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THIRD EDITION oes AKI RU eS WM ae Kis cae - neo easel UNUSUAL, WORLD CO A STANDARD CATALOG OF WORLD COINS COMPANION LISTING AND PRICE GUIDE OF NOVEL NON-CIRCULATING COINS by Colin R. Bruce II Joan Melum Tom Michael Project Coodinator Market Analyst UNCIRCULATED VALUATIONS The Uncirculated valuations represented in this edition are for typical quality specimens; for some of the more popularly collected series, superior quality exam- ples may easily command 10% to 50% premiums, or even greater where particu: larly popular or rare types or dates are concerned, BULLION VALUE (BV) MARKET VALUATIONS Valuations for all platinum, gold or silver coins of the more common, basically bullion types, or those possessing only modest numismatic premiums, are pre- sented in this edition based on market levels of $390 per ounce for plantinum, §360 for gold, and $3.60 per ounce for siiver. Where the letters "BV" — Bullion Value — appear in 2 value column, that particular issue in the condition indicated generally trades at or near the bullion vaiue ofits precious metal content. Further information on using this catalog to evaluate platinum, gold or silver coins amid fluctuating precious metal market conditions is presented on page 8. The best histories may sometimes be those in which a little of the exag- geration of fictitious narrative is judiciously employed.—Something lost in accuracy, but much is gained in effect.—The fainter lines are neg- lected, but the great characteristic features are imprinted on the mind forever.— Macaulay. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanieal, including photo recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without the mission in writing from the Publisher. \ Krause publications lola, WI 54990 COPYRIGHT MXMII by KRAUSE PUBLICATIONS, INC. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 87-81062 International Standard Book Number: 0-87341-192-7 Printed in the United States of America DEDICATION Following the aftermath of Operations “Des- ert Shield” and “Desert Storm” many medal- lions, military service medals and other objects were produced documenting these historical events. The New Queensland Mint on contract for Australia’s Hutt River Province has pro- “I have a coin not listed in your Standard Catalog of World Coins”. How many times had Theard that familiar phrase? Well I happened to have some also and knew of many others. Richard D. Kenney and Eduard Kann docu- mented many but that was decades ago. The various numismatic periodicals and auction catalogs over the past two decades have pre- ‘This third edition of this “newcomer” to the ield of numismatic references has been hanced with many new listings, new and mproved illustrations and accurate market ions. Many of these have appeared in tion catalogs over the past few decades ‘a mysterious enigma about them. The tioneer usually provided an illustration, the in which it was struck and an estimate bidder to consider. The “what for” and whom” is what I’ve tried to establish in ‘of these listings. Unofficial Coins of the World by D. Kenney a series that appeared in Numismatist between 1962-1964 and reprinted by the ANA along with the fan- tion found in Eduard Kann’s Jilus- Catalog of Chinese Coins first pub- 1966 I was able to develop a strong rapidly expanded over the months duced a pictorial series of coins portraying the equipment and manpower involved in these operations. Thus we have chosen the cover design to honor all those who were involved in curtailing the advances of Iraq and expelling their forces out of Kuwait. FORWARD sented many more and it was a good time to round up all these “unusual world coins” and include some rascals also. ‘The purpose of this new catalog is to provide an easy to use reference to what I've referred to sometimes as the old back of the book listings that appeared in the Standard Catalog of World Coins many editions back. INTRODUCTION to over 2250 individual listings. The shortcom- ings of the first title previously mentioned were soon encountered, Again certain areas of extreme specialty which have already been removed from or not intended for inclusion in future editions of the Standard Catalog of World Coins have been added including most anything thought to be or auctioned off or sold as a coin whether or not it was a government authorized medallic issue or an absolute fantasy piece. Please note that counterfeits of regular circulating coinage have almost been totally ignored, unless they are encountered in various off metal strikes. Many new listings have been added while keeping any renumbering minimal. Please note that the ‘X’ prefix found throughout these list- ings is not meant to be derogatory in any way but to easily distinguish the source of the list- ing as being from Unusual World Coins. INTRODUCTION 3 INDEX 4 ‘Amores ContederatsSisias— Anemia and Pata, Nay Acces Provigini=———— “1 ‘Meee Repub GSES Sanne 18 Ila, Hubiy Bath Ltd noms 120 Iie: Endepentent Kins sranos: Bach of Bouligas2— Seance, New laste af” Boulton, Duaky of France o> 120 sci ei het Soe iret Repebli of Bei 38 esa Hepa ho See tie g China! Ske ee ee {Sonederato tarepace, Europe Setinlonaia ke oem tate ay iio nea t {Ermaey. Wer Rape — {reat ta Seek Sa Sa Kweli Mint, Ching stone ee 1 {ate Foot Dalen Gener. 138 gage of Nations aN. odate' ‘eerie 4 Se Rites | teat etn Sa Wine” Wine ona ine 20 INDEX 5 ~~ ARRANGEMENT ARRANGEMENT All listings are alphabetically arranged in a historical approach according to the issuing identity of or for the sov- ereign government concerned. Thus, the pieces of Nether- lands East Indies can be located by referring to the listings under I, or the Imperial issues of Russia by turning to R. Certain issues that are not related to any sovereign govern. ‘ment, rebel force, or political movement will be found listed under the country of the issuer's origin. Thus the “Aureus Magnus” Ducat series struck for Werner Gaul will be found listed under Germany - Republic while the commemorative medallie bullion pieces struck for various nurismatic con ventions and expositions by the New China Mint will be found listed under China - Peoples Republic, ‘The issues of each country are generally arranged by denomination from lowest to highest, except where arrangement by ruler, mint of issue, type or period makes a series easier to understand. NUMBERING SYSTEM Many catalog numbers cross-referenced in this volume are based on established references, As time progressed we found many of these established systems incomplete and inadequate and are now replaced with new Bruce numbers with appropriate croas-referencing. A few of the items listed in this catalog are cross- eferenced by numbers assigned by R.S. Yeoman (V2), or slight adaptations thereof, in his Modern World Coins. For the pre-Yeoman dated issues, the numbers assigned by William D. Craig (Cs) in his Coins of the World (1750- 1850 period), 3rd edition, have generally heen applied. Cer- tain crown sized items are cross-referenced to The Dollars of Africa, Asia and Oceania by John $. Davenport (Dav, #), ‘The majority of the items listed in this eatalog are cross referenced to The Standard Catalog of World Coins by Chester Krause and Clifford Mishler (KM #). Another popular cross-reference used was published in a series of articles about Unofficial Coins of the World by Richard D. Kenney (KY #) which appeared in The Numismatist between June 1962 and February 1964. Pieces issued under the Chinese sphere of influence are frequently assigned numbers from E. Kann’s (Kann #) Mlustrated Catalog of Chinese Coins. MINT AND PRIVY MARKS ‘The presence of distinctive, but. frequently inconspi cuously placed, mint marks indicates the mint of issue for ‘many of the coins listed in this catalog. An appropriate des- ignation