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Breanna Welch

UWRT 1101
December 10, 2015
Final Reflective Essay
While in high school I took honors English. Always learning only one way to
write a paper. There was an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, with about five
sentences per paragraph. I always felt restricted with this way of writing, because it
was like we were not able to express ourselves through our writing, and who wants
to write when its something you dont enjoy writing about? There is a quote by
Ernest Hemingway that reads, There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it
comes easily and perfectly; sometimes its like drilling rock and then blasting it out
with charges. I believe that this quote is for every type of writing. You cannot make
rules for writing and expect it to still be great. To make write something great,
sometimes you just have to write. Without holding back, without restriction, just
write what you feel and write the way you want to write. In this class, I was able to
write the way that I wanted to write. We were able to ignore the writing structure
that we were taught in high school and just write.
While beginning college at UNC Charlotte, I was really nervous about all of my
classes, including my University Writing Class. I have never been a good writer, so I
was not sure I was going to do well. On the first day of class, I was still a little
worried. While we were looking over the syllabus and learning all of the
requirements and assignments that we were going to be doing this semester, my
nerves were getting a little worse. I wasnt sure if I was going to be able to do the
assignments successfully. Especially, when we got our first assignment, and it
seemed to be a big assignment. We were to do a literacy narrative. I had no idea
what a literacy narrative even was, much less how to successfully write one.

Writing this literacy narrative, I was able to reflect on something that I was
very passionate about, being a CNA. At first, I tried to write the essay following the
structure of what my high school English teachers taught me. Then, while going
over our rough drafts one day in class, the professor mentioned something that, I
feel, helped everybody. He mentioned that we dont have to have a structure to our
paper and to not write it like we wrote it in high school. I was a little shocked about
hearing this, because all of my high school English career I learned to use the
structure in my papers. Now that I did not have to use the structure, I was able to
actually express myself through my paper, and to really tell how passionate I was
about my CNA work. Not having those restrictions, helped me write a better paper.
Like Ernest Hemingway said, There are no rule on how to write.
Going throughout the semester, I felt pretty good about being in my writing
class. Learning about the different techniques that there were to use before writing
a paper, were very helpful. These techniques are called inventive work. Freewriting,
mapping, clustering, looping, brainstorming, and listing. All of these techniques
were helpful, but the two that I took to the most were, freewriting and mapping.
Freewriting is when you take a certain amount of time and write about a topic.
Mapping is when you plan out what you are going to write and connect everything.
Using freewriting, I was able to take sentences, words, and themes from the writing
and actually place them into my paper. With mapping, I was able to plan out my
paper, and plan out how the flow would be set up. These two invention techniques,
have helped me to write better papers and helped with the flow of my papers the
The second assignment that we had, was to write about a found genre. Once
again, I was writing about something that I had no idea about. This assignment had

to be the hardest for me this semester. Writing about a critical thinking essay is not
the most interesting topic to write about. So, I had difficulty with trying to keep a
good flow in my paper. This assignment had to reflect the second part of the Ernest
Hemingway quote my website is based around, sometimes writing is like drilling
rock and then blasting it with charges. Looking back, I would not have done this
assignment again. This assignment reflected the reasons I did not like writing in
high school.
When nearing the end of the semester, we had to write an ethnography,
which was yet another assignment I had no knowledge about. Realizing that I was
going to be able to write about something that I enjoyed and that interested me,
made me very happy. The subculture that I chose was Womens golf. Having
personal experiences with Womens golf, I felt as though my ethnography was able
to be written very well. Not only was I reflecting on my past experiences, I felt as
though I was teaching my readers about Womens golf and some of the problems
that women golfers face. Particularly, the challenges that Womens golf in high
school with inequality in funding with the Mens golf team. My ethnography was the
paper that reflected the better part of Ernest Hemingways quote, Sometimes it
comes easily and perfectly; This paper came very easy to me, since I have
experienced personally the inequality that I was writing about. However, the paper
was not perfect. I do not believe that anything could be perfect, but it was the most
perfect of my papers.
Now writing this final reflection, I feel as though I am bring the whole quote
together again. There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and
perfectly; sometimes its like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges. I
was able to describe the quote piece by piece and match it to an assignment that I

did this semester. That is why I feel that the quote ties together my entire semester
and my portfolio. It describes my experience as a writer in general, even through
high school.
In conclusion, this class has made me a better writer. It has shown me that I
dont have to follow rules to be a great writer, I just have to write. This class has
helped me to go out and actually find something to write about. To go out of my
comfort zone and to try new things that could shape my writing. Everyone has a
specific writing style, and I never knew mine until I took this class. I have constantly
said that I hated to write, but this class has helped me to find a new love of writing
that I will definitely carry with me throughout my years at UNCC.