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Volume XC

Issue 3-December 18, 2015



14 killed, 21 injured in largest US shooting in three years

By Zoe Mendel
Staff Writer
On Wednesday, December 6th,
2015, a married couple instigated
a terror attack that killed 14 people and injured 21. Syed Rizwan
Farook, an American born citizen
of Pakistani descent, and his wife,
Tashfeen Malik, a Pakistani born
legal resident of the U.S., targeted
the San Bernardino Inland Regional Center.
Farook worked as a health inspector for the San Bernardino
County Health Department and
had attended a department event
at the Inland Regional Center the
evening of the attack.
Farook left the event early,
only to re-enter covered by a ski
mask and tactical gear, holding a
semi-automatic pistol alongside
his wife, Malik. The shooting was
over in less than four minutes,
with a total of 65 to 75 bullets
Farook had been recognized by
the guests by his build and voice,
and other sources told investigators that Malik had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq
and the Levant (ISIL) via Facebook under a different name.
Along with the shooting, three
explosive devices tied together
to make a pipe bomb were found
planted at the entrance to the
Around three hundred police
and SWAT team members responded. The FBI and the LAPD
Counter-Terrorism Unit were
also called in to assist.
Searches for a black SUV suspected to be related to the shoot-

Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan

Farook; a vehicle used in the
terrorists escape after the attack.

Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

ing were conducted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Securitys

surveillance aircraft.
The couple was discovered and
killed while they exchanged fire
with the police on East San Bernardino Avenue.
The government had no concrete
evidence of plans before the shooting, but the FBI continues to conduct a massive investigation consisting of over 400 interviews and
over 320 pieces of evidence.
During a search of the perpetrators house, police robots found
tools necessary to create bombs as
well as additional firearms.
The guns used for the San Bernardino shooting were acquired by
Farooks childhood friend, Enrique
Marquez was not charged as a
suspect in the shooting. After the
attack, Marquez checked into a
mental hospital.

The case is being investigated

as an act of terrorism inspired by
The FBI believes that the subjects were radicalized over a long
period of time.
In a radio broadcast turned
up by the investigation, ISIL
described the couple as supporters but does not indicate
a connection to the terrorist
group. The motives for the attack
remain unclear.
The twenty-one people who
were injured were taken to various medical centers in the area,
most suffering from gunshot or
shrapnel wounds.
The 14 deceased were residents of San Bernardino County,
Riverside, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties. Sources say that
three of the victims came to the
U.S. to escape violence in their
own country.
This is now considered the
deadliest ISIL-inspired attack in
the United States.
After the shooting, classes at

both California State University,

San Bernardino, and Loma Linda
University were canceled. County
offices were closed, and flags flew
at half-staff as ordered by President Obama.
American Muslim organizations such as the Islamic Society
of Orange County held vigils at
the Ahmadiyya Baitul Hameed
President Obama has taken this
incident as incentive to call for
gun control laws as well as stronger background checks to reduce
the frequency of such destructive
Pres. Obama also called for suspects on the anti-terrorism NoFly list, created under Pres. Bush,
to be excluded from their Second
Amendment right to purchase
Sen. Dianne Feinsteins gun
control legislation, based off Pres.
Obamas remarks, failed to pass
the Senate on December 3.
Connecticut Governor Daniel
P. Malloy has pledged to issue an
executive order in his state accomplishing this goal.
Jennifer Baker, the NRAs director of public affairs responded,
The governor knows full well
that law-abiding Americans ... are
mistakenly on the terror watch
list ... Due process is a pillar of
the American justice system and
cannot be discarded for a talking
point that makes people feel safer.
President Obama has outlined
a counter-attack on ISIL and other organizations that continue to
threaten the United States.

Supreme Court to Hear Affirm. Action Case Again

Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin returns to the Supreme Court; debate over merits of Affirm. Act. In education
By Ariana Dennis
Staff Writer
The purpose of Affirmative Action admissions programs are to
give minorities better opportunities in higher education.
Abigail Fisher, a white female,
however, has countered that such
a program prevented her from being admitted to the University of
Texas at Austin, while a minority
student with equal qualifications
would have been.
In 2008, Fisher sued U-T at
Austin, her dream school, because she believed she was denied
admission due to her race.
Out of the 841 students that
were admitted, 47 had lower Academic Index and Personality
Assessment Inventory scores than
Fisher. Of those students, 42 were
white and 5 were black.
The program for which she
applied accepted applicants who
were in the top 10 percent of their
class; Fisher was not.
Fisher claims that African
American students were admitted

instead of her due to racial preference in the admissions process.

In 2009 the lawsuit was brought
to a Federal District court but was
rejected. Fisher continued on by
appealing to the 5th Circuit Court
of Appeals which also rejected it.
Fisher then appealed to the Supreme Court, which cleared the
previous ruling and sent it back to
the 5th Circuit Court. Although
the 5th Circuit did not change their
previous ruling, Fisher again appealed to the Supreme Court and
the court will again hear her arguments this December.
During this process, Fisher graduated from Louisiana State University in 2012, which was her second
choice school. She is now working
in finance at a firm in Austin.
Fisher had declined U-Ts offer
to admit her Sophomore year if she
earned a 3.2 GPA average at another Texas university her first year.
Fisher is seeking in her suit a
refund of her application fee and
housing deposit; $100 in total.
She claims that because of the

rejection from the university,

she missed out on possibly better first jobs and the disappointment of not being able to be a
part of the University of Texass
alumni network.
A 2012 Stanford University
study found that through 2004,
white students were five times as
likely to enroll at a highly selective college than black students.
Opponents of Affirmative Action respond that such programs
are reverse discrimination, favoring race over merit. Others,
including Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, allude to
the mismatch theory, which
contends that many students
admitted for non-academic rea-

Students rally in Washington D.C.

during the 2003 case, Schuette
v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative

Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

sons may find the rigor or social

environment too challenging.
Legal experts believe that
Fishers case has the potential to
prompt the Supreme Court to
prohibit or place limitations on
Affirmative Actions programs.
According to the New York
Times, 168 black and Latino students with applications with equal
or higher academic or personal
achievements than Fisher were
also denied from the U-T program.


In Response to
Free Palestine


40 People,
1 Question


Bright & Thriving


Boys Waterpolo
Makes a Splash


30 Albums
Before Youre 30
NSA Ends Metadata
Surveillance Program
By Khalil Eley
Staff Writer
On November 29th, the NSA
modified their decade-old phone
surveillance program.
The program allowed for the
bulk collection of call metadata,
including phone numbers and
duration of calls, but not actual
audio content.
The program first came into the
public eye after contractor Edward Snowden leaked classified
documents in 2013.
sparked a major debate in Congress, which eventually led to the
passage of the USA Freedom Act.
The new law replaces the Patriot Act. The NSA phone surveillance taking place under the
previous bill, the USA Patriot Act
passed after 9/11, was determined
to be possibly unconstitutional by
U.S. District Judge Richard Leon
two years ago.
The NSA will now have to go
through private phone companies
to obtain call metadata, rather
than collecting it themselves.
Pro-surveillance critics of the
Freedom Act argue that there is
no legal requirement for phone
companies to retain data.
Those on the other end of the
spectrum argue that not enough
has been done to curtail the unconstitutional threat of mass surveillance to civil liberties and are
uneasy about the continuation of
other confidential NSA programs,
such as robust internet surveillance under PRISM.
The federal government counters that the NSAs activities operate within a strict legal framework
and play a key role in the US anti-terror effort.


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December 18, 2015

Letter to the Editor

The La Jolla High School



By Ms. Carole LeCren

Guest Writer

To Cell or Not To Cell

The day before the opening

night of the school play, my
second period students were
taking part in a class discussion. Kara, a drama student,
was sitting at her desk, pointing to her cell phone. I nodded
my permission, and she quickly typed some text then shoved
the phone toward me. She
wasnt showing me a photo;
instead, a computerized voice
repeated her typed words. You
see, Kara had a severe case of
laryngitis, and this was her
only way to express herself that
day in class.
Voice reproduction is only
one of the many amazing ways
that smart phones can be useful in an academic classroom.
Tuning a musical instrument,
verifying a fact, using a compass, looking up the definition
of a word, accessing a tutorialnew apps are invented every day.
School rules limit access to
these mind-expanding tools,
prohibiting cell phone use
during instructional minutes.
These rules were created for
a reason, based on the belief
that cell phone use distracts
students from focusing on the
lesson of the day. Teachers create lessons that require a students full attention; checking
Snapchat under the table splits
a students attention between
two goals: learning academic

material and keeping in touch

with friends. Who decides
which is more important?
We live in a society that
embraces instant communication as an expected human right. Students feel that
checking their cell phones to
find out who is trying to contact them at that moment is a
natural part of life. It has become a habit, perhaps even an
addiction. Abstaining for 58
minutes from touching their
cell phones may actually help
students break an addictive
habit, and even help them to
develop stamina, focus, and an
appreciation for delayed gratification. These three skills will
benefit them in the future job
market, or may even save their
lives the next time they decide
not to check a text until after
they have parked the car they
are driving.
If students can resist touching their cell phones, will
they become better students?
I have one student who starts
class daily by playing a game
on his cell phone when hes
supposed to get out his notebook and write down the date,
the thought for the day, and
the warmup. He cannot resist
pulling out his phone again,
even after I ask him to put it
awaythree, four, five times
a period. This has been going
on for months. His current academic grade in the class is a
D. Is there a cause and effect
between his cell phone usage

Tis the Season Way too Early

By Austin Iverson
Staff Writer
The holiday season seems
to start earlier year after year.
This year, I saw Christmas decorations being sold as early as
Halloween, and trees being
sold before Thanksgiving. It
seems like a phenomenon particular to this time of year. You
don't see Valentine's Day cards
and chocolates being sold at
New Years, or Fourth of July
fare being sold after Easter, so
why are Christmas decorations
sold two holidays in advance?
Along with Christmas decorations comes the Christmas
music. You hear it everywhere
you go: the mall, the grocery
store, and even dedicated radio stations for Christmas
music. But is that necessarily
a problem? Not in the slightest. Even if you dont celebrate
the holiday, theres something
about the music of the season
that makes you feel warm and
fuzzy inside. Some people like
their Christmas music while
Christmas shopping; some like
it while decorating the tree,
some even like it year round,

and some dont like it at all. No

matter how much or how little
you enjoy Christmas, the festivities begin a little too early
for my taste.
This year I heard Christmas music playing on the radio before Thanksgiving even
started, which is a little too
overzealous. If you like your
Christmas music year round,
go ahead and jam to Jingle
Bells in July, just keep it in
your headphones and dont
force it on other people.
I think that we as a society
should hold off the holiday
cheer at least until December.
Your turkey is going to resent
you if you already have your
ugly Christmas sweaters on
during Thanksgiving dinner.
December 1st is the day the
holiday flood gates should
open. Radio stations and malls
can play all the Christmas music they want, you can eat the
first chocolate in your advent
calendar (not all 24 you animal), and you can try to impress your neighborhood with
your light hanging skills. So
please, save the holiday season
for December.

and his academic grade, or is it

pure coincidence?
I am not against the use of
cell phones as an academic
tool. I have asked students to
take out their cell phones to
check out a report I heard on
NPR while driving into work
that day, or to search for examples of artwork inspired by a
current event, or to add text to
a class writing project on Google Drive. When I ask students
to access information with
their cell phones, the academic
discussion that follows can be
rich and relevant.
But what about the student who deviates from that
academic use? Once the cell
phone is out, what prevents
students from texting their
employer, checking their
grades, or ordering a pizza? All
are worthy, perhaps even necessary activities, but why cant
they wait until the passing period between classes, when the
school rules currently allow
unlimited cell phone use?
As a teacher, I am unable to
monitor everyones cell phone
use, whether it involves pizza
or pornography. Unethical,
immoral, and even evil uses of
cell phones exist. Viewing explicit videos is illegal. Taking
a photo of a test is cheating.
Posting a photo of a socially awkward student with an
insulting caption is bullying.
There is never a time when
such activities should take
place, in school or anywhere.