in the date listings notes the presence, if any, of @ mint mark on a particular coin type by incorporating the letter or letters of the mint mark adjoining the date; ie., 1950D or 1927R. ‘The presence of mint and/or mintmaster’s privy marks on a coin in non-letter form is indicated by incorporating the mint letter in lower ease within parentheses adjoining the date; i.e., 1927 (a). The corresponding mark is illus: trated or identified in the introduetion of the country. A listing format by mints of Issue has been adopted for some countries — including France, Germany, Spain and ‘Mexico — to allow for a more logical arrangement. In these. instanees, the name of the mint and its mint mark letter or lotters is presented at the beginning of each series, Where listings incorporate mintmaster initials, they are «always presented in capital letters separated from the date; i.e. 1850 MF. The different mint mark and mintmaster let. ters found on the coins of any country, state or city of issue are always shown at the beginning of listings. MINTAGES Quantities minted of each date are indicated where that information is available; generally stated in millions, rounded off to the nearest 10,000 pieces. On quantities of a few thousand or less, actual mintages are generally indi- cated, a fact that can be determined by the presence of a comma, rather than a decimal point, in the stated figure, ‘The following mintage conversion formulas have been observed: 10,000,000 - 10.000 1,000 - 1,000 842 - 842 pes. (Pieces) 27-27 pes. ‘The abbreviation “Inc, Ab.” or “L.A.” means Included Above, while the abbreviation “Ine. Be.” or “IB.” means Included Below. A “*" listing beside a mintage figure indi cates the number given is an estimate. PHOTOGRAPHS ‘To assist the reader in coin identification, every effort has been made to present actual size photographs of every coinage type listed. Obverse and reverse are illustrated, except when a change in design is restricted to one side, and the coin has a diameter of 39mm or larger, in which case only the side, required for identification of the type is generally illustrated. All coins up to 60mm are illustrated actual-size; to the nearly 4mm up to 25mm, and to the nearest Imm thereafter. Coins larger than G0mm diameter are illustrated in reduced size, with the actual size noted thereunder, Where slight change in size is important to coin type identification, actual millimeter measurements are stated. MEDALLIC ISSUES Medallic issues are segregated following the regular issue istings. Grouped there are coin-type issues which can gen- erally be identified as commomoratives produced to the tablished coinage standards but without the usual indicator of denomination. These pieces may or may not feature designs adapted from the country's regular issue or commemorative coinage, and may or may not have been issued in conjunction with related coinage issues. MEDALLIC BULLION ISSUES A relatively new field which has taken off from the mod em bullion related issues of some nations. ‘These items are ‘usually struck by private contract by some of the world’s leading mints. Some pieces have only an indication of weight and fineness while others have also employed an obsolete or non-legal tender denomination. Struck usually in proof condition in various weights commemorating vari- ‘ous world events they lack the normal uncirculated bullion ‘versions. METALS At the beginning of each date listing, the metallic compo- ‘sition of each coin denomination is listed, and thereafter, ‘whenever a change in metal occurs, The traditional coinage metals and their symbolic chemical abbreviations used in this catalog are: Platinum — (PT) Copper — (Cu) Gold — (Au) ass — Silver — (Ag) Copper-nickel— (CN) Billon — Lead — (Pb) Nickel — (Ni) Steel — Zine — (Zn) ‘Tin — (Sn) Bronze— (Ae) Aluminum — (Al) __Duting the 18th and 19th Centuries, most of the world’s were struck of copper or bronze, silver and gold, Com- in the early years of the 20th Century, however, fouls new coinage metals, primarily non-precious alloys, were introduced. Gold has not been widely ed for circulation coinages since World War I, although Temained a popular coinage metal in most parts of orld until after World War II. With the disappearance Of silver for circulation coinage, numerous additional ie compositions were introduced to coinage applica “METAL STRIKES includes the wide range of coinage issues struck than their officially authorized compositions for of presentation, sale to collectors and trade. The is not meant to cover those issues struck as true ms of genuine minting errors. Examples of off-metal the Dutch duits, struck normally in copper, produced in limited quantities in gold and silver Collectors of Germanic coinage may be famil- term “Abschlag” for off-metal strikes dl are “trial strikes,” the first coins or uni- produced from a new set of dies, often in jother than that used for normal circulation, , COUNTERFEITS ‘estrike and counterfeit (both contemporary @xamples exist of some coin issues. Where datonce of restrikes is noted. Warnings are din instances where particularly deceptive te known to exist. Collectors who are uncer- he atithenticity of a coin held in their collection, ‘or being offered for sale, should take the precaution of hav: ing it authenticated by the American Numismatic Associa tion Certification Service, 818 N. Cascade, Colorado Spring, CO 80903. Their reasonably-priced certification tests are widely accepted by collectors and dealers alike. COUNTERMARKS/ COUNTERSTAMPS ‘There is some confusion among collectors over the terms “countermark” and “counterstamp” when applied to a coin bearing an additional mark or change of design and/or denomination. ‘To clarify, a countermark might be considered similar to the “hall mari” applied to a piece of silverware, by which a silversmith assured the quality of the piece. In the same way, a countermark assures the quality of the coin on which it is placed, as, for example, when the royal crown of England was cotntermarked (punched into) on segmented Spanish reales, allowing them to circulate in commerce in the British West Indies. An additional countermark indi- cating the new denomination may also be encountered on these coins. Countermarks are generally applied singularly and in most cases indiscriminately on either side of the “host” Counterstamped coins are more extensively altered. The counterstamping is done with a set of dies, rather than a hand punch. The coin being counterstamped is placed between the new dies and struck as if it were a blank plan- chet as found with the Manila 8 reales issue of the Philip pines. A more unusual application where the counterstamp lies were smaller than the host coin is in the revalidated 50 1 and 1 colon of Costa Rica issued in 1923. WEIGHTS AND FINENESS TROY WEIGHT STANDARDS 24 Grains - 1 Pennyweight 480 Grains ~ 1 Ounce 31.103 Grains - 1 Ounce UNIFORM WEIGHTS 1Grain = 0.0648 Grams 1Gram ~ 15.432 Grains AVOIRDUPOIS STANDARDS 27.11/82 Grains ~ 1 Dram 43714 Grains - 1 Ounce 28.350 Grams - 1 Ounce Coin weights are indicated in grams (abbreviated “g” along with fineness where the information is of value in dif- ferentiating between types. These weights are based on 31.103 grams per troy (scientific) ounce, as opposed to the avoirdupois (commercial) standard of 28.35 grams. Actual coin weights are generally shown in hundredths or thou- sandths of a gram; ie. .500 SILVER, 2.92. As the silver and gold bullion markets have advanced and declined sharply in recent years, the fineness and total fine precious metal content of coins has become especially significant where bullion coins — issues which trade on the basis of their intrinsic metallie content rather than numis- matic value — are concerned. In many instances, such isoues have become worth more in bullion