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Khamis Juma Buamim, Chairman Drydocks World & Maritime World met with Arkadiusz

Majerski, President and CEO Deep Ocean Technology and Bogdan Gutkowski president of
Big Invest to discuss issues related to the Water Discus Hotel project including the designs,
engineering aspects and the structures.
The increased interest in the development of this futuristic project in Dubai, the UAE, other
GCC countries and other key destinations around the world was also discussed
While presenting a film and discussing a recent CNN report on the project, Majerski
reviewed the global interest in the Water Discus Hotel.
The growing interest in the concept of the Coastal Dream Cities which will build
communities in coastal waters with zero environmental effect while using future technology
to positively impact on todays lives was also discussed.
Both parties agreed to increase levels of cooperation and collaboration in order to take these
projects forward.
Water Discus Underwater Hotel
The Water Discus Underwater Hotel comprises of a number of discs underwater, at a depth
ranging from 10 to 30 meters and the others above the surface allowing guests to admire the
depths of the ocean while still being able to make the best of resort living on the surface.
The hotels, to be situated in all parts of the world will bring to its guests a deluxe hotel
combined with a real marine adventure and breathtaking views found only in the heart of the
The unique location in the heart of a vibrant coral reef will allow guests enjoy both the
tropical weather as well as the colorful underwater world.
Each room is integrated with the underwater world as closely as possible and will offer
surprisingly direct, yet safe contact with the flora and fauna including underwater vehicles
that can be operated from inside allowing a closer look at even the most microscopic
underwater creatures.
Due to its modular and unique construction design, Water Discus can be expanded and
customised to suit the surroundings and client requirements.
A single discus is an independent structure of approximately 1000 square metres fully
equipped to ensure the very highest levels of safety and comfort.
This serves as an individual module and a single component of a bigger complex.
A number of such modules may be used to build a hotel complex of a size which is suitable
both to the client and the individual location. Complexes can be situated anywhere in the
world and each design will be tailored to suit local conditions such as shape of the coast line
and ocean depth around the reef.
Another fascinating aspect is that in the event of changes in either environmental or
economic conditions the modules can be moved to a different location, offering a unique
opportunity to live underwater on a permanent basis with unlimited options to change

This mobility also allows for easier changes in the interior design of the hotel as any disc can
be detached and replaced at any time with a new one.
Zero Harm environment policy
We are delighted to be involved in this project to construct the first of its kind and very
unique Water Discus Hotel, said Buamim. It is a matter of deep pride and honour for us
that once again, we have been recognised as a facility which is able to construct and
fabricate a leading edge design and a worlds first concept.
We look forward to the launch of construction very shortly and as always we are confident
of providing a high quality structure in a cost-effective and timely basis
We also look forward to progressing discussions on the Coastal Dream Cities concept.
DDWMW is at the helm of initiatives which protect our environment such as our Zero Harm
policy and the Dubai Green Maritime Initiative.
We will strongly support this future project which uses sustainable technology with little or
no environmental impact he added.
Drydocks World is currently involved in some of the industrys cutting edge and worlds first
projects in the oil, gas and energy sectors.
These include the Dolwin Beta, the HVDC Offshore Wind Energy Platform, the Prelude
FLNG Turret, the Solan subsea oil storage and the MCV conversion projects of the Eagle
Louisiana and the Eagle Texas.