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GEA Niro Process Technology

for Dairy and Formulated Products

engineering for a better world

GEA Process Engineering

T h e b o nd s o f m i l k a r e s t r o nge r t h an t h e b o nd s o f b l o o d
Gaelic Proverb

L ea v e t h i s flap o pen w h i le r ead i ng

From Milk Delivery

to Finished Product




Agglomerated Milk Powders

Infant Formulae
WPC, Permeate, and Lactose
Coffee Whitener

Liquid Treatment
and Concentration

page 12-13

Spray Drying

page 14-16


page 4-11

Multi-Stage Dryer, MSD
Tall Form Dryer
Integrated Filter Dryer, IFD

After Treatment

page 17-18

Fluid Bed After-Dryer/Cooler

Powder Handling

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Sanitary Design

page 20

Safety Precautions

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Customer Services

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1. Reception


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2. Storage
3. Evaporation
4. Feed system
5. Spray dryer
6. After treatment
7. Powder storage
8. Powder packing

The full range of


dairy and formulated


products all


processed in
GEA Niro plants

Crystallized whey
Milk permeate
Milk protein
Skim milk
Whole milk

Acid whey
Demineralized whey
Sweet whey
Whey, delactosed
Whey protein concentrate (WPC)


Formulated products
Infant formulae
Cocoa milk with/without sugar
Coffee whitener

Thousands of GEA Niro dairy

Know-how through R&D

Fat filled milk

GEA Niro know-how is founded on

Fat filled whey

comprehensive research and development

Ice cream

and strengthened through co-operation with

Milk replacer

dairy organisations and universities.


Product Testing


liquid processing,

Customers from all over the world come to


evaporation, and drying

GEA Niro to test new products in our pilot


test facilities. Before being launched onto the


market, most of our own new developments

Condensed milk

are tested full-scale at leading dairies.

Fermented milk products

plants operate daily all over

the world. Our engineering
ranges from single pieces of
equipment to complete
plants, handling milk all the
way from reception through

to final bagging off.

Hydrolyzed dairy products


page 2

Dairy Data
A P P R O X I M AT E LY 6 5 5
m i ll i o n t o nne s o f
m i l k w e r e r ep o r ted
prod u ced i n the
w o r ld i n 2 0 0 7

Design for
From liquid to powder,
GEA Niro takes products all the way

products with particular features

agreement with official standards,

In milk, Nature has created a unique

poses new challenges for the plant

and superior hygiene and safety are

way of feeding little ones safely and

designer. Whey products in particular

integral features of every modern

completely. Children need plenty of

are difficult to dry due to their high

GEA Niro plant.

milk to build bones and teeth, and

contents of lactose and minerals,

milk also supplies essential fat and

but new techniques, developed by

Durable Relationships

proteins. Finally, milk plays a major

GEA Niro, now enable even these

At GEA Niro, we take pride in keeping

role in food for adults with essential

products to be dried with success.

good relations with our customers.

This is illustrated by the fact that most

vitamins and minerals.

Design for Performance

new business comes from satisfied

Dried Dairy Products

GEA Niro is an engineering company

customers who want to enlarge their

Spray drying makes milk widely

specialising in evaporation, spray

production capacity, up-grade plants,

available, independent of local supplies

drying and complementary processes.

or invest in new processes. GEA Niro

of fresh milk, and it expands the

Every plant is designed carefully to

stays at the forefront of the dairy

use of dairy products in food-stuffs.

meet individual product specifications.

process business supported by local

An increased demand for speciality

Mechanical execution is always in

representatives all over the world.

page 3

Agglomerated milk
powder dissolving
quickly in cold water

Atomizer wheel
for milk drying.
Peripheral wheel
speed 100-200 m/s

Every day, millions of litres of milk

are processed into dry products. By far
the largest part ends up as ordinary
skim milk and whole milk powders.
These products are market commodities
with little requirement for product
functionality. Consumer demand for
specific product properties, particularly
in the food industry, has resulted in
the development of many different dry
dairy products, ranging from instant
whole milk powder to speciality food
ingredients. Thus the dairy industry
invests heavily in the development and

Milk Powders
The art of achieving perfect
product functionality

production of such products, often in

close collaboration with specialists from
GEA Niro.