form than their nominal collector values or denominations indicate. WEIGHTS AND FINENESS 7 VALUATIONS g Establishing the weight of a coin can also be valuable for determining its denomination. Actual weight is also neces- sary to ascertain the specific gravity of the coin’s metallic content, an important factor in determining authenticity. PRECIOUS METAL WEIGHTS Listings of weight, fineness and actual silver (ASW), gold (AGW) or platinum (APW) content of most machin struck silver, gold and platinum coins are provided in this edition. These designations will be found incorporated in the listings immediately beneath illustrations or in eon- Junetion with type changes wherever these factors could be termined. ‘The ASW, AGW and APW figures were determined by multiplying the gross weight of a given coin by its known or tested fineness and converting the resulting gram or grain weight to troy ounces, rounded to the nearest ten-thou- sandth of an ounce. A silver coin with a 24.25 gram weight and .876 fineness, for example, would have a fine weight of approximately 21.2188 grains, or a.6822 ASW, a factor that can be used to accurately determine the intrinsie value for multiple examples. ‘The ASW, AGW or APW figure can be multiplied by the spot price of each precious metal to determine the current intrinsic value of any coin accompanied by these designa- tions. SETS Listings in this catalog for specimen, proof and mint sets are for official, government-produced sets. In many istances privately packaged sets also exist. int Sets/Fleur de Coin Sets: Specially prepared by worldwide mints to provide banks, collectors and govern- ment dignitaries with examples of current coinage. Usually subjected to rigorous inspection to insure that top qual specimens of selected business strikes are provided. ‘The ‘most popular mint set is that given out by the monarch of Great Britain each year on Maundy ‘Thursday. 'T contains four special coins in denominations of 1, 2,3. and 4 pence, struck in silver and contained in alittle pouch. They hhave been given away in a special ceremony for the poor for more than to centuries. ‘The Paris Mint introduced polyvinyl plastic eases packed within a cardboard box for homeland and colonial Fleur de Coin sets of the 1960s. British colonial sets were issued in velvet-lined metal cases similar to those used for proof sets. For its client nations, the Franklin Mint intro: duced a sealed composition of cardboard and specially molded hard clear plastie protective container inserted in a soft plastic wallet. Recent discovery that soft polyvinyl packaging has proved hazardous to coins has restilted in a change t0 the use of hard, inert plastics for virtually all mint sets. Some of the highest-quality mint sets ever produced were those struck by the Franklin Mint during 1972-74. In many cases matte finish dies were used to strike a polished proof planchet. Later on, from 1975, sets contained highly polished, glassy-looking eoins similar to those struck by the Bombay Mint for collectors over the last 12 years Specimen Sets: Forerunners of today’s proof sets. In most cases the coins were specially struck, perhaps even double struck, to produce a very soft or matie finish on the effigies and fields, along with high, sharp “wire” rims. The finish is rather dull to the naked eye. The original purpose of these sets was to provide VIPs, ‘monarchs and mintmasters around the world with samples of the highest quality workmanship of a particular mint. ‘hese were usually housed in elaborate velet-lined leather and metal cases. Proof-like Sets: A relative late-comer to the field of ‘numismaties. During the mid 1950s the Royal Canadian Mint furnished the hobby with specially selected early business strike coins that exhibited some qualities similar to proof coinage. However, the “proof-like” fields are gen- erally flawed and the edges are rounded. These pieces are not double struck. These are commonly encountered in cardboard holders, later in soft plastie or pliofilm packag- ing. Of tate, the Royal Canadian Mint packages such sets in rigid plastic cases. Many worldwide officially-issued proof sets would in reality fall into this category upon careful examination of the quality of the coins’ finish ‘Another term encountered in this category is “Special- select,” used to describe the crowns of the Union of South Africa and 100-schilling coins produced for collectors in the late 1970s by the Austrian Mint. Proof Sets: This is undoubtedly among the most mis- used terms in the hobby, not only by collectors and dealers, but also by many of the world mints. A true proof set must be at least double-struck on spe- cially prepared polished planchets and struck using dies (often themselves polished) of the highest quali Modern-day proof quality consists of frosted effigies sur- rounded by absolute mirror-like fields. Listings for proof sots in this catalog are for officially: issued proof sets so designated by the issuing authority, and may or may not possess what are considered modern proof quality standards. tis necessary for collectors to acquire the knowledge to allow them to differentiate true proof sets from would-be proof sets and proof-like sets which may be encountered. VALUATIONS ‘Values quoted in this catalog represent the current mar- ket and are compiled from recommendations provided and verified through various source documents and specialized consultants. It should be stressed, however, that this book is intended to serve only as for ating coins; actual market conditions are constantly changing and additional influences, such as particularly strong local demand for certain coin series, fluctuation of international exchange rates and worldwide collecting patterns must also be considered. Publication of this catalog is not intended as a solicitation by the publisher, editors or contributors to buy or sell the listed coins at the prices indicated. All valuations are stated in U.S. dollars, based on careful ‘assessment of the varied international money market. Val- uations for coins priced below $1,000.00 are generally stated in full amounts — ie, 37.50 or 950.00 — while valu ations at or above that figure are rounded off in even dol- lars — ic., $1250.00 is expressed as 1250. A comma is added to indicate tens of thousands of dollars in value. For the convenience of overseas collectors and for U.S. collectors doing business with overseas dealers, the base exchange rate for the national eurrencies of approximately 180 countries are presented in the foreign exchange table. It should be noted that when particularly select, uncireulated or proof-like examples of uncireu- lated coins become available, they can be expected to command proportionately high pre ums, Such examples in reference to choice Germanic ‘Thalers are referred to as “erst schlage” or first strikes. STANDARD INTERNATIONAL GRADING TERMINOLOGY AND ABBREVIATIONS PROOF [UNCIRCULATED | EXTREMELY | VERY FINE] FINE | VERY [GOOD POOR FINE ooo and ENGLISH BPEARNGLANDS | pre UNC crore | ve F ve _|o PR 3 = @rcore | as wae _| ec [6 BOR| OR ures DENMARK ™ o Or T+ 1 T= 3 00) oO OL Te 1 v 3 JFRANCE FB FOC ‘SUP TE (8 Eg Fan Bvni___| Fir Cn Supmte Troevds vem | Trestuau | Beau Bier Censente PP WSTGL Tact [WSS [VS |VSee Ges Poiene ate | steroeigane vores | seracon | son | seit .shincn ig FOC PL 5B we 1B ™ = Fondo Specetio | Ford Cone Sperdido | boissmo | woto eto] oete = +e eR FOC Pr Fer dn Prachi Zi Zawrrak o or + Soberba Bela MBC. SC EBC. MBC 0 or rever possible, coin valuations are given in four grades tion. The following standards have been observed continuity in grouping grade ranges in this catalog. because they cannot be universally applied, appro- ‘variations have boon incorporated and noted: 1) Good, Good, Fine and Very Fine — used for crude “dump” or jssues; 2) Very Good, Very Fine and Extremely Fine — or early machine-minted issues of Europe (early 1800s), ings in of preservation will also be found, usually in cases issues, are almost no grading guides for world gold coins. lows is an attempt to help bridge that gap until a illustrated guide becomes available. world coins, there are two elements to look for: 1) ‘on eagles, designs on coats of arms, ete. Farty or type of a coin should not be a consider- 7 ‘coin by the weaker of the two sides. This method give results most nearly consistent with conserva an Numismatic Association standards for U.S. .