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Pondok Al Jaafar is a school study based on AlQuran and Hadith. The purpose of the Pondok is
to educate people about the importance of
religious life and society. Pondok Al Jaafar also
provide opportunities for young people involved
with social issues such as drugs abuse, stealing,
illegal racing and the like to help people who
submit to his Creator. In the beginning, 42
students participated in this Pondok, which
mainly come from Perak, and the rest comes from other states.
The Pondok is very close to Gua Tempurung in Gopeng, Perak. From Islamic Science
University of Malaysia (USIM) the journey to get there will take about 3 hours by using the
North-South highway. Apart from the car, the way to go there can be using by bus and train.
This is our first time to go Pondok Al Jaafar, from our experience; the destination is easy to
search with by using a Waze application.
Ustaz Mohd Tarudi is the founder of Pondol Al Jaafar. He opened the Pondok with his
friends and other residents in Kampung Gunung Panjang .The villagers tried to find a village
house to use as a study of the Quran. After trying to search out the building eventually with
the help and sustenance from Allah, finally has some one of the resident agree to donated a
house to be used as a place of study Quran and Hadith .
We have visited Pondok Al-Jaafar on 23rd October 2015 on Friday. Our arrival there
was to get information about drug rehab treatment, which is practiced, in Pondok Al Jaafar.
Ustaz Mohd Tarudi welcomed our arrival along with two of his assistants and introduced
himself as ayah in this Pondok Al Jaafar.
The surrounding of the place Pondok Al Jaafar is very comfortable and refreshing.
This is because it is close to Gua tempurung and have beautiful lake around the cottage. The

situation is so gorgeous and makes us excited. Thus, indirectly revealing the beauty and
majesty of Allah s.w.t


Originally from Kuala Kangsar, Perak. Ustaz Mohd Tarudi


his early education at Clifford School in Kuala Kangsar,

Perak (1963-1975). He continued his study at the High
School of Surabaya, Indonesia's Degree in Law and
Philosophy Oratory (1975-1977), and then resumes his
studies through the Pondok base.
After completion of his studies in Indonesia, he
returned home and worked as a lecturer at Tuition Centre
Initiative at Batu Gajah, Perak (1999-2003). Next, he run his own
business and works as a part-time lecturer (2004-2005). At
the suggestion of several close friends in the village community
in Gopeng, he was asked to teach at the village with donated a house to be used as a school.
With that established of Pondok Al Jaafar, the school currently serves students and
until now they have reached as many as 76 residents, including inside Perak and outside the

Pondok Al Jaafar was founded on the purpose to disclosure the knowledge and

understanding of religious life to young people and society. The methodology employed is
towards and inculcate the concept of Al-Quran and Sunnah to be used in daily live. The
advances of technologies and the needs to adapt healthy lifestyle according to Quran and As
Sunnah is is the main objectives in this Pondok. The modern world is not an obstacle for us to
continue and to culture studying the Quran.

Healthy competition we need to learn, handle and practiced continuously. Among the
things we need to do is identify the cause of the problem of existence of economic and social
gap between us. Addressing this problem is a shared responsibility and should be done
regularly, intelligent and persistent. Monopolize knowledge and practice in the context of
ongoing is the most important factor in realizing this objective. Upholding the Quran and
Sunnah and the practice is considered one of the routes to reduce and curb the social
phenomenon that is so prevalent in the present.

To be an alternative medicine in Malaysia using the miracle of the Quran to treat a
variety of diseases, both physical, spiritual and moral




The approach based on the perspective of Islamic life in terms of activity,

business and way of life.


Focusing on remembrance, Qiamullail, group prayers and memorizing the

Quran and Hadith guidance.



Acceptance of self and responsibility for the changes that will happen is the

will of its own

Spiritual approach towards filling the empty soul
Filling the empty soul is filled with the fundamentals of Islam
6.4 Readiness and self-acceptance that is crucial in the change towards a better life
The effectiveness and success is dependent on the individual self
There is no compulsion from the rehab centre for individual change unless the
individual who is responsible for the change itself.


Based on our findings in Pondok Al Jaafar found that residents here do not have the

time stipulated by the founder. Residents can come out at any time because there is no fence
around it and residents can stay in Pondok Al-Jaafar. This is happen because majority of
resident is hard to leave this compound because of the therapeutics learning from ayah and
the unconditional positive regard from the members.


Pondok Al-Jaafar actually needs a lot of infrastructure and financial to continued their

operations.. However, it has received help and donations as follows according to Ustaz Mohd
Tarudi bin Bahari



Perak Islamic Council (MAIS)


Lembaga Zakat Perak.




Animal husbandry and agriculture

After we visited the Pondok Al Jaafar, we found it necessary to write this cottage to

get facilities and aid as follows:


The involvement of volunteer counsellors or psychologists services help by

Malaysia Counselling Association (PERKAMA) to assist members of Pondok
Al Jaafar.



Require the addition of a more complete infrastructure to facilitate group

1. activities.
Having a large area of land that has been given by the State of Perak and

this gives it an opportunity to conduct business activities and agriculture

9.3 2. The
for athe
the needsand
of supervisor
and has
a beautiful
refreshing by the
State of Perak and National Anti Drugs Abuse (NADA) to help the
3. Residents support and gives their cooperation and assistance to the Pondok
principal and resident more flexibility about the programs and help resident to
Al Jaafar
cure the drugs addiction.
4. Has livestock such as cattle, goats and chicken coop and fishery.
5. Having a blog and social sites like Facebook, which is operated by students
Pondok Al-Jaafar. This facilitates help member to continue their
relationship after the exit of Pondok Al-Jaafar.
6. Admission is free as compared to the Al-Barakah a set fee of RM600 per


7. The expertise of Ustaz Mohd Tarudi bin Ibrahim in car maintenance is the
SWOT analyses between Pondok Al Barakah in Kota Kuala Muda, Kedah.
valuable assets of the residents to learn about vocational programme.

1. The place especially in dining hall not to care very gently
2. They are no a specific module for the treatment especially with regard to
drug abuse as compared with Al Barakah
3. No of water resources (Only the use of the lake water)
4. Infrastructure incomplete and not updated.
5. There are no detox room is Pondok Al Jaafar
6. Lack of documentation aspects especially after care treatment
1. Start the attention of the Perak State Government.
2. A near workshop starts to close attention and give the training to students
in Pondok Al Jaafar
3. The various sources of income such as namely agriculture, livestock and
vehicle servicing.
4. Provide experts - to become imam, and the muazzin in a nearby mosque.


1. Threats of some villagers who said Pondok Al Jaafar studying a false

2. Lack of funds to operate due to its student intake is free compared to Al
3. The absence of the warden of the Pondok Al-Jaafar and facilitates students
to escape.
4. Harassment venomous reptiles animals because of the location is nearby of

Gua Tempurung.

Employment in Pondok Al Jaafar

Dining hall

Donation of use computer by Muamalat Bank

Ornamental fish projects


Aqiqah programme

Sport Activites

Cleaning the lake