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Emily McClure


Emily McClure
151 Viking Dr. Apt 103
Rexburg, ID 83440


Table of Contents
Event Ad
Photo Design


Description: Apply the design principles and use appropriate typography.
Incorporate basic InDesign skills to improve basic flier layout. Retrieve image
and logo from links on this page. Create a project folder with image, logo and
InDesign document to keep links in InDesign intact.

Date: October 4, 2015

Course/Instructor: Visual Media Cory Kerr
Programs/tools: InDesign
Objectives: We were given content and a rubric of a creative greyscale

design for this event call the Graduate Leadership conference put on by a
specific company. We were given pictures and content, we were given pretty
much free reign otherwise. This was great because it caused us to learn about
the creative process and the programming instead of worrying about creating the
actual content.

Process: While creating this design i struggled a bit with learning the

programs and tools. It took me a while to create the design but also to convert
the piece from an InDesign file to a PDF file. I lacked the skills to do that but
thankfully i had good Teachers Assistants around me as well as experienced
friends. I loved using the FOCUS principles to go through the design process. It
made me respect it as well as learn more about it.


Graduate Leadership Conference

Do you want to have the compititive edge in businness?
Come learn how at Vouant Communications
annual Graduate Leadership Conference.
Vouant Communications is devoted to helping
tomorrows leaders gain essential
leadership skills in the workplace.
During this dynamic three-day semnar, attendees will meet with top executives of Vouant
Communications to discuss breakthrough
leadership techniques, while cultivating attributes of leadership that will market to any
Conference is available to graduating seniors.
Space is limited.
October 21st
8 a.m. 5 p.m.
Lincoln Conventioun Center

Registration and more information

available at


Event Ad
Description: Full Bleed Event Advertisement to promote a fundraiser
using Microsoft Word


October 10th, 2015

Course/Instructor: Visual Media Cory Kerr

Programs/tools: Microsoft Word
Objectives: Comprehend image sizing (how pixels and inches work

together) Find, scan and import a high-quality image. Create a full-bleed

design. Choose a color scheme and typeface(s) that work for your message
and audience. Learn to use only Word design features without using any
Adobe programs, including Photoshop.

Process: I found the image and scanned it. I worked on creating a

good context for the image. I found the two fonts and aligned them with key
pieces in the image like the ball and the children. With all of the beautiful coloring in the image I tried keep things simple. In the project i used Microsoft
Word, an hp scanner, and to convert my PDF into a JPEG File.



Photo Design
Description: This was a photo design assignment using

photoshop. We were given creative background on content because

it was more to teach us about the programming of photoshop as well
as the design principles.

Date: October 18th, 2015

Course/Instructor: Visual Media Cory Kerr
Programs/tools: Photoshop
Objectives: Learn basic photography skills. Choose a color

scheme, take a photo to match those colors, then incorporate the colors into the layout. Use a digital camera to take a quality image, then
download it. Adjust image levels, saturation, color balance, sharpen
tool on separate layers for NDE (non-destructive editing.) Size and
crop the image, then place on an 8.511 page layout. Use layers to
design text, and repeating graphic elements in Photoshop. Print with
full-bleed margins. Trim only 1/8 (0.125) from all four sides.

Process: The big part of this project was taking good images

and selecting the best one. I went out at different times and at different locations to try and get an array of different pictures to pick from.
I then went through quotes to try and get things that worked for the
project. I found that there was a lot that I could do as far as content.
I just had to find the kind of things that I wanted to do. I found that
once i found an image that i could make a plan around it made the
design process easier. I had time to sketch ideas and create more
than one idea.



Description: A spiritual montage using multiple images and textures.
Date: October 25th, 2015
Course/Instructor: Visual Media Cory Kerr
Programs/tools: Photoshop and Indesign
Objectives: Use the FOCUS design process with strong focal point

and flow Unify a layout with a consistent theme and dominant spiritual
message Learn to blend two or more images together gradually, using
masks Demonstrate more advanced Photoshop skills for layout with
multiple elements Use a mask to apply a filter to one part of the image Apply
typography principles (titles, quotes, events or scripturesyour choice)
Format type: Legibility; Small copy & Title with varying text size. Theme
word(s) Select good quality images

Process: I had to decide what could be spiritual to me. I had to find

something different that I knew to be true and then design off of that belief.
I believe that the military is one of the most selfless things a person could
be a part of. They give up their own safety for each other and their country. I
found that I needed to focus on something specific. I had to pick a message
and that was the selflessness they have. I found the images and used masks
to hide the squad from the individual soldier. I used a mask to shade the flag
and to get the white away from the seal. I had to change the opacity on the
flag and decide which layers to have on top to make it look the strongest
it could. I changed my font and color to make it stronger and work with the
color scheme.



