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DLP Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

Final Evaluation
Communication Model



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Final Evaluation
This is an evaluation of your pre knowledge about Evaporator and other things
important for being a world class operator. The diagnostic evaluation is a tool
designed to assist you and the coach in selecting the appropriate training and selflearning support you in the process of qualifying to get a Driving License.
Instructions on how you take the evaluation:
The evaluation is separated into four parts, answer the questions based on your best
ability. Remember that the evaluation is a diagnostic evaluation and you are not
expected to not know everything.
If you have difficulties understanding the question ask the coach and he will clarify
it. Most of the questions require a written answer. For some questions you need a
calculator. No notes or reference material is allowed during the evaluation. If you
need more space for your answer use the backside of the evaluation sheet.
Allowed material:
Empty Paper, notes to be left to the evaluation facilitator
Non programmable calculator (will be provided)

Communication (Part 1)

1. What kind of ongoing/executed Work and troubles/disturbances should be written

down in the Daily report?

2. Please explain the Communication route if there are any safety issues in the
Water Treatment Plant (WTP) area?


3. What is your responsibility in handling Safety issues in the Water Treatment Plant
(WTP) area?

4. What is the information that you should write down during the shift?

5. What is the information that you should give to the next shift?

6. What information should you provide to your superior during the shift time?


7. What information should you give to your coworkers during the shift time?

8. When and to whom should you communicate if there is a risk situation?

9. Who should you ask for assistance in order to identify or find a solution to a

10. What kind of Warning sign(s) should you use in order to warn others if there is a
safety issue/risk?

11. With whom from other departments do you communicate during shift hours if
there is need of assistance or information?


12. You are out walking in the process and you find out there is a leakage of Water
pipe in your department that can be harmful to others and to the process equipment.
What are your communication actions (what do you communicate to whom and

13. As a DCS operator to whom are you reporting?

14. How do you ensure your field operator is doing the "field checks" correctly?

15. What are the emergency situations that can happen in the Water Treatment plant
and what steps do you take?


16. What kind of information and to whom should preventive maintenance issues is

17. What would you do before turning over the equipment to maintenance?

18. What kind of information and in what way, should you communicate ongoing
maintenance works to the following shift?