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ESSAY : DESCRIBING MY SELF (diskraibing mai self)

Introduction (introdaksyen):
My (mai) name (nem) is Agusyanti, I (ai) am (em) from Desa Tumbang Baringei,
Subdistrict (subdistrik) of Rungan, Gunung Mas Regency (regensi), Middle (midel) Kalimantan
Province (provins). I (ai) was (wos) born on Desa Tumbang Baringei at (et) August 24th (twenty
fourth) 1990 (naintin nainti). I (ai) am (em) 23 (twenti tri) years (yers) old and (en) my (mai)
religion (relijen) is Christian (kriscien). I (ai) am (em) a (e) student (scudent) of Nursing
(norsing) Department in Brawijaya Univaersity (yuniversiti) Malang and (en) I (ai) am (em) the
(dhe) fourth and (en) the (dhe) youngest (yanggest) children in my (mai) family (femeli).
Education Background (ejukesyen bekgraund):
Now (naw) I (ai) would (wud) like (laik) to (tu) tell about (ebaut) my (mai) education
(ejukesyen) background (bekgraund). I (ai) started (startid) my (mai) study (stadi) at (et)
Elementary (elementeri) school (skhul) of Tumbang Baringei, because (bikaus) there was (wos)
no Kindergarten at (et) my (mai) village (vilej) at (et) that (thet) time (taim). During (juring) 6
(siks) years (yers) in Elementary (elementeri) School (skhul), it was (wos) fun (fan) and (en)
wonderful (wanderful) time (taim), where (we) I (ai) spent my (mai) time (taim) with my (mai)
friends (frens) to (tu) play (pley) and (en) study (stadi). I (ai) was (wos) graduated (graduetid)
from my (mai) Elementary (elementari) School (skhul) in 2002 (to tausen en tu).
Then I (ai) continued (continyud) my (mai) study (stadi) to (tu) Junior High (hai) School
(skhul) for three years (yers) in Christian (kriscien) Junior High (hai) School (skul) on Tumbang
Jutuh. When (wen) I (ai) was (wos) on the (dhe) second (sekend) grade (gred), I (ai) got (gat)
third (terd) rank (reng), and (en) in the (dhe) next (neks) year (yer), I (ai) got (gat) second
(seken) rank (reng) in my (mai) class (klas). Since (sins) I (ai) was (wos) studied (stadid) on
Junior high (hai) School (skhul), I (ai) stayed (steid) with my (mai) aunt (aun), because (bikaus)
my (mai) School (skhul) was (wos) on the (de) subdistrict, (subdistrik) it is far enough (inaf)
from my (mai) village (vilej). Live (liv) far away (ewey) from my (mai) family (femeli) made
(med) me (mi) learnt (learnt) to (tu) be (bi) an (en) independent person (independent person). In
2005, (in tu tausend en faif) I was graduated ( ai wos greduetid) from My Junior High School.
(from mai junior hai skul).
In the same year, (in de seim yer) I went to Senior High School 1 of Rungan, (ai went to
senior hai skul wan of Rungan) Tumbang Jutuh. During in High School, (juring in hai skul,) I
joined extracurricular (ai joind ekstrakurikuler) like Volleyball, (laik volibol,) dance and
gymnastics. (dens en jimnastiks). I love to socialize with many people, (ai lov tu sosialaiz wit