Milk is unique in its content of
valuable nutrients. Both the chemical
composition and the physical properties
of the milk powder play an important
role in its use with quick and complete
reconstitution adding convenience to the

Small single particles dissolve instantly
in water. Powder consisting of small

GEA Niro sets the trend in

modern process plant design.
We meet specific requirements
to powder properties, while
always keeping plant

page 4

particles is, however, difficult to

disperse. Big particles are easy to
disperse in water, but dissolve only
partially. Agglomeration optimises quick
dispersion of the agglomerates as well

performance and drying

as quick and complete dissolution of the

economy in focus.

small particles forming the agglomerate.

milk powder

Dairy Data
7 m i ll i o n t o nne s
o f m i l k p o w de r s
w e r e r ep o r ted
prod u ced i n the
w o r ld i n 2 0 0 7

Furthermore, agglomeration improves

Homogenization of the whole milk

the products flowability and reduces

concentrate prior to drying reduces the

dust problems during powder handling.

content of free fat in the final powder.

However, to be called instant whole

Agglomeration is a result of wet and/

milk powder, it must be agglomerated

or semi-dry particle collision. Control is

as well as have a surface-active agent

achieved by returning dry fine powder

(lecithin) applied to improve water

to the wet spray during different

affinity. The product then becomes

stages of spray drying. Mastering the

instant even in cold water.

Nozzle atomizer
with four nozzles
and fines return

agglomeration techniques is the art

of modern spray drying the art of


GEA Niro.

High Protein Powder

Powders with high protein content have

Plant operation and economics are

a very high affinity to water. During

other important parameters. GEA Niro

rewetting, such powders dissolve so

product specialists and plant designers

quickly that the particle surface instantly

keep those factors in mind when

turns into a gel, which prevents

designing spray drying plants to meet

further water penetration. The product

our customers individual needs.

is left as gel lumps with dry material

inside. Agglomeration and a surface-


active agent, such as lecithin, can be

Whole Milk Powder

used to control dissolution speed. And

In whole milk powders, some of the fat

controlling the spray drying process

is present as free fat. Free fat rejects

again improves powder functionality.

water making it impossible to dissolve

these powders properly in cold water.

Microphoto (x300)
of agglomerated
whole milk powder
from an MSD
page 5

Pressure nozzle. Nozzle

atomization results in
good powder flowability

Complete milk
powder factory

Infant Formulae
as a reliable alternative


ingredient in the final blend along with

Infant formulae are developed to be as

whey proteins, demineralized whey,

close to human milk as possible. The

maltodextrine, lactose, essential fatty

requirements. GEA Niro adds

digestive system develops as the baby

acids, vitamins, and minerals.

process and design expertise

grows older, and formulators must take

Every producer of infant

formulae has individual
recipes and product

delivering plants to meet

even the strictest demands
on product standards.

this into account. Furthermore, most

Ingredient Mixing

producers have developed products

Infant formulae must be blended to

tolerated by hyper-allergic babies. As

the precise composition. The various

cows milk differs in composition from

ingredients come as dry powders, solid

human milk, it is used only as an

fat or liquid oil, and milk concentrate.

Sanitary T-profiles in the

page 6

CIP nozzles in the VIBRO-FLUIDIZER above

and below the air distribution plate

Infant formulae production involves

designed to minimize product heat

All surfaces in contact with the

several handling procedures such as

exposure. Since most infant formulae

product are made of stainless steel or

dissolution, melting, and mixing. The

are required to be instant, the preferred

other materials accepted and approved

blends need cooling, pasteurization,

dryer is typically designed to allow for

by the authorities (FDA). Bends are

pre-concentration, and homogenization

product agglomeration during drying.

smooth, surfaces are polished, and

prior to drying. Integrating each

All these features add to the quality of

hollow spaces and cavities are avoided

separate process into a continuous

the formulated product.

in the plant design. Finally, the plant

is supplied with built-in CIP facilities

process calls for the best expertise on

the market the expertise of GEA Niro.