All Photos Courtesy

of Wikicommons

If I forbid all cell phone use in

my classroom, will I be able to
prevent these unacceptable activities? Is the solution to ban
cell phone access during the
entire school day?
The current school policy
reads: anything that accesses a wi-fi or cellular network
[is] not to be used during instructional
specifically authorized by the
instructor. Why is this so hard
to follow? Students cannot resist touching their phones for
non-academic reasons during
class. They need to think about
when and why they are using
their cell phones. Ultimately,
though, it is the teacher who
has the final say about cell
phone use in class.
I am the priority-setter and
the rule-enforcer in my classroom. I am not anti-cell phone,
but I do think I have the right
to ask students to put away
their cell phones. Because I
have that right according to
the school rules, I should not
be met with eye-rolling resistance, or worse, the F-bomb. I
require students to have their
full attention on the lesson I
have designed for the daya
lesson that does not include
timeout for checking sports
scores, the stock market, or
the surf report. Postponing
cell phone use until the passing period will not kill anyone,
and it may even help students
develop stamina, focus, and
patience. Just wait!

Menorahs and Midterms

By Shayna Kobrinetz
Staff Writer
Although America is very
much a Christian nation,
Christmas is not the only holiday celebrated during the
winter season. So why does
our public schools holiday
break not include all winter
holidays celebrated by students in the winter season?
While the break does include
Christmas, Kwanzaa and New
Years, it lacks a key holiday,
Hanukkah, which is celebrated by our schools large Jewish
population. Why should these
students not receive a break
during their holiday, when all
other students do?
Hanukkah is not the only
holiday being excluded from
the most wonderful time of the
year. Holidays from cultures
all around the world arent included in our two-week break,
meaning that many student
minorities arent getting the
break they deserve during the
holidays they celebrate.
Imagine having to study on
Christmas Eve, or finish an essay on New Years. Hanukkah

this year is December 6-14, and

not a single day of that, with
exception for the weekends, is
given off of school. That means
that in addition to trying to
celebrate an important holiday, students must study, do
homework, and attend school.
Especially with large amounts
of homework, students may
not have the time they deserve
to spend time with family and
celebrate, which is what the
holidays are all about.
Because school continues
throughout the holiday, students dont have the option to
spend the holidays with family that doesnt live close, as
taking a week off of school is
difficult with rigorous curriculum and fast paced classes. Is it
really fair to exclude religions
during the holidays, and force
students whose religion is a
minority to attend school and
study instead of celebrate?
Most people can agree that
doing homework on a holiday
is not an ideal situation, so students shouldnt have to study
and attend school on their holiday when others get a break
for theirs.

December 18, 2015


In Response to FREE PALESTINE!

Israel, a Beacon of Democracy

By Eitan Feifel, Dan Grushkevich, Yaam Gonen, and Stephanie Buchbinder

Guest Writers
In the last issue of the HiTide, an opinion article titled
Free Palestine was published
addressing the unrest between
Israelis and Palestinians in the
Middle East. It was filled with
inaccurate facts and libelous
statements about one of Americas closest allies, Israel. All students of La Jolla High School,
not just Jewish and Zionist
students, should be offended
by the many false comments
made in this article. Even when
writing an opinion piece, authors should act responsibly
and avoid statements which are
not factually accurate. This response, then, serves to set the
record straight about the conflict in Israel.
Israel is the ancient homeland of the Jewish people, and
archaeology has proven that
Israel existed in Palestine thousands of years before Muslim
Arabs moved in from Arabia
as conquerors. Most Jews were
at one point kicked out of their
homeland by invading empires
and dispersed to countries
throughout the world, where
they then lived as a persecuted
minority. Over a hundred years
ago, some Jews created a movement called Zionism, whose
aim was to bring Jews back to
their ancient homeland, Palestine.
Since it would correct a long
standing injustice, the U.N. fully supported the Zionist goal of

By Ryan Robson
News Editor
As PSAT results roll around
this December, expect your inbox and mailbox to suddenly
overflow from a deluge of messages from colleges and a few
other groups.
While initially exciting, the
novelty will soon wear off as it
becomes apparent that the vast
majority of these letters are better suited for the garbage can
than your desk drawer.
However, this one envelopeyou notice it in the stack
of mail. Its a bit different, a bit
more elegant, a bit less flashy
than the rest.
You pick up the soft beige
folder with a scrolled seal affixing the flap to the rear. As you
slide it open, a small red note
flutters to the ground...
Dear Parent: Please visit the
website below within 24 hours to
confirm that you have received
this invitation package.
You look deeper inside the
package. The varied contents of
the envelope are meticulously
The thick, creamy offset pa-

a creating a Jewish state on their

ancient land. But Arabs in the
area didnt want Jews returning
in large numbers and also would
not accept any country in their
midst that was not ruled by Muslims. With the blessing of the
U.N., the state of Israel was finally reborn on May 14, 1948, but
Palestinian Arabs joined with
the armies of five neighboring
Arab countries and immediately
launched an attack on the tiny
new state, aiming to annihilate
it. Against the odds, the Jews
fought them off and offered to
live in peace with its Arab neighbors.
Unfortunately, a large portion
of the Palestinian Arabs have
never stopped trying to destroy
Israel. They have frequently resorted to acts of terrorism, much
like those used by members of
ISIS and Al Qaeda, forcing Israel
to frequently defend itself.
These acts continue to this day.
Since October of this year,
there has been a wave of random
terror attacks in Israel by Arabs
resulting in the murder of more
than 42 Jews and the injuring of
hundreds of others, mostly innocent civilians. The human rights
organization Amnesty International has condemned the most
recent (November 20) vicious
attacks, saying, Deliberately
attacking civilians is contrary
to one of the most fundamental
principles of international law
and can never be justified It
display[s] a clear contempt for
human life.
These terror attacks have happened since the inception of the
state of Israel almost seventy

years ago and, sadly, the Arab

leadership honors the terrorists by naming streets and
sports tournaments after them
while their families frequently celebrate their crimes by
handing out candy to neighbors.
Like America, Israel is a
free democracy, the only one
in the Middle East, and this
is the main reason that Israel
is one of Americas strongest
allies. Israel has been widely
praised for its democratic values. On May 19, 2011, President Obama said, As for Israel, our friendship is rooted
deeply in a shared history and
shared values as two people
who struggled to win our freedom against overwhelming
odds. Former President Bill
Clinton echoed these thoughts
in a letter to Benjamin Netenyahu marking Israels 50th
year: Like America, Israel is
a strong democracy, as a symbol of freedom, and an oasis
of liberty, a home to the oppressed and persecuted. And
lastly, Martin Luther King Jr.,
also supported Zionism and
said at the annual convention
of the Rabbinical Assembly
on March 25, 1968, that Israel
[is] one of the great outposts
of democracy in the world
a marvelous example of what
can be done, how desert land
almost can be transformed
into an oasis of brotherhood
and democracy.
To say that the Palestinians
live in a land of apartheid
where justice is nowhere to


Thanksgiving or Thanks-Getting?
The Most Ironic Week of The Year

By Zoe Mendel
Staff Writer
Thanksgiving is a holiday
celebrated with a bittersweet
reason. Its a time to be with
family and friends, and be
thankful for what you have
Now, the modern American uses this time to eat lots of
family cooking and complain
about other relatives behind
their backs. Not only is the actual day of Thanksgiving seen
to be ironic, but the whole
week has become a meaningless pit of food, and now, money.
Black Friday, notorious for
its fatal herds of clientele,
who will literally destroy anything between them and that
mediocre 30% off deal, has
almost become a more pop-

bursts of customers.
I disagree with the idea of
Black Friday being so close to
(or even including) Thanksgiving day. Its ironic to think
that after spending time with
family and appreciating all the
wonderful things you do have,
youd go out and spend frivolously on material goods, or
even risk your health in a large
crowd. To go out and shop
on a day reserved for family,
friends, and cherishing what
you already have? Thats not
even ironic anymore, its comical.
I know Black Friday deals
are helpful for some to afford
nice holiday gifts for family
and friends, but if thats the
case, I dont see why the day
couldnt just occur a week lat-

Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons

ular and advertised holiday

than Thanksgiving itself. In
recent times, Black Friday has
been extended to the week after, for even more deals. Most
businesses use these extended
days to reduce the probability
of a crowd-related death, have
more time to restock, clean, or
Continued on OMNIBUS, page 11. just breathe between massive

er, to give a little time between

the idea of being thankful, and
the idea of getting more.
To me, spreading out the
two days, or at least reducing
their overlap, will return the
meaning of Thanksgiving to
more of a thankful time, instead of a preparation day for
crazy crowds and deals.

A Word on Post-PSAT Conferences & Awards

per is far above the standard

youve come to expect from the
San Diego Unified School District.
Your parents scoff at the enclosed bumper sticker - My student is a [Insert Program Name
Here] Scholar - but secretly
beam with pride.
A formidable letterhead appears on each of the documents.
They speak of a national organization. This organization has
a formidable seal, a formidable
name, even a formidable acronym. The address provided isnt
a P.O. Box; its a prestigious,
high-rent tower in Philadelphia.
Youre only 15. Nothing much
has ever been addressed and
mailed to you before, let alone
something like this.
And...buried within it all, is either the Achilles heel of it all or
the genius of it all - the price tag.
The organizations behind
these letters are not non-profits; they are the final bastions of
profitable direct-mail marketing.
These companies have figured
out how to profit off parents
convictions that their students
are geniuses and profit off stu-

dents convictions that they

arent geniuses and need every
possible advantage to get into
their parents top choice college.
A common appeal to this
mentality is the invitation-only honor society.

And...buried within it
all, is either the achilles heel of it all or the
genius of it all - the
price tag.
The most notorious of these
is the NSHSS - not to be associated with the NHS, or National Honor Society - which
preys on parents vulnerabilities in a manner that would
make PT Barnum cackle from
the grave.
These so-called societies
will say you have been handpicked from the crme de
la crme of American high
school students by your teachers, and that they are doing
you a favor by inviting you to
their exclusive society (which,
by the way, will look amazing

on your college application).

If you should decide to accept
their generous invitation, the
doors to the world will open in
front of you as you gain access
to a laundry list of resources,
scholarships, and connections...
...all for just $60.00!
The bottom line is this: the
vast majority of these societies have not been in contact
with your school, your teachers,
or your counselors. Most simply purchase student addresses
and information from the College Board after the PSAT.
Colleges are aware that there
is nothing particularly prestigious about these memberships, and will ignore them on
your application. Many of the
membership benefits are resources, scholarships, or college
events that can be found online
for free; they simply curate
them and email them out.
Unfortunately, low-income
families are particularly vulnerable to these tactics because (to
their credit) they are so proud
of their students achievements
and are likely go to any length
give them a better shot at at-

tending a great school with a

great scholarship.
What about youth conferences, though?
This exclusive opportunity
often unfolds as follows: you,
a high-achieving student who
checked Box X as your field
of interest on the PSAT, are
among the few cordially invited to attend Event Y in Big
City, USA.
Most of these events consist
of a hit-or-miss group of professional speakers, #1 best-selling (Amazon e-book) authors,
and truly outstanding individuals.
In addition to this grab bag
of speakers, dont forget the
worldly life experiences youll
gain from leaving home for a
whopping five days.
Some of these conferences
are quite good; many students
love them! Others find them a
waste of time and money.
Its up to you.
Personally, Id rather save, invest, and risk the money over
the course of a year than blow it
all on a five-day business conference.



