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Wireless Network Engineering Software

version 3.3

Prediction and Measurement-based

Planning and Optimisation

Native 64-bit Application

Multi-RAT Network Modelling

High Performance GIS

In-built Automation and

Customisation Capabilities

Atoll is a 64-bit multi-technology wireless network design and optimisation platform that supports wireless
operators throughout the network lifecycle, from initial design to densification and optimisation.
Atoll includes integrated single RAN multiple RAT network design capabilities for both 3GPP (GSM/UMTS/LTE) and
3GPP2 (CDMA/LTE) technology streams. It provides operators and vendors with a powerful native 64-bit framework
for designing and optimising current and future integrated multi-technology networks. Atoll supports
multi-technology HetNets, small cell planning, and Wi-Fi offloading.
Atoll 3.3 new Live module allows integrating live network measurement data such as KPIs and UE/MDT
(minimisation of drive tests) traces with predictions and adds open-loop SON capabilities to Atoll.
Atolls integration and automation features help operators smoothly automate planning and optimisation
processes through flexible scripting and SOA-based mechanisms. Atoll supports a wide range of implementation
scenarios, from standalone to enterprise-wide server-based configurations.
With more than 6500 active licenses installed with 450+ customers in 115 countries, Atoll has become the industry
standard for radio network planning and optimisation.

Supported Technologies







Microwave Links


Atoll uniquely combines architectural and functional features that provide operators with a powerful, scalable, and
flexible framework for streamlining their network design and optimisation processes.

Native 64-bit Application

Atoll as well as all of its components and modules are native 64-bit applications with no restrictions on project size
and memory usage. Atoll provides limitless possibilities and enhanced performance in demanding situations such
as multi-technology Monte Carlo simulations as well as urban and network-wide predictions.
Atoll 64-bit architecture allows operators to cope with complex multi-technology networks, and to successfully deal
with extremely high network densities in HetNets with small cells.

Multi-technology Network Modelling

Atoll is a comprehensive multi-technology radio planning and optimisation platform which includes unified
multi-technology GSM/UMTS/LTE (3GPP) and CDMA/LTE (3GPP2) traffic models, Monte Carlo simulators, and ACP
(Automatic Cell Planning) module. Atoll can model the traffic-related aspects of multi-technology networks and
dynamically spread and offload traffic between multi-technology HetNet layers including Wi-Fi and small cells.

Prediction and Measurement-based Planning and Optimisation

Atoll offers unique capabilities of using both predictions and live network data throughout the network planning
and optimisation process. Live-network data (KPIs and UE/MDT traces) add real-world information and allow for a
better modelling of traffic evolution, identifying hot-spots, and tuning propagation data. Live-network data can be
also used to drive the planning process (small cell selection) and to steer the optimisation algorithms of the AFP and
the ACP.

High Performance GIS

Atoll incorporates a high-performance built-in geographic information system (GIS) exclusively designed for radio
network planning and optimisation. Atolls 64-bit GIS engine allows working with high-resolution and large-scale
geo data while delivering high performance in data manipulation and display.
Atoll supports web map services, online maps (Bing, OSM, etc.), and standard formats including BIL, TIF, BMP, Vertical
Mapper, ArcView, MapInfo, etc. Atoll smoothly interfaces with commonly used desktop GIS such as MapInfo and

In-built Automation and Customisation Capabilities

Atolls in-built task automation and integration capabilities enable data as well as service-level integration, allowing
operators to automate and streamline network optimisation activities on the way to SON. Atolls data exchange and
integration capabilities enable integration within service-oriented architectures (SOA) and enterprise service buses
(ESB). Moreover, Atolls C++ software development kit (SDK) allows customisation and implementation of functional
value-added modules for Atoll.


Modular Configuration
Atoll Core is the central module that supports the user interface, GIS features, the propagation modelling engine,
data management services, interfaces, and software development and automation tools. All technology modules
run on top of Atoll Core.
Atoll 3.3 includes a new Live module which allows combining PM data such as KPIs and UE traces (including MDT
traces) with predictions in Atoll and adds open-loop SON capabilities to Atoll. Using the Live module, the Atoll ACP
can integrate KPIs and geolocated UE/MDT traces to drive the optimisation and site selection/configuration
Atoll Microwave is a comprehensive microwave link planning software. It is based on the Atoll Core platform and can
be integrated with Atoll radio-planning configurations. Atoll Microwave version 3.3 includes new nLOS/NLOS
capabilities, in addition to advanced LOS modelling.
Aster is a high-performance propagation model for Atoll that supports macro, micro, and small cell urban
propagation scenarios. Aster includes advanced ray-tracing propagation techniques and combines high accuracy
with superior calculation speed.
CrossWave is a universal high-performance propagation model developed by Orange Labs. It supports all wireless
technologies and all types of environments, from rural to dense urban areas.









