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Help us reach our goal!

Over 40,000 people struggle with hunger each day in our community.

We need your help in the fight to end

hunger in Kalamazoo County.

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But what does that look like on a day-to-day basis? How exactly do we use the generous donations that are given
to us? In partnership with community members like you, Loaves & Fishes:
Kalamazoo County residents through 5 anti-hunger programs at 71 different sites all donations are
used locally to help friends, family, and neighbors in our community.

Provides a four-day food supply to an average of 750 individuals each day through our Grocery Pantry Program.

Nearly 154,000 food orders were given to local residents last year.
Provides direct service and food at 23 pantry locations throughout Kalamazoo County.

We also provide food to

pantries at Loy Norrix, Kalamazoo Central, and the four KPS middle schools.
Secures nutritionally-balanced food, including fresh produce, meats, dairy, and baked goods.

Food is purchased
from the Food Bank of South Central Michigan and the wholesale market as well as received as donations from local
farmers, stores, and community members.
and distributes up to 900 Weekend Food Packs to 18 KPS elementary and middle schools to
further support vulnerable children facing increased hunger when school is not in session.

Provides additional food assistance to over 600 low-income senior citizens at 17 residential distribution sites.

bulk food products monthly through Mobile Food Initiative (MFI) sites at 6 different locations to
groups of 100 350 people each time.


with other agencies in the community to identify gaps in service and avoid duplication of services.


95% of community donations for direct services only 5% goes to administrative costs.

These are the facts and figures. But lets not forget whats most important about feeding hungry people. With
proper nourishment, children and adults are more likely to succeed. Health complications may be avoided. Families
on tight budgets can use their limited funds for other basic needs when they have access to food assistance.
At Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes, we feed hungry people. By doing so, we also foster potential, dignity, health,
and family togetherness. And your support makes this possible. Thank you!



FOOD REQUEST LINE: 269/343-3663
P 269/488-2617 F 269/343-3669

Our Mission

Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes will feed hungry

people and engage our community in the
fight to end hunger.

Our Values

Diversity & Inclusion
Stewardship & Accountability


Connect with Us

Staff / Business Office

269.488.2617 EXT.
Joan Atwell, Call Center Coordinator
Cherise Buchanan, Volunteer Coordinator
Mary-Elizabeth Bell, Finance/Office Coordinator
Paul Bushek, Warehouse Assistant
Art Cole, Services Director
Joe Cook, Warehouse Assistant
Bob Dekker, Warehouse Assistant
Greta Faworski, Resource Development Director
Linda Fox, Call Center Coordinator

Joe Galaviz, Warehouse Assistant

Kathy Gernaat, Operations Director
Meg Gernaat, Marketing Coordinator
Dave Hafer, Warehouse Coordinator
Phyllis Hepp, Organizational Development Director
Jennifer Johnson, Executive Director
Deb Josephson, Services Coordinator
Marvin King, Food Procurement Specialist
Jackie Smith, Pantry Coordinator
Mary Foley-Wilson, Accounting Coordinator
Laura Winther, Donor Database Coordinator



Coras Story
At 91-years old, Cora has experienced a lot in her lifetime, but she never
imagined hunger would be one of those experiences. She fondly recalls
working at the soda fountain at Gilmores Tea Room in Kalamazoo,
eventually working her way up to Supervising Cook. When she was
in her thirties, she and her young son were in a car wreck that left
her with five fused vertebrae in her neck and unable to do the work
she loved. I wasnt able to lift the heavy pots and bulk food, Cora
explained, and I couldnt find a job, but
I wasnt going to give up. Cora realized
she had a knack for real estate and
eventually found herself managing 19
rental properties in Kalamazoo. When
the market crash of 2008 wreaked havoc
on her property management business,
and a serious illness left her temporarily
unable to work, Cora found herself at
the Department of Social Services for
help. Things really snowballed. I fell
behind and couldnt catch up, she
recalls. She was able to breathe a little
easier after being given a referral for
KLF, where she receives food once per
week. It allows me access to food that I cant afford on my own fresh
meat, tuna, and fresh produce. Grateful for the help, she stretches the
food she receives as far as it can go. I love to cook so when Im done
eating a chicken, I use the bones to make broth for soup, she shared.
Cora is quick to remind people that life circumstances can change in an
instant, and she takes personal pride in being a good steward of the
kindness bestowed upon her. She states with gratitude, If I didnt have
Loaves & Fishes, I dont know what I would do.
Name changed for anonymity

Run Through the Lights

Registration is Now Open!