December 18, 2015

Vali the Viking

Courtesy of Renee Yedidsion

Poseidon Attending the International Summit on Immigrants

Courtesy of Rebecca Ryan

Courtesy of Natalie Miller

Badges of Shame Throughout Time:


Scarlet Letter




Trumps Muslim Plan

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December 18, 2015

The Holy Grail of


By Austin Iverson
Staff Writer
For a long time, treasure
hunters have been seeking
the holy grail of shipwrecks,
the San Jose, a sunken Spanish
galleon that could be carrying
$17 billion in cargo. During
the War of Succession between
Prince Phillip and the Hapsburgs, the San Jose was the
flagship for an armada whose
sole purpose was to collect
gold from Spanish colonies in
South America to fund King
Philip Vs war effort.
On June 8, 1708, it was attacked by a British squadron
led by Admiral Charles Wagner off the coast of Cartagena.
Before they could board the
ship and accomplish their goal
of stealing its loot, it exploded
and sank to the bottom with
an estimated $17 billion worth
of chests filled with pieces of
eight, silver coins, and jewels.
Only 11 of the 600 crew and
passengers survived the ordeal.
Ever since, the ship has been
a legend among writers and
treasure hunters alike. In Gabriel Garca Mrquezs, Love
in the Time of Cholera, one of
the main characters Florentino
Ariza dreams of discovering
the treasure for his lover Fermina Daza. During the 1980s
a US based salvage company
called Sea Search Armada led
a hunt for the sunken treasure,
saying the galleons were lumbering bank vaults filled with
Peruvian gold, pearls from
Panama, and emeralds, amethyst, and diamonds found in
the Andes mountains.
The discovery was confirmed
on November 27, 16 miles off
the coast of Cartagena at about
300 meters deep. The search
was led by the Colombian navy
and an international team
headed by the Colombian institute of anthropology and
history. Colombian president
Juan Manuel Santos says the
finding, constitutes one of the
greatest if not the biggest, as
some say findings and identification of underwater heritage
in the history of humanity, and
promised a museum for the
discovery to be built in Cartagena. However, Colombias total ownership of the treasure is
being contested though. Spain
is claiming ownership to the
vessel because it was a part of
their navy, while Sea Search
Armada claims they located
the area of the wreck in 1981
and signed a deal with the Colombian government for a 35%
claim to the treasure, which
the Colombian government
denies. Sea Search Armada is
currently fighting for a share
of the treasure in both US and
Colombian courts.



Venezuela Sees Hope HasWhaling

By Vivi Bonomie
News Editor
On December 6, 1998 Venezuela saw the election of the
youngest president to date,
Hugo Chavez, the man who
led Venezuela into the socialist
government it holds today.
After his death on March
5, 2013, power was passed to
his selected candidate, Nicolas Maduro, a less popular
advocate for the Chavista
political party, PSUV.
Since Chavezs original
election, the country has
spiraled into times of economic and societal crisis. The
people have remained divided
between their support of the
PSUV and the Opposition party, creating rising tension in
the streets of the whole nation,
especially in the capital city of
While oil, Venezuelas chief
export, remains cheap, the
country has the highest inflation rate of the entirety of
South America. Along with
economic instability, the crime
rates have continued to rise.
According to World Atlas, Caracas is the second most dangerous city in the world with
a murder rate of 115.98 out of
100,000 people.
As the unrest and inequality

extreme deterioration of the

rule of law in Venezuela.
This past Sunday December
6, marked a period of change in
Venezuelan government when,
for the first time in 17 years,
the opposition won a majority
in the National Assembly,
Venezuelas unicameral legislative branch. After Lopez
performed a 30-day hunger
strike in June calling for
elections, the opposition
won by an impressive majority with over 70% voter
Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons
turnout. In the end, 112 repfully protest the injustice hap- resentatives out of the total 164
pening in the country. These went to the Opposition, awardprotests sparked a number ing them a super majority of
of deaths and injuries inflict- two-thirds over the PSUV.
ed on the protesters by the With the president holding a
government-controlled mili- limited veto power, this means
tary. The trend of the hashtag that the National Assembly can
#SOSVenezuela made interna- pass legislature by overruling
tional coverage as the country the presidents veto with a twothirds majority vote. According
lay on the brink of civil war.
According to Venezuelan to BBC News, President Madunews agency, AVN, Lopez was ros term is set to last until April
convicted to almost 14 years in 2019. However, once he is halfprison by the government for way to his term in April 2016,
starting these protests under a referendum can be held to
charges of public instigation, remove him from power.
The people of Venezuela are
vandalism, arson, and criminal conspiracy. The alleged hoping that this new majorcharges against Lopez have ity in government can bring
been argued to be untrue. Ac- the third-world country from
cording to the Human Rights modern corruption to justice
Watch, this event exposes the and stability.
continued to rise, the opposition party decided to create change. Leopoldo Lopez,
the leader of the Opposition
party, called the people of
Venezuela to the streets in
February of last year to peace-

Resistance to Antibiotics Causes

Awareness Increase in England
By Jimmy Irwin
Staff Writer
It has been known for at least
a few years now that overuse
of antibiotics can cause resistance to them. Many people
have been aware of this, but
until now, there hasnt been
much large-scale action to do
something about it. The recent spike in awareness about
antibiotics is due to a recent
study published in the Lancet,
an extremely prestigious medical journal from the UK. The
study states that if, in America, antibiotic efficacy declined
by 30%, over 6,000 deaths per
year could be the result. This
is because if resistance were to
increase, their use in situations
where theyre needed the most
could be compromised.
An example of such a situation is after a person receives
surgery, they are given antibiotics to keep their surgery sites
from getting infected. Another is if a person is undergoing chemotherapy. In general,
cases of temporarily compromised immune systems and
serious diseases are when the
majority of people need them
the most. This leaves us to ask,
what causes antibiotic resis-

tance? What do we do about

It is caused not just by one
factor, but several. Identifying these has been crucial to
researchers in the effort to
find solutions. Often cited as
the biggest contributor is prescribing antibiotics too often,
and prescribing them for the
wrong illnesses. According to
The Guardian, Over half of
antibiotics are prescribed for
virus-relate diseases.
Doctors also give them to

..if, in America,
antibiotic efficacy
declined by 30%,
over 6,000 deaths
per year could be
the result..
patients to treat things that
dont necessarily need the
help of such powerful drugs.
The third largest offender is
use of antibiotics in our food.
Farmers administer them to
animals because can help their
livestock gain as much as 3%
more of the weight they normally would, according to

PBS. Resistance can develop

in the animals, and then get
passed on to us when we consume them.
There are certainly solutions
to the problem of antibiotic
resistance, and many experts
agree now is the time to act on
them. To combat taking them
for the wrong diseases, doctors
need to do more thorough testing of exactly what disease their
patient is at risk of, and what
type of medicine needs to be
administered. One could also
ask ones doctor if one really
need antibiotics when theyre
given , which will be effective
in reducing overuse for more
minor ailments as well. To decrease resistance in livestock,
vaccination and more sparing
use of antibiotics are necessary.
One could also vote with ones
wallets by buying food that has
been labeled as using less.
Antibiotic resistance is a serious issue, and one that requires
various strategies to effectively
tackle it. With small lifestyle
changes and voting on things
like more research on resistance and closer oversight to
antibiotic administration by
doctors and farmers, this issue
would be resolved.


Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons

By Asha Alagiri
Staff Writer
Recently, Japan has been
banned from killing whales
by the International Court of
Justice. Although the country
claims that they are whaling
for scientific research because
the court believes that it is an
excuse for illegal whaling. Japan has sent its first whaling
fleet out into the Antarctic
ocean to kill approximately
333 minke whales. The whaling fleet was sent despite of the
International Court of Justice
and other countries, such as
Australia and New Zealand,
ruling against it. Japan has
been very resistant and has not
been complying with the 2014
International Court of Justice
decision and international
scientific advice having to do
with whaling especially regarding Japans whaling activities. Countries have been trying to get Japan comply with
the courts ruling. In an interview with BBC, Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt
said, We do not accept in any
way, shape or form the concept
of killing whales for so-called
scientific research, in regards
to Japans research claims.
Japan has been steadily rejecting the claims of whaling
and alike has been steadily
rejecting the pleas to cease
whaling activities as well. Japan is insisting that they need
the whales to build up their
research. Hideki Moronuki,
a senior negotiator for Japans
Fishery Agency, said Through
capturing whales for investigation, Japan is collecting the
scientific data and aiming for
the resumption of commercial whaling. This official government view doesnt change.
This only proves that Japans
purpose for whaling is for research is only a smokescreen
for illegal whaling activity.
Japan is utilizing a loophole
in the law allowing to kill an
animal for scientific research,
although whale meat is commonly consumed in Japan.
Whales in certain boundaries
are protected so Japan has received messages that if there
were to be any violation it
would be seen as a criminal


Battle for Ballon dOR

Messi and Ronaldo,
Head to Head for Player of the Year

By Lucy Barton
Staff Writer
The three finalists for the
FIFA Ballon dOr were announced Monday, November
30. The Ballon dOr is an award
by FIFA for the overall best
player of the year and is given out annually. The finalists
for the 2015 award are Lionel
Messi (Argentina/FC Barcelona), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal/Real Madrid), and Neymar
Jr. (Brazil/FC Barcelona).
For the seventh time in eight
years, Messi and Ronaldo, debatably the two best soccer
players in the world, will go
head-to-head for the title of
worlds best soccer player. For
the past eight years except
2010, Messi and Ronaldo have
claimed the first and second
positions, Messi winning it
four times in succession from
2008-2012 and Ronaldo winning it in 2008, 2013, and 2014.
The only time they did not face
each other for the award was in
2010 when FC Barcelona dominated the nominations with
Messi, Xavi, and Andres Iniesta.
Messi is the overwhelming
favorite to win the Ballon dOr
this year. According to ESPN,
Messis odds are around 1-12,
while Neymar and Ronaldo
trail behind with 10-1 and
11-1, respectively. It is no surprise, though, that Messi has
these sort of odds. In 2015,
he led Barcelona to win the
famous treble, which means
winning their league, their
domestic cup, and the Cham-

Coming soon to Theaters,
Its Sure to be a Hit

By Shayna Kobrinetz
Staff Writer
This Christmas Day, football
fans will be rushing to a film
about the NFL and the injuries
involved, while doctors will be
hitting the theaters to watch
a movie about brain science.
Most will be sitting right next
to each other.
Concussion explores traumatic injuries the NFL has
been hiding, and real life effects of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. This is
the result of concussions often
caused by head collisions, specifically in football. Filmmakers tell the horrific story with
a star-studded cast including
Will Smith, Alec Baldwin and
Albert Brooks, as well as real
victims of CTE. With various
blows to the NFL, revealing
what was covered up, Sony ultimately decided to soften the
film to prevent lawsuits and
protests from the NFL. Dwight

pions League all in the same

year. In addition, despite losing
two months to an injury, he has
scored 48 goals this year.
Ronaldo claimed on the Jonathan Ross show, To be honest
I think Messi is going to win
this year because this kind of
trophy, it depends on votes. You
win Champions League, you
win the league Despite being
the La Liga top scorer, Ronaldos
team, Real Madrid, finished the
2014/2015 season with no trophies, hindering his chances at
the Ballon dOr.
The third nominee, Brazils
captain Neymar, is overlooked
due to the Messi-Ronaldo rivalry, but is still a worthy competitor.
Messi and Ronaldo have been
the top two contenders for the
Ballon for almost the last decade, but this year there has
been pushback against Ronaldo
even getting the nomination.
People claim that Luis Suarez
of FC Barcelona had as good a
season, if not better, as Ronaldo.
The other two contenders,
Messi and Neymar, have both
voiced opinions that they believe Suarez may have deserved
the spot more than Ronaldo.
Suarez is a part of the famous
Barcelona trio with Messi and
Neymar that scored a total of
122 goals together last season.
According to ESPN, Messi
voiced his disappointment, but
also added that Ronaldo deserved the spot as well.
The winner of the award will
be announced at the FIFA Ballon dOr award ceremony in Zurich, Switzerland on January 11.
Caines, president of domestic
marketing at Sony Pictures stated, Well develop messaging
with the help of NFL consultant
to ensure that we are telling a
dramatic story and not kicking
the hornets nest.
Its evident that the film could
cause issues for the NFL, as the
realities of CTE, covered up
so meticulously, are now being uncovered on a large scale
available to the public. The NFL
is supposed to be the guardian and authority on the issue
of player safety, however they
have failed in cases concerning
CTE. The film highlights the
dangers of the NFL, and the
lack of care that has been taken
in ensuring players safety on
the field. Issues associated with
CTE, including the suicides of
both Junior Seau and Dave Duerson, who both suffered from
the disease, were hidden.
Concussion is more than just
a film about football, or a documentary on brain science. It
tells the story of a real life situation, and the effects on those
who are diagnosed with CTE.

