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MH-CET 2016 - Question Set -1

1. Destruction of the forest cover of any area is called

(a) dis-covering (b) deforestation (c) eforestation (d) any of these
2. Identify the false statement from the following.
(a) Precipitation is the only source of replenishing the global fresh water resource (b) Both the polar regions
receive precipitation mostly in the form of snow fall (c) Major parts of the world receive precipitation mostly in
the form of rain fall (d) Precipitation falling over the ocean surface is in the form of salty rain water (marine
4. Identify the renewable exhaustible resources from the following.
(a) Biological species (b) Wild life (c) Metals (d) All of these

12. The technique by which clonal plant propagules are raised from the shoot apical meristem explant is
known as
(a) micropropagation (b) somatic tissue culture (c) primary tissue culture (d) none of these.

16. Ocimum sanctum belongs to family

(a) Lamiaceae (b) Labiatae (c) Meliaceae (d) both a and b
17. The infected root nodule cells contain
(a) lectins (b) nitrogenase (c) carbohydrate receptors (d) bacteroids
20. The biological process of conversion of each nitrogen (N2) molecule into ammonia (2NH3) utilizes
(a) 16 ATP (b) 8H+ (c) 8e~ (d) all of these

29. In the liberation of one molecule of oxygen (02) in photolysis, how many electrons are made available
for the photophosphorylation?
(a) one (b) two (c) four (d) eight
30. Cyclic photoposphorylation occurs only when
(a) functioning of PS-I is blocked (b) light of WL longer than 680 nm only is available (c) functioning of PS-II
is blocked for some reason (d) conditions in b and /or c are prevailing
32. Formation of fructose diphosphate occurs during
(a) EMP pathway. (b) C-3 cycle, (c) TCA cycle. (d) both a and b
34. The substrates which are acted upon in those two intermediate steps in aerobic respiration which
involve participation of Co-A are respectively
(a) acetyl Co-A and succinyl Co-A (b) pyruvic acid and -ketoglutaric acid (c) isocitric acid and - ketoglutaric
acid (d) pyruvic acid and isocitric acid.

37. Which of the following is not seen in angiosperms?

(a) Indirect pollination (b) Siphonogamy (c) Zooidogamy (d) Triple fusion
39. The type of development of endosperm in angiosperms, in which cytokinesis is not at all involved is
(a) nuclear type (b) cellular type (c) Helobial type (d) none of these
42. In the developing embryo in dicotyledons, in the linear row of derivative cells of cb, the hypophysis is
(a) at the micropylar end (b) towards the terminal end of developing embryo (c) in direct contact with the
hypobasal tier of the octant (d) as stated in both b and c
43. In the sexual life cycle, which of the following is true?
(a) Meiosis follows gamete formation (b) Meiosis precedes syngamy (c) Syngamy precedes gametogenesis (d)
All of these
45. Formation of 50 zygotes in an angiosperm involves minimum
(a) 50 meiosis.
(b) 50 double fertilization.
(c) 250 mitotic cycles in male and female gametophytes combined together.
(d) all of these.
46. The characteristic typical growth curve is
(a) sigmoid.
(b) s-shaped.
(c) obtained when the rate of growth is studied against time required.
(d)all of these.
51. In J-shaped or S-shaped curves in population growth the logarithmic phase indicates
(a) stable growth a zero growth.
(b) no growth of population.
(c) slow increase in population.
(d) rapid growth or rise in population.
52. Find out the odd one as adolescent needs from following 4A's
(a) Acceptance (b) Attention
(c) Addiction (d) Appreciation used to boost self confidence
and increase alertness and tolerance
(a) cocaine (b) barbiturates
(c) amphetamines (d) heroin
54. Reverse smoking is common in the village of
(a) Andhra Pradesh (b) West Bengal
(c) Bihar (d) Orissa
55. A branch of medical science which deals with mode of transmission of communicable disease is called:
(a) Etiology (b) Immunology
(c) Epidemology (d) Toxicology
56. The typhus fever caused by Rickettsia is a
(a) Virus
(b) Bacteria
(c) Intermediate between virus and bacteria
(d) Protozoa

57. Which one of the following statements is correct?

(a) Women generally are not carriers of typhoid
(b) Men are generally twice as often carrier of typhoid as women
(c) Men and women are equal in number as typhoid carriers
(d) Women are twice as often carrier of typhoid as men.
58. Western blot test which is a confirmatory
test forAIDS specifically analyses.............
viral proteins and glycoprotein when there is active viral replication. Find out correct protein and
(a) Gp 41 and pi8 (b) Gp24 and Gp41
(c)Gp 120 and p 18 (d)gp 120 and p 24
59. Opsonisation is carried out by
(a)IgM (b)IgG (c)IgA (d)IgDandlgE
60. Anaphylactic shock is due to
(a) Allergic reaction (b) Secretion of toxins
(c) Secretion of histamines
(d) All the three

