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Placenta Encapsulation UK Wellness Capsules for New Mothers

The UKs 1st Placenta Encapsulation Service
Congratulations on the expected birth of your new baby. Below you will find all the information you need to help guide you through
Koala Therapies placenta encapsulation services. This information sheet is yours to print and keep as a reference guide and to help
explain placenta encapsulation to your midwife and family/friends. If you would like to book a service please email for booking
The Placenta
The placenta has long been thought of as a magical part of the creation of a baby. This incredible organ, grown in your womb and
uniquely designed for your baby, is an integral part of any pregnancy and birth. The placenta connects your body with your unborn
baby supplying essential oxygen, nutrients and vitamins, all needed to grow your precious baby. During birth women lose 1/8-1/10
of their blood supply. The mammal placenta was made to be consumed and make up for this loss by giving the new mother
essential fats, amino acids, vast amounts of iron and essential hormones to aid the body in self recovery after birth.
The benefits of consuming the placenta after birth are clearly stated in many studies when referring to mammals. In western
cultures however women seem to have forgotten over time that we too are mammals and have simply lost touch with our natural
instinct to consume the placenta following the birth of our babies. Testimonials from many enthusiastic new mothers have proven
that placentophagy is just as beneficial for humans as it is for other mammals. Studies have shown that consuming the placenta can
curb postpartum depression, replenish nutrients, increase milk production, and slow postpartum haemorrhaging.
The Baby Blues and Post-Natal Depression
The baby blues is now a named symptom of birthing and mothers are told to expect to feel sad, anxious, nervous, in doubt and very
emotional around the third day after the birth, usually when the milk engorges the breasts. These symptoms can sometimes
develop into post-partum depression. Studies have proven that the symptoms of post partum depression are linked with the severe
lack of essential nutrients such as vitamin B6 and hormone CRH (our stress reducer hormone), both which are of high supply in the
placenta. Consuming the placenta nourishes the mother of lost essential nutrients and hormones following birth and may entirely
prevent the baby blues and post-partum depression. (please see website for details about this study)
Placenta Dehydration and Encapsulation
The encapsulation process used by Koala Therapies is based on a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) where the placenta is
considered a powerful and sacred medicine, full of life force. Raven Lang, a midwife who studied Traditional Chinese Medicine,
advises the use of placenta during the postpartum course to aid in recovery from childbirth. Dehydrating and encapsulating the
placenta has become very popular in recent years in America with a company called Placenta (PBi). Koala Therapies is
the first UK based company to offer this unique service to women.

Placenta Capsules are made from 100% placenta with no added ingredients.
All equipment used is thoroughly washed and sterilised before and after each client.
The placenta is steamed with lemon, ginger and chili to adhere to TCM techniques
The placenta is dehydrated using a food dehydrator for 8 hours
The dried placenta is ground into a powder and put into vegetarian capsules

Delivering the Placenta naturally

Many hospitals/midwives now regularly administer a DS2 artificial hormone based injection to speed the third stage of labour and
the delivery of your placenta especially when delivering by caesarean section.
If its possible, delivering the placenta naturally is best for placenta encapsulation to prevent artificial hormones presenting in the
blood and placental tissues.
Having the DS2 injection does not prevent you from benefiting from placenta encapsulation nor do cesarean section births.

What should we do once the placenta is born?

Please discuss your decision to encapsulate your placenta with your midwife before the birth and add to your birth plan to ensure
the correct handling of your placenta and the respect you deserve for you decision. Your placenta should be thoroughly examined
by your midwife and she will determine whether or not your placenta is healthy and can be consumed. Once your midwife has given
you the all clear and the umbilical cord has been cut, ask your partner or doula to place your placenta in a glass dish or casserole
pot, cover with cling film or a suitable lid and put immediately into the refrigerator (or the freezer if you dont plan to make your pills
in the next 48 hours.) You may chose to keep the placenta attached for some time as it will continue to carry vital nutrients to your
baby post birth however we recommend you do not leave the placenta attached for longer than 6 hours.
Hospital and Birthing Centre Births: Bring with you a suitable container and lid to store your placenta and a portable cooler bag with
ice packs to keep the placenta cool until it is able to be transferred to your home refrigerator. Some hospitals may keep your
placenta in a refrigerator for you dont forget to take it with you when you go home. ENSURE YOUR CONTAINER IS CLEARLY
Cesarean Deliveries: Ensure your doctor and midwives are both aware you would like to keep your placenta and have your partner
bring your container with you into theatre. The hormone injection given to speed the 3 stage will not prevent you from benefiting
from placenta encapsulation.
After the Birth of your Baby
Please contact your local Placenta Encapsulation Specialist within 12 hours after the birth of your baby. We aim to encapsulate your
placenta within 24-48 hours after the birth to reduce the loss of nutrients and give you the benefits of your placenta as soon as