Ronda Rousey
Wants a Rematch
By Asha Alagiri
Staff Writer
After losing UFC Women's
title, Rousey asked for a rematch against Holly Holm.
Ronda Rousey has told the
Mike and Mike show that
she thinks there should be
a rematch not only because
of the marketability for the
show, but also to show that
Holm can defend her new title
against the former champion.
Ronda Rouseys record was
undefeated so she believes she
deserves this rematch against
Holm. Holm also agrees that
Rousey deserves a rematch
and has expressed that she
would have no problem fighting Rousey again.
Ronda Rousey has begun to
pursue a career in entertainment and has found it difficult
to reschedule a rematch because of her hectic schedule.
Lorenzo Fertitta [UFC CEO
and co-owner] and highschool friend Dana White
both said, "I think that if we
didn't make the rematch, me
and Lorenzo [Fertitta] should
probably lose our promoters'
license," because insuring the
fight will happen is one of
their new priorities because
of fan responses requesting a
rematch as well as the fighters.
During the fight, it was
apparently clear that Holm
was winning and not Rousey,
and that she had it from the
beginning. Rousey was overpowered by Holms a series
of longshots and a kick to the
right side. After Rousey threw
her last punch and Holms
dodged it, the fight was won
by Holms.
Holms is supportive and
ready for a rematch, openly
talking about the fight, she
said, "I'll train twice as hard
for the rematch, because anyone who has been as successful as Ronda has obviously
been a champion for a reason.
Shes a very dominant athlete,
a very hard-working athlete,
so I know she'll be coming
back with a vengeance and
I'll have to be ready," she told
Mario Lopez just days after
the fight.
Rousey, quiet on social media since the fight says, It
might be three to six months
before I can eat an apple, let
alone take an impact though,
I need to beat this chick. Who
knows if Im going to pop my
teeth out or break my jaw
or rip my lip open. I have to
f****** do it. After the fight,
Rousey has hardly been able
to talk because of the stitches
in her lip, the side of the face
still being extremely swollen
and her teeth being unstable.

December 18, 2015

By Nora Becker
Staff Writer
The La Jolla High Vikings
boys water polo team took
first place in the CIF San Diego Section Division I finals
on November 21, 2015, with
about a thousand people in attendance.
The victory came as they
defeated the Valhalla High
School Norsemen 10-2. Earlier in the championships, La
Jolla High beat Canyon Crest
Academy 21-11, and then beat
Vista 7-6. Division I is the second-highest class in the CIF
rankings, topped only by the
Open Division.
Coach Tom Atwell credits
the start of the games success
to his own son, young little cherub Cole Atwell, who
scored the first goal for La Jolla. Afterwards, the team ran on
that momentum and ultimately annihilated Valhalla. Senior Miles Martinez, with four
goals, proved to be the high
scorer of the night.
Coach Atwell told the HiTide that La Jolla High School
has been in Open Division
since the four tiers were created. The last time he won CIF
as a coach was in 1999 with
Scripps Ranch. Earlier that
same year, Scripps Ranch had
moved from Division II to Division I, and playing in the DI
set championships, the team
won against Valhalla.
He continued, And then the
next year, I came to La Jolla
High, and our very first tournament we played in with me

All Photos Courtesy of Wikicommons


as coach, we won the Poway

Invitational. And a kid named
Brady Dinnsen; Brady threw
me in the pool as celebration
of us winning, which is like a
superstitious thing, you cant
throw the coach in until youve
won the whole thing. And so
he kind of put a curse on us,
and so we didnt win CIF, for
the entire time, for the next 15
[And then] finally we got
moved from Open Division
to Division I, and we played
Valhalla in the championship,
[and]beat Valhalla. Everything
came full circle, so now weve
lifted the curse. So now we
can start winning CIF championships. Because the curse of
Brady Dinnsen has been lifted.
This year, the water polo
team played in the Division I
championship. The team was
previously classified as Open
Division, but since they travel so much, and consequently
have a greater number of losses, the power ranking system
dropped them down a division.
However, by the end of the
season, after all games have
been completed, the La Jolla
Vikings will be ranked fourth
overall in the entire county.
Coach Atwell says that he
is confident going into the
beginning of the girls water
polo season, because the team
will be ranked 1st or 2nd in
the county. He also added that
he believes they have a great
chance of winning the championships.

Lebrons Lifetime Deal

Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers Signs a Lifetime

Deal With Nike Worth More Than $500M
By Alexa Kideys
Staff Writer
Lebron James, reportedly,
has officially signed a lifetime
deal with the widely known
company Nike as of December
8th, 2015. It is said to be the
first ever lifetime deal in Nikes
44-year history as a company.
The shoe and apparel company
has created the largest amount
of versions of the James' shoe
than any other athlete, aside
from Michael Jordan, who is
currently on his 30th Air Jordan Sneaker.
According to ESPN, both
James and Nike's business has
grown exponentially since
2003, when Nike signed James
on the eve of the NBA lottery
to a seven-year, $90 million
deal, its largest athlete deal
ever at the time. Since Lebron
James and Nike have been in
business together for twelve
years, it is not a surprise to

discover that James will subsequently continue to advertise

and work with the multi-million dollar company.
However, the question of
how much James was paid for
the deal will not be disclosed
to the public according to Nikes spokesperson. It is estimated that the deal had, with
no doubt, surpassed the $300
million dollar, ten-year deal
made with Kevin Durant of
the Oklahoma City Thunder
basketball team.
James tells of his excitement
explaining the deal as nearly a
dream come true. He goes on
to say, "It's been an unbelievable time for myself and my
family, and I'm just grateful
that Nike and [Nikes founder]
Phil Knight and everyone over
there just believed in a skinny
18-year-old kid from Akron,
Ohio, and I'm happy to be a
part of such a great company."


December 18, 2015

Aztecs vs. Toreros

Battle for San Diego

Photos Courtesy of Wikicommons

By Shayna Kobrinetz
Staff Writer
On a sunny, 73F Southern
California day in December, a
herd of blue jerseys ran eagerly on to the field of Petco Park,
excited to be playing such a
unique game.
This team wasnt the Padres
playing post-season baseball.
It was the University of San Diegos, Toreros basketball team,
ranked No. 337 in the nation,
running onto a court built
onto the infield of Petco Park,
ready to meet the opposing
team, No. 21 San Diego State
The obvious favorite was
SDSU, but with just thirteen
points in the first half, they
were losing the game to a team
that hadnt won a single game
so far this season.
San Diego States head coach,

Steve Fisher, even resorted to

coaching his players the same
way he had once coached PE.
He claimed, All Im yelling is
play harder, play harder, play
harder. Thats not my job. Thats
their job. Dont make me coach
effort. Long ago in my early life,
I taught physical education at
Rich East High and in gym class
I would say, Come on, lets go.
Dont make me coach effort.
That is what we were doing in
this game.
The SDSU Aztecs repeatedly missed basket upon basket,
causing their fans to grunt and
groan, all in shock that their rising basketball program was taking yet another devastating hit.
The team had a 6-3 record going
into the game.
On the opposite end of the
court, USD students and fans
cheered, amazed at the ever
growing score and their teams
shocking ability to shoot. It was

Four Coaches, Four Years

USC Tries Their Luck With New Head Coach
By Shayna Kobrinetz
Staff Writer
October 12, 2015 was an all
too familiar day for the University of Southern California
football program, as their third
head coach in four years, Steve
Sarkisian was fired after the
team was defeated by the unranked Washington Huskies.
USC started the season with a
3-2 record, exactly the same as
when head coach Lane Kiffin
was fired in 2013 after a similar loss to Arizona State. After
the loss of Lane Kiffin, players,
band members and fans gathered around interim coach Ed
Orgeron in support, despite
losses to both of the universitys rivals, Notre Dame and
UCLA. The University instead
hired Steve Sarkisian, much to
many fans dismay. This time,
however, as offensive coordinator Clay Helton claimed
the interim coaching title, the
season ended differently than
before, with a win over rival
UCLA and a spot in the Pac 12
Helton claimed the head
coaching title on November
30, saying, I've had the great
experience and fortune to be
a part of this special place for
six years. In that time, I have
learned about the tradition of
excellence that USC has, both
on and off the field. I totally
understand the high bar of excellence and expectations that
come with the job. I welcome
them with open arms, because as a coach, I expect them
of myself." Helton has been
signed on for a guaranteed

five year contract with USC

after his 5-2 record as interim
coach, with losses to number
nine Notre Dame and number
fifteen Oregon. Helton was the
offensive coordinator at USC
for six years before becoming
the head coach. His father was
the head coach of University of
Houston, and held many other
assistant coaching positions as
Former and current USC
players and coaches rallied
around the hiring of Helton,
including Matt Leinart, former coach Pete Carol, and
Matt Barkley. Prior to Clay
Heltons hiring, current players promoted Helton for the
job, using #Helton2016 on
their social media accounts,
and promoting his abilities in
press conferences and interviews. Earlier in the season,
junior line backer Sua Cravens
said, We want Coach Helton,
plain and simple. We dont
need to meet with [athletic director] Pat Haden, he knows.
We want Coach Helton back
next year, so well do our best
to try and get him back here.
Senior quarterback Cody Kessler added, Coach Helton is a
great coach and an even better
person. He has kept us together. He is the same guy every
day. He is a coach you want to
play for."
With obvious support from
Athletic Director Pat Haden,
former coaches, and past and
present players, the true test
of Clay Helton will be determined by his next season, and
if he can live up to his desire to
win National Championships.

obvious that the players were much closer game than what
giving it their all, and it was it had been, with USD leading
paying off. Aztec fans began the whole time.
to lose hope, and somberly
Unfortunately for the Aztecs,
filed up Petco Parks stairs, theyve moved down to numamazed that their No. 21 team ber 63, and have scarred their
was losing to a team that was reputation and hopes for an
only fourteen spots from be- NCAA Tournament spot.
ing the worst basketball team
Fortunately for USD, they
in Division I.
now find themselves moved up
The Aztecs managed to ral- to No. 263- just 200 spots bely and make a few shots, to hind SDSU, and can now have
which the
the privilege
Aztec fans
that theyve
enbroken their
nine game
losing streak
that their
team could
and officialcatch
up Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons
ly ended the
and win the game. With just Aztecs forty four game winthree minutes left, the Aztecs ning streak against California
played with urgency and the teams- not a bad result for an
most effort they had put in all outdoor basketball game.
The fight for San Diego endThe final score reflected a ed in an upset, USD prevailed.

By Tony Coan
Staff Writer
With the fall season finally coming to an end, its time
to see how all La Jollas sports
teams preformed. We talked to
some senior leaders from each
of the teams, asking them how
the teams did, as well as some
of their favorite memories or
moments from the season.
The football team lost in
the first round of CIF to Patrick Henry. Despite the early
exit, senior Casey Brown, the
starting quarterback for the
football team this year had
nothing but good things to say
about his year spent with the
team. I had a blast the whole
year, and enjoyed just becoming a family with the guys on
our team. They had one of the
biggest if not the biggest wins
in school history this year,
beating out Christian High
School, ranked seventh in the
Our Girls Volleyball team
made it to the semifinals of the
open division of CIF, the highest division possible. Senior
Chloe Luyties, a starter on
the team had this to say about
the team, We had a lot of big
wins this season, like when
we beat La Costa Canyon in
the pre-season. Theyre a team
we dont usually beat because
they are ranked higher than
us. The best memory this season is probably the Bishops
game. So many people came
out to support us, and it was
great to finally beat them at
their house.
Boys Water Polo had a great

year, winning CIF division one

for the first time in school history. Senior Simon Hirschfield,
a team captain had this to say
about his teammates, I could
not be more proud of the
work these guys put into this
season. Knowing at 5:15 am
that I can look across the pool
during a hard swim set and
see my brothers giving it their
all made my senior experience
that much better. The team
had many big wins and memorable games, including the super close game against Bishops,
and the semifinal game against
Vista which they won in the
final seconds to send the team
into the championship game.
The Girls Golf team also did
well this season, going undefeated in League and winning
League Champion for the second year in a row. The team
got third place in CIF. Since
there is no senior night, Hanna
Wells, a senior on the team said
that instead, the seniors on the
team put their hair into space
buns for fun.
Cross Country didnt make
CIF, but the girls team got 3rd
in Western League. Two notable performers for both teams
are Sierra Roberson, who got
fourth place in the Western
League race, and senior Brent
Eaton, who ran a top 40 time
out of over 500 competitors in
the county. Senior Ski Pierce
had this to say about his brief
time on the team, It was my
first and last season on the
team. I dont have a favorite
moment because the whole experience was amazing!


Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons

End of an Era,
Kobe Bryant
By Tony Coan
Staff Writer

Kobe Bryant, a Lakers legend who has brought five NBA

Championships to the organization, announced November
30th on The Players Tribune,
a website dedicated to posts
written by athletes, that he will
retire after this season.
Entitled Dear Basketball,
Kobe wrote a story in the form
of a poem, saying things about
the sport such as, gave a six
year old boy his Laker Dream/
And I will always love you for
it. Bryant then went on to explain how he cant love it so obsessively much longer, saying
This season is all I have left to
Kobe had apparently made
the decision a while before the
announcement, but he had to
accept that it was right on his
own before telling the world.
Kobe has had an amazing career. In his seventeen seasons,
Kobe has scored 32,482 points,
the third most of any player in
the history of the game. He has
won five NBA Championships
for the Lakers, and has made
the All Star Team 17 times.
But in recent years, Kobe has
struggled. Missing 123 games
in the last four seasons due to
injury has been hard on him,
and he hasnt completely gotten his mojo back. He is averaging more field goal attempts
a game, and has the worst field
goal and 3-point percentage in
the NBA among all qualified
The Lakers administration is
also taking the news hard. Lakers executive Vice President
and co-owner Jim Buss spoke
to ESPN, reacting to the retirement, "When he called me this
afternoon and told me and it
became a reality, it hurt. Kobe
Bryant is family. He's been on
this team for 20 years. That's
more than half of the time our
family has owned the Lakers."
The Lakers have many games
left in this season, and fans are
making the most of them. As
has happened with many retiring greats, road games will
turn into appreciation days
for Bryant, where NBA fans all
applaud him on his amazing
career, and show their appreciation for everything he has
done for basketball. A silver
lining, ticket sales have gone
up for games featuring the
Lakers, most likely for this reason.


Maddy Straton, 12
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
because I hate you all.

Austin Rust, 11
Hot Tub Time Machine
because it would be coo
l to
go back in time.

Nico Nave, 12
Human Centipede I
am a sadist.

Pierre Hosy, 11
Fast and Furious because Im most like
Bryan OConnor.

Jake Harvey, 12
Gladiator because
Ancient Rome is very
interesting and I
would want to be a

Clay Halbert, 12
Star Wars - Despite the grand scale
of brutal oppression in those movies,
the existence of a transcendental
Force is such utter proof of spirituality and the divine that we could
all be sure of our answers.

Sophia Matthie, 11
Narnia because I am
a fighter and I like the

, 11
Lee Goodjon
XXL There
Magic Mike
and it would
some hot guys
to be in the
be amazing

Joseph DAngelo, 12
Fresh Prince of Bel Air
because I want to be a
fresh prince of Bel Air.


December 18, 2015

Sophie Omafray, 11
Monsters University so I
could be friends with Mike
and Sully.

Coby Guzman, 12
The Live Action Scooby
Doo movie, spooky stuff

Helen Lee, 12
Harry Potter
because of Hogwarts and
Quidditch. I would be a
Gryffindor and a Seeker.

Cole Wolf, 10
Monsters Inc. because
I like to scare children.

Tristan Kaskoun, 12
Spy Kids, do you need
an explanation?

Nicole Bertrand, 12
Pretty in Pink because Molly
Rigwalds character is so
strong, independent, and

Trish Turner, 12
Yes Man because Ive
learned that being easy
going and optimistic will
lead you to happiness
and success.

Pierce Mayne, 11
Enter the Dragon with
Bruce Lee because its

Nikki Schroader, 11
Wolf of Wall Street Its
pretty fast paced and high
pressure but a cool way to
get money.

Francisco Torres, 11
Batman because I like
being reckless and

Lexi Atwell, 12
Aquamarine I want to
have a hot boyfriend.

Maya Hildebrand, 12
Ferris Buellers Day Off
It such a fun and
adventurous day skipping

December 18, 2015

Luis Galeana, 11
because its all about
hanging out with friends
and having a good time.

Aidan Scott, 12
Jackson Nutting, 9
Good Will Hunting because
Step Brothers Its super
I could hang out with Robin
Williams and Matt Damon and
Matt Damons hot girlfriend.

Alex Drew, 12
Fast and Furious because
Id want to be the next Paul

Ethan McArthur, 11
Darjeeling Limited, because
I want to travel across a
country like India because
its humbling.

Xiao Bao Bao, 12

Star Wars - Id want to be
a bounty hunter because
growing up, Boba Fett was
my idol, but it would be a
dangerous life.

Sam Armstrong, 12
Id want to live in the Hobbit
because Rivendell is

Rita Ousterhout, 12
The Devil Wears Prada
I would want to be Anne
Hathaway because of the
fashion and I would not just
leave Meryl Streep in Paris.






photographs by
stu-fo editor SOPHIA DORFSMAN



Nico Ivunov, 11
Sharknado - I would be Finn
because hes really cool and
has a shark tooth necklace.

Ian Brown, 11
Lord of the Rings
because the universe is
magical and elves are

Ian McGowan, 11
Top Gun because I like

Ross Shepherd, 12
Its a Mad, Mad, Mad,
Mad World because my
life is chaotic.

Maddie Cunningham, 10
Batman because Im

Michael Miller, 12
Frozen because it would
be cool for magic to be

Paul Vickrey, 12
The Land Before Time
because Ive always wanted
to be a pterodactyl.

, 11
Claudia Statius
Harry Potter be
I am a wizard.

Beau Lieurance, 12
The Last Samuri Such a
sick movie and who wouldnt
want to be a bad ass.

Brenda Lewis, 11
Id want to be Bruce Wayne
in any of the Batman
movies because youd be
Batman and rich at the
same time.

if your life took place in a movie, which would it be?



Eva Porsche, 12
Harry Potter be
agic is
Hogwarts and m




December 18, 2015

Bright & Thriving

Photos 1, 2, 6, & 9 courtesy of Oliver Dillard
Photos 3, 4, 7, 9, & 11 courtesy of Kyle Jetter
Photos 5 & 8 courtesy of Lisa Kalinin


December 18, 2015

Continued from OPINIONS, pg. 3

be found is completely false.

Arab citizens in Israel are guaranteed full legal rights by a legal
justice system headed by a supreme court that even includes
In Israel, women, gay people
and people of all religions have
full rights under the law, which
is not the case in all Arab countries. To claim, as the article
did, that Zionism is terrorism,
is blatantly false and defaming.
Furthermore, using a quote
attributed to Albert Einstein,
the article made an outrageous
comparison between the treatment of Arabs by Israel and
what Nazis did to Jews during
the Holocaust. A simple Internet fact check would have revealed that the quote was never
actually uttered by Einstein.
Two thirds of Europes Jewish population were murdered
in the Holocaust. In contrast,
Arabs in Israel have the second
highest life expectancy in all
the Arab world and a growth
rate that is faster than that of
the Jewish population. A 2014
poll of Arabs in Israel found
that 68% of them would prefer to stay in Israel over living
in a country ruled by Arabs.
Given these facts, comparing
the treatment of Arabs in Israel to the Holocaust is insulting
to the memory of the millions
that were murdered by the Nazis and the living survivors. The
US Department of State actually recognizes this comparison as a form of antisemitism.
According to the World Jewish
Congress, in a recent meeting with Jewish leaders at the
Vatican Pope Francis said that
denying Israels right to exist is
It is, in fact, Palestinian Arabs
who have an ugly connection
to the Nazis. Their former leader Haj Amin al-Husseini was a
close ally and advisor to Adolf
Hitler and urged him to extend
his genocide of Europes Jews to
the Jews of Palestine.
Rather than being a terrorist
state, as claimed by this opinion
article, Israel is a modern democracy that excels in developing technology to help humanity. Bill Gates said, "Israel is in
many respects the country that
has contributed the most to the
technological revolution.Much
of the technology from Israel is
in our computers, cell phones,
etc. According to US Secretary
of Defense Ashton Carter, Israeli technology used by the
US military has saved the lives
of many American soldiers.
Israel is also the world leader
in reclaiming water. In fact, in
the last issue of the Hi-Tide, a
front page story was about how
a desalinization plant, based on
Israeli technology, is being built
in Carlsbad to ease our countys
drought. Its rather odd that the
nation accused of being terrorists and Nazis in the opinion
article also seems to be saving
lives throughout the world.





All Photos Courtesy of Wikicommons


Complete the crossword below


Created on Crossword Maker

Hot chocolate Ornament Tree Stockings Lights Gingerbread Mistletoe Present

Candy Cane


2. Large living green decoration where presents are

stuffed under
4. What is usually hung on the tree in order to decorate
6. A red and white striped candy
7. What are usually hung outside houses for
8. What people kiss under
9. The types of mini houses children make, decorated
with candy

1. What is usually exchanged between friends and

3. A warm sweet dark drink served
5. What are 'Hung on the chimney with care'

Dear Donna

This Months Topic: Holiday Season

The holiday season is coming

up and I want to enjoy myself.
How do I cope with all of the
stress from school?

-Festively Overwhelmed

There is no doubt that

school is important, but students often compromise their
mental health for the sake of
finishing a homework assignment. Sometimes, we can
push ourselves so hard that
our minds and bodies start
to collapse that is why it is
so important to reward ourselves for all the good work
we have been doing.
If you just completed a long
and tumultuous study guide,
treat yourself to your favorite dessert. Or for instance, if
you got invited to do multiple
things over the weekend but
you have a lot of work to do,
then choose one day that you
are going to fully dedicate
yourself to school and leave
the other day for doing one
of the fun activities with your
Moderation is key to living
a happier high school life; if
you never take your head out
of your textbook, then you
will miss out on some great

Love, Donna

What are fun holiday-related things to do over break that

dont cost a ton of money?

-Joyfully Thrifty

During this holiday season,

there is a myriad of things to
do that wont cut into your
giftgiving budget. First of
all, there is always the classic
cookie-baking party. You can
invite your friends over to play
holiday music as you decorate
cookies and afterwards, you
can use the extra frosting outside to have a sticky and sweet
frosting war.
Also around this time of year,
there are plenty of light displays
and free holiday festivals that
you can walk through while
sipping hot chocolate. You can
also go ice skating, throw an
ugly sweater party, camp with
friends, use a projector and
watch a holiday film, or have a
white elephant party with your
If you lean more towards
giving back to the community, there are plenty of shelters
and soup kitchens that you can
devote your time to. An extra
pair of hands is always needed
during the season.
Remember that it doesnt
matter what you choose to do,
as long as you enjoy it.

Love, Donna

What gifts should I get my

friends for the holidays?

-Concerned and Caring

I would strongly encourage

doing a secret Santa because
not only does everyone in
your friend group get a gift,
but it is also a lot cheaper than
buying individual presents
for each person. Nowadays,
you can even use websites
like to help
conduct the secret gift giving.
You can even decide to give
only gag gifts to give everyone a good laugh. Gift cards
are always a good choice when
you have absolutely no idea of
what to buy for that person.
From the classic Starbucks
card to Bath & Body Works,
Forever 21, Urban Outfitters
or even Lululemon, the options are endless. However, if
you want to give individual
gifts and are as broke as most
teenagers, then you can give
them personalized presents
like a photo album, or a pass to
choose the next restaurant you
both go to if you usually fight
over where to go. Remember
it is the thought that counts.