Infant formulae Drying

Meeting Hygienic Standards

allowing producers to meet even the

Every GEA Niro plant meets the

strictest hygiene requirements.

strictest hygienic standards.

Before drying, the wet mix is

preconcentrated in an evaporator
finisher to reduce production costs.
The concentrate is then dried in one
of GEA Niros special spray dryers,

Dairy Data
H u m an m i l k h a s o ne
of the highest
co n te n ts of lactose
( mil k s u g ar ) , 6 . 4 % .
C ow s mil k has
a lactose co n te n t
of 4 . 6 %

page 7


Valuable nutrients
available at low price.

therefore, have problems with product

Every litre of milk used in cheese

deterioration. The high bacteria load

production gives an equal amount of

and presence of active enzymes in the

whey. Whey composition and quality

raw whey make it extremely important

problematic by-product

depend on a wide range of factors

to separate fat and cheese particles,

of cheese production. It

including breeding and feeding of the

and to pasteurize and cool the whey

cows, time of year, and the type of

immediately after removal from the

bacteria and rennet used in the cheese

cheese vats. Storage and transport has

production. The treatment of the

to be under cooled conditions.

Whey is no longer just a

has high value as raw

material for a variety of
food ingredients and
its importance is still

whey from the cheese vats also has a

significant influence on the final whey

GEA Niros affiliated companies in

powder quality.

the GEA Process Engineering Division

offer processes and systems for whey

Whey Treatment

treatment. This division specializes in

Many smaller cheese producers do

membrane filtration, evaporation and

not process the whey on site and,

spray drying of whey, and has developed

parameters and plant designs to enable
optimal economical production while
reducing operational problems such as
evaporator fouling and powder deposits
in the dryer.

page 8

Microphoto (x100)
of non-caking
whey powder

Whey Composition

acids, valuable minerals and a broad

In some markets the demand for whey

Traditionally, whey has been used as

range of other valuable compounds

is exceeding the supply, and its proper

an animal feed, but is now becoming

present, whey is today gaining a

collection, handling, and processing

increasingly important as raw material

market as raw material for all kinds

become increasingly important. So does

in the food industry. Whey powder has

of food ingredients.

the choice of partner for

whey processing, which

an extraordinarily high water and fat

binding ability and is, therefore, widely

Functional Food

is why most manufacturers

used as filler in food products such as

The present trend towards a higher

go with the best and

bread, cakes, and delicatessen products.

degree of specialisation, including the

choose GEA Niro.

Huge quantities of whey are used by

marketing of functional foods, such

the food industry replacing the more

as energy drinks, dietary products,

expensive skim milk powder. But whey

and products with a high content

is much more than just a skim milk

of vitamins or minerals, has a great

replacer. With all the essential amino

influence on the whey powder market.

page 9



Dairy Data

W hey compo n e n ts


b a s ed o n
t o tal s o l i d s :

protei n 1 4 %


L actose 7 2 %
ash 1 0 %
fat 1 . 5 %

lactic acid 2 . 5 %




Whey Products

Whey protein concentrate (WPC),

permeate, and lactose

Whey proteins can be isolated

from whey using membrane filtration
and subsequent drying in a spray dryer.


With fractionation,

HO is up-graded,
adding extra value to
the dried product.


Whey permeate contains lactose

and minerals that are difficult to treat in
conventional spray dryers. GEA Niros
advanced drying systems, however,
overcome these problems.

Lactose processing involves


One Product A World of Options

isolation from permeate by evaporation,

The dry solids in whey are mainly lactose,

crystallization, decanting, further

proteins, and minerals. The different

purification, and drying in a specially

compounds are e.g. used as ingredients

designed GEA Niro fluid bed dryer.

functional foods, and pharmaceuticals.