¢, F/VF for obverse and reverse, respec tno more than one grade apart. If the two ‘than one grade apart, the series of coins proba- lyon each side and should then be graded ‘amount of overall wear and loss of detail he main design on each side, On coins with a design element which is prone to early wear, alone. ted (Unc) grades there will be no visible a handling, ever under a 30-power microscope. bepresent. Uncirculated (AU), all detail will be visible. only on the highest point of the coin. Lt ‘There will often be half or more of the original mint luster present, ‘On the Extremely Fine (XF or EF) coin, there will be about 95% of the original detail visible. Or, on a coin with a design with no inner detail to wear down, there will be a light ‘wear over nearly all the coin. If a small design is used as the grading area, about 90% of the original detail will be visible. ‘This latter rule stems from the logic that a smaller amount of detail needs to be present because a small area is being used to grade the whole coin. ‘The Very Fine (VF) coin will have about 75% of the origi nal detail visible. Or, on a coin with no inner detail, there will be moderate wear over the entire coin. Corners of letters and numbers may be weak. A small grading area will have about 66%; of the original detail. For Fine (F), there will be about 50% of the original detail visible, Or, on ¢ coin with no inner detail, there will be fairly heavy wear over all of the coin. Sides of letters will be weak. A typically uncleaned coin will often appear as dirty or dull A small grading area wil have just under 50% ofthe criginal letail On the Very Good (VG) coin, there will be about 25% of nal detail visible. There will be heavy wear on all of design will be clearly outlined but with substantial wear. Some of the larger detail may be visi- ble, The rim may have a few weak spots of wear, On the About Good (AG) coin, there wall typically be only jouette of a large design. The rim will be worn down into the letters if any. Strong or woak strikes, partially weak strikes, damage, cor- rosion, attractive or unattractive toning, dipping or elesning should be described along with the above grades. These factors affect the quality of the coin just as do wear and loss of detail, Dutare easier to deseribe, ‘The “Official A.N.A. Grading Standards for United States Coins” is utilized in the presentation of these listings and is explained in this section. It is commonly referred to as the “MS” or "Mint State” numeric grading system, GRADING 9 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 10 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ‘A general thank you to all those that have pro- vided the bits and pieces resulting in both ques- tions and answers in this ongoing documentation A very special appreciation is extended to the following principal contributors and firms who have extended their valuable assistance in devel- of the more unusual items encountered in our oping this especially interesting third edition. hobby. Stephen Album Don Bailey Berolina Medaillenvertriebs Col. Joseph E. Boling Harry X Boosel Casey Braun Gregory G. Brunk Joseph Buzanowski KS. Chang Daniel K.E. Ching (deceased) William B. Christensen Jerry Crain Joseph Cribb Anthony Dowle Dr. Gerald M. Feigen ‘Thomas F. Fitzgerald Richard Ford Arthur Friedberg Victor Gadoury Edward J. Ganister Dennis Gill Ronald J. Gillio Lawrence S. Goldberg John S. Haas Consulting Specialist, Chinese Listings David Harrison Alan Herbert Hans Herrli Adolph Hess AG-Lucerne Charles R. Hosch Serge Huard Louis Hudson John G. Humphris William 8. Kable Michael Kaplan Kurt R. Krueger Denny Kurir George Lill II Richard Lobel Ranko Mandic Steven Mansdorf Richard Margolis Bob Medlar (deceased) Balazs Meekesh Richard A. Nelson Hy Ness Bernard Nothaus William A. Pettit Riek Ponterio Special Recognition To: Hans M.F. Schulman (deceased) Numismatist & Auctioneer an Bruce W. Smith M. Mukund Prabhu Bill Randel H.D. Rauch Tony Raymond Russell Rulau Godwin Said Rudolf Schaaf Gerhard Schon Michael N. Scott Scott Semans Dale Seppa Ladislav Sin Arlie R. Slabaugh Neil Sowards William Spengler Robert Steinberg L. Mark Teller Al Tom Guillermo Triana Aguiar Mel Wacks Holland Wallace Paul C. Welz ALGERIA 2s Compagnies d’Afrique QUADRUBLE DE FRANCE (96 Livres) _ AMERICAN SAMOA ‘Governor of American Sarna, signed historic proclamation on 49,1988 chat mitre the ining ofthe ft muita he fr his sed troy aiinstred by the United States Department ofthe Pt calns previo sted hue are now sed inthe Standard Catalog Coins. ANDAMAN ISLANDS 3 Islnd are the northern group of 204 olan and cra ines in art Use Hay of Bengal svt $00 mien diretiy went of the coast of RUPEE COPPER, UNIFACE mee KY} Dato Mintage VF XP Une FDC. a ee = ino “EME (A moder as.any ee of “own” rigin struck without any govern autho fo vio confonion of the nmi coma TOKEN ISSUES (Tn) RUPEE copper Brace# KM# Date Mintage VG Fine VF XP Xu Tat lear “too so Mo, ata sat, ‘Wo center ole xtmis seh Mioa ame, 00.3500. 1 hole, Obv:#XTN2. Revi AXTNA. xtais ee RT prot Rate Mule wiconter hole. Obv: #XTN 2. Rov XTN1. XTote Tate” 168 ree. 3080. Bie, 800. Xia Tae 168 son 30,2, 2150. 0m. ‘NOE: eal fom elton in 1670 with 17.788 px outstanding ANDORRA Republic REVOLUTIONARY ISSUE Thought to have been src in the early 190 a the Bromals Mint, Be io 5 CENTIMOS COPPER Bruce# KM# Date Mintage xr (AD, iets 10 CENTIMOS VE XP Une Proof Reported, not contiemed x2 (ost — = 1 a0 NICKEL Xm ms — Reported, not eoetiemed UNLISTED VARIETIES stra ofthis eatalog should be minal that wo are ntaentod in beng con- tected by anybody who uaeover valety or type of en "unusual word ean” ‘which he bellows es gone unrecorded. Al uch roperta wil be considered for Ting in subsoguest eters and shouldbe reperad tthe wuthor of thin val ANDORRA 1], Principality MEDALLIC ISSUES (M) Stct bythe Bavarian State Mint, Munich, Weat Germany, Contracted for snd distributed hy Hane MLE. Schulman, New York Nes tea US ANDORRA 12 25 DINERS re 600 10.00 800.90 14,0000 g,.900 SILVER, 4051 0: ASW Bishop Benlioek of Ure! XM? Maps, 1380 Phew 1780 cou xan 1963 pes Proot 60000 PLATINUM XN 14.000 g,.900 SILVER, 4051 oz ASW ‘Napoteos XM MS Bed 220 Peet 1800 coup Ma Mie 1984 fea Peat S000 PLATINUM, xb 14.0000 5,.900 SILVER, 4081 02 ASW Hotise of Council ef Justice Bruce# KM# Date Ve XP Une De XMS MT agg 120 rook 1750 cou XM sas 3p Prot son PLATINUM xMeb 28.0000 x, 900 SILVER, 8102 62 ASW XM M2 18e0 Charlemagne 310 coup 28.0000 «,.900 SILVER, 6102 o2 ASW Bishop Bealioch of Urget XMS Me 865, aat0 roo ani coup XM = ape3 ape Proot 90.00 PLATINUM XMab 26,000 s,.000 SILVER, £102 02 ASW ‘Napoleon M5 Ma pet 5000 Peet 00 coup XM pee 4pm Proof son00 PLATINUM XMib 4 Pee Prot se, PLATINUM 1965 tp PROOF SETS (PS) intaye Identification 1000 XBa, XM Xa ANGUILLA Provisional Government 1967, 1969 [Oa Jone 16, 1967, the Provisional Government of Anguilla unit 2 imtpenenes and aeceded trom the Peeration Later, om va ole of confidence Was akan and te esas favored independence. Brit Fefied to accept the declaration (not tid ay other country recognize it), ppated 9 Brissh administrator whom Angulla nected. However, It 1980 Angus casted the Hrish enter voted Lo ave al ies with Bet spd atablshed the Republic of