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Video Resume 2016

1. To allow students to reflect upon their selection potential in an organized way.
2. To effectively prepare to present oneself in an employment or selection
3. To practice effective communication skills via a video presentation.
Pick a specific position you would like to apply for and create a video resume for that employer.
You will prepare and present a two minute video-recorded resume in which you will package
yourself in the best light for prospective interviewers. "Package" can be assumed to mean a
wide variety of "things" including communication ability, dress and appearance, education, and
skills. This video resume should be done in such a way that it will "get you the interview." That
is the spirit of the assignment. Be creative if you are handy with production equipment, let it
show! If you are skilled in digital design, show me!
You are to record yourself or have a family member/friend record you and then submit the file
in a format that is viewable by others (for example, uploading it to Youtube and then
submitting the link to me).
Some Helpful Guidelines



Do practice timing yourself and rehearing in advance of the recording session.

Do arrive promptly for the video resume recording session.
Do dress appropriately. The camera shots will be waist-up.
Do avoid glaring colors, reds and whites particularly. Avoid overly sparkling jewelry,
etc. that may steal attention from you and your skills.
Do have an organized beginning, body, and conclusion for the video resume.
Do include smooth transitional sentences with the presentation that show a clear
sense of purpose and direction to the interview.
Do include only important facts and the substantive content that a prospective
interviewer would need to know in order to decide whether to grant you an inperson interview.
Do include effective verbal language style, clarity, and correct grammar.
Do use effective nonverbal cues such as:
a. .Established eye-contact (but avoid the fixed stare or glare into the eye of the
b. Appearing enthusiastic, motivated, poised, and self-confident.
c. Displaying the posture that is professional, yet somewhat relaxed.
d. Using appropriate vocal projection and pronunciation.
Do be creative, yet business-like.
Do include subtle, although brief persuasive appeals effectively.
Do appear assertive.
Do seek a specific response from the prospective interviewer.
COM 325

Video Resume 2016



Do not take this assignment lightly. Please. Your grade will reflect
Do not forget to use the Do's list as a checklist in completing the project.
Do not try to get away with an unprepared-improvised or an under-prepared
presentation. Those kind of results will be obvious to everyone who views it.
Do not disrespect the time limit by going too far over or under the allotted time.
Do not use rigid or "frozen" posture.
Do Not appear aggressive or timid.
Do not look down at note cards, if possible. In contrast to a traditional public
speaking situation, this can appear very distracting during a short video message.
Remember this is neither a public speech nor a dyadic interview situation!
Do not approach this assignment with a negative attitude. It is something different,
that is true, but it is challenging and can be a lot of fun with the right attitude.

This learning opportunity will be graded as per the rubric provided on Blackboard. Youll receive
feedback on the rubric directly in Blackboard.

COM 325