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This drug has been studied significantly, but never in a clinical

trial on humans.
We were hopeful that the law would be overturned some day,
but we were completely stunned that it came when it did.
Animals can be a great way to get the viewer to stop
skipping through the commercials on their DVR or delay a trip
to the fridge during a commercial break.
Scientists have long known that sleeping in a cool room can
help you sleep more peacefully .
This graduation speech would be great if the message were
relevant to the students.
You're never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your
Discover card.
An example of this blurred line between fashion and its
representation is the collection of over four hundred
photographs by Pierre-Louis Pierson.
The culprit refused to say to whom the video belonged.
We love this bouquet of flowers, don't we ?
The human body isn't designed to process this form of sugar at
such high levels.

Superstar singer Beyonce has serenaded a different New York

City venue: the United Nations. Beyonce performed her song "I
Was Here" on Friday in the UN's General Assembly Hall in
honor of World Humanitarian Day, which is Aug. 19. A music
video of the performance will debut the same day.
Beyonce sang in front of hundreds, including Julia Stiles, R&B
singer The-Dream and songwriter Diane Warren, who wrote the
song. Warren said in an interview that she initially called
Beyonce's husband, Jay-Z, and played the song for him over
the phone. He quickly called Beyonce, and days later she
recorded it. It appears on her album "4," released last year.
Anderson Cooper hosted, saying with a laugh: "Is this what
happens at the UN every Friday night?"
Why did Beyonce perform at the UN?

Former Lance Armstrong teammate David George will have the

opportunity to reveal how and when he took the blood-boosting
drug EPO and if he used it when he raced with the disgraced
U.S. cyclist over a decade ago.
George admitted to using EPO in August and is facing a twoyear ban by the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport
pending a hearing that has yet to be scheduled. Any information
George provides will be weighed in deciding his discipline, said
Khalid Galant, SAIDS' chief executive. "He can name people,"
Galant said.

Armstrong was banned for life and stripped of his seven Tour de
France titles following a report by the United States Anti-Doping
Agency. Other former Armstrong teammates testified against
him in the USADA report, which said Armstrong used steroids,
EPO, and blood transfusions.
George admitted to using EPO on Tuesday soon after his
positive test was announced by SAIDS and said he would not
challenge the finding because he knew the B sample result
would be the same. He was suspended by Cycling South Africa.