Anguilla. The following month Brita re wiea fe Sept, 960 athe Angus Act of July 197 placed deetly ade British comto A new constitution is 1976 etablished a sel governing Brita eakny. Britain retains power oer defense eee service, ad orig alli Countermarked Coinage by the Anguilla Balan Council. Bach Liberty Dollar wat wo base for 10 US. dallas. The countering wes peivately done ts eve, Calforia, USA LIBERTY DOLLAR, srmerk:“ANGUILLA LIBERTY DOLLAR JULY 11, 1967" ‘on various fattened crowas SILVER Countermarked on Mexico 5 Pesos, KMAG7 F KM# Date Mintage Good VG Fine 1 ise “ae ‘tag 4.00 of eave pices wer ered Countermarked on Mexico 6 Pesos, KM4SS Bruce# KM Date xe ae Mintage Good VG 1590 25000 — i a ANGUILLA 13 Peru 1 Sol, KM 218.1 x3 eT 1s 2500 — Yemen 1 Rial, Y31 Tees 3500 — {ed 8 Yemen 1 Rial, YI7 ‘ip, 0 — Countermarked om Mexico 9 Pesor, KMA74 xr 6 eT ‘Spe 0 ANGUILLA 14 2 DOLLARS 14.2800 g, 000 SILVER, 4887 02 ASW Broce# KM# Date Mintage VP XP Une xi eo Prot i Bruce# KM# Dato Mintage Good VG Fine VE imo = Prot it xan aa pe, tong — = ‘Countermarked on Panama 1 Balboa, KM21 xaz 721967 WrcAh 100000 (Countermarked on Ecuador 8 Suctes, KM79 Xo 8 tae pee 1500 x0 8 — Countermarked on assorted Chins Yuan Shih Ka Dollars rT pe e800 Countermarked on Mexico Pesos, KM408 x2 on iter 2pm a ‘Countermarked on Great Britain Trade Dollar, KM-TS = Oe ———— 28.9700 6.099 SILVER, 9177 ox ASW Xi 1k oe 510 Proof 7000 100 LIBERTY DOLLARS: tl i Pet re Countermark:"100 LIBERTY DOLLARS on attend Mexican 5 DOLLARS coup Countermarked on Mexico 80 Pesos, KM481 Xe aoe a DECIMAL COINAGE 2.4900 ¢,.900 GOLD, 0711 08 AGW 1/2 DOLLAR x8 2 toon 1995 = Proot 7300 mea = Fret Teo 10 DOLLARS 2.5200 990 SILVER..1147 ox ASW Brice# KM Date Mintage VP" XP Use FDC woe ae eee a 499005, 900.00 x0 1969 14818, 125.00 im teas = = Prot jens 20 DOLLARS 7.1400 5, 999 SILVER, 2294 02 ASW 85700 5.000 GOLD, 2856 02 AGW x18 ee sad Prot gk 1.08 Proof 29500 im jeab = Pret a0 herb = Bot 2800 25 DOLLARS 81.000, StLvER President Ronald Webster Ist Year of Independence WKM# Date Mintage VE 1988 2 100 DOLLARS: 40,8700 «,.900 GOLD, 1.4287 os AGW 3 190 Tope im Tne Ad, Proof 95000 Preat 98000 200 DOLLARS 17 GOLD, 1.1205 02 AGW ident Wonaia Webster 1st Year of Independence 7 ee - = - UNLISTED VARIETIES lie ot thin catalog should be mil that we ar ntreated in being boy anybany who uncovers a variety oF type ofa “until worl cn ba tle hs goo unrecorded. All uch report wl be considered for ign sabsequenteitora and shouldbe reportad ta th auto oth ve 1500 DOLLARS vse rpc Prot ala PROOF SETS (PS) Bruce #KM# Date Le, ann vet Xes to” tem Ee} xr ise) 5) 11800 Xp oem) aa soon iam xps imu > Rieke 2380 eon ast imo = Nexis 9) 11800 Xess ima = Nioxas sooner ANNAM Kingdom Tu Duc, 1848-1883 7 TIEN 2 PHAN NOTE: Previouly sted #X15 as beng pnb fanny has been determined to bea very scarce legitimate ne, French Protectorate MEDALLIC ISSUES (M) Khai Dinh, 1916-1925 (2 TIEN) SILVER, 7.0-7.80g Tho Ob lex: Khai Di ev log: Nhi Nahi betwee Bruce# KM# Date Mintage VF XP Une XM) Me! ND. roe 0.00 10000 17800 — ANNAM 15 16 (5 TIEN) = z z z 2 SiveR.1626 6 (by te Khe inh Thome Boo. Terfhin dragon. Bruces KM# Date" Mintage VP XP Une FDC Sica Me ND. Beco KM then som 16000 2800 een ae ; Bao Dai, 1926-1945 (2'TIEN) Rev: Pat dragon a Xwa2 Msg Yeutiiiay eno om mam — (7 TIEN) SILVER ‘bv leg: Baa Dat Bao Chien. ee log: Nhl Nght between aun, moom and clouds. XMRL-MAL ND. (6-45) — 7000 12000 200.00 Obe: Without flaming peal at eater. : (26-45) — 7m90 12090 2.00 (7 TIEN) SILVER, 26.30-26.04 « by, leg: Kha Dinh Bao Caen. tvlined dragon with short tail XMLI MLL MI NOTE: The XML ‘Mang 1 Tea piers = pieces have been found struck over earlier Minh SuLVER (bw leu: 00 Dat Bao Chien. xe ND (926-48) a00 s0000 sone UNLISTED VARIETIES ‘Uses of thie catalog sould be mind that we are interested i being con tacted by anybody whe uncovers a varity ot type of nul word cin” ‘which he beleves fas fone unrecorded. All such reports wil be consdered for leatylized dragon, Tsing in abequont editions und shouldbe reported to the utero thie vl XM Mia — 20000 36000 s0000 ARABIA ARABIC SAHARA Bernard M. O’Hea Series Democratic Republic hy the Venn Mint ea. 1968 DINAR ALUMINUM, 28m: ilon:“There ts no God but Allah/Mohammed is God's Prophot” A KMP Date Mi VF XP Une FDC = Anise = Prot 400 ‘COPPER-NICKEL Iasued fora poitial movement fn Moracen, Struck by the Havana, Cube 50 PESETAS ARABIC SAHARA 17 Camel Transportation ALUMINUM - BRONZE Bruee# KM Date Mintage Good VG Fine VF = ama sme Poot 40 XMI MI 1900 mee Ms ES laine 500 PESETAS ee) = Proof 430 COPPER-NICKEL = nine tas Proof 600 SILVER = Ante =o= Proet 200 coup —Attume = s Proof 19800 PLATINUM — Amie pe Proot 2500 16.0000 g,.999 SILVER, 5145.02 ASW famel Transperiation SILVER, 38m = amssz i Prot 1800 Countermarked: A = amiss a Prost 2n00 ALUMINU = astnse Proof 1280 ‘Countermarked: BRONZE = nus =e Prowt 1240 coun = nme top, Prost 50000 16.0000 g, 009 SILVER, 1929.01 ASW PLATINUM 1992 Olympics = ate ape. Proot 77509 XML MA go Sel 18 < = & = 2 & 8 < = = # KMy Date VG Fine VF MS 1p See = 1000 PESETAS 8.1000 ¢,.099 GOLD, 100002 AGW Camel Transporation XM6 Me t99 Cie ee eae PIEFORTS (P) Bruce #XM¥ Date intage Identification LP. Mkt. Val xP PY ieee = Ti pes XMS,Silver,3200¢ ARGENTINA Provincial ‘Cre imitations of Potosi Mint “cb coinage commonly mistaken for Men- door Tucuman Provinces REAL SILVER ‘Mint mark: PN Bruce# KM Date Mintage Good VG Fine VF x = em = 600 0% 1750 2500 Mint mark P-Y x2 sie = ee. NOTE: Provioiny lied 1 REAL. #X2 dated (1)824 i ot lite inthe Stan slo Catalog of Word Cina ax Hordes KM 28 2REALES SILVER xs cnaee 80 1250 2250 9250 Bruce# KMY Date xe Rev: Dote replace lone and castles. Mintage Good VG Fine (2s 880 1250 2500 4REALES SILVER Mint mark: PN xo = 1780 2500 2500 oo ‘NOTE: Previa lated 4 REALES #319 dated (101824 i not ted ia ‘Stendord Catalog of World Coins Honduran RM Salta Province 8 REALES Countermark: PATRIA Potosl Mi Mintaze Good VG Fine VE. 1750 25004260 60.00 counter are considered epurcus by Broces KM# Date Npusi7, Tierra del Fuego {3 atchipeiago locied south of the tip of South Americ. Th rnin land i lived between Chile and Argentina. Julie Popper was a South Amenices adventure. Julius Popper Series GRAMO. @€ Bruce# KM Ve OXF Une FDC my = = swoon PS 5 GRAMOS coup x22 m0 = 3800, 00, copPER Mintage VP XP Unc FDC prot 40.00 2CENTAVOS SHLVER = Proet 27800 ‘BRONZE 19098 ST Proof 22800 80 CENTAVOS FUERTES SILVER Broce# KM¥ Date Miniage VF XF Use PDC Xes Pot isn — Proof 65000 BHONZE XES_ Pann 1879 aaa Proof 500.00 coprER XEs Path 1679 = = = Prt son00 PATACON ARMENIA Republic 5 RUBLES BRASS Bruce# KM Date Milage VF XP Une FDC xl m0 — UNLISTED VARIETIES of thie catalog shuld be mindful that we ate interested in being con ‘oy anybody who uncovers a variety or type of an “unum wort cin” be believe has gone unrecorded. All suck roparta wil be coondered for In subueqent edo and shouldbe ported to he author of thin vol ARMENIA 19 ATLANTIS 29 ATLANTIS Christiano I, Prince Regent 5 SKALOJ nonze Bruce# KM# Date Mintage VF XP Une x 1903) ae Pe 20 SKALOJ SILVER NOT: roi ined st he Cnty of Pee pain fa Cheng 1 alin 958. Araucania and Patagonia Rater te New race tng. AUSTRALIA MEDALLIC ISSUES (M) 1954 Geoffrey Hearn Series ‘Struck by dob Pinches, Landon, Eagland (CROWN) ‘CIT BRONZE Bdward VIE Date -Mintage VF «XP Unc FDC se SS prot 30000 SILVER, 28.10 1956, 100 Proof 0.00 196 500 reatrite) Pret 2800 cou Mle ‘Wp — Prot etn SNOTEE Retrkes kro, PLATINUM MXId = 1906 ~ = Proof 1485, 1967 Andor Meszaros Series A private competion deign commie by the Australian Coin and track by Jobo Pincha, Lindon, England (DOLLAR) Bruce# KM Date XM = Matte Proot "1500 NOTE: An example coy slit Ceninings Sly, 188 alo S108 GOLD, 56.00 g, plain edge XM = pe Pret NOTE: 3 pe remetied. 