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Prepared by:
A&I Design
n!studio Susanna Ferrini
Simone Bove
Massimo Angrilli
Rosalia Vittorini
Macro Design Studio Srl

Re-designing the New Headquarters of the

Supreme Court and the School of Magistrates
Tirana, Albania

an international and multidisciplinary team


Understanding the architecture of the building

urgent need to consider architectural works as a complex product involving historical, artistic and cultural values

Architecture plays simultaneously its functional and monumental role

Monumentality is here sought in the proportion of the parts and in the presence of specific architectural elements such as the porch .


dice Foto: AL00005706


Understanding the anatomy of the building

(constructive and technical analysis) through the
reconstruction of design and construction phases

codice Foto: AL00005705


codice Foto: AL00005711


ana: opere pubbliche

ere pubbliche - 21.11.1941
erai albanesi impegnati in lavori di completamento di un edificio ed in particolare nella sistemazione del tetto

Tirana: opere pubbliche

Opere pubbliche - 21.11.1941
Operai albanesi impegnati in lavori di completamento di un edificio

Tirana: opere pubbliche

Opere pubbliche - 21.11.1941
Ampia ripresa di un grande edificio semicircolare, con arcate, in un'area periferica su una specie di altopiano



codice Foto: AL00005709

Tirana: opere pubbliche
Opere pubbliche - 21.11.1941
Operai albanesi impegnati in lavori di completamento di un grande edificio, mentre trasportano materiali su impalcature

Identification of peculiar spaces and elements

that must be preserved and restored

built project

Understanding the changes and transformations that the building has undergone over time.
It is essential to distinguish the original parts from subsequent additions or changes

The south elevation is incomplete because the stone coating of the

lower portion was never done

concept of the project

landscape project

architectural project

Ground floor plan

functional diagrams: surfaces and connexions

Public areas and facilities

School of Magistrates

Supreme Court

the new Supreme Court of Albania in the European context

the four Courts of the Supreme Court of Albania

functional diagrams


functional diagrams

_THIRD FLOOR - School of Magistrates

Ground floor plan

Basement floor plan

First floor plan

Second/Third floor plan

Basement floor plan

landscape project

The front space of the Supreme Court is designed by the alternate shifting of several arcs, based upon
the facade geometry of the main building

Due to the different gravel and soil composition the different colours of the ground surface generate a joyful
space, in contrast with the severe architecture of the facade, inspiring a positive feeling with respect to the
high Institution.

The main feature of the landscape design is the Letter

Garden, conceived as a technological hub for the well
being of the New Headquarter users, the garden respond to
different purposes and is made of a number of vertical plot
which are hybrid systems that integrate nature and

an innovative Institutional emblem

In the Letter Garden the existing trees, brought
together with technical elements, are intended to
create a hybrid landscape, where nature is
technically augmented.
Approaching the School of Magistrates, the
illuminated letters reflects themselves on the mirror
facade, spelling out the word Justice

the landscape system:

valorization of the historical faade and innovation in the new green courtyard

the vegetation species project:

from the maintain the designphilosophy, to the design for maintenance guiding principle

The maintenance practices of the New Headquarter site will also need to adapt to the requirements of native
plantings. The design seeks also to improve the functional ability of the landscape to provide ecosystem services
including climate regulation, water management and soil protection