Love, Donna

Want to ask Donna a question? You

can email her at deardonnaljhs@ OR you can drop off your
question at a folder attached to the
door of room 514. Remember your
questions will remain anonymous.

By Lucy Barton
Staff Writer
Kendrick Lamar and Taylor
Swift lead the 2016 Grammy
nominations that were released on Monday, December 7. A few surprises were
unleashed in this years list of
nominees. Lamar leads the
number of nominations with
11 while Swift has 7, but she
also received nominations in
each of the Big Three categories song, record, and album
of the year.
Lamar breaks Eminems record for hip-hop artist with
the most nominations in a
single year. They include album of the year (To Pimp a
Butterfly), song of the year
(Alright), best rap album
(To Pimp a Butterfly), and
best music video (Alright)
in addition to others. According to CNN, critics are calling
his new album a rap album
so challenging and musically
Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Rihanna and Jason Derulo
were some of the artists with
hits that didnt see a nomination this year. The Grammys
invited Rihanna, Kanye West,
and Paul McCartney to perform FourFiveSeconds at the
award show, but no nominations were offered. Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons, and Fall
Out Boy were passed over in
their categories, while Fetty
Wap was denied a nomination
for best new artist.
The nominees for album of
the year are 1989 (Swift),
Beauty Behind the Madness
(The Weeknd), To Pimp a
Butterfly (Lamar), Sound +
Color (Alabama Shakes) and
Traveler (Chris Stapleton).
The nominees for record
of the year are Blank Space
(Swift), Uptown Funk (Mark
Ronson featuring Bruno
Mars), Thinking Out Loud
(Ed Sheeran), Cant Feel My
Face (The Weeknd) and Really Love (DAngelo and the
The nominees for song of the
year are Thinking Out Loud
(Sheeran), Blank Space
(Swift), Alright (Lamar),
Girl Crush (Little Big Town)
and See You Again (Wiz
Khalifa featuring Charlie 3).
The winners will be announced at the Grammy
Awards Show on February 15.

San Diego Shows Holiday Spirit



December Nights: An All-Time Hit for Balboa Park

By Julia Walton
Staff Writer
Christmas would not be the
cheerful holiday that it is without the euphoric array of lights
that many people hang from
their homes. Many businesses
and other places also join in on
the festivities, often times with
more extravagant light shows
than peoples humble homes.
But where in San Diego are
the best places to find such a
To start off, the Hotel Del
Coronado has a reputation for
its holiday festivities including
a 40 foot tall tree that is fully
lit and intricately decorated.
The Del also sets up their annual ice skating rink, which
has been on its grounds since
2002. This year they will start
a tradition called the DELight
Show, for an exciting winter wonderland; all of which
can be viewed throughout the
month of December.

The next attraction is not just

by the water like the Hotel Del
but actually takes place on the
water. At the Oceanside Yacht
Club, Mission Bay, and San
Diego Bay there is a Parade of
Lights that takes place on the
water. Every boat-owner has
the opportunity to enter into
the parade (for free) and at the
end a judging is held to award
the best-decorated vessel. This
event is held in Oceanside and
Mission Bay on Saturday December 12th at 7 pm, and in the
San Diego Bay on December
13th and 20th at 5:30pm.
Moving farther away from the
water, Petco Park hosts a Winter Wonderland event on its
field taking place on many dates
strung throughout the month of
December. After an admission
fee of $10 for children and $15
for adults, the inside of the stadium offers a magical lighting
display, a visit with Santa, a ride
on the Polar Express train, and a
40 foot tall Christmas tree.

Next is the San Diego Botanical Gardens Garden of

Lights located in Oceanside.
The garden weaves lights in
and out of flowers and plants
to create a dazzling display
as visitors walk through the
grounds during the Holiday
One attraction that can be
seen while driving on the 5
freeway is the lights that are
strung across the San Diego
Temples grounds. There are
over 13,000 lights and lifesize nativity scenes that are
set up on the grounds for
people to enjoy.
Finally, at our local San
Diego Zoo there is a holiday event called Jungle Bells,
which is held from December 13 January 5. Even
though the zoo is open from
9 am to 8 pm, most of the
events including a Carols
at Campus Critters which
shows everyday at 6:30pm,
are between 4pm and 8pm.

December 18, 2015

Trendy Times
LJ Winter Fashion

By Ariana Dennis
Staff Writer
With the San Diego weather, La Jolla High Schools winter attire may be a bit different
than the typical big coats and
mittens which other cities require when leaving the house.
Since the temperature is constantly fluctuating in between
fifty degrees, (practically freezing for La Jollans), to a toasty
December 75 degrees, for this
reason, skirts are the go to
right now.
People are wearing all types
of skirts from denim, to corduroy, and even patterned designed. When the weather is
a bit chillier, pairing the skirts
with tights or over the knee
knit socks has become a very
popular style for the winter

when seeing darker colors that

give off an almost sophisticated
gothic vibe. This influence also
brings in big loose fitting, preripped jean jackets that can
be worn with practically anything, since jean jackets are a
very versatile winter outfit peice amongst girls.
Adding onto winter trends,
flannels are another article of
clothing which has become
popular amongst both genders but has been increasingly seen on guys as of late. Although flannels are the go-to
for most guys, jean jackets have
also been making a comeback
amongst the male population.
Colored socks and high-top
converse are very prevalent
currently. Senior Tristan Macelli went on to say that stripes
are in and that Chino pants are

Kimye Welcome Home a New Baby

By Rebecca Ryan
Staff writer
On December 5th 2015, the
newest member to the Kardashian clan was born, Saint
West, son to Kanye West and
Kim Kardashian-West. Saint
weighed 8 pounds, 1 ounce
and joins his older sister North,
born on June 15th 2013, in one
of the worlds most scrutinized
celebrity families.
The name of the son was
kept secret until the day of the
birth, however there was much
stipulation over whether or
not Kim would continue with
the direction theme, as with
her previous daughter, North

West. Kim announced the name

with a simple tweet, SAINT
WEST followed with a set of
emojis which represent their
new family.

It has also been reported that

Saint Wests middle name will
be Robert, after his late grandfather on his mothers side.
Kim went through her second
pregnancy with difficulties, as
she did with her first pregnancy with North, after being diag-

nosed with pre-eclampsia.

On Keeping up with the
Kardashians Sunday, December 6th, the episode revealed that she went through
a procedure more painful
than childbirth in order to
turn the child from a breech
position in order to avoid
a C-section, and also dealt
with more issues during labor involving her placenta.
At the end, the birth was
successful and healthy Saint
now joins his sister North
West, and cousins Mason,
Penelope, and Reign Disick
as the new Kardashian generation.

These outfits are often seen
paired with combat boots, Doc
Martens, or platform shoes. We
are also seeing a lot of, low turtle necks, crop top long sleeves,
sweaters and long sleeves with
thumb holes. Fur vests also
frequently come into play this
Photo Courtesy of Twitter season, paired with a long sleve
shirt. For others, its all about
embroidered patterns.
All these La Jolla High School
trends have a lot of 60s inspiration with the mock dresses,
the fridge to let cool com- flared jeans, covered neckpletely. Lift the caramel out lines, and fur statements. These
of the loaf pan by the sides trends give off a very Bohemiof the parchment paper and an vibe.
then remove the parchment
We are also seeing a lot of
paper. Cut the caramels into 90s influenced looks, especially
the size you desire. Melt the
chocolate in a double boiler,
or a make-shift double boiler. Dip the caramels into the
melted chocolate and then
place onto a piece of parchment paper. Wait a few minutes and then sprinkle with
salt. Let the chocolate air dry
completely before storing.

Recipe of the Month:

Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels

Photo Courtesy of
Sophia Dorfsman

By Sophia Dorfsman
Student Focus Editor
tsp coconut oil
1 cup heavy cream
5 tbsp unsalted butter
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
1/2 cup honey
1/4 cup water
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
6 oz dark chocolate, chopped
Coarse salt, for sprinkling line
a 9x5 inch loaf pan with parchment paper. Drape it over the
long edges of the pan. Brush
lightly with the coconut oil.
In a small saucepan, heat the
cream, butter, and kosher salt
until warm and the butter has
Remove from the heat and
set to the side. Place the granulated sugar, honey, and water

in a medium saucepan over medium-high. Give the mixture a

stir, and then do not stir again
until you add the cream. Bring
the mixture to a boil, and then
continue to boil until the sugar
mixture turns golden brown.
This is the most delicate stage
because the sugar can very
quickly turn from golden brown
to burnt within seconds.
Once the sugar has turned a
golden brown color, remove the
pan from the heat and slowly
add the warm cream mixture.
Take care with this stage as the
caramel will easily boil and
sputter rapidly. Stir in the vanilla extract.
Place the pan back on the stove
on medium heat and cook the
caramel until it reaches 248F.
Remove from the stove and
pour into the loaf pan. Place in

Illustrations Courtesy of
Rebecca Ryan

what everyone is wearing, especially when cuffed.

When the weather tends to
be chillier, pull-over hoodies
are a warm and easy solution
for not only boys, but girls as
For the most part, a lot of the
male replies were that guys our
age dont have fashion as a priority and will usually go down
to a local surf shop and pick
out what they think looks decent and wear it out to school
despite the weather.
As the trends change alongside with the weather, we are
not only shown the style of
each individual but are also
shown the personality and
style of our school as well.

December 18, 2015

Tis the Season for

December Nights

Amazon To The Rescue:
2 Hour Shipping is Now Available

By Brooke Kaufman
Staff Writer

By Jillian Murray
Staff Writer

It describes itself as the nations premier holiday festival,

and this year was no exception. Balboa Parks infamous
December Nights celebration
took place for the thirty-eighth
year in a row over the weekend of December 4th and 5th.
With over 350,000 people in
attendance, visitors were able
to enjoy a spectacularly multicultural experience with food,
music, and entertainment
from around the world keeping guests both delighted and
in the holiday spirit.
The event is San Diegos largest free community festival.
It also helps Balboa Park kick
off the most wonderful time
of the year. As per tradition,
revelers of the festival are able
to enjoy fun activities such as
watching top-notch musical
and dance performances and
enjoying delicious and diverse
food choices.
Also, well-known customs
of the celebration, like the indulging in food from around
the globe at the International Christmas Festival at the
House of Pacific Relations
Cottages; the annual Santa Lucia Procession at the Plaza de
California; unique gift shopping at the museum stores and
with the artisans of Spanish
Village; and musical and dance
presentations from the San Diego Junior Theatre, San Diego
Civic Youth Ballet, San Diego
Civic Dance Arts, and Del
Cerro Baptists Christmas Story Tree, were happily enjoyed
by visitors of Balboa Park on
the nights of the festival.
A reminder of the world we
live in today was present at December Nights in the form of
heightened security. Police officers, private security guards,
park rangers, and surveillance
cameras were added this year
as a form of boosted surveillance in the wake of recent
terror attacks. Luckily, the two
night event occurred without
Overall, December Nights
proved itself once again to be
an amazing experience,especially to families and friends
who were looking forward
to the holiday season. Lights,
music, food, entertainment...
magic. With a recent nomination by USA Today for one
of the best holiday festivals in
the United States, this Balboa
Park celebration wont lose
its reverence any time soon.
Hopefully this cheerful event
is around for many more years
to come, because the holiday
joy it brings to San Diego is too
good to live without.