GEA Niro has a variety of processes

GEA Niro and its affiliated companies

adapted for whey products, and

in the GEA Group offer a wide range of

is working continually on new

OHformulae, health products, CH OH

in infant


H for fractionation of whey H

developments to meet the requirements



page 10



of tomorrows market.

into its constituents.



Creamers and cappuccino mixes
For creamer products to be

Growing Market

Designed for Convenience

Large quantities of coffee creamers

Although coffee creamers are non-dairy

meet a wide range of require-

are produced for use with dried

in origin, they share many character

ments. In addition to having a

coffee. These are marketed direct or

istics with dairy products, being high

mixed with dried coffee and sugar

in fat and carbohydrate content and

into a great variety of ready-to-drink

quite difficult to dry in a conventional

mixes. All over the world creamers are

processing plant. The GEA Niro MSD

precision by GEA Niro spray

used for convenience, particularly in

is a spray dryer and an agglomerator in

drying technology.

working environments. And with the

one unit. This dryer is particularly suited

development of processes for foaming

for drying high fat and carbohydrate-

creamers, the market for cappuccino

containing products and making them

mixes for use at home has grown

convenient to use.

convenient in use, they must

creamy taste and character, the

products must be agglomerated
and instant demands met to

page 11

system on top of

Liquid Treatment
and Concentration
The more water removed upstream of
the dryer, the better the plant economy
As a member of the
GEA Group of companies
GEA Niro has direct access
to state-of-the-art liquid
processing engineered
by GEA Tuchenhagen,

Integral Parts of the Process

Liquid processing includes reception,
cooling, storage, separation, pasteurization,
and evaporation. These processes are
all integral parts of the GEA Niro dairy

GEA Westfalia Separator,

and GEA Filtration.

The different membrane techniques,

such as reverse osmosis, micro- and
ultrafiltration, remove water and isolate
certain substances. Membrane processes
are essential in the fractionation of e.g.
whey, and ultrafiltration in particular is
a precondition for the production of a
range of speciality products such as WPC.
GEA Filtration masters those technologies
and provides the full range of membrane
filtration systems.

Falling film evaporator with thermal

vapour recompression (TVR)
page 12

Falling film evaporator with mechanical vapour recompression (MVR)

Dairy Data
I t ta k es 1 5 0 , 0 0 0 cows
to k eep a co n ti n u o u s
mil k powder prod u ctio n
with a capacity of
1 5 to n n es per ho u r
r u nn i ng


has designed special direct steam

prior to drying. GEA Niro Soavi has

Removing water in a spray dryer is more

injection pasteurizers with regenerative

developed a range of high-pressure

costly and requires more energy than in

systems for minimum steam

pumps and homogenizers, which are

an evaporator. In addition to membrane

consumption. The units also provide

used for all fat containing products.

filtration, GEA Niro offers a variety of

the possibility of making tailor-made

Homogenization under high pressure

evaporator designs for preconcentration

heat classified powders. The GEA Niro

turns fat globules into microscopic

of all the different dairy products.

flash cooler gives an instant temperature

size, optimal for digestion, and allows

drop before the crystallization of whey

the production of dried powder with

GEA Niro dairy evaporators are typically

concentrate to provide small crystals and

a low free fat content. GEA Niro Soavi

multi-stage types with either mechanical

efficient crystallization.

homogenizers are recognised worldwide

for their performance and stability.

or thermal vapour recompression. The

evaporators are with built-in pre-heaters,


pasteurizers, and flash coolers depending

Whole milk and other products with

on the application. In addition, GEA Niro

high fat content need homogenization

Five piston high

pressure pump for

Ultrafiltration plant for whey

Tangential swirl heater

for direct steam injection
page 13

Pressure nozzle
atomizer in operation

Rotating atomizer
wheel in operation

The heart of the milk powder factory
GEA Niro has maintained the position
as a world leader in evaporation and
spray drying technology and is working
continually on new ideas, improvements

Since GEA Niros

founder in the 1930s

of equipment, and optimisation of plant

design. Still stricter demands to e.g.

applied for patents

product specifications, hygiene, plant

on rotary atomizers

safety, and environmental protection

and launched the new

technology to the dairy

pose new challenges to be met by our

plant designers.

industry, GEA Niro has

been at the forefront of
spray drying.