Atoll Core


Microwave Links
Backhaul Capacity


Optional for the selected technology

Check our Products pages at for more details about the Atoll platform and technology modules.


Live Module
Atoll 3.3 and its new Live module break the traditional barrier between prediction-based and measurement-based
planning and optimisation tools. Atoll 3.3 allows incorporating KPIs and UE/MDT traces in order to combine
predictions with real-world information in a number of Atoll features. By combining measurement-based and
prediction-based approaches, Atoll provides operators with an extended accuracy and scope of use, ultimately
delivering Augmented Planning and Optimisation.
The Live module adds live network data management, processing and display features into the Atoll platform, and
enables measurement-based functionalities in technology and optimisation modules.


Traffic Modelling and Heat Maps

Support for multi-technology KPIs

Import and management of KPIs from various sources
(flat files and database connections)
KPI editor allowing user-definable thresholds and
KPI display on map as transmitter or cell
coverage/service/interference attribute

KPI-based traffic demand map combining cell

statistics and coverage plots
Creation of weighting (heat) maps from UE/MDT
Generation of UE/MDT trace-based traffic maps

UE/MDT Traces

Support for prediction-based and KPI-based

objectives in the ACP
Support for prediction-based and
measurement-based heat maps and traffic maps in
the ACP
Hybrid prediction-based and measurement-based
ACP cost function/driving function

Automated Cell Planning (ACP)

Support for multi-technology UE/MDT traces

Live connections to multiple UE/MDT trace sources
(flat files and database connections)
UE/MDT location and measurement display on map

Measurement and Prediction-based

Coverage Plots

Automated Frequency Planning (AFP)

Measurement-based coverage plots

Hybrid coverage and service plots based on a
combination of predictions and live-network data

Hybrid KPI and prediction-based automatic

PCI/PRACH RSI planning
Support for prediction-based and KPI-based
automatic frequency planning

Neighbour Planning
Hybrid KPI and prediction-based automatic
neighbour planning (ANR)
KPI-based tuning of black, white, and neighbour lists


Powerful Radio Planning

& Optimisation Platform

Combined with one or several technology modules, Atoll Core delivers the general features shared by all Atoll
modules, integration and automation modules, and 3rd party products. Based on an object-oriented architecture
specifically designed for radio planning and optimisation, Atoll Core is a native 64-bit scalable platform that
supports large-scale projects in a user friendly and easy-to-administrate environment.
The Atoll platform enables integrating live network data into the planning and optimisation process, allowing users
to combine predicted and real network data. Supported data include CW measurements, drive test data,
interference matrices, and live network data. Its automation and integration capabilities allow Atoll to be used to
implement SON use cases as automated planning and optimisation tasks.
The Atoll platform has been designed to handle extremely large amounts of data involved in the radio planning
process: site and network database, geographic data, path loss matrices, CW measurements and drive test data, as
well as KPIs and UE/MDT traces. Atoll includes advanced data management, processing and display techniques to
support the higher order of magnitude in data volume that comes with real-network data such as UE and MDT


About us

Forsk at your side

Forsk is an independent software company providing

operators and vendors with wireless network design
and optimisation products. Atoll, Forsks flagship
product, is 64-bit multi-technology wireless network
design and optimisation software that allows operators
to streamline planning and optimisation activities by
combining predictions and live network data. With
more than 6500 active licenses installed with 450+
customers in 115 countries, Atoll has become the
industry standard for wireless network design and

Since the first release of Atoll, Forsk has been known for
its capability to deliver tailored and turn-key radio
planning and optimisation environments based on
To help operators streamline their radio planning and
optimisation processes, Forsk provides a complete
range of implementation services, including
integration with existing IT infrastructure, automation,
as well as data migration, installation, and training

Forsk distributes and supports Atoll directly from

offices and technical support centres in France, USA,
and China as well as through a worldwide network of
distributors and partners.


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