meni pipel,) that is why I have many friends (det is wai ai hev meni frends). I stayed with my
cousin (ai steyd wit mai kausin) and I used to walked to my school during my Senior High
School time, (en ai yusd tu wolkd tu mai skul juring mai senior hai skul taim) it was not difficult
(it wos not difikelt) because I used to walked (bikaus ai yusd tu wolkd) to school (to skul) since I
was in elementary School (sins ai wos in elemeneteri skul). It was a wonderful time (it wos e
wonderful taim), because I went to school with my friends (bikaus ai went to skul wit mai frens),
we face many things together (wi feis meni tings tugeder) in good or in bad situations (in gud or
in bed situesyen). Finally I graduated from my Senior High School in 2008 (faineli ai graduetid
from mai senior hai skul in tu tausend end eit).
After I graduated (after ai greduetid) from Senior High School (from senior hai skul), I
continued my study (ai kontinyud mai stadi) in POLTEKES KEMENKES (in poltekes
kemenkes) Palangka Raya in 2008 (palangka raya in tu tausend end eit), in Nursing Department
(in noursin department). At that time, (et det taim) I lived in a boarding house alone (ai livd in
bording haus elon). I felt so lonely and sad (ai felt so lonli end sed) because I had to live so far
away (bikaus ai hed tu liv so far ewey) from my family (from mai femeli), it was not just like my
school time (it was not jast laik mai skul taime), where I could back home every weekend (wer ai
cud bek hom evri wikend). But my parents never stopped (bat mai perents never stopid) to
support me (tu suport mi) to reach my dream (tu ric mai drim) and finish my study (end finis mai
stadi). I gained much knowledges (ai geind mac nowlejs) in the college (in de kolej), especially
about health and nursing (espesieli ebout helt end norsin). The most sad experience (de most sed
ikspiriens) during my study (juring mai stadi) in the college (in de kolej) was when I took care
(wos wen ai tuk ker) of my first patient (of mai ferst pesyen), a women with burn injured (e
women wit barn injurd). She could not make it (syi kud not meik it) and passed away (en pasd
ewey) during the nursing time (juring dhe norsin taim). I was really sad at that time (ai wos rili
sed et det taim) because she was my first patient (bikaus syi wos mai ferst pesyen) during my
practice time (juring mai prektis taim) in Doris Sylvanus hospital (in doris silvanus hospital),
Palangka Raya. I got so much knowledges (ai got so mac nowlejs) during my practice (juring
mai prektis) and I learnt how to take (en ai learnt haw tu teik) an action to help the patient (en
eksyon tu help de pesyen) like give an infusion (laik giv en infusyen). I graduated from
POLTEKES in 2011 (ai graduetid from poltekes in tu tausend end ileven).
I worked in an internal disease clinic (ai workd in en internal disis klinik) after I
graduated from my college (after ai graduetid from mai kolej). I applied everything (ai eplaid
evriting) about nursing (ebaut norsin) that I got during my study (det ai gat juring mai stadi) in

the college (in de kolej). I warked from 6 p.m. (ai workd from siks pi em) until all patients had
their turn (antil ol pesyens hed their tern), sometimes I would back home lately (samtaims ai wud
bek hom letli) because there were so many patients who needed help (bikaus der wer so meni
pesyens whu nidid help). I was so glad to help the others (ai wos so gled to help di aders),
especially to take care of the sick people (espesiali to tek ker of dhe sik pipel), even I was so
tired (iven ai wos so taid), I was so glad (ai wos so gled) because I could earn my own money
(bikaus ai kud ern mai aun mani).
In 2013 (in dhe tu tausend and thertin), I continued my study (ai kontinyud mai stadi) to
take my scholar degree in nursing (tu tek mai skolar degri in norsin), in Brawijaya University,
Malang. Once again (wans egein), I felt so sad (ai felt so sed) because I burdened my parents
(bikaus ai bardend mai perens) with my school tuition (with mai skul tuesyen), moreover
(morover), my father is only a retired (mai fader is onli e ritaird). My parents keep working (mai
perens kip working) even in their age (iven in deir ej), where they should not work anymore (wer
dey sud not work enimor), but they do it only for me (bat dey do it onli for mi) , to support my
study (tu suport mai stadi). I proud of my parents (ai praud of mai perens), because they always
support me (bikaus dey olweys suport mi) and motivate me to continued my study (en motivet
mi to kontinyud mai stadi). Their encouragement (deir enkaurejmen) is my motivation in study
(is mai motivesyen in stadi). I learn so hard (ai lern so hard) and try to do everything I can (end
trai tu du evriting ai ken) in my study (in mai stadi) even with all my weaknesses (iven wit ol
mai wikneses), I keep struggling (ai kip stragling). I always pray to The Lord (ai olweys prey tu
de Lord), Jesus Christ (Jises Kraist) so that my family and I (so det mai femeli en ai) always in
His blessing (olweys in His blesing).
My Dream (mai drim):
To be a professional nurse (tu bi e profesional nurs).
My Strategies to reach my dream (mai stratejis tu ric mai drim):
1. To do everything with integrity of heart (tu du evriting wit integriti of hart) and always
pray to The Almighty God (en olweys prey tu de olmaiti Gad), Jesus Christ (Jises Kraist).
2. Keep studying to broaden my knowledge (kip stadiying tu borden mai nolej), especially
in nursing (espesiali in norsin). Never stop learning (never stop lerning) and keep
struggling (en kip stragling) to get the best result (tu get de best risalt).
3. Started with a feeling (startid wit e filing) which is never be burdened (wic is never bi
bardend) by the purpose of life (bai de purpos of laif).