1984 Richard Lobel Series (CROWN) Edward VII Bruce# KM Date Mintage VF -XP—_Une xu) <"" toe 2000 = Prot COPPER-NICKEL ZINC xe 6 aso awh S17 SILVER xb 1098 Spe. Preot 50.00 (SOVEREIGN) 378GOLD Eaward VII Bouse KM# Date Mintage VF XP Une FDC =" ise Bop Pro Victoria 2 OUNCES PRIVATE PATTERNS (Pn) Port Phillip, Kangaroo Office igkin, Taylor and Tyndall Series (id pattern originated from a commercial vestre act up by Meas Mayo snd Tyadall of Bngland. hel Iden was to ty ip pld dst tonite thelr own gold of, 1 and 2 cance which they ropowed lion cxerency from thi ioe in Melbourne The dea were cu ‘Tuer andthe machinery povided. This equiaentarived nt Habe io Octber 2, TBS bt before cold be removed and setup at tho ‘the Kargaroo Ofie, the wellabiy of the Brich roverien the vectar yee rk ad sol x souvenir eld take at he Mion Exhibi lefed sore dics were returned to Taylor fo Engl. fn 1917 some dee nthe pomession of MeursStoko of Mallzuroe. From thee, Bruce# KM in sat metal of the i, and? once place were ade ad re: —«XPma Pat teas tothe Nuit Society of Victor. 1/4 OUNCE AUSTRALIA/Victoria 2] Ve OXF Unc a COPPER, Gilt, pain edge = XPata 160 = ote, COPPER, plain edge Paid Path 1886 (restrke)—son00 PEWTER, milled edge XPate Pate 1888 = = 0 = COPPER, milled edge XPotd Patd 1889 = cao, GOLD, 779g, milled edge HAMA Date Mintge VF" XP Une FDC LEAD, plain 6 Pat = ee amescen tht «= XPmde Pte 1880 2500. |AXF raarple PJ. Downe sale May 1987 ealied 2,10 \NOTE: Uniface gilt copper electrotypes of both obverses and reverse ofall Aenominatons withthe exception of he ounce clnere are own fo eet COPPER, milled edge Values ange fn $128 to 800, onde pars have bees nated PNib 1880 = 00 1/2 OUNCE 4 OUNCES GOLD, 18.55 4, milled od Pe 1888 stare RF example Spink Australia sale October 1977 raised $27.10. COPPER Pos Pa 1850 rn < COPPER, milled edge . Pate 1888 - = = m = W.J. Taylor Series OUNCE 6 PENCE COPPER, milled edge XPa5 Pas NDS) = ie Plain edge xp — Pea Pa ND) = = im = LEAD, Git, 24.08 plain edge COPPER, Sivered, milled edge APs Posh 1880 = reste) s0000 XPath Pash ND (1H55) ne ; e ALUMINUM plain edge XPase 1158 — = = Rue = xPne Pate NDS) 190 COPPER, milled edge Pwd Prd 1850 = 90, XP Pad NDS) Plain edge Bruce# KM# Date Mintage VP XP Unc XPN6e Poe ND (i865) Ss — 1a. GOLD, plain edge XPNEg Png ND) = 10.500. SHILLING COPPER, XPNT Pa? NDUs56) — 2100, XPNTa Pate NDAs) = 80 XPNTb Pa7e NDC) a) XPNie Pate — 100, XPNId Pat = 2000, XPNie Pate — 20 XPN Patt ND (t835) — = — 180, W.J. Taylor - Wiener Series SHILLING & @ COPPER, plain edge Obv: Jeweled crown bust with CW incuse on truncation, XPN& Pata ND (1800) 160, SULVER, pla XPNse Pade ND 1860), = = 100, coPprER, Obv:Laureste bust, XPNP Pad ND (1860) — = = 680, Plain edge XPNo Pat ND (1860) = = = tm, SILVER, plain edge PN Pade ND (1800) ~ 160. roe SILVER, plain edge send: VICTORIA REGINA, Mintere VF XP Use Noaeey ET toe Duchy of Avram 7: ROYAL BANK ISSUE Prince John, the Duke of Avra, stupa private banking operation i the suing ot his oun coins and weit in Strum Tasman Tie sop (ta aa rion he Aan Charges of ting up an illegal bank brought Proee deh inte eet att found to be not guilty. Therefore his Heya Bank nant be coosdereds — eatin, ‘Thisstries in emmeled oma gldin plata metal. = MONETARY SYSTEM 100 Ducals ~ 1 Avram (~ USS. $10.00) - DUCAL, Une 500 XMoso B36 CDI907 0 2500 BRASS Obv: Chi ertuna Tung Poo. Npdsso) a cpiee7 75.00 7 = og token struck by this mint TAEL Horse and Dragon Series (DOLLAR) LYER SILVER Oby.4 Chinese characte Made in Kanau Province, at top. eD1905 100.00 eo CHINA/Empire 57 Bruce# Kann# Date XM2T BOT ND (1908.1) — = 600.90 900.00 Une SILVER xaos — ND (1900-12) Soe 5 Ming Emperor Hung Wu Series (DOLLAR) CHINA/Empire 58 Obv. and rev: Modified design. Bruce# Kann Date — Mintage VF XP Une FDC XMa ND 12500 225.09 97800 — Emperor Hsuan T’ung Series (50 CENTS) SILVER XM BL 1575 -- - & COPPER xMase 1975 =z Li Hung-Chang Series SILVER TAEL xm = ND (960.12) a s coup 98ND. (900.1) — 1000, 1800, (DOLLAR) SILVER xem BND 12500 200.00 275.90 Gow SILVER xMaT3 B95 ND (90.11) ee = = xMe4 ND (1908-11) a a (10 DOLLARS) GOLD, 19.5mm SimilartoXMZ71, XMa75 B96 ND. (968.11) — = soo 7500 — SILVER xe — ND (190.11) = - SILVER Denomination removed at top. (20 DOLLARS) xM2e5 — 9000 15000 22800 GOLD, 26mm coup ‘Similar to XM271. xMo—6 = ND — = 1860, 2000 Miao Tribes Series 10 CASH CHINA/Empire 59 Bruce# Kann# Date Mintage VP XP Une FDC xM307 ND — 990 15000 22500 ae Sinkiang Tael Series 5 MACE Pan Chan Lama Series (DOLLAR) SILVER Rev lox: Ch'ien Lung. Mint Kashgar XMa90 Ba “AH. — 7600 12500 17600 — NOTE: Blundered date at 10.slek on cers. indered Tibetan characters. Hoven Tung. Mint Kashgar Ody: Modified ettigy. Xia Ba AMIa9 — 9000 15000 22500 — (ony #000 17500 225800 — CHINA/Empire 60 Rev. leg: One Taal Ration Con, Mintage VF XF Une FDC 90.00 17800 22500 — Ce Empress Type. Bruce# Kanné Date Mintage VF XP Une XM Bz ND = 18090 25000 stm Error leg:“SUNGAREL- TEAL", ND. — 12500 20000 27500 NOTE: Sislar 1 Tae, Kann #103 Empress Type It - Tibet Dollar Series me SD — ae Oe, 10 CENTS Szechuai xMeee xMags = OxM50) coPpPER xmas ND =" — 000 29000 Empress Type It, 1/4 DOLLAR xu ND 180.00 25000 38000 SILVER, 24mm Similar to Doilar, XM430. xe — ND == 1500 17800 1/2 DOLLAR SILVER Empress, Emperor facing. XMer B28 ND =" — 18000 228.00 xmas = ND roc 0.00 17500 22500 coup Be ND ta, 1 coPpPER $25.00 480.00 SILVER Emperor profile large bust Np 900 17500 22500 — T’ai P’ing Rebel Issue iwan “Old Man” Dollar Series 1/2 DOLLAR SILVER 2000 17500 22800 — oS E a < H Obe Modine ety. Bruce Kann Date Mintage XF Une FDC XMIGS Ba too i800 ste DOLLAR SILVER ‘Tao Kuane. xMoe ND. 90.00 178.00 22500 XxMn0 Be ND Rev: Outline effigy. 0 9) 17800 2500 UNLISTED VARIETIES a hi ng cad be mn ht we a intra oui in by ‘vse uncovers a variety cr “onusual woe coin” stich he bellows has gone unrecorded Al suck ropert wl be eondered for Testing in acbarquet eit and hcl be reported to he who oth a Taiwan Series Tibet K’ang Hsi Tael Series DOLLAR MACE CHINA/Empire 62 Rev. leg: 2 Chinese characters Tico Mace. xm Yn SILVER ae) oa) MineTa emacs Bruce# Kann Date Mintege VP XP voc BILYai bonis Ba ND = 13500. 22500 e TAEL a = - 1/2 TABL SILVER, stm Rev. teg:2 Chinese xa = Yel Gan Se ae TAEL suver sinver Mint Fatman xan — Tibet Ch’ien Lung Tael Series 1/2 SHO Tibet Ch’ien Lung Dollar Series DOLLAR Ge) 3 Tibet Chia Ching Tael Series TAEL SILVER, 35mm Simbiar to XM380, XM? yet XM = ND — 900 17800 22500 fc) * = Tibet Hsien Feng Tael Series y 1 MACE SILVER ‘Obv: 4 Chinese char Re (assay - - - NOTE: lieved to have been struck in 34706 ters, Made inthe Official Furnace, in center. Chinese characters, Tibet; One Toe, Bruce# Kann# Date -Mintage VP XP Une FDC ND : — 2090 a0 Mule: 2 obverses, 11% ND 2500 4000 : ND a Tibet Ch’ien Lung Pagoda Tanga Series TANGA SILVER ND = 00 10009 18000 COPPER ND = %00 4000 eno T’ung Chih Tael Series (5 TAELS) cons6o CHINA/Empire 63 5 TAELS CHINA/Empire 64 Bruce# Kann# Date Mintage VF XF_— Une xa ety say, - Proot 50 TAELS coup Bruce# Kann Date Mintage VF -XF_— Une FDC XM” Yne (1865) 5//25 TAELS Yunnan Province 20 CASH GOLD, 949 Obv:5 Chinese characters, Value Five Taels Gold, at bottom. xMws | Ye10 ar) — = = Proof 80 COPPER Bruce# Kann# Date Mintage VG =F VE xmas =" ND “500 880 1280 RUPEE SILVER, 11.50 ¢ Ove style bust Rev: Like XM465. XM485 540. ND — 2000 9000 som NOTE: Obviously Kann had wot seen this pice nd lined sa xMas7 =e. Yeas) i Proof 6880. typleal ofthe crulating Saechunn:Tibet imitations of the Ina Republic MEDALLIC ISSUES (M) y Bruce Wayne Smith. ject. The fllowing desing tobe from Allied Victory Issue DOLLAR characters, Meng Meng Sheng Li jun Yat-sen Jank Dollar. 