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Al Shamelah International School

(English 1)
Grade (10)
2nd Quarter Exam

Time: 60/120 minutes

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A For each of the following sentences, identify the underlined clause

.as independent or subordinate
I have recently discovered that my brothers works in China as an engineer. .1
My teacher, who dislikes any talking in class, started kicking students out.
Almost all of the students that make up my class are from Egypt.



I read a book recently that aided me in the organization of my life and work. .4
Students occasionally study, but most students rely on cheating to get .5
better grades.
( independent)

B Classify each of the following sentences as simple, compound,

.complex, or compound-complex
I made a toy gun out of wood. (simple) .1
While fishing in the Red Sea, I got a large shark. (complex) .2
My voice was rough, raspy and cracked. (simple) .3
I am going to start a new class on Sunday, so I have to buy a notebook.
Ahmed could not find his phone because it was missing, and he was .5
worried. (compound-complex)
.C Choose the correct form of the verb that agrees with the subject
.Saleh and his brothers ( is, are ) at school .1
.The committee (debates, debate) these questions carefully .2
.All of the CDs, even the scratched one, (is, are) in this case .3


.Either answer (is, are) acceptable .4

.The committee (leads, lead) very different lives in private .5

D Provide personal pronouns to complete the following sentences

.I looked all around the house for my scissors, but I could not find them .1
.Three of the cars had their windows broken last night by thieves .2
.I need fifty cents; could you lend it to me .3
.Either my cousin or close friend will let me borrow his/her diving equipment .4
?I'm looking for Zaid and Emad; do you know them .5

.E For each sentence, choose the correct word in parentheses

John said that in a few days he would give the Playstation console to my brother .1
and ( I , me )
.students organized the field trip for this year ( Us, We ) .2
.John and ( him, he ) plan to travel next Friday .3
.Either we or ( them, they ) may go to the finals next month .4
.The other students and ( I, me ) went to lunch together .5

.C Use the correct reflexive pronoun to complete the following sentences

.Fatimah's cat cleans itself as soon as it finishes eating .1
.The judges themselves could not reach a consensus .2
.It took us all day to finish cleaning the whole house by ourselves .3
.Only time itself will which one of us is on the correct course in life .4
.Diner's at this restaurant serve themselves .5

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