Tailor-Made Spray Dryers

GEA Niro offers a great variety of spray
dryer designs, every one with its own
particular features. The first priority
when selecting the dryer design is given
to the product its chemical composition
and the required physical structure, the
preferences of the operator, and the
limitations given by the location of the
plant. Every GEA Niro spray drying plant

Dairy Data
B y atomi z i n g 1 litre

is designed to meet every criterion and

of M I L k co n ce n trate ,

ensure customer satisfaction.

yo u obtai n 1 . 5 X 1 0 1 0
particles with a
diameter of 5 0
a n d a total s u rface
a r ea o f 1 2 0 m 2

page 14

O pe n pa g e for spray dryi n g pla n t o v er v iew






Filter Dryer

Conical part of spray drying

chamber with the integrated
fluid bed in a CDI Dryer

Conical part of CDP Dryer

with powder outlet duct from
the integrated fluid bed

MSD Dryer
with removable insulating


The Chamber

Prior to atomization, the product

The spray drying chamber is sized

is preconcentrated and possibly

for the required capacity, and the

preheated. The feed must remain liquid

design is chosen to match the type

and the viscosity kept sufficiently

of atomization used and the product

low to allow for proper atomization.

to be dried. Some chambers are

However, a higher concentration of

equipped with static, integrated fluid

dry matter in the feed to the dryer

beds for better energy utilisation and

results in reduced energy consumption

gentler product treatment at lower

of the overall process and the powder

Powder layer on
the belt of the
Spray Dryer

achieves a higher density.

Product Separation

The drying chambers have a conical

GEA Niro spray dryers are equipped

base where the first separation of

with a rotary atomizer or high-pressure

powder and drying air takes place.

nozzles. For maximum operational

The remaining dust from the drying

flexibility some dryers can be

air is removed in a cyclone and/or bag

designed for nozzle as well as rotary

filter. Conventional spray dryers work

atomization. This allows the plant

with cyclones, which are still in use


operator to choose the best atomization

for some applications. However, most

The powder fraction from the

system for specific products. GEA Niro

modern spray dryers are equipped

SANICIP bag filter or the cyclone

air dispersers are designed to fit

with a bag filter, which can be cleaned

is recycled to the process, where

GEA Niro atomizers and to ensure

in place the SANICIP. From this

it can be used for agglomeration.

maximum contact between particles

bag filter, the powder fraction can

If agglomeration is not required,

and drying air whilst preventing wet

be recycled to the process, giving

the fines can be conveyed to the

particles reaching the chamber wall.

insignificant powder loss.


page 15

Integrated Filter Dryer - IFD.

Stationary fluid bed with back
mix and plug flow section.

All-in-One Unit
The latest development for the industry
is the GEA Niro Integrated Filter Dryer,
IFD, where spray drying, second-stage
drying, powder cooling, and powder
separation are all integrated in a single
unit. This compact design represents
a new and unique principle of spray
drying: Once again GEA Niro has taken
the lead.

Filters integrated in the IFD

page 16


Secondary drying and cooling of powder
Fluid Bed Dryers

built into the bottom of the spray

Secondary drying at reduced

drying chamber. But secondary drying

secondary drying and

temperature in a fluid bed gives a

can also take place in an external fluid

cooling and forms an

gentler treatment than can be obtained

bed dryer, the VIBRO-FLUIDIZER,

through full drying in one step in the

giving great flexibility in dryer

spray dryer. Secondary drying takes


After treatment includes

essential part of powder


place in an integrated static fluid bed

page 17

Internal view of a GEA Niro



The art of the fluid bed technique
is the ability to control an even air
distribution in the powder layer.
No lumps, no channelling, constant
powder layer, and complete emptying
of the fluid bed are essential in
operation. The unique GEA Niro
BUBBLE PLATE is sanitary, thanks
- air distribution

to its smooth surface and the

fabrication technique of the holes.