7500 12500 Ba cnterariod characters ar led rid ord enue entral Mint Completion Series (DOLLAR) Ty Rev: Long rays to left of junk vea9/n90 eee COPPER-NICKEL, milled edge Ye.19/190 Se COPPER, milled edge = Yea9ng0 =) Shee _ ALUMINUM, milled edge = Yr9/990 ae = COPPER, plain ede = Yr19990 - - CoprEn, ite Rev: Short raye to left of junk. = Yras/60 - XxMs26 Central Mint Commemorative (560 CENTS) coprEr Broce# Kann¢ Date Mintage VP XP Une FDC XMS Yea296) e600 00m Chang Hsi-luan Series (Chihli Provinee) (DOLLAR) milled edge acters, Firat Class Memorial, wmelod crossed flags xMs20 Yes 12800 20000 27800 — COPPER Xan — Yeasts) 800 12800 509 ‘Third Clase Memorial, led erons fags. Yeu (1913) — 12500 29000 2600 65 CHINA/Republic 66 ublic CHINA, SILVER ‘Round emblem on chest, Mintage VF OXF Une — 12500 20000 275.00 ti * e200 10000 16000 ~~ Brwee# Kann Di NOTE: XMS20-XM608 were normally iasued looped with aribboo. Many have XMB5 MI had this removed and some even the lowet logend on the reverse has been ‘roundoff ke XMS28) to pas thers ofa oi Chang Tso-lin Series Chang Hsueh-liang Issue 50 CENTS (50 CENTS) SILVER, plain edge SILVER How. eg: Gift of Chang Heueh-tions. XMss0 Be YING) xMass — ND — 9000 15000 2500 — Obv: Portrait without hat. Chang Hsun Restored MonarchIssue “1 an (DOLLAR) (50 CENTS) SILVER Rev: 2 Chinese characters Commemorative. xMies ND. im — DOLLAR SILVER XMBSS BOL YesTII General Chao (Fengtien Province) (60 CENTS) VE OXF Une = ooo 13500 200.00 Chiang Kai-shek Series (10 CASH) ND ‘4000 60.00 SILVER ND 3609 60.00 8500 ‘Male: Rev, XM590 with rev. XMB96, ND — 200 40.00 coo (500 YUAN) yeTo98) Proofike ‘TBth Anniversary of the Republic Yer5(1986) 8 0 (1000 YUAN) = e085 1076) 21800 FDC 12800 xMes2 xe S S 2 i & Fl Bruce# Kann# Date roc 0! ye70 0981) sea.00 5th Anniversary of Yer (986) — — 00 (2000 YUAN) xMo10 NOTE: eve characters, Commemorative, at bottom. Yr55(1960) a) 80.00 Similar to 2000 Yuan evi struck in gold. xMeas xis 80th Anniversary of th yesous) coup Yeso 97) y 17-4000 780 SILVE: Chiang Kai-shek 90th Birthday Yessqme) 850 1850 2000 Kai-shek 0th Birthday = Yeas) 48000 5000 CHINA/Republic 68 sm) 70th Anniversary of the Republic Bruce} Kann Date Mintage VF XP Une FDC xMB80 Ye (1981) nso 200 coup 70th Anniversary of the Republic xMos2 = Yev0Q98) Prooftke 50.00 6th Annive XMest = ¥e75(1905) Feng Kuo-chang Series (DOLLAR) SILVER, milled edge XMB7 BSE eT (A918) = $000 15000 22500 — GOLD, milled edge xMen yea z = = = NOTE: In 1920 the Peking government authorized the Wuchang mint in Hupeh (alnhe hang. It ‘aumsmatits ling in China from the 1007s coward, have considered heoe = fantasies. SILVER, milled edge XMS7S. BSS ND — $900 15000 29500 — Plain edge Mint Bruce # Kane # Date XMBi6 BSS ND VF OXF Une 9000 15000 22500 GOLD, plain edge XM = ND - = =e (10 DOLLARS) X65 Bo XMast = Feng Yu-hsiang Issue (DOLLAR) SILVER (woYeun Oatn) XMe0 rib (20 — 7500 «samo Flag Series (5 DOLLARS) = (a 917 0LD xMmo = aa er O & { 7 ‘as g ~ xaos — ND : be Foong Hsiang Golden & Silver St GOLD, 307 ¢ Rev: Peacock. xem — ND. 160.00 650.00 Hsiao Yueh-nan Series (50 CENTS) SILVER, 32 Une FDC 190 = m0 150.00 2509 — Hsu Shih-chang Issue (60 CENTS) SILVER, 32.33mm Reported, not coafiemed SILVER ves (919) - = = COPPER Bs ¥r8(i919) = - - (DOLLAR) SILVER, 35-36mm Similar to 50 Cents, XM730, yes 919) = see coup Yes i919) - - = = = Hung Hsien See Yuan Shih-kai listings. Hupeh Military Government Issue 50 CASH coprEr Mintage VP XF Une FDC CHINA/Republic 69 Bruce# Kann # Date XMS) Yea Kashgar Mint Series (Sinkiang Province) 20 CASH SILVER XMT# AHI Je Kiang See Province Series 10 CENTS: SILVER XMT90, cose - Reported, not confirmed 20 CENTS SILVER MTB, cpisi2 - Reported, not confirmed CHINA/Republic 70 DOLLAR Bruce # Kann Date xno DIMI Kunming Mint Issue COPPER-NICKEL, XMiO = Ye30(st) 5000 88.00 12500 Kweilin Mint Series coppER Ist Anniversary xa Yrs 1930) 5000 8500 12500 SILVER xa Ye.28 (1999) = M5 xMta0 Bruce # Kann Date XM — XM XMBT B59 ves2uo4) Lenin Series Li Ching-lin Series DOLLAR Ye (2925) COPPER-NICKEL Mintage VF 00 86.00 12800 Li Yuan-hung Series 10 CASH coPPER General Lu Jung-t’ing Series (Governor of Kwanghsi Pro (10 CENTS) SILVER Similar to Dollar, XM930, = v50016 ‘2.00 10000 16000 — (20 CENTS) ILVER, 27-28mm, ‘Simla? to Dollar, XMO20., | vsan0 = 19.00 38.00 12500 UNLISTED VARIETIES tis catalog shouldbe mindful that we are intereeted in being con. who uncovers variety or type ofan “unusual world coin” hat gone unrecorded. Ail such reporta wil be comdered for editions and should be reported to the euthor ofthis vol. Kanng Date Mintage | VF XP Une FDC =) = son00 50000 720.00 -_ » — $00.00 50000 76000 — 1/2 DOLLAR (DOLLAR) sm) Kann# Date Mintage VP_—XP — "yes c16 — 20.00 350.00 coup XM Ye (1916) — = COPPER XMe2 Yes (m6) 75.00 125.00 (10 DOLLARS) coup xMoos yes cai6) = = so.00 Manchukuo Issue Refer to Manchukvo listings Miao Tribes Issue 10 CASH COPPER Obv: Crossed flags within 12+ Rev: 2 Chinese characters, Copper Colm, tn “4 Chinese xMos OND = Mo Jung-hsin Series (Governor Kwangtung Province) SILVER xMaso —¥r7 (1918) — 80.90 48.00 coup ver a9) = ms 125.00 FDC CHINA/Republic 71 lic 72. CHINA/Rey National Revolutionary Army Issue (DOLLAR) Rev: 8 six-pointed stars below center. ef Kann# Date Mintage VF XF Une XM Yr 820) = soa 72000 SILVER Bruce# Kann¢ Mintage VF Une FDC XMS6) B66 1918) 90.00 150.00 225000 — Ni Szu-chung Series (10 CASH) 3 SILVER XMo95 — ——-Ye9(1920) — 75.00 12500 200.00 Japanese Conquest of Shanghai Sei DOLLAR ‘COPPER ‘An Wu Army — ND 4250 7000 100000 — SILVER XMa7t ND = 8000 85.00 12500 — GoLp xMe2 — ND = en. xMon5 — 4250 70.00 100.00 (50 CENTS) BILLON or COPPER, silver plated XMi00s — ——NDAT8) — 0.00 180.00 22500 Shun Feng Issue SILVER Obv: Dragon arou Rev:6 Chinese characters, Maden the Ancking Mint, ‘At topr’ five-polnted stars below center, “with dates "1886-1921" below. XM — —Ye911920) 000 10000 15000 = — —xntOLO 921 — = 45000 e000 Sinkiang Series SILVER MACE 8@ SILVER {Chinese characters, One Mace Ration Siler, i ce veOXF Us ¥De Yet 1912) Reported, not confirmed 2SILVER MACE SILVER Oby: Similar to XM1020. characters, Two Mace Ration Silver, in center. Yet (912) Reported, not confirmed GOLD MACE GoLD by: Similar to XM1035, 1A Chinese characters, One Mace Ration Gold, in center. Yeu (91 160.00 280.00 380.00 SILVER Yeu (912) Reported, not confirmed 2GOLD MACE coup [Chinese characters, Two Mace Ration gold, in center. Yeu (912) — 225.00 375.00 580.00 SILVER verain2) p Reported, not confirmed Soviet Series DOLLAR ‘Mule: Oby: XM1040. Rev: XM850. Bruce # Kann Date Mintage VF XP Une FDC MIO a1 ae xMio — 1884 — = 15009 2500 Sun Yat-sen Series é 10 CASH Bruce# KM Date roc XMioo Pat ND«o22) £ xMi0s2 om. XMi054 Pat NDGA) — 400.00 70000 1000, — (50 CENTS) CHINA/Republic 73 = GoD Obv:5 Chi ™ spruces Kann# Date Mintage VF XF Unc FDC — Bruce# Kann Date — Mint 2) xno — ND - = Si —- mos — x a s « < z = 3 ‘COPPER-NICKEL Male: Oby: XM515, Rev: XMB95, XMio8s — ——-Y.82.(1043) — %500 4000 6000 — DOLLAR Mint: Shantung XMI090 — —Yr190930), xMuo7o Bet ND 90.00 150.00 2500 — Rev: Modified design. xara ND — 9100 15009 22500 X60 BIOL ¥e17 (2928) — 48000 een Szechuan “Horse” Gaming Token (1/2 CENT) COPPER, BRONZE, BRASS or COPPER-NICKEL Moe — —-NDei9i2) 00 5500 5.0) (CENT) Rew: Large XM — NDEI) — (6 CENTS) Unc FDC 0 W000 NDe1912) = — 2500 sam wm — eit. (10 CENTS) BRONZE, BRASS or COPPER-NICKEL NDGe192)" 5000 10000 20000 — ND(e1912) 2 80.00 10000 20000 — Taiwan Mint Series COPPER, 21mm CENTRAL MINT OF CHINA SAMPLE TAIPEI TAIWAN". Rev: Similar to XM1185. - — 4280 Too 100 — eS s Obv:log: “SAMPLEICM.C? ( [ND - Mint of Chi ‘2000 3500 60.00 © x \ g 3 Z| < Z| COPPER-NICKET. = ‘Mint facili 3 Bruce# Kenn# Date Mint VP OXF Une FDC xMite) — ND = 200 3800 50.00 (60 CENTS) SILVER Completion of New Mint Facility Rev: d coins (8 of xenes — vrepcio) (DOLLAR) XMaie — —yes2qs6s) 4280 7000 ‘NOTE: Exist struc in the other metal compotion. T’an Hou-ming Series (50 CENTS) SILVE: Similar to 1 Dollar, XM1200, XMII90 — Ye 10) See coup xMig — (1919) ea. DOLLAR SILVER xMi200 — Ye 919) = wom oom = UNLISTED VARIETIES so he tl soul be mind hat we ae inter in beig con: tucted by anybody who uncovers a variety or type of an “unusual world cola” bch be believes hs gone unrecorded. All wach reports wil be considered for {iting i subsequent editions and should be reported to the author of this vl _ ‘T’ang Chi Yao Series (Yunnan Province) DOLLAR CHINA/Republic 76 SILVER Mintage VF XF Une FDC 90.00 15000 225,00 Bruce # Kann, XM2t0 BGI ND xMi2t BLOND — = 1800, 20, Tian Yee Foo, Goldsmith OUNCE 31.10 g,.9996 GOLD ND(1980%) — 80000 700.00 $5000 — Tsao Kun Series DOLLAR xmas — SILVER, 2.55mm thick Rev: Saah over left shoulder, xMi20 678 ND 125.00 200.00 300.00 coup XMiga1 1573 ND. — = 7. 