Description: We were to pick a business of any kind, create three

logos and show the logos in the three forms it could be presented in. These
forms would be classic, grey-scale, and in front of a sold color.

Date: October 31st 2015

Course/Instructor: Visual Media Cory Kerr
Programs/tools: Adobe Illustrator
Objectives: Create three completely different, original logos to fit a

company or personal image that will appeal to the audience. Do not imitate
existing logos or use previous designs. Market research: gather opinions
from at least ten people about which logo appeals most to them. Use only the
Illustrator tools to create and draw your logos. (No Illustrator pre-fabricated
flares, symbols, etc.. No photos or live-tracing. You may use an image or
drawing as a guide to trace it with the pen/pencil, but delete the image before
submitting.) Refine one logo with variations for color

Process: For this project we focused on adobe illustrator. I went through

and sketched many ideas for my own logo. I found different ways to use my
name and symbols that indicated an event. I used shape tools to create many
of my icons with help from the pen tool. I searched the internet for different
fonts and then I took elements and pieced them into individual logos. A
balloon, a tent, and a banner. I found that the simpler the design the more I
liked it which is why I chose to refine the banner.


Description: I created a letterhead and business card for a business
with an entirely new logo. I created this one for my job here and hopefully
that will make it easier to me to create more in the future!

Date: November 8th, 2015

Course/Instructor: Visual Media Cory Kerr
Programs/tools: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign
Objectives: Use the basic tools in Illustrator & InDesign.

Create a new logo to fit a company or personal image. Do not imitate

existing logos or use previous designs. Dont use photos or live trace
Use the new logo to design consistent layouts for a business card and
letterhead. Photos are okay on business card and letterhead as additional
design elements. Letterhead should be 8.5 x 11, full-bleed optional, but trim
only .125. Business card should be 3.5 x 2 and printed above center on a
vertical page. Apply typography rules, keeping small copy. Keep designs
simple with light watermarks and drop shadows and plenty of white space.
Include contact information: name, address, phone, website, and email
on each piece. Use periods, bullets, or spaces in phone number; no
parentheses/ hyphens.

Process: I created the logos through Adobe Illustrator and organized

the rest in InDesign. I loved the content and the situation I was put into. I
had to rebrand the same logo I created before. It was fun.




Description: This week we were assigned to create a website of our

very own. We created the content, the html concept, the logo design and the
web design to match!
Date: November 22nd, 2015
Course/Instructor: Visual Media Cory Kerr
Programs/tools: HTML and CSS
Objectives: Size and optimize an original logo as a .png for a web page
so the long side is 300 500 pixels. Write content to describe the process
of creating your logo and how it appeals to a target audience. (Minimum of
200 words. Include rationale for colors, appeal to target audience, design
skills, etc,) Acquire a working knowledge of HTML. (Include all required
tags Doctype (provided), html, head, title, meta charset (provided), body,
h1, h2, p, ol or ul (with li tags), img, br, and a link to blog) Acquire a working
knowledge of CSS. (Customize the provided CSS provided to format the
HTML to complement the logo design. Change at least the following: The h1
text color & h1 background color, font colors for the paragraphs & list items,
the background color, font families and add at least one css comment.)
Identify hex colors to match logo, using Photoshop color picker. Open the
HTML page in a web browser and capture a quality screen shot with .5 inch
margins for printing.

Process: First I went through and created the content on HTML and

created the header. I planned out the links and then pulled colors from my
logo on CSS to create my backdrop and layout for my content.



Description: Full Bleed Brochure with four images and 250 original
words and brand new logo.

Date: December 6th, 2015

Course/Instructor: Visual Media Cory Kerr
Programs/tools: InDesign, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Objectives: Set up and align a two-sided, folded document. Create

an original, new logo and use it in a brochure. Incorporate quality images.

Incorporate at least four quality images, not including the logo. One should
be clipped in Photoshop and text-wrapped in InDesign so the text follows
the cutout shape of the image. Write at least 250 words of original copy in
at least three paragraphs, headers, and subheaders. Trim for a full bleed
and print in duplex (two-sided) color.

Process: I edited the photos in Photoshop, designer her logo in

Illustrator, and then I put it all together and added the boxes in InDesign.