Grab your friends and family

for this festive run through
the dazzling holiday lights in
downtown Kalamazoo! Proceeds
from this holiday tradition,
hosted by Gazelle Sports and
Kalamazoo Area Runners, benefit
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes.


Get energy efficiency tips and
gear from Consumers Energy and
support Loaves & Fishes through
the Smart Energy Challenge!
With your help, we could win
$1000 per month from Consumers
now until March! Find out more at


The holiday season is upon us and, for many, its
a time to gather with friends and loved ones to
celebrate the end of one year and the beginning
of another. However, for thousands of individuals
in our community, the tone of celebration is
dampened by the daily stress of near-bare
cupboards and the need to plan wisely to bridge
the gap between this week and the next. Although
struggling, many of these people, oftentimes our
clients, are still thankful. Theyre thankful for their
families, for the blessings theyve received over the
last 12 months, but especially for the generosity of
a community that gives back. Kalamazoo Loaves
& Fishes is flooded with generosity this time of
year from food drives, donations, volunteers,
and words of thanks and encouragement. The
generous donations we receive help us squeak by
during the first few months of the new year when
the number of donations KLF receives drops off,
yet the need remains constant. Were thankful
that your generous spirit does not cease when the
holiday decorations are packed away because you
understand that hunger is an ongoing struggle.
As youre making your New Years resolutions,
consider making the commitment to maintaining
the giving-spirit by volunteering, advocating,
or donating a monthly gift to fight hunger in
Kalamazoo County. Its with your help that were
able to ensure those struggling with hunger will
have a happier holiday and new year, but its with
you, your friends, family,
and neighbors that
we can truly alleviate
hunger for future
generations. Happy
holidays from the KLF
family to yours.

Executive Director



A percentage of Discount Drain Cleaning sales are donated

to Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes to help fight hunger locally!
When you have plumbing and drain cleaning
needs, its important to have someone reliable
on your side. But Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes has
been able to rely on Discount Drain Cleaning for
something else - to help us feed the community.
In April 2015, Discount Drain Cleaning began donating
a percentage of their monthly sales to Kalamazoo
Loaves & Fishes, and they have given more than
$3,300 since that time. This locally-owned company
has been in business in our area for over 20 years
and always planned to give back to the community.
According to the companys owner, Sunny Weaver,
Giving to Loaves & Fishes is important to us for the simple
reason being that people are important. We acknowledge
that what is given to us is not just for us, but it is given
to us to share. Loaves & Fishes is an outlet in which we
have chosen as a channel to share a portion with those
who have need. Those who have need for the services
Loaves & Fishes provides are important no matter the
circumstances behind the reason for their need. We are
extremely thankful that we are able to give what is needed
to help others feel important. If people werent important,
we would not concern ourselves with feeding them.
The work of Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes would not
be possible without support from local businesses.
Thank you Discount Drain Cleaning for helping
us put food on the shelves all year long and for
taking care of those in need in our community!


We have some fresh faces in our office and are pleased to welcome new staff members to our team! Mary-Elizabeth
Bell, KLFs new Finance/Office Coordinator, has worked for local businesses like Western Michigan University,
Upjohn, and Bronson Athletic Club. When shes not at KLF, shes typically enjoying the outdoors and spending time
with her family. Linda Fox has been pitching in since January and was recenty hired on as Call Center Coordinator.
Shes often the friendly voice our clients hear at the end of the phone line. Meg Gernaat is now the KLF Marketing
& Communications Coordinator. Shes been in the non-profit sector since graduating from Western Michigan
University in 2009 and previously worked for Ministry with Community and Downtown Kalamazoo Incorporated.
Mary Foley-Wilson has been with KLF since August. She juggles working as the organizations Accounting
Coordinator as well as a local realtor and mom to four. Welcome to the KLF family!

Canned Meat



AMOUNT $_________________
Partake in the spirit of giving this time of year. Your contribution provides our neighborsin-need with wholesome meals during the holiday season.

Please send in your contribution by December 18th.

Beef Stew

Did you know that with just $1,

KLF can feed a person three meals
for a day? Please consider making
a fund donation as well.



AMOUNT $_________________


Make your New Years resolution one that helps build a brighter future for our
community by helping KLF feed hungry people in Kalamazoo County.

Please send in your contribution by January 15th.


9/5/15 - 10/20/15 Special thanks to those who honor friends and family through contributions to KLF!

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