61. Pyrogens are secreted by

(a) Pathogens (b) Useful bacteria (c) Harmful plants (d) None of the three
66. Biofertilizers are
(a) Cow dung, manure and courtyard waste (b) Quick growing crop ploughed under soil (c) Anabaena and
Azolla (d) None of these
68. The term aquaculture means
(a) Inland fisheries (b) Marine fishes (c) Preparation of fish by-products (d) Both a and b
69. In................different species of fishes are cultured together
(a) Marine culture fishery (b) Capture fishery (c) Esturian fishery (d) Composite fish culture
70. Which of the following fishes are commonly preserved by salting method?
(a) Sharks Bombay duck
(b) Sardines - Meckerels
(c) Gambusia - Sword tail
(d) Electric ray - Diodon
72. Blood is a fluid connective tissue because
(a) It connects different organs through blood flow.
(b) It forms the ground substance in the body.
(c) It is fluid which contains special cells that do special jobs.
(d) It contains different organic and inorganic substances.
73. The opening of post-caval in heart of man is guarded by
(a) Semilunar valve (b) Bicuspid valve (c) Tricuspid valve (d) Eustachian valve.
74. The inelasticity in walls of arteries indicates a condition called
(a) Erythrosclerosis (b) Arteriosclerosis
(c) Atherosclerosis (d) None of these
75. In arteriosclerosis
(a) Arterial wall becomes very thin and weak.
(b) Arterial wall become inelastic and thickened.
(c) Blood coagulates even in the arteries.
(d) Haemorrage occurs through arteries.
76. Which chamber of the heart has the thickest muscular wall?
(a) Right atrium (b) Left atrium (c) Right ventricle (d) Left ventricle
79. The ureter arises from a space within the kidney called:
(a) Pelvis (b) Hilus (c) Hylum (d) Cortex

80. In kidney very high capillary bed is found

(a) Around anterior tubules (b) Around Henle's loop (c) In Bowman's capsule (d) Around collecting ducts
81. a group of epithelial cells in DTC that monitors the flow and salinity of the tubular fluid.
(a) Podocytes. (b) Foot processes (c) Macula densa (d) All the three
82. Which part of the urethra is shortest in length?
(a) Prostatic urethra (b) Membranous urethra (c) Penile urethra (d) None
83. Arcuate blood vessels are
(a) Zig-zag shaped (b) Circular shaped (c) Cross each other (d) L or U shaped
84. Which of the following animal has ventral nerve cord?
(a) Frog (b) Lizard (c) Cockroach (d) Man
85. The two cerebral hemispheres are joined by a transverse fibrous bridge or cerebral tract called
(a) Corpus spongiosum (b) Corpus callosum (c) Corpus albicans (d) Cerebral commissures
86. The Meissner corpuscles in man are sensory to touch. They are more closely spaced on
(a) Face (b) Fingers (c) Face and palmar surface of the finger tips (d) Back of the body
87. Pia mater is also known as ....
(a) Tough mother (b) Soft mother (c) God mother (d) Pretty mother
88. Which one of the following is purely a motor nerve?
(a) Olfactory -1 (b) Trigiminal V (c) Abducens - VI (d) Vagus -X.
89. In the cerebral present between parietal and temporal lobes.
(a) Central sulcus (b) Lateral sulcus (c) Parieto-occipital (d) Venral sulcus
90. Postganglionic fibres of parasympathetic nervous system are:
(a) Adrenergic (b) Cholinergic (c) Both a and b (d) None of these
91. The hormone thyroxine is a derivative of
(a) Carbohydrate (b) Amino acid (c) Lipid (d) Fatty acid
92. Growth hormone hypersecretion in the adult hood causes a disease called
(a) Cushing syndrome (b) Diabetes (c) Myxedema (d) Acromegaly
93. There are 9 hypothalamic hormones of which ..... are inhibiting hormones, that suppress pituitary
(a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 5 (d) 7
94. Sella tursica is depression for location of pituitary is present in
(a) Nasal bone (b) Vomer bone (c) Sphenoid bone (d) Frontal bone
95. Endemic goiter is caused due to
(a) Enlargement of thyroid (b) Over secretion of thyroid (c) Less secretion of thyroid (d) Excess of iodine
96. One of the following is not the function of amnion
(a) Protection of embryo (b) Prevents adhesion of embryo of extra embryonic membrane (c) To take part in the
formation of placenta (d) To keep the embryo moist in aquatic medium
97. A phenomenon in which repeated divisions of parent nucleus are followed by division into many
daughter cells is called
(a) Binary fission (b) Fragmentation (c) Regeneration (d) Multiple fission
98. The male accessory glands in the reproductive system are

(a) Prostate, seminal vesicles and Cowper's gland (b) Bulbo-urethral glands, perineal glands and mammary
glands (c) Bartholin's glands, seminal vesicles and prostate glands (d) Prostate glands, perineal glands and
Cowper's glands
99. The phase of menstrual cycle in which progesterone is dominant is called
(a) Menstrual phase (b) Follicular phase (c) Ovulatory phase (d) Luteal phase
100. The layer immediately surrounding the secondary oocyte is
(a) Non-cellular zona granulosa (b) Non-cellular zona pellucida (c) Cellular corona radiata (d) Cellular theca