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Plot 195 Waterval Pyramid Pretoria

Mobile: 0739747727

Seeking a challenging Electrical, Electronics and or Plant Maintenance role in any sector
where I can fully utilize acquired skills and broaden my scope of knowledge.
13 years of experience as an Electrician
Proven ability to identify, plan, implement and develop operational strategies relating
to (electrical) technical support.
Organisational skills and ability to prioritise requests and to work on own initiative
and as part of a team.
Proven leadership skills involving managing, developing and provision of technical
guidance and mentorship to subordinates
Dedicated to maintain high quality standards and possess first class analytical and
problem solving skills.
Conversant with safety in general workshop practice and areas of referred profession.
Computer literacy.
Strong achievement orientation and results driven.
Installation and commissioning of new plant machinery and equipment.
Supervision of artisans, apprentices, semi-skilled workers and assistants.
Implementation of projects and modifications.
Inspection, maintenance and repair of process monitoring and control equipment.
Interpretation and use of electrical diagrams
Fault finding to component level and repair on electrical process equipment and
printed circuit boards.
Experience in integration, installation and testing of electrical, electronic and
computer systems.
Routing of trunking, conduits, trays, and cabling.
Designing and wiring of control panels.
Working knowledge of and experience in installation and, or maintenance of the
following: HV/LV transformers, distribution boards switchgear, power generators,
standby power supplies, security systems (CCTV, Perimeter Protection, Access
Control), air compressors, refrigeration plants, PLCs, soft starters, AC/DC drives and
motors overhauling, steam boilers, industrial furnaces, hoists and cranes, lighting,
rectifiers, conveyors, catering equipment.

National Certificate (Electrical Power Engineering)
Electronics Servicing Part 1 (City & Guilds)
Micro Computer Technology Part 1 (City & Guilds)
Micro computer Technology Part 2 (City & Guilds)
Micro Computer Technology Part 3 (City & Guilds
Cambridge O Level
SAQA Evaluation- NQF Level 4
1. NIST Control Systems
Electronic Technician ( 05-01-2009 current)
Panel building - designing and wiring.
Preparing panels quotations.
Liaising and negotiating with suppliers of electrical products (switchgear, etc).
Drawing schematic diagrams for panels with Instant Engineer.
Spares stock level control and replacements.
Implement inspection, calibration and testing of built electronic control units.
Repairing to component level of electronic control units and report writing.
Working with schematic diagrams during repairs.
Analyzing downloaded data to determine root cause of failure of units.
Execution of all electrical operational requirements received.
2. Aurex (Pvt) Ltd
Maintenance Charge hand ( 2001 2008)
Electrician 1997 2001
Effectively manage and co-ordinate the electrical resources, in order to
achieve the optimum availability of plant and equipment, particularly;
Overseeing maintenance scheduling and updating maintenance database.
Co-ordinating and successfully implementing new projects.
Installation, commissioning, planned maintenance, inspecting, fault finding,
repair and overhauling of all Plant electrical equipment
Spares stock level control and replacements.
Installation, maintenance and routine servicing of security and Building
Management Systems and networks; (CCTV, perimeter intrusion detection,
fire alarm, access control, metal detection, x-ray screening).
Periodic checking and calibration of instruments used in industrial process.
Investigating and diagnosing problems and breakdowns to determine resource
requirements and order spares
Maintaining housekeeping standards

Provide apprentices with on the job training relevant to the trade, as and when
Execution of all operational requirements received.

3. Kariba Battery Manufacturers

Electrical Controller 1995 - 1997

Reporting to Engineering Manager through daily meetings and providing
relevant feedback reports and ensuring safety and quality standards are
Management, training and motivation of subordinates to ensure a steady and
effective compliment of technical support.
Delegation of work to subordinates and monitoring their performance.
Ensure adherence to all workplace health and safety regulations as laid down
by KBM.
Demonstrate a responsible attitude in relationship to time keeping, work
organisation and quality control.
Carry out fault finding activities to identify necessary repair work.
Implementation of new projects, modifications and developing standards for
and performing preventive and routine maintenance of all equipment and
Carry out maintenance and repairs on machinery, instrumentation, control,
power systems and miscellaneous equipment through the utilisation of skills
acquired through the electrical engineering trade.
Attachment During Apprenticeship (Hippo Valley Estates)
Apprenticeship Training (Kariba Battery Manufacturers)
Diagnostic Skills for Technical Personnel (Organisational Training Development)
Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers (Semitic S5) (Part 1 of 3) (2001)
Reliability Centred Maintenance Training
Shona (Native language); English (Native level, 28 years spoken, written and
Skills in Microsoft packages (Excel, word, PowerPoint, Project Management,
etc), Eager to learn new skills and knowledge to carry out my expected duties.
Electronics, internet, reading novels and magazines

Available upon request.