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Program Title: Backyard Homesteading Forum

Target Audience: Anyone ages 16 and up who is interested in turning their backyard
into a productive wonderland with gardening, chickens, bees, food preservation, fruit
trees, and more!
Program Description: The program will start with a brief PowerPoint introduction to
backyard homesteading; it will outline why homesteading is becoming popular, and the
most common and successful homesteading projects. We will have 6-7 presenters: a
beekeeper, chicken keeper, Master Gardeners club, Maryland Extension Service, and 1
or 2 local farmers or homesteaders. Each presenter will give a short talk on their area of
expertise (about 10 minutes). Each presenter will also have a table set up with additional
information. After the brief talks, people will be free to visit any tables they wished to
gather more information and ask questions of the presenters. The library will also set up a
table with relevant materials on homesteading for patrons to look through or check out
with a library card.
Need for Program: Interest in backyard homesteading is rising. People are becoming
more interested in saving money and producing healthy, organic food and household
products themselves. Our area has a high poverty rate, but also has a ton of green space
that could be used very productively.
Potential Community Partners: Maryland Extension Service, Master Gardeners Club,
Allegany County Health Department, Local Farmers and Homesteaders
Steps to Create the Program:
- Contact presenters and set a date and time
- Have brochures printed for distribution at branches
- Advertise on librarys website, Facebook, and local radio
- Prepare a short introduction to homesteading PowerPoint
- Gather relevant materials from the librarys collection for display/check out
- Set up table displays with presenters
Mission: The Backyard Homesteading Fair supports our library systems mission to
enrich the lives of patrons by promoting lifelong learning, opportunity, and our
community. The program will help to connect members of the community to local
resources and organizations.
Evaluation: Participants will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire at the close of the

December 10, 2015

Backyard Homesteading Forum

PRESS RELEASE - Allegany County Library System

Kate Livengood
Allegany County Library
31 Washington Street
Cumberland, MD 21502
301-777-1200 Fax 301-777-7299

For Immediate Release

On Wednesday, December 23nd, the Allegany County Library System will host a
Backyard Homesteading Forum. The forum will begin at 6:00 pm at the Washington
Street Branch, and will feature information on gardening, beekeeping, chicken keeping,
food preservation and more. Short talks will be presented by the Allegany County Health
Department, Master Gardeners Club, Extension Service, and local farmers and
homesteaders. This forum is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be
served. For more information, stop by any branch of the Allegany County Library
System or visit the library website at .
--- This event will be advertised on the librarys website, Facebook page, and on local
radio 1-2 weeks in advance.

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