Amazon introduced Prime

Now to San Diego consumers
in November. This marks San
Diego being the 23rd city to
have this type of luxury. This
program allows orders to be
received within a matter of two
hours after placement. In San
Diego, Prime Now is available
from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven
days a week. Residents living
in select zip code areas such as
Chula Vista and La Jolla can
choose to have their items delivered on this time frame. Goods
such as electronics, groceries,
clothing, and household products can be brought to the buyer
from this free and ultra-fast delivery service. To get the service,
youll need to place an order of
$35 or more and be an Amazon Prime subscriber at $99 per

Photo Courtesy of
Wiki Commons

year. In addition, they can pay

$7.99 to obtain their online
purchased materials within
an hour or less.
Groceries from Amazon are
dispatched from local San Diego fresh food stores such as
Sprouts Farmers Market and
Bristol Farms. We know and
appreciate how much people love shopping at Sprouts,

but its not always possible to

make it over to your neighborhood store, said Shawn
Gensch, chief marketing officer of Sprouts Farmers Market according to The San Diego Union Tribune. Sprouts
partnered with Amazon
Prime Now to meet our customers where they often need
us most, at home. Were offer-


ing thousands of fresh, natural

and organic items for sameday delivery to San Diego residents and Prime Now is
a way to provide that instant
service, that feeling that if I
need, I can get it right away,
said Wurmser, a retail analyst
for eMarketer according to
The San Diego Union Tribune.
The objective behind Prime
Now being established in San
Diego is to gain more Prime
paying customers for this
program as an incentive for
those who have not joined yet.
Although Amazon does not
disclose its number of online
shoppers, an estimation of 40
million memberships are active. Now that the gratification
of fast obtained items is being
provided by Amazon, it completes the objective of becoming more desirable to potential

Around the World with Holiday


By Brooke Kaufman & Jessica

Staff Writers
The holiday season is a great
time to spend with family and
friends, giving gifts and making
valuable memories. Considering the diversity of the world,
it shouldnt come as a surprise
that there are countless traditions in which people from
around the globe come together
to celebrate the holidays. From
Australia, to Costa Rica, Iceland, Italy, Germany, Ukraine
and South Africa, here are just
a few of the ways in which our
world celebrates the holiday
Because of its location in the
southern hemisphere, Australia
celebrates Christmas towards
the beginning of the summer
holidays. Aussies are like Americans in their traditions of hanging wreaths on their front doors
and sometimes going out caroling on Christmas Eve. People
also decorate their houses and
gardens with Christmas Trees
and Christmas lights, often having neighborly competitions to
see who has the best display. A
unique custom from this country during Christmas time, is
people decorating their houses
with Christmas Bush, which
is a native Australian tree with
small green leaves and cream
colored flowers.
Holiday season for Costa Rica
comes at the end of the school
year, so people are usually looking forward to time at the beach
rather than time in the snow.
Decorations of the season include houses adorned with

beautiful tropical flowers,

and Christmas wreaths made
of cypress branches, red coffee berries, and ribbons. An
interesting fact about Costa
Ricas Christmas is the Midnight Mass service held on
Christmas Eve, called Misa
de Gallo (Mass of the Rooster), is also what the people
of Spain and Mexico refer to
their service as.
The holiday season in Iceland is a busy one, with winter
solstice celebrations lasting all
the way from December 23rd
to January 6th. In this country, Christmas is often known
as Yule or Jl. 13 Yule
lads fill the shoes of young
children with gifts if they are
good and a potato if they are
bad, similarly to American
gifts or toys tradition.
There are lots of customs
and traditions about Yule in
Iceland, such as on Yule Eve,
Icelandic children open their
presents after the evening
meal on Afangadagur; and
on Yule Day, celebrations
often include the extended family along with a main
meal of Hangikjt, or leg
of roast lamb. An interesting
fact about the Icelandic holiday season is that public entertainment is considered inappropriate on Yule Eve and
Yule Day.
In Italy, there is Befana or
the giver of gifts and instead
of the American cookies and
milk left out, families leave a
plate of regional cuisine, often broccoli with spiced sausage and wine.
Decoration styles can also

be different Ukrainian Christmas trees are often covered in

spider webs. The story came
from a peasant family planting a pine cone and being super excited to finally have a
Christmas tree. They thought
up a thousand ways to decorate the tree, but when Christmas finally came, they did not
have any money to buy decorations. When the children
woke on Christmas Day, they
discovered the tree covered in
what seemed to be thin golden
strings. But upon closer examination they discovered that it
was spider webs glistening a
golden light from the morning
Other cultures have darker traditions, such as some
Germans believe in Krampus,
the antithesis of Santa Clause.
Krampus is a wicked hairy
devil that supplies coal and
punishes the naughty children.
Last but not least, holiday
celebrations in South Africa
are similar to those of Australia because of their occurrences in the summer season. The
United States and South Africa
share the customs of a traditional fir Christmas tree and
children leaving out stockings
for Santa Claus on Christmas
Eve. South Africa also shares
several U.K. Christmas traditions, because of its history
with the U.K.
Overall, the holiday season
is a magical time for the entire
world, with age-old traditions
and customs bringing people
together each year. No matter
the tradition, every culture has
their holiday twist.

Legendary Event for

a Legendary Man
By Jimmy Irwin
Staff Writer
The Eddie Aikau surfing
invitational is being held on
the first of this month, if the
surf is big enough, going until
February 29th. This extremely
rare and unique event features
the worlds top-tier big-wave
surfers, conducted only when
the waves in Waimea Bay get
to 20 feet high. Due to those
requirements, the competition
hasnt been held since 2009.
The Eddie Aikau is special because the competitors are chosen on the basis of merit by the
Aikau family. In order to truly
appreciate the event, one must
understand Eddie Aikau, the
Born on May 4, 1946, on the
island of Maui, Eddie moved
to Oahu when he was 13 years
old. He had a passion for surfing, and an affinity for anything ocean-related. He was
hired in 1968 by the city and
county of Honolulu to be a lifeguard on Waimea Bay, where
the waves regularly reached in
excess of 20 feet. During his
career, he made 500 rescues,
never losing a single life. Not
only did he guard the bay, but
he was also and avid surfer in
the monstrous waves. Eddie
entered the pro surfing scene
in the late 60s, and became a
huge name in the community.
Aikau was one of the first people to embrace his Hawaiian
heritage, in a time when many
Hawaiians were ashamed of it.
This pride helped usher in a
renaissance of people celebrating their native roots.
In 1978, he, along with several others, built a traditional ancient Polynesian canoe.
They used a large vessel to
reenact the 2400-mile voyage
that their ancestors took from
Tahiti to Hawaii. Shortly after
it launched on March 16 that
year, the boat sprung a leak
and capsized 12 miles off the
island Molokai. To try and
save his crew, Eddie grabbed
his 10 foot surfboard to paddle to another nearby island.
Eventually, the boat was spotted by a passing airplane and
rescued, but Eddie was never
seen again. The Coast Guard
searched tirelessly for Aikau
for over a week, until his broken-hearted father called it off.
In 1984, Eddies brother Clyde
organized the first competition in his honor. This inspired
the phrase, Eddie would go,
referencing his courage to surf
waves that many others would
not, as well his dedication to
saving the lives of others, no
matter the danger to his own.
The events legendary nature
honors a legendary man.




Photo 1 courtesy of Fibonacci Blue (Flickr); photo 2: Charlotte Cooper (Flickr)

3 killed in November at Colorado Springs location

By Lucy Barton
Staff Writer
On Friday, November 27,
Robert Lewis Dear, 57, allegedly opened fire on a
Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs and killed two
civilians and a police officer,
according to authorities.
Dear made his first court appearance Monday, November
30, via a video feed from jail.
Dear is being held on the
grounds of first-degree murder and is facing a possible life
sentence or the death penalty
if convicted. For the moment,
he is being held without bail.
Dears suspected motive has
not yet been fully unearthed,
but it was reported by Fox
News that he was mumbling
something that included no
more baby parts after his arrest on Friday.
According to a law enforcement official, Dear proclaimed
anti-abortion and anti-government views.
CNN reported that Colorado
Springs mayor John Suthers
stated that although the shooter has not distinctly expressed
his motive that it can be inferred from the location of the
There were three casualties in
Dears shooting spree.
According to Fox News, two
civilians, Jennifer Markovsky,
35, and KeArre Stewart, 29,
were killed. Garrett Swasey, a
44-year-old police officer and a
church pastor, was also fatally
Nine other people were

Pro-Choice and Pro-Life activists.

Dear reportedly has a previous record, but nothing ever

According to CNN, his wife
accused him of domestic assault in 1997 but did not press
In 2002, a peeping Tom
charge was dropped against
him. In 2003, he was arrested
and charged with counts of animal cruelty, but was found not
The elements of this crime,
however, may turn the investigated into one of a domestic
terrorism act.
Mayor Suthers stated, The
case may fit the criteria for
a federal domestic terrorism
case, but based on my experience, I would be very surprised
if this is not simply a local
On December 9, Dear issued
an outburst at the beginning of
his hearing in El Paso County
Im guilty, theres no trial,
he said. Im a warrior for the
Dears lawyer said that his
clients mental competency
must be assessed before the
case continues.

Why are gas prices
so low right now?
By Jimmy Irwin
Staff Writer
Lately, gas prices have been
lower than weve seen in a
while. The cost of a gallon
lately has been hovering right
between $2.50 and $2.75. Why
has it been so low?
Its due mainly to the fact
that certain countries have
been upping their investment
and production of oil lately,
and the increased supply has
caused a drop in price.
Who are these countries?
Some of the most prominent
are Canada, Russia, and Iraq.
Additionally, domestic oil
production in the U.S. has
doubled in the last six years.
The decreased prices will be
beneficial to almost all Americans, especially those living
off of lower income. Economists predict that the average
American family will spend
less than $750 on gas this year.
But this years oil boom
hasnt benefited everyone.
Over 200,000 oil workers have
been laid off, with demand for
American oil in decline.
American workers arent the
only ones likely to be hit hard
by decreased oil prices.
Foreign countries with large
parts of their economies reliant on oil exportation, such as
Iran, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, and Nigeria, are all already
OPEC (Organization of Oil
Exporting Countries) has declined to step in and stabilize
prices. Member countries, like
Saudi Arabia, are afraid of losing their market dominance.
Analysts expect prices to
rise again during 2016.


Sam Peppers Best Friend Murder video goes viral:

A touching friendship or a prank gone too far?
By Lucy Barton
Staff Writer
A self-described prank video showing a simulated killing by YouTuber Sam Pepper
has gone viral over the past
The video, named Best
Friend Murder Prank, begins with Pepper saying,
Lets see how he reacts to his
best friend of five years being
killed in front of him.
The victim of the prank
was Sam Golbach. Colby
Brock was the one in on the
prank who will be murdered.
In the beginning of the
video, Golbach and Brock
are blindfolded by a masked
figure, Pepper himself. It becomes clear that Brock is in
on the joke when he takes off
his blindfold and helps Pepper tie up Golbach and throw
him in the trunk of a car.
The video picks up 20

minutes later on the roof of a

Los Angeles building where
Golbach is tied to a chair and
Brock is kneeling blindfolded.
A masked figure, Pepper
again, points a gun at Brocks

A masked figure ...

points a gun at Brocks
head while Golbach
sobs and pleads for their
head while Golbach sobs and
pleads for their lives. He tells
Pepper that theyre just kids
and how Brock is everything
to him.
Pepper then proceeds to
make a gunshot noise while
Brock slumps to the ground.
The prank is dragged out for
a few more seconds before
Brock gets up and unties and
hugs Golbach and explains
that it wasnt real.
Golbach begins sobbing for
the remainder of the video;

telling Brock, I thought you

actually died.
Despite this, Golbach
claims he was not traumatized by the prank in an
explanation video posted by
Pepper three days after the
prank video. If anything, this
made Colby and Is friendship much stronger because
it showed me how much we
actually care for one another
... I hope you can see the message behind this video, said
Despite these statements,
many members of the public
became outraged and called
for the video to be taken
down from YouTube.
According to BBC, however, YouTube has reviewed the
video and determined that is
within the companys guidelines. An online petition calling for YouTube to ban Pepper and remove the video has
generated 100,000 signatures.

