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Green Edge Systems Presents Server Room Monitoring Solutions by Sensorsoft

Sensorsoft Thermometer and Enterprise Server Package for only $189.00 . ESPAK pa
ckage includes all hardware and software needed to protect server rooms and equi
pment from temperature problems.
Woodland Hills, CA, April 02, 2010 -- Green Edge Systems, Inc., leader in techno
logy solutions for K-12 schools, present Sensorsoft, leader in low-cost high qua
lity Server Room Monitoring Solutions. Sensorsoft Corporation develops innovativ
e remote monitoring solutions for temperature, humidity, flooding, power-loss an
d physical security.
The Sensorsoft’s solution allows servers check for temperature, Humidity, Floodi
ng and Power-loss Monitoring.
Sensorsoft’s Remote Watchman Enterprise Software provides a web based and or net
worked based monitoring solutions without monitoring fees.
See why Sensorsoft is leader in low-cost quality server room monitoring solution
s by comparing prices and specifications.
Sensorsoft Thermometer and Enterprise ESPAK Server Package for only - $189.00
This plug and go package has everything you need to protect rooms and equipment
from temperature problems using a network enabled Windows machine. All software
runs as Windows services. It can alert you via email, pager and run commands whe
n temperature goes outside your set limits. The graphing tool allows you to grap
h temperature data from a web browser. This package includes ST6105C Sensorsoft
Thermometer, RWME-5 Remote Watchman Enterprise software (5 monitored item limit)
, RWMS Remote Watchman Device Server software, F1000 Velcro fastener, Quick Star
t Guide and User Manuals on CD. Save $150 by purchasing this package.
The RS-232 Networked Sensors product line includes:
• ST6105J-RS232 Temperature Sensor - $ 81.00
• SS6610C-RS232 Humidity and Temperature Sensor – $165.00
• SM6201C-RS232 Flooding Sensor - $ 125.00
• SS6201J-RS232 Water Sensor – 262.00
• SP6400J-RS232 Power-loss Sensor - $ 85.00
• SS6402J-RS232 Input Contact Sensor - $ 85.00
• ST6154J-RS232 Temperature Sensor with External Probe - $ 192 .00
The USB Networked Sensors product line includes:
• ST6105J-USB Temperature Sensor – $101.00
• SS6610C-USB Humidity and Temperature Sensor - $185.00
• SM6201C-USB Flooding Sensor - $145.00
• SS6201J-USB Water Sensor - $182.00
• SP6400J-USB Power-loss Sensor – $105.00
• SS6402J-USB Input Contact Sensor – $105.00
• ST6154J-USB Temperature Sensor with External Probe – $210.00
The Ethernet Networked Sensors product line includes:
• ST6105J-Ethernet Temperature Sensor - $219.00
• SS6610C-Ethernet Humidity and Temperature Sensor - $296.00
• SM6201CP-Ethernet Flooding Sensor - $270.00
• SS6201J-Ethernet Water Sensor - $400.00
• SP6400J-Ethernet Power-loss Sensor - $223.00
• SS6402J-Ethernet Input Contact Sensor - $223.00
• SS8002-Ethernet Temperature Sensor with External Probe - $239.00
Sensorsoft Corporation develops innovative remote monitoring solutions for tempe
rature, humidity, flooding, power-loss and physical security. Established in 199
8, Sensorsoft is committed to offering customers high quality products at a reas
onable cost. Sensorsoft s dedication to quality and high attention to detail has
kept customers like Cisco Systems devoted to using only Sensorsoft products in
their buildings around the world. Sensorsoft has earned a reputation within the
marketplace as a leader in low-cost, high quality monitoring solutions.
For detailed product information and prices –
Green Edge Systems, Inc., is a trusted leader of Technology Solutions for k-12 S
chools that include Server Room and Refrigeration Monitoring Solution, HACCP wir
eless temperature monitoring and food safety solutions, state-of-the-art afforda
ble hardware products, software and communication platforms, humidity refrigerat
ion control, K-12 Digital Signage Solutions, K-12 Digital Menu Boards and Thermo
meter Calibrators.
To get additional information on the Sensorsoft Server Room and refrigeration mo
nitoring solutions, the HACCP wireless temperature monitoring system, the iQuali
ty PAR Tech Web Based Rugged HACCP Hand Held PDA Inspection System with integrat
ed temperature monitoring capabilities, the Epicure Digital K-12 Menu systems, t
he UCView K-12 Digital Signage solutions, the HumiFilters Humidity Cooler Filter
Blankets and the Tel-Tru Check-Temp thermometer Calibrators or to set up a meet
ing and demonstration, visit us at one of the coming events or contact Green Edg
e Systems, Inc. at 818-825-8167, .
Contact information: Tommy Orpaz, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, mailto:Tommy.Orpaz@g,, http://www.servertemperatu, 818-825-8167
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