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Onlinedatei vom 21.05.

2015 21:51

My name is Muhammad Abubakar Dar and I graduated in BS Computer

Science from Govt. College University, Lahore Pakistan. During the
course of my graduation I studied several diverse subjects e.g. Data
structures, Programming (C++, C#, Java), Analysis of Algorithm, Object
Oriented Programming, Design of Intelligent Robots, Image Processing
and Software Engineering and these subjects really helped me build a
solid foundation in Computer Science.
After graduating with a Computer Science degree from the
Government College University, Lahore, I wanted to get some hands on
experience with software development and I must say, I have loved
every minute of my work, especially working on cutting edge
technologies. After working for almost 2 years as a Software engineer
in various companies, current being the Pakistans leading software
house (Netsol Technologies Inc.), I realized that, although I enjoy
working on problems, in order to get in-depth knowledge of advanced
Computer Sciences I needed to pursue a Masters degree, so began my
urge to return to academia and undertake Masters of Computer
When I started my graduation, I was unfamiliar with the field of
Computer Sciences; it was not the most proposed field at that time.
However, It did not take much time for my interest to build up and
soon programming was all I could think of. Also, our faculty played a
vital role during the course of my graduation. They encouraged us to
read, research and practice. It soon became apparent to me that some
day I want to be as eloquent and obscurantist as the Authors I used to
At undergraduate level, my interests became more focused. Although
the theoretical subjects came very easy to me it was programming and
databases that really captured my interest. The interdisciplinary aspect
of these two subjects really suits my abilities. I have always performed
well in these subjects and find it challenging to apply the knowledge in
various aspects of my field i.e. artificial intelligence and image
processing etc. for this reason I chose to take a project in my final year
on image processing android application. The teachers at my university
were impressed with my practical skills.
I am often questioned about not going for Masters right after my
graduation. The answer is that I wanted to make sure that I had chosen
the right subjects and right place, before embarking on a course of
study that would involve many years of my life. Also, this academic
gap has allowed me to engage in numerous aspects of my life such as
tourism, gourmet etc.

Onlinedatei vom 21.05.2015 21:51

The reason I am seeking masters in an international Institution such as

yours is, the standings of your education level, qualified and
professional teachers and the diversity of culture. I am also excited to
interact with your Professors who I believe are well versed in what I
want to pursue for the research element of the MS degree. I have been
also learning about the collaborative environment at campus where I
will interact with talented students, teachers and industry