December 18, 2015

Trump Proposes Muslim Ban

By Jimmy Irwin
Staff Writer
Donald Trump has been
dominating the political news
lately. A controversial figure,
the billionaire presidential candidate has gained lots of press
attention because of the inflammatory statements in his
campaign speeches. Among
the most recent quotes to garner him attention are what he
has said about Muslims, both
in the U.S. and abroad.
He called for a total ban on
any Muslim trying to enter
the United States because he
believes that the threat of any
terrorist coming into the country is so high. His proposed
plan would be a temporary
action. Referring to the many
recent terrorist attacks around
the world, Trump said that
it would hypothetically be in
place until our countrys representatives can figure out what
is going on. He stands by his
statement, even after being cut
down with criticism by people
spanning both parties.
Barack Obamas national security advisor, Ben Rhodes,

said that its totally contrary to

our values as Americans. He
further argued that such action
would be a breach of the religious freedom guaranteed by
the Bill of Rights. He believes
that Trump is playing right
into the hands of the jihadists. Rhodes claims the Islamic
State wants to frame their war
among the ideologies of Islam
and the West. With this type of
talk, Trump is furthering that
line of thought.
Those from Trumps own
party were just as quick to call
out the real estate mogul. New
Jersey governor Chris Christie condemned his statements,
saying, We do not need to
resort to that type of activity,
nor should we. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham,
who recently visited troops in
the Middle East, argued that
such rhetoric put the lives of
countless Americans and allies
of America in danger.
Time will tell if Trumps remarks will be the torpedoes
that sink his political ship or
the coal in the engine which he
rides to the presidency.

Women in Combat
Military opens all occupations to both genders

By Khalil Eley
Staff Writer
On December 3, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced
that starting in January 2016
all military occupations will be
open to women with no exceptions. So long as women qualify to standards, they can enter
any role, without exceptions.
This is the first time in US
military history that women
have been given the opportunity to serve with no barriers. Carter stated, Theyll
be allowed to drive tanks, fire
mortars and lead infantry soldiers into combat, along with
being able to serve as Army
Rangers and Green Berets,
Navy SEALs, Marine Corps infantry, Air Force para-jumpers,
and everything else that was
previously open only to men.
Though more than 111,000
positions have been open to
women since 2013, around
220,000 were previously closed.
Some of these positions included infantry, reconnaissance,
and some special operations.
The marine corps, however,
asked for a partial exemption
that includes infantry, machine
gunner, and fire support reconnaissance. Carter replied that
women will be integrated into
combat roles following seven
1. Implementation will be
pursued with the objective of
improved force effectiveness.
2. Leaders must assign tasks
and jobs throughout the force
based on ability, not gender.

3. Equal opportunity likely

will not mean equal participation by men and women in all
specialties, and there will be no
4. Studies conducted by the
services and Socom indicate
that on average there are phys-

US Department of Defense
Secretary Ash Carter in
February 2015.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

ical and other differences between men and women, and

implementation will take this
into account.
5. The department will address the fact that some surveys suggest that some service
members, both men and women, will perceive that integration could damage combat effectiveness.
6. Particularly in the specialties that are newly open to
women, survey data and the
judgment of service leaders indicate that the performance of
small teams is important.
7. The United States and some
of its closest friends and allies
are committed to having military forces that include men
and women, but not all nations
share this perspective.


December 18, 2015

Remembering Lennon
A Momentous Life Cut too Short
By Julia Walton
Staff Writer
35 years ago on December 8,
the singer and songwriter John
Lennon was shot and killed by
a man named Mark Chapman
in front of The Dakota apartment building in New York
City. Although Chapman was
a previous Beatle-fanatic, he
became infuriated by John
Lennons statement that the
Beatles were bigger than Jesus and eventually resolved to
shoot him just hours after getting the album Double Fantasy
signed by Lennon himself.
Born in Liverpool, London,
Lennon laid the foundation
for The Beatles, the band that
later became the biggest rock
and roll band in the world. He
was the most outspoken and
colorful of the group, eventually clashing with fellow band
member Paul McCartney.
Before The Beatles, Lennon
started off with the group The
Quarrymen, eventually meeting up with Paul McCartney,
George Harrison, and later
Ringo Starr. The band went
from playing wild, all-night
concerts in Germany and En-

gland, to moving to the United

States. Their arrival resulted in
a Beatle-mania that immediately swept across the country.
Despite Lennons statement
that the band was bigger than
Jesus, which led to death
threats and record-burning
ceremonies, the band and its
artists lived on with well-ac-

Photo Courtesy of WikiCommons

quired fame. As a band, The

Beatles received many awards
such as Best Selling Musical
group of all time, a Lifetime
achievement award, and several Grammy Awards. Individually during his solo career, Lennon earned multiple
albums and songs of the year
and a Lifetime Achievement
Award. Lennon was also famous for his peace efforts and
shortly after he married his
second wife Yoko Ono, began

a string of famous bed-ins

where Lennon and his wife
stressed a message of Peace
and protested any form of violence.
Lennons influence on the
music world was apparent
in his methods to twist and
stretch the more methodically
constructed rock and roll music of the time. Rolling Stone
magazine states that John
Lennons intellectual keenness
and unique sense of humor
quickly revealed themselves,
and his love of wordplay, puns
and storybook nonsense became one of the Beatles most
cherished traits. As one of the
main songwriters of The Beatles, he added playfulness to his
spontaneous style of composing, but showed to the world
that he was the material of a
top-rate musician.
John Lennon once said, If
everyone demanded peace instead of another television set,
then thered be peace. Time
you enjoy wasting, was not
wasted. Its thoughts like these
that helped to shape such an
inspirational and iconic man.



The Hunting Ground

By Brooke Kaufman
Staff Writer
There is a quote by Frederick
Buechner that says, Here is
the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Dont
be afraid.
The Hunting Ground is a documentary film that addresses
the epidemic of rape on college
campuses in the United States.
The film was written and directed by Kirby Dick and produced by Amy Ziering. Ziering
says that reactions from women on college campuses to her
and Dicks 2012 documentary,
The Invisible War, about the
issue of sexual assault in the
United States military, inspired
them to create The Hunting
The film contains multiple
accounts from female students
who allege they were sexually
assaulted on their college campus. A recurring theme in the
cases is that college administrators either ignored the girls
or sent them through a dismayingly complex academic bureaucracy to have their claims
addressed. The chief problem
that The Hunting Ground addresses is the fact that when a
rape was reported, many college officials were more concerned with minimizing rape
statistics for their universities
rather than addressing the welfare of the students who were
The documentary has received mixed reviews since
airing on CNN this past November.
While many have praised

it for increasing awareness of

sexual assault issues on college
campuses, there has also been
significant backlash.
Many university officials
expressed concern that the
film did nothing to depict
both sides of the stories told
and also grossly exaggerated
reported rapes. Florida State
President John Thrasher had
this to say about the films depiction of the now infamous
Jameis Winston case, where
the Heisman Trophy-winning
FSU quarterback was accused
by fellow student Erica Kinsman of rape: The films depiction of the Winston case supported a simplistic narrative
replete with major omissions
and glaring distortions.
At Harvard University, nineteen professors called the film
biased and one-sided. We
believe that Brandon Winston
was subjected to a long, harmful ordeal for no good reason.
Justice has been served in the
end, but at enormous costs to
this young man, they wrote.
Overall, The Hunting Ground
is designed to give the world a
wake up call to combat rape issues on college campuses.
According to the Justice
Department, 6.1 out of every
1,000 college women are victims of a rape (compared to
7.6 per 1,000 non-college students).
Despite this, new awareness groups and legislators in
Washington are taking action
to prevent young women from
becoming just another statistic.

The Return of Star Wars

By Austin Iverson
Staff Writer
Star Wars is a beloved franchise for many, which has remained relatively quiet for
many years. In October 2012,
Disney bought LucasFilm, and
along with it, George Lucas
empire of a movie franchise,
Star Wars. Disney paid $4.1
billion dollars, half of which
was paid in cash and the other half was given in 40 million
shares of Disney, making Lucas
the second largest shareholder,
with the first being the estate
of Steve Jobs. As a result, Lucas
remains a creative consultant
to protect the Star Wars license,
but plans to retire from making
With the buyout, Disney announced that they were going
to aggressively expand the Star
Wars franchise, with proposed
television shows, merchandise, and most importantly,
more movies. They have announced some offshoot movies
like Rogue One set to release
in 2016, a Han Solo movie for

2018, and a Boba Fett movie

in 2020, but the most important announcement is the new
trilogy of episodes VII, VIII, &
Since the release of each
subsequent trailer, the hype
for Episode VII Star Wars: The
Force Awakens has been growing bigger and bigger. The first
advertisement aired during
Monday Night Football in November and announced that
tickets were on sale online,
which sold out many venues
and even crashed some websites.
The first showings of Star
Wars: The Force Awakens started around 7:00 last night at
AMC La Jolla 12, Reading Cinemas in Clairemont Square,
The Lot, and pretty much any
establishment that plays movies, but if you dont already
have tickets dont expect to see
it in the first week. All the trailers are available online, and if
youre a Star Wars fan, beware
of the incoming chills.


December 18, 2015

The Nutcracker

By Zoe Mendel
Staff Writer

Holiday traditions in San

Diego are albeit limited due to
the lack of snow in our town.
However, that doesnt mean
the enjoyable holiday events
are unavailable. This season,
many ballet companies in the
county are proud to present
their own adaptations of the
Ooh La La Dance Academys Nutcracker took place at
La Jolla High on December
12-13th at 5:30 p.m., complete
with Tchaikovskys famous
composition of The Nutcracker and other selected tracks
from the Academy. This youth
production featured many
pre-professional dancers and
children who did a fantastic
job performing.
San Diego Ballet Company
also performs The Nutcracker
at Symphony Hall on December 26th at 7:30 p.m., and December 27th at 2:30 p.m. According to their website, 2015
marks the companys 26th year
of the production, which includes over 100 dancers.
City Ballet of San Diego
performs at the beautifully lit

Spreckels Theatre in downtown

San Diego. Their productions
started the 11th and continues
through December 23rd at both
2:00 and 7:30 p.m. The show
features live music, courtesy of
the City Ballet Orchestra and
Chorus. This company is just 23
years old, and its performance
was noted as San Diegos best
Nutcracker by the Tommy
Awards. After each matine
performance there will be a reception in the lobby for a meet
and greet with some of the cast
Finally, California Ballet produces the citys longest running
Nutcracker, complete with the
San Diego Symphony, conducted by John Stubbs. The show
is performed at the San Diego
Civic Theatre from December
12th through December 20th.
This production includes children as young as four, as well as
company dancers, as it has for
the past 48 years.
The timeless tale of the Nutcracker brings many families
closer as it reminds us of the
holidays, and celebrates the
youthfulness of the shows star,
Clara. For many San Diegans,
seeing the show remains an annual tradition.

Entertainment Calendar
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The Force Awakens

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February 12
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Albums To
Listen To


By Nessie Navarro
All of these albums were impactful in some way or another. Listen to a couple of them,
theyre pretty exciting.
1.) Disraeli Gears - Cream
2.) Volunteers - Jefferson
3.) The Velvet Underground
& Nico - The Velvet Underground
4.) Loaded - The Velvet Underground
5.) Revolver - The Beatles
6.) The Doors - The Doors
7.) Sounds of Silence - Simon
& Garfunkel
8.) Whos Next - The Who
9.) Let it Bleed - The Rolling
10.) American Beauty - The
Grateful Dead
11.) Crosby, Stills, & Nash Crosby, Stills, & Nash
12.) Cheap Thrills - Big Brother & the Holding Company
13.) Axis: Bold as Love - Jimi
14.) Cold Fact - Rodriguez
15.) Green River - Creedence
Clearwater Revival
16.) Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd
17.) Parsley, Sage, Rosemary,
& Thyme - Simon & Garfunkel
18.) Physical Graffiti - Led
19.) Houses of the Holy - Led
20.) Highway 61 Revisited Bob Dylan
21.) The Free Wheelin Bob
Dylan - Bob Dylan
22.) If You Can Believe Your
Eyes & Ears - The Mamas
& the Papas
23.) Sgt. Peppers Lonely
Hearts Club Band - The
24.) The Rise & Fall of Ziggy
Stardust - David Bowie
25.) Electric Ladyland - Jimi
26.) Surrealistic Pillow - Jefferson Airplane
27.) Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd
28.) L.A. Woman - The Doors
29.) White Room - Cream
30.) Kinks - The Kinks
All Photos Courtesy of Rolling Stone Magazine