400, coppER xm ND eee BRASS xmas ND Oe SILVER, 4mm thick, Rev: Sash over Kann Date Mintage VF XP Une — ND 60.00 10000 15000 Plain edge xmas — ND 60.00 10000 15000 coup xmas — ND 100.2000 COPPER XMM — ND = T™1 XM — ND NOTE: Alo existe looped with hom a a ilitary award Wang Hsing Series DOLLAR SILVER, plain edie XMi240 Be ND ‘90.00 180.90 22500 xmn24s ND 90.00 150.00 22500 Wu Pei-fu Issue (DOLLAR) XMI2%0 BST ND Yen Hsi-shan Series (DOLLAR) DOLLAR SILVER i # Date Mintage VF XP Une FDC DOLLAR YeaR(1029) 10000 17500 2500 — cou Sh a a a Yuan Shih Kai Series (1/2 DOLLAR) xMisoo — yess) sate ea eS NOTE: The rates ae boleved to have been added xmisio — —-¥r5a916) 5 Reported, nt confirmed COPPER 1/2 DOLLAR by. X65. Rev: Portrait of Yuan Shih-kal, XMIIS BAD Yes7 1928) SILVER (6 DOLLARS) coup = = 7090 10m (1/2 DOLLAR) GOLD, 4.40 xmn905 1517 Yes 914) a a UNLISTED VARIETIES ‘Users of this catalog should be mindfl that we ar interested in being con taced by anybody who uncovers a variety ot type af an untasal word co ‘which be belleves has gone unrecorded. Al uch reports will be considered for Tinting i subsequent editions and should be reported to the author of thi vl SILVER om yess) _ a ae a (50 DOLLARS) basta Bruce # Kann Mimtaze VF XP Une XMiss1 — "me e a0 $00.00 (20 CENTS) CHINA/ Republic 7 900 GOLD ‘ad Anniversary of the Republic Bruce# Kanng Date Mintage VF = XF Une FDC XM) = Ye2(1915) — = 7800. 19000, — (100 DOLLARS) SILVER xM1Mo Ba 1816 - a coup 900 GoLD XMiseL BIO 1916 — 900.00 1280, and Anniversary of the Republic xnu20 Yea) — = 18900, 26000, — Yuan Shih-kai as Hung Hsien Series (10 CASH) XMIa60 BA Yr 1916) = on cou xMn — yas moo corren Muto 2? Noein Mintege NE OXP Une woe (DOLLAR) 10 COPPERS (100 Cash) Pelyang Mint 10 Coppers). xMims — —ND{ISIB) = (10 CENTS) SILVER, plain ed XMS Ba 1916 75.00 125.00 20000 Mitted edge XMiss Ba 1916 — 700 12800 20000 coup xanse 916 — = 1600, 2000, lic 79) CHINA, Modifies SILVER Modified design, Bruce# Kann# Dato Mintaye VF XF Une FDC Mistage VP OXF Uso ppc | XMI200 Ye10916 11000 17800 280.00 75.00 12500 0000 — CAST SILVER, 37mm Hunan Province XMi995 — Yr asi6) 20000 5000 sooo — 5 DOLLARS SILVER, Pounding of the Nation, Yr1(196) —— — 10000 17800 27500 GOLD, 3.996 XMis® — Yes) — 0000 75000 — y Ye rage) 10000 17500 27500 — iin ie? Siftaze aeBinaas coup XMisi2 B99 Yr.1(1916) a — s Yer) kk 10 DOLLARS coup, 23 Similar to 5 Bol xmas Yes) 76000 1000, UNLISTED VARIETIES ‘ace ofthis catalog shoul be mindful that we are interxted in being con tacted by anpbody who uncovers a varity or {ype of an “usual World cla stich be believes has gone unrecorded, Al such reports willbe considered for ‘iting in subsequent editions and should be reported tothe author af thin val SILVER Ye. 14916) 4oo.00 18000 22500 — es Peoples Republic MEDALLIC SILVER BULLION ISSUES (MB) Struck by the New China Mint, Peking. OUNCE 33.6300 ¢, 025 SILVER, 1.0002 02 ASW Sd Hong Kong International Coin Exposition Bruce# KM# Date Mintage VP XP Une FDC XMBL 1000 = Pref 12500 £0000 g, 900 SILVER, 1.0001 08 ASZ tie Association Convention-Great Wall Longevity XM 1987 800 Proot 8800 97th American Namiamatie Association Convention-Cincinnati XM ga 7000 Proof 98th American Numia Bruces KM Date XMES2 0 18th New York International Numismatic Convent ‘American Horse XMBSS — 1980 Munich International Coins Pair 1900 2000 XMBGe Oby: Outline of mainland China. Rev: Panda. XxMBe 1901 a 3 TAELS 108.0000 f,.990 SILVER, 3.1088 or ASW ‘hao Congming. xMBs7 = ND 5 OUNCES 50 «999 SILVER, 5.0000 02 ASW onal Coln Exposition VP XP Une FDC = Proot 20000 rook 180.00 Long Beach Numismatic & Philatelic Expo & P 1 tn copper-nickel and 10 Yun in MBs 1887 2.000 Proof 180.00 CHINA/Peoples Republic 8] CHINA/Peoples Republic 83 Longevity , Braces KM# Date Mintage VF XF Une FDC # Date Mintage VF XP Une FDC os TD ee pee EDS aes = 2000 = Prowl 12800 12 OUNCE (Troy Pound) BI-METAL MEDALLIC SILVER/GOLD 1/4 OUNCE BULLION ISSUES (MB) 3/8 OUNCE ‘8.8753 ¢, 999 SILVER, 1250 o ASW ring / 1.7807 i, 988 GOLD, -2500 os AGW center. Hong Kong International Colp Convention Bruce KM# Date Mintage Une FDC 7.7788 4, 999 GOLD, 2500 02 AGW 5 hs Pat shoo ‘Oby: Similar to i Ounce, Y443. 3 ncding similar 28 yuan commemorative coi. MeL NEE a oll qOOUNCE XMBS Ya 1962 0 a s 2 3 XMB36 6.2206 g, 099 SILVER, 2000 02 ASW ring// 15.5018 ¢,.999 GOLD, 15000 oz AGW center “80 ‘NOTE: Sold inet inlading«szllar 50 yuan commemorative coin. MEDALLIC GOLD BULLION cary ISSUES (MB) Struc by the Now China Min ot Peking nl thew ced 1.50 GRAMS So 1.5000 ¢, 9999 GOLD, .0482 02 AGW Rev:"Yin-yang’. XMBI2_— _19845M 500 — Proof 3250 ‘NOTE: Struck by the Singapoce Mint. 1/20 OUNCE So 1.980 GOLD, .0500 08 AGW national Coin Show-"Tong-Tomg” XMBa9 00s "Proct 30.00 1/10 OUNCE XMEn = Maitreya Buddha XMB7 980 wee 3.1103 g, 990 GOLD,.1000 02 AGW he Binlleto1Ganes FH. XMBS Yao 1% - Tokyo international Coin Show XMBIo XxMB« 989 13.0 1/2 OUNCE 155517 ¢,.099 GOLD, 5000.02 AGW Munich International Cola Exposition 1080 = — 150 Proof 380.00 300.0 Munich International Coin Exposition 18 1300 Proof 360.00 1 OUNCE 51.1038 g,.898 GOLD, 1.0000 ox AGW Yeo 1982 06 — 1600 Obv: Similar to 1 Ounce, Yea, j# Dato Mintage VF XP Une FDC ser 3 = — sm 1st San Francisco International Coin Expo Brucof KMé Date Mintage VF = XF Une FDC XMBT 1987 300 = — Proof 78000 96th Americ XMM Beror with “Pt” (platinum die) 1988 550 px, — Proof 0.00 ‘2nd San Franclaco International Coin Expo XMB2S 1088 1600 = Proof 70000 ‘Munich Coin Bourse xMpes xomyz 97th American Numismatic Association Convention-Cincinnatt CHINA/Peoples Republic 35 {B Broce} KM# Date Mintage VF XP Une FDC $8 xMaws 1988 1000 = roa 70000 rd San Francisco International Coin Expo xmasr — “Tone 130 a proot 600.00 5 OUNCES Bi Gan and the Five-Route Gods Bruce# KM# Date Mintage VF XP XMBO ND wpe Bodhisattva Avaloki XMBA6 1980 500 pes '875,2380 g, 909 GOLD, 12.0000 or AGW Rev: Longevity. Bruce # KM Date VE OXF Une FDC XMBG =" ND(1888) 200 pu. Proat—000, MEDALLIC PALLADIUM BULLION ISSUES (MB) OUNCE 186.2500 y, 999 GOLD, 5.0236 or AGW ‘tho Gor Mintage VP XP Une FDC 305 pen Proof 2850 12 OUNCES (Troy Pound) 81.1030 g, 999 PALLADIUM, 1.0000 08 APW 17th New York International Nut xMno0 MEDALLIC PLATINUM BULLION ISSUES (MB) OUNCE : 68.0 6" 31.1030 g, 1.0000 PLATINUM, 1.0000 a2 APW 16th New York International Numiematte Convention. xMBI 1987 1000 roo 1000 COLOMBIA g8 Broce # XI x2 xa COLOMBIA Republic Antioquia State PATTERNS 2CENTAVOS KM# Date XP Une FDC Pot” 1800, = Proof 600 Bolivar State PATTERNS 2CENTAVOS BRONZE Pat 1890 Proot 0.00 Boyaca State PATTERNS 2CENTAVOS Pat 1800 = E Proot 60.00 Cauca State PATTERNS 2CENTAVOS = Proof 60.00 Cundinamarco State PATTERNS 2 CENTAVOS BRowzE Sirmilarto X@, Pat 1490 = Magdalena State PATTERNS 2CENTAVOS Proof 6000 BRONZE Pat 1490 Proof 6000 Santander State PATTERNS 2 CENTAVOS BRONZE Similar to X68, Bruce? KM# Date Mintage VF XP Une XT Pat 1800 ee Proot Tolima State PATTERNS 2 CENTAVOS, BRONZE Similar to X6. x8 Pal 1800 a CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA CENT Bruce# KM Date xt — ie (182085 px a SILVER xis we (8) pe coup xb tae (s70) peek NOTE: The shove rotrkes wore prodused by Captain J. W, Haseltine a