4. Work hard and never give up (work hard en never giv ap), because nothing is impossible
in this world (bikaus nathing is imposibel in dis world) if I continuously be dilligent and
be patient (if ai kontinyusli bi dilijen en bi pesyen).
5. Never change the purpose (never ceng de purpos), consistent in reaching my dream
(konsisten in ricing mai drim). Face all the things along my journey 9fes ol de tings elong
mai jorni) and find the best way to face it (en fain de best wey tu fes it). Be ready all the
time to face all problems (bi ridi ol de taim tu fes ol prablems) as if I have more energy
(es if ai hev mor inerji) and power to reach my destiny (en pawer tu ric mai destini).
6. Overcome the fear (overkam de fir), we will find that we have succeed (wi wil fain det wi
hev saksid) to increase our self-confidence (tu inkris awer self-konfidens) to reach a
better life (tu ric e beder laif).
7. To encourage my own self (tu enkaurej mai aun self), parents and my family (perens en
mai femeli) is my biggest motivation (is mai bigest motivesyen) to reach my dream (tu
ric mai drim) and to be a bettter person (en tu bi beder person). With all supports and
encouragements (wit ol suports en enkaurejmens) from my beloveds (from mai bilovs) I
can keep moving forward in this struggle (ai ken kip muving forward in dis stragel).
SWOT Analysis: (swot analisis)
1. S: Strength (streng)
Situation or condition that become my strength are: (situesyen en kondisyen det bikam
mai strengt ar)
a. Take responsibility for my own self (teik risponsibiliti for mai aun self)
b. Independent (independent)
c. Thrifty (trifti)
d. Never give up even when I face difficulties and keep trying to be better (never giv
ap iven wen ai feis difikelts en kip traing to bi beder)
e. It is my pleasent to listen and give questions about ones experience (it is mai
plisent tu lisen en giv kuesyen ebout wans ikspiriens)
f. I am good in socialize (ai em gud in sosialaiz)
g. I have strong desire and motivation (ai hev strong dizayer en motivesyen)
2. W (dabel yu): Weakness (wiknes)
Economically difficult (ekonomikeli difikelt)
Lack of self-confidence when I have to talk in front of many people (lek of selfkenfidens wen ai hev to tolk in front of meny pipel)
Forgetful person (forgetful person)
Lazy (sometimes) (lezi (samtaims)
Not really good in English (not rili gud in inglis)
Difficult to take a decision immediately (difikelt tu teik e disisyen imedietli)
3. O: Opportnity (ou: opurtuniti)