Furthermore, it ensures complete

emptying of the fluid bed.

Dairy Data
A 31.5 M


Powder Cooling

Partly dried dairy powders from a


spray dryer can be difficult to fluidize.

lenient product transport and cooling.

Most external fluid bed dryers are

Cooling usually takes place in the

therefore designed as vibrating units

second part of the fluid bed, but the

to ease fluidization.

entire bed can be designed for cooling,

The VIBRO-FLUIDIZER is used for

depending on the product to be

second-stage drying, third-stage drying,

treated. If cooling is the only issue, a

and powder cooling. Coating of particle

pneumatic cooling system can be used

surfaces with e.g. lecithin can also be

instead of the VIBRO-FLUIDIZER.

done in the VIBRO-FLUIDIZER. The

This costs less to acquire, but is more

entire fluid bed complies with even

expensive to operate. Pneumatic

the strictest sanitary criteria.

conveying and cooling is used only for

products where the physical structure
is of minor importance.


V I B R O - F L U I D I Z E R
50,000 HOLES

page 18


Top of 100 m3 milk powder silos.

Silos are equipped with automatic self-cleaning filters

Retaining Powder Properties

Conveying, storage, and

packing require great care
in order to maintain the
physical properties
acquired during drying.

Bottom of powder silos. Pipelines

connected for vacuum conveying
product to bag filling machines

The Product

Powder Storage and Packing

Determines the Solution

Storage and packing systems are also

If the powder produced is e.g. an

available from GEA Niro. GEA Avapac,

ordinary skim milk powder, it can be

another member of the GEA Group,

conveyed by conventional methods,

supplies bagging-off lines from small,

including pneumatic transport.

semi-automated systems to large, fully

If the product is an agglomerated

automated lines filling and palletizing

powder, mechanical treatment must

up to twelve 25 kg-bags per minute,

be minimised in order to maintain

or 18 tons per hour.

product structure.
GEA Niro specialises in supplying
lenient powder handling and, where
needed, vacuum transport systems.

Automatic GEA Avapac

carousel bagging-off

Bag heat sealing and

belt transport

Robot bag palletizer

page 19

Reverse jet nozzle for

bag filter and IFD
dryer (Patented)

T-profiles used for

welding meeting
3A Standard radii

Retractable CIP-nozzle

Sanitary Design
for maximum plant hygiene
25 Liquid Handling
Liquid processing is always done in ways

avoiding the risk of bacteria growth

Recognising hygiene as a safety

to minimize bacteria growth. Preheating

such as thermophiles and their spores.

issue, our sanitary designs are

uses waste heat from the plant, always

based on the GEA Niro Sanitary

with strict attention to hygiene.

For efficient CIP of the evaporator

GEA Niro has introduced a hydro

Code. This code is updated

25 Evaporation

continually. It draws from

cyclone, which collects and discharges

official standards agreed during

To eliminate heat contact surfaces,

impurities that would otherwise block

the past 50 years as well as

GEA Niro has developed new

the distribution plates above the

codes issued by organisations

preheaters and a special pasteurizer

calandria during CIP.

all over the world such as 3A

with direct steam injection and a

Standard (USA), IDF, and the

regenerative section. This swirl heater

EU Hygiene and Foodstuffs

provides fast and efficient heating for

The spray dryer is equipped with

Directive (93/43/EEC).

product heat treatment - for specific

appropriate drying air filtration and

classifications - prior to evaporation.

