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Midterm Notes


Fraternity Gang Rape

Lives with xyz
Seeks approval. Not through sex but drinking. Acquires drinking
buddy status.
Saw Laura after rape. Confronted her indirectly about it.
After Lauras rape, never went back. Moved to dorm.
Doesnt live at xyz. Engages in sex with Ed from xyz.
May be a threesome if Ed wants.
Had a close encounter with gang rape.
Strong banter. Sexually orientated. Tries to display ability to
compete and male dominance.
Participated in circle dance at own will.
From this learned that xyz gents are homophobic.
Ironic due to the xyz they behave.
Was anally assaulted by Ed, went on to publicize her views.
Regular at xyz frat.
Always intoxicated. Drunk/High on multiple drugs.
Passed out. Was gang raped.
Commonly know at xyz as Express or Train.
Gang raped whilst under the influence.
Went back to fetch glasses after a day.
Pressed charges after 5 days.
Degraded and made fun of during trial.
Uni did not protect her victim status.
Xyz only slightly punished.
She received financial aid for wining trail.
No one came out as a clear victor due to the shame and
punishment on either side.
XYZ Fraternity
Represent: Power, Masculinity and Brotherhood (Trust)
Uni is male orientated.
Believe there are 2 ways to get a girl.
1) Rivling
o Mutual body language. Agree. Dance. Then back to room.
o Requires more effort. Flexible to multiple girls.
2) Working out a Yes

Midterm Notes
o Belief that girl is never able to say no. Persuasive
technique through drugs and alcohol.
Xyz responsible for Lauras rape. Both parties intoxicated.
Joked around before trail and took pride in that they committed a
Gained feminist disapproval.
Stopped claiming that it was rape after that.
Punishment- writing project, community service, no frat for 1
2 Reasons behind the rape.
1) Xyz Reason
o Attempt to recreate abusive pornography they watched.
o Group effort.
o Claimed she asked for it. Provided consent by staying.
2) Psychological Reason
o Peer pressure
o Sexual identification. Seen by others and self as
heterosexual. Aim to increase social rank.
o Heterosexual sex sense. Done out of fear of being named
homosexual. Also fears of their own homosexual feelings.
o Insecure- only fellow xyz members knew their insecurities.
Felt as if it was masked by masculinity.
3 Other Victims of Gang Rape

Freshman. Visited frat a lot.

Uni uses sticker system to show willingness.
Trolls vs. Little sisters.
Trolls = only for sexual use. Little Sisters = friends of the frat also
for sex.
Regular sex with Tom.
Intoxicated sex with Tom. He left. She woke up feeling hurt and
with a man over her body performing rape.
Punishment: frat banned.
The Sweet Girl
Her story was published, not directly told.
Lived on campus with roommate.
Roommate urged her to not succumb to peer pressure.
Next party. Friend left. Needed a ride back. Was offered by a guy
in a frat. Convinced her to wait till done cleaning the frat.
Talked into going upstairs.
Multiple men came in, progressed into gang-bang.
Filed for rape immediately.

Midterm Notes

Roommate not supportive

Roommate sided with frat.
Frat only received light punishment.

The Sorority Girl

Pledging to sorority at the time.
Persuaded t flirt with frat members for sorority approval.
Low alcohol tolerance. Blacked Out. Woke up to gang rape.
Filed for rape.
Punishment: Frat kicked off campus.

Working Out a Yes

Phallocentric. Emphasizing masculine point of view.
Commentators sided with the frat.
She asked for it.
Lack of self-responsibility.
Blue Balled
Need to relive tension. May lead to aggression.
Sex is the cure.
Gents lead the sex due to penis.
Females crave companionship.
Blue balls caused by error in rivle.
If sex not used during pledge. Makes frat look gay.
Concept of Blowjobs.
Physiologists feel as if its gay .
Frat boys feel exact opposite due to BJ is done with no emotion,
standing OVER/ABOVE a female thus symbolizing dominance.
Love within frat seems gay to outsiders due to lack of emotional
connection to women.
Social sexual status.
4 Steps
1) Praise- during pledge, asking to join.
2) Condemnation- emotionally broken down, only thing left to offer
is their empty body and loyalty to frat. Frat takes advantage of
the molded pledgers and controls them.
3) Sacrifice- Letting go of old self. All faith placed into frat.
4) Agreement- Keep everything secret. Within the brotherhood for
life. If exposed, threatened with death.

Midterm Notes
Psychological Analytical View
Sigmund Freud
Most actions made from unconscious mind
Male Oedipus Complex.
Guy connected with mother, thus can only become a man by
killing father and raping mother.

Lucan Model
2 Parts:
1) The forbidden = Incest with mother.
2) Sacrifice = castration .