If for any reason we are not available within 5 days post birth, you must place your placenta in the freezer. We will
then book a suitable time within the next 7 days to make your placenta pills. You will need to thaw the placenta
naturally in the refrigerator for 24 hours before we arrive.
Raw Placenta Smoothie
Consuming a small piece of the placenta (about 2 tablespoons size) immediately after birth in a smoothie with berry fruits, bananas
and juice (do not use dairy) will encourage the haemorrhaging (normal bleeding) of the uterus to slow down and stop while also
replenishing your body with essential nutrients giving you much needed energy after birth. We can also provide this service for an
extra 10 including all organic fruits and berries. Mothers who have used a Raw Placenta Smoothie have all noted their milk came
in early on day two post-birth.
How many capsules will my placenta make and how long will they last?
Your placenta should make between 110-150 capsules for full term pregnancies. Because every pregnancy is unique, placentas will
vary in size and will therefore make different amounts. Your placenta capsules should be stored in the container given and placed in
a cool dry place away from sunlight for up to a year. They should then be transferred to the freezer and can be used to ease the
symptoms of menopause.
The empty vegetable capsules used are suitable for all cultural, religious, and vegetarian dietary requirements and are Kosher certified, preservative free and
compatible with all natural health products. No starch, sugar, corn, soy, wheat, or dairy. (All equipment used is thoroughly sterilized before and after each client.)

How often should I consume my placenta capsules?

Most women consume their capsules 3 times a day during the first 4-6 weeks post-partum or until you feel your hormones have
returned to a state of normality. It is said that taking your capsules with white wine helps disperse the nutrients around the body.
You can consume the capsules whenever you feel you may need a pick me up or boost of energy or to boost your milk supply
when breastfeeding.
It is not advised to consume your capsules if you have an infection in the body such as the flu or mastitis. It is said that the heat
energy from the capsules can delay recovery. For mastitis, homeopathic treatment is very effective Contact, a
reputable homeopathic manufacturer.

Please dont hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions or queries. If you would like to confirm your booking
for a placenta encapsulation please request a booking form. Your encapsulation should be booked at least 2 weeks before your due
date to prevent any complications.

Koala Therapies has a team of trained encapsulation specialists most of Southern England.
Hire Kits are available for mothers who live outside of the covered areas.
Visit to find an encapsulation specialist in your area.
Koala Therapies Placenta Dehydration and Encapsulation Services Explained
Home Visit

Book this service at least 2 weeks before the expected date of delivery using the booking form
Contact by your Encapsulation Specialist directly within 24 hours after the birth of your baby
We aim to visit your home within 48 hours after birth
The placenta will be cooked and prepped for dehydration during the first visit
The next visit (usually the next day) the placenta will be encapsulated
Capsules can be consumed immediately
Prices vary for each encapsulation specialist depending on where you live

Home Collection and Delivery

Book this service at least 2 weeks before the expected date of delivery using the booking form
Contact your Encapsulation Specialist within 24 hours after the birth of your baby
We will aim to collect the placenta within 48 hours after birth
The placenta will be cooked, dehydrated and encapsulated in your Specialists home
The capsules will be delivered by Special Delivery to your home address within 24 hours after collection
Prices vary for each encapsulation specialist depending on where you live

Hire Kit

Book this service at least 2 weeks before the expected date of delivery by contacting Koala Therapies at
The kit will be posted to you one week before the expected date of delivery
Hire kit comes fully stocked with all the supplies, excluding some spices, needed for the encapsulation
The capsules are made by a close friend, relative or doula of the new mother
Step-by-step instructions guide the encapsulator through each stage of the encapsulation process
Contact Lynnea by email informing date of birth and when the kit should be returned.
Kits are to be returned no later than one week post-partum
Total cost - 65 including return postage payable by cheque upon booking

Koala Therapies Placenta Encapsulation Specialists

Find a Specialist in your area to help you have a happy post-birth experience.
Lynnea Shrief Founder of Koala Therapies and Holistic Therapist Covers South London, Surrey and West Sussex and East
07908 748 187 / /
Maggie Vaughan Birth and Post-Natal Doula Covers Central, South and West London, North & East Surrey and New Forest
07752 186 167 / 0207 731 5096 /
Julie Hickey Birth Doula Covers Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Northants, Oxford, Bedfordshire and North Bucks
01908 668 689 / /
Michelle Holmes Sound Therapist and trainee Birth Doula Covers Devon and Cornwall /
Sally Cropper Birth and Post-natal Doula Covers West Sussex and East Sussex including Brighton
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