CIP facilities. All surfaces in contact

All this allows for a 20-hour

with the product comply with the

Dismantable insulation panels

page 20

production cycle between cleaning

25 Spray Drying

Retractable CIP-nozzles mounted on a VIBRO-FLUIDIZER

as built-in features
The design of a spray drying
plant must address more
than optimum
product quality. It must also

To minimize the risk of fire, we
aim to avoid powder deposits and
eliminate hot surfaces in the dryer.

observe maximum safety for

Fire extinguishing systems are integral

plant and people.

parts of the design and are supplied to

prevent explosions by extinguishing
fires quickly and safely. GEA Niro

Dried dairy products have a potential

recommends that plants are kept free

above standards and materials are FDA

risk of fire and explosion. Based on

of dust outside the dryer to avoid the

approved. All equipment is designed

own statistics collected over the last 40

risk of dust explosions in the working

for proper drainage during CIP.

years, we are convinced that explosions


can only be ignited by an open flame

All drying plants are designed with

or a large smouldering lump of

smooth surfaces avoiding hollow

powder. Fires most commonly start by

All dryers are provided with explosion

spaces. Furthermore, they are

self-ignition of powder deposits, and

venting connected with ducts to the

equipped with CIP nozzles whenever

only 4-5% of fires turn into explosions.

outside. Other protection systems may


appropriate. The SANICIP bag filter

be incorporated as well.

enables wet cleaning, which ensures

To maintain maximum safety,

proper cleaning of bags and housing.

GEA Niro focuses on:

Our main goal is to encourage and

assist our customers to implement

For the ultimate in hygiene


maximum protection of personnel and

customers have confidence in

All process parameters that present

minimal equipment damage in case of

GEA Niro.

a risk are monitored and protected

an accident. GEA Niro stays updated

by temperature and pressure alarms.

on the newest standards and directives

New detection systems can be used to


monitor COcontents in the outlet air.

Dairy Data
Sanitary sound attenuator SOUNDCIP

6 0 g / m 3, E X P L O D E S
page 21

Rotary atomizer


Reliable operation

After Sales
Our spare parts programme has one
focus: Maximum uptime for our
customers. We carry a large stock
of essential parts and offer service
programmes for key components as well
as full service contracts with visits by
experienced staff from local GEA Niro

Multi Stage Dryer

at the GEA Niro
Test Station,

offices all over the world.

More than just plants

GEA Niro supplies
performance. With the term
reliable operation
GEA Niro provides a range
of services to keep
plants up and running.

Process Adaption
The food and dairy industry is dynamic
with market demands and raw materials
changing over time. Although a new
investment may not be needed, plant
operators may benefit from a visit
from one of our product specialists for
process modification and optimisation.

Plant Retrofits
Plants operating continuously for

Laboratory and Test Station

many years require more than just

Our in-house laboratory and pilot plant

maintenance. To keep plants on stream

facilities enable customers to have their

and up-to-date, GEA Niro has a special

products tested assisted by GEA Niro

task force of experienced engineers

product specialists. We also co-operate

who, on request, will evaluate existing

direct with customers to develop new

systems and quote for their rebuilding

products and refine existing processes

as an alternative to investing in a

under established confidentiality

completely new plant.


Atomizer wheel

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Sanitary rotary valve

Accessing Funds
GEA Niro is able to access funds and/or
guarantees to make it possible for

The decision to invest in

a spray dryer or a
complete plant is a

customers to implement their projects,

especially in markets where access to
investment capital is limited.

complex one. GEA Niro

offers project financing

Our financing experts have a widespread

assistance to customers

network of contacts with banks and

planning to invest in

multi- and bilateral financial institutions

industrial processing

in most parts of the world.

All-Round Expertise
With in-house project-financing
experience as well as industry and
technology know-how, GEA Niro is
the unique partner at any tage of the
planning, design, and delivery of an
industrial processing plant. An expertise
that makes it obvious that if you want
the best in dairy processing, look to a
market leader look to GEA Niro.

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