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Year 2016 is starting with Saturn in Scorpio, Jupiter in Leo and Rahu ketu
will change to Leo and Aquarius respectively on 31st January. I will be
sharing the effects on various aspects of your life for the year 2016 and the
remedies which will help you progress in all areas of your life.
Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year.
Family life: You will not be able to enjoy the fruits of married life fully as
the seventh house is in paapkartari to some extent, thus there will be
unnecessary quarrels and there will be unwanted tensions in the home.
Aries people are usually short tempered and they dont regret even if they
have done something wrong. This year you will have to keep a cool head
and try to understand things rather than spoiling them further with your
anger and frustration.
Whenever moon will go into Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius you may have
some disputes with your mother, your relation with your father will also be
not good and you will have an instinct to go against his wishes. You have to
control this habit and try to listen to him and other elders of the family.
Your relations with kids will be also unsatisfactory, they may have increase
in their weight and also there could be health issues of normal nature every
now and then with them.
Health: Till August 2016 there will not be much to worry as far as health
issues are concerned, you will have normal problems and will recover
sooner than expected. Mostly there will be issues related to stomach,
indigestion, acidity, Sexual diseases, pain in the lower limbs. But after
August things may exacerbate and you may have to be hospitalized.
Finance: You have to keep away from share markets this year, and you
have keep away from become rich overnight schemes, you have to keep
in mind that this is a year to save and not spend or invest. Things will get
better from August onwards and you will be able to save. Still, share market
is not for you this year. People who are going through the DBA ( Dasha,
Bhukti, Antara) of Saturn or rahu need to have extra patience and calm
attitude this year.

Career: Your 10th lord Saturn is transiting in 8th house and he is also the
lord for 11th house. Ketu will be afflicting your 11th house. This is not at all
desirable, you need to put in extra efforts and do not lose hope and the will
to succeed. You will get many things you have wished but there will be
tormenting delay, after august time will change for good as Jupiter will go
out of the axis of rahu and ketu and will be able to give good results. Those
who are running DBA of Jupiter will get extra benefits in career progression
after august 2016. Trust your own hard work till august as luck may forget
you without notice.
Business: For people into business, this year is not going to be very
beneficial. Those who are going to start new and big projects will face
unnecessary delays and dejections and their deeds will fulfilled at the last
minute. So do no lose hope and remain optimistic, finally you will reach
there but have patience. Those into the business of lending/finance may
face severe losses and may become victim of forgery. Those running DBA
of Rahu need to be very careful. Things will improve after august 2016 to
some extent.
Romance: This is not the year for romance etc, there are chances of
having relations with person of other cast or culture but it is going to give
you harm rather than any mental or material profit. After august things will
further worse and you will have more irritation and anger with respect to
this aspect of your life.
Sex life: This year you are going to have a lot of tensions so either male or
female, you are not going to enjoy sexual encounters, Men may feel some
deficiency in performing sexual acts. It will be wiser to stick to one partner,
married or unmarried, and do not try to have multiple pleasures which you
people like a lot. Keep the frequency minimum to have maximum pleasure
out of it.
Days of caution: 14th March to 14th April, 1st September to 10th October,
16th November to 28th December these are the periods when you should
avoid any major financial or otherwise decisions.
Remedial Astrology: In general you should worship Lord Hanuman twice
daily, wear a silver locket of lord Hanuman ji and recite hanuman chalisa
twice daily. Reciting kanakdhaara stotra daily will also be beneficial. If you
are going through Rahu or Ketu antara throughout 2016 then do recite

devi kawach from durga saptshati of geeta press Gorakhpur and wear
locket of goddess Kali. Those running saturn antara will be benefited by
worshipping Lord Hanuman ji, those going through Venus antara will have
better results by worshipping Goddess Laxmi ji.

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