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Class: 14E15
Group: 12
Members names: Tran Thu Hang Nguyen Manh Linh
Topic of the presentation: Changes for the better
Date of the presentation: December 4th, 2015
Assignment of work among group members:
Finding materials: Both
Finding audios: Both
Making power point: Both
Feedback for individual presentation:
- Thu Hang: quite good pronunciation (some minor mistakes); should be
more interaction with the slides
- Manh Linh: good pronunciation; interesting example; should be more
words in the slides to be easier to follow.
Group presentation in front of the whole class:
- What you have revised based on peer comments on the
previous individual presentation?
We have reviewed our pronunciation, our body language and
the content of the slides also.
- Who said what in the group presentation?
Manh Linh: Introduction, The good change,
The resistance to change
Thu Hang: The need of change, ways to
change, conclusion.
- Results of peer assessment for group presentation:
The power point is professional, and the content is logical.
Both members did use correctly academic words
(metathesiophobia); both simple and complex structures
(and, or, not onlybut also); hedging devices (may,
might, can, could, seem,...); linguistic markers (first, second,
finally, before, to be more specific, lets me start by

showing, as I mentioned,); key concepts (fear of

change, survival instinct, comfort zone,).
The average of all marks given by peers: Linh: 8.3 , Hang: 7.8

Group: 12
Members: Nguyen Manh Linh Tran Thu Hang
I, Audio 1

Title: Use scientific ways to change habit

Date of retrieval: 17/09/2015
Times of listening: 5-6 times
Your notes: This video talks about smoking habit. Smokers know how
harmful cigarette is but they do not want to quit. When the boy asked them
to borrow the light they refused with the reason is smoking is not good but
they still smoking. Then, the boy asked them influence questions to change
their minds.

II, Audio 2

Title: How To Change Your Mind, Your Brain, & Your Life
Date of retrieval:
Times of listening: 5 times
Your notes: This video talks about how to change your mind, your brain and
your life. You have to determine exactly who you are, what you want to do,
schedule them down and remind yourself of implementing every day.
Finding the new ways and bringing them to the practice.

III. Audio 3
1. Title: Why do we fear change? How to break out of your comfort zone!

2. Source:
Date of retrieval: 14/10/2015
3. Times of listening: 5-6 times
4. Your notes:
- You can do very well in the future all depends on what you believe
- Be aware of some simple concept:
a) comfort zone metaphor an environment you control: things familiar and
comfortable to you, whether pleasant or not
b) learning zone around comfort zone in order to expand your world view
c) panic zone no experience zone fear happens here
- Living means to broaden your comfort and learning zone
- Change not mean loose what you have means you add -> is development.


Tran Thu Hang_ 14E15_Group: 12

I finished the last assignment of the third semester- the formal presentation last
There were both strength and weakness in our presentation. In aspect of good
point, I assumed the most successful we did was that we co-operated well in group
work. We found materials and exchanged to each other, then found out what useful
and suitable information was to insert in our presentation. Secondly, the topic we
chose Changes for the better was a vast one; however, we figured out a logical
way to handle: expression- reason- solutions. Furthermore, as our peers comment,
we had impressing personal experience and good examples in our performance. We
also used both simple and complex sentences, academic words, hedging devices
and referring devices Nevertheless, we also did not very well in some aspects. I
should have had more contact with power point; thereby, audiences would follow
my presentation easier. There were some mistakes in pronunciation I and my
partner should have paid attention.
With this assignment, I personally gained useful skills as well as experience such
as: group work skill, finding material ability, listening skill and how to make a
formal presentation. I also improved speaking skill, pronunciation and
confidence especially a range of knowledge of many different topics which
different groups presented.
In the future, I have to try my best to improve my English ability. In term of
speaking and listening skill, I will practice regularly because these skills require a
long process with patience. I think listening to lectures, talks, broadcasts, then
personally report what t heard is a good way to enhance my skills.


Nguyen Manh Linh

Change for the better is a very interesting topic that our group had presented about in
our formal presentation in the December 4th, and this writing will share my personal view
about both positive and negative sides in my group work, what I have learnt with this
assignment and my future study plan for listening and speaking skill.
On the positive side, our group performance gained a lot of compliments, and I felt
satisfied with my speech also. Firstly, following the rules and tips of creating good slides,
Hang and I had made an eye-catching power point without any mistakes which most of
our peers assessed it as a professional one. The next thing that made me confident was
our content. Though it is believed that change is the very familiar topic to peoples
daily life, not so many people can understand it thoroughly, so our talk had been arranged
in a logical order so that any audience could understand it quickly. Additionally, I was
really enjoy talking about the topic, for it was simple but vital thing for everyone.
Thirdly, my performance was highly graded by my fairly good pronunciation and the
impressing example about myself. And finally, I believe that our group had sent a very
helpful lesson to our audience.
On the negative side. I felt somewhat regret that Hang and I could have a better
performance. If we had had more time to rehearsal before the perform day, I could have
helped my partner correct her pronunciation mistakes, or we could have been more fluent
in our speaking. In fact, we had worked mostly via email, Facebook and mobile phone,
and one of the results was that I had forgotten some ideas supposing to be shared in my
Thanks to those mistakes, I have learnt that group work is much more efficient when our
group members work together and face-to-face. Furthermore, the individual work is
interesting only when we do the research or find materials about the things we concern.
This was the first time that I could choose the topic I fancy, then my work had gone
In the near future, I will continue to find the themes which attract me, then seek the
video, audio, film... about them to watch/listen and learn. Besides, the written materials
about these topics would be preferred to read. Because I believe that when we study the
things we love, it will be more fun and easier to learn.