel with the
actors. I felt this setup of the stage and audience really benefited the show, as this play with
music goes through many emotional rides the audience members can empathize even more with.
Besides this, they used a simplistic, beautifully made set and used many props in order to make
up for it and to tell the story.
The technical part I enjoyed most about the show was the use of lights. Unlike many of
the shows I have seen, not only did the specific lighting help describe the setting of the scene, but
more importantly they helped bring out the mood of these scenes. For example, the entire stage is
lit, but when Peter is thrown out, suddenly the stage puts a lone spotlight on him and that seems
to represent how everyone else, even his own orphan friends, shuns him. The lighting was also
creative, as they either a combination of things to create the complex lights. Sometimes they
would mix colors together to give a mixture of warm and cool tones, while for some lights they
put some sort of filter in order to produce a light with some sort of visual texture or pattern.
I also highly enjoyed the minimalistic set and the prop pieces used in order to tell the
story. The minimalistic set comprised simply of the barren floor with some drapes on the ceiling.
This worked well with the storytelling theme of Peter and the Starcatcher, as not only did the
actors use many material props, but also they also even used themselves as props! Such as a
scene when they made themselves doors and had to each move in sync in order to replicate an

opening and closing door. They also reused simple props for multiple scenes, which I thought
made this story told of Peter and the Starcatcher realistic. One of these props, for instance, a
long piece of rope which was used as a stairwell, an ocean, and a boxing ring. It showed that this
amazing show really could be done with a simple set and prop collection (you only need the
extremely talented actors to play the parts!)
The only technical aspect I feel could have been improved was the sound. First of all, the
girl who played Mollys microphone did not seem to be on during the song, or wasnt amplified
enough (to be on par with the twelve other men singing), so she could not be heard during any of
the songs she participated in. There fortunately wasnt any feedback from the microphone,
however there were times when the microphone actually wasnt on during the beginning part of a
characters lines and when the microphones are turned on in the middle of line, it becomes
extremely noticeable. In order to improve on the sound, I feel it really is up to the sound person
just to practice more, although it is understandable how one could make those mistakes in Peter
and the Starcatcher since it was a pretty technical show when talking about lights. He should
really get himself familiar with the show so he is even more familiar with when to press the
switch for certain lights. Some lines are said longer and shorter than what they appear, and I
think this is one reason why some microphones werent turned on in time.