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Entrepreneurs problems


Chapter one: Introduction

Entrepreneurship is about creating something new or discovering a new
way of making something that already exist, Entrepreneurship is
considered to be a key factor to development and growth, as I think
women Entrepreneurship means an act of business ownership and
business creation that empower women economically increases their
economic strength as well as position in society. Women entrepreneurs
have been making a considerable impact in all the segments of the
economy. Women entrepreneur is a person who denies the role of their
personal needs to participate and be accepted economically
independent. Strong desire to do something positive is high quality
women entrepreneur who contribute to the position values of family and
social life. Entrepreneurship is crucial for overall development of any
nation and in the recent years it gained importance with the
participation of women, Women today are more progressive and play
vital role if fulfilling their economic needs and attaining social status,
Emergence of women entrepreneur in a society mainly depends on
changing social, psychological, economics, cultural dimensions, which
invoke a positive effect on their economic participation of any develop
and developing countries. The educated women do not want to limit
their lives in four walls of house, as we know better that in Afghanistan
lots of women live are limit in for walls of house and they cannot work or
cannot run any kind of business, but after 2001 and when Hamid Karzai
was the president of Afghanistan on that time a little part of women can
defense from their laws and they can work, and by herself can start
business and now in some provinces of Afghanistan like Kabul, Herat,
Mazar in these provinces a big part of women can work, and their
families let them to study and work and let them to do business but in
lots of provinces especially in rural areas women cannot work and do
not have the law of decide and they are just limit in four wall of house
and no one can help them, in my opinion if Afghanistan people wants
progress of their country and wants solve their economic problems they
have to let women to do work beside their afghan brothers, and now

those women that they work despite all these hurdles, many women
have become successful in their work these successful women have
made name and wealth for themselves with their hard work,
competence and will power. And those women that they want to success
in their business they have to learn something like; Open style of
problem solving, willingness to take risk and chance, ability to motivate
people, knowing how to win and lose gracefully are features of success
women entrepreneur, As I think beside numerous obligations assigned
to women such as childcare and doing house work, women can find
success through their own business, and women is necessary for overall
economic development of any society or a country. Entrepreneurship is
the state of mind which every women has in her but has not been
capitalized in countries like Afghanistan in a way in which it should be
because of cultural barriers and due to customs, tradition of
Afghanistan. Now when women enter the field of Entrepreneurship there
are various factors which motivate her; These factors are education,
desire to be independent, desire to be ear money and desire to make
their own identity in the society.
Entrepreneurship has been playing a very important role in the
economic growth of a country contributing to gross domestic product
and if we research on progresses countries like United Kingdom, Sri
Lanka, Australia and United States of America showed the importance of
women involved in entrepreneurship and in my opinion the big secret on
progress of these super power countries are womens .Women
penetrated in many industries such as retail businesses, service
industries, science and technology field which consisted of prospects
that enable women entrepreneurs to excel in the entrepreneurial world
and contribute towards employment opportunities in the country.
Nowadays women empowerment has been increasing so rapidly all over
the world and women are starting their own business to seek greater
control over their personal and professional lives. In Afghanistan,
women do not enjoy the same opportunities as men. The segregation of
gender starts early and becomes a way of life. However, economic
necessity is forcing more and more women to engage in economic
activities-employment or entrepreneurship. This research would cover
the rural areas and we will identify the problems or barriers and their
relevant impact on women entrepreneurial activities.

There were some examples of successful women entrepreneurs who

have inspired and motivated generations of Malaysian women, for
example, Melinda Looi, Bridget Lai.
But as we know better in Afghanistan this case is different with another
countries of the world as we know that Afghanistan passed 25 years and
lots of more internal conflicts among of afghan people are big barrier
against the afghan men and women entrepreneurs specially for afghan
womens that have passed lots of difficult and never there is a good
security and no one pave the way for them .
In Afghanistan womens work has always differed in urban and rural
areas. In rural families, women have always fully participated in
agricultural work. Through generations, many women have worked in
the handicrafts industry. Nomadic women cared for young animals and
made a variety of dairy products. They may also spin wool and weave
the fabric. Any extra produce, product or livestock could be sold at the
market to increase a households revenue.
Women entrepreneurs face a series of problems right from the
beginning till the the enterprise functions. Besides the above basic
problems, the other problems faced by women entrepreneurs are as
1. Family ties: As we know better that specially in Afghanistan there are
lots of family problems so in family there are some ones that they dont
want womens work, or maybe some another problems.
2. Male dominated society: In some countries specially in undeveloped
countries in families the women doesnt have any role and cannot get
decide by their self, and they cannot work, just men have the law of
decide or can do something by their self and the women have to follow
3. Lack of education: As we know education is something that the
people or specially women can wants their rights and can easily use
from it, but in lots of back warded countries illiteracy is the causes of
womens th`3sdrtat they want to run business or work in offices or