a. I have many friends with different skills so that I can learn from them (ai hev
meny frens wit difren skils so det ai ken learn from dem)
b. I take an English course to improve my English ability (ai teik en inglis kours tu
impruv mai inglis ebiliti)
c. I have many friends who work in health field so that we can share knowledge one
another (ai hev meny frens hu work in health fild so det wi ken syer nowlej wan
d. Saving and live economically, there are many entrepreneur chances to earn money
(seving en liv ekonomikeli, der ar meny entrepreneur cans tu ern mani)
4. T: Threat (ti: trit)
a. Experienced workers (nurses) who have skill and ability more than me
(ikspiriensd workers (nours) hu hev skil end ebiliti mor den mi)
b. Honorary is given priority in CPNS selection, beside that, the compitition between
scholar graduate is increase ( honoreri is given prioriti in CPNS seleksyen, bisaid
det, de kompetesyen bitwin skoler gredueit is inkris)
c. Lack of working experience, especially in health (lek of working ikspiriens,
espesieli in helth)
d. Lack of time to study and learn about the other things (lek of taim to stadi end
learn ebout di ader tings)
ESSAY : MY INTEREST IN NURSING (isay: mai interest in noursing)
1. My interest in nursing is: In pediatrics, children psychological management. (mai interest in
norsin is: in pediatriks, cildren psikolojikal menajement)
2. Inovation: (inovesyen)
a. Expand all sorts of psychologycal intervention in children that effectively decrease pain and
anxiety, and increase the childrens acceptence in medical treatment. (ikspand ol sorts of
psikologikal intervensyen in cildren det ifektivli dikris pein end ensaieti, en inkris de cildren
ekseptens in medikal tritmen).
b. To do a research for an effective intervention base on the childrens condition. ( tu du e riserc for
en ifektiv intervensyen bes on de cildrens kondisyen).
c. Develop and reform the institution that apply the intervention and introduce the intervention that
have not been applied yet. (develop en riform di institusyen det eplai de intervensyen en introjus
di intervensyen det hev not bin eplaid yet)
d. The example of the intervention: (di ikzampel of intervensyen)

Education (ejukesyen)
For example: (for ikzampel) Giving an explanation to the children (giving en eksplenesyen tu de
cildren) about disease and the treatment or medical action that will be given to them. (ebout disis

en de tritment of medikal eksyen det wil bi given to dem)

Distraction Technique (distreksyen tehnik)

For instance: (for instens) Therapist help, (terapist help) watching cartoon, (wocing kartun)
reading a book, (riding buk) singing a song, (singing e song) playing a toy, (pleying e toy) telling
a funny story (teling e fani stori). The distraction treatment (de distreksyen tritment) is shifted the
childrens (is syiftid de cildrens) attention before and after, (etensyen bifor en after) and during
the medical and nursing treatment. (en juring de medikal end noursing tritment)

Emotional Support (emosional suport)

The nurse should accompany the children (de nurs sud ekompeni de cildren), always be there to
listen to them (olweys bi der tu lisen tu dem) about their feeling (ebout deir filing), the nurse
should motivate the children (de nurs sud motivet de cildren) to tell their feeling (tu tel deir

Social Support (sosial suport)
For example (for iksampel): the social support from parents (de sosial suport from perens) and
childrens friends (en cildren frens) are very important (ar veri importen). The parents should
involved (de perens sud involv) during the procedure process (juring de prosedur proses). It is
suggested (it is sajestid) that the children should interact (det de cildren sud interek) with the
other patients (wit di ader pesyens) from the same age (from de sem ej) to share and play
together (tu syer en pley tugeder), the nurse should fasilitate this interaction (de nurs sud fasilitet

dis intereksyen) between the children (bitwin de cildren).

Relaxation (rileksesyen).
To make the children relax (tu mek de cildren rileks), there are several actions (der ar several
eksyens) that need to do during the treatment (det nid tu du juring de tritmen), they are (dey ar):
respiration practice (respiresyen prektis), massage (masaj), self-encouragement (selfenkaurejmen),





e. The example of psychological management (di ikzampel of psikolojikal menajement)

intervention research (intervensyen riserc) is in the journal entitled (is in de jurnel entiteld)
Psychologycal Interventions Helping Pediatric Oncology Patients Cope With Medical
Procedures: A Nurse-Centered Approach (psikolojikal intervensyesn helping pediatrik onkoloji
pesyen koup wit medikal prosejurs: e nours-senterd eproach) which is very useful to help the
development of children nursing intervention in children psychological management. (wic is veri
yuseful tu help de development of cildren norsin intervensyen in cildren psikolojikal