4. Social barriers: In undeveloped countries social barrier is a big

problem for all the country and specially for the women, if we see in
developed countries and find the secret of their progress sooner we will
know that they dont have any social barrier so if undeveloped countries
wants to developed they have to annihilate the social problems then the
women can easily work and run any kind of business as they want.
5. Shortage of raw materials: its also a big problem for all peoples
around the world.
6. Problem of finance: As we know for run a business finance is
important because all kinds of business need support of finance and
with out finance its difficult to run business so lots of women have the
problem of finance around the world.
7. Tough competition: now a days in the world business have tough
competition so if any one wants to run a business must have a good
financial support and without it its difficult for them to run business
specially womens have lots of problem in tough competition.
8. High cost of production: In all the world now we know that there are
some big companies and they have lots of machinery to produce there
material with low cost, if some another start business without
machinery, when they produce their material so there production will be
with high cost so they cannot compete with these companies and
sooner will face to bankruptcy.
9.Low risk-bearing capacity: In business there are lots of risk, specially
women cannot save their business when they face to low risk.
10 Limited mobility: lots of women have limited mobility developed and
if they want to success their business so they have to lots of mobility
and every day make creativity in their business and with limited mobility
its difficult to they run their business.
11. Lack of entrepreneurial aptitude: entrepreneurial aptitude is too
much important in a business and lack of it is a catastrophe in business
so as I think lots of women have entrepreneurial aptitude but they dont
know the way of using it.

12. Limited managerial ability: managerial ability is too much important

in every business, in my opinion womens are too much weak in
managerial ability then mens so if they want to success in their
business they have to make power their managerial ability.
13. Lack of self confidence: self confidence is too much important for
both men and women so those women that want to have a good
business, these women have to have self confidence and in every time
must be with too much confidence.
14. Stereotypes. Women are generally perceived to be weaker.
15. Cultural preferences. Women are generally less preferred as high
amounts of dowry will have to be paid to the groom for marriage.
16. Lack of access to education. There is a general belief that women do
not need education and are thus not given the opportunity or that they
simply cannot afford to have an education.
My main objective to conduct the research is to identify the problems or
barriers which are faced by women in conducting entrepreneurial
activities in rural areas. To measure the extent to which each variables
has an impact on women entrepreneurial activities in rural areas. How
women respond to these barriers. How women cope with these barriers.
Entrepreneurship among women provides employment and enhances
the work force in the country. Therefore, this study is to examine how
women entrepreneurs actually solve the challenges and problems in the
enterprise successfully. In developed countries women entrepreneur
have been designated as the new engines for growth and the rising
stars of the economies in to bring prosperity and welfare. A variety of
stakeholders has pointed at them as an important untapped source of
economics growth and development. An in developing countries has
drawn the attention of both the academic and the development sector;
Donors, international public institutions, national and local government,
NGOs, private companies, charities, knowledge institute and business
association have initiated programs or policies to promote and develop
womens entrepreneurship. They initiate programs for capacity building
of entrepreneurial skills, strengthening womens network, provide
finance and trainings, or design policies that enable more and stronger

start-ups and business growth. They all claim that women

entrepreneurship is essential for growth and development. Some even
argue that women entrepreneurs contribution tend to be higher than
that resulting from entrepreneurial activity of men. In recent years, the
general attention to women and entrepreneurship in developing
countries has increased to a great extent and the focus on this
untapped source of growth seem to be indispensable nowadays for
development practitioners and policy maker. However, despite this
growing number of initiative and resources made available to promote
and develop womens entrepreneurship in developing countries, women
still own and manager fewer business than men, the earn less money
with their businesses that grow slower, are more likely to fail and
women tend to be more necessity entrepreneurs. The big secret of
developing countries is that that they think that women can do
everything and they think that women can work and can run business
same like men